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Congratulations to Chelsea and Marc!

Chelsea and Marc

May their marriage be a long and happy one.

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Cyndi’s cycle

5 minute results serum pregnancy test

Cyndi’s cycle: Well, it’s Friday July 30th and cycle day one (CD1) for me and most of my circle whose cycles are synched to mine. Returning readers may remember that almost all the women who train with me and who are cycling naturally found that their menstrual cycles almost always are synched to mine because of the pheromones from training and sweating in close proximity to each other so much of the time.

You remember that because Cyndi became infatuated with Freddy, (the Austrian dancer who was one of Natasha’s lovers and who I hired to partner Natasha while she is dancing at the High-rollers club) she thinks he impregnated her as he had so many of the dancers he was intimate with in various European ballet companies. The fact that Cyndi has a GyneFix IUD inserted so it is nearly impossible for her to become pregnant didn’t lessen the certainty of her belief that she would miss her period this cycle and test positive for the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

I took her to the clinic the first of this week for a serum pregnancy test which is far more sensitive than the First Response HPTs she had been using and there was no trace of hCG, but she was still skeptical. She could have gone alone, but I wanted to show my support whichever way the test went. At this point I’m not sure if she really wanted to be carrying Freddy’s baby or if she is laying a guilt trip on herself. She had been feeling pre-menstrual for the last several days with the normal accumulation of fluid prior to the start of menstrual bleeding and she interpreted that as very early signs of pregnancy, which would be extremely rare.

As I mentioned earlier the women in my circle who are cycling naturally are in synchrony with my cycle and nearly all of us (including Cyndi) started spotting yesterday and switched to wearing diaphragms/gas guards or menstrual cups for flow control. Cyndi began flowing normally last night so she is definitely not preggers and now seems to have accepted that fact and I think she is happy with that outcome.

Menstrual sex and gas guards: A lot of our men (especially European and Asian clients) love it when we are menstrual because they like to play in our bloody discharge. You’ll remember that when menstrual the only effective upper reproductive tract protection from embolisms and infection from pool water during deep dive sex - at depths below 10 meters - while menstruating is the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm. When not menstrual an Oves cap is the best gas guard (if a women can be correctly fitted with it) because of its small size, but an Oves or FemCap can’t be worn when menstrual because the flow would float the cap off the cervix and allow gas bubbles or pool water to pass into the uterus. So when menstrual we all use Reflexions latex gas guards to make things simpler; if a girl has an opportunity to dive deeper that ten meters she doesn’t have to switch from an arcing or coils spring rim to a flat spring Reflexions to be fully protected. Women who have GyneFix IUDs inserted or have cycles of 28 days or longer (so there is no chance of ovulating while menstrual) can safely remove their gas guards while menstrual if not planning to have sex underwater. That is such a popular option – to go with the flow - for escorts or courtesans since so many of our lovers enjoy the scent, taste, feel and look of bloody discharge during menstrual sex.

A reader asks: “Can you pump pure oxygen into the uterus?” OMG! Yes, you can, but why would you? Gas in the uterus will kill the woman! And it doesn’t have to be done with pure oxygen, any gas will do. We recently found that was used to off a Russian courtesan who specialized in dive sex while she was visiting friends in town. It’s a popular option for a professional hit since it is a fast and clean way to snuff a chick during a dive. You don’t even have to remove her gas guard- unless she has an Oves sucking on her cervix because Oves is the only gas guard that will protect the upper reproductive tract while being bubble fucked -.just insert a bubble-fuck reg and depress the purge button. I think the snuff video purists like to see the girl spasm during a heart attack. With a stroke there is usually a lot less action because the woman is paralyzed and drowns or suffocates quickly. So the videos of the heart attack victims writhing in pain in dive gear are much more eagerly sought after. For more about bubble-fucking see my entry for August 16, 2009

If a bubble-fuck regulator isn’t available you can make a surface apparatus by rigging up a cannula to a demand valve on one end and menstrual cup on the other. The Menstrual cup (A Diva or a Moon Cup) is inserted in the woman’s vagina and fitted over her cervix. Pressure from the cannula holds the cup in place. The purge button on the reg is depressed sending a surge of compressed gas into the wearer’s uterus where it will enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism that will cause a massive stroke or heart attack just as though she was underwater. Compressed air inserted in the uterus leaves no external marks on the body so at first it appears the woman died of natural causes.

