Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kinky corrugated hose dive-sex

A modern Mistral twin-hose regulator

Kinky hose dive-sex: The other day I was with an escort trainee who confided in me during an intimate moment before a school dive while he was helping me on with my SCUBA set – a Mistral twin-hose reg - that he is deeply addicted to ‘corrugated rubber hose sex’. A corrugated hose fetish can be a prominent part of dive-sex if the couple (or particularly the woman) is wearing twin hose regulators as we were. Of course you don’t have to dive to have corrugated rubber hose sex. Any arrangement with gasmask canister extensions of corrugated rubber hose can work, but it depends on the guy (this sort of fetish is almost exclusively male) as to exactly what hose arrangement turns him on. At Fasteners, our casino’s bondage boutique, they sell corrugated rubber hose by the foot for hose fetishists, but it comes with a warning if anyone buys more than a 4 foot length. That’s because if the hose isn’t being used with flowing air from a pump or fan to keep it clear CO2 from the user’s breath can build up in the hose and the user can become ill or suffocate from lack of oxygen. My trainee partner who has the corrugated rubber hose fetish was absolutely fascinated by the movement of my hoses while he was drilling me in a modified missionary. The hose on my right feeds the air from the demand valve and the hose on my left is for the exhaled gas so they alternate, the right rising when I inhale and the left rising when I exhale so it appears that I have a set of wings that are slowly flapping. Even with my armored hoses – they have a fine titanium mesh just under the outer layer to lessen the chance of having a hose cut – the change in buoyancy is enough that they still float up and down which fascinated my partner and I think helped him give me a spectacularly erotic experience.

Breathe play and corrugated rubber hoses: Where I’ve seen corrugated rubber hoses used a lot is in breath play with converted government surplus oxygen masks that cover only the lower face, but they don’t seal too well. However, they do seal well enough to sicken or asphyxiate the wearer from CO2 if s/he is using a long hose even if the end is open. Another use is for the helmet oxygen connection for protective suits in bio-hazard labs. When the air supply fails there the wearer has about five minutes to get the air flowing again or get back through the airlock into a safe environment to open the suit to breathe. I think an erotic feature of corrugated rubber hoses is that they can be easily compressed to limit the wearer’s air and they can also be easily cut or punctured so a woman breathing through corrugated rubber during a BDSM encounter can have her air hoses easily damaged. That can be a major turn-on for both a sadistic partner and a female masochist with a serious breath play fetish.

Our Holiday Military hospital tour: A reader asked what pieces we dance and the costumes we wear during our shows. We dance classical idiom but modern pieces like William Forsythe’s ‘In the Middle Somewhat Elevated’. That sort of piece can be easily done with a recorded score and the difference is hardly noticeable. It's sexy with minimal costumes so it's just the thing for a morale booster! As far as costumes are concerned usually the piece calls for a unitard but I danced in a thong bikini. That is a bit risky because in the lifts when my partner holds me his grip is just skin-on-sweaty skin (even though he has chalk on his hands) rather than him getting a firm grip on the material of my unitard. So the risk of getting dropped is greater, but I think it’s worth it for the effect it has, especially when I open my legs in a split toward the audience while being held over my partner's head. I wear a cleft headed Penetrator plug so it looks as though I’m showing camel-toe, but I’m well covered during the performance, in case anyone wanted to question the decency of the show afterward. The guys go wild, the women slightly less so, but there may be a bit of envy there.

Bi-Chick Actress is preggers: The A-List actress who Robin was baby-dancing with a few weeks before Christmas is pregnant! So far so good! If she doesn’t miscarry for a few weeks they want to wait until her breasts begin to change and she gets morning sickness before they start filming. [For more about her see my post for December, 5, 2009 ‘Hollywood and bi-sexual actresses’]

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers!

IUDs, NuvaRing & asphyxia

A ParaGard Copper T 380A IUD

A reader asked: “Can IUD strings cause air embolisms?” The answer is that the strings themselves can’t cause an embolism. However, they can make it more difficult for the wearer to protect herself from the possibility that an embolism could occur. That’s because the strings can interfere with the seal of any gas guard she may wear to protect her upper reproductive tract from having fluids and gasses forced into her cervix during BDSM play or dive-sex.

Commercially available IUDs with frames such as the ParaGard, that uses copper as the spermicidal element or the Mirena, that uses the continuous release of a tiny amount of progestin to suppress ovulation, both have strings which the wearer uses to periodically check the position of the device to make sure it is where it is supposed to be. These IUDs are not suitable for a woman who is into pussy-play and dive-sex, especially the dive-sex variant, ‘vaginal breathing’ where a modified mouthpiece of a single-hose regulator (a VDV or vaginal demand valve) is inserted in the vagina and the wearer operates the demand valve with her vaginal muscles. [For more about vaginal breathing orgasms see my entry for October 4, 2009.] In my opinion any woman who would participate in a vaginal breathing encounter while she has an IUD with strings inserted is playing Russian roulette.

An asphyxia Accident: another accident Taryn and I recently tided up after was an ‘accidental’ death by suffocation or a gassing. With that sort of thing it is usually impossible to prove that it was anything other than an accident. In many cases it could be that the equipment was used incorrectly while soloing or his (or her) partner used a bit too much pressure or left the wearer w/o air for a bit too long which resulted in irreversible brain damage or death. Most of the accidents happen to women - almost certainly while participating in some male fantasy - but this one was a young man in his early 20s and he was in great physical shape. He was beautiful and nude and lying on his bed wearing only a latex hood that had sound deadening cups over the ears and a Mestel 400 gasmask that had a 3 liter black latex rebreather bag screwed into the canister port. When I pulled his mask off it was clear that his death wasn’t totally accidental. That’s because there was still the slightest sweet scent of chloroform in the oral nasal unit and the valve on the rebreather bag was closed. All sorts of gasses and stimulants are commonly inserted into gasmasks through the drinking port so that’s probably how the chloroform was administered. There was no bottle, syringe or other container for the chloroform anywhere in the victim’s apartment. That suggests the anesthetic was administered by someone who left the victim unconscious to suffocate from the buildup of CO2 in the mask because the valve on the rebreather was closed. He must have been using a performance enhancer and developed Priapism because he still had his hand on his penis which was massively erect – with dried semen splattered on his flat belly and chest - and he had been dead for hours when we arrived to tidy up. At first I thought he was wearing a cock-ring but he wasn’t, his erection was naturally huge!

I’m guessing it might have been a girlfriend who offed him after she found him cheating on her. Or perhaps she just wanted him to nap a while and if she was new to the breath play scene perhaps she forgot to open the valve on his rebreather. With his hearing blocked, if he had his eyes closed while masturbating she could have slipped up and inserted the chloroform into his masks drinking port while he was gasping for air during orgasm. Done while he was orgasmic his slipping into unconsciousness would have been almost instantaneous. I really wanted to straddle him and ride his rod because I’ve never fucked a dead man, but not knowing his sexual history even if I used an FC-2 to take him I decided it wasn’t worth the chance of an incurable infection. Dressed in Co-Op housekeeper’s uniforms we rolled him into a latex body-bag and took him out in a laundry cart.

NuvaRing and a rare case of Nymphomania: One of Cyndi’s friends attending a local public high school has recently switched to NuvaRing as her hormonal contraceptive. She was on Mircette which uses Desogestrel, a fourth generation progestin, in a dosing regimen of: 0.15mg DS, 20mcg EE for 21 days, 10mcg only 5 days. She decided to switch to NuvaRing because she wanted a simpler dosing regimen. NuvaRing uses etonogestrel, the first metabolite of Desogestrel so it’s basically the same progestin she was on when taking Mircette but since the hormones are absorbed continuously and transdermally the NuvaRing dosing regimen is: 0.12mg of etonogestrel, and 15mcg of EE per day for 21 or 28 days. The ring is inserted for three weeks and then removed for one for the user’s ring-period. If she needs to move her period the ring can be left in continuously for up to 28 days with no decrease in effectiveness. So as a hormonal method NuvaRing has a lot of advantages over pills.

Cyndi’s friend has been on the Ring for three cycles now and her libido had increased dramatically. Increased libido can sometimes happen but usually if there are libido issues it is often a major decrease in sex drive so she is pretty happy as is her boyfriend who has been getting a lot more action in the last several months. The girl is a ballet student like Cyndi – they met at a local competition – and is in great shape and Cindy says her friend’s vaginal grip is quite strong, which is what she is hearing from her boyfriends, but since she has taken pointe for years that is a common side effect just as callused toes are. The problem Cyndi’s friend has with NuvaRing is that her partner is so large that he can hook the ring and pull it out. The ring can be removed for three hours at a time w/o decreasing it’s effectiveness so what she started doing is removing the ring before sex and reinserting afterward. That worked as long as she remembered to reinsert after sex, but remembering has become a problem and this week she missed her ring period and tested positive for hCG, the pregnancy hormone. So Cyndi is bringing her in for a menstrual extraction tomorrow and no one will be the wiser. Cyndi suggested that she see if she can get an Implanon implant which also uses the progestin etonogestrel and is good for three years so she won’t have to worry about remembering anything.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

“this catastrophic breach of security”

A TSA full body scan underway

From the Wall Street, 1:54 PM PST: “President Barack Obama said a "catastrophic breach" of security led to the Christmas Day attempted bombing on a Detroit-bound airplane. "A systemic failure has occurred and I consider that totally unacceptable. There was a mix of human and systemic failure that contributed to this catastrophic breach of security," he said”

Flying while the country is on High alert: To minimize security delays is one of the reasons I have my own plane, ‘Limnaea’ the G550. I don’t get nearly the scrutiny and disruption that commercial passengers get. Of course it will cost the country a fortune, but everyone needs to go through an explosives residue sniffer and a full body scanner and there needs to be passenger profiling. ‘Flying while Muslim’ shouldn’t be a crime, but it is foolish to detail search 93 y/o nuns and let Muslim skate as though they are a protected class of passenger. Not all Muslim are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims, so it makes sense to profile and screen them very carefully and to hell with political correctness! It was depressing to hear the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, say after the Detroit attack that ‘the system worked’! She amended that comment later to say she meant after the attack! Sigh! I thought perhaps President Obama had put people who know what they are doing in key jobs. Now I’m beginning to wonder. It’s like saying the hinges on the barn door work really well after the horse was stolen. It’s great that they worked after the fact, but there is a very long list of red flags that should have alerted authorities to a problem with Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, in time to keep him off the plane starting with his father’s alerting the U.S Embassy in Nigeria and his purchasing a one way ticket with cash! What’s wrong with this picture? Can you spell STUPID boys and girls?

