Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seminar side effects, Emma is pregnant

‘Ankle bondage’ foreplay, teasing Morning Wood

The Photo: Teasing Marvin before an early morning encounter after dressing in Jenna’s tights and my Gaynor Minden pointes. He loves watching me bind my feet into my shoes with the ribbons. He calls it ‘ankle bondage’. When I sleep over I dress in Jenna’s convertible foot tights over a thong back leo for class. Jenna danced for the San Francisco Ballet and the women of SFB dress conservatively for class with full bottom leos over tights rather than the Vegas way with thong-back leos under tights for bathroom breaks and quick access for assignations.

As Jenna I’m slowly accustoming him to my way of dressing and since it’s ‘Jenna’ who is making the changes as long as they are slow and he can think of them as sensual he’s quite willing to go along with what she wants or likes. Today I’m CD20 and luteal with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm inserted for contraception and flood insurance since I demonstrated Dive-sex for my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s earlier in the day.

Pregnancy tests: Since my girls Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile and I all got our periods there was almost no chance that any of us could have become preggers from our multiple encounters with unprotected men during the cervical barrier seminar we participated in at Crag Abbey over the UNLV Spring Break. Never-the-less the protocol is to test each week and we have all repeatedly tested negative for hCG since then.   

However, Emma, the young wife of a Gyn participating in the seminar, who also participated in the round-robin sexual encounters, emailed me that she tested positive. She hasn’t told her husband yet and it may be his as she was fertile like the rest of us, but was unprotected except by the diaphragm or FemCap and spermicide she wore. And, in the evenings she had unprotected sex with her husband so the child is probably his. Not that the Reflexions and FemCap she used during sex with other seminar participants couldn’t have leaked, but both the FemCap and Reflexions fit her very well and developed strong suction in their domes so it is unlikely.

She said DH had wanted a baby and so they had been TTC for some time so the excitement of the seminar and different partners was probably the stimulation they needed. But to me she didn’t sound all that pleased so I wouldn’t be surprised if she miscarried as so often happens during the first trimester. She didn’t seem the maternal sort and seemed to crave the excitement of sex with different men. She actually glowed after her sexual encounters with the other Gyns in the seminar. I understand the thrill she felt as I’m that way myself.

Morning Wood:  On mornings when I have slept over I Kegel out any of Marvin’s remaining spend from the previous evening and empty and wash the Reflexions and reinsert it with DiveGel+ spermicide in the dome. I dress in Jenna’s things as that turns him on and saves me time not having to change clothes again before work.  Sometimes I’ll put on one of her full bottom leos over tights knowing that he loves stripping it off me. Then he takes me on my back with my tights down around my ankles bent in a hairpin with my feet on either side of my head so he can smell my shoes while he’s thrusting deep into my anterior fornix taking me high and hard. He gives me my pleasure first then spews in me and after he withdraws he licks my waxed vulva clean before I insert a sports plug to block any coital discharge I haven’t Kegeled into his mouth while I suck our secretions off his erection then get quickly to the bidet to Kegel out the rest of his semen before it liquefies. I clean up, reinsert the sports plug, put on my face, grab my dance bag and kiss him goodbye and Jenna leaves for work taking the town car the casino sends to pick me up.  It’s a marvelous way to start a day! After class I change clothes carefully setting Jenna’s things aside so I can return them to Marvin for him to wash as he did when she was alive.

Topical testosterone dangers:  Among the escort candidates our medical staff has begun allowing the use of topical Testosterone products like Axiron and AndroGel, but primarily Axiron. This has complicated their training to an extent as their female trainers have to know who is using topical-T and be sure to avoid the areas (shoulders and under arms) on the men where topical-T has been applied.  Actually what we do is get printouts of the men on topical-T  and have the guy shower where we can watch and make sure he washes the area where he applied the testosterone product.  But some guys on Axiron do raise wood quicker and for longer too, than some of the other trainees. They aren’t necessarily better with their technique but they are really hard!

Topical-T is also becoming a problem in mini-clubs at Naughty Pleasures where men can at times go shirtless like the Boot-Bar and Toe-tape.  So now the bouncers route men to a health-care worker while the women have their bags scanned to swab the men’s shoulders and under-arms and test for topical-T at the door. If a male guest has it on his skin he has to wear a shirt and a different colored bracelet. Side effects for women who are exposed to topical-T are: Increased clitoris growth, breast growth, increased acne and facial hair growth among other things. It’s something that we really don’t want nubile teen girls and up-market escorts exposed to.

The chatelaine: Anya is here for a while so she is staying at my place and watches over my girls when I’m sleeping over with Morning Wood. She isn’t really a chaperone other than checking the STI certificates of their sex partners to ensure that they are clean and are members of our current class of escort trainees and that everyone eats properly and gets to school on time. With the girls working as assistant training staff for the male escort candidates they usually come home to sleep unaccompanied as the trainees give them a very good time for the three hours they were being taken high and hard. The release of multiple orgasms is so relaxing that the girls have no trouble going immediately to sleep after evening sessions.

