Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ballet-boots, weight belts and pregnancy

An old style diver’s weight belt

Ankle leashes, weight belts and air hoses: We may have another serial killer targeting divers in the area or perhaps the same one has changed his methods. Swimming pools on secluded foreclosed properties in up-market areas continue to be the preferred locations. Before the killer seemed to be targeting independent working girls, now however he (I’m assuming a male as there has been semen in the victims in most cases) is into high school and college girls. The three so far have been tethered to drain grills on the pool bottoms using ankle leashes. None of this latest group has been found in wetsuits and none has had her air hose cut as was the case with the early victims, they are just left with their regs in their mouths to run out of air. The girls are in bikinis or nude, their hands bound with zip-ties behind their tanks and weighted down with 25 pounds of lead bricks on old style diver’s weight belts around their waists. None was using a buoyancy compensator. As the air is exhausted from the steel tanks there isn’t enough positive buoyancy from the empty tank to get them off the bottom even if they weren’t tethered. All the Dons have teen daughters who dive and several have told me they feel their girls may be in danger and this is he sort of thing I’ve helped with before when they were afraid the level of violence was going to bring unwanted scrutiny to some aspects of their businesses. So, I think the Families will probably ask me to see if I can help find who is killing the girls. The rumor is they already have a short list of suspects.

The Vegas Families and ballet-boots: I did hear from Miss Mouthy’s father, after a fashion. He apparently intended to send one of the better local contractors after me, but he picked someone who happened to be connected to one of the Families who control Vegas. It’s my understanding that the contractor got a much better deal working for the Families. So Miss Mouthy’s father seems to have disappeared after checking out of his hotel. He was seen getting into a town car for the trip to McCarran international but never made his flight.

I got to know the three families who control most of the action here when Sal was still active. The folks here apparently liked what they saw as I seem to be a favorite and am invited to family occasion’s weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays etc so I think my friendships with them have helped me survive. I’ve taught several of their daughter’s ballet and about sex and fetishwear so their wives know me. All the men in the families love seeing me in ballet boots and asked that however formal the family occasion I’m invited to they expect me to wear ballet boots when I attend. I have a pair of gorgeous black Hermès calf skin pointe-boots by Gepetto for the most formal occasions. Of course Miss Mouthy’s father’s disappearance also removed the possibility of having to share the profit with someone new who had no skin in the game. Miss Mouthy was checked out of the hospital and she also disappeared so I think I’m off the hook for her ‘accident’ at least for now.

Veronica tests positive: Yesterday the 18 y/o lesbian who has been coming on to Cyndi [for more about that see my entry for 8-23-09] tested positive for pregnancy with a home test kit. She couldn’t (wouldn’t) believe the result so she went to the clinic for a blood pregnancy test which is far more sensitive and it confirmed that she is indeed preggers, at which point Chuck, the male Gyn who gave her the results, said she toppled out of the chair she was sitting in in a dead faint. When the clinic staff revived her and gave her something to eat she didn’t want to discuss her options with them. She went back to the dorm at St Lucy’s packed a small bag and left the campus w/o telling anyone where she was going and Cyndi said she isn’t answering her cell.

Veronica seems very nice except that she's just so assertive about being gay and is used to getting her own way so Cyndi not tumbling all over herself getting into her bed has really given Veronica fits. I'm hoping now that she’s pregnant she will shun Cyndi. She was warned - about the need for protection when exchanging fluids with Bi girls. Being preggers she may just flip out, not that pregnancy can't be easily taken care of, but she seems to me to be the type who will blame her body for being weak and falling prey to a man's sperm...She is new in school this year and has a mentor student assigned to her but she has disappeared w/o a trace, at least for now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sappho and semen

Veronica and Cyndi

Cyndi and ‘accidental’ pregnancy: Cyndi, my 16 y/o Brit-chick ward is a bit Bi and several weeks ago one of the new girls entering St Lucy’s for the Fall term came on to her as Cyndi was taking her on an orientation tour. Since the newbie is pretty, a dancer and seemed interesting Cyndi wanted to respond to her advances, but thought it best to remain just friends and so she made sure Veronica met one of the schools Sappho Sisters who could better care for her sexual needs. But Veronica continued to pursue Cyndi so she came to me for help in escaping Veronica’s romantic advances. It’s not that Cyndi doesn’t enjoy girl-girl sex, but she would rather be the initiator than the pursued and Veronica being very assertive turns Cyndi off.

Cyndi comes to me regularly on weekends as she loves the taste of breast milk so she milks me whenever our schedules permit. She believes drinking my breast milk as a nutritional supplement helps in developing strong bones and smooth skin and I think she is probably right, but even if its not it’s a very pleasant way for us both to have quality time together. When we have time we combine her breast feeding with a little gentle girl-girl sex. I always let her initiates so she can practice her technique and I play hard to get so she has to work at seducing me before she gets the first mouthful of milk or to finger my clit. Once she’s latched on to one of my nipples we are both enjoying ourselves too much to think of anything other than pleasure. She has become an expert in caressing my clitoral shaft until I gasp in ecstasy and she can hold me there gasping and quivering until I beg her to take me to orgasm. I wear a ball-gag to prevent making too much noise though there is no one to hear our screams but Caesar (in the room as a bodyguard while Cyndi and I are at our most vulnerable) and he is sleeping off a big meal and making that loud purring sound that contented tigers make. After she has milked me and snuggled against me I finger her to vaginal orgasm. We’ve found it is a lot safer for me to give her an orgasm after she has finished with me because if I take her to climax while she is still breast feeding she will either bite my nipple or choke on the milk or both as she gasps in ecstasy.

The Problem: While we were in afterglow Cyndi brought up her problem and asked how she could avoid having a sexual relationship with her w/o losing Veronica as a friend. I asked if Veronica used any form of contraception and Cyndi said she was pretty sure she didn’t because she brags that being lesbian she doesn’t need to worry about pregnancy and the bother of contraception and she thinks pregnancy is according to Cyndi, ‘only for submissive women subjugated by men’. When I heard that I thought of a plan. I asked if Veronica knew Cyndi frequently has sex with a small stable of unprotected male partners since Cyndi has a GyneFix IUD implanted for her own protection. She said yes, but that Veronica said she was going to give her such amazing sex she would change her mind about preferring men. I asked if she had cautioned Veronika that when she was fertile and Cyndi was draining semen she could get Veronica pregnant by them fingering one another. She said she had told her that and even suggested if Veronica was going to be having sex with Bi-women she should get on the pill or use a cervical barrier for contraceptive protection. She said Veronica laughed and didn’t believe her and I thought to myself that Veronica hadn’t been paying attention in my Intro to Contemp. Sexual Health orientation lecture, which in this case was working to Cyndi’s advantage.

The Plan: I asked if Cyndi knew where Veronica was in her menstrual cycle and she said that everyone’s cycles were common knowledge in the dorms, which was what I expected. Knowing that, my advice to Cyndi was to have as much sex with her boyfriends as possible from about CD10 through CD20 of Veronica’s cycle when she was most likely to be fertile. That way Cyndi would always have live sperm draining out of her and if Veronica initiated sex during her fertile days, which given the hormone surge she was likely to do, with Cyndi discharging semen and Veronica discharging fertile cervical mucus Veronica was likely to impregnate herself.

That was three weeks ago and it seems to have worked out well so far. Veronica was with Cyndi during days 11 through 17 of her cycle and was due to get her period this past Thursday. ‘Auntie Flo’ was a no-show so she is now officially three days late and Veronica is beginning to worry because her cycles are normally very regular and she hasn’t had an illness or stress that can sometimes delay ovulation and therefore her period. She hasn’t had any symptoms; vomiting, lack of stamina, changes in areola texture and coloration etc but this early that’s not unusual and Cyndi thinks she is afraid to test for the pregnancy hormone hCG and she has begun to avoid Cyndi.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gardasil Vaccine Safety 8-20-2009

Gardasil Vaccine Safety 8-20-2009
Information from FDA And CDC on the Safety of Gardasil Vaccine

On August 20, 2009 the FDA published information on the safety of Gardasil vaccine. The full text of that publication is at:


Based on the review of available information by FDA and CDC, Gardasil continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks.

CDC has not changed its recommendations for use of Gardasil. FDA has not made any changes to the prescribing information for how the vaccine is used. In addition, FDA routinely reviews manufacturing information, and has not identified any issues affecting the safety, purity and potency of Gardasil.

Public health and safety are priorities for FDA and CDC. As with all licensed vaccines, we will continue to closely monitor the safety of Gardasil. FDA and CDC continue to find that Gardasil is a safe and effective vaccine that will potentially benefit the health of millions of women by providing protection against the types of HPV in the vaccine that cause cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancer, genital warts, and other HPV-related genital diseases in females.