Full body scanners: Some people think full body scanners are intrusive. They plainly show: breast implants, IUDs, Implanon hormonal implants, the rims of diaphragms and the thick silicone domes of cervical caps and for guys they show penile implants so going through a scanner isn’t for people who want to hide intimate devices. Before I got Limnaea, if I was flying while menstrual the magnetometer always picked up the steel spring rim of my Milex Omniflex diaphragm I use for flow control. I’d just grin and tell the guy what was setting off the alarm. While he was wanding me I’d tell him I’d had sex just before coming to the airport and was still draining live sperm. He’d get the magnetic reading in my pelvis and his face would turn crimson and often by then he would have an erection. I love mind-fucking TSA screeners! The same thing would happen when a screener would search my carryon and come across the Ziploc with a selection of cervical barriers. The Milex and All-Flex rims would show up on the x-ray image and if the guy was new he would ask what he was looking at and I’d explain they were birth control devices and where they are worn. I think if we aren’t going to get rid of the Muslims with the chemical explosives in their shorts by profiling and increasing the size of the no-fly list we are going to have to get used to baring it all for the TSA screeners.

Contraception while fertile: I’m CD12 today (12-29-09) and have been fertile for three days. I should ovulate on 12/31. Touring Military hospitals while fertile is always a thrill, it happened on our last tour, two years ago as well. Because I could get preggers from sex with a wounded warrior it is a lot more fun for me than just doing some guy who hasn’t sacrificed in defense of our country. I like to give the guys a really good ride and depending on their condition I will ripple grip them if they can stand that much excitement. Ripple gripping a guy wearing a Naturalamb condom isn’t all that difficult I just have to hold the base of the condom with one hand to keep from pulling it off. I have to hold it myself because most guys end up gripping my thighs or buns and forget about keeping me from pulling the condom off. News about the strength of our vaginal grip (the velvet vice) got around – from the guys we ripple gripped - to the rest of the male patients and especially the women several of whom asked how they could increase the strength of their vaginal muscles.

But to get back to my contraception while on tour, I don’t do anything differently than I would normally, but since our military partners haven’t been thoroughly screened as I mentioned in an earlier post they are wearing Naturalamb so it is extremely unlikely that any of us could get pregnant from giving the guys a good time. I am wearing an Oves cap and put on a show for the fifteen or so guys I have on my schedule at each hospital (It’s a long day but it is so rewarding to see the happiness I provide) to let them see what I use and how I insert it and then they can glove up and feel my cervix with the Oves sucking on it if they want. Several of my partners have said that they have never felt their wives or girlfriends cervix before. What works really well with a guy who has a problem getting an erection and who can’t use a performance enhancer, is to stroke his ego by telling him how potent he is and how afraid I am of getting pregnant by him. It’s surprising how some men who can’t perform otherwise get massive and steely hard erections and their plumbing works really well when they think the woman is afraid of them! Go figure!

Jill pads and punitive pointe training

A Jill-pad, the Shock Doctor female pelvic protector

The Jillstrap, a reader’s query: a reader asked, “Can guys wear a Jill pelvic protector.” A female pelvic protector is sometimes called a Jill or Jillstrap and I think it would depend on the design of the Jillstrap and the size of the guy’s genital anatomy as to whether it could be successfully worn by a guy. A conventional Jillstrap cup is pretty shallow covering the vulva and clitoris and shaped differently from a man’s cup. My circle and every woman in training at Gepetto’s for Knife-pointe boot fighting or lash training wear Penetrator plugs for pelvic protection. A Penetrator plug is custom made to fit in the woman’s vagina with a protective shield over her vulva, pubic bone and clitoris with a locking ridge that fits behind the wearer’s pubic bone and is almost impossible to displace from external contact while having no straps or buckles that can be seen under minimal costumes or grabbed and pulled during a fight. For regulation KP-pointe fighting the fighters wear full body armor, but in unofficial fights sometimes all the girls wear are bikinis pelvic and breast protection and their pointe fighting boots. Then wearing a Gepetto fighting Penetrator plug is priceless. The outer shell is tough polymer that will allow penetration but not lateral movement of an opponent’s bladed heel once it penetrates the outer shell. That way the blade tip is stopped by the titanium under-shield and the blade can’t ricochet and penetrate the wearer’s abdomen or thigh. If it’s just a blow from a boot platform the thick foam lining absorbs most of the energy and distributes the remainder over the entire area of the plug head. The pelvis is occasionally bruised, but none of the girls wearing Gepetto designed pelvic protection have had their pelvis broken or even their vulva or clitoris seriously mashed. That’s a testimony to the design skill of Gepetto’s Gyn protection designers.

Because it fits in the wearer’s vagina for stability a Penetrator plug is not suitable for use by a man, unless he wants to suck on it when used as a penis-gag. Of course I and my circle are using pelvic protection for fighting as well as to prevent being groped on social occasions. A girl getting her pelvis groped or even being finger-fucked at a party happens a lot in Vegas. So we need the best protection possible and it has to be so inconspicuous that it can be worn under a thong and not be noticed until the guy feels the padded shell of the plug head.

Commercially available Jill-pads: Bike and Shock Doctor are two well known commercial brands and both make effective Jill-pads, which are shaped differently than male cups and are designed to be worn in compression sports shorts to keep them in place. If a guy isn’t into wearing women’s sports shorts I suppose he might try wearing a Shock Doctor – or other female pelvic protector - in male sports shorts or the cup of a jockstrap and see how that works. If it’s just for the thrill of wearing a girls pelvic protection I think that should probably be ok. If the guy really needs serious protection for his family jewels then if I were him I don’t think I’d trust a female pelvic protector to do the job.

Chastity belts in western Europe: My December 8, 2009 entry ‘Chastity belts at Naughty’s’ in which I mentioned several exclusive girls schools in Germany and Switzerland that fit their students with anti-masturbation belts, has drawn a lot of interest. There are two particularly strict elite schools, one in Germany in the mountains south of Munich and the other of equal reputation on Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland near the Italian border that specialize in punitive training for recalcitrant girls. Both schools use the Access Denied anti-masturbation belts, but only to curb any lesbian tendencies while saving the students sexual energy for penetrative intercourse with male instructors. In Switzerland the lake made it easy to transport girls in and out of Switzerland without worry about crossing national borders before the EU was established. With the student’s parent’s private aircraft flying into Milan or their yachts docking in Genova for the trip to the lake head. Now it’s like in the U.S. crossing state lines, an EU citizen can travel anywhere in the EC w/o showing identity papers. Even so, it’s traditional for new students to arrive at night after traveling up the lake by boat. For a new student coming to the crenellated towers of the massive building at night after sailing up the lake it must be like a new student arriving at Hogwarts. The Swiss school had originally been established as a convent in the late17th century that eventually catered to lesbians and as the Church contracted over time the land and buildings were purchased by a German nobleman who knew a great deal about punishing women and he turned it into an exclusive girl’s school. The school is extremely private and is renowned for turning out confident and poised young women from good families as brides with extensive bedroom skills for the son’s of the European elite. The less well known aspect of the school, but perhaps more appreciated by worried parents, is that it guarantees to instill discipline in even the highest spirited girls.

Deiter’s legacy: Tanaquil, the French Courtesan who is running the European operation of Taryn’s adult media empire, has turned Deiter’s castle, located a short drive south of Munich, which came to her along with his ‘ballet company’- it supplied the girls for his pornography operation – into a high-tech media showplace for the sort Adult theme (extreme punitive, encasement and bondage sex) media that the large cliental of Europeans seem to enjoy. The head mistress of the Swiss school (a Domme) was at a seminar at the castle and at a cocktail party one evening discussed with Tanaquil her need for more mainstream punitive exercises for her high-spirited girls. Tanaquil suggested pointe punishment as it is can be very difficult and very painful for a woman trainee, even one with extensive ballet training if the course is designed properly. A girl can become somewhat used to ballet boots in a few days. A girl with no pointe training can take months to (or perhaps never) become hardened to the pain of pointe work- because there is no ankle or heel support, especially during sex on her toes where she is lifted off the floor by her partner’s thrusts and then dropped back on her platforms as he withdraws for his next thrust. Pointe appears to be extremely feminine, but it takes years of training and very strong feet, ankles and legs and still even for expert pointe dancers there is some pain. So pointe training can be excellent, seemingly benign, training when in reality it can be barbaric when a sadistic Domme is the teacher.

