Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brian’s muses

Suede platforms for traction during coaching sessions

Gaynors and splatter training: All twenty-seven girls (twenty-one primary and six alternates) and I trained for Brian’s classes in Gaynors with suede platforms to lessen the likelihood of slipping in any splatters of coitial discharge on the Marley during a coaching session. The new suede tips lessen the speed and number of turns a dancer can produce, but they also act as a motivating force for putting more energy into pirouettes w/o disturbing ones balance.

Brian’s muses: Brian thinks of the women he selects for private coaching as his ‘muses’ since they stimulate his creativity and renew his energy. The ten of us he had during his time here in Vegas, nine students and me, he said gave him one of his most creative times in years. We are waiting to see if his creativity extends to having any of us conceive, but that seems unlikely, though the three second year Semina girls, “Anne”, “Bea” and “Jean”, stand the greatest chance. That he taught the second year girls last of the three groups each day means that his sperm count was probably lower for them, but I have no idea how meaningful the might be.

Bea gets laid: I’m not going to describe all six sexual encounters I watched Brian have, but I did watch the one he had with Bea very closely as she is the smallest and one of the youngest of this group of Brian’s muses. We all prep before an encounter for comfort, but that’s especially necessary with Brian because of his size. There is nothing more distracting to a woman during a sexual encounter than needing to empty her bladder or bowels. Too, a full bowel can affect the fit of a diaphragm so it was important that the three Semina girls relieve themselves before taking any man his size. So when he offered her a break before they began her coaching session she took it.

I watched Bea and five of the other girls being taken on the studio’s HD security cams. The videos would make a great series of ballet sex videos if put on the market, but they show the participants faces so that’s not going to happen. Bea is the tightest of the three Semina girls and she said he was so gentle entering her. She helped him out of his dance belt and she said his erection was massive and dripping pre-cum which she smeared all over his glans. Because of her size Brian had her stand on two 6 inch aerobic step platforms placed at the barre eighteen inches apart and straddle the gap so that he could get the proper angle of penetration. At the barre as she faced him he had her rise on pointe and gently moved the cup of her thong to one side and gave her a clitoral orgasm with his thumb to relax her while he had two fingers inserted to check the placement of her diaphragm and the strength of her contractions when she orgasmed.

After she came he complimented her on her pelvic grip – which caused a big smile - and had her turn to face the mirror and rise en pointe a la seconde while straddling the gap between the step platforms, lock her knees, put her weight on her heels and bend over while gripping the barre with both hands. He stepped between her legs and she helped him position himself as he held her hips. Then he pushed and his tip disappeared inside her. She gasped and I could see her struggling to stay calm mouth open taking deep breaths while he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He would push and ask if she was ok and when she said yes he would push further until his cock ring was up against her labia majora. For her age she has had a lot of experience using large dildos and she said she had never experienced anything that was as satisfyingly filling because his girth and texture is so amazing and marveled at how hard and warm he was.

As with Bea Brian did use a cock ring with the other two Semina girls as a thrust-buffer to prevent battering their cervixes too much as even then he could still reach them. Bea handled his size well adjusting her hips occasionally to have him caress her G-spot a bit differently and to take his glans in her anterior fornix and squeeze it in the transparent silicone membrane of the Semina dome as he pushed it in all the way to the back. She said later that when he thrust all the way into her anterior fornix the dome of her Semina was stretched its tightest over her cervix and she enjoyed the feeling of pressure which was new to her. He gave her three vaginal orgasms before he took his own pleasure spending himself deep inside her with five powerful ejaculations which gushed out of her splattering on the Marley when he with drew after holding her fully penetrated for several minutes so they could enjoy the afterglow.

Brian and fidelity: Brian’s time here has energized not only the students participating in his classes, but every ballet student in their year knowing that someone of his stature is personally interested in having them audition for his school. Until last week I didn’t know he was divorced from his first wife who gave him his children. His second wife’s new job requires her to travel extensively and since his children are grown and on their own he can easily be in Vegas in the evenings and weekends if I’d like to see him. He says his wife understands his needs and since she’s only 35 and has a Mirena IUD inserted … Perhaps he’s right. He knows she has a lover, a senior vice-president of the company she works for, who she travels with frequently so it’s not as though I’d be a home wrecker, and a new man in my life when Jack isn’t around would be welcome.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

George Petty and the pointe-shoe

A Petty Girl at her best!

This entry: As readers will see this post is not an exhaustive account of the commercial artist George Petty’s work, it’s simply a reminiscence of my first encounter with his art and my love of his skill in which even 60 years after its production for me one of his drawings (above) has lost none of its wonder. It is a glorious and timeless depiction of a playful fantasy ballet dancer.

George Brown Petty IV: (April 27, 1894 – July 21, 1975) was an American pin-up artist. His pin-up art appeared primarily in Esquire and Fawcett Publication’s True but was also in calendars marketed by Esquire, True and Ridgid Tool Company. Petty's Esquire gatefolds originated and popularized the magazine device of centerfold spreads. Reproductions of his work were widely rendered by military artists as nose art decorating warplanes during the Second World War, including the Memphis Belle, known as “Petty Girls” … “Petty is especially known for “the Petty Girl”, a series of pin-up paintings of women done for Esquire from the autumn of 1933 until 1956. Petty frequently depicted these women with the relative lengths of their legs being longer—and the relative sizes of their heads being smaller—than those of his actual models.”(From Petty’s Wikipedia entry)

Shoes in his illustrations: Petty drew women in all sorts of footwear; Sandals, stilettos, sling-backs, peep-toes (with ankle bows), mules, boots, ice-skates and even pointe-shoe ice-skates as well as in hose, body-stockings and occasionally barefoot. But given my background the illustrations I like the most are where the girl is wearing toe-shoes as I think when en pointe it gives the legs a much longer line, emphasizes the calves and tightens the buttocks making the wearer more attractive, which is why some of us wear pointes whenever we can.

While Petty frequently depicted his girls with the relative lengths of their legs being longer—and the relative sizes of their heads being smaller at the same time George Balanchine was developing his ballet company with dancers having what he considered the ideal ballet body; long legs, short trunk, long neck, small head and small breasts. The only place Petty’s and Balanchine’s female fantasies diverged were on breast size. A Petty girl displayed ample breasts. I like to think that Petty studied the body shapes of NYCB dancers

Petty pointes: I first came across a George Petty’s pin-up illustration when I was a child in Southwest, Virginia. There was a very old framed calendar illustration in a place of honor on the wall of the gas station where my father had his car serviced. As I was already taking ballet I was fascinated to see that the girl on that calendar (the same illustration that appears at the top of this entry) was wearing toe-shoes and asked my father if she was a dancer. He mumbled something then asked if I wanted a Dr Pepper.