Other uses for breast implants

Identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants.

New York Daily News
by Staff Writers Nancy Dillon and Bill Hutchinson
Friday, August 21st 2009, 7:36 AM

Reality star mutilated ex-wife bikini model Jasmine Fiore's body - cops give grisly report

“A reality TV star charged with murdering his bikini model ex-wife allegedly severed her fingers and removed her teeth to make it harder to identify her, cops said Thursday night.

The grisly killing came after Ryan Alexander Jenkins had a "blowout" fight with bombshell Jasmine Fiore before she disappeared, ABC News reported.

"He was getting really angry," said a person who was with the couple early Friday morning in San Diego.

Jenkins, who is still on the run, flew into a jealous rage when Fiore spent too much time in a hotel bathroom talking on her cell phone.

"He kept screaming, 'Who were you talking to?'" the source told ABC.

California police believe Jenkins fled to Canada, killing Fiore, stuffing her nude body in a suitcase and tossing it in a Dumpster.

"The fingers and teeth were removed," said Lt. Steve Holliday of the Buena Park Police Department.

Holliday declined to reveal a motive for the sick slaying as Fiore's mother stood by him at a news conference dabbing at her teary eyes.

Cops warned that Jenkins, a contestant on the VH1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire," is dangerous.

Reports that the 26-year-old victim was mutilated left her relatives and friends angry.

"Ryan Jenkins is an animal," said Fiore's ex-boyfriend Robert Hasman, who also attended the news conference. "What he has done to Jasmine is unspeakable."

The gruesome details came just hours after murder charges were filed against Jenkins, 32, who was married to Fiore for two months.

He has been on the lam since he reported her missing Saturday.”

Ballet boots and Pyrex dildos

A lactating leather-wench in ballet-boots psyching up before being publicly milked

Pointe boots and Pyrex dildos: I still train in pointe fighting boots three days a week at Gepetto’s studios. Taryn and I usually are sparring partners. She’s faster and I’m still stronger (for now) and while she is a bit taller our legs are the same length so she doesn’t have a reach advantage, just speed. We wear the lightly armored – titanium plates - sparing boots with all features except the heavier ceramic plate armor that come in regulation fighting boots. Returning readers will remember that sparing pointe boots have the standard Inman heel guard releases, the unitized custom titanium boxes and shanks and quad bladed heels. Each weighs about 12 oz less than regulation pointe fighting boots.

So Taryn and I had just finished our workout and went into the locker room to shower and change. There was another woman about my age and her partner who were dressing in preparation for working out and she said something about me sparing with no competition. I let the remark go by w/o reply thinking to myself that the Miss Mouthy had obviously never sparred with Taryn. When she saw that she didn’t get a rise out of me she continued on about me robbing the cradle for sparing partners and I still didn’t respond verbally, but I could see that she was becoming more agitated as it became obvious that she wasn’t going to provoke me. I had hardly started undressing and decided to stop until I saw which way this confrontation was going and began to wonder why she had taken an apparent dislike to me. Did she know me from somewhere? I didn’t think so, but over the years I’ve made a lot of enemies. Was she on something that was causing her to be irrational and aggressive? I couldn’t tell.

By then she had taken off her street clothes and had her amour and boots laid out and as her partner helped her into her armor she whispered into Miss Mouthy’s ear. She just shook her head and kept on dressing as she continued to goad me about fighting children etc. She pulled on toe pads and forced her toes into the blocks of her boots then walked around to set her pointes before zipping them up. Then she was armed but not protected. All pointe boot fighters wear some form of pelvic protection that can vary widely based on individual women’s choices. I was wearing a silicone Penetrator plug under my armor. She opened a small cooler and removed a Pyrex dildo from a mound of crushed ice. I was familiar with the type she was using, one that is keyed to fit behind the pubic bone when fully inserted to prevent displacement if there are strong vaginal muscle contractions. That she was using a cooled glass dildo gave me a clue as to what might have led to her verbal attack on me. Cooled dildos are often used by women on testosterone, androgen therapy, to temper their aggression to the point that it can be kept under control. Taryn and I watched fascinated as Miss Mouthy rolled a lubed condom on to the chilled glass and adjusted her labia as she pushed it in until it keyed locking behind her pubic bone after which she sighed. Then she smiled as she stood up and faced me. She hadn’t bothered to fasten the pelvic padding and armor plate protection of her suit which hung down over her tight tush like a broad beaver tail when she hit the Inman releases on her heels. I heard the twin pings as her heel guards were flung away and her blades were bare. All three of us yelled ‘BARE BLADES’ simultaneously as we were taught to do when blades are unsheathed by a wearer anywhere but in a fighting ring. And then she kicked at my head with her right foot.

The fight: Since I wasn’t wearing my helmet that was a forbidden move as you can permanently disfigure or kill an opponent who isn’t wearing a helmet, but then it is forbidden to fight in the dressing room too. Once she swung first I was allowed (by Gepetto’s rules) to defend myself. It was over in 15 seconds. Her kick has propelled her into a single pirouette with her armored tail flying out behind her. As she landed her turn facing me my first kick was to the head of her glass dildo. Pyrex is strong stuff but under stress it can shatter. Given that it was chilled and then inserted into a 96° F vagina and then the tip was subjected to a really brutal kick, the glass shattered. As the platform of my boot withdrew from the kick I could see the starred glass of the plug head where it had shattered and shredded the latex membrane of the condom she used as an insertion aid. Her eyes went wide, her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out and she bent double clawing at her crotch. As she bent over I pulled my second kick only tapping her in the face crushing her nose as she toppled forward on to her face where she shattered her lower jaw. She lay there quivering and moaning and bleeding from the mouth, nose and vagina. I’m sure security was already on the way having seen the fight on the CCTV but I pushed the alarm button anyway just to have on record that I asked for help. I really hate for that sort of thing to happen. I haven’t been challenged – if that’s what she was trying to do – in months. I was hoping that the days of me of having to prove myself every time some woman with a grudge or on hormones, or both gets a wild hair up her ass and decides she wants a piece of me were behind me. I don’t mind aggressive men, they can be fun, but there is no making-up sex afterward if I fight a woman. Gepetto came to the studio to see the extent of the injuries and said that the video shows it wasn’t my fault. He did say however that Miss Mouthy is the daughter of a mob boss who is out here looking to carve out a piece of the local pie for himself. So I may hear about it from him. Awww, damn! Sigh! The ER doctor said the dildo had shattered into long slivers and shredded her cervix. The lower part of her uterus was so badly shredded that she ended up having a Hysterectomy. I have always thought wearing a glass dildo while fighting was a very bad idea and it turned out I was right.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubble fucked, part II

A Cooper Surgical – Milex wide-seal – silicone diaphragm

A reader’s question: An interested reader asked if the manufacturer and style of diaphragm is important when being selected – to be used with an Oves cap - for women needing effective bubble fuck protection. The short answer is yes.

I know I’ve said that being bubble fucked is something most women want nothing to do with and that’s true. But at St Lucy’s there are a lot of girls who are interested in having the experience at least once, “been there, done that got the tee shirt to prove it’. And at St Lucy’s that usually means changing diaphragms because almost all the girls who use Ds there wear Semina, the super thin transparent silicone dome ‘Barbie Barrier’. A Semina is great for pregnancy protection from a thrusting penis and for ordinary dive-sex down to 10m but the dome isn’t thick enough to take wear from the hard silicone wings of a pussy reg being shoved into the vagina and rubbing against the dome. For bubble fuck protection a Milex Omniflex is the diaphragm of choice to be used with an Oves cap. An arcing spring style should be not be used because pressure from the wings of the mouthpiece could cause the rim to fold and lessen the rim seal. The dome of a Milex is better because while still stretchy and flexible it is thicker making it difficult (but not impossible) to puncture or tear so it better protects the Oves cap sucking on the diver’s cervix.

Gas fisting: I think it’s fun when the gas balloons my vagina and I try to teach the introductory course so the students will enjoy that experience too! It’s sort of like getting fisted during a submerged pelvic exam and when I describe it that way it increases the student’s interest in trying it. Of course vaginal ballooning forces a girl to pee in her partner’s face but he’s in a mask and reg so that's really not a problem. I tell my students the guy she’s with is too busy watching her reaction to worry about being in a cloud of her urine. Of course that’s not the only cloud because the air being forced out around the mouthpiece carries with it a puffy swirls of semen, spermicide and dive-gel which coats her partner’s facemask unless he turns away, but few do because they are fascinated by how she is handling the experience.