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Sybian, rebreather bags and readers questions

The iPod Nano

The Sybian Vs a man: I’ve been asked how sex with a man compares with sex with a Sybian. Encounters with both can be marvelous or the pits depending on any number of factors; the mood and skill of the man, where the encounter occurs, where the woman is in her cycle and her mood. There are differences between a machine and a male of course. The machine has no stamina problems so can eventually wear a woman out no matter how needy she may be and can damage her terribly if she slips or becomes dry and has a bad ride. There is no wonderful male scent or sweat to luxuriate in with a Sybian or arms to crush me to him and feel his heart pounding and his respiration increase as he reaches orgasm and pumps semen into me. And there’s no cuddling afterward while we both nap enjoying the afterglow.

On the other hand a Sybian is the best possible partner when you are horny and crave release, but want solitude w/o having to put on makeup or care for another person’s sensibility. Then I can have an amazing screaming orgasm w/o having to wear a ball-gag, just clip my iPod to my bra put in the ear buds and listen to classics: Sinatra or Tony Bennett with their lushly orchestrated arrangements or the score from La Bayadère, Don Quixote, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty while the machine fucks my brains out.

Rubber rebreather bags and diving: As I mentioned in an early entry we are continuing to see an increase in rebreather bag accidents in the fetish community and some of them involve trying to use a one-atmosphere rebreather bag while diving. If the rebreather is connected to a port on a FFM similar to an Ocean Reef and the diver has an air cutoff that s/he can reach then s/he should be good to go for some breathplay fun with pressurized air from a demand valve.

On the other hand, and this is where most of the accidents have been occuring, if the diver is trying to use a one-atmosphere (surface) soft rubber gasmask with a rebreather bag underwater there can be serious consequences. That’s because the pressure of the water can make water leak around the face seal and, if the rebreather bag is inflated at one ATA before submerging the water pressure will cause the rebreather to deflate and the air to escape around the masks face seal so as to develop a vacuum in the mask - if the mask doesn’t flood. The best way to try to use a surface mask underwater is for the wearer to lie on his (or her) back so the air in the mask forms a bubble to minimize flooding - at very shallow depths. Even that can be dangerous if the wearer doesn’t have an effective plan to recover from a flooded mask of that sort, which means getting to the surface immediately.

A reader asks: Can a vibrator dislodge a Mirena? The answer is, possibly. I think it is very unlikely if the Mirena was inserted correctly but if the vibrator causes such an intense orgasm that there is uterine cramping then it is possible that the ‘arms’ of the IUD frame could bend rather than slide along the surface of the endometrium and if the arms bend the likelihood of expulsion is much greater. As I have mentioned in earlier posts dive-sex with a Mirena or ParaGard IUD inserted is not a good idea. That’s because a framed IUD can be pulled out while removing a gas guard because the strings can adhere to the rim or dome of the GG and get tugged on.

Feet Numb in pointe shoes: A reader writes, “My pointe shoes make my feet feel numb”

That can be a problem if the shoes have been broken in and your toes still feel numb when you are standing flat. If that’s what’s occurring, then you should consider getting a slightly larger shoe or using less padding. If numb toes occur when en pointe for long intervals that is quite normal and – up to a point, which will vary from wearer to wearer - works as a protective mechanism to allow pointe and ballet boot fetishists to remain en pointe for extended intervals. I think you should talk to your pointe teacher and see what she recommends.

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Pussy whipped by latex vixens

Pussy Whipped

Discipline and humiliation: Anya, Beth and I have been holding a discipline short course at Adolph’s. Abi is still recovering from a severe yeast infection and her stand-in, Ginny, while lovely, is still a student and has no experience other than being TP-Arm-candy. Adolph had a German industrialist friend, whose company makes pharmaceuticals, as his guest for a few days when he came to Vegas for a convention. Since the gorgeous blue-eyed, blond Aryan is rich and single women throw themselves at him even though he is known as an international swordsman. So Adolph wanted to make sure he had a true Las Vegas experience that he wouldn’t forget; meaning pleasure of course, not the ever present danger of injury or STIs which when playing hard in Vegas is always a possibility.

What few know however is that the Aryan has a discipline fetish that is kinked toward whips and restraints. He first experienced that sort of humiliation as a child at a German boarding school for troublesome boys and over the years found that he developed a taste for it. As an adult his needs have changed little except that his discipline and humiliation sessions must be at the hands of gorgeous rubber encased vixens. So Adolph asked for my help to provide his guest a memorable experience including both sexual intercourse (“He needs his brains fucked out.” is the way Adolph phrased it) and discipline. I insisted that the guest (who is in his 40s) have a complete physical exam first as the sort of discipline he was said to enjoy is very strenuous and I didn’t want to try to explain his injury or death to his parents or board of directors.