As returning readers know, pointe also strengthens the vaginal and other pelvic muscles amazingly. So a girl can be punished on her toes while also getting a certain amount of strength training from pointe, if her Domme trainer is careful. There is the problem of blood soaking and softening conventionally made pointes of cloth paper and paste like Capezio and Freed. However, if the trainee wears polymer shanked Gaynor Minden or Capulet pointes which have polymer boxes the blocks will not soften regardless of how much blood fills the boxes. The teacher also has the option of fitting the punitive trainee in GMs or Capulets from which the inner toe-box padding has been stripped which will increase the trainees discomfort amazingly. Occasionally this sort of training will produce a masochist like Anya who delights in pain and the training then just reinforces her obstinacy, but 99% of the girls don’t last a week before they develop very compliant attitudes.

Anya and punitive pointe training: Because Anya is a masochist and enjoys brutal pointe sex along with other specialties she accepted a commission from a unit of Taryn’s Adult Media Empire to advise the Swiss head mistress on what additions should be made to the classical syllabus for pointe training to heighten its punitive aspect and exactly what the disciplinary regimen should consist of to achieve various levels of pain for training purposes. She will also examine the physical plant to see if any changes need to be made to introduce ‘solitary barre’ punishment and if there is need for any additional machines and devices creative punitive pointe training can require. The trip will also give her an opportunity to see Castile Deiter for the first time since its renovation with Tanaquil and one of her lieutenants, who used to be one of Deiter’s girls, giving the tour.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Owner gives up the Phight

Harness closure mini-dress from Phi’s 2010 Spring collection

Another casualty of the recession: It’s sad to see this young and creative label, Phi, disappear! I was looking forward to their LA store opening next year. I have several pairs of their harem pants and they are to die for! The straps and buckles in the 2010 collection would have gone over well with the bondage set! Sigh! Perhaps the designers will be able to produce the designs for other houses in a few years.

The New York Times
December 24, 2009
Front Row
So Young, So Smart, So Gone

THE news this week of the demise of Phi, a tough-edged collection designed by Andreas Melbostad, a protégé of Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, surprised many fashion insiders. After six years in the market, the collection was just starting to gain traction beyond the close-knit crowd of editors and retailers who packed its Chelsea showroom each season.

“We are all stunned,” said Natalie Massenet, the founder of, which sells Phi’s skintight biker pants ($595) and leather ankle boots ($825). “It was one of our favorite collections of the season.”

The poor outlook for luxury goods was cited as the reason for closing the company, and some of the label’s fans suggested it was too “niche” to survive through the recession. The spring collection, which will not be produced, included bandage jeans and dresses with scads of harness closures, so perhaps they had a point. The clothes always looked sort of as if Victoria’s Secret had been hijacked by the Hells Angels.

But its failure was still sobering because the label was a pet project of Susan Dell, a decent designer in her own right and the wife of Michael Dell, the computer tycoon. And according to Phi’s executives, the company was still growing. In addition to selling to Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew, it has a large store in SoHo and planned to open a second in Los Angeles next year.

“The brand seemed to us as a textbook case of how to build a modern fashion house,” Ms. Massenet said. “The collections were always strong and directional, yet commercial and impeccably made. If a business like that can’t succeed, then I worry for so many other young brands.”

But the management team of Phi, while discussing its future, saw a shrinking opportunity for small luxury labels to succeed. Julia Hansen, the chief executive of the company, which had about 35 employees, said the decision to close was influenced by the many requests from retailers to change designs to make them less expensive. (By designer standards, Phi’s prices were not overly obscene — a pair of harem shorts may have cost $1,495, but they were suede.)

“There was a lot of pressure to go down a path that we felt would compromise the integrity and value of the brand,” Ms. Hansen said. “But this was about being realistic.”

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Holidays hospital tour

Sensational! When only the best will do

Our Christmas: For the last few days Anya, Taryn, Peter and now Robin and I have been traveling. We are visiting military hospitals entertaining the wounded men, and women. With the sort of entertainment we provide we have to be low-key about publicity so we don’t get the hospital administrators in trouble. I may write about it when it’s over. Security is much tighter since the Fort Hood incident. We will have a quiet Christmas at home and then go to a few more locations before ending our 2009 tour. Of course there isn’t much chance for screening our partners so we are going through a lot of Trojan Naturalamb condoms. They are expensive but in the quantity we buy them we get a nice discount and they give our partners the most natural experience possible while still being protected. We special order them unlubed so we can roll a latex condom on over it to protect ourselves (and our partners - but the concern is mainly with the unknown sexual history and health of our military partners) against HIV while giving our male wounded warriors the most intimate experience possible. For the women, Peter and Robin roll on a latex condom first then the Naturalamb is slipped on so the women also get the most natural sensation from the lamb skin. Unlike double bagging with latex the Naturalamb/latex combination does not have a higher burst rate. Usually, with civilians, there is some whining on the part of guys about not being able to perform while wearing a condom. Perhaps it’s the circumstances they find themselves in but all the military men who have been our partners (there is a lottery) have been able to perform very well while wearing the lambskin/latex combination. We don’t do anything kinky, it’s just good plain vanilla sex with the girls in pointe shoes (Freeds or Gaynors) or ballet boots. For the guys who can’t get out of bed we will ride astride and that has worked very well. In a few instances we will also give head since all of us have been vaccinated for HPV (with Gardasil) so there is very little chance of getting HPV related throat cancer.

Some of the female wounded have asked Robin and Peter to take them bareback as they want to get pregnant, but as much as our guys would love to honor a wounded partner’s request, for safety reasons they really can’t. Of course we phrase it so it’s the woman’s safety we are concerned about. Plus, there would be a huge stink if DNA testing showed one of our guys was the father and counting back – and you know how people love to count - it was found that conception occurred during our entertainment tour visit. The fact that pregnancy is a get-out-of-the-service-free ticket for a woman is another reason we don’t want any of our guys getting active duty women preggers. The military has enough retention problems as it is w/o us contributing the losses.

Misuse of cervical barriers: For women who are not trained in their use or seriously committed to avoiding pregnancy there continues to be a high rate of unintended pregnancies while using a diaphragm or cervical cap. I don’t really think of the barrier as being any less effective, it’s that the user is noncompliant in their use and reproductive biology is intolerant of cutting corners and just-this-once risk taking, especially by young fertile women.. This sort of behavior seems to be especially prevalent in women into the vaginal rubber aspect of a latex fetish lifestyle. My classes for newbie vaginal rubber-girls is helping reduce the failure rate, but there are some women who wanted to get off hormones who were happy to start using a cervical barrier but who aren’t interested in using it correctly and then are upset when they get preggers. Go figure! I expect some of that in teens, but it’s even true with rubber-chicks in their 20s and older who should know better. In my classes we first steer the girls to a knowledgeable and supportive fitter. If the device doesn’t fit correctly its effectiveness is greatly reduced. You would think that would be obvious but you would be surprised at the number of women who want to use a friend, room mate or sisters diaphragm or cap rather than being properly fitted with one of their own. Then we try to emphasize the importance of establishing a wearing regimen as a habit so the wearer isn’t caught unprotected whether for contraception or using the device as a gas guard to protect against embolism during dive-sex or when playing with compressed gasses. And, we try to get them to involve their partner’s in the use of the barrier, learning how to insert it and to check that is positioned correctly to protect the wearer’s cervix. We’ve found a partner showing interest in his girl’s cervical barrier is a major help in keeping the woman compliant.

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter and survival

The Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

The Winter Solstice: “Winter Solstice is today, Dec. 21, 2009, the day when the Earth tilts farthest away from the sun. It's the shortest day of the year and the official start of winter. The word "solstice" comes from the Latin "sun stands still" and celebrations of the solstice pre-date Christmas. Stonehenge in England is the site of solstice festivals, apparently dating back some 4,500 years ago, when the site was in its proper cultural context. Some experts now believe that Stonehenge was the site of an ancient barbecue and midwinter celebration that culminated on the Winter Solstice, which also marks the beginning of longer days. From today's Guardian: "Recent analysis of the cattle and pig bones from the era found in the area suggests the cattle used were walked hundreds of miles to be slaughtered for the solstice celebrations – from the west country or west Wales." And from English Heritage: "The monument we see today still inspires awe and admiration. Stonehenge attracts some 800,000 visitors a year and on the summer Solstice, thousands of people gather to watch the sunrise. Although thousands of years older than the Druids, the stone circle witnessed many druidic ceremonies, especially during the 19th century."”

Self-lubrication and survival: I always feel more connected to the old cultures at this time of year. I feel it’s a time of renewal of the spirit as tomorrow the days begin to get longer now that a new cycle of the earth has begun. But long before the solstices and equinoxes were recognized and celebrated as markers on the Earth’s cycle around the sun women’s cycles and natural sexual protection were being established by evolution. Psychologists and anthropologists believe that a woman becoming aroused while she in fear of being attacked is the body’s self-defense mechanism protecting her.