Single hose regulators: I’ve mentioned before that it’s necessary to use a single hose reg., that has a purge button, when the intention is to use it for bubble fucking. That’s because double hose regs don’t have a purge button so there is no good way to force air into the vagina with a dual-hose mouthpiece. What I do if I want to wear my Mistral twin-hose reg is I’ll have my partner attach an octopus with a pussy reg to his SCUBA set. That way I get a bubble free view of him moving in and out of me during sex then get to see him insert the modified mouthpiece in me and watch the cloud of semen, dive-gel and bubbles gush out as he pushes the purge button and fills my birth canal with air.

A dive-sex pregnancy: I was CD19 yesterday and spent several hours volunteering at the clinic. One of the 18 y/o St Lucy’s girls came in for a termination after testing positive before starting her afternoon SCUBA diving class. She is on the continuous regimen pill Lybrel (from Wyeth) where a combined estrogen/progestin pill is taken every day with no pill free days. It is a new dosing regimen (approved by the FDA in May of 2007) of very low dose. Each round yellow 6mm pill contains: 90 micrograms of the progestin levonorgestrel and 20 micrograms of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol. The pills are taken continuously 365 days/yr. Lybrel comes in 28 day packs (13 per year). She had irregular bleeding off and on for the first 90 days which happens for about 40% of women starting Lybrel after which she hadn’t bled at all for the last 9 months.

She had taken antibiotics for a sinus infection and recognizing that her hormonal protection could be compromised she intended using a strapless FemCap as back-up. However the cap hurt her new partner, an escort candidate, and so she switched to an old Ortho 60mm All-Flex latex diaphragm that she had been fitted with several years earlier when she first came to St Lucy’s. Since she was still growing then and had become much more sexually experienced since she last had the diaphragm fit checked it was much too small to provide effective protection. She had dive sex with her new guy 7 times using the diaphragm in the week she was on the antibiotic and for an additional week after finishing the medicine while her hormonal protection was being reestablished. She was very newly preggers, having passed all earlier daily hCG tests required before diving each day. She opted for a menstrual extraction and was on her way an hour later having also been fitted with a new 70mm silicone All-Flex for protection during dive-sex. Because she was so early in her pregnancy there was no need to dilate her cervix to insert the small cannula for her ME. She was feeling achy after the procedure so rested the remainder of the day but she’s fine now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gardasil in the news, again

Merck's Gardasil Has Higher Rates of Fainting, Clots

The Wall Street Journal - Health
AUGUST 18, 2009, 4:15 P.M. ET

“Recipients of Merck & Co.'s Gardasil cervical-cancer vaccine had higher rates of fainting and blood clots than those receiving other vaccines, but it doesn't appear to raise the risk of certain severe adverse events, according to a new safety analysis.

A separate article accompanying the safety study, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, criticized Merck's marketing of Gardasil, including the company's funding of education campaigns by professional medical associations, which the authors said didn't provide a balanced view of the vaccine.

The two articles add to questions about the safety, effectiveness and marketing of Gardasil, which have dogged the vaccine since its 2006 introduction.

Doctors have questioned how effectively the vaccine prevents cervical cancer, given that its regulatory approval was for protecting against two strains of human papilloma virus, or HPV, that can cause cancer, but not all cancer-causing strains. Also, the vaccine was tested in only a few hundred 11- and 12-year-old girls, which some doctors said was too small a number to declare it safe for that age group. Critics assailed Merck's efforts to get states to require HPV vaccination, a push Merck backed away from in 2007.

Gardasil sales have stalled over the past year after brisk growth initially. U.S. Gardasil sales for the first six months of 2009 declined 34% to $363 million. Merck has had a particularly tough time persuading women ages 18 to 26 to get the shot--which costs nearly $400 for the full three-dose regimen.

The shot is designed to prevent infection by some types of HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer, rarer forms of cancer and genital warts. Merck is seeking regulatory approval to market its use in males.

The U.S. health authorities who led the safety review say the vaccine is safe, despite the higher rates of fainting and blood clots they identified. The vaccine's benefits and potential to prevent cervical cancer outweigh the risks, said Barbara Slade, the study's lead author and a medical officer in the immunization safety office of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But others urge greater caution among doctors and patients in deciding on Gardasil vaccination. Cervical cancer takes decades to develop, and there are established methods for detecting and treating it, said Charlotte Haug, editor in chief of the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. Ms. Haug, who wrote an accompanying editorial in this week's JAMA, called Merck's marketing for Gardasil "pushy" and "disturbing."

Researchers at the CDC and U.S. Food and Drug Administration analyzed more than 12,400 reports of adverse events following Gardasil vaccination that were filed between June 2006 through December. During this time, more than 23 million doses of Gardasil were distributed in the U.S.

About 6% of the reported events resulted in hospitalization, permanent disability or death, Dr. Slade said. This was a smaller percentage than other vaccines, and the 32 deaths weren't higher than would be expected among the vaccine's target population--females ages nine to 26. Plus, nothing suggested that Gardasil caused the deaths, Dr. Slade said.

Of nearly 1,900 reports of fainting, 200 resulted in falls that caused head injuries including fractures and dental injuries. Anxiety and pain from the shot may be causing the fainting spells, Dr. Slade said. The study's authors recommended health-care professionals keep recipients in the office for about 15 minutes after vaccination to mitigate fainting.

Blood clots were less common, occurring 56 times, according to the study. They included four deaths due to pulmonary embolisms. But the authors say the clot data should be viewed with caution because 90% of those with clots had other risk factors, such as being smokers or using oral contraceptives.

Rick Haupt, program lead for HPV vaccines at Merck's research arm, said the study supports Merck's view that Gardasil has "high efficacy" and a "favorable safety profile."

In the marketing critique, researchers from Columbia University wrote that Merck's strategy maximized the threat of cervical cancer to adolescents, minimized the sexual transmission of HPV, and "practically ignored" the sub-populations most at risk, including African Americans in the South, Latinos along the Texas-Mexico border and whites in Appalachia.

Merck, of Whitehouse Station, N.J., funded professional medical associations to help spread the word about Gardasil, including groups of gynecologists and doctors working at colleges. These groups developed lecture programs and other educational materials that, according to the Columbia researchers, "did not address the full complexity of the issues surrounding the vaccine and did not provide balanced recommendations on risks and benefits."

Spokespeople for the groups say their educational campaigns were developed with no oversight from Merck, and that the information used was consistent with recommendations by health authorities.

Merck said it provided about $750,000 to the three groups highlighted in the JAMA article to help improve understanding of HPV. Also, Mr. Haupt said, Merck's marketing focused on cervical cancer because two HPV types targeted by the vaccine are believed to cause about 70% of all cervical-cancer cases, and health authorities believe routine vaccination of adolescent girls will prevent many cases.”

Personal comment: There is no evidence in this research to suggest that Gardasil is more dangerous or less effective than the initial studies suggested. I think the most criticism is coming from religious conservative individuals or groups who are uncomfortable with anything that might protect women from the danger caused by some forms of HPV. Are there effective alternatives? In some cases there are, but not from genital warts if a partner is shedding cells. Do many women still die each year from cervical cancer? Yes, because they aren’t getting routine PAPs that will pick it up in time. Gardasil has a place as an effective vaccine for young women. As I’ve posted before all the students at St Lucy’s get the Gardasil vaccine as do all my female casino performers and escorts.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegas Values

Go around not through vault doors

Latex Vs silicone as a diaphragm material: Recently, on another forum on which I post, there has been a discussion of the advantages of silicone over latex as a material for contraceptive diaphragms and cervical caps. I think that Silicone is preferable for many reasons, some of them are:

It is far less porous, and thus less likely to stain and develop an odor from extended continuous use.
It is less likely to contribute to vaginal infections
It is less likely to be damaged by oily medicines and lubricants.
It will last at least three times as long as a latex device because the synthetic
rubber is not nearly as sensitive to drying out, hardening and cracking due to age.

There is only one area in which latex may be superior to silicone when used for diaphragms and that is body heat transfer. Far more experienced men prefer thrusting into the dome of a latex diaphragm than a silicone one because they say it feels more natural. I’ll take their word because unlike women their most sensitive part is continually thrusting into the dome of a diaphragm so they should know.

Of course silicone is the only material used for cervical caps now. There was the Prentif cap approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. in 1988 but the manufacturer in the UK stopped making it several years ago so as the Prentif caps still in use need to be replaced FemCap is the only alternative in a cap. I wear Oves which is much smaller than Prentif or FemCap. Our clinic has an arrangement with Veos, the maker of Oves and our clinic is participating in a clinical trial of Oves with the hope that it will be approved for sale in the U.S. so currently Oves has very limited availability.

