Friday, January 29, 2010

Elke and ellaOne

ellaOne the new European emergency contraceptive

Elke completes dive-sex instructor training: Returning readers will remember Elke, the former ballet dancer who is the Athletics Mistress who will be teaching Dive-sex at an elite Swiss girl’s school on Lake Maggiore. She began her two week instructors training course with Robin on January 13th and completed it on the 27th. Robin gives her high marks for strength, stamina and technique. He also said she is nice enough around adults but has a sadistic side and carries a riding crop to discipline students when out of the pool and in pointes. She is a Domme dressed as Miss Julie (without the suicidal tendencies of the character in the story) and with the sting of a scorpion. She is visiting Adolph for a few days before she returns to Switzerland and her position at the school as their parents were friends. Adolph likes a bit of the lash and has been looking for some one to administer it with Teutonic vigor so they should get along well together. She is anxious to have the experience of diving to the bottom of his 200 foot deep diver discipline facility.

I had a talk with her before she left to visit Adolph and cautioned her to be on guard and check her equipment thoroughly before diving. I’m rather attracted to her, especially when she is in a latex body condom, and in many respects I see myself in her when I was her age, though I have to admit I enjoy lashing men rather than girls. She is fun to be with and considerate of her students, well, for a German Domme I mean. So I don’t want to see anything bad happen to her and visiting Adolph can be a high risk activity. The diver’s drysuit inflator that failed while Adolph and I were with her in the discipline facility wasn’t an isolated instance. Rumors are that young women who dive that training facility almost always have equipment problems: dump valves sticking open, inflators not working, masks that flood, low pressure hoses coming lose, running out of air before they should, buckles of weight belts that won’t open etc. and you don’t want to run out of air or have buoyancy problems in water 200 ft deep. Part of that is the way Adolph trains or administers discipline, but I think a lot is because he wants to see if the girls can extract themselves from possibly fatal situations, and inevitably some can’t. I gave her a pony bottle and a lift bag both disguised as lead weights and helped her fit them on her weight belt so as long as she wears that weight set if she has trouble she can reach the surface.

ellaOne: Elke intends to have sex with Adolph during her visit which is a good thing since I’m certain he intends to have sex with her so she has a supply of ellaOne, the new European emergency contraceptive, which uses ulipristal acetate to decrease a woman’s progesterone to prevent ovulation and implantation. EllaOne is effective for 5 days rather than the 3 days for Plan B and is only available by prescription since it can be used as an abortifacient because, like Mifeprex, it stops production of progestin so will cause an implanted egg to detach from the uterine wall, which Plan B won’t do. EllaOne has a single 30 mg pill dosing regimen. Elke has a GyneFix implanted so she is extremely unlikely to become pregnant by him, but she is paranoid about becoming pregnant by a new partner so will take ellaOne every few days while having sex with Adolph.

Swim caps for breath play: A swim cap is something that can be easily carried even by men and a cap looks harmless. However it makes a very effective asphyxiation device and occasionally there are unfortunate breath play ‘accidents’ between BDSM partners where a cap will be fastened over the bottom’s face for a bit too long and brain damage or death results. Out here, my experience in cleaning up after that sort of accident is that most of the brain damage from swim cap asphyxia occurs to men and swim cap deaths occur to women. Almost always swim cap accidents involve penetrative sex where the dominant partner loses track of time and the sub can’t give the safety signal or was ignored. There have been a few security videos which show a bottom frantically signaling and his partner continuing to thrust until he finished inside the guy, much too late to save him. The ones where the guy dies make great snuff videos as they sell to multiple markets; the Gay community that has sympathy for the Dom who in a fit of lust kills his partner and also to the conservatives who are opposed to Gay sex.

Some straight Doms out here just seem to have ‘accidents’, killing women for sport. They will pick up a stray in her teens who came out here to break into show business and ended up waiting tables and working as a dick-a-chick to make a living. Many of those girls just disappear w/o a trace after agreeing to ‘model’ for sadists. The guys don’t want to be seen losing women in their circle so when they need an extreme violence fix they troll for a stray and have their way with her. A swim cap doesn’t set off any alarm bells. Actually many girls think the guy is thoughtful and has the cap to give them so they won’t mess up their hair by getting it wet in the pool. That sort of thinking is very naïve and can often be fatal.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drysuit Masturbation

An escort dumping air to masturbate

Drysuit masturbation: The image accompanying his entry shows an escort (nude in her red rubber Avon) using the dump valve on her right wrist to release air from her suit to allow the rubber to compress tightly around her. The suit squeezing her nipples and vulva in the folds of the heavy rubber provides amazingly erotic stimulation during submerged masturbation.

In my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s I identify girls who are skilled and interested enough that they would benefit from a privately taught short-course in drysuit masturbation. Since there are no DSM candidates in my current AST classes it has given me the time to teach those skills to Cyndi and Gigi who are exceptionally inquisitive about little known sexual techniques and anxious to master them themselves.

There are two ways that a woman can masturbate in a drysuit. First is the ‘chance’ method which I find unsatisfactory as it has high failure and frustration levels. But if a woman wants to try it the method requires only a well fitting drysuit, a good silicone lube and plenty of time underwater. It can be practiced in shallow water in a deflated drysuit. The folds of the drysuit fabric are hand manipulated over the wearer’s well lubed erogenous zones, nipples, clitoris and vulva and if done correctly it can result in a very satisfactory clitoral orgasm. I had an unintentional chance orgasm in a drysuit while testing my first DUI suit years ago in a deep quarry in Virginia and it was a major and very pleasant surprise.

The second way is by planning to masturbate to orgasm which takes two pieces of specialized battery powered and remotely controlled equipment; an internally worn G-spot vibi and a clitoral vibi worn in a Grope-cup. The grope cup is a latex thong with a wide waistband worn low on the hips that covers the mons pubis. It has a pocket in which the vibi fits and is held firmly in place over the clitoris. The G-spot vibi has the usual anti-expulsion ridge that fits behind the pubic bone to hold it snugly against the urethral sponge and prevents vaginal contractions during orgasm from expelling the vibi. The grope cup with its clitoris vibi is fitted to the individual woman whose pubes must be waxed for it to fit correctly, and it caresses either side of her clitoral shaft. There is a version of the clit vibi that will stimulate the head of the clitoris but the heads of most women’s clitorises are so sensitive that being stimulated there is painful. A head stimulator is typically used for women who have pelvic nerve damage that has desensitized their clitoris.

Self catheterization: Catheterization separates the dedicated drysuit masturbators from the occasional or merely curious. For serious long duration multiple orgasm dry suit masturbation the dedicated women always self catheterize. That’s to prevent peeing all over themselves in the drysuit or wearing a diaper which ruins the feel of being squeezed by the rubber from water pressure compressing the air in the suit. Catheterization is not as uncomfortable as you might imagine – I was scared of inserting my own catheter the first few times, but I managed - and it is easy to learn self catheterization techniques with lidocaine to numb the urethra and taking doxycycline for a few days afterward to minimize the chance of getting a UTI from the catheter. The grope cup has an opening and tube clamp for the catheter drain tube that holds it securely to prevent it being accidentally pulled out during the dive and the collection bag is worn on the inside of the leg.

Most drysuit masturbators prefer to dive in cool water as the suits – especially rubber ones - can get very hot when the wearer is aroused. Avon drysuits are preferred because the smooth rubber interior surface of the suits folds are slippery with sweat and the divers body lube and pinch really well, but won’t scratch or cut when the suit is deflated to compress her nipples and vulva. And, diving nude (except for a grope cup) allows the wearer to feel the smooth rubber against her skin all over her body. You can often tell when a woman in a drysuit is masturbating because she will frequently flood her mask to get cool water on her face to flush the sweat out of her eyes and clear the fog from the faceplate.

An A-list actress’s abortion: Returning readers will remember that in my December 5, 2009 entry: ‘Hollywood and bi-sexual actresses’ Robin was fucking an A-list bi-sexual actress who needed to be preggers for her role as a single girl who has an abortion. The actress successfully conceived from a full week of sex with him while she was fertile and has been filming her vein marked swollen breasts and instances of her heaving her guts out during morning sickness. She was more than ready to have her pregnancy terminated so the company set up in the procedure room they had built before Christmas and the cams recorded her EVA (electric vacuum aspiration) as the tissue from the fetus was sucked into a transparent collection jar. Her cervix was so tight they had to dilate her a bit but once the cannula was inserted it went quickly and she was very glad it was over. She is wearing a Milex diaphragm for a few days and shouldn’t have penetrative sex for at least two weeks but otherwise she is fine. She celebrated by taking her husband and her female partner out for a steak dinner.