Laymen and defense lawyers often contend that a woman’s genitals being engorged and wet with her natural lube after a sexual attack is evidence that she enticed her attacker or at least ‘enjoyed’ being raped. That’s not so. Almost all women will self lubricate as a natural reaction when they are afraid. The theory is that as the human female evolved women who became sexually aroused when in danger were less likely to be injured if they were taken sexually and therefore more likely to survive the encounter. Over time the surviving self-lubricating women bred daughters who were more likely to self-lubricate when afraid of men and in time it became a natural female survival trait. I wonder if that has something to do with why I have so much more fun having sex when I’m scared.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rubber Sluts and vaginal rubber

A pair of silicone rubber Oves cervical caps

Oves and the appeal of vaginal rubber: I’m CD3 today (Sunday 12-20-09) and just switched back from my Milex Omniflex (silicone) diaphragm, which I use for flow control after having a menstrual extraction, to an Oves cervical cap. The dome of a silicone diaphragm is not porous and doesn’t stain nearly as badly as natural rubber latex does which, if a girl is using a diaphragm-gas guard in her encounter with a client during which he is allow to handle the device and watch her insert it, makes things look neater. But diaphragms have a maximum depth limitation of 10 meters when used for contraception and gas guards during dive-sex. That depth limitation is not a problem around here as there are so few warm water locations deeper than 10 meters that a couple could comfortably use, but I need an Oves - which has no depth limit for effective protection - when taking a partner at the bottom of my pool, ‘the pit’, which is 68 feet deep by 50 feet wide and 70 feet long.

Rubber-sluts: Returning readers know I love wearing an Oves cap. I’ve got a strong cervical cap fetish for Oves. Having the tiny transparent silicone rubber dome of an Oves sucking on my cervix gives me such confidence that I’m far more sexually assertive when wearing Oves, but for most women and men in the vaginal rubber fetish sub-culture latex is the material of choice. Here in Vegas girls into the vaginal rubber fetish scene are not true ‘Rubber-Sluts’ until they have been wearing vaginal rubber for at least a year and have shown the ability - through exam encounters with a panel of Doms - to use vaginal rubber effectively for their own as well as their partner’s pleasure. Slut as used here is not a pejorative. Several years ago when I first began associating with members of the local rubber fetish community and was called a rubber slut to my face I was all over the Dom who called me that, but found he was giving me a complement rather than denigrating my appearance and morals. In the Vegas rubber fetish community, rubber-slut is a term denoting a very high proficiency level in the fetish sub-specialty of vaginal rubber. Like a black belt in martial arts.

Even though the leaders in the rubber fetish community haven’t paid much attention to my warnings about the risk to the safety of girls wearing latex gas guards when their guys are using compressed gas as a disciplinary tool [For more about that see: my entry for December 9, 2009 ‘the vaginal rubber fetish’] they are paying me to train the new girls entering the fetish and a few of the younger Doms are taking my classes as well. That’s because Rubber Doms interest in vaginal rubber continues to increase here and there is a lack of knowledge about cervical barriers not only among the new girls but some of the Doms who have grown up in the age where so many of their Subs are on hormonal birth control that they are totally ignorant of all aspects of cervical barrier protection. The interest in vaginal rubber by the girls and women who are in their circle of latex-ladies or who are wannabes in a Dom’s entourage continues to rise and the Doms want new girls to have a basic level of vaginal rubber skills before accepting them into their circles. And, something I think is a really good sign is the younger guys are interested in learning how to correctly insert a partner’s diaphragm and then to be able to check that it is covering her cervix before he enters her unprotected himself. I think it is so cool that the younger ones care enough about their subs to make certain they are protected! These guys are also the ones who use a mild electric shock as a disciplinary tool rather compressed gas and it is much safer.

Because there are so few latex gas guard options any more (The Reflexions flat spring diaphragm being the only remaining latex device generally available) Gepetto’s latex shop is producing a full line of coil spring rim devices sized from 50 mm to 95 mm (in 5 mm increments) to sell primarily to rubber fetishists and their girls. However, the device is also good as a basic no-frills starter gas guard for dive-sex. As I’ve mentioned before latex is stretchier and transmits heat better than silicone so even though it doesn’t last as long, is more easily damaged by oils and discolors from vaginal secretions quicker than silicone a lot of very highly skilled Rubber-Sluts are staying with latex devices.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Georgina Parkinson, Star at Royal Ballet, Dies at 71

Georgina Parkinson rehearsing dancers in New York in 2005.

The New York Times
December 19, 2009

Georgina Parkinson, Star at Royal Ballet, Dies at 71

“Georgina Parkinson, a ballet mistress and coach at American Ballet Theater whose compelling stage presence and brooding mystery had made her a bright young star of Britain’s Royal Ballet in the 1960s, died on Friday in Manhattan. She was 71.

The cause was complications of cancer, said her son, Tobias Round. Ms. Parkinson lived in Manhattan.

Although her training was in the Royal’s textbook classical style, Ms. Parkinson made her breakthrough in “Les Biches,” an experimental work of 1924 revived for the Royal in 1964 by Bronislava Nijinska.

A dark-haired beauty of striking femininity, Ms. Parkinson nonetheless captured the strong androgyny of the central figure, the Girl in Blue. Coached for weeks by Nijinska, she was widely acclaimed for her unsettling portrayal in the ballet’s commentary on social and sexual mores.

By her own account, Ms. Parkinson was more at home in 20th-century narrative ballets than in the 19th-century classics: she was Odette-Odile in “Swan Lake” and danced the title role in “Raymonda,” in which Clive Barnes, writing in 1969 in The New York Times, called her “golden and glowing.”

Georgina Parkinson was born in Brighton, England, on Aug. 20, 1938. As a child in a convent school, she took a ballet class every Tuesday. Noticing her talent, the school’s nuns suggested to her parents that she pursue further training. After studying with a local teacher, she was admitted to the Sadler’s Wells Ballet school and joined the Royal in 1957.
Despite her respect for the classics, she found her best opportunities in new works. She was in the original cast of Frederick Ashton’s pure-dance “Monotones I” and showed off her dramatic side in his “Enigma Variations,” inspired by the composer Edward Elgar.

Kenneth MacMillan created the role of the Austrian archduke’s mother for her in “Mayerling” and cast her in many of his other ballets. Her Juliet in his “Romeo and Juliet” in New York in 1968 was a stricken heroine, doomed from the start.

In 1978 Ms. Parkinson was invited by Nora Kaye, a former Ballet Theater ballerina, to teach company class for Ballet Theater. By then, Ms. Parkinson had begun to perform character roles, which she continued to do later at Ballet Theater. In 1979 she returned for a year to London to be with her family.

Besides her son, Tobias, of London, who is married to Leanne Benjamin, a Royal Ballet ballerina, Ms. Parkinson is survived by her husband, the photographer Roy Round; a grandson, Thomas; and a sister, Maureen Seiger, of Tel Aviv.

In 1980 Ms. Parkinson returned to Ballet Theater as ballet mistress and continued in that role until recently. This fall she was asked to coach the actresses Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in a new Darren Aronofsky film, “Black Swan,” a thriller set in the world of New York City ballet.

Julie Kent, the Ballet Theater principal who worked most closely with her, said on Friday that Ms. Parkinson had helped her “develop my physicality to the point where I was able to express what was inside of me to a larger audience.”

“I learned everything from her,” Ms. Kent said.”

Friday, December 18, 2009

Alastair Macaulay on The Nutcracker

Scene from New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker

The Nutcracker: In celebration of the Christmas season I’m posting this piece by Alastair Macaulay, dance critic for the NYT.

The New York Times
December 17, 2009
Depths to Plumb, Sugarplum

As 2009 ends, it’s worth remembering that it has been the centenary of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes’s turning ballet into the genre that was a prime vehicle for modernism. Meanwhile it’s hard to forget that we are deep into the annual “Nutcracker” season, in which tutus, snowflakes, sweets, the Sugarplum Fairy, magic and a child’s vision of transformation all come together. Few American cities are “Nutcracker”-free zones at this time of year; among those in New York, City Ballet’s production by George Balanchine runs now for two and a half more weeks, and that’s just the best known. Are modernism and “The Nutcracker” irreconcilable?

No. Though Diaghilev specialized in showing three or four modern works per evening, he was not above the full-length traditional ballet. He hit upon the idea of his “Sleeping Princess” production in 1921 because he was looking for a long-running blockbuster (along the lines of the hit musical of the day, “Chu Chin Chow”) to finance his more esoteric efforts. When his colleague Serge Grigoriev told him that such a production would soon bore him, Diaghilev — hoping that it would be the cash cow he needed — said: “Not at all. You’d run it, and I’d do something else.” Poor Diaghilev never found his cash cow. But his protégé Balanchine did. His 1954 “Nutcracker,” with the Christmas tree that grows like Jack’s beanstalk, has proved the most successful production of Tchaikovsky’s 1892 ballet in world history. (The original “Nutcracker,” which also had a tree that grew, opened in St. Petersburg when Diaghilev was a young man there.) Balanchine’s version also gave New York City Ballet the stability with which he was able to create his most avant-garde productions, notably “Agon” (Stravinsky, 1957) and “Episodes” (Webern, 1959).

You can love those two pieces, which remain far ahead of their time in body language and structure, and still find Balanchine’s “Nutcracker” enthralling. Every season I revisit his “Nutcracker” several times, officially to see New York City Ballet’s cast changes in the lead roles in Act II. But at every viewing the chief reward is to discover yet more detail in Act I. Over the decades thousands of dancegoers have learned to think the same; many might agree that Balanchine’s “Nutcracker” is actually more expressively diverse, more theatrically rich, than the extreme modernism of “Agon” or “Episodes” or his Stravinsky masterpieces of the 1960s and ’70s.