I never forgot that picture. She looked like she was having such fun playing with one of the ribbons on her shoe. I only came across George Petty’s work again a few years ago when I began collecting memorabilia for one of the dancers I looked up to as a role model when I was young, Cyd Charisse. Petty drew some of the advertising art for MGM’s 1945 production of Ziegfeld Follies in which Cyd had a small part; however she still was listed below the stars. I bought an original poster for the Follies with Cyd’s name on it and a full length illustration of a dancer en pointe by Petty and he was back in my life.

The illustration: I think the illustration at the top of this entry is one of George Petty’s very best! It sets off the woman’s long legs with the back seams of her transparent bodysuit, and displays her relatively small breasts with no bows to hide her slim ankles. The foot of the standing leg is delightfully winged so she is balanced with her weight on the inside corner of the platform and from what we can tell the ribbons on her left shoe are tied correctly. I love the detail of the pleats on the under side of the block of the shoe on her working leg. While the ribbons of her right shoe seem to be wrapped tightly around her ankle the ribbon in her right hand suggests they are not and that by fingering the loose ribbon and with that lovely smile she is inviting the male viewer (this appeared on an Esquire calendar) to remove her shoe and play with her.

Ribbons and vamps: Petty in his calendar art was as likely to have his girls tie their pointe-shoes with bows in front to add a bit more fantasy as to tie them correctly knotting the ribbons and tucking the ends into the hollow behind the inside anklebone. However, from the illustrations I’ve seen where his artwork was for films like Ziegfeld Follies (1945) and The Petty Girl (1950) or an industrial client like Ridgid Tool he seems to have shown the women’s pointe-shoe ribbons tied correctly. Well, almost, since in the Follies artwork the ribbons are just wrapped around the ankles not crossed over the instep or attached to the shoes! But no bows! By the 1950s in his calendars and illustrations for Ridgid tool Co he had some girls wearing pointes with very high square vamps, as though they had sewn vamp extensions on their shoes, though there is no change in color or texture to indicate an extension. So we can probably put the change down to artistic license. It would be fascinating to know if his models posed in pointe shoes for him. My guess is that they did.

Contraception and the Petty Girl: In the U.S. the 1940s and 50s when the Petty Girl illustrations were most popular diaphragms were in use by more than one third of the married couples in the U.S. However, because of “Crimes against Chastity, Decency, Morality and Good Order laws” unmarried women in 26 states were prohibited from legally purchasing diaphragms until Eisenstadt v. Baird legalized birth control for all Americans on March 22, 1972. Even so in the 40s and 50s an unmarried woman wanting to use a barrier method that she controlled could often get a diaphragm through her gynecologist if she was bold enough to ask for one. I just know that the woman in this picture was assertive and confident enough that she would be using a diaphragm as her preferred method of protection.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Prepping for Brian

 A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and introducer
Brian and protection: Since Brian would be here for at least three days I got him to agree to teach several pointe classes at St Lucy’s, one each for second, third and forth year students each day he is here for a total of nine classes if he doesn’t extend his stay. The opportunity to have a nationally recognized teacher work with the group was just such a marvelous opportunity for the school and the students he taught. Seven in each class were selected for their physical and technical ability. If Brian’s reputation is accurate at 54 he is still shooting live loads so the student who was asked to stay after class for ‘special coaching’ had to be very confident that her method of contraception would protect her. All the third and fourth year students have stringless GyneFix IUDs implanted, but three of the second year students are so small that even a mini-GyneFix is too large.

A Semina silicone coil spring diaphragm mounted on its introducer

Semina and Reflexions diaphragms: These small students take 60mm diaphragms not available in a Reflexions so they have been training with their regular diaphragms, the transparent silicone coil spring Semina, which is available in their size. Using DiveGel+ with a 4% O9 spermicide and a biocide (our clinic is part of a clinical trial for that spermicide) they should be quite safe if Brian didn’t intentionally under-thrust the rim of the Semina. Because he has a serious diaphragm fetish each of the GyneFix girls will wear their latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms (65mm and larger) just as though they were going to have dive-sex. Because of his length and the fact that a diaphragm provides no thrust buffering I asked Brian about his technique with very small women. He assured me that he would wear a cock ring with the smaller girls to prevent battering a second year student’s cervix too badly. The third and fourth year girls are all large enough and have all had enough experience that they should be able to accommodate him w/o too much discomfort and that’s how it turned out.

Menstrual synchrony: There are differing views about whether menstrual synchrony is an actual fact or not. I have no doubt that for women not on hormonal contraception their cycles can and do synch with one another when they are in very close contact – breathing the pheromones from each other’s sweat – in ballet studios and dorm suites for months at a time. Menstrual synchrony is certainly a fact for the women at St Lucy’s. Most of St Lucy’s ballet students are protected by A GyneFix or diaphragm or both and their cycles are very closely aligned. That has its advantages and disadvantages. When they are fertile the energy and creativity in the studio is fantastic! When they are menstrual the mood can be quite different with short tempers and arguments. Even with plenty of bathrooms they are very heavily used during that time of the month. A synchrony plus for the younger girls is that it has stabilized cycles that before had varied widely in length and bleeding duration giving them some stability to their lives.

As it happened, because of menstrual synchrony the girls who made up Brian’s classes were all fertile when Brian arrived on Tuesday, the 19th of February. They were anywhere from CD9 to CD12 and I was CD12 so he would be pumping sperm into vaginas with diaphragms inserted whose domes would be filled with fertile cervical mucus. And of course with a diaphragm the rim flexes so some of our FCM gets to his sperm. The girls wearing Semina’s were at the greatest likelihood of having sperm leak into the dome which Is why the second year girls were given the extra strength DiveGel+ with the 4% O9. As an added precaution the Semina girls were offered the prescription only EC tablet ella, a single pill containing 30 mg of ulipristal acetate, a progesterone receptor modulator. Ella delays ovulation for up to 5 days by blocking the woman’s progestin receptors. None of them took it.