Pointe shoe quiz 01-27-10

What obvious modification has this dancer made to her pointes?

For extra credit: Guess who the maker of her shoes is? There is a clue but no proof in this photo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 01-26-10

A man getting help with his ribbons

What maker’s shoes is this man wearing?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Upper repro tract protection for rubber-chicks

A Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm

URT Protection for rubber fetishists: Returning readers know I teach and insist on my students using gas guards for upper reproductive tract protection, URP. I think I’ve mentioned that the rubber fetish community has become interested in having their women whether Dommes or Subs wear vaginal rubber. Our clinic in cooperation with the local latex fetish community has agreed on the gas guard to be used by women who are just using it for URP above a depth of 30 feet and for getting maximum sensation when using it as a vaginal rubber for thrust enhancement. The device is the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm that has a very stretchy but shallow dome so that when thrust into it stretches tightly over the wearer’s cervix giving both her and her partner a superior stretchy rubber experience. A nice thing about Reflexions is that it still available in seven sizes, from 65 to 95 mm, in 5mm increments so more women can be correctly fitted and purchase the device at a pharmacy rather than having to special order it. Ortho only comes in the 4 most common sizes from 65 to 80mm, not a good thing for very small or large women needing a well fitting diaphragm.

I’ve tried to emphasize to the women of the rubber fetish community and their Doms the importance of using a gas guard for URP because some young women in lust don’t give any thought to years in the future when they will want children with a man they want to marry not just fuck. It’s up to the Dom or Domme whether the Sub wears her gas guard, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if she does and a lot of fun for the Dom. I’m not sure about Dommes as they get little satisfaction from thrusting into vaginal rubber with a strap-on. There really haven’t been that many lesbians interested in dive-sex so it may not be a problem at all.

Gigi as a porn actress: Last Saturday Gigi and I were at Adolph’s with Taryn while one of her Adult Media production units was there videoing. It was the same unit that I wrote about that lost an actress to hyperthermia last week. I was called for that accident but there was nothing that either Adolph or I wanted that the dead girl was wearing. She was just wearing a standard inexpensive rubber-porn catsuit, hood, slipper booties and gloves. We had her embalmed and shipped back to her sister in the UK. Tanaquil is going to represent the company and present the payout check for the girl’s £200 K hazard insurance policy all the artistic staff are required to carry.

So, the three of us were at Adolph’s watching the video production. The set was closed as usual, but we got in as possible extras. Because of the warm water we were dressed in special order bright yellow Body Gloves Bali Diver .5mm full wetsuits modified for dive-sex. We were all wearing Oves caps as gas guards and had brought along twin-hose Mistral regs with a first stage equipped for Nitrox 2 (36% oxygen). That way if any of us were chosen we could dive to 130 feet in relative safety, and have dive-sex at any depth. One of the teen female supporting actresses had a tank roll onto her foot and her understudy developed cramps so the director was looking for a replacement of the same size and asked Gigi if she would like to dive in a supporting role. The part called for her to have dive-sex with her boyfriend while wearing a wetsuit and hood – so her identity would be concealed - at a depth of 100 feet. She jumped at the chance so there was the wardrobe check (by a Gyn on site to take care of women’s issues) to see that she had an Oves properly sucking on her cervix. The Gyn wanted to know if Gigi ever wore a Reflexions latex diaphragm because the script called for her boyfriend to insert a Reflexions in her - as vaginal rubber - before they entered the water. When Gigi said she had her own Reflexions in her dive bag the smile on the Gyn’s face was so bright it could have lighted a small town because it saved a 45 minute fitting.

Vice-grip: Then there were questions about Gigi’s depth and grip and she was told her partner was big, only about 7 ½ inches long, but very thick. So the Gyn wanted to insert a vaginal dilator the size of her actor partner’s erection to make certain she could take all of him safely. It was then that the Gyn found that Gigi had been using a topical estrogen cream on the entrance to her vagina to make her delicate tissues stretchier. When the Gyn tried to insert the dilator she couldn’t and told Gigi to relax. Gigi said she was relaxed and that the Gyn just needed to push harder because she was very tight and that, no, she wasn’t virgin or even newly sexually active, she just had very strong vaginal muscles. At that point the Gyn let Gigi insert the dilator and found that she could easily take all of it comfortably. Given the tightness of her vagina the next concern was would Gigi’s actor partner tear trying to penetrate her. So they had a test while we all stood around and watched. Her actor/boyfriend took Gigi from the rear, after she had inserted two applicators of dive-gel to make sure there was no lube problem that could cause him to hurt himself. He slowly worked his way into her and said she had the tightest grip he had ever seen and he had made a career of boinking women for fifteen years. After all that preparation the tender moment when her lover gently and skillfully inserts her Reflexions to protect her and then the dive-sex encounter that was videoed at 100 feet went smoothly and seemed almost anticlimactic.

Dive-sex in House of Harlot latex: With surface air supplied to a Desco free flow FFM with a mirrored faceplate and wearing a HOH latex encasement suit and fetish hood an escort can take a client anonymously and free of having an air tank strapped to her back. The HOH design I prefer is of thin stretchy black latex that fits like a second skin so it makes me look good and the zipper is really high quality that operates smoothly and locks anywhere along the track that the wearer wants. The latex is flat black (not shiny) with welded seams and individually fitted breast cups and the zipper is hidden when closed. I like flat black as it's what I need on clandestine cleanup jobs when a shiny surface could give away my location. There are also times I use this HOH catsuit as a coverall if I know I'm going to have to dive at night so it's perfect! It absorbs light so it seems to make the woman wearing the suit almost invisible.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brine and professional rubber-chicks

Cooling off in a brine bed during a video shoot

Brine beds and the rubber fetish: The freezing point of brine is much lower than that of pure water so it can be refrigerated and used to quickly chill small pools of water such as the brine beds or ‘cool pools’ that latex escorts, models and porn actresses use to refresh themselves during strenuous training or from working under powerful video lighting while encased in latex. It’s common for newbies to a career in latex to try and do more than is physically possible while encased in latex and then collapse from heat exhaustion. Not staying well hydrated while in a skin tight rubber suit in which the temperature can easily reach 130° F during barre work or sex – even with the crotch zipper open - is a common cause of heat stroke in even the healthiest girls. So between times on cam and during rehearsal breaks the girls drink sports drinks to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat and cool down in transportable pools chilled with brine. That way they save time by staying in their latex suits between the times they are needed on cam.

A chilling accident: One of Taryn’s adult media companies had a crew working at Adolph’s the other day when a control valve on the pallet mounted chiller failed. The valve controlled the mixture and therefore the temperature of the brine circulating through one of the three brine beds on the shoot and it was the one in which an actress was napping after a grueling session. The valve failed in the partially open position and the water in the pool froze. The 23 y/o clad in her latex suit died of hypothermia w/o ever waking. Which I think may be a pretty painless way to go considering all the painful and fatal things that can befall an escort or porn actress. Fortunately she was wearing a gasmask in the earlier parts of the video so another girl took her place wearing a SCUBA set to finish the rubber-clad dive-sex encounter, so viewers of the video will never know it used two different actresses.

Snuff video: It turns out that a security cam was focused on the cool pool in which the rubber-chick died so the video was cleaned up to enhance the images and the reprocessing turned the video into a great 45 minute snuff video. There is no action for the first 25 minutes except watching the brine freeze the pool water around the rubber-chick, but knowing the girl’s body temp is rapidly dropping can be a huge turn on for those rubber fetishists who are into hyperthermia. The last 20 minutes is of her body being chipped out of the frozen pool and being given mouth-to-mouth to try and revive her. The beautiful limp rubber clad body with her front zip pulled down to expose the blue nipples of her breasts is awesome! Robin says it’s the sort of kinky rubber-death thing that guys (especially in Europe) will pay a fortune to own because it’s a wonderful video to masturbate to. After some months on offer, after sales decrease, Taryn’s marketing director says she might consider renting copies but rentals can be easily pirated which is why the purchase price of single copies will be so expensive.

Hot shots or hot loads: These are other names for sex w/o contraceptive protection of any kind. In escort training and at St Lucy’s we stress never being caught unprotected and for women with hormonal (Implanon) or GyneFix implants that’s very easy to do. However, for women on oral contraceptives or those of us who use barriers for contraception there can be times that, if we aren’t careful we can be caught unprepared. Like, when a girl forgets her pills on a vacation trip or to insert her barrier after drinking too much alcohol. If the girl remembers soon enough afterward Plan B is very effective, but there is still a chance she will become preggers.