In a recent article in The Washington Post, Sarah Kaufman writes of the “pervading tweeness” of “The Nutcracker,” wishes that “ballet had something better to do at this time of year than endlessly reminisce like a sweet, whiskery auntie,” and argues that the work’s “stranglehold is all but squeezing ballet dry.” By contrast, she harks back to the Diaghilev days, “when ballet — ballet — lassoed the avant-garde art movement.”

The full-length ballets, Ms. Kaufman writes, are “European derived.” (Yes, but then, ballet itself is European derived, as are a great many other arts.) So “what’s American about ballet in America?” she asks. “Why not make an artistic statement with a mix of races, and use the spectrum of humanity deliberately, in a provocative way? Why not harness differences to evoke the America of today, or what we might become if only we had the imagination of an artist?”

Consider “The Hard Nut,” the version of “The Nutcracker” that Mark Morris first staged in Brussels in 1991, and that has been revived many times in America and elsewhere. The party scene is a caricature of a period and a none-too-happy white American family (with a black maid); then the stage world is magically metamorphosed into a colorful mixed-race fantasy in which ballet and barefoot dancers are equally mixed to show a view of society that is both modern-American and transcendent. You can watch it on DVD — it won the “Battle of the ‘Nutcrackers’ ” competition on Ovation TV — and in recent years it has become an annual fixture at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, Calif.

“The Hard Nut” is not a perfect work. Not all of its storytelling is clear, a few of its dances are thin, and it forces some of its narrative against the emphasis of Tchaikovsky’s score. But no American “Nutcracker” has been so internationally successful, and within America perhaps only Balanchine’s is better known. In its finest dances — the Waltz of the Snowflakes above all — that black and white dancers are side by side is merely a premise for an even larger view of humanity, with Mr. Morris’s musicality at its most theatrically exhilarating.

There’s plenty wrong with ballet today, not least with American ballet. It’s sadly true that there are ballet companies whose only annual performances are of “The Nutcracker,” and that almost every American ballet company relies on its “Nutcracker” performances as its most reliable draw. (European companies dance “The Nutcracker” too, but few of them so extensively. The Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, for example, often has “Nutcracker”-free years, and my time in London made me more used to watching Frederick Ashton’s staging of Prokofiev’s three-act “Cinderella” as Christmas fare than any “Nutcracker.”)

But let’s not castigate “The Nutcracker” just because it is the cash cow of American ballet. And let’s not make the mistake of assuming the tweeness of bad “Nutcracker” productions means that the ballet is itself twee.

Just listen to the ballet’s overture. In good productions the view of childhood that starts here, in the miniature orchestration and quick pulse of Tchaikovsky’s introduction, is enchantingly serious. Gradually the music will build in scale until you reach the colossal, slow, full-orchestral grandeur of the Sugarplum adagio in Act II: no ballet score has a greater span, and this shows how passionately Tchaikovsky was depicting the inner life of a child.

There are, by contrast, a number of full-length ballets that take up adult subject matter only to treat it frivolously. (“Le Corsaire” and “Don Quixote,” both musically cheap, are among the most traditional examples. Stanton Welch’s 2009 ballet about Marie Antoinette, “Marie,” is the most recent one I’ve seen.) Much about ballet is bad and is worth trashing; much about it is artistically tawdry and hidebound in bad tradition; and most of its current choreographers are at best poor.

“The Nutcracker,” however, is a musical masterpiece and, in some stagings, a theatrical masterpiece too. Ballet is larger, not smaller, because of it

Young peoples sex knowledge lacking

Abstinence-only sex education
By Elizabeth Landau, CNN
December 15, 2009 12:03 a.m. EST

Gaps found in young people's sex knowledge

“Most sexually active unmarried young adults believe pregnancy should be planned, but about half do not use contraception regularly, according to a study published Tuesday.

The survey of 1,800 people age 18 to 29 was conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

"What is surprising is just how wide the gap is between single young adults' intentions and behavior on this very important issue," said Bill Albert, chief program officer at the organization.

Also, 29 percent of women and 42 percent of men said it is at least slightly likely they will have unprotected sex in the next three months -- and it's quite likely or extremely likely for 17 percent of women and 19 percent of men.

The discrepancy between both wanting to plan pregnancy and having unprotected sex may have something to do with a focus in recent years on abstinence-only education, said Laura Lindberg, senior research associate at the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute.

"Abstinence-only curriculums have gone explicitly out of their way to teach misconceptions about contraception," she said. "This generation of 20-somethings have missed many opportunities to get medically accurate and correct information."

But for abstinence education advocates, the problems stem from not enough focus on refraining from sex until marriage.

"I don't think we'll be able to overcome this problem unless we restore the social norm of not having sex and not getting pregnant before marriage," said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council. "Even when people are informed, they just don't choose to consistently practice contraception."

Many of the people surveyed said they did not know much about contraception to begin with -- 63 percent said they knew little or nothing about birth control pills, and 30 percent said they had scant knowledge about condoms.

The numbers may reflect that while most people have heard of the pill and condoms, they have never been taught how to use the pill or where to get it, or how to put on a condom, said Dr. Yolanda Wimberly, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at the Morehouse School of Medicine and an adolescent medicine specialist with Grady Health Systems in Atlanta, Georgia.

Myths about pregnancy and sexual activity continue to permeate circles of young people. For instance, 28 percent of men incorrectly believe they will get extra protection from wearing two condoms at once, a practice that actually leads to condom breakage. At the same time, 18 percent of men wrongly believe that having sex standing up reduces the chance that they will get a female partner pregnant.

These are the kinds of myths often heard in Wimberly's office. Wimberly, who sees young people from age 12 to 30 about sexual health issues, commonly hears rumors like these that have spread among friends. Anecdotal evidence that a behavior is safe is sometimes more convincing for young adults than the recommendations of health professionals.

"If other people have been doing it, and nothing bad has happened, then they'll do it," she said. "We have definitely got to do a better job of dispelling myths."

Albert said it was shocking that about four in 10 respondents said it doesn't matter whether people use birth control, believing that people get pregnant when it's their "time."

But this was not surprising for Wimberly. She pointed out that some people are not opposed to having children in their 20s and are at a point in their lives at which they would be relatively comfortable going through with an unplanned pregnancy.

There are also exaggerated doubts and fears about birth control pills, the study said. Twenty-seven percent of women and 34 percent of men in the survey said serious health problems such as cancer are likely to result from using the pill or other hormonal contraceptives.

Experts say hormonal contraceptives are relatively safe, but there is some mixed scientific research on the topic. According to the National Cancer Institute, oral contraceptives have been shown to increase the risk of cervical cancer, although human papillomavirus is the major risk factor for the disease.

Some studies have found an increased risk of breast cancer, but others found no connection. There is also evidence that oral contraceptives decrease the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer, but that they increase the risk of liver cancer in women who are otherwise considered at low risk for the disease.

But the known evidence does not suggest it is "highly likely" that cancer will result from the pill, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy said. The survey cites a recent Mayo Clinic study that suggested an additional 2 to 3 percent increase of developing breast cancer as a result of being on the pill.

Wimberly always goes through all the pros and cons of using the pill with her patients, including the noncontraceptive benefits. Each individual should discuss all the positives and negatives of the pill with a health care provider before deciding to use it, she said.

Nearly half the adults surveyed said they agreed that "drug companies don't care if birth control is safe; they just want people to use it so they can make money." Thirty-two percent said they agreed that "the government is trying to limit blacks and other minority populations by encouraging the use of birth control."

Still, according to a 2002 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading contraceptive method among women ages 15 to 29 is the pill.

While the actual rate of infertility among people 18 to 29 years old is 8 percent, a great deal more think they may fall into that category -- 59 percent of women and 49 percent of men said it is at least slightly likely they are infertile, and 75 percent of people who had concerns about fertility did not worry about it because of information from a doctor.

About half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The survey calls for more sex education for adults, given that about one in five participants said they had never had sex education in school. Colleges -- both two-year and four-year -- should educate students about pregnancy and contraception, and such programs should also be available in workplaces, job training sites and the military, the survey said.

Health care providers also have a role to play in ensuring that young people know all their options for family planning, and in providing patients with these methods, the report said.

Wimberly added that other community-based venues such as churches, community centers, hospitals and after-school programs could all disseminate information about contraception and family planning.

Parents can also play a big role in helping educate their children about these issues, Albert said.

Groups such as the Family Research Council continue to advocate for abstinence-only education at the K-12 level, but the organization does not have an official stance on what sex education should happen beyond that, Sprigg said.

"But as far as investing taxpayer dollars and making a strong public policy effort, we think the principle focus should be on encouraging abstinence," he said.

The survey also touches on a distrust of the health care system more generally, Lindberg said. The challenge is to "create more positive attitudes and make health care providers and the health care system feel like a safe and trusting place," she said.”