Pointe-shoes: I had the 27 girls (even the second year girls who usually wear Freed Studios for classes) train in hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes for their classes with Brian since I thought they might not have time to change shoes before he mind-fucked and penetrates them. Even after 90 minutes of a difficult class the GMs might be soggy, but the shanks would support the student’s weight when she put her weight on her heels and enjoyed the experience as he savored her grip while exploring her depths, probing for her cervix with his massive shaft.

Vaginal training balls: I had been grooming these three groups of girls to train with male escort candidates to give the girls a chance to become experienced with adult (18 y/o and over) men. The appreciation of a man’s scent, his sweat, breath, hair and the taste of his fluids as well as his strength, personality and how he acts around her all enter into a woman’s selection of a mate. Having the students work with a select group of escort candidates gives them an opportunity to see what men are like during sexual encounters with partners free of STIs while still in a somewhat cloistered environment. One of the training aids are Ben Wa ball used to tone and tighten the students pelvic grip.

  •  The second years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of 1 inch Pyrex glass balls each weighing .65 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
  •  The third years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of .75 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 1.0 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
  • The fourth years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of 1.00 inch surgical steel balls each weighing 2.153 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
The 1.00 inch surgical steel balls each weighing 2.153 oz are the size I’m certified for and train with which I call my ‘McBalls’ because when inserted I’m gripping a quarter-pound of steel in my vagina. For everyday wear and when I’m out with friends I wear a warm up set of 1 inch Pyrex glass balls which keep me wet and with which I can orgasm if I get bored. I’m still trying to master my set of 1.25 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 4.61 oz. I haven’t been able to hold the half pound of stainless steel w/o expelling one or both during a 90 minute technique class, but I’m making progress.

STI panels: In order to set a sexual health baseline for Brian’s classes the 21 students and 6 alternates were given full STI panels one week ahead of Brian’s arrival and were tested for hCG the first of this week. All passed. I took the full panel as well and we had a certified copy of Brian’s full STI panel emailed to student health. So everyone is STI free and we only had to protect against pregnancy, which is very unlikely, but there is always that possibility.

Brian triumphs: His classes were a huge success and all the girls who participated were thrilled by the experience! They made a valuable friend in the administration of an important California college ballet department who will be useful when they graduate and apply to colleges. The 9 who he singled out for special coaching say how gentle and kind he is and how amazingly large and hard he was, and how wonderfully full and adult he made them feel thrusting into their cervix while penetrating them from behind. Each one is head-over-heels in love with him and they are still draining coitial discharge into panties which each vows never to wash.

One or two have even thanked me for insisting they wear hard shanked Gaynors to his class. Several of second year girls in his class have told me they had never had a partner wear a cock ring before and they were so glad he did, because even with being fertile and aroused and with him wearing the ring he could still reach their cervixes. Brian thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by the beauty and talent of the St Lucy’s students and his classroom coaching seemingly had no effect on his stamina during his energetic coaching sessions with me.

The Aria incident:  Perhaps my readers have seen reports of the latest drive-by shooting incident here. About 4:30 AM Thursday morning a Range Rover with heavily tinted windows was shooting at a Maserati. Apparently an argument in the valet area of the nearby Aria hotel-casino in CityCenter spilled over into the street and the Maserati ran a red light and hit a taxi which exploded killing three people. The driver, of the Maserati, a would-be Rapper, was also killed. Brian and I were just coming out of the Bellagio when the wreck occurred at the intersection just north of the hotel.  We didn’t stop to find out what happened. I turned south got on Tropicana and then got on the 15 and went back to my place. Brian was a bit shaken by the explosion, but I got him thinking about more interesting things and his stamina and ardor were wonderful!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pussy pads and plugs

The shaved mons veneris showing the pudendal cleft

Camel toe: “A slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the snugness of the fabric covering it, the crotch and pudendal cleft may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.”

Depending on the pressure material and the construction of the garment being worn camel toe can be anywhere from a turn-on to torture not to mention often highly visible while in swimsuits, tights or leggings, which often results in results in embarrassment for the woman and arousal of nearby males.

Pelvic cleavage, a plus or minus for this swim suit contestant?

The Cleft Cup: For those women not wanting to display camel toe there are soft shield products on the market to wear in the cup of a panty or swimsuit such as; the Cuchini-camel-toe-pad (“Our lips are sealed”) and Camelflage panties are two of the designs. The Cuchini requires double sided fashion tape and Camelflage comes with its own panty. What Labia Labs has come up with is a reusable soft transparent silicone shield, the Cleft Cup, which fits over and adheres to the waxed mons veneris. The silicone is air permeable (like the Lily Padz nursing pads I wear while performing so as not to stain my costumes from leaky nipples) to allows ventilation of the vulva while masking its contours. Our waitstaff in short shorts wear cleft cups and are far more comfortable and far less distracting to male customers w/o the thick seam of their shorts disappearing between their labia.

Of course Cleft Cups while excellent for concealing pelvic contours provide no protection from being groped. The waitstaff at Naughty Pleasures all work barelegged in long sleeve turtleneck leotards with thong backs and serve customers while on their toes in Gaynor Minden pointes and all need grope protection. So, each of the girls wears a Penetrator Plug, to prevent a guy with barbecue sauce on his fingers from slipping his hand under her thong and inserting them between her labia.

Naughty’s and Penetrator plugs: The need for all Naughty’s servers to wear Penetrator plugs was a decision by our casino’s medical and legal departments. We had instances of female servers getting pelvic infections from customers inserting their fingers in their vaginas and perhaps worse a loss of revenue from sexual encounters not recorded on the customer’s tab, thus leaving the casino uncompensated. So while many of the girls were already wearing Penetrators the more entrepreneurial girls had to be ‘encouraged’ to start wearing them during their shifts or start recording and charging every time they were finger-fucked. The casino isn’t opposed to casual sex with a server they just want to get their cut of her price if it occurs while she’s on the casino’s clock and using their premises. The requirement for all Naughty’s servers to be fitted with Penetrators had additional repercussions because some servers didn’t have the proper pelvic anatomy to wear one correctly and several had to be placed elsewhere in the casinos bars and restaurants. A change that didn’t go over well with the servers involved because the tips at Naughty’s are better that almost anywhere else in the casino.

A very pronounced, deep post-pubic vault is required because the locking ridge should be three-quarters of the depth of the vault (so it won’t press on the urethra and is thin enough so it won’t interfere with the thin rim of a Reflexions if the wearer has a diaphragm inserted) and fit snugly against the back of the pubic bone at the symphysis when the external cup of the plug is tight over the mons pubis.