Then there are the unprotected girls who routinely take hot loads on a dare or because they are risk takers and want to see how long they can get away with using no protection. That was how I was for the first year after I became sexually active. Then I met Father Tom and as my spiritual advisor he insisted on wearing a condom, because he didn’t want to add to his parishioners by me (at 14) giving birth to his baby. He needn’t have worried. However, if a girl is going to take that level of risk she should at least confine herself to partners who have been tested and are free of STIs. These days a pregnancy can be easily and safely terminated. That’s not true of some few STIs which are incurable and sometimes fatal. The likelihood of becoming pregnant from a single act of unprotected sex varies from person to person, and also depends on where the woman is in her menstrual cycle. The probability is highest when she is fertile around the time of ovulation, when, on average, up to one third of women will become pregnant from having sex once. So routinely having unprotected sex over a 12 month interval typically results in an 85% pregnancy rate. There is nothing like watching a well equipped man sliding in out of you and thinking how good it feels while you wonder if you are going to get your period when you should. I tried not to think about that when I was 14 and unprotected as it was a huge turn off and would ruin a sexual encounter.

Training plugs and sports

An escort on her ass after a TP shock

An escort trying to get up after a TP shock

Wet winter weather: As the storms that have pounded California moved east in the last week, Las Vegas set two daily rainfall records and had a total of 1.7 inches of rain as of noon today, which is more than the 1.59 inches recorded in all of 2009. The normal precipitation for McCarran international airport (just a few miles south of the Strip) for January is .59 of an inch and for the year is 4.49 inches. The weather service said that McCarran has so far had 288 percent of the normal precipitation for January and 37.8 percent of the normal annual precipitation. On Thursday, 1/21, McCarran received .89 of an inch of rain, which broke the old record for that date of .4 of an inch, set 71 years ago in 1939. And Thursday's rain also washed away the all-time January daily rainfall record, which had been .81 of an inch set on Jan. 3, 2005, the weather service said. Earlier in the week, .49 of an inch of rain fell on Tuesday, breaking the old record of .42 of an inch of rain that fell on that date in 1954.

For readers wondering where I’m going with the Vegas weather report its background to explain how we managed to have a rare opportunity for some of us to take our latex fetish into the mountains west of town to play in the icy water of a small sometime lake fed by rain swollen creeks that are normally dry gullies. There are some very large rocks, deep holes and the water is swift and cold so snorkels are needed. We all wore latex encasement suits, hoods, gloves and slipper booties so we could more securely feel the bottom. Robin and Peter came along (as prizes) with twelve escort trainees and Anya and me. The fourteen women were split into two groups with one man in each group. The game was for the seven women to protect ‘their’ man in and around the creek and lake while trying to get to the other groups stallion. The group who got the others stallion on his back on the ground or in the water first wins and gets to have sex with him.

A recreational use for training plugs: To make the game more competitive we all wore electrostimulation training plugs (TPs) and every woman was given a waterproof very low power directional remote that could activate the TP and shock the woman it was pointed at or was touching rather than everyone on that particular frequency. The low power on the shock activators is so that a team member must be within a few inches of or in contact with her adversary’s pelvis to activate the other woman’s shock generator. The close contact shock activators used for the game are pink so that no one mistakes a low power game unit for one with a full range transmitter. Using the TPs on stun was something that equalized the team’s member’s effectiveness. Both Anya and I are a lot stronger and faster than most of the escorts, but having your pelvic muscles spasmed painfully by a joule jolt from the TP is an immobilizing experience regardless of how skilled the woman is. Several of my team members accidentally dropped their remote activators in the lake when stunned and from then on they were continuous jolt targets and were very little help either on offense or defense. Anya and her team won and got to have Peter – my team’s stallion – have sex with the seven of them while the rest of us watched. For this sort of game you really need men with a huge amount of stamina and concentration (which is why we asked Peter and Robin to play) so the guy can finish inside one woman then move quickly to the next. It was a lot of fun and not too cold as long as we all kept moving. It was also quite different from the water volleyball that the girls often use to burn energy. There were no injuries and only a few bruises and three suits were punctured on rocks.

Condoms and the taste of semen: In the contemporary sexual health class I teach at St Lucy’s we have been covering the taste of the various materials condoms are made of: latex, polyurethane, Nitrile (the FC2) and lambskin and how the condom material affects the taste of a man’s ejaculate. A lot of time went into a discussion of technique, how best to get your partners load out of his condom so you can swallow it while it’s still at body temperature. Actually, it came down to just biting through the tip of the closed end and then while holding the used condom by its open end so that it hangs vertically with the bitten-through tip in your mouth squeeze the sheath gently between the thumb and forefinger and run them down the condom, while sucking on the punctured tip. This will squeeze and suck all the semen out of the ruined sheath in less than a second. That works well for latex, polyurethane and nitrile condoms. It also works well for lambskin too but lambskin is a bit more difficult to bite through so the semen can be swallowed.

The taste of semen can be changed not only by the material the condom is made from but by the man’s diet and lube-spermicide used. Going natural, using only the woman’s natural lube, helps get closer to the taste of a partners seed as she bites through the tip. Alcohol, red meat and spicy foods can make a man’s ejaculate bitter and eating asparagus before sex makes his semen smell terrible. Fruit, especially strawberries and pineapple can make semen taste sweet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 01-22-10

What maker’s shoes is this dancer wearing?

Pointe shoe quiz: I hope more readers, especially those who are interested in the art of ballet or using pointes as part of a fetish will participate in these quizzes. Returning readers will recognize that this is a quiz that can be easily answered.

Training plugs

Développé a la seconde sur les pointes

Training/discipline plugs: Every escort who trains for encounters en pointe at some time trains with a ‘stimulator’ inserted. There are various types and are generically known in the industry as ‘training plugs’ or TPs. However, the BDSM community typically knows them as discipline or punishment plugs. That’s because the plugs can be misused, which I suppose can be thought of as another form of training. A complete selection of training plugs is carried by Fasteners, our casino’s bondage boutique. Some TPs are ‘passive’ just filling the wearer’s vagina giving her the feel of a man inside while she warms up at the barre or takes a pointe class. Other TPs are ‘active’, having a vibi or the ability to provide an electric shock from electrodes on the outside surface of the plug.

The plug needs to be fitted by a knowledgeable fitter who can size it correctly so it can’t be expelled during strong vaginal muscle contractions. Then there are the usual preparations for wearing a TP, just as though the wearer is going to have penile-vaginal intercourse. Things like emptying bowels and bladder and inserting plenty of lube before inserting the tight fitting plug. A TP fits differently than the Penetrator Plugs that most of us wear and that I’ve talked a lot abut on this blog. A TP still has the anti-expulsion ridge that fits behind the pubic bone which prevents strong vaginal muscle contractions from expelling the plug. The ridge also positions the plug correctly so that the electrodes are against the G-spot and the back wall against the anus. A very strong shock from a properly positioned TP can empty a woman’s bladder and bowels simultaneously. Just as with wearing any plug a TP inserted causes the wearer to become aroused and in women cycling naturally produce a lot of natural lube. However, for women on hormonal contraceptives who find they aren’t producing enough natural lube a good long lasting lube like dive-gel is excellent. With a Penetrator the vacuum created by the protective plug head covering the mons pubis and clitoris will retain the woman’s natural lube, but TPs don’t extend between the labia and can’t contain the wear’s natural secretions so she needs a special liner that will absorb the thick slippery natural estrogenic mucus.

Once dancers get used to the feel of an inserted TP then they can train with the electronic applications available for the plugs. A basic app is a remotely controlled random interval shock, the level of which can be adjusted, so that the wearer can train for unexpected events. This is especially useful for pointe work where something unexpected could cause the dancer/escort to fall off pointe. Using low power settings a small shock can increase the user’s extensions and extend their holding time so some dancers who need to improve their extensions train with a TP.

Used for discipline: Doms can use the Erotic Electrostimulation capability of a TP to incapacitate and sometimes seriously injure a wearer. The BDSM community here uses a new aftermarket microminiaturized booster kit to increase and remotely control the power (with a tiny lithium battery) and the result can be spectacular! I’ve seen a woman in développé devant sur les pointe (working leg to the front) who was given a severe shock just topple forward legs still split so her working leg and face hit the floor at the almost the same time. She dislocated the hip and broke the heel of her working leg and her nose and shattered her jaw. She had been a lovely 20 y/o brunette with a promising career before she became a sub to a sadistic Dom. The same Dom jolted a 17 y/o While she was in a jump and videoed the results. She went into an over split and froze in that position never closing her legs before she hit the floor. She landed with a bone jarring thud still fully split and dislocated both hips and fractured her pelvis. She won’t dance again either and is in therapy for paranoia. Even with that sort of possibility for misuse a lot of escorts and St Lucy’s ballet girls wear their TPs for induced contraction training to strengthen their vaginals after hours or when the students are in their dorms. However they are careful to keep the remote control unit in their hand or in a waist pack to prevent a friend from playing a prank and giving them an unexpected shock.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An annus horribilis

The 2009 show house ‘New American Home’ was never completed

A desert mirage
The Washington Post

By Katherine SalantSaturday, January 16, 2010

Every home builder in the country would probably describe 2009 as an "annus horribilis." But Las Vegas builders Adam Knecht and Ernie Domanico had a particularly horrible year.