Personal comment: ‘Just say no’ doesn’t work. In today’s sex-saturated society in the U.S., I think it’s sad that there are still people who think that ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex-ed is enough to responsibly prepare teens for their roles in society. Abstinence Only sex-ed leaves teens unprepared to protect themselves against STIs and at greater risk of unintended pregnancies.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Pharma and PE (premature ejaculation)

Oops! Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation: I’ve never thought of premature ejaculation as a medical problem that needed a solution. Granted, as a woman on the receiving end of a semen transfer I had other things to think about, but it seems to me that if a guy can get hard enough to get it in before he shoots his wad then as far as the reproductive act is concerned its been a success. Wearing a condom slows a lot of guys down and using lidocaine and wearing a condom slows them down even more so if a guy has a PE problem and wants to last during recreational sex in many cases all he needs to do is wear a condom. There are some guys who go limp when a condom is rolled on. I think that’s psychological but for what ever reason it happens, then Viagra (the Pfizer riser) or another of the performance enhancers can probably help with that. I’m not sure there is a market for a PE med but if it’s talked up enough perhaps there is.

Some girls like going to Naughty’s to tease guys who come on to them by getting a guy off in his pants. It’s so dark and so packed in front of the bar in the ‘Meat Market’ a guy will try dry fucking a hookup and that’s when it’s easiest for her to open his zipper and fondle him to orgasm while he is trying to strangle her with his tongue down her throat as he’s twisting her nipple to get her to gasp so he can slip his tongue even further down her throat. That’s when I can tell if a man has a PE problem because I only have to cup his jewels and rub his glans a bit and he creams my hand. I wipe my hand on his slingshot or under shorts or on the back or sides of his shirt if he’s wearing a jacket. Then zip him up to give him time to reload if he has the nerve to come on to me again, but causing a guy to go in his slacks usually takes the starch out of him, literally as well as figuratively. I usually wear a latex skirt and leather boots or pointes when intending to play with a pickup’s semen. That way if it splatters it’s easy to wipe off. If you wear shoes or a skirt of natural fibers (silk, cotton, linen, wool etc.) semen can stain them.

The New York Times
December 13, 2009

Sure, It’s Treatable. But Is It a Disorder?

VIAGRA and its pitchman, Bob Dole, turned erectile dysfunction into a modern man’s malady.

Out went impotence, an unfashionable condition that nobody wanted to discuss with his doctor or lover, and in came E.D., an in-the-know abbreviation for erectile dysfunction that neatly dovetailed with other pop-cultural acronyms like O.M.G. and L.O.L.

Now brace yourselves for P.E. — shorthand for premature ejaculation.

Johnson & Johnson has developed Priligy, a pill aimed at men who ejaculate before copulating or within seconds of beginning. Priligy, which is intended to help prolong latency time before orgasm, went on sale earlier this year in nine countries, but it has not been approved for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration.

Meanwhile, Sciele Pharma, based in Atlanta, plans to seek approval from the agency next year to market a prescription drug in the form of a metered-dose aerosol sprayed on the skin that is intended to increase latency time. Company representatives have been making the rounds of medical conferences and meeting journalists, trying to drum up sympathy and attention for premature ejaculation as a widespread medical problem in need of a drug intervention.

“P.E. is more prevalent than E.D.,” Joseph T. Schepers, the company’s director of investor relations and corporate communications, told me when his team came to the office this week as part of a press tour in Manhattan. “One in three men actually have the condition.”

Donna Gibson Dell, Sciele’s senior product manager for the drug, concurred: “It’s a huge unmet need.”

Pharmaceutical companies dream of developing the next Viagra, a product that had worldwide sales last year of about $1.93 billion.

“Viagra, and I think E.D. along with it, have become part of the cultural fabric,” said Jim Maffezzoli, a senior director in marketing at Pfizer, which introduced the drug in 1998. “The brand, everybody knows it.”

Mr. Maffezzoli credited Viagra’s success to its status as the first prescription pill approved to treat a man’s inability to develop or maintain an erection.

But creating a blockbuster quality-of-life drug like Viagra involves more than just being innovative or being first. Sometimes it requires a drug maker to create and market a whole new category of disease.

The template goes something like this: Start with a legitimate quality-of-life issue — like fitful sleep or shyness — that does not yet have its own prescription medication and is debilitating to a few people a lot of the time. Next, position the quality-of-life issue as a medical condition with symptoms so common it covers vast numbers of people who had previously not identified themselves as having a health problem, or who thought they were just experiencing an occasional and normal annoyance.

Articles in medical journals with high estimates on the prevalence of the issue help convince doctors and journalists of its scope. F.D.A. approval of the new drug legitimizes the condition as a problem with a medical solution.

The uncertainty for drug makers as this kind of script plays out is whether doctors and the public will buy into a hitherto unrecognized disease, said Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

“Marketers know you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle,” said Mr. Cassels, the co-author of “Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients.”

With premature ejaculation drugs, he said, “It will come down to convincing physicians that this is a serious disease and convincing most men that, if they have unsatisfactory intercourse and they don’t last up to a minute, they have a medical problem.”

Premature ejaculation can be extremely distressing for men, said Dr. Wayne J. G. Hellstrom, a professor of urology at the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.

“They don’t usually last in their relationships,” said Dr. Hellstrom, who has consulted for Johnson & Johnson.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine, a professional association, has developed a definition for premature ejaculation. It is a condition “characterized by ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration,” and which is accompanied by feelings of distress and lack of control.

Sciele’s spray-on drug contains lidocaine and prilocaine, which act on sensory nerve endings in the penis, said Dr. Mike Wiley, director of urology for Sciele.

The company studied the product on several hundred men who had a typical ejaculation time of about 36 seconds, Dr. Wiley said. After using the product, the typical time from penetration to ejaculation was about 2.6 minutes — about a two minute increase.

While there is no doubt that some men are distressed about their inability to control their orgasms, there is little concrete evidence to suggest that there is an epidemic of premature ejaculation.

In response to a query from this reporter, a public relations representative for Sciele sent material to back up the claim that one in three American men suffer from this affliction. One study, a 1999 report on sexual dysfunction in the United States, has been disputed by some sexologists because it was based on a sociology survey from 1992 that included questions about issues like fidelity — but was not created by epidemiologists to answer sexual health questions.

Dr. Hellstrom at Tulane said perhaps 20 to 30 percent of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lifetimes.

BUT Leonore Tiefer, a clinical associate professor in the psychiatry department at the New York University School of Medicine, said drug makers were increasingly trying to medicalize parts of daily life — whether it be mood, sleep or sexual function — in which there is a healthy and wide variation of normal.

“Rapid ejaculation as opposed to slow ejaculation is common, but there is slow and fast everything in the world: slow and fast walkers, slow and fast eaters, slow and fast breathers,” said Dr. Tiefer, who is a psychologist specializing in sexual problems. “When you tell someone they are a fast ejaculator, it makes it sound like there is a right time to ejaculate and, if you ejaculate before, it’s a medical problem.”

She added: “It is going to become a problem once enough publicity is given to it.”

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Insemination and spider gags

Spider gag – a ring gag with side extensions

A recent ‘beautification’ project: Taryn and I have been busy helping keep the valley beautiful by cleaning up after ‘accidents’. Returning readers know that the major players here don’t want the public to accidentally come across that sort of thing or even hear about it. The last accident seems not to have involved drugs as so many do, at least not directly. This one seems to have had jealousy as the motive.

Jealousy: A very high-class escort who specialized in latex encasement encounters had reported being stalked by one of her clients, though that’s not exactly how the complaint was worded. She was found in the small room in her Co-Op she used as a gym. She was dressed only in ballet boots and a black open-faced latex hood with full shoulder skirt and had a spider-gag in her mouth. A friend who is also an escort had a key to her place and found her and called their duty supervisor who reported the problem to her Director and eventually I was called. The friend was told not to touch anything and leave the Co-Op.

The victim had been shot through her open mouth. The bullet punched a small hole through the back of her hood and buried itself in the soundproofing paneling of the wall surrounded by a small spray of blood and bits of brain. Most of her brains had been trapped in the latex hood that sagged in the back where her skull had been shattered. The force of her exploding skull blew blood and brain tissue down inside the hood and all over her back. The force of the shot had thrown her back against the wall and the draining brain tissue running down her back left a bloody trail down the wall. Her knees buckled and she fell forward on to her knees and then on her face. Not a graceful way to go, but by that time she was past caring. She had fresh semen in her mouth and vagina. She was wearing no device inserted in her vagina and there was a partial pack of Seasonale contraceptive pills in her tote along with the slit-kit she used professionally. She was wearing nothing worth harvesting. Her boots wouldn’t fit either of us. A decorating service will clean the walls and floor and patch the bullet hole.

Bye-bye Bi-chick: Robin’s insemination project is over as is my keeping the A-list actress calm during her fertile days when the two of them were baby dancing. She promised to let me know if she is preggers, which should show as hCG around Christmas. And if she is they will be filming her abortion at our clinic a few weeks later, after they get some shots of the physical changes to her breasts and of her vomiting from morning sickness. Before all this started she had a fertility test, an HSG (hysterosalpingogram), which checks a woman’s fallopian tubes to make sure they are clear so eggs can enter one end and sperm the other. Her Hollywood Gyn said her tubes are clear so she should have no problem getting pregnant.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cara: Recreation and Education

Fatal attraction

Cara’s work ethic: I started this entry as a reply to a comment by a long time friend and reader, Eric, about my December 10, 2009 post, Cara; new chick on the block. Eric asked about her pointe skill level. As I was writing my reply I thought it brought up a series of important points that deserved expansion into a blog entry rather than just a reply to a comment. What I wrote in the comment was:

“I’m going to be watching Cara’s stamina and speed in pointe class. She’s enrolled in a school that has several levels for recreational, semi-pro and professional dancers. At the moment they have her slotted in the top advanced recreational class until they see what she can do. I’m not going to push her about pointe because ballet isn’t her career path and she needs to keep thinking of pointe as recreation and fun. Keep in mind that she is going for her Ph D in Psychology. She will be a Psychologist so I’m going to concentrate on getting her escort education on track which is what she needs to blend in with and be respected by the women she wants to interview if she is going to immerse herself in the trade for a few months. She has a very dry sense of humor so she is already calling our escort training facility ‘Fuck-U’.”