The cam-ram: In the newer version of the Penetrator inserting a plug fitting that snugly is made far easier by a spring loaded ‘inserter’ a shaft/plunger, which the girls call a ‘cam-ram’, built into the plug. Depressing a lightly textured mound on the head of the plug pushes the cam-ram which lengthens the portion of the plug passing under the pubic bone and tilts the locking ridge so it can slip easily behind it. Releasing the plunger allows the plug to grip the wearer’s pelvis between the locking ridge behind the pubic bone and the external cup covering the mons veneris. With a properly fitted Penetrator this is a comfortable but very strong grip. To ease placement and strengthen the seal the inside of the head that cups the mons veneris is coated with DiveGel+. To remove the plug there is the same pull tab that lies flat against the perineum. The wearer depresses the cam-ram loosening the plugs grip while pulling down and forward on the removal tab and the plug should slide out. There is a distinctive wet sucking sound, ‘Thuck’, when the vacuum seal of a Penetrator is broken during withdrawal.

Since the Penetrator is made of impermeable silicone and is often worn for long intervals no air can circulate around the vulva, which can increase the likelihood of a yeast infection. Using DiveGel+, which has a biocide in it, as a sealant reduces the likelihood of getting a YI from wearing a Penetrator for extended intervals.

Business casual: I wear a Penetrator to business meetings. The business men I deal with are all at least somewhat misogynistic and most think any woman is little more than a walking cunt and a great many of them will try to finger-fuck a female colleague during business meetings. To prevent that I wear a Penetrator. I get groped and let his fingers roam, but when the man feels the head of my plug for the first time the look on his face is priceless! His eyes go wide and he whispers,“OMG! You’re wearing a plug!” After that he knows when I said no I meant it and we can get down to business. Not that I haven’t let a business colleague pull out my plug and take me after I got the contract terms I wanted. I’m not easy, but I'm a very, very good!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A traveling Dominatrix

I’m Olga; I’ll be your Dominatrix for the evening!

Pirate’s new service offering: I’m training a few of the most lovely and talented of Pirates female escorts as Dominatrices. He has always provided the best in vanilla escorts as well as being trained in the more common bedroom fetishes, rubber, leather etc in addition to providing women on any form of contraception (or none at all) for the client who is willing to pay. But now, as he sees BDSM beginning to influence and to be accepted into mainstream high fashion and some light domination styles being worn for theater and dinner evenings he feels the time is right to push the envelope a bit.

Nothing blatantly overt of course; no penis leashes, ball-gags, hoods or riding crops in sight just a gorgeous woman clad in leather or rubber on the arm of a distinguished looking man as he guides her into the best restaurants and theatrical events. The Domme’s costume, like the one in the photo at the top of this entry is for later in the evening when she will bend him to her will extracting his vital fluids in jets and spurts into her tight warm orifices where it will benefit them both the most.

From Givenchy’s Fall 2012 line a leather zip-back dress

The practical Dominatrix: This Givenchy dress is more practical than it looks with a full silk lining and pockets in the skirt. I love how the back-zip is cleverly hidden and the pull tucks into the high collar so there’s no danger of my long hair getting snagged. The leather is treated so is nearly stain proof which is especially helpful for blood and semen splatters on the lighter colors. I have four, two in black a sage green and the last in glorious milk chocolate. They are very comfy in the winter, but I suspect can be quite hot in the summer unless you are just going between a car service ride and an air-conditioned building. Properly cleaning a leather dress is expensive, but the salt from perspiration stains can be hard on soft leather and elastic in clever places to keep it skintight w/o splitting the seams. In the winter calf length boots go well with this style, but I have matching ensembles for each of my Givenchy Dom-leather dresses; black, sage and milk chocolate. I wear Wolford 50 denier tights a small silk thong with an absorbent liner and matching leather Capezio pointes with it when I’m taken out to dinner on Jack or Adolph’s arm. If I want a bit of color I’ll tie a silk Hermès scarf around my waist.

On St Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Adolph took me to an early dinner At Guy Savoy’s at Caesars Palace. I am such a steak girl! I had the prime beef tenderloin and it was absolutely divine! Asking me out was unusual for him, but we had some business to discuss so I thought, ok, I’d get to show off a new leather dress and everyone who matters in the valley knows and fears Adolph so the shock value of being on his arm was priceless! I wore the sage Givenchy leather - and then we went back to his place for bedroom calisthenics with my rollie hard case of dominatrix toys. I’m told I look like a very severe big pharma rep with her rolling case of drug samples.

Surprise: However, it turned out I had to wait to use my toys on him. He had gotten all my friends together for a surprise birthday party and it was a total surprise coming from Adolph! The early dinner was so my dancers could attend before their shows since Valentines Day is a big occasion in Vegas, aside from getting married in a chapel by an Elvis impersonator. With my long auburn hair flowing down the back of my sage leather dress and my classic features I’m much prettier than the model in the photo above. Everyone said I looked fabulous! At 42 I think I can easily pass for being in my early 30s. My beauty regimen is extensive and expensive, but like the girl in the L'Oréal advert says, I do it “Because I’m worth it”!

Kinky tryst: It was a lovely party and afterward Adolph enjoyed me whipping the soles of his feet with my riding crop then taking him sitting astride while he was fastened in wide leather ankle and wrist cuffs spread-eagled on his bed. He loves thrusting into the soft stretchy latex dome of my Reflexions and with me astride I controlled his depth and angle of penetration so I could give myself the most pleasure before letting him shoot his load in me. He has so much pressure in his ejaculations – his spurts carry 25 feet or more – that I like to think I could feel the pressure as his semen splattered against the thin latex membrane of my diaphragm. I was CD7 on my birthday and in mid follicular phase (I’m CD10 and newly fertile as I’m writing this) so there was almost no chance he could have caused me to conceive even if my Reflexions had leaked.

A-list diaphragm interest: As I recently commented to a friend, out here right now latex diaphragms have become something of a fad for two groups of women the deeply kinky professional ones I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and a group of wealthy young moms who see wearing a diaphragm as being eco-friendly (no hormonal side effects or excreting contraceptives hormones into the environment) while being able to feel just a bit naughty. One explained that she and her friends see wearing a diaphragm as being porn-lite by inserting a contraceptive device as part of the normal preparation for their day. It’s the same as taking a pill each day, but the physical object worn internally gives them more confidence than taking a pill. It’s the same psychological boost I get when I’m wearing my Oves or a diaphragm! And of course they make sure they have a few prefilled disposable applicators of Conceptrol in a zipper pocket of their purses to be totally prepared if an opportunity presents itself.