Last January, their construction company, Domanico Custom Homes, was breaking ground for the New American Home, which was supposed to be a spectacular show house and a centerpiece of the International Builders Show, scheduled to open in Las Vegas next week.

Instead, the New American Home all too accurately reflects the state of luxury home building -- and the ravaged Las Vegas market. Unable to secure financing, the builders lost the unfinished home to foreclosure in December. [A view of the partially completed home is at the top of this entry.]

The half-acre building lot for the 6,800-square-foot, two-story house is about six miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. Domanico had already built six similarly sized houses on the quiet cul-de-sac; this one was going to be the 30-year old firm's crown jewel and bring it national exposure.

Designed by the KTGY architectural firm in Irvine, Calif., to accommodate a multigenerational household, the New American Home was supposed to boast the latest technology, upscale finishes and an extraordinary level of energy efficiency. But less than a month into the project, the private investor providing the financing pulled out. Many builders would have halted work, but Knecht, who was Domanico's general manager, said he believed that they would eventually get the $1.8 million they needed because of the unusual nature of the project. It had the backing of the National Association of Home Builders and more than $1.5 million worth of upscale products that were going to be donated by the project's sponsor, the National Council of the Housing Industry, a subsidiary of the NAHB. The builders decided to proceed with their own money.

Construction continued apace, hitting all the target deadlines, until August. But Domanico was forced to stop the job at 75 percent completion. They had run through their own money and had not secured the financing they needed to finish. Overnight, the job site went from the constant cacophony of about 30 tradespeople at work to an eerie quiet.

The list of unfinished work includes many of the donations Knecht had expected, such as flooring, countertops, lighting and appliances.

A market in decline

Knecht continued to seek financing for four more months. It didn't help that Las Vegas has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country and every banker in town was skittish. Of the 37,124 resales in 2009, 26,338 were foreclosures, Las Vegas real estate agent Kathy Janus said. Only a tiny fraction of the foreclosures -- 27 of the 26,338 -- were large houses, as Knecht's New American Home project was. "But it only takes one in your neighborhood to make appraisals plunge," she said.

This neighborhood was not spared by Las Vegas's hard times. Two blocks from Domanico's building site, a 5,000-square-foot foreclosure had recently sold for $600,000. And, down the street, a half-finished foreclosure that a bank had been trying to sell for more than a year burned to the ground in June.

As he sought financing, Knecht found that the donated products, which included already-installed windows and a vanishing window wall, impressed no one, nor did the NAHB imprimatur. One lender did finally step up, but its offer was $700,000 short of what the builders needed. Finally, the bank holding a lien for the building lot foreclosed. The lot and partially completed house were sold at auction on Dec. 28 for $490,000.

The buyer will still have to put in at least $1 million to finish the house to "an average quality" for that segment of the Las Vegas market, Knecht said. Had the house been completed as designed, its value would have been about $3.5 million, he estimated.

Another indication of how far the market has fallen in Las Vegas is the asking price for the two remaining lots on Bella Kathryn Circle next to the would-be New American Home. In 2006, when Domanico began to build houses there, half-acre lots were going for $480,000 to $520,000. Today's price is only about $200,000, Knecht said.

Builders traveling to the convention next week will see a New American Home -- but as a virtual tour at the convention center, accompanied by an exhibit of the building products that were supposed to have been installed in the real house.

With the house three-quarters completed, couldn't the NCHI have come up with the funds? Tucker Bernard, the executive director of the council, said, "We're a nonprofit organization, and we can't get involved in fundraising." When asked why some of the NCHI members did not come forward, Bernard said, "We reached out to the larger companies, but even they have tightened up their belts, and the sponsors have their own budgeting issues."

Design by committee

In most custom projects, decisions about design and materials are made by the homeowners, in consultation with their builder and architect. The New American Home is organized very differently, Bernard said. Aesthetic control is shared by the architect, the interior designer and the builder, but decisions about the products that will be used are made by the companies making the donations.

The design is intended to reflect the leading trends that the NAHB has gleaned from its focus groups. But, Bernard emphasized, that comes second to the main purpose of the program, which is to showcase new products that are (or will soon be) available "off the shelf" and can be incorporated into any new house.

Too big to succeed?

Over the years, as the New American Home has ballooned in size (the 2009 house had 8,800 square feet), many reviewers have suggested that its design ideas are rarely cutting-edge and are relevant only for the top 5 percent of the market. They say the houses don't reflect "the way Americans want to live," as the promotional material often asserts.

Tyler Jones, who heads the Las Vegas firm that built the previous New American Home, said that it's a fair criticism but that the great majority of builders who tour the house are looking for something else. "Nobody comes through and says, 'I will build like that,' " Jones said. "Most builders come for bits and pieces of takeaways."

Bob Hubbell, president of the Washington area division of Brookfield Homes, said he has toured the New American Home in years past to see the latest in technology and products and to learn what was in the pipeline.

Would a smaller New American Home have been easier to finance? Knecht said reducing the size by about 25 percent would have reduced the cost significantly, but the real issue was never the 6,800 square feet, which is not uncommon for the high end of the Las Vegas market. It was securing the financing, especially without a buyer already under contract. These days, that's a daunting proposition for a new house of any size or location.

Knecht said that were he to start such a project today, he would insist that there be a buyer who would assume the burden of a construction loan, a standard practice in custom building.

Rob Williams, the architect who designed the home, said he could have incorporated most of the showcased products in a house half as big, but the project was intended to be a "dream house" that demanded extravagance.

Its sprawling footprint is bookended by a capacious master suite at one end of the first floor and a grandparent suite at the other. The second floor includes three large bedrooms, each with its own bath, and a "man cave," a large room intended to be a hangout for Dad and his pals to play cards, shoot pool -- and watch six televisions simultaneously.

Despite this year's fiasco, the NCHI remains enthusiastic about its New American Home program, Bernard said. The builder for next year's 8,500-square-foot house in Orlando just got building permits and is going full speed ahead to meet the September deadline.

Knecht has left the family business and is moving into an emerging niche in the Las Vegas market, buying partially built foreclosures, finishing construction and selling them. He said Domanico remains in business, though the phone number was not in service when a reporter called.

Personal comment: We are glad that the International Builders Show is here! This article gives readers some idea how bad the residential real estate situation still is out here, and don’t even mention commercial real estate! The depressed market does offer some excellent opportunities for someone with a lot of cash and the ability to wait out the recession.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An uncontrolled descent

Avon drysuit showing the inflator connector

An uncontrolled decent: This is a continuation of my entry for Monday January 18, 2010 entitled ‘A facility for disciplining women divers’ in which I wrote about my visit to Adolph’s new diver punishment facility. Returning readers will remember that he asked if I would like watch a discipline session. I was interested in seeing what one of his training sessions was like and also in seeing how well one of my Avon drysuits fit the 22 y/o he was about to take through the first discipline session held in the new facility. It was a christening of sorts since it was the model’s first time working for Adolph so I was grateful for his offer and jumped at the chance.

The girl was using a DESCO free flow FFM so we could see her face as she descended. That DESCO is not recommended for use below 30 feet, but Adolph said there was 225 feet of hose attached so in theory she could descend to the bottom, it’s just that her mask wouldn’t work properly at that depth. He introduced me to the girl, who he referred to as his ‘student’, as he helped her into the red rubber Avon. There was a second hose to her umbilical which attached to the inflator valve that fastened to the inflator port on the front of her suit. The second hose was necessary since the DESCO FFM has no low pressure connection to feed the drysuit inflator. Something I noticed right away was that the suit fit her too well, rather it was too small for her and restricted her movements, but I said nothing because Adolph had chosen the girl to fit the suit the way he wanted her to. Once she was sealed in her suit she tested the inflator and wrist dump buttons to make sure she could control the air in her suit and was satisfied that everything was working correctly.