“As much as I would like to have her take my company class I teach Balanchine (very fast) footwork and I don’t want to have anyone in class who can’t keep up. If that were to happen with Cara I’d have to ask her not to participate in company class so I want to be sure she is up to it and it wouldn’t be at the expense of her school work. Even my professionals are panting at the end of my classes so the way I teach class isn’t for sissies. Right now I’m more interested in her spending her time doing Kegels and building up her pelvic and diving stamina which is what she will need for competing with other candidates in her escort class. I’m going to expand on this in a blog entry because I think it’s important to follow how she will navigate the dual and sometimes competing physical requirements of ballet and escort training.”

Expanding on the above, everyone has a finite amount of energy and if a person’s life is filled with physical and mental exertion there are times when energy demands are so high that needs must come before pleasure. Cara’s work ethic is exemplary. There is no other way she could have graduated from Harvard with honors and be doing very well in her doctorial program. Her Doctorial advisor says she is an excellent student. So far she is making the choices that need to be made, concentrating on getting in shape as an escort which takes strengthening some muscle groups that aren’t generally used by classical dancers. It’s imperative that the other escort candidates in her class see her as giving escort training her full attention. That’s because they already know she is studying to be a Psychologist and has taken a seat in the class where competition for seats is strong. There has already been some mumbling about Cara taking a slot from someone who deserved it more because she was going into the profession full time. So Cara is going to have to be as good as or better than the best professional in class just to retain her credibility and validity to hold the seat and make friends with the other girls which is what she will need to do for her study. It could get pretty rough, but then the life of an escort isn’t all being arm-candy for rich and beautiful men.

That may be where Cara’s extensive ballet training will help because ballet is key to teaching discipline, fluid movement, grace and line in class and none of the other students in her class have the intensive training in ballet that Cara does. So she may be able to use that strength to her advantage by tutoring other girls in her class and show them she’s not just another pretty face with connections on the faculty. Actually, we are going to be harder on Cara than the other students so there will be no doubt about her not receiving preferential treatment. None of the others in her class have had a great deal of sexual experience, if what they told us is true, so Cara’s lack of pelvic skills isn’t a disadvantage and with Robin and me tutoring her she should do well there.

Lesson one: The first thing I need to be sure Cara understands is that being an escort is a commercial transaction and should have almost nothing to do with personal romance on the part of the escort. She shouldn’t be lulled into a ‘fatal attraction’ to the physicality of the man or the pleasure which he gives her. That sort of thing clouding an escort’s mind has been the cause of more than a few of their deaths. On an intellectual level I’m certain she know that, but newly involved in intimate encounters with rich handsome men can skew the most levelheaded woman’s perspective. And, if the client becomes romantically involved with his escort that’s usually trouble as well. It’s not that she shouldn’t enjoy herself, she should because the experienced client can tell if she isn’t, she won’t be aroused and the guys can tell when a girl is faking. Faking an orgasm at the level Cara will be entering the trade is a bad career move. If he isn’t good in the saddle she may have to develop a mental image of being screwed by Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck to help him get herself off because an escort has to deliver an orgasm, unless the client just wants to talk or is there to hurt her with brutal sex which in itself can be a huge turn-on for a surprising number of chicks. So while she is letting him do his thing and take her on a magic carpet ride she needs to be aware of her surroundings, especially with a new client. With a client she has been with successfully before an escort may be able to drop her guard to some extent but with a new man you never know exactly what will happen.

Fetish encounters: That’s especially true if a girl is working a fetish encounter. A fetish encounter may be as tame as wearing ballet slippers or hose and a grater belt for the customer, or it could be as edgy as being taken in a latex encasement suit, ballet boots and a gasmask with rebreather bag while bound to an altar or barre. The encasement suits and ballet boots are kinky but not dangerous. Gasmasks and rebreathers can be very dangerous especially with a new client because the woman’s vision is limited by what she can see through the lenses of her mask, which may be nothing if she is sweating and the insides of lenses have fogged. Once the escort can’t see what the client is doing with his hands he could be closing the valve on her rebreather bag or dipping the open valve into a Ziploc bag containing cotton balls saturated with chloroform. Once something like that happens she is totally helpless. I’m having Robin give her some of those scary fetish experiences sprinkled among the pleasurable ones to give her a bit of paranoia about what can happen if she isn’t careful. Only in her personal relationships with men friends can an escort totally let her guard down and enjoy the pleasures a talented man can bring to an intense sexual experience.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dangerous insertables

Gasmask rebreather with inflatable penis-gag

Dangerous BDSM and sex toys: Maybe I shouldn’t bother about this because all the players SHOULD know that BDSM, Breath and sex play can be dangerous, but girls and young women are being introduced to the lifestyle all the time with no warning about the risks. I’m not talking about rebreather bags valves that in a panic a user may forget how to open, or poorly made ballet boots which provide no support so a novice breaks an ankle the first time s/he stands up in them. I’m talking about pneumatic toys like inflatable penis-gags or dildos, which if they burst can send bits of latex down the wearer’s throat and choke her or if a dildo bursts while inserted and the woman isn’t wearing a gas guard she is quite likely to have an embolism that will cripple or kill her. It would be bad enough if this was occurring only to men, but women are the ones primarily injured by this sort of accident because we are almost always the submissives and the ones in bondage. In the hands of an inexperienced Dom or Domme a hand pumped inflatable gag or dildo can be just as dangerous to the sub wearing it as if s/he were being held at gunpoint. The only thing lacking at gunpoint is the surprise when the inflatable toy bursts. There have been a lot of girl-girl accidents where a high school Domme doesn’t know when to stop inflating her sub’s dildo and if the sub is lucky she just tears. If she isn’t the dildo bursts and you sometimes get a dead or brain-dead 15 y/o at a slumber party. That sort of thing is really difficult to explain to her parents. One of the first things I tell my students at St Lucy’s is don’t insert inflatables into any body cavity!

It’s gotten so that hand pumped dildos are almost standard penetration devices in BDSM play here. Every woman doing BDSM solo or with another BDSM fetishist should protect herself by being fitted for and wearing a gas guard. I don’t think the on-line custom latex shops that make the custom latex enclosure suits and inflatable gags and dildos warn their customers about the dangers bursting compressed air toys represent when worn internally, down the throat or in the vagina or anus. With an experienced partner enclosure suits, rebreather masks, gags and dildos can be amazingly erotic, but use and misuse of poor quality inflatable insertables can be tragic.

Cara; new chick on the block

Suiting up in Fasteners lingerie boutique

Pirate’s Niece: Pirate’s niece, Cara, is 24 and a Ph D student in Psychology at Harvard. She has a federal grant for ‘original research’ and has come out to the valley to do a 6-month project, research concerning the mental health of women working as escorts. The girls I’ve worked with seem relatively normal (however that’s defined) but before the candidates get to me there is a very thorough screening process so I’m sure there are some with mental problems in the trade. Cara is sexually active but totally inexperienced at the professional level so Pirate wants me to act as something of a teacher and guide and see that no serious harm comes to her while letting her take some knocks if she gets in tight spots. She has recently broken up with her boyfriend and he was the only man who she has ever had as a sex partner. Her not being in a monogamous relationship now is a good thing since she needn’t worry about being faithful to a BF in a long distance relationship and it may open her up to trying new things, because God knows as an escort trainee her life is definitely in for major changes!

Originally, when Pirate first asked me about guiding her through the minefield that is the escort profession I was ambivalent about taking her under my wing thinking with her East Coast academic background she wouldn’t fit in. That was until I learned she has been keeping up with her ballet classes and has been taking pointe 5 days a week for exercise, relaxation and according to Pirate, “the physical challenge that pointe represents”. I also thought she just wanted to interview girls in the trade, see where they live and make love and get some background and individual experiences. And she does. However, she also wants to be immersed in the culture by gaining experience on her back, or knees, or incased in rubber etc so she can get an authentic feel for the variety of experiences that an escort has and the range of emotions from terror to ecstasy while with a client. So I’m enthused that Cara will be joining my circle for a few months. Anyone who takes pointe 5 days a week for relaxation and is interested enough in the high-end sex trade to want to immerse herself in the experience is my kind of girl!