Even more exciting however is that two A-list Hollywood actresses who are great friends came in to my clinic yesterday to be fitted with diaphragms to wear to the Oscars! They both have recently had babies and wanted to take a break from the intense physical training to get back into shape after childbirth. Returning to pre-pregnancy physical condition is grueling work. Walking down the red carpet at the Oscars will be their first glam public appearance and they wanted to look fabulous, while not cheating by wearing Spanx. They took time away from their personal trainers and came out to Vegas for the weekend specifically to be fitted by me. Another A-list friend had mentioned how much she liked her diaphragm which I fitted when she was on location here. I’m really hoping that the eco-friendly and psychologically naughty aspects of diaphragms will make them popular again.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Carnal knowledge, my first ballet teacher

Tights down, ready for rear entry while en pointe

A lover from long, long ago: I got a call from one of my teachers; I’ll call him Brian, from when I was at boarding school. He’s 54 now and teaching ballet at a large university in California. He is going to be in town and wanted to know if I’d like to take a private class with him. I knew immediately what he wanted even though he married an ABT Soloist and has two grown daughters and is a grandfather. I could tell from his voice that he was the same enthusiastic driven teacher I knew. He had been such an amazing fuck and I am overjoyed that he wants me again after all this time! I have never forgotten how much of a mentor he was to me, helping me train for my SAB audition and everything. Not to mention his guiding me as I entered the world of a fully sexual ballet dancer. Hearing his voice again I suddenly went weak in the knees becoming so aroused that I had to masturbate while we talked.

When I first met him he was 27 and dancing with ABT and since his home was in Albany he would teach at the school when he was home on vacation or recovering from an injury. He usually taught technique, but for a select few girls he taught pointe and everyone wanted to take that class. I was thrilled when I auditioned for his pointe class and was accepted!

Dress code: Girls who had reached menarche (I was 14 when I got my first period) were fitted with diaphragms and in those days we were all fitted with latex Ortho All-Flex arcing spring diaphragms. In the school’s health brochure the diaphragms were said to be for menstrual flow control, but since Gynol gel spermicide was stocked by student health where we could help ourselves to as much as we needed it was obvious that the administration expected us to use them for contraception as well. And we did since very few of us were on the pill. A few of us saw wearing a diaphragm as part of a properly dressed ballet dancer. It was a very adult thing to have a diaphragm inserted. I had several diaphragms so I would always have a fresh one in while another was being sterilized.

It was 1986 and the dress code for Brian’s pointe class was convertible foot tights over thong back leotards, unlike regular technique and PDD classes where tights were worn under the leo. That way we didn’t have to undress to go to the bathroom. Wearing tights over a thong-back leotard was also convenient for ballet-sex as it allowed almost instantaneous access to the student’s vulva for sex with a male student or teacher. An unwritten (but required) part of the dress code for Brian’s class, the need for which was passed down from older members of the class to incoming members, was that all students were to wear their diaphragms and spermicide when in class. It was also expected that all his students have shaved or waxed pubes, which most of us already did.

Rites of passage: His class was very important in my transition from girlhood to becoming a woman. It was my next step, a rite of passage, coming as it did within three years of getting my first pointe shoes at 12, my first period, diaphragm, shaved pubes and sex with a male student when I was 14 and then his class which lead to my first sex with a male teacher when I was 15. And I’m not even counting the parish priest who I was sent to for misbehaving. Father Tom was supposed to be my spiritual advisor, but he also taught me about cunilingus and fellatio which I consider part of my Roman Catholic religious education.

When accepted into Brian’s pointe class I had already been sexually active for more than a year with male students which, thinking of all the other girls in his class whose experiences were similar may have helped my chances of being selected. Not that my round heels were necessarily a prerequisite as most girls my age at school had active physical relationships with male students if they were talented enough or pretty enough. Males in ballet school were a scarce commodity and for a girl being interesting enough to hold a boy’s attention took a lot of effort with all the other girls the men had to choose from. Fortunately I was pretty and near the top of my class in technique and pointe so I was popular and could have a male student when I wanted one.

The offer: After class Brian would ask one of us to stay for ‘private coaching’ and that was a huge motivator to do our very best to be the chosen one. Since we had his class four times a week and there were only 7 of us he rotated through us all with no apparent favoritism (we always watched for that) so we were able to have sex with him about once every other week unless one of us was sick. No one missed his pointe class if they were strong enough to stand.

At first girls new to his pointe class wondered why he had the class on our toes dancing, strutting and turning for such long intervals, but it soon became apparent that he was building our stamina to enable us to remain en pointe during pointe-sex. He was so gentle teaching us to be entered from behind while en pointe with our feet a la seconde. Privately he explained to each of us that he was going to teach us skills that would enable us to successfully compete for desired roles if the need arose and he drove us relentlessly.

Carnal knowledge: I remember the first time he rolled down my tights to mid-thigh. I hadn’t been in his class a week when he asked me to stay after class and he told me he was pleased to have such a beautiful and talented dancer in his class. Even then I was wise enough to know this was his way of softening me up, but I loved what he said and wanted desperately to believe him. He had me change to dry shoes; I was wearing Capezio Contemporas, then stand en pointe a la seconde with my buns against the barre.

His lovely deep voice and gorgeous body had me already melting under his gaze as he gently pulled the fabric of my thong to one side and put his fingers on my already engorged and spread lips. I was so wet! I had soaked through my thong! The only reason I hadn’t soaked through my tights was that I was wearing Dance France that had this marvelously soft, thick, absorbent crotch gusset that was soaking up my arousal discharge. Sadly Dance France went out of business. They created such beautiful dancewear!

I tried to relax as he inserted two fingers deep in me and asked softly where I was in my cycle. I knew he was feeling for the rim of my diaphragm to see if I was properly protected and I felt his fingers press on the rim and then through the stretchy rubber dome to caress my G-spot then feel for my ripe cervix so I pushed down so he could feel it through the dome. I told him I was CD13 and fertile and he whispered, “That’s lovely! Good girl!” I was so pleased! Once he found I was protected he let me help him pull down his bike shorts until he could step out of them and I eased him out of his dance belt by carefully twisting it to one side. He was already erect and dripping precum so my hands got slippery and I wiped them on the rolled fabric of my tights around my thighs. I was going to help him enter me when he asked me to turn around and face the mirror while remaining en pointe a la second and hold on to the barre with both hands bent over so my back was parallel with the floor.