If the girls sessions with their escort trainee partners have been scheduled for the afternoons then after showering and supper Anya has been taking them out clubbing accompanying them to Toe-tape the new pointe shoe mini-club within Naughty Pleasures to broaden their experience with screened ordinary men known to have pointe shoe fetishes. It gives my girls a chance for comparison and to appreciate how lucky they are to be routinely having sex with well hung expert swordsmen after a few encounters with ordinary males… if a man with a raging pointe show fetish can be considered ordinary. Some of the men who frequent Toe-tape are quite proficient with their equipment and all of them shoot live loads and are taken unprotected so it’s not as though there isn’t a hint of danger for the girls since no method of contraception is 100% effective.

In my absence Anya is also chatelaine, and keeper of the keys to the contraceptives and antibiotics cabinet at my place where we also have Viagra, Cialis and doses of EC, Plan B One-Step, ella and the abortion drug Mifeprex if needed. Since my girls all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted there is very little chance that any of them will become preggers, but some of their school friends spending the weekend have tested positive or had a condom slip off or burst and had to use hormones to take care of the problem.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birth control sabotage found during Easter vacation

The 5 day Emergency Contraceptive pill

The photo: the box for the U.S. version of the five day EC pill, ella (with a little e) The version available in Europe is ellaOne with the same formulation, 30 mgs of ulipristal acetate.

Easter week at St Lucy’s: As with all Catholic schools St Lucy’s was closed for the week and the students were on Easter vacation. However, an unused portion of the dorms, the ballet studios, and pool facilities were rented out during the week and a half for a short Spring Ballet Intensive for high school girls from all over the U.S. as the Sisters who run the school wring every bit of income they can from the physical plant.

Our clinic was responsible for SBI student’s health which began with a full panel STI exam and pelvic if the results of a current one for each haven’t been performed and sent ahead and a pregnancy test is taken the day the students check in. Twenty-five students signed up and all appeared. One from a school in the Deep South tested positive for hCG and a serum pregnancy test confirmed her pregnancy. She was on LARC hormonal contraceptives, the single rod implant Nexplanon which released etonogestrel. Getting pregnant while on Nexplanon is rare so we wondered how the implant failed.

Further tests found there were traces of a progesterone receptor antagonist, ulipristal acetate in her blood, the same medication used in the Emergency Contraceptive ella, which is known to make hormonal contraceptives less effective for the rest of menstrual the cycle after taking it. The student said she hadn’t taken ella, However, she was taking private lessons from a ballet studio where a temporary male ballet coach had her taking what he said was a dietary supplement to increase her stamina and that the two other girls who came from the same school had been taking it as well.  We tested her two friends from the same ballet school and found they too had ulipristal acetate in their systems. Those two students had the new Skyla levonorgestrel releasing IUD inserted and fortunately weren’t pregnant or their IUDs would have to have been removed if a pregnancy was to be carried to term or for a termination.

We think the students must have been dosed with ulipristal acetate on a regular basis for some weeks. The few studies of ulipristal acetate used by pregnant women suggest that over time the chemical is embryotoxic as a significant percentage ended in spontaneous abortions. The man responsible for the pregnancy, according to the girl was her boyfriend with whom she was routinely having monogamous, but unprotected sex. Fortunately we caught her pregnancy very early and were able to do a machine vacuum aspiration with no complications the second day she was here so she had a full nine days on an antibiotic to recover before returning home. Another thing in her favor is that her medical insurance is paid through her trust fund which doesn’t question the charges so her father, with whom she lives, may not ever know. Other than the pregnancy and termination the Spring Ballet Intensive went very well.

We reported the teacher to the school and ella was found in his locker. He admitted he was dosing selected students he had overheard telling friends about their sexual encounters. He said he felt himself to be ‘called’ to unmask the young women’s immorality in having sex before marriage. He was fired. All the other students were tested for ulipristal acetate and pregnancy and three others tested positive for ulipristal acetate, but none were pregnant.

Semen Sunday at the Boot Bar:  Saturday night was such a success that we repeated the program again on Sunday. The role of the courtesan on Sunday was taken by one of our more experienced dancers with some of the tightest pelvic muscles in my troupe as even on my back I’m a hard act to follow and the strength of my grip was common knowledge by the time my Saturday evening Boot Bar partner shot his wad as he kept bellowing “Oh my God, you’re tight!” over and over as he was thrusting in to my anterior fornix.

One problem on Sunday was that we had to limit the number of guests in the venue as we were overcapacity in the club on Saturday, which could make it difficult to evacuate the club in case of an emergency. If it continues to be a success we could enlarge the space by knocking out a wall. Another problem is that on Saturday there weren’t enough women in the audience. That made it good hunting for the girls, but after my performance when couples most were pairing up there were several fights between men who thought a girl was his at least for the rest of the evening. So we are spreading the word locally through Boot Bar flyers distributed through fetish shops that sell ballet boots that we are looking foe adult women who can walk reasonably well in ballet heels.  The first 25 bringing a Boot Bar flyer to the Boot Bar will get a $15 gift card for use anywhere in the casino/resort.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

Wishing my readers the happiest of Easters!

The photo: Spring, is a season of renewal of life cycles for flora and fauna in the Northern Hemisphere. May the coupling of our fecund furry friends foreshadow the passion of you and your partner(s) in the physical delights of the human reproduction process. May we all be guided by an amended quotation from an old, white, dead, male, republican: “Moderation in the protection of contraception is no virtue; extremism in the defense of worry free sex is no vice”.