The dive plan: The diver is a third year student at UNLV and has been a dive model for four years to earn extra money. That was the first time she had worked for Adolph and the dive plan was that she would descend to about 33 feet (about 2 atmospheres) while the cameras were videoing and stay at that depth for a few minutes operating the inflator and dump controls to test the squeeze of the suit at 2 atmospheres which would cause her to descend and ascend around the 33 foot level as air filled and emptied from her suit and then ascend. The whole thing was to take about 25 minutes submerged. She was familiar with using the inflation on a drysuit for buoyancy control so she wore no BCD, though she hadn’t worn a suit that heavy before. The Avon rubber suit is much heavier than the modern trilaminate designs. The Avon I wear weighs about 20 pounds so that’s about what the one she wore weighed.

Adolph and I went into the well first, wearing the same gear and breathing Trimix 10/70 as we had earlier in the day, and stayed on the surface while the student entered the water released air from the wrist dump valve on her left wrist and began her slow descent holding her air hoses in her right hand to make sure they were unreeling as they should. We followed her down all three equalizing the pressure in our ears and sinuses as we went. At about 15 feet we could see she had begun to pick up speed as the water pressure compressed the air in her suit so she hit her inflator to slow her descent. Nothing happened and she kept dropping faster as she struggled to get the inflator to work. At that point we were past 30 feet and her suit was starting to squeeze her as the air inside was compressed by the water pressure which began constricting her breathing and she began to squirm. I moved to help her but Adolph held me back as the cameras were recording her predicament and distress. We followed her down as she tried to open the flow valve on her mask to get more air but it was already fully open and with the suit squeezing her ribs and low pressure in her mask she began gasping for breath. At 55 feet Adolph operated a hand control that stopped the air hoses from playing out further and she began to tilt as the hoses tightened taking her weight, which couldn’t have been more than 25 pounds net – basically the weight of her drysuit - on the inflator connector and her mask causing her to tilt her head to try and prevent her mask being pulled off. She got the hoses looped around her arm and that stopped her descent at 65 feet and she hung there with 44 psi of pressure squeezing the tight rubber suit around her ribs and breathing insufficient air from the mask whose depth she had exceeded by 100%.

A breath taking experience: We watched as she gasped for air and her breaths and exhalations became shallower and further apart as she began to tire from the effort. The pressure was no longer increasing the squeeze of the constricting rubber suit, but the low pressure in her mask not only couldn’t force enough air into her lungs but couldn’t keep the water pressure from pushing her face deeper into the mask until her nose was flattened against the faceplate. She stopped breathing and the hoses slipped off her arm. She was hanging by her inflator hose and her air hose was pulling the mask off her face when Adolph swam over and caught her and we hit the fill buttons on our BCDs and started for the surface. By the time we got to 30 feet the squeeze of her suit had lessened its grip. There was enough air getting to her mask and she was breathing again and the water pressure was no longer pressing her face into the mask crushing her nose. When we got to the surface the student had her nerves mostly under control and after several shots of vodka Adolph helped her out of the heavy red rubber while cams videoed the bruises that covered her body from the squeeze of the suit. A doctor and EMT crew was standing by and took her to a small medical facility in a suite next to the training facility. It turned out the water pressure had cracked three of her ribs so she won’t be diving until her bruises and ribs heal. Amazingly she is said she wants to work for Adolph again. Go figure! She is defiantly a masochist!

A reader’s questions: Eric, a good friend and returning reader asked; “Could you explain … what it is about discipline that makes some people use it as fetish? Also, how does Adolph do his discipline sessions that deep?”

To get a valid answer the question about discipline needs to be asked of a Dom. Even then you would probably get as many different answers as the number of Doms asked. For what it’s worth, I think the use of discipline is a major part of the Dom/Sub subculture where power is demonstrated by ‘training’ used to show a dominant’s control over one of his or her submissives. In that regard, any infraction, however slight, of the agreed upon rules for the D/S relationship is met with ‘training’ or ‘discipline.’ Often the Dom is a sadist and the Sub is a masochist so they feed on one another, both enjoying their individual roles in the encounter. A rubber fetish is an excellent medium in which to institute discipline since even under the best conditions many women dislike wearing rubber encasement suits because they are difficult to get into, can be claustrophobic, are uncomfortably tight are hot etc. In addition, there are an amazing number of ways to misuse rubber encasement suits to hurt the wearer while she is encased in a gleaming slippery rubber second skin that can be used to hide or display the curves on even the softest parts of women’s bodies.

I don’t think Adolph has thought about all the possibilities a 200 foot discipline facility gives him. A lot of the things that come to mind that the facility is capable of are extremely dangerous some fatal and Adolph isn’t the sort who cares, especially if the trainee demonstrates extreme pain or horror on the way to the conclusion of the discipline session. Young women to him are a commodity. “I’ll have a half-dozen blond 17 y/o virgins please.” I know, I know, a half-dozen 17 y/o blond virgins may take a while to assemble, but that’s how he looks at submissive females. Sigh!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A facility for disciplining women divers

Prestressed section of 36 foot diameter pipe

Drysuit discipline: Returning readers may remember Adolph (not his real name) from my October 27, 2009 entry ‘An Obsessive Compulsive collector’ In addition to a macabre interest in dead pretty young women he has developed an interest in disciplining beautiful women by using heavy rubber drysuits. I found out about this aspect of his fetish obsession when he contacted me about purchasing a small size Avon drysuit to use as a disciplinary device. He has been using modern drysuits which were easily obtainable but have none of the fetish value a heavy rubber Avon suit has. Adolph had heard through the rubber fetish grapevine that I had access to a supply of the Avon suits and asked if I was willing to sell one. We worked out an arrangement where for two Avon suits, one black and one red and 1/3 of the profit, I get exclusive distribution rights (through Taryn’s adult media empire) for uncut copies of the videos he makes of the dive discipline sessions showing the physical condition of the women before, during and after their sessions in the suits. This sort of dive discipline video (of a fetish master disciplining an unsuspecting woman) is in great demand because unlike almost all other discipline videos on the market, Adolph’s videos don’t use Porn industry actresses faking terror, Adolph’s videos are of sexually innocent women and record real terror, pain and injuries.

An Avon find: I came into possession of the Avon suits through Jacques whose British real estate company had found five dozen new Avon drysuits in a concealed room in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in a south London suburb. Knowing my interest in wearing heavy rubber he asked if I would like to have them and I immediately said yes! They are in the smaller sizes, ideal for women and still in the manufacturer’s preservative packing. There was some very old shipping information on one of the crates that showed some of the suits were to be sent to a location in the mountains of southern Germany, but the order seemed to have been cancelled. Over top of that labeling was another, showing an address in a small town in the French Alps, but those crates were never shipped either. Both locations are near deep alpine lakes. We suppose because of the size of the suits there was no market for them, at least not then, and the wholesaler whose property they were went out of business. Apparently during sale of the wholesaler’s stock the location in the basement where the suits were stored was overlooked and there they stayed until the land the warehouse is on was purchased by Jacques’ Company for redevelopment, so the drysuits were his company’s property. Now, since Avon rubber drysuits have become the gold standard of the European rubber disciplinary fetish community, especially for encasing women, an Avon drysuit even in poor condition is worth its weight in gold so new ones are priceless! At first I thought the original purchaser might have been Deiter, but the dates on the paperwork show it was years before Deiter turned the family castle into a chamber of horrors.

The discipline well: Adolph proudly showed me his new one hundred and ninety eight foot deep concrete silo that he calls his ‘discipline facility’. At the bottom of which the water pressure is seven times what it is on the surface. A bit about water pressure because this is important to divers safety: On the surface we are under 1 atmosphere (ATA) which is 14.7 psi. At 33 feet of seawater we have the original 1 from the atmosphere plus 1 from the seawater, exerting 2 ATA (29.36 psi) on our bodies. At 66 feet we're at 3 ATA (44.02 psi). At 99 feet we are at 4 ATA ((58.68 psi), and 132 feet there is 5 ATA (73.35 psi) of pressure, at 165 feet there is 6 ATA (88.01 psi) and at 198 feet there is 7 ATA (102.68 psi). Since freshwater is slightly less dense than seawater, the depths and pressures are slightly less.