I knew then what he was going to do. I’d never been taken from behind while en pointe, but I knew from masturbating while balanced on my toes that my pelvic muscles were clenched when I am up there and my vagina was super tight. When I was in position he stepped between my legs spread my labia and I felt his warmth as he gently placed his tip at my introitus. By then I was quivering with desire and my nipples were so hard they hurt! Between us we were drippy wet and he held on to my hips as he began to push himself inside me. He was larger than any male student that I’d had and he just seemed to go deeper and deeper and I wondered as he went deeper still if I was going to be able to take all of him w/o getting hurt. He kept asking if I was ok and finally, even with my cervix soft and high and gravity pulling my uterus further back he reached my cervix and I could feel his glans push into its side separated from my fertile cervical mucus by a few hundredths of an inch of latex.

An amazing lover: He was so thoughtful, giving me my pleasure first with a hand around me so his fingers could caress the shaft of my clitoris to give me the most amazing series of gentle orgasms as he thrust into my cervix. I had thought having my cervix bumped would be painful as it had been when I’d used a dildo on myself, but with his calming voice telling me how tight I was it seemed as though we were made for each other and I loved it! Finally I could tell from his ragged breathing and increased thrust rate that he was about to reach orgasm and just then his caressing my G-spot through the latex dome was effective and I had my first vaginal orgasm while on my toes! It was so exquisite I could hardly breathe and nearly fainted! Fortunately he had a firm grip on my hips so as my knees and ankles wobbled he kept me from falling off pointe. He stayed inside me for a few minutes and held me as we enjoyed the afterglow. Then as he withdrew our coitial discharge poured out of me overflowing the fabric of my thong which I’d tugged back in place and dripped into my tights while I was trying to quickly pull them up to position the gusset again and rush to the dressing room to shower.

Brian will be in town in two weeks and wants me to take a private class with him and go to dinner afterward. I’ll be fertile during that time as I was the first timer he privately ‘coached’ me! I’m so excited that we will be together again after all this time however briefly and want to make it a marvelous time for us both. It’s been 27 years and I’m so looking forward to fucking his brains out this time! Certainty as much or more than he did to me the first time he took me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adolph’s Superbowl Party

A waitstaff member modeling a Penetrator plug

Super Bowl XLVII: I was very pleased that the Raven’s won 34 to 31 despite having to recover from the momentum sapping 34 minute power outage. Jack and I saw most of the game since we pretty much maxed out our nitrogen limits at the bottom of the deep facility and had to surface ahead of the start of the game. Our encounter below 200 feet was awesome and Jack performed marvelously! He was able to get off three times in me with all the inertia of the water and I ripple-gripped him getting him off a 4th time before we had to surface.

Adolph’s party: The servers were all from the waitstaff of Naughty Pleasures, one of my casinos clubs, the one with the most popular pickup meat market. They are all accomplished dancers, though most are too curvy for ballet, and wore bikinis, pointe shoes and Penetrator plugs so they wouldn’t get too distracted by guests trying to finger fuck them.

Accidents: There were only a few accidents, most involving woman guests; none particularly serious if you don’t consider a miscarriage and the possibility of several accidental pregnancy serious. Lost condoms, an IUD expulsion (from cervix battering) while the wearer was fertile, a woman who just remembered she had forgotten to start a new pack of pills last Monday and one who had a small perineal tear while taking a man whose girth was too great for her. That list of problems sounds just like what we get from walk-in patients at the woman’s clinic where I work. But of course all of Adolph’s parties are as much about sex as they are about the occasion supposedly being celebrated and with 120 couples plus waitstaff and escorts he had at least 80 very sexually active women there. There was only one male who had a medical problem and he had a heart attack while in the saddle.

Vanillas and adult entertainment professionals: The female guest’s problems are about par for one of Adolph’s large parties where wives and girlfriends are guests. They aren’t nearly as knowledgeable and careful about contraception as those of us in the adult entertainment industry are.

None of Pirate’s escorts, the Naughty’s waitstaff – who were allowed to participate in trysts while on their breaks - and those of us in other branches of the adult entertainment world had any problems. The working girls and boys were all in demand and their partner’s behaved themselves, more-or-less. The rest of us had our ‘dance cards’ filled by admirers and enjoyed the assignations immensely. John was very good about me sampling other men and he recovered enough from our dive-sex to have two of the waitstaff because he was fascinated by their Penetrator plugs and loves the sucking sound of the vacuum seal breaking when he pulls them out. He got hooked on me being plugged shortly after we first met and he loves pulling out mine and slipping it in my mouth as a gag of sorts while he is thrusting into my cervix.

The heart attack: One man had a heart attack during an encounter with Cyndi. She is 18 so is now completely legal. After classes an UNLV she is a Red Door level Towel-Girl at Splash and her stamina, vaginal grip and what she is able to do with her muscles to a man’s cock when it’s buried inside her is phenomenal! Of course I’ve been training her and I’m very proud of how quickly she excels at the erotic tricks I’m teaching her. The man, a local casino owner, is over weight and he vomited then collapsed on top of her Just as she ripple gripped him to orgasm, He’ll recover. The EMT crew Adolph had on site for just that sort of eventuality had him stabilized and in the hospital ER quickly. His wife doesn’t blame Cyndi. She knew he’ll fuck anything in a skirt so she is resigned to him being that way. Besides, he is very rich and she has a lover on the side. Life can be complicated.

The spontaneous abortion: The woman who miscarried was a 28 y/o ex-show-girl and new trophy wife of a casino owner. She was about 8 weeks preggers and the spontaneous abortion in an encounter pool, not the deep training facility; after she orgasmed was almost certainly caused by the 2 ATA pressure and battering her cervix took during a 30 foot dive-sex encounter with her 48 y/o husband. She hadn’t told him because she was supposed to be on the pill and shouldn’t have been diving while preggers. Her husband is upset about her loss, but in private she seems relieved. She has a gorgeous body with long legs, a wide pelvis, high firm breasts and a hard flat belly. She enjoys flaunting her body and I think she wasn’t ready to have a child. He was able to get her to the surface quickly and given the possibilities she was lucky that her cramps weren’t strong enough to cause her to vomit into her FFM and she didn’t bleed much after expelling the reproductive tissue in the pool.