Semen Saturday at the Boot Bar, an update: I’m pleased to say that things went about as we had planned. The men chosen to cum in my boot laces had a bit of traffic congestion initially, but after the first several finished and were replaced they settled into a fairly routine replacement as the others finished and zipped up. I let the man who penetrated me (unprotected) set the pace and hoped that he wouldn’t be a premature ejaculator (he wasn’t) as a lot of the audiences enjoyment seemed to come from watching the men standing around my legs jacking off and betting if their spend would splatter in my laces or splatter on the vinyl shafts.

The first encounter went so well and the guests were so numerous that we had a second encounter an hour later. That was enough time for the next set of winning names of the second thirteen men could be drawn and gave me enough time to Kegel out my inseminator’ load, add more DiveGel+ with a prefilled disposable applicator, clean up and change into a fresh pair of dry boots for my second performance. It was a fun evening for me.

'Semen Saturday' at the Boot Bar

Ballet-boots are such amazing bondage footwear.

Ballet boots, Submissive or Domme footwear: Are ballet boots Sub or Domme? As anyone who trolls the internet knows almost all photos of people wearing BBs are of women and many of those are of us in bondage situations. And not surprisingly in my view as man are far more visual, aggressive, and misogynistic than most women would like to believe. There are a few of us who can be Dominant and perform adequately and some few of us superbly in ballet boots, but in the general population not many and those have had a lot of ballet training. So on balance in the fetish world that I inhabit ballet boots are primarily submissive footwear.

An Easter special at the Boot Bar: To celebrate the resilience of the female reproductive tract we are featuring ‘Semen Saturday’ at our mini-club Boot Bar to take advantage of the male interest in dominating females in ballet boots. 

Returning readers will remember that The Boot Bar is located in my Casino’s fetish club, Naughty Pleasures and we’ll be trialing Semen Saturday to bring in the type men who enjoy penetrative sex with women who are wearing ballet boots. We expect it to be an icebreaker featuring one of the Boot Barn female staff in a latex catsuit, corset, full hood, gloves and Vinyl ballet boots who will take one (or perhaps several) men while in missionary with her legs spread and knees flexed as other men stand around her while she is being taken high and hard masturbating to spew semen into the laces of her boots.  The boot girl staff member is wearing vinyl boots and spider filament laces so the male customer’s ejaculate can be easily wiped off later or dried with a hair dryer and the flakes brushed out of the laces.

The male guests will put part of their entrance ticket stub into a glass bowl if they want to have a chance to be the penetrator or an ejaculator. The entertainer with whom he will have sex will draw the winning number. Then there will be at least twelve men chosen – by drawing additional ticket stubs from the bowl - to ejaculate on the performer’s boots; two groups of three men to a side so if they can focus and jerk-off successfully by the end of her performance she should have twelve men’s sperm splattered on her boots and in her laces and one man’s load as deep inside her as he can place it.

The staff boot girl will perform on her back and take her partner unprotected (unless he wants to wear a condom) and have her laces soaked in semen, perhaps two or three times a night, depending on the crowd. The success of two small trials suggests that women guests are fascinated to see how the performer handles her situation and the men in the audience are fascinated by the female entertainer getting laid and by the women watching them masturbate. It certainly brings out the male exhibitionists and the women guests get to see the men’s equipment so they can let the one(s) she likes know later that she is interested. The performance is shown on three very large flat panel screens hung on a wall directly behind the performing couple from three different angles videoed in HD.

Guests are protected by the usual STI and credit card screening for both men and women guests. Women in ballet boots are admitted free while there is a cover charge for men and on Semen Saturday the charge will increase since there will be X-rated live entertainment.

Anya and my Wards: Anya is accompanying my girls; Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile to the opening night of Semen Saturday, which is tonight, and I will be the boot girl taking the lucky man’s shaft.- as they have never seen me perform, not that anyone will be able to recognize me encased in latex and boots.  If everything goes well I may take another one or two men depending on how well attended the club is. With any luck Number one will be thick and long as I’m CD8 and fertile so my cervix is high, soft and open. I’m wearing my latex Reflexions so I can stimulate him if he can reach my anterior fornix or ripple grip him if he has performance anxiety. My Director may give the lucky man a performance enhancer if he isn’t on meds that it would interfere with and he seems nervous which can limit the man’s anxiety. Wish me luck!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ballet dancers, foot worship and Toe-tape

A ballerina’s feet & Freed Classics

The Photo: A Royal Ballet dancers feet showing the prominence of the toe joints after years on her toes. Beautiful feet, no bunions! You can see how the throat of the vamp just covers the toe joints so there is no pinching to limit her roll on to demi-pointe, but her knuckles are prevented from overflowing the box when she is over the front edge of her platforms. It takes a lot of effort to keep a dancer’s feet in excellent condition after the punishment they are subjected to on a daily basis.

Ballet and foot worship: Foot worship goes back at least as far back as the 10th or 11th centuries in Imperial China and binding of women’s feet into the lotus shape thought beautiful at the time. It also restricted the woman’s movement something the men undoubtedly found convenient, for them.  Fast forward 900 years to 1842 in Russia where, after Marie Taglioni’s (April 23, 1804 – April 24, 1884) last performance in the country and at the height of the "cult of the ballerina", a pair of her pointe shoes were sold for two hundred rubles, to be cooked, served with a sauce and eaten by a group of balletomanes. While it may not be common knowledge the status of the ballerina as a goddess of foot worship is still very much alive and well in the 21st century.