The girls and I had dinner at Adolph’s with our German trainee the evening before his discipline started and after dinner we showed him the whips, riding crops for close-in work, we would use and how to get into the leather helmet, lash-cape, ball-gag and armored genital cup. He was not pleased to find he would be wearing a cup but for my discipline sessions it’s mandatory. That’s so that if a stroke goes astray we wouldn’t accidentally sterilize or possibly castrate him. Anya and I are very good at placing the whip’s stinger exactly where we intend, but there is always a first time so genital protection is standard in our D&H training courses. A lash-cape is optional if the client doesn’t mind having his back and buttocks shredded, but since the guest was expected to chair meetings of his companies in Europe in the next few days a cape was necessary. Wearing the cape provides similar protection from a whip as being beaten with a section of rubber hose in that the skin is badly bruised but no bones or skin is broken so he can wear an opaque shirt and won’t bleed through, if he is on enough analgesics to be able to stand the pain.

The lesson: The next morning while Anya, Beth, Abi, Ginny and I had a full breakfast Adolph and Hans (our trainee) had toast and grapefruit juice. Then the girls took a ballet class in Adolph’s small studio while Adolph and Hans watched. The men were particular interested in our use of repeated splits and how our Penetrator plugs fit when we were in 180° splits and développés. After our class I asked Hans if he would rather have sex before or after his whipping and he said before. It was a wise choice as he could use the pleasure he just had to deflect his mind from the pain as his back is being severely bruised by the lashes. We had talked about the use of chemical enhancers during supper the previous evening and Hans wanted no part of taking Viagra or Cialis. From a man’s standpoint I think that’s understandable, because using a performance enhancer could be interpreted as not being confident in his masculinity.

Viagra absorption: However, my experience has been that what I do to a man while he is inside me to mitigate the beating I’m going to give him immediately afterward requires him to have taken an enhancer to help him get through the sexual encounter. So I had arranged for Hans to have a 50 mg Viagra tablet crushed to powder and stirred into his glass of ice-cold grapefruit juice and it went down undetected. Grapefruit juice has the effect of increasing the absorption of Viagra by about 23% and delaying the onset of effectiveness from an hour to an hour and a half so with the grapefruit juice he had the equivalent of 75 mg of Viagra. I didn’t want him on a higher dose as that is more likely to cause side effects like temporary blindness or deafness. By the time the men had watched our ballet class and then watched Beth help Anya and me dress in our black latex body condoms, hood, gloves, and latex ballet boots. About two hours had passed so that Hans was primed with the Sildenafil citrate well metabolized in his body.

Hans wanted to see, feel and watch Anya and I insert the fabled gas guards that Adolph had been telling him about so we opened our crotch zippers and I let him hold (in a latex gloved hand) the Reflexions latex diaphragm I use as a deep-dive gas guard and stretch the dome with his fingers so he would know what he was feeling with his glans if he managed to thrust deeply into the dome. After the show-and-tell Anya and I inserted our GGs and I let Hans (still gloved) insert two fingers inside me to feel that the dome was covering my cervix and the anterior rim was in my pubic notch.

Penetration: Then he took me bareback and he was a surprisingly gentle lover. We started out in missionary and after I guided him inside me I let him do most of the work knowing that at the end I would have to get him off almost by myself. He was large enough that he could reach my cervix just kissing its tip with his through the latex membrane of my gas guard as he thrust as deep inside me as he could get. He was wonderfully thick so that even with my vaginal muscles relaxed I was seriously tight and when he gave me a nearly heart-stopping G-spot orgasm my vaginal contractions took him with me into ecstasy.

While he recycled quickly he sucked at my nipples. I hadn’t pumped my breasts because I knew he would have a chance to nurse and I wanted to surprise him with a full milk supply. He was ecstatic saying he loved fresh breast milk and that it was almost impossible to find because there were so few courtesans who could provide it. We had another four encounters with his long confident strokes as he took us both to orgasm after orgasm. Then as he was tiring we exchanged places and I sat astride his hips and ripple-gripped him for his last three orgasms. He was moaning and dripping sweat, but his shaft was still as hard as iron. However, his breathing was becoming labored and after the third ripple-grip orgasm I could feel a different texture and a metallic scent in the fluid that was draining out of me. I looked down to find one of us was bleeding.