The ParaGard expulsion: The ParaGard expulsion by the arm-candy of an A-list singer was probably due to cervix battery which she enjoys. It was her second IUD, the first one had been expelled during her period a few months ago. There is a 30% chance that subsequent IUDs will be expelled so it’s not like it was totally unexpected. She was fertile so she was taken to the clinic and had her 3rd copper IUD inserted which acts immediately as morning-after birth control as well as long acting reversible contraception.

The lost condom: The patients with the lost condom and for gotten BCPs were treated on site by a female EMT who fished out the condom and gave the woman, the wife of the owner of a slot machine repair shop, a box of FC2 condoms. She immediately took the packets out of the box and put them in her purse. She told me later that her partner at the time, the A-list singer who took her while his wife was having her 3rd IUD inserted. He was going strong when she mentioned how virile she thought he was and how his wife must enjoy having sex with him and he wilted. He managed to get it up again, but his precum had coated the inside and he shed the sheath during her strong contractions as she orgasmed. She said she knew exactly when it came off, but by then she didn’t want him to stop and figured she take Plan B one-step afterward.

Missed pills: The woman who had forgotten her pills for a week was discharging fertile cervical mucus and had been intimate with two other guests, at the party in addition to her husband, a local dentist, over the previous week. She was given Plan B one-step, but since was supposed to ovulate that day there is a good chance she will conceive regardless of the 1.5mg of levonorgestrel she took.

The perineal tear: The guest who had the small perineal tear is new in town. She is 32 and has never given birth. Her husband just took a job as an executive with a bank and this was the first time they had been to one of Adolph’s parties. She is petite with an amazing figure and came with a reputation that she enjoys having large men. I had given her her last pelvic exam and while she is a bit below average as far as her pelvic anatomy is concerned her vagina is not tiny and she has a deep post-pubic vault. She is using the single rod implant Nexplanon so she should be safe from pregnancy. Her vaginal muscle tone is strong and she has a very tight grip. She made some enquires and found that one of Pirates male escorts working the party is massively hung so she added him to her ‘dance card’. The good news is that he took her about halfway through the party so she had time for several other encounters before her injury. The bad news is that he was far bigger than she imagined and she didn’t have several days to use topical estrogen cream on her vulva to allow it to be a bit stretchier than normal.

Using DiveGel she got him inside her and he battered her cervix which she enjoyed but she wanted him to thrust into her G-spot which he did. But they had to put a hard pillow under her buns to give him the proper angle to thrust into her G-spot while in missionary. The problem was that the angle at which he passed through her introitus. His girth put increased pressure on the spot where her labia meet at her perineum and the hair around his massive thickness added to the friction to cause a small perineal tear. She was in such ecstasy at first that she wasn’t aware she had torn, but as soon as her contractions stopped and he withdrew their salty post-coital discharge drained into the tear and she felt it start to burn. There was very little blood. I put some antibacterial cream on the area and the EMTs took her to the clinic for a couple of honeymoon stitches. She was back in an hour, but was subdued for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pointe shoe quiz February 4, 2013

Who is the maker of this dancer’s shoes?

Don’t be shy, everyone can participate. For my January 22, 2013 Pointe shoe quiz there have been 169 page views, but only one reader participated! Go figure! Sigh! This one shouldn't be hard at all.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Splash Towel-Girls and Super Bowl XLVII

Fertile with a confident GyneFix smile

Unprotected sex: One of my woman’s clinic’s major customers is Adolph’s swim club, Splash where clients can have unprotected sex with the Towel-Girls. With the elite male clientele it attracts Adolph can’t afford for his Towel-Girls to be anything but supremely healthy so frequent STD testing and well-woman checkups are a condition of employment and free. And, if a girl has been out of the area or with someone other than a Splash client she is quarantined until we are sure she is free of disease.

The girls are all beautiful, intelligent and highly trained in the art of pleasing a man sexually with ideal pelvic anatomy to provide mind blowing sex. Most of the girls have stringless GyneFix implants. The GyneFix is a copper IUD that is effective for three years and for the Towel-Girls the strings are removed when the device is implanted so that there is no danger of it being pulled out if the girl wears a cervical cap or diaphragm for a fetish client or for flood insurance during dive-sex. The nice thing about a copper IUD is that it doesn’t inhibit ovulation so the wearer can experience her full hormonal cycle while being 99% protected from pregnancy.

The others who don’t have GyneFix implants are usually tall beautiful show-girls moonlighting at Splash to supplement their income from dancing. These are the ones who can easily get into trouble w/o realizing it because most aren’t on a long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) like Depo or Nexplanon because of side effects so they come to us using NuvaRing or rarely Ortho Evra both of which don’t work well in the water. NuvaRing can easily be pulled out and lost during a pool encounter while Ortho Evra (the patch) can be seen which is a turn-off for some clients or worse, come off. Once they have that experience they will switch to an estrogen/progestin pill like Yaz and then they have problems remembering to take it. All Towel-Girls are routinely fitted with a selection of diaphragms and a FemCap for fetish encounters and flow control during menses. It’s from these girls and a few others from Pirate’s stable that most of my current supply of death rubber flat spring diaphragms comes.

SuperBowl XLVII: I’m very pleased to say that Adolph is hosting the party this year at his estate which, as returning readers remember, has the deep dive training facility attached to his chateau. Not that I minded, hosting the party in past years, but it was a lot of panning and coordination even though I had a staff of casino employees, decorators, cooks, wait staff, maids and others working on their own time to do the work.

I’m taking my dive gear since Jack, (John Sandbach my main squeeze) is here from the UK and he hasn’t much experience with very deep dive-sex so I’m looking forward to taking him to the bottom of the 216 foot deep training facility breathing Trimix from twin HP steel 130 tanks strapped to our backs. I hope the debris at the bottom: contraceptive devices (NuvaRing, IUDs, diaphragms, cervical caps) dildos, Penetrator plugs, weighted pool-pointes, swim suits, spreader bars, shackles, chains and other bondage gear won’t be too much of a distraction. He is a powerful swimmer. I remember when he took me into the sea caves on the eastern coast of Scotland a year or so ago and he was marvelous then! He has the strength, stamina and desire to have sex at 200 feet so he should do well if we can adjust to the pressure as we descend. Other than the commercials which I can see afterward neither Jack nor I are interested in the game when we can be sucking gas and fucking each others brains out under 200 feet of water.