I am routinely asked for my old dead pointes, but I burn them when the deshanked ones are no longer suitable for class. Otherwise I’d be continually posting dead pairs off to some man to masturbate in, not that there’s anything wrong with that… what ever works is ok with me. As it is we have guys go dumpster diving looking for old shoes. Of course some other dancers do give away dead shoes and throw away old semen stained leotards and tights too. I’m not interested in stopping the collection of women’s soiled dancewear by fetishists. I’m just not going to help add to some collectors cum rags.

Morning Wood and Jenna’s feet: Marvin has never metatarsal he didn’t like. He always wants to play with Jenna’s (and therefore my) feet and suck my toes as foreplay, which would be fine if my feet were an erogenous zone for me, but not so much in reality. I’d much rather him milk me or insert two fingers inside me and  fondle my G-spot through the thin stretchy latex dome of my Reflexions.

Toe-tape a new Mini-club: Our Casino/Resort has opened ‘Toe-tape’, a ballet club for adventuresome young women who want to show off their feet and legs for admiring men. I know the name sounds like it should be a Chick band, but we tested it and found it’s the sort of name that appeals to young highly motivated female dancers craving excitement.

There is a dress code of sorts, for women, but only one hard and fast rule. All women must be wearing and able to walk confidently in pointe shoes. That  prevents women who can only wear ballet-boots from monopolizing the club when they don’t have the skill and training to confidently wear pointes and women in ballet-boots have the Boot Bar which is just down the arcade at Naughty’s from Toe-tape. You would think that after a hard day on their feet or in pointe class that would be a turn-off, but that’s not the case. The sort of women Toe-tape attracts are the ones who want to flaunt their skill in pointe shoes from years of ballet training and are willing to stand the discomfort while seeking male companionship using their feet and legs in addition to other feminine assets to attract admirers. It turns out there are a surprising number of us who fit that description.

Other requirements for patrons of Toe-tape are: Guests must be at least eighteen and have a current and negative full STI panel on file. The STI panel is a hurdle some prospective members struggle with initially, but when it’s explained that it is for the guest’s protection as much as the club’s liability almost all consent and provide one. And since most of the girls have had a condom burst or come off inside them they understand the need if casual sex is to be available on premises. There is no cover charge for women, but there is a fifteen dollar charge for men and leg men willingly pay it. There are s few busty statuesque chorus girls in pointes who come in, but the ballet crowd is much smaller 5 feet 5 inches on average with slim hips and high firm breasts.

I’ve had Anna taking the girls to Toe-tape after they finish work with their assigned escort trainees just to add some teen blood in the mix. Bea’s ID showing she’s eighteen is excellent so she has had no trouble getting in and has been very popular with some conventioneers in town who were thinking ahead and were tested for STIs  before coming to Vegas. Do we believe the paper they give us? No we don’t, but we hack the computers of the labs the reports supposedly come from to check and so far no male guest has tried to pass bad paper.

Pointe shoes at Toe-tape: No matter which maker and style pointes the guests wear to perform or take class in almost all wear Gaynor Minden pre-arched hard shanked shoes when they come to Toe-tape because no one when a guest here is concerned with proper classical technique, we all want our feet to be well supported and as comfy en pointe as possible while we enjoy casual sex with  Mr. right now.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The tease, the altar ego and an ANR

Teasing Marvin in a pair of my old Gaynors

The photo: Me introducing “Morning Wood” to Gaynor Minden pointes teasing him with the ribbons – tying my feet into my shoes which he thinks of as ‘ballet bondage’ - before our first ballet-sex encounter with me wearing them. He understands as few other men have how important wearing pointes is for me as they boost my confidence exponentially.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder): After watching Brad switch, change personalities, from his vanilla in-charge self when he is the professional psychiatrist helping me understand my new role as a sexual libertine, to his kinky identity when he is a asexually assertive submissive in my thrall when I am wearing Jenna’s things I’ve concluded that he has at least two distinct personalities; the eminent psychiatrist and the love-sick sexually assertive submissive.

Marvin “Morning” Wood: For a link to an article about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) article click: HERE  This article says that multiple personalities occur from some childhood trauma from which the individual is trying to protect him or her self. Nothing that Brad has told me about his childhood indicates that so perhaps he is just good at hiding it. However, I think his marvelously studly sexual  submissive identity, Marvin “Morning” Wood, began appearing shortly after his marriage to Jenna (I’ve seen letters addressed to her from Marvin Wood when he traveled so she knew of his alter ego’s obsession with her in pointe shoes) as he craved her approval for his masculinity. From what he’s said I think the ‘Morning Wood’ persona was developed fully shortly after her death as he began the search for her replacement. For the time being he seems to have settled on me and he is thoughtful and affectionate and a magnificent lover as his fetish personality suggests, and, during a sexual encounter with me as Jenna he takes directions wonderfully. I love it that when we are out together with me as Jenna he likes me to call him ‘MW’ or Woody.