Kitting Cara out: Her parents think Pirate runs a very successful model agency, which in a way he does, and that Cara is into the academics of sociology and psychology rather than the sort of field work that will have her sweating, gasping, moaning, and using her hips to parry a partner’s pelvic thrusts as he tries to ram her cervix into her lungs. And that’s on a good day. Being taken doggie style while wearing a latex encasement suit and bound to an altar can rarely be considered an educational experience from which to gain academic credit, but I think if anyone can Cara will manage it. She is staying with me until we can find her a decent apartment and one of the first things I did was to take her to the clinic and have her meet chuck (Taryn’s main squeeze) the male Gyn and primary Gyn for the escort trainees. I had her fitted with a Milex Omniflex diaphragm (she takes a 70 mm) and a 22 mm FemCap for gas guards and talked her into getting a GyneFix IUD implant so she can stop taking Yaz which she had been on since it first came out. She said she had fairly stable cycles before she went on the pill so we will see. I took her to Gepettos to be fitted for Pleasure boots and while there she picked up a pair of 4” back laced over the knee leather stiletto boots (with side zips) of soft calf to wear around town. The soles and toe boxes are heavily padded so the boots are far more comfortable than 4” stiletto pumps. We stopped by the lingerie shop at Fasteners and got her a half dozen pairs of zip crotch fishnet tights and she was fitted with the first of her steel and rubber back-laced corsets with a thong bottom to prevent her attempting to adjust it once she is laced into it. The rubber corsets are diabolical because with the steel stays they seem stretch tighter to grip the wearer in a vice-like embrace the longer they are worn. So for a novice it’s best to be laced into this sort of corset lightly at first.

Exercise regimen: I’m having her start Pilates classes and she is continuing ballet classes in one of the good off-site ballet schools until she can catch up to where she can join company class, which in 6 months probably won’t happen. I’m thinking she can drop about 5 lbs and convert some fat to muscle and she will have a lovely almost Balanchine figure with perhaps her boobs a C-cup which is a bit too large for a classical dancer, but that’s not something she has to worry about. Fortunately she doesn’t have to worry about money either. She is a trust-fund girl so she can spend her time getting in shape and studying w/o having to worry about making a living. Chuck gave her some doxycycline and ibuprofen and she felt up to having her first post boyfriend sexual encounter last night when I introduced her to Chris who can be rough, but I asked him to be gentle with her. I have asked Robin her cousin to be her regular school partner when he finishes the insemination project he’s on at the end of the week. Until then Robin needs to keep his sperm count up so he isn’t banging any boxes except the Bi-chick actress who needs to get preggie for a role in her latest film.

Bi-Chick actress’s fertile days: Friday December 11th will be when Robin finishes drilling the Bi-chick actress who needs to be preggers for an abortion the character she plays has in her new film. He will have inseminated her twice a day since she became fertile and she is supposed to ovulate today, Thursday 12-10. She hasn’t been a problem at all once I made it clear that in our relationship I was dominant. She just breast feeds and is in afterglow from what Robin does to her so we just nap. I adjusted my schedule so I have one of my stallions take me while Robin is doing her so we will both be in afterglow together. It has been a lovely week holding her while we nap with us both draining fresh semen. We won’t know if she is preggers for at least another 2 weeks, which will be Christmas day! Well, it’s for certain that if she is knocked-up it won’t have been by an angel, though Robin is a delightful man!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the vaginal rubber fetish

Vaginal rubber, a latex Ortho All-Flex diaphragm

Vaginal rubber: The local rubber fetish community has finally begun to recognize latex cervical barriers as a necessary part of a woman being properly dressed in total rubber for thrust encounters in rubber clubs. That epiphany has resulted in a recent increase in the number of women coming in to the clinic to be fitted for diaphragms. I had been telling them about the need to wear a silicone caps (a strapless FemCap) as a safety precaution for at least a year after an influential Dom began using pressurized CO2 gas as punishment to keep his rubber-chicks in-line and other Doms began to follow his example. A jet of gas through a douche bag nozzle into a girl’s gasmask drinking port, down her open neck zipper into her cleavage or having her bend over to be penetrated and filling her vagina with gas can cause frostbite to sensitive tissues, or worse gassing a girl’s vagina can result in the rubber-chick dying from an embolism, unless she has an effective gas guard inserted.

Not surprisingly, my arguments about protecting the women’s safety had no effect on Doms providing their rubber-subs with gas guards. And now having the girls fitted with latex diaphragms (as they are currently still doing) offers almost no protection against CO2 gas in the vagina. That’s because if the gas gun has no warming baffle (and many don’t) and the gas is released in a sustained jet it cools the soft rubber dome to a temperature where the rubber will become brittle and shatter and pressurized gas can pass through the cervix to the uterus where it can easily enter the woman’s bloodstream. The only cervical barrier that can withstand even short duration jets of cold gas is the thicker silicone FemCap and as I mentioned FemCaps or even silicone rubber diaphragms aren’t what the Doms are having their girls fitted with. The men want the girls wearing latex diaphragms because they have found the latex transfers heat better than silicone of a similar thickness, but most of all because a latex dome is much more stretchy when rammed by a thrusting penis, which some Rubber Doms are calling ‘caressing the rubber wall’.

Velvet latex: Gepetto’s sex-device shop has been working for some time to enhance a man’s experience when he is ‘caressing the rubber wall’ by increasing the friction of the soft latex dome of a diaphragm (also known as a sports shield or gas guard) when the glans of an erect penis is rubbed against it. The shop had tried a lot of different formulations to increase the ‘tooth’ of the surface of natural rubber to simulate the short dense pile of velvet. Some formulations worked for short periods of time, but the tooth or pile was so delicate that it rubbed off after being used for a few acts of intercourse so the dome lost it’s effectiveness as a male experience enhancer. Worse however was that it left the wearer with microscopic bits of latex in her vagina which when mixed with the woman’s natural secretions over an interval of several days creates a funky vaginal odor similar to what occurs after forgetting and leaving a latex diaphragm inserted too long.

Recently Gepetto has been experimenting with a new formulation of latex created by Jeff’s labs, to develop an enhanced experience diaphragm. After dipping the rim in liquid latex the finishing process subjects the outer surface of the dome to a gas which causes it to foam with a uniform surface of millions of microscopic bubbles which when dry establish a very tight molecular bond providing a strong soft surface that simulates the feel of velvet while being difficult to wear through. The latex quickly reaches body temperature so there is no decrease in heat transfer and there is no decrease in elasticity if properly cared for. The latex is still sensitive to extremes of heat and cold and easily deteriorated by oily substances, but Pirate, Robin, and the other men who have been trialing the few made for testing purposes (Anya, Taryn and I are the only women involved in testing because of the potential value of the new device) say they provide an amazing enhancement to a man’s pleasure by the way the bubbled surface of the stretchy latex caresses the heads of their penises. The working name for the project is ‘Bubble Wrap’ but marketing wants to call the line Vaginal Velvet.

Gepetto’s shop is now starting to test a similar product which is gas treated on both the inside as well as the outside of the dome. Treating the inside gives the woman the same caress enhancement sensation against her vaginal walls, especially for the erectile tissue of her G-spot. With a diaphragm inserted I can’t use the full strength of my vaginal muscles to grip my partner’s shaft because the spring rim absorbs some of it but the double velvet diaphragm I’m testing now (I’m the only woman so far) takes me to orgasm unbelievably fast (in less than 10 minutes when I’m Luteal) and that’s amazing because today I’m CD20 and in my Luteal phase. When I’m being taken bareback by a lover who knows how to light my fire it will typically take at least 15 minutes after penetration when I’m fertile and when I’m luteal (like now) 25 minutes to get me to a G-spot orgasm. I was just given the first one to test so I don’t know just yet how quickly I will orgasm with it when I’m fertile. I think Vaginal Velvet could be a huge seller if Gepetto decides to go commercial with it. Right now he sees the market for Vaginal Velvet devices as being primarily for professional escorts who want to offer their rubber-stud clients an exceptionally intense experience w/o requiring them to ingest or wear anything themselves.

Contraceptives as Fetishes: Readers of this blog know that I have a number of fetishes. The main ones are: Pointe shoes, Diaphragms and cervical caps, especially the Oves cap. People don’t usually think of women as having fetishes, they are far more likely to be a male thing, but with contraceptives: hormonal methods pills, patch, ring or shot; IUDs and cervical barriers making the hormonal method or device you are fitted with a fetish can increase a woman’s desire as well as the effectiveness of the method. That’s because a fetish object is far more likely to be used correctly and used every time than one that doesn’t have the user’s interest level that a fetish object does. I don’t specifically talk about contraceptives as fetish objects to my escort candidates or St Lucy’s students, but getting them to equate the contraceptive they are using with pleasure and safety can, over time, reinforce a fetish-like desire for disciplined use of the method.

This can be problematic when a woman is just starting on pharmaceuticals and she hasn’t found the hormone mix or delivery method right for her. For example; where the patch (Ortho Evra) can come unstuck and fall off or develop sores underneath, or pills where the type and amount of hormones will cause nausea, swollen and sore breasts, or a copper frame IUD can cause heavy bleeding and these side effects can be a huge turnoff so it is very important to find an effective method that works well for you as soon as possible before contraceptives become a turn-off. Once a woman has an effective method that fits her lifestyle then elevating it to the status of a fetish so she wants and needs to use it correctly is a very good thing.

I’ve found that focusing on the pleasure of wearing rubber inserted in the vagina is particularly effective with the women who need motivating most, the ones who are most likely to be non-compliant, not inserting correctly or using their barrier for every act of intercourse. This is especially true of divers who have a GyneFix IUD implanted so have little concern about pregnancy. Of course the problem for divers with a GyneFix inserted isn’t pregnancy but pelvic inflammatory disease (PID which can cause sterility by scaring a woman’s tubes) or an embolism from having air forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of male thrusting under water, which is why it is so important for divers interested in dive-sex to be compliant in wearing vaginal rubber.

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