Karen: I’ve been sweating almost daily in my newest death rubber since I harvested it, luxuriating in the feel of being totally encased in tight black latex. [For details of that harvesting see my entry for 8-14-09.] The last time I wore it was the other night when Pirate played with me into the early morning hours. I had intended to strip and shower but after he left I was wound so tight I lay down to read a few paged in a new novel, The Girl Who Played With Fire, by Stieg Larsson, - It’s a wonderful read - and must have dosed off. I woke the next morning to find I had slept through the night in it. While I was asleep my subconscious was interacting with the dead woman’s essence that still lingers in the suit. Her name was Karen and she was immobilized but awake when she died so she knew what was happening. I can’t see the face nor do I know the name of the man who paralyzed her with a powder she saw him put in her rebreather bag (he told her it was blow) and who filled her with semen put her in the car and left her in the broiling sun to die. I guess her rebreather being contaminated with the toxic powder explains why her partner removed it so he wouldn’t be overcome by the effects of the powder with her in the SUV.

As I lay there the next morning her emotions filtered up from my subconscious. Her terror during the last minutes of her life was the strongest and it sent my pulse rate soaring and I was soaked in sweat as I struggled to deal with the adrenaline overload, but after that peak there was an overwhelming sense of betrayal. After I realized my body wasn’t being paralyzed I was able to sort out some of the details of her last few days and learned her death was because she became a ‘loose end’ while running to avoid capture after embezzling a lot of money from a division of a huge international company.

A nice girl: Karen thought of herself as a ‘nice girl’ attractive, college educated with a degree in accounting, her only deviant behavior being a kinky interest in rubber fetishwear. She had been employed by a large corporation and worked herself into a responsible position where at her boyfriends urging for the last three years she had been tampering with the books diverting a bit of the profit into an offshore account. A few weeks ago things began to unravel when the IRS suddenly appeared in the company’s offices for an audit because of some deductions the company had taken years before she began working there. Then she found she was 8 weeks pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby. Fearing her embezzling would be uncovered in the audit they decided to run. They flew to Vegas and her boyfriend killed her after having her dress in her best fetish rubber and having sex with her. He told her as he was loading her into the SUV that he intended her death to look like a Vegas killing in a turf war. She was devastated to find the father of her unborn child didn’t love her and intended to kill her to simplify his escape.

Bingo! One bit of information that was amazingly clear from her essence still inhabiting the suit was the bank, account number and password of the account where she had parked the money. It didn’t seem likely that the money would still be there a week or more after her death, but hey, give it a try, right? I tried searching for the bank and after a few false starts found it. I entered the required information and there it was! Jesus! Go figure! I suppose the guy thought she was the only other person who knew and she wasn’t going to tell anyone. I transferred the entire amount into an account elsewhere.

Now I’m in a position that I don’t have worry about playing nice with Shelly’s husband as I have more than enough funds to go ahead with my discretionary projects. I don’t want to make an enemy of him I just want to pull back a bit and have an arms length business relationship with him. That also resolves any appearance of conflict of interest I might have had by having intimate relationships with them both. I thought I was using business morality (Vegas Values) and doing well, but having Karen’s money simplifies my relationship with Shelly. I don’t think her husband will be a problem. I have half a dozen HD videos of him. Really fun things like him strutting around in ballet boots (he’s actually rather good at that) with a massive erection while wearing a lovely pink latex nurse’s uniform, or a schoolgirl outfit; knee socks, Mary Jane’s a plaid mini and a sports bra with pushup pads. Or him astride me spewing semen all over my face while I was wearing my black latex Polymorphe helmet/mask. You get the idea. He gave me an excuse and I took it. I caught him polling Anya! Not that he and I were an item, I was careful to keep kept our affair under the radar, but I used jealousy as my excuse when I cut him off. No more of my ass for ‘Mr. Shelly’ and if he bucks I’ll destroy him and he knows it. A copy of the videos to his conservative buds back East and he’d be toast. So I’m sure he will back off. Besides, I think he’s transferred his interest to Anya and since she handled Deiter she can certainly handle him.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The dangers of being bubble fucked

A SeaCure Custom regulator Mouthpiece

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Women as sex objects: Vegas is undoubtedly the worst, most effective, city in the U.S. as far as portraying women as objects of desire. Here the mindset hasn’t progressed from the 1950s when the modern gaming capitol began to be developed with mob money. Today of course we have all the latest technology to aid in the sexual objectification of women. It is only the strongest most devious, shrewd and determined women who make it to the top as far as money, privilege and status are concerned here in Vegas. It’s my kind of town! On the other hand, rough sex-play can be taken too far like when a woman is unexpectedly bubble fucked.

An increasing hazard: Being ‘bubble fucked’, where pressurized gas is intentionally injected in to a partner’s vagina, is becoming a problem. It had been a little known ‘exotic’ services offering by a few very experienced and confident up-market escorts and is very profitable although uncomfortable and still dangerous even if the woman has been trained in the technique is using special equipment and wearing the proper protection. The service is a particular favorite of misogynists and to be successful at seemingly enjoying it the escort has to be a masochist. Not that being bubble fucked can’t be exceptionally erotic with the right man and if you love extremely edgy sex. An orgasm under those circumstances has to be experienced to be believed! I think it’s the fact that if your protection is compromised during the experience you are dead or perhaps worse, a vegetable for the remainder of life that makes it so appealing to me, rather like a moth to a flame. Perhaps I do have a death wish.

Most sports shields ineffective: Being bubble fucked is a problem even if the woman knows it’s going to happen and protects herself with a sports shield. That’s because the surge of gas will briefly balloon the vagina breaking the seal on a diaphragm and dislodging a FemCap by pulling the walls of the vagina away from the sides of the brim so the cap loses vacuum and slips off the cervix. The only effective protection from serious side effects from being bubble fucked is to wear an Oves cap and there are many women who can’t be properly fitted with an Oves because of irregularities on their cervical walls. Even some women knowledgeable about the dangers of being bubble fucked and dating or hooking up with a clueless guy have been caught unprepared and have had to struggle to distract him by pulling out his reg or flooding his mask to prevent the possibility of being seriously injured. On the surface in the shallow end of a pool as a last resort it’s easier for a woman to avoid a determined man by removing her SCUBA gear and getting out of the pool. A side effect of the recent rash of injuries is that the request for Oves fittings has spiked as women into dive-sex rush to protect themselves with the only device known to be effective.

For typical escorts who offer dive-sex as a service being bubble fucked is an increasing problem and one they are having to learn to deal with. It’s impossible to tell for sure if the men are unaware of the danger to their partners, are just misogynistic or are actually trying to harm them. It’s gotten to the point that the women I know who are offering dive-sex and who can be fitted with Oves are ‘double bagging’, wearing the Oves cap beneath a diaphragm or FemCap. That’s because there have been at least two instances where the man intentionally pulled out his escorts sports shield before releasing compressed gas into her birth canal. In a few instances getting bubble fucked has spread to social dating between friends where there was no commercial transaction involved. Almost all women divers even though protected try to avoid being bubble fucked if at all possible because it’s basically rape with a foreign object, unless of course, you are into that sort of thing. This is yet another instance of the objectification of women. To add insult to possible injury in an unplanned encounter the woman’s own single hose regulator is pulled from her mouth and used to administer the gas and the wings of her mouthpiece can tear the soft flesh of the entrance to her vagina when the guy tries to shove it in before pressing the purge button.

Professional training: I occasionally train a few adventuresome very, very up-market professionals in the technique. I and they use an octopus on our SCUBA sets so we can have a second regulator (Taryn calls it a ‘pussy reg’) on a longer hose that can be brought from behind and between the legs. A pussy reg is fitted with a mouthpiece that has been custom molded to act something like the bill of a vaginal speculum and fit snugly into the vagina. Our clinic offers this fitting service to ensure the wings of the mouthpiece are fitted to the wearer’s anatomy so it will lock behind the wearers pubic bone and will hold the anterior rim of her diaphragm firmly against the anterior vaginal wall so that under pressure of the jetting gas it will not (should not) displace. An aftermarket moldable SeaCure mouthpiece [see the image accompanying this entry] is ideal for that. The SeaCure is moldable by placing it in very hot water to soften it and then molding to fit the woman’s pelvic anatomy though insertion can still be unpleasant regardless of how much dive-gel is used if the man isn’t experienced. Having the mouthpiece molded by an experienced fitter at the clinic also ensures there are no sharp edges or points on the wings that could tear or puncture the dome of the diaphragm and make her protection ineffective. Going into the pool with a modified reg on an octopus you have to be careful that it doesn’t drag on the paved surfaces and become roughened as you are depending on the smooth surfaces of the wings to prevent vaginal trauma.