He named his alter ego appropriately as I’ve never seen a harder or more ready man when he wakes and he usually needs to get off several times before his penis wilts. I’ve begun having a casino car pick me up at his place when I sleep over because some of the best sex with him is in the mornings, so I need time after I shower to get myself together before leading an early morning class at the casino. I don’t think he is violent or that I’m in any danger, but I believe he wouldn’t mind if I was able to give him such an intense sexual encounter that it killed him. I think I mentioned earlier that sometimes before we have sex he is so needy he seems suicidal.

Jenna, Marvin and pointe shoes: Brad’s alter ego Marvin was so needy when I returned from Scotland! I‘ve decided to try and gradually expand his sexual experiences with me as ‘Jenna’. And because he is so into pointe shoes I think I stand the best chance of getting him accepting new things in that area of his fixation since he relied on her to show him what she liked which influenced him. Not that he is getting tired of Jenna in Bloch Alpha pointes he still lusts for her in them, but eventually her supply of Alpha shoes will be used up so this is a good time to ease and tease him into what I hope will be a strong fascination with GMs.

I’ve already begun to limit the amount of ballet-sex I’m offering him while wearing Alphas, explaining that I’ve just found Gaynor Minden shoes which are more comfy while lasting longer. He’s not concerned about the cost of her shoes, but he does appreciate her making good economic choices. So while he was cautious about loving her in GM pointes as much as in Alphas after the first several ballet-sex encounters with me on my toes in Gaynors he became a believer, because Jenna was a believer in them.

An adult nursing relationship (ANR):  I found Marvin loves breast milk. I had meant to pump my breasts before I went to Brad’s, but didn’t have time so I took the pump along thinking he might be interested in seeing me pump and perhaps would even want a taste. When I’d made the change to Jenna and unzipped the bag holding my Medela he wanted to know what I was doing. I told him I was going to pump my breasts as they were full (32 B/C cups when they are engorged) and I needed to be milked. I was about to offer him a meal at my breasts when he hung his head and asked quietly if he could please breast feed. I was amazed! It turned out that Jenna had needed all her output for their son and then as she started to wean him she refused Marvin’s request to breast feed because she was trying to stop lactating as she began getting her body back in dancing shape again.  That I hadn’t asked him was in keeping with Jenna’s earlier behavior, but when I agreed and put my pump away he was overjoyed and we lay on the couch in his living room with me on a thick soft towel to catch any nipple leakage when he hungrily latched on switching his sucking between breasts until he had emptied them.  

So an ANR is a huge plus in my favor in my role as Jenna as he is now more invested than ever in the delusion that I’m Jenna and with him developing an adult nursing relationship with me it should make my control of him more profound.  I am going to have to watch the quantity that he is taking because I don’t want my breasts to increase in size. Returning readers may remember that I’m taking meds to limit my milk supply so I don’t lose my 32B cup size and therefore my Balanchine figure. But lactating burns calories so I can eat just about anything I want and with my ballet training regimen, frequent intense sexual activity and being gently milked routinely my weight is stable at 105 lbs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The red sea: sex during menstruation

Menstruation and a matching cashmere pashmina

Menstrual Synchrony: I’m CD3 and flowing heavily with a latex Reflexions inserted for flow control. My wards, Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins, Odette and Odile have been sweating enough with me during ballet classes we take together that their cycles have become synchronized with mine. Willow, was the last to sync in the past month as she was the latest addition to my brood of budding ballerinas. Returning readers will recall that they all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted for contraception so they can enjoy sex and the hormonal swings of their natural cycles w/o having to worry about becoming pregnant.

Having our cycles in sync has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are that we all can get a bit short and crabby when menstrual and we have to watch that there is enough iron in our diets as women with copper IUDs can bleed more heavily than those who don’t. The advantages are that when we are all fertile together the energy, creativeness and our libidos peak and my girls are up for almost anything. For me a big advantage is that I can teach them together about menstrual sex (both ballet and dive-sex) while we are menstrual and not as each one became menstrual if her cycle wasn’t synched with mine.

Rim movement and leakage: Flexing of the rim of All-Flex and coil spring rims (Omniflex and Semina) and movement of the Reflexions flat spring due to a partner’s thrusts into the dome and our contractions during orgasm will cause a slight leakage of flow as the rim moves over the vaginal rugae, even for a diaphragm that has very strong suction in the dome. So a partner after withdrawal will be coated by a thin sheen of blood. I always like to suck that off his still erect penis and taste my flow and smell its scent which most menstrual sex lovers enjoy as well, I mean the scent and being immediately sucked off after ballet-sex.

FemCap during menstruation: Wearing FemCap while menstrual during surface-sex is not practical since the dome is so small that it will quickly fill with flow and dislodge. Wearing FemCap during dive-sex has a depth limitation of 20 to 30 feet due to the squeeze of water pressure on the dome. In addition wearing FemCap during menstrual dive-sex is questionable even at shallow depths since even though menstrual discharge is not flowing while in the water immediately after emerging a gush can dislodge the cap and spill a significant quantity of flow all over the wearer’s suit, legs and surroundings. You might be able to get away with wearing it on a very light day, but my advice is not to use FemCap at all while menstrual.