Adolph’s silo is buried in the ground under a small addition to his home. It is made up of a stack six 36 foot diameter by 36 foot long sections of prestressed concrete aquifer pipe stacked vertically one on top of the other and then encased in a three foot thick jacket of rebar and concrete. With the foot long flanges the stack forms a vertical tube exactly two hundred and ten feet deep to hold the water. The last ten feet is used for access. The vertical tube sits on a massive reinforced concrete base anchored in bedrock that houses drains and circulator pumps. I’ll have to admit that his well puts the depth of my pool to shame. Actually, at 200 feet his well is extremely dangerous, but he knew that when he designed it. I think my pool (the pit) which is 68 feet deep by 50 feet wide and 70 feet long, is far more practical for multi-use functions – like dive-sex and producing explicit encounter videos. Adolph’s is primarily a disciplinary pressure chamber, but of course it was purpose built for that very thing, to discipline women divers encased in heavy rubber. However the possibility of dive accidents and perhaps even fatalities with untrained women in a 7 ATA environment is very high.

Diving the discipline well: He asked if I would like to dive his new discipline facility and I said I would as long as he accompanied me. I wore a 5 mm neoprene Body Glove wetsuit, hood, gloves, and booties and was going to use my Mistrial twin hose reg but had to use a single hose Abyss of Adolph’s that was rated for Trimix. We breathed Trimix 10/70 that Adolph has for use below 130 feet rather than normal surface air with about 21% oxygen to lessen the chances of oxygen toxicity and nitrogen narcosis from going all the way to the bottom of the well and spending some time looking at equipment on the bottom. The mix is named by its oxygen percentage, helium percentage and optionally the balance percentage, nitrogen. So a mix named "trimix 10/70" consists of 10% oxygen, 70% helium, 20% nitrogen. A 10/70 mix is suitable for a 100-metre (330 ft) dive. The water is heated but even with the circulators on the temperature was in the low 70s so it is far too cool to dive w/o thermal protection. I’d never been down 200 feet in a punishment chamber so even with Adolph with me - because I don’t totally trust him not to include me in one of his punishment sessions if I’m not careful - I thought I could feel myself becoming narced (feeling lightheaded and silly) even though I knew it was my imagination because we were breathing so little nitrogen. He showed me the spreader bars, pelvic exercisers and D-rings on the bottom as well as D-rings at intervals on the walls all the way down where women undergoing ‘training’ (as he calls it) in drysuits will be fastened to reflect on their mistakes, their future and pray that their air doesn’t run out before they are released and allowed to ascend to the surface. He says he loves to watch women when they get nitrogen narcosis. For discipline dives the girls breathe standard 21% oxygen gas to speed the narcotic effect. Typically it becomes noticeable at 100 ft underwater and is incapacitating at 300 ft, causing stupor, blindness, unconsciousness, and even death. Adolph is a misogynist and sadist so when a woman is with him she has to be on her guard. He loves watching narced women try to spit out their regs, kick off their booties and struggle to flood their suits. Once they go euphoric he can’t leave them down very long as they can hurt themselves which he doesn’t want, unless it fits his purpose. He is very proud of the lighting that can be raised and lowered on a ring mounting against the walls so shadow free HD videos can be shot and the intensity can be remotely adjusted to create a mood for the videos at any depth. After we reached the surface again he asked if I would like to watch a disciplining session which he was going to hold that afternoon. Since we had been breathing Trimix my dive computer said my nitrogen loading was low enough to allow me to accept his offer which I did with pleasure.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Conservative icons step on their dicks, again!

Rush Limbaugh

Reverend Pat Robertson

Andy Barr Thu Jan 14, 11:57 am ET

Rush, Robertson take heat

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and televangelist Pat Robertson are being scolded for their comments in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake in Haiti that has killed tens of thousands, according to early estimates.

Critics from both the left and right are denouncing their remarks as insensitive to the disaster and attempts to score political points off human tragedy.

Speaking on his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh said the earthquake has played into Obama’s hands, allowing the president to look “compassionate” and “humanitarian” while at the same time bolstering his standing in both the “light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.”

He added: “We've already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.”
Limbaugh’s comments were, in part, a riff on Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) much publicized remark in a new book that Obama was able to win the election because he is “light-skinned” and lacks a “Negro dialect.”

But regardless of the intended context, Limbaugh’s comments have been widely panned. “They are deeply insensitive,” said conservative commentator Pat Buchanan on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“The president speaks for the country when he says we’re going to go in there,” he said. “You want your whole nation, and it’s very positive. And I think Rush’s comments were cynical.”

Sitting next to Buchanan on set, host Joe Scarborough called Limbaugh’s comments “deplorable.”

“The insensitivity is stunning,” said the former Republican congressman.
Liberal commentators also quickly jumped on Limbaugh.

“Limbaugh did not know when to just shut up,” said liberal commentator Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC show “Countdown.” “Today he blamed communism for the poverty of Haiti, blamed President Obama for holding a news conference the day after this cataclysm when he did not hold one after the failed half-assed terror attempt in Detroit.”

John Amato from the left-leaning website Crooks and Liars added that “with thousands of people dead already and as the suffering continues in Haiti, Limbaugh and his ilk only care about one thing: destroying Obama.”

The conservative media watchdog site Newsbusters stepped up to defend Limbaugh, saying his comments were not put in proper context, but very few others are backing the conservative firebrand’s latest controversial remarks.

While Limbaugh received a modicum of support, nobody of note has stepped up to defend Robertson’s claim that Haiti got hit by an earthquake because it is “cursed.”

Speaking about the disaster during his program “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson said that when Haiti was still a French colony its leaders “swore a pact to the devil” to get out from “under the heel of the French.” “They said, ‘we will serve you if you will get us free from the French.’ True story. And so, the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal,’” Robertson claimed, as was recorded and sent around by the liberal group Media Matters.

“But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other,” he continued. “That island of Hispaniola is one island. It is cut down the middle on the one side is Haiti the other is the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etc. Haiti is in desperate poverty.”

Robertson, who has a long history of making controversial remarks on his program, urged his followers to pray for the residents of Haiti and said that “out of this tragedy I’m optimistic something good may come.”

Speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said Thursday morning she was left “speechless” by Robertson’s remarks.

“That's not the attitude that expresses the spirit of the president or the American people, so I thought it was a pretty stunning comment to make,” she said.

A statement from Robertson’s spokesman Chris Roslan tried to downplay the “cursed” remark.

“Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God’s wrath,” the statement read. “If you watch the entire video segment, Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear. He called for prayer for them. His humanitarian arm has been working to help thousands of people in Haiti over the last year, and they are currently launching a major relief and recovery effort to help the victims of this disaster.”

Personal comment: Limbaugh, a drug abuser, often lets his mouth get ahead of his brain and this is yet another instance where has made a fool of himself, even to his loyal ditto-heads. The Reverend Robertson’s handlers might want to consider having him tested for dementia as the sorts of statements he makes, like this one, with distressing frequency could hardly be from a man who is sane.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rectal gas asphyxiation

A Russian gray latex gas mask

Rectal gas asphyxiation: Taryn and I went on another cleanup last night. It was to re-dress the corpse and straighten up the immediate surroundings of a ballet-boy who had apparently gassed himself, one assumes unintentionally. I say unintentionally because he had recently married (in California when same-sex marriage was still legal) a lovely man 20 years older than himself and they were deeply in love. In addition, he had just taken possession of a custom fitted Mercedes sports car that cost $125,000 and no one contemplating suicide buys a $125 K car! His partner who is a well known film director was panic-stricken when he found his partner’s body and called in a chit which resulted in me (and Taryn) getting ballet-boy out of his latex encasement suit, gasmask and hoses with which he accidentally asphyxiated himself and into traditional boxing workout gear so his doctor could record the death as heart failure, which in a sense it was. We used boxing gear because the protective sparing helmet will leave much the same pattern of lividity as a gasmask if one isn’t paying close attention.

According to his partner, ballet-boy was addicted to inhaling his own rectal gas which he increased by consuming large quantities of navy beans and carbonated beverages. The major components of rectal gas in desending order by percentage are: Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen and Methane. He would channel the gas from his anus to the standard 40 MM canister fitting on a modified Russian gray latex gasmask (similar to the one at the top of this entry) by inserting a hollow 25 mm polymer anal plug with an adaptor to fit the NATO standard 40 mm hose fitting and channel the gas through a 4 foot corrugated rubber hose into the gasmask through the canister fitting. He also had a latex rebreather bag connected to a second canister fitting. Of course the valve on the 3 leiter rebreather was closed so he was breathing his own exotic and highly toxic atmosphere. We nserted a gas analyzer into the drinking port on his mask before moving the body and there was almost no oxygen in the mask with high concentrations of methane, nitrogen and CO2. He didn’t seem to have suffered. It appears he just went to sleep and never woke up. We took off his mask and black latex Polymorphe encasement suit, booties, hood and gloves, hung the suit correctly in its storage bag and put the other items back in their boxes. We washed off the anal plug, disconnected the hoses and put the hose set back in its carrying bag and the gasmask back in its mask bag. We gave the fetish clothing and equipment that ballet-boy had been wearing to his grieving partner who received it with tears and thanks.