St Lucy’s training: At St Lucy’s I have included the dangers of introducing compressed gas into the female reproductive tract (being bubble fucked) in my Contemporary Sexual Health course and we strongly recommend each of our students to see if they are a good candidate for an Oves fitting and if they are they should be fitted if there is any chance that they will be having dive-sex. Because of the availability of compressed gas for SCUBA bubble fucking has, so far as we know, been limited to instances when couples have been diving.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kourtney Kardashian preggers

Kourtney Kardashian unexpectedly Preggers

Celebrity Oops: During an interview with Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Thursday morning, Kourtney Kardashian singled out a mix-up with birth control as the explanation for her baby-on-the-way, due this Christmas. “This probably sounds so dumb,” she admits, “but there’s so many times I’ll forget to take my pill and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I’ve done that several times and never really thought about it. It’s just so stupid.”

User failure: A woman has to be focused enough to remember to take her pill on time. Kourtney’s pregnancy wasn’t a pill failure it was a user failure which is the single largest reason for unintended pregnancies while using oral contraceptives. That’s why I stress the need for young women to use a low maintenance method like Implanon, the single rod implant, or a GyneFix IUD implant. For more mature women I personally prefer a cervical barrier because it is something tangible that I can insert and remove and that will not only protect me against pregnancy but will allow me to participate in deviant sexual practices that would otherwise be extremely dangerous if not fatal.

My new death rubber

A House of Harlot latex enclosure suit similar to the one I peeled off a dead rubber-chick

Desert rubber-chicks: It's very hot (105° F +) here in the desert in the summer and one thing a rubber-chick must avoid out here is getting caught in the sun for prolonged intervals while encased in rubber. Last week we found a rubber-chick who was suited up in black latex and left in black a car left in the sun. The temperature inside must have been 150°s if it was a degree and there was no sign of a struggle so she had probably been given a sedative of some sort. Taryn and I found her off Route 95 toward Indian Springs when we were on the way to the ranch. The girl must have died of heatstroke in less than an hour. She had recently had sex – with her killer? She was still draining semen as I peeled her suit off. The dead girl’s zippers were tightly closed and when I opened them to strip her in addition to the sweaty latex odor there must have been 2 quarts of sweat that poured out. Of course she had stopped sweating before she died as her body shut down. When I checked her protection she had a well used 65mm Ortho coil spring diaphragm inserted but was wearing it dry (no spermicide in the dome) so she was probably wearing it as a sports shield. I kept her 65mm coil as part of the set but it is much too small for me to wear for protection as I take an 80mm in a diaphragm though we are about the same size, except for our pelvic anatomy.

A hit or fatal S&M play: After I pulled off her gasmask (she wasn’t using a rebreather bag) I couldn't tell at first from the look on her face if she was smiling or if she had been terrified. I think she may have been very scared at the end if she was aware that her body was overheating. I wonder if she was dreaming or paralyzed and was aware of what was happening but was unable to help herself. I didn’t recognize her and I’m familiar with most rubber-chicks who circulate in the local clubs so she must have been new in town. The SUV she was found in was a rental that had been stolen. It doesn’t look like a Family hit but it could have been by an outside contractor or perhaps it was an S&M game that got a bit too intense and went bad and she was left to die alone. There may have been two people involved in leaving her because someone had to drive the car to where it was found, it was unlocked and the keys were on the driver’s seat, and someone had to pick up the driver. There was someone’s DNA from the semen sample but I’m betting there wouldn’t have been a match. Once I decided to strip her for her suit I couldn’t leave her to be found so we took her to the old tannery and after I took what I wanted she went into the quicklime pond. I tossed her ballet boots in too since they were poor quality and not my size.

My new ‘death rubber’: Returning readers know I collect rubber fetishwear in which women have died while having sex, hence the name ‘death rubber’ when the suits are made of latex or neoprene. My friends think I'm a bit strange but that’s the way I’m kinked. I love wearing a dead woman’s latex skin because I believe that I can sense what the person was like (not always a pleasant experience but still a thrill) and can feed on some of their energy that is still embedded in the rubber of the suit if I can harvest it fairly soon after her death. The dead woman’s essence lingering in her clothing is the case for death-leathers as well but in my experience seemingly not to the same extent as the spirit of the dead woman left in latex even if I can remove the leathers from her body within 24 hours after she died. This rubber-chick whose fetish-rubber I’m wearing was fully encased in the zippered suit, ballet boots, heavy rubber gloves, mask/helmet and gasmask but no rebreather bag, which for a fully kitted out rubber-chick is unusual. I wonder if she lost her rebreather bag when she was loaded in to the car. I'm wearing most of it now except for the gloves so I can type, her ballet boots (not my size) so I’m wearing my own Gepettos custom pointe boots and my own Mestel SGE 400 gas mask while her mask is being fumigated.

Her suit really is a wonderful addition to my collection. It’s a lovely vintage House of Harlot rubber encasement suit of wonderfully stretchy heavy black latex with full zipper crotch and breast access with helmet/mask and gloves. It is a Polymorphe design but an up-market knockoff made for heavy use. Even being a knock-off the latex is high quality, the seams smoothly and fully welded and the zippers good quality so it’s an excellent addition to my collection. I'm wearing it as I type this entry and Pirate has already ‘christened’ it taking me from behind not more than 2 hours ago as I balanced en pointe in an old comfy pair of Freeds. So now I’m still draining his seed. One of the nice things about House of Harlot suits is that their zippers are waterproof so I’m sitting a puddle of Pirate’s semen that has pooled in my crotch. Another thing about this suit is that it was custom made for a chick my size with C-cup breasts so I can wear it comfortably even when my breasts are engorged and I need to be milked. I have a large Pyrex dildo inserted – since I’m CD15 and ovulated yesterday and still in need of sexual release.- so I can play with myself as I compose this entry. Also, the A/C is turned up so I don't melt in this wonderful suit while I’m fucking myself.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deaths hurt Australian dive industry

A scene from the film Open Water.

Dive deaths killing off local industry
Marissa Calligeros
August 12, 2009

North Queensland dive tour operators say the recurring headline "dive death" is partly to blame for killing off the local industry.

Although the state's tourism industry is flagging generally, operators are adamant no sector has the odds stacked against it like the diving trade, which has declined 30 per cent in the past 12 months.

Already hurting from the economic downturn and rising fuel costs, worldwide publicity surrounding high-profile fatalities has continued to punish Queensland's dive industry.

The release of the film Open Water, which was loosely based on the disappearance of divers Thomas and Eileen Lonergan in waters off Port Douglas in 1998, temporarily reopened wounds six years ago.

Since then the death of honeymooner Tina Watson, left to drown by her husband Gabriel `Gabe' Watson in 2004, attracted international headlines, as did Gabe's court case earlier this year.

Then in May last year Briton Dick Neely and American Alison Dalton made world news after the pair became separated from their Great Barrier Reef dive charter. The couple was plucked from shark-infested ocean waters north of Airlie Beach 19 hours after being reported missing.

Dive tour veteran Monique Matthews of Undersea Explorer, one of two private charter operations to fold in the past nine months, said perpetual sensational media coverage had had a "devastating effect" on small industry players.

"As it does on so many things the media sensationalizes these things to the point of no return... for us anyway," Ms Matthews said.

The liveaboard vessel Undersea Explorer catered for small tour groups, especially couples and professional divers, but folded last year under the weight of increasing overhead expenses. Bad press was the straw that broke the camel's back, Ms Matthews said. "We can't fight the huge media machine," she said. "The Lonergans disappeared more than a decade ago and people still talk about it."

In October 2008, Nimrod Explorer, the second Cairns-based liveaboard catamaran, was sold by its US parent Explorer Ventures to the World Health Organization. The Nimrod catered for up to 20 diving enthusiasts, unlike larger operations which provide tours for as many as 50 people.

The industry is also incensed at coverage of people who die of medical conditions while diving, which can leave businesses struggling to convince tourists scuba diving and snorkeling in Queensland is safe.

One problem was the media was too quick to brand fatal incidents "dive deaths" regardless of the circumstances, Queensland Dive Tourism Association general manager Col McKenzie said. "You can come to Australia and Australia will give you world-quality diving which is very, very safe, but we can't guarantee you won't suffer a heart attack," Mr. McKenzie said.

Last month a 58-year-old American tourist, believed to have suffered a heart attack, was pulled unconscious from the water while snorkeling at Saxon Reef, north-east of Cairns. He later died. The man had been part of a group tour operated by the Cairns-based Down Under Dive and was scuba diving with a group of people about 10.25am before resurfacing to go snorkeling.

A spokesman for the Maritime Union of Australia said there had been two deaths involving the North Queensland dive industry in the past 12 months.