Menstrual ballet-sex: Ballet-sex as discussed here is defined as being penetrated from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to the barre. For menstrual ballet-sex where a diaphragm is used for flow control any rim style can be used. However, knowledgeable women prefer wearing Reflexions because it is nearly impossible to under-thrust the rim and during menstrual sex you really don’t want the dome contents to spill due to the rim being under-thrust. If you don’t mind the mess and wear old shoes that you don’t mind being stained then it’s usually quite safe for an STI free couple to go w/o contraception of any kind. The only caution is for women with very short cycles (there are a few) who become fertile before their periods are over. For those women a diaphragm and a good spermicide are always needed.

Pointe shoes for menstrual ballet-sex may differ in size from pointes worn for ballet-sex at other times during a woman’s cycle. The amount of foot swelling while menstrual can depend on her menstrual day and how long she has been on her feet which will determine if she needs to wear a larger size or remove some of the padding from the size she usually wears. If I’m wearing Gaynors I can usually just not wear toe pads and be comfortable enough. If I’m wearing Freed Classics I have to go up a half size and in Bloch Alpha I have to go up between a half and a full size and retain the padding in pointes made of traditional materials.

Menstrual dive-sex: Dive-sex as discussed here is defined as sex underwater using SCUBA equipment. However, the same cautions apply even if the couple is only in water up to their waists.  Dive-sex while menstrual is no different than when in other cycle phases as far as precautions that need to be taken in that a latex Reflexions flat spring should be worn for flood insurance. If one of the couple is allergic to latex then a Cooper Surgical silicon wide seal Milex arcing spring diaphragm should be used. That’s because with its two elbow hinges the Milex arcing spring is the next most difficult diaphragm to under-thrust. You should take a cramp relieving medication. 800 mg of ibuprofen usually does the trick for me when I have cramps which fortunately is seldom. Of course the best cramp relief is an orgasm so we all look forward to the first orgasms of the day when the red sea is flowing.

When menstrual and using a diaphragm for flow control a woman should always empty it and reinsert before entering the water for dive-sex and if wearing a style other than a Reflexions flat spring she should switch (unless there is an allergy to latex addressed above) to the Reflexions because it is the safest to use for flood control during underwater sex.  And underwater sex while menstrual can be the most dangerous from a pelvic health standpoint since the uterine lining is sloughing off and blood is flowing freely. That means if from a partner’s thrusting water or an air bubble is forced into the uterus while menstrual there is a greater chance for an infection or an air bubble getting into the bloodstream to cause clots in the lungs, heart or brain.

Water pressure will almost always stop menstrual flow while swimming or diving. However, after coming out of the water there can be a gush that if it’s on a heavy day and she’s been in the water a long time could overload the dome and spill.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reality chick

A pair of Jenna’s old Bloch Alpha shoes damp from ballet-sex

The Photo: A pair of Brad’s dead wife Jenna’s pointes I wear during his continuing sexual fantasy where he is convinced he’s having sex with his wife. He is delusional, believing that by me wearing her pointe shoes I become Jenna in the flesh and must wear one of her 70mm Milex Omniflex silicone diaphragms, which is two sizes too small for me, to protect her cervix.

An Alpha male: In the real world when Jenna died with their infant son in an auto accident eighteen months ago she was newly pregnant. Brad doesn’t know as the body was too badly burned for an autopsy and I haven’t told him as I think it would add to his grief. I only learned of her pregnancy from her Chi in her shoes from which I can tell a great deal about the former owner.

Brad is insistent that since I look enough like her - I could be Jenna’s identical twin - I wear her Bloch Alpha pointes as she was a ballet dancer and he thinks me wearing them helps in the transubstantiation process. He is at least partially correct because I use the traces of her Chi to help me be more authentic in my role as Jenna. When I’m dressed in her things we do look amazingly similar and with her scent and her mannerisms from videos I am a very convincing Jenna and Brad doesn’t need convincing. I think of myself as an actress in a role, a ‘Reality Chick’, helping a grieving husband find release to ease him through an emotional tragedy.  

He has this fascination with ballet-sex with me in her Alpha pointes, partially I think because he got so little of it. Perhaps that was because Alpha pointes are an advanced dancers shoe and almost impossible to relax in when en pointe so being taken on her toes in them was probably not fun for her. While I’m new to the Alpha shoe I think I’m adjusting well to ballet-sex in it. It’s not nearly as comfy and supportive as hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes, but in Alpha’s favor is that the 4 ½ xxx is such a good fit that my toes go numb when I’m en pointe so with toe pads thrust-drop hasn’t been the problem I thought it might be though my platforms are lifted several inches off the floor during the last few thrusts before he comes. The Alpha style also appeals to the masochist in me not to mention the narcissist as they make my feet and legs look beautiful. Too, there is risk involved as they can be a dangerous shoe for high arched dancers to wear and that danger appeals to my sense of adventure.

After being taken several times while sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to the barre I Kegel his load into a puffs tissue and he carries me to bed. I sit on the bed and take off my sweat soaked Alphas and put them in a Ziploc bag so they retain the moisture and scent then give them to him to smell and fondle the next day. Then he sucks and tongues the toe-cheese from between my toes and I snuggle into his arms. It’s almost as if he’s been drugged how quickly he falls into a deep sleep. When he’s asleep I get up, shower and leave for the evening. When we meet the next day I spray the pair I gave Brad to fondle with a good anti-fungal spray and put them on the rack with the other shoes to dry.