Gaynor Minden for sex en pointe: For comfort and support when having classic ballet sex - sex en pointe in pointe shoes rather than ballet or toe boots - we are all wearing Gaynors now because the shanks are made from an elastomeric polymer which can be easily customized with a hair dryer to give the dancer the exact arch of the shank she needs for maximum support while showing off her insteps and arches to their best advantage. Pre-arched pointes have been available for years but I’ve found that the polymer formulation in Gaynors retains the arch longer - weeks - before needing to be readjusted. Another nice thing about Gaynors, with sueded leather covering the platforms (an option) is that the shoes last a long time because the blocks don’t melt when wet with sweat. The polymer boxes and inner padding of Gaynors are great, but I think the best thing about Gaynors for pointe-sex is their unbreakable shanks that can be pre-arched so they are amazingly comfortable while allowing the wearer to relax a bit and “sit in her shoes” (to put her weight on her heels rather than on her toes over her center) while being drilled w/o shattering the shanks

Elke’s first dive-sex training encounter: Returning readers will remember that Elke is the former ballet dancer who is the Swiss school’s Mistress who will be teaching Dive-sex at the school on Lake Maggiore. She began her training course with Robin in one of the 20 ft deep training pools today. Robin said she has a strong vaginal grip and has good dive technique. The course is two weeks long, one of technique and then the instructors course which is primarily more difficult encounters and how to handle them safely for both the instructor and the individual or couple she is teaching. She has a GyneFix IUD implanted so there is no concern about pregnancy and she is using a strapless FemCap as a gas guard. It’s taken her a while to get used to inserting the FemCap before diving as she used to have underwater intercourse with a member of the German Olympic swimming team, but it was only a few times and fortunately, when she wasn’t wearing upper reproductive tract protection she had no problems. But her partner was on the small side and men with smaller erections are less likely to cause thrust hydraulics that force water or air into their partner’s cervix where it can cause infections or deadly embolisms.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The vaginal contraceptive ring

NuvaRing a 2” diameter ring worn for 3 weeks

NuvaRing stroke and DVT: One of Cyndi’s friends at St Lucy’s is using NuvaRing as her primary contraceptive method and a strapless FemCap as a gas guard when she has dive-sex classes, an elective at St Lucy’s. And before someone asks, no, FemCap won’t decrease the effectiveness of NuvaRing although the ring does have to be removed in order to insert FemCap, then the ring is reinserted. Cyndi’s friend has come to me asking if NuvaRing is safe to use. The answer is that (relatively speaking) it is. Perhaps not quite as safe from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and strokes as some older progestin/estrogen combinations, but NuvaRing is still very safe. Personal injury lawyers would have women believe otherwise, but there is only a statistically small increase in blood clots and strokes for women on etonogestrel (a progestin) and ethinyl estradiol (an estrogen) in NuvaRing, than older types of progestins used in contraceptives. That is no comfort to the few additional women out of 10,000 who may be affected, but the risks are very slight if the woman is young, in good health, does not smoke and is not overweight.

Even so I’m not an advocate of hormonal contraceptives because, even for something as easy to use as NuvaRing annoying hormonal side effects like irregular bleeding, bloating, breast tenderness and reduced libido can be avoided by using a cervical barrier or frameless IUD. One other reason is the cost and another is that hormonal contraceptives can be tampered with and some medicines and foods can decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, especially the very low dose kinds like NuvaRing so if the user gets a sinus or ear infection the antibiotic she is given to cure the infection could cause her to have breakthrough ovulation. Another of Cyndi’s friends who uses NuvaRing was the target of a practical joke. She was in the habit of removing her ring for sex because her guy is large and often pulls the ring out when he withdraws. While she was asleep after sex with her boyfriend a roommate dropped her ring into a pan of very hot water which quickly leached all the time-release hormones out of it and then returned it to her bedside, so when she reinserted her ring it was ineffective and she was w/o hormonal protection for a week before she found out what had happened (a friend told her) and unprotected for another week after she inserted a new ring while her hormonal protection was being reestablished. It caused her to have breakthrough bleeding and ovulate, but she took Plan B and dodged the pregnancy bullet.

A surprise: The security service that was supposed to be guarding the middle eastern dive-chick who had the back of her head blown off the other day [See my entry for January 11, 2010 ‘Cara gets her feet wet’] went to the house to search it professionally and sort through why their guys were taken so easily that they lost a client w/o even getting wounded. They found some scary things. One of their technicians looking behind pictures on the walls found a wall safe in the room that seemed to be used as an office. The safe was locked but the tech didn’t have any trouble opening it and found a quantity of Semtex plastic explosive, several packs of polyurethane male condoms, three prepaid cell phones, 2 packages of BBs and several photocopied sheets of instructions about how to make a vaginal (or rectal I suppose) bomb.

A cunt-cutter: The tech called that sort of device a vaginal torpedo or a cunt-cutter. It’s surprisingly simple to make. Roll a 2 inch diameter 5 inch long (smaller if to fit up the rectum) rod of Semtex in BBs, then roll a polyurethane condom onto the BB encrusted rod, insert a radio controlled detonator (a cell phone ringer) and insert in the vagina and wedge it behind the pubic bone so it won’t slide out. If made for the rectum a hollow butt plug can house the detonator. A girl wearing a cunt-cutter could get next to a male target and ask for oral and with his tongue licking her labia when she depressed the detonator her hips and her targets head would disappear in a wet and chunky pink mist. Awesomely destructive! I can’t imagine a woman crazy enough to wear one but apparently there are some. Security thinks someone suspected she was a suicide assassin and took her out before she could get to her target. Security wanted to her body, but there was nothing left of it by the time they asked so they are using DNA material from her shower, dildo and hair brushes. And I gave them the projectile fragments I picked up off the pool bottom. I don’t think it will be reported because their guards didn’t cover themselves with glory when they let her be killed, though as it turned out that was probably a good thing. In my and my employer’s defense, no one knew she was anything but a student, model wannabe and lastly a mess that needed cleaning up. Go figure!

Barre Girls: We have opened a small secluded lounge for dancers, called Barre Girls. It’s a place that women can get away from the pressure of the male gaze and men are welcome only when in the company of a member. It’s a niche market, but a lot of my friends have asked for a place for women only. Somewhere that they aren’t expected to drink alcohol since dancers don’t need the empty calories or the high if we have too much. We make a profit on tea and coffee and the area was created from a bit of strangely shaped floor space that was going unused. We hope to attract dancers from other casinos too as a sort of dance sorority hangout. It’s a great place to discuss menstrual cramps, contraceptive options and the pros and cons of recent boyfriends and husbands w/o worrying about being overheard by men.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cara gets her feet wet

An Ocean Technology Mantis FFM

Cara gets her feet wet: Cara’s BioGard suit, hood, gloves and boots will be ready tomorrow. Since there are a lot of women wearing this equipment at Jeff’s labs it was just a matter of some minor alterations, almost off the shelf for some very specialized hazardous environment gear. But she didn’t need special gear to go with Taryn and me last night on what we have come to think of as a ‘routine’ cleanup call. A 23 y/o senior at UNLV had been found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool of the house she was renting. The problem was that she was the daughter of an important Middle Eastern religious leader who has been very upset by the liberated lifestyle she was leading; dressing in the latest fashions and having a stable of boyfriends not to mention having given up the family’s religion. She had been threatened with abduction on several occasions and so she had security men in the house at all times. The two security men on duty had been tasered then bound and gagged with duct tape so were more or less unharmed.

It wasn’t just a matter of going down to attach a lift bag to the corpse and bring it to the surface, then float it into a body bag and run the cleaning cycle on the pool. That’s because most of the woman’s brains and the contents of her bowels were floating in a cloud around her corpse. Taryn stayed on the surface to look for signs of a struggle while I took Cara down with me. We wore Mistral twin hose regs attached to HASMAT FFMs and lightweight (5mm) black neoprene Avon drysuits, hoods, gloves and booties. We used twin-hose regs so our bubble streams wouldn’t obscure our view of our surroundings which is always important when dealing with the aftermath of violence. When we got to the bottom we found her in a tiny white thong bikini that had been soiled when her bowels had emptied. She had been shot with a large caliber gun – I’m guessing a 44 or 45 caliber - through the left lens of the clear silicone Mantis FFM she was wearing. Her Mantis is similar to the one shown in the image accompanying this entry. She must have been on the surface at the time she was shot since there were powder burns on the lens indicating the gun was fired at close range. The bullet had gone through her left eye and into and through her brain before blowing off the back of her head. She was wearing a white silicone swim cap which ordinarily would have contained most of her brain tissue, but it didn’t. She had been shot with a special expanding bullet that began expanding when it hit the lens of her mask, then again when it penetrated the bone behind her left eye socket and a third time when it passed through the back of her skull. There was a jagged edged hole in the back of her swim cap the size of a baseball where the bullet fragments had traveled on through taking a cloud of puréed brain tissue with them before eventually becoming spent in the water. Her single hose regulator was floating nearby and the pressure gage on her octopus indicated an almost full tank so she couldn’t have been breathing on the reg for very long before being shot. I collected six fragments of the bullet off the pool bottom. It had shattered, flattened and had razor sharp edges. The girls mask was full of blood where she had bled briefly from her eyes and nose from the pressure of her skull exploding.