Personal comment: I understand the problems of dealing with a rapacious media. But the stories of a couple (the Lonergans) being left in the ocean by their dive boat and a bride being drowned by her husband on their honeymoon and Dick Neely and Alison Dalton, who fortunately were recovered after being left in the ocean, are the stuff of legend and probably will be talked about by anyone interested in recreational diving until the end of time. The dive operators are right though that they get tagged with the deaths of physically unfit people who want to dive and aren’t able to take the stress of the sport. That’s why we require a full physical before teaching dive-sex at St Lucy’s and for pool bungalow guests using casino resources for dive sex.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz

Pointe show quiz

Another in an occasional series… Who is the maker of these shoes?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Orientation at St Lucy’s

Incoming St Lucy’s girl getting a Gardasil injection

Orientation for incoming St Lucy’s students: Yesterday I held a special Contemporary Sexual Health class for all incoming St. Lucy’s students 16 years of age (the age of consent in Nevada) and older and another for incoming students younger than 16.

Both groups get the standard pelvic, pap and full panel of STI tests and starts or continues her regimen of Gardasil shots. The 16 and over group was sorted buy sexual orientation and assigned a girl of the same orientation to be her mentor during first-year. For Hets I let them know there was also a group of STI screened ‘Student Stallions’ (chosen from the pool of younger escort trainees) available if they have a crisis and needed immediate relief and there was a like group of ‘Sappho’s Sisters’ for incoming daughters of Lesbos. Neither of these support groups is meant to take the place of social integration into the student body and surrounding support community but available for comfort and guidance into the full social life of a St Lucy’s student.

A new girl and her Sappho sister

Underage girls: The girls 15 and younger were screened for sexual activity and checked to see that they had the necessary release forms from their parents to permit their sexual activity as part of the St Lucy’s curriculum. Once the proper forms are obtained the St Lucy’s curriculum can be very liberally defined to meet the individual student’s physical and emotional needs, as it was with Cyndi before she turned 16. Some of the girls younger than 16 (the ones not on contraceptive hormones) will become almost as SA as the girls over 16, while some of the girls on hormones will become virtual virgins with no interest in sex at all, a common side effect of hormonal birth control. Fortunately all the incoming girls interested in ballet are not on hormonal contraceptives. Ballet students do far better when cycling naturally and using other means of contraception. Hormones stunt a dancers creativity so unless a dancer is immobilized with heavy bleeding or painful periods it’s better that she not be on hormones if she can avoid them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ben Wa Balls and their uses

A pair of Jade Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls: Ben Wa balls were probably first used in the orient for sexual pleasure and may also be used to simply increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, much as the Taoist practice The Deer Exercise has been used for centuries and the Kegel exercises are used today. Similar to Kegel exercises, Ben Wa balls and other shaped vaginal weights are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.

To establish a base line for Shelly’s pelvic strengthening Chuck took a series of base-line measurements or vaginal myographs with an electromyography perineometer. A probe was inserted in her vagina and she was asked to contract her vaginal muscles and the electrical activity in her muscle contractions was picked up by 48 electrodes around the circumference of the probe and recorded in a special computer program. The results were displayed on a laptop computer so she could see how where strong her contractions were. The accuracy and the ease of reading the results of myographic perineometer measurements has improved markedly with the advent of software loaded and displayed on a laptop so that once calibrated by base-line measurements an individual patient can be confident that she is getting accurate readings when she inserts and positions the electromyography probe herself each morning. The probe was adjusted to Shelly’s pelvic anatomy and the locking lug fits up behind her pubic bone to prevent her expelling it during strong vaginal contractions. The shaft of the probe is inflatable so that the patient can increase its size when she is sexually aroused and the vaginal barrel elongates (tents) to accurately measure vaginal contractions during orgasm.

Oves, the ripple grip and Ben Wa balls: Fortunately Shelly’s cervix is smooth symmetrical and a 22mm Oves fits her perfectly. That means she will be able to ripple grip her partners during deep dive sex. With a FemCap the brim protrudes about 50mm into the vagina and prevents the vaginal muscles compressing the walls to their maximum just in front of the cervix where muscular contractions are most needed for an effective ripple grip. A diaphragm reduces the grip somewhat also so the only barrier that can be used for protection during deep dive sex and allows maximum grip strength on the tip of her partner’s penis near the cervix is the tiny, soft, thin silicone membrane of an Oves cap. However, to isolate and strengthen and be able to individually control those muscles requires training with Ben Wa balls which will allow the woman to manipulate the balls up and down the length of her vaginal barrel and from that learn how to milk the semen from an erection by squeezing and pulling on the head of her partner’s penis when he has it pressed up tight against the tip of her cervix.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outfitting Shelly

Pas De Deux warm-up with Ben Wa balls inserted

Shelly and STIs: Shelly got her last (the third) Gardasil shot yesterday and because this is Vegas and she will be starting an intensive regimen of sexual training she underwent a full panel of STI tests along with her pelvic exam and pap. Research is finding that Gardasil can protect women from HPV caused rectal and throat cancers as well as the cervical kind which is good news since a lot of young women think they are practicing safe sex by having oral or anal sex rather than penile-vaginal intercourse. They have no idea! Pregnancy is a lot easier to deal with than cancer.

Being fitted: I took her out to Gepetto’s to be fitted for a pair of his best custom made ballet boots. She has a pair of off-the shelf ones from a decent maker but Gepetto’s pointe boots are far more supportive and comfortable while being very flattering to the feet and legs. She also had an extensive fitting appointment with Chuck at the clinic for silicone diaphragms and a strapless FemCap. She got a full line of ‘Domme’ cervical barriers in shiny black latex for playing with her rubberstud and was measured for custom a set of Penetrator plugs. Then she had her ParaGard removed and cervix dilated and Chuck implanted a GyneFix IUD which will be far more effective during extremely intense sex than her ParaGard. With all that poking and prodding pelvic activity she was pretty sore so loaded up with ibuprofen and decided to abstain for a day or two to give herself time to recover. Since her husband in on the East Coast on business she shouldn’t have a problem doing that, but then the girl has been known to change her mind, especially if the ibuprofen really kicks in. I’ve had Pirate assign her a training stallion so if she decides to take a man she’s good to go.

Synchronizing cycles: It will be easier to teach Shelly diaphragm use during her period if her period is synched with mine. I’m CD9 and she is CD16 and we both have very regular 28 day cycles. So, to delay her period until I’m CD1 again Chuck, her Gyn, prescribed her nine 5mg tablet of Aygestin (the progestin norethisterone) that will allow her to delay her period. She’ll begin taking one a day two days before her period is supposed to start and will stop taking them when I’m CD28 so we should start bleeding together. I don’t think we well be working as closely as Anya, Taryn, Cyndi and I do so she may not stay in menstrual synchrony with me as they do, but if not we should be close enough for several cycles which will be long enough for me to demonstrate menstrual sex techniques and for her to practice them with a suitable partner.

Domme wear: As a rubber-chick in the making Shelly has really taken to our clinic’s ‘Domme’ line of shiny black latex cervical barriers. She has been using a Diva Cup for flow control during her periods and wasn’t aware that a diaphragm could be used for flow control to allow penetrative menstrual sex w/o much of the attendant mess. Like a lot of other girls who are into rubber she bought several diaphragms so she can give her husband one. Even though she had a IUD inserted he has been after her to be fitted with a latex barrier, but because of the ParaGard’s strings she couldn’t wear one and be confident that she would not inadvertently pull out her IUD, so she refused. Now that she has a frameless GyneFix implanted and there are no more strings she can safely wear any vaginal device she wants. I’m sure he didn’t know shiny black latex Domme diaphragms have recently become available because most standard manufacturers have switched to clear or pink silicone. Rubberstud wanted one of my pink silicone ones as a trophy (he called it a ‘memento’ of our relationship) but I said no because the likelihood of Shelly finding it was too great. That was before I agreed to tutor her in seduction and I’m glad I did refuse because having her give him a diaphragm in her size and made of shiny black latex will be a wonderful gift symbolizing the start of her conversion to a world class rubber-chick. Latex is more likely to develop a funky odor as vaginal fluids permeate the latex over time, but with her rubberstud that’s actually a plus since he loves the musky scent of latex marinated in estrogenic bodily fluids. Even worn continuously a latex diaphragm should last at least a year if she doesn’t use oily meds or lubricants with it.