I’m going to double bag, a Reflexions over an Oves, for our dives even though I’ll be CD24 and Luteal so there would be no chance of pregnancy even if I got sperm in my tubes. The Oves will prevent anything enter my cervical os while Jack love thrusting into my anterior fornix and getting his glans squeezed by the latex dome so we are both looking forward to a lusty dive.

For posterity I’m adding that the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are playing in New Orleans. Since I’m originally from the East Coast I’m for Baltimore and in the minority here. I’m hoping that there aren’t fights at Adolph’s. He will have at least ten of Pirates best young escorts available and circulating so with all the sex available that should hold the males attention unless two decide they want the same girl at the same time. He will often invite some rough men with anger issues to his parties, but he says he has hired enough guards to take care of any eventuality. He’s all for the second amendment, but isn’t allowing anyone to bring guns into the house and his are locked in his safe so we should be ok.

Friday, February 1, 2013

How diaphragms and FemCap are fitted

A current Milex wide seal diaphragm fitting set.

Being fitted for a diaphragm or cap: On another forum a friend asked “How does a woman get fitted for a diaphragm or cervical cap?” I’ve written a great deal about the delights and problems with wearing a contraceptive diaphragm or cap, but I can’t recall ever posting about how one is fitted so I thought I’d write about that now.

Tools: The fitter should use a diaphragm fitting set. Currently available sets used in the U.S. contain one diaphragm in each of the five most commonly prescribed sizes (65 – 85mm) and the sizes are standardized across manufacturers in 5mm increments. I use an old Milex fitting set because it has the most sizes, eight, from 60mm to 95mm and they are silicone. The most recent Milex fitting set is shown in photo accompanying this post. If a fitter tells you that s/he doesn’t need a fitting set to properly size your diaphragm (and sometimes we get a patient who has been told that) you should terminate the visit and go to someone who knows what they are doing.

The fitting: For this discussion I’m assuming that the patient’s vagina isn’t blocked by an inelastic hymen that would prevent proper fitting and possibly intercourse and that her pelvic anatomy; post-pubic vault and cervical aspect will permit the effective use of a diaphragm. A bimanual (the first two fingers of the hand) exam is performed before which the bladder and bowels should be emptied. During the exam the fitter determines the tone of the pelvic floor, the amount of relaxation (which determines if an arcing, coil or flat spring rim would be best) and the depth of the vagina.

The distance from the posterior fornix to the back of the pubic bone is estimated by inserting the two fingers of a gloved hand behind the posterior fornix then bringing the thumb knuckle to rest on the pubic symphysis then removing the fingers with the thumb still in place. The distance from the longest finger to the thumb knuckle joint establishes the approximate size. With the thumb still in place the closest diameter diaphragm is selected from the fitting set to cover that distance. That’s the starting point.

I first try that one and if it seems to fit well I’ll try one size larger and one size smaller and have the patient feel the difference in the distances between the anterior rim and the back of her pubic bone for each so she knows what the rim of a correctly sized diaphragm feels like when checking with her fingers. Then I’ll have her walk around with the correct diaphragm inserted to show her than when properly inserted she can’t feel it. After which I’ll show her how to insert it and let her insert and remove the device several times while I’m there to answer questions.

Ideally, a woman using a diaphragm should have a pronounced post-pubic vault so the rim can be tucked up behind the pubic bone out of the way of a thrusting penis. A woman with a shallow or no post-pubic vault is not a good candidate because the anterior rim may be easily hit by the woman’s partner. With a properly fitted D in the unaroused state the woman should just be able to insert a finger between her pubic bone and the rim with the pad against the back of her pubic bone and the nail against the anterior rim.

It’s important that the patient should be unaroused during her fitting. She needs the largest size she can comfortably wear when unaroused. If she becomes aroused during her fitting she may be fitted with a too large diaphragm since when aroused the vagina lengthens (tents). Or, in an attempt to compensate for her arousal a fitter may prescribe a size that is too small for the patient. This may explain why some fitters seem to be prescribing diaphragms that are too small. A too large diaphragm, in addition to being uncomfortable, will press on the urethra and restrict urine flow which can contribute to a UTI. So it’s necessary to be very professional and quick when fitting patients. Even so quite a few patients become at least partially aroused. A too small diaphragm can be difficult to place correctly, more easily under-thrust and difficult to remove.

A woman should insert her D when she is not aroused. If she inserts when aroused, because the vagina lengthens, it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to insert the D correctly. When that happens the posterior rim may go into the anterior fornix and the D is comfortable (as long as she remains aroused) while her cervix is unprotected. That’s why it is very important once the woman thinks her D is correctly placed, to feel with her fingers for her cervix under the dome. If she can’t feel her cervix under the dome it is not protecting her and she should remove and reinsert it.

The correct size of a diaphragm is weight sensitive. If a woman has a weight change of +/- 7 pounds she should have her fit checked. Typically (but not always) a weight gain will require a smaller size and a weight loss will require a larger size. A check to see if the diaphragm is too large, and pressing on the urethra, is to insert the diaphragm correctly when unaroused then urinate. There should be no restriction in urine flow. A properly sized and correctly inserted diaphragm is just as effective for parous women as nulliparous ones.

Cervical cap fitting: Currently there is only one cervical cap available in the U.S., FemCap. The maker’s website www.femcap.com has fitting guidelines that stress the woman’s obstetrical history as being the primary factor in determining which cap she should choose. However, it is a very good idea to have a proper fitting by an experienced FemCap fitter because aside from OB history some women’s cervix are larger or smaller than ‘the average’ (I take a 26mm when the guidelines say I should wear a 22mm) and some may have an anteverted or retroverted cervix that makes them a poor candidate for FemCap. That’s because the outer wall of the brim should seal flush against the vaginal wall and if the cervix is tipped significantly part of the brim won’t seal properly and will stick out where it will be hit by a thrusting penis. A properly fitting FemCap should seal flush against the vaginal wall and not touch the walls of the cervix. Contraceptive Technology says that FemCap is less effective for women who have given birth than for those who haven’t. FemCap can be purchased on-line w/o an Rx, but if you have purchased the wrong size or the cervix isn’t positioned to allow a good seal against the vaginal walls you are out the money for a device you can’t use.

Cervical caps like the Prentif cavity rim and Oves (now no longer generally available) were sized differently as they developed their seal by fitting tightly against the wall of the cervix, which meant that women who were good candidates for Prentif or Oves needed a smooth walled cervix with no flat spots, bumps or irregularities from birth trauma.

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