Maintaining the status quo: The people I work for aren’t interested in whether this was an ‘honor’ killing (the woman killed because she brought dishonor on her family) or if it was a fundamentalist religious killing or even if it was the result of an emotional attachment that went bad. As long as it doesn’t affect the status quo in town they just want it to disappear. As best we could tell from her wardrobe and her sex toys – a vibi, some condoms and a dildo – she had what I think of as a very vanilla sex life; although to a fundamentalist father she could have been Satan in skirts. She wasn’t a working girl doing tricks for a few hundred a pop. Her checkbook showed a 5 figure balance and monthly deposits from a trust fund. Nor was she pregnant, I squeezed some urine out of her bladder onto a test strip and there was no indication of hCG and she didn’t have any obvious amount of semen in her vagina. The place hadn’t been tossed so if it was searched it was a thorough and professional job. Cara and I floated the body into the shallow end and then into a latex body bag and the two of us lifted it into a laundry cart and took it out to the van. Then Cara and I washed ourselves off thoroughly in the pool shower because we had brain tissue and fecal material on our suits where we went into the cloud of human debris to retrieve her body. Taryn checked the dead chick’s email and voice mail and there was nothing that seemed suspicious there so we aren’t sure what the motive was for her murder. When we got back to my place Cara nearly freaked out from what she had seen and handled, but I told her she had done remarkably well because the first time a new girl goes on the cleanup crew she usually vomits. After a couple of shots of Grey Goose Vodka she was fine. I think Cara’s going to work out well, I can tell she’ll be a trooper!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gigi gets an Oves

An Oves cervical cap used as a gas guard

Oves: A reader asked why Gigi wasn’t initially fitted with an Oves cap. The answer is that Oves is a very sophisticated cap and can be tricky to insert correctly. It is also tricky to fit. About 20% of women who want an Oves cap can’t be fitted because of an anteflexed uterus (“anteflexed": the fundus is pointing forward relative to the cervix) or the limited cap sizes don’t provide a secure fit. It also requires that the wearer have a smooth walled symmetrical cervix – often damaged during childbirth - because the dome clings to the cervix by surface tension and so the rim can grip securely. When Oves is inserted properly it is better than FemCap in both effectiveness, it is almost impossible to displace, and in comfort for both the wearer and her partner. However, FemCap forms a seal against the vaginal walls so is easier to fit. FemCap also provides some thrust buffering for deep penetration sex while Oves does not.

However, at my request Gigi has been fitted with a specially fabricated 19 mm Oves for use on a trial basis to see how she will do. Chuck says it fits her cervix perfectly! She has amazing manipulative skills with her fingers so she has no problem getting it inserted correctly and I’ve tried removing it and sucking on her cervix it develops an amazing vacuum so she will probably be allowed to use Oves as her primary gas guard after a week of testing. She can still use the FemCap if she is with a partner or riding a pelvic muscle exercise machine where she needs some thrust buffering. If she is permitted to use Oves as her primary gas guard, which I’m sure she will be, she will be one of the few St Lucy’s students fitted for Oves who can wear it properly.

Gigi gets her Penetrator plug: Turn around for standard custom fitted Penetrator plugs is very fast now so Gigi picked hers up yesterday from the clinic. Chuck showed her how to insert and remove it, with the anti-expulsion lug that fits behind the pubic bone it can be tricky at first, and she wore it out of the clinic and for the rest of the day. It can take a bit of getting used to because for those girls not used to wearing dildos or Ben Wa balls when out in public it feels a bit like you have a man inside you. The nice thing is that you can do really intense Kegel exercises with a Penetrator inserted and there is no fear of expelling it.

Gigi’s conquest: She bespelled Jacques this morning after ballet class. He had come to watch her take company class. Yes, I invited her to take company class because she is that good in both strength and technique so she isn’t a liability in class and she usually stays to the back or side unless called upon in her turn so the company girls don’t see her as a threat and she has made friends with them all, particularly Marie-Claude. Not that bespelling Jacques was all that difficult for her to do but it has given her confidence in her power of attraction to desirable men.

After class he was walking her back to the dressing room when she said there was something she wanted him to see and took his hand and led him into a small empty studio. The cams in the studios are movement activated so I was able to verify everything she told me later. She had worn her Penetrator to class for the first time and wanted him to see how well it fit. Wearing a Penetrator plug to pointe class is a very adult thing to do and some women never get over being self-conscious wearing one much less being able to do lightning fast pointework with one inserted. She went over to the barre, stripped off her convertible foot tights, sat on the floor wearing only her compression sports top and changed into a dry pair of Studios setting her taped toes in the blocks, before rolling on to pointe and with a lovely bourrée line moved gracefully over to him took his hand and led him back to the barre where she raised her right leg in a dreamy développé then lowered her leg and rested her heel gently on the barre. She then asked him if, he would remove her plug to test the vacuum seal and to see if, in his opinion, the head of her plug fit her correctly. She also asked if he liked her pelvic anatomy. He expertly released the vacuum seal on her plug by pulling the release ring lying flat against her perineum forward and down. Even on the cam audio I could hear the wet sucking sound as the seal broke. The plug glistened wetly as it slid into his hand as he told her that in this sort of encounter the dancer usually inserts the plug into her mouth to muffle any gasps and moans of ecstasy she might make during penetration. She just said ohhh, smiled and opened her mouth for him to insert her plug still wet with her vaginal secretions. Jacques expertly inserted it upside down so the clitoris shield covered her chin and the anti-dislodgment ridge fit behind her bottom teeth. He asked if she was comfortable and she nodded.

He told her she was lovely, and her totally waxed pelvic anatomy certainly is with symmetrical labia that engorge to a lovely dark plum color glistening wetly when she is aroused. Even on the cam I could tell she was very aroused and her erect nipples were plainly visible through the compression cups of her sports top. He lifted her leg off the barre and turned her to face the barre then asked her to bend over and grasp the barre with both hands. She nodded and did as he asked. Then he gently held her hips and guided her back several steps so she could bend until her back was parallel to the floor while still holding on to the barre. He unzipped his slacks and slipped his erection out of his Speedo, then spread the clear slippery pre-ejaculate that he was secreting until his tip was coated with his natural lube, then he placed the tip of his dripping shaft against the oculus of her introitus and asked if she was ready. She nodded and he pushed until he penetrated her, and with a single thrust all 8 inches slid inside her and I could hear her gasp as she took everything he had. He spent the next 15 minutes giving her one G-spot orgasm after another so that when he finally shot his load into her, her ankles were wobbling, she had locked her knees and her bum was resting against his pelvis to prevent collapsing. Jacques told me later when he saw her change her shoes he knew what she intended, but was astounded when she asked him so directly for his thoughts about her plug and intimate feminine beauty. The question was also a great risk on her part because some men are almost turned off by the looks of a woman’s vulva, being far more interested in their partner’s depth and the strength of her grip.

Envious of Gigi: At first I was madly jealous of Gigi being able to fuck her birth father, but then I realized she doesn’t know who he really is and was just trying out her feminine wiles with a trusted family friend who she feels comfortable with. Returning readers will remember that I tried to mend the schism between myself and my father by offering him sex and he spurned my advances for years leaving my offer unfulfilled. I’m convinced that he would have died a happier man if he would have let me comfort him with my body while he was grieving for my mother. Anya has had sex with her father, though he didn’t realize it at the time, and she says the experience was one of the great moments of her reproductive life. Knowing that Jacques semen was draining into her thong as Gigi sat across the table telling me about her encounter with him almost made me cry. When she saw me tearing up she asked what was wrong. I told her I was just so happy for her that I was crying. Never knowing my father carnally is one of the major regrets of my life. Not for reproductive purposes because of inbreeding, but as a grief reduction aid in special circumstances. I think sex with him would have helped us both recover from our mutual loss.

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