Performing with pelvic devices: She will learn to work out and perform with her diaphragm or FemCap inserted. There is nothing difficult there since if properly inserted she shouldn’t be able to feel them and will forget they are even inserted. More difficult is learning to perform with a Penetrator plug inserted because it is pressing on the ring of nerves just inside her introitus and on her G-spot. Performing with a Penetrator can cause her to become fully aroused allowing her to become far more sexually needy than she would otherwise appear even for an excellent actress. Of course one of the reasons she switched from a ParaGard to a GyneFix IUD was to be able to safely wear a FemCap for thrust buffering, deep diving over-pressure protection and diaphragm for diving above 10 meters and as a toy for her husband to thrust into and not have to worry about the ParaGard’s ‘strings’ sticking to the rim and being pulled out along with her diaphragm or cap. But first it's necessary that she become proficient with a set of Ben Wa balls for basic pelvic muscle strengthening exercises.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heavy rubber and rebreather bags

A fetishist in heavy rubber & restraining harness sucking on his rebreather bag

Rebreather bags: Rebreathing or suffocation involves breathing into an airtight reservoir so that the amount of oxygen in the air gradually decreases. Purpose made fetish devices include breathing tubes linked to valved rebreather bladders as used in anesthesia. As far as I know rebreather bags have been until recently an almost exclusively male thing. In the image above the harness is to catch the fetishist if he collapses from lack of oxygen. Shelly’s husband can get off through partial suffocation and takes his heavy rubber enclosure suit and rebreather bag with him on business trips. Here in Vegas rebreather bags used with gasmasks have recently caught on with untrained teen girls with the sad but expected attendant spike in fatalities and brain dead girls. It’s gotten so bad that I was asked to teach (and recently added) rebreather bag safety to my Contemporary Sexual Health class at St Lucy’s because they are so easy to obtain and have become so popular to use.

A dangerous application: One really scary application of latex rebreather bags is their use attached to properly fitted and sealed gasmasks worn underwater. Latex bags bought in secondhand stores may not be up to the pressure stress on old age-hardened latex and the latex will tear flooding the bag and mask which when the wearer is semiconscious from lack of oxygen, can cause them to drown. Or the bag will hold and the girl will pass out from breathing her own carbon dioxide and suffocate during sex.

Rebreather bag safety: St Lucy’s needed to answer the question of whether it was best to ignore the increasing interest of young women in using rebreather bags because their use can be dangerous, or to teach them how to use a fetish rebreather safely. I am proud that St Lucy’s administration came down on the side of educating the students to know the dangers if they do decide to use rebreather bags in sex-play. I teach my St Lucy’s students to use only new anesthesia rebreather bags purchased from reputable merchants and use gasmasks with new stretchy latex or silicone seals. I teach how to use the valve end to allow air into the bag before the wearer passes out and I strongly caution against using a gasmask under water because it isn’t designed to protect the wearer from drowning. The pressure can distort the mask which will break the seal allowing the mask to flood. At best it is a very unsafe arrangement even for shallow depth submerged sex-play. If a rebreather is used underwater a bag harness should be used – a snug strap worn just under the ribs and fastened to the control valve end - to keep the bag from acting like a flotation bladder and pulling the mask off the divers face. That way the wearer can use both hands to engage her partner. My casino’s bondage boutique, Fasteners, sells anesthesia rebreather bags with open/closed tail cocks that come with the hard to find 40mm NATO gasmask adaptor as a set.

Black latex cervical barriers: For rubber-chicks our clinic’s ‘Domme’ line of shiny black latex cervical barriers (made by Gepetto’s custom latex shop) to complement a girls rubber fetishwear, has been hugely popular since its introduction three weeks ago. Latex it is not as long lasting as silicone but for a rubber-chick that is not a problem because when her rubberstud finds he will be thrusting into the shiny black latex membrane protecting her cervix it’s as though he took double Viagra. A lot of serious rubber-chicks are buying several diaphragms so they can give their boyfriends one to play with when they are out of town. Another nice thing about black latex is that it hides the discoloration that normally occurs after several months use from latex barriers being immersed in a woman’s reproductive tract fluids.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shelly moves to Vegas

Vegas real estate. The enclosed pool is on the right.

Shelly is in town: You’ll remember, from my August 1, 2009 entry, that the new (3hird) wife, Michelle (Shelly), of a prospective investor in my gaming corporation has asked me to teach her how to keep her husband sexually interested in her. She thinks he is already beginning to stray after being married to her for only six months and she’s absolutely right about that! He is a well known swordsman and is said to be envied by his male friends for his prowess in bed. And, he has been fucking me for the last several months thinking he will be able to change my mind and get a larger share of my company by getting a piece of my ass. He is a very skilled lover, for an amateur, but no man is able to mindfuck me that easily.

So Shelly is out here to find a suitable house as a training location and it’s a marvelous time to buy a house in the Las Vegas area! She wants a small place but one with several large rooms that can be used for a gym and for storage of clothes, and some formal rooms where she and her husband can entertain when he is here on business. I told her she would need at least a room for the wardrobe I will have her buy. And she wants a place with a large swimming pool that can be used year round. She has retired from ABT, she was a soloist, and wants to devote her time - for now - to making herself irresistible to men, but specifically her husband. She has unlimited funds as her husband is extremely wealthy so she is looking for a place that is secluded on some land out of view of public roads. There are a few places that have what she wants and several are near my home.

What I have to work with: She is 23 y/o, is 5’5” and 115 lbs, has a beautiful face with blue eyes, high cheekbones, a full head of long naturally blond hair, a lovely body, long legs and neck, small head and firm, high C-cup breasts. She was a bit busty for a classical ballet dancer, but then with her long legs and big breasts she is a man’s fantasy come true and encased in skintight latex she will be a heart stopper! She knows he’s a bit kinky when it comes to rubber and enjoys what he calls ‘ballet sex’ when he takes her from behind while she is en pointe in her Freeds, but she really has no idea of the extent of her husband’s huge rubber and shoe fetishes. He is a major rubberstud for sure! So when I introduce her to those areas, if she likes wearing that sort of thing, she should have him all over her like white on rice. The attitude and determination of a trainee is everything with fetish training. I don’t think she has anything she is not willing to try so with her flexibility and classical training she should be a good student. It should be just a matter of her learning to tone and control her pelvic muscles and getting used to performing sexually in all the rubber devices and clothing I’m going to introduce her to.

Since Anya is on the disabled list I have asked Shelly if she is interested in joining our casino’s ballet troupe as a guest artist. It would give her an opportunity to keep taking professional level classes to stay in shape which she wants to do and to become involved in the dance community. It would also keep her performing, though I don’t think she’s ever done porn before so if she agrees it should be interesting seeing how quickly she adapts. The audiences at our high-rollers club is a good bit more high spirited and vocal that the ones she has been performing for with ABT at the Met in NYC. We would have her in a mask to hide her identity so she wouldn’t have to worry about being recognized or stalked because of her performances. But being stalked just because your beautiful is pretty much a given out here. I love having a guy who stalking me collide people because he is so intent on watching me. Or leading a stalker through the luxury malls and then when I’m in the Hermès boutique and he gets close I turn and ask if he will buy me a Birkin bag. The look on the guys face is priceless!

The plan: My plan is to first get her fitted with the full range of pelvic devices and rubber fetishwear she will need as well as ballet boots. She has a ParaGard IUD inserted now which I’m going to recommend she change to a GyneFix implant because when she starts having extremely intense vaginal orgasms the frame of her ParaGard is likely to bend and perforate her uterus or expel or both. I’m not goings to outfit her in leathers now because her husband is almost exclusively a rubberstud and had no interest in fetish leather, except ballet boots so she will be fitted for a custom made pair of Gepetto’s best pointe-boots. With the Polymorphe latex she will be buying I’ll make a rubber-chick of her and Mr. Horny will be all over her. I’m also going to outfit her with a full set of our clinic’s ‘Domme’ line of fetishwear cervical barriers in shiny black latex.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Intimacies between species

Bottlenose dolphin

Inter-species encounters: During the first few days of July we had a marvelous opportunity while at my villa on the north shore of Virgin Gorda There was a pod of dolphins nearby for the entire time we were there. The calves and their moms, called cows, and the bulls and their harems were offshore and the young males were in the cove below my house looking for someone or some thing to have sex with. So we brought the boat around and anchored in the cove and used it as a diving platform. Some years ago I had had an intimate relationship with a dolphin I called Freckles. I was hoping to see him again but if he was there we never connected. I had told the girls what a wonderful time I had with Freckles and when we found the male dolphins were in the cove Anya suggested we try and duplicate my cross-species adventure again. I was all for it but cautioned Anya and Taryn that being around randy male dolphins could be dangerous especially if the immediate object of their affection attempted to avoid mating with them. The male’s standard technique with a female who is proving elusive is to force her on to the seabed and hold her there while he penetrates her and fills her with semen. Male dolphins are known to frequently initiate sexual encounters with humans and so we were thinking if we were lucky perhaps we could each have an intimate encounter with one of the younger males. We were hoping for younger males because they are smaller than the fully grown ones though at 300 lbs a 2 y/o is massive when you are belly-to-belly with him. And because the older bulls can have barnacles on their skin that can shred a wetsuit or open a girl’s belly or thighs like a scalpel if he is pushing against you. So if you have the chance it’s a good idea to check out a male’s under side before mating with him to make sure that his skin is smooth.