Alphas in clubs: For a woman who can pull it off clubbing in Alpha pointes has advantages. Wearing Alphas in a fetish club establishes ones bona fides as an accomplished fetishist if you can walk around easily and confidently en pointe in them and stay on your toes the full time you are standing. Clean satin heels after a nights clubbing is a major indicator of the strength of the woman’s feet if she is in Alpha pointes.  Mincing around in them establishes the wearer as a pretender so almost no one tries as the discomfort is too great for experienced dancers and amateurs are rightly concerned about injury.  In vanilla clubs wearing pointes at all is extremely rare and then only by a professional dancer with strong feet. When Brad takes me dancing at a vanilla club when we take to the floor everyone else stops and watches us. I tease him that we should charge for entertaining. Satin trimmed off the platforms and darned platform edges ensure good traction on the slipperiest floors.

Toe-chicks: While I’m on the subject of Alphas for ballet-sex my wards in their after school jobs as assistant trainers working with male escort candidates are known as the toe-chicks because they are the only trainers who wear pointe shoes. Other trainers wear five inch stripper heels for ballet-sex which is a good approximation, but not the real thing because the pelvic muscles only develop maximum grip when the entire foot and leg is extended so they don’t give a male candidate the full-ballet-sex experience. As a consequence my girls are in demand as trainers.

I’ve mentioned before putting both Bea and Willow in Bloch Alphas. Willow can wear them marvelously well, but isn’t as fascinated with them as Bea and still performs in bespoke Freed Classics. Bea doesn’t want to take her Alpha pointes off and now takes class in them as well as wearing them when she is helping train escorts! Her combination of exuberance, energy and love of a challenge have her far more comfortable in Alphas than Willow and she is a favorite with the escort candidates she works with. The swan twins aren’t ready for Alphas and probably never will be. They are still in Freeds for ballet class and hard shanked Gaynors when working with their assigned escort trainees. They love the sex, but aren’t interested in the work required to be able to wear Alphas confidently and not hurt themselves.

Brad and Reflexions: I’m trying to move Brad away from Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex diaphragms because he is damaging his frenulum by under-thrusting them in missionary.  In my persona as Jenna I’m substituting a correctly fitting (for me) 80mm latex reflections while pointing out how much softer, stretcher and more natural the dome feels since it transfers body heat so much better than the silicone of an Omniflex. So far he does like the feeling, but I think his acceptance had a lot to do with the fact that ‘Jenna’ suggested it. I’m relieved I got him to accept Jenna wearing an 80mm Reflexions because I’ll need it for effective flood insurance when I teach him about dive-sex. My period will be starting tomorrow, Saturday. I have a Reflexions inserted now as I’m already spotting and I can’t wear Oves for flood protection while I’m menstrual.

Winter still: We had a taste of early Spring here this past Wednesday 4/2 when the temps were in the mid 60s and there was snow again in the Spring Mts. So it was still good weather to wear latex catsuits to the clubs and private parties. Not so next week as the forecast is for the high 70s and low 80s, really sticky latex catsuit weather.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflexions, flood insurance and dive-sex

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in its case

The photo: One of my 80mm latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm showing the ‘stimulator’ in the center of the convex dome. The Reflexions with its soft stretchy dome is preferred by escorts who provide dive-sex services because it can be worn effectively and comfortably at any depth while being nearly impossible to under-thrust.

Home: It’s good to be home after almost two weeks in Scotland, not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it was a busy time, though loads of fun and we all got to meet some really nice men. Emma was fun too and we all kept to our ballet regimen and with all the energy expended teaching ballet-sex and dive-sex even though we ate extremely well at His Grace’s table none of us gained a pound. Limnaea II is a dream and even quieter than the 550 it replaced. We all had our weekly (pee-on-a-stick) pregnancy tests and there is nothing to report, not that I thought for a moment there would to be. And the girls are all back in school and back on the schedule as assistant trainers to work with our male escort candidates so all is right with the world.

We had a wind advisory yesterday so I have six fifty-pound pool tether anchors in the back of my RU to minimize the likelihood of the wind in the mountains making it roll. And I still have room for my dive gear when I go to Adolph’s.

Brad the magnificent: Brad, my current psychiatrist, with whom I have a dead-wife-fantasy sexual relationship, was so glad to see me! I don’t think he masturbated at all while I was gone, he was so ready!  And I’m certain he hasn’t been with another woman since he met me and I became Jenna to him. When I went to his place this afternoon we had sex four times in an hour after I morphed into Jenna by changing into a pair of her Alphas and one of her Milex diaphragms. He under-thrust the rim every time and when I removed it the dome was absolutely full of liquefied semen! I was CD24 and luteal so there was no possibility of me conceiving. Even so I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix.

He had sent me flowers (to his place) though the card was to Jenna, and after I dressed in one of Jenna’s lovely sleeveless Michael Kors seamed stretch-wool dress in suntan, she’s gotten it just before her death for $1,995.00 from Neiman Marcus. It is the last thing he bought her and his favorite for me to wear when he takes me to dinner. I wore a pair of her Bloch Alphas dyed to match the dress, barelegged in only footies and toe pads, one of her 70mm Omniflex diaphragms and a sports plug. That way I was prepared if we could find a quite corner in the restaurant bar he could take me from behind while I’m bending over the bar. After dinner we danced for a bit, but the bar was so crowded he wouldn’t penetrate me even though in a crowd it was less likely that we would have been noticed. He had had oysters for dinner and he was really feeling randy so when we got back to his place, he took me another three times and afterward fell into a deep sleep. I Kegeled out his load showered and drove home. He is very considerate and a marvelous lover, but so terribly needy and I’m not Jenna.