Size does matter: Another critically important reason to stay away from fully grown males is that their penises can be 10 to 14 or so inches long and 2 – 3 inches thick something any woman would want to stay away from even if it wasn’t delivering 300 to 500 pounds of thrust at the tip of a 2 or 3 inch diameter rod. A young male can be sexually mature but not fully grown so if you are able to get a small one chances are that he may be 8 or 9 inches long and 2 inches thick so an experienced woman wearing a strapless FemCap as a sports shield and thrust buffer may be able to take him in relative safety. It’s all in his size and how lucky you feel that day. Once you are penetrated you are pretty much at his mercy. There may be the possibility of reaching his flippers with your hands and pulling yourself off his penis but the current due to his forward motion is very strong so it would be a struggle, and, if he is too large or the woman too small that option may not exist at all. In preparation we all inserted a 10ml applicator of dive-gel in our vaginas and we all wore only the tops of our Tankinis as rash guards. There was no point in wearing the thong bottoms as all the men who were along could recognize each of us by our vulvas but more importantly we needed to be fully and immediately accessible if we found a suitable dolphin to mate with.

The dive: Our dive started well. Cyndi went down with us wearing a thong. She was supposed to stay close to the yacht and watch for possible trouble as I didn’t want to chance a 16 y/o being injured during a sexual encounter with a dolphin especially if she had initiated it. Taryn, the 18 y/o was the first to attract male interest. He was a bit larger than I would have preferred about 10 feet long and 250 lbs but he seemed to be young and his belly was smooth and pink which meant that he was sexually aroused which was already obvious since his eight inch erection was on display and he was rubbing it against Taryn’s belly and wrapping it around her wrist. He easily separated her from the rest of us and as he covered her she spread her legs and adjusted her hips to help him enter her. We could all see when the moment of penetration came as there was this great rush of bubbles as she gasped and arched her back which caused their direction to move sharply downward. I swam along side for a minute or two and motioned that she needed to lie as flat as possible against him to prevent being taken deeper and perhaps trapped against the cove bottom. She signaled she was ok and snuggled against him and the mated couple’s depth settled out at about 40 feet, 20 feet off the bottom. It was over in less than three minutes with the young male ejaculating in her with such force that I could see her back arch, her legs shot wide in a spilt and her head was lost in a cloud of bubbles as she tried to deal with the release of his semen under pressure that would cause it to spew ten or more feet under water. Then he headed up while still penetrating her and at about 20 feet he withdrew and nuzzled her then swam away. She waved that she was ok and I swam to meet her. She gave me the thumbs up and I saw she was Kegeling his load which was thick and in creamy strands as she forced most of it into the water.

My interested friend: As we were swimming leisurely back toward the yacht the same dolphin appeared next to us again and this time he was interested in me displaying his pink belly and rubbing his 10 inch erection on my belly below my BCD. He suddenly pushed between Taryn and me and before I knew it I was alone beneath him with his tip wriggling to get inside me as he propelled me away from the yacht. Even though I’d taken a dolphin a few years ago I was very concerned about how I was going to do this time even though Taryn had come through being first just fine. I tried to relax my pelvic muscles and he shoved his 2 inch diameter shaft through my oculus and as he pushed deeper into me the muscles of my vaginal barrel automatically tightened but there was no slowing down much less stopping his penetration until he hit the dome of my strapless FemCap. Then I suddenly felt a swelling in my vagina as his penis balled itself up and it felt as though I was being fisted! Then it straightened again and I felt his prehensile tip feeling the FemCap which was sucking tightly on my cervix. I was so glad I hadn’t worn just an Oves for the dive because with the flexibility of that tip he could have grabbed the tiny cap and pull it off. He couldn’t have gotten my preggers of course, but he might well have given me a pelvic infection or an embolism if he forced his semen into my uterus. I kept my legs spread enough that he could settle his genital slit over mine and could feel the wash of his powerful fluke as it propelled us through the water.

He gets off deep inside me: The best I could tell he was taking me in a circle around the boat when he could have just as easily taken me straight out to sea, but I hoped that was unlikely as he would meet the bulls in his pod and a larger male might take me away from him. I really didn’t want to think of two dolphins fighting over which one of them was going to fuck me. Even when scared I was so turned on because of his thickness and the texture of his shaft that he quickly took me to a series of the most wonderful G-spot orgasms. At 10 inches I was comfortable with him ramming my FemCap and as with my human male partners I could tell when he was about to come as his shaft began to swell even more just before he reached orgasm. When he came if I hadn’t had my spit-strap fastened I’m sure I would have expelled my reg! It was at the same time softer but much more intense as he released probably 100ml of semen into me under such pressure that it hit the silicone barrier of my FemCap and then formed a bulge as it moved down my vagina as it was forced back along his thickness and squirted out into the ocean between my labia and around his shaft. I’m guessing about the quantity based on the amount that was forced out around his shaft while he was still inside me and the amount I Kegeled out after he withdrew. I had forgotten what an amazing feeling it was to have such an intelligent marine mammal complete its mating ritual leaving its seed in me. Sexual intercourse with a dolphin is certainly not for everyone, but for an adventuresome woman who is properly protected it is an amazing experience not to be missed!

Anya on the bottom: My mate left me at about the same depth, 30 feet, at which he found me on the other side of the boat from Taryn who, when I got my breathing and heart rate under control and looked over to where she was, was pointing to Anya who was struggling with a larger male which was trying to mate with her. She wasn’t winning. As soon as she rolled out from under him he was back on top of her and each time he was steering her toward shore. At that location the beach slopes down to about 20 feet below sea level then drops straight down another 50 feet to the seabed in most of the rest of the cove and as we watched he forced her into the sandy bottom just on the land side of the submerged cliff. There was this great cloud of sand as her tank dragged along the bottom and I prayed that her equipment didn’t snag on something and tear apart with the stress. As we swam closer the sand began to settle and I could see that her air hose had caught on a coral spike and since her spit-strap was fastened she still had her reg in her mouth, but her head was at an extreme angle against her tank. The coral spur was acting as a pivot. She was being turned in a tight circle around the spur by her 500 pound lover. Her air hose tethering her to the spot and as she revolved the hose was being abraded. I was able to get close enough to try to lift the tightened hose off the coral spike but by then it had worn a grove in the coral and the armored sheathing was showing through the outer layer of the hose and I couldn’t get it off the coral. The huge male paid no attention to me and continued turning her for a minute or so longer until he finished inside her and a cloud of creamy semen floated out from between her legs. After that he lost interest, withdrew and swam away. I sent up an emergency buoy which meant that the medical team was to meet us on the beach. Once Anya was out from under the dolphin she signaled she could move on her own and she and Taryn headed for the surface and the beach while I went back to get Cyndi.

Cyndi’s clear choice: I got back to the yacht just in time to see a 200 pound male finishing inside Cyndi with the now familiar cloud of creamy semen jetting from between her legs! After he withdrew she rubbed his dome and they seemed to kiss and he swam away. Well, so much for looking out for the welfare of my 16 y/o ward! I knew that she is extremely practical and seems to get calmer the worse a situation gets so I was never too concerned, but I’d have rather she had the experience a bit later in life. But, given that she was diving with us she really had no choice when confronted by an eager male. Fortunately we were all protected with FemCaps and in that regard they worked extremely well. She was right to acquiesce to her admirer’s attentions rather than fight a battle she knew she would lose and quite probably be injured in the process. We swam back to the boat and a crewman took us to the beach in a zodiac where we could be with Anya and Taryn while Chuck and a servant came down to the beach from the villa.

Anya’s injuries: When we got to the beach Chuck had just arrived. Her arm was bleeding but was able to walk up to the house where Chuck cleaned as much of the sand as he could out of her badly scraped right arm and packed the wound with an antibiotic ointment and started her on Zithromax. He also put her in a cervical collar for her sprained neck. She has been in NYC with her parents for surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear and plastic surgery on her upper arm where she was forced into the sand as she pivoted around the coral. She should make a full recovery but will require physical therapy for her neck and shoulder and perhaps another operation to remove the remaining scars from her arm. . Fortunately there was no muscle damage. She is back to taking class but can’t tie her ribbons so has had thick elastics crossed over her insteps sewn on her pointes – stripper style - so she can slip them on and off. She won’t be performing for a few weeks as her shoulder and upper arm recover.

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