Brad as a therapist: As far as my therapy sessions with him go he is helping me come to terms with my station as a Temple Priestess and handmaiden to Aphrodite. It is an immense honor which I feel unworthy of. Brad is helping me adjust by pointing out some of my accomplishments:

  • Rescuing and training Taryn, to take over her parents porn empire and who is now pursuing her Ph D and then a medical degree in psychiatry at Cambridge.
  • Setting up Pirate to run the service with most sought after escort in the U.S.
  • Establishing the escort training school (Courtesan College) to guarantee our escorts are the most knowledgeable and desirable in the U.S.
  • Teaching young girls at St Lucy’s about contemporary sexual health and advanced sexual techniques.
  • Establishing the first classical ballet troupe to perform sexually explicit versions of the classics.
He says the Goddess knew exactly what she was doing when she officially invested me with the responsibility, by having the goldsmith present me with her talisman and the collar of office of Priestess to Aphrodite. He pointed out, perhaps rightly, that I had been performing good works that met the Goddesses requirements (associated with sensuality, eroticism and human sexuality in all its forms) for years before my official recognition and if anything her recognition of my ability and contributions was late! I’m so not going there! Therapy sessions with him have made me feel more confident with the burden being a Priestess entails. I’ll just say that I’m deeply honored to be among her handmaidens and the power that comes with the office I shall use in furtherance of her goals.

The Abbey cervical barrier seminar:  The last two days were spent in the Abbeys cistern each of the girls having at least six acts of dive-sex, one with each man and usually more, the five Gyn seminar students and Chris our Gyn who travels with me. Emma was still draining fertile cervical mucus and had her Reflexions inserted for flood insurance as well as contraception. She must have been going to ovulate soon.  For the Male seminar participants and Emma it had been an opportunity not to be missed and as they were traveling back to London by train they had no worry about possible DCS problems associated with lower aircraft cabin pressure after diving for so long so recently. As they left the men and Emma seemed very pleased with themselves.  Fortunately Limnaea II like its predecessor can maintain the cabin pressure at sea level which is what we did and the trip was uneventful. After two long days of non stop dive-sex we were all worn out and immediately went to sleep and slept soundly all the way to Dulles.

Locker room videos: Looking at the videos from the men’s dressing room the Gyns seemed to have been fascinated primarily by two things:  the women all were wearing Reflexions for flood insurance as the men had never heard of water being forced into the uterus after vaginal flooding.   The other was having teen sexual partners, especially Bea who is 17. They were amazed how tight they all were, but that’s the reason for training with Ben Wa balls which the Gyns had watched us use and ballet-sex training to give the girls all very strong very toned pelvic muscles unlike most other women a man might have an intimate relationship with.  

Penis sensitivity deficit (PSD) and Reflections diaphragms:  The Gyns participating in the seminar had an opportunity to experience the effects of the stimulator first hand and one thought he would write up a note about how a partner wearing Reflexions can help some men who have PSD and perhaps get it published.

Circumcised men suffer from penis sensitivity deficit (PSD), some more than others, which can make it difficult for them to reach orgasm during penile/vaginal sex.  An aid to overcoming PSD (on an act-by-act basis) is the diameter marking on the convex side of the dome, an unintended consequence of the devices design. A partner thrusting into the anterior fornix of a Reflexions wearer will often rub his glans against the raised diameter size inside a triangle which escorts call the ‘stimulator’ located in the center of the convex side of the dome This design can be felt on the ventral side by the uncircumcised frenulum when penetrating in missionary and on the dorsal side of his glans when he enters her from behind. Sometimes the man is so large or sensitive that the stimulator bothers him. If that’s the case the Reflexions can easily and effectively be reversed and worn with the convex side against the cervix so that the stimulator is hidden from the penis.

Losing control: Wearing Reflexions with the stimulator where it can be felt by the penis of a man large enough to thrust into his partners anterior fornix will bring a man who thinks he has absolute ejaculation control to his knees by making him ejaculate prematurely if there is relative motion between his glans and the stimulator no matter how much willpower he has.

The down side of circumcision: In a fairly recent study penis sensitivity deficit (PSD) was examined in a group of men. The results were published in: Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis Morris L. Sorrells, James L. Snyder, Mark D. Reiss, Christopher Eden*, Marilyn F. Milos†, Norma Wilcox and Robert S. Van Howe‡ Retired, *HIV/AIDS researcher, San Francisco, CA, †National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, ‡Department of Paediatrics and Human Development, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, MI, USA Accepted for publication 22 October 2006

The conclusions: “Circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis and decreases the fine-touch pressure sensitivity of glans penis. The most sensitive regions in the uncircumcised penis are those parts ablated by circumcision. When compared to the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis, several locations on the uncircumcised penis (the rim of the preputial orifice, dorsal and ventral, the frenulum near the ridged band, and the frenulum at the muco-cutaneous junction) that are missing from the circumcised penis were significantly more sensitive.”

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