I climbed off him and cleaned him up with some baby wipes and Kegeled his semen out of me several times and found he was the one who was bleeding with the blood coming from his urethra. I had had that happen before where my partner was under such a strain from a continuous interval of sexual activity with a series of intense orgasms that capillaries burst and there was blood mixed with his semen. It’s nothing serious that rest and a course of antibiotics won’t cure but for a guy to be peeing blood can be a bit frightening. He was cool with it and I had given him 800 mg of Ibuprofen to buffer his whipping so he didn’t even feel the burning when he peed.

The lashing: His whipping was almost anticlimactic. We got him into his leather hood, genital cup and lash-cape and fitted the ball-gag into his mouth and tightened the harness to prevent him expelling it. The ball-gag was as much for his protection - to prevent him biting off his tongue or through his cheeks while he was being whipped - as it was to muffle his screams. His wrists were zip-tied (over leather gloves) to the barre in Adolph’s ballet studio where he faced the mirrors so he could watch us whipping him. Anya and I took turns wielding the crop while Ginny and Adolph watched. Ginny may have a taste for lashing men as she didn’t seem at all squeamish. I’ll have to ask her about that. Perhaps it’s something she would like to be trained to do. We gave him 100 lashes and he took them extremely well going to his knees only as the 93rd stroke landed on his back. Afterward we cut him loose and Anya, Ginny, Adolph and I helped him out of his equipment and I went into the shower with him to make sure he didn’t collapse. Then we put him to bed. He slept for an entire day waking extremely sore but smiling. He was no longer peeing blood and Adolph had his doctor check him thoroughly and determine that he was fit to travel before letting Adolph take him to McCarran to board his Learjet for the trip home.

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Pointe shoe quiz 07-25-2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Female ballet dancers and stress

Natalie Portman, the new face of Parfums Christian Dior.

Ballet dancers and psychoses: You don’t hear much about it but the more talented a dancer the more likely she is to have mental issues. I think it’s because we are pulled in so many directions simultaneously and because we have the determination to succeed. I don’t think men are nearly as affected by the mental strain. That’s because women are not only judged on artistic ability (musicality, classical technique and dramatic presentation), but on physical beauty and body image as well. In addition we are pulled by societal norms between career and marriage and children by our non-dancer family and friends. We are talking about women who are comfortable playing dress-up portraying doomed temple dancers, enchanted swans and ghosts of betrayed virgins for a living while being expected to function flawlessly in a 21st centaury world. Sometimes that gets complicated.

Being a classical ballet dancer is a career (not a lifestyle) that many young women aspire too but few actually succeed in attaining, because the physical, societal and mental demands of the profession are so at odds with 21st century social norms. The 1948 film The Red Shoes portrayed some of the stresses that pull on female dancers. Today the film The Red Shoes is considered over-the-top by some because it stresses an either-or situation; dedication to the dance vs. marriage and family. Over the years not a whole lot has changed for most female dancers. It’s true that Stars of major companies can take a year off to have a baby but if you are a young aspiring dancer with talent having a family is something carefully avoided for fear of being overtaken and passed by your competition.

Sorted by scents: Forty years ago George Balanchine (of blessed memory) sorted his favorite women in the NYCB by scents, giving his favorites different perfumes so he could tell by the fragrances who was in the building. All his wives were dancers, women who were his muses: Vera Zorina (December 1938–1946), Maria Tallchief (1946–1952), and Tanaquil LeClerq (1952–1969), as was his girlfriend, Alexandra Danilova (1926–1933). Toward the end of his life a muse who resisted his charms and managed to get away (to the determent of her career) was Suzanne Farrell.

Farrell joined NYCB in 1960 and was promoted to Principal in 1965. In 1969 she married Paul Mejia, another dancer in the company, over Balanchine’s objections and the couple left the New York City Ballet in 1970. After a period of self-exile in Europe, where Farrell danced for Maurice Béjart’s Ballet of the 20th Century, she returned to Balanchine and the New York City Ballet in 1975, where her partnership with Balanchine lasted until his death in April 1983; his last works were solos for Farrell.

Christ and the Magdalene: The Balanchine-Farrell relationship is the stuff of legend, a real-world fantasy that played out for all to see on the NYCB stage at Lincoln Center. In 1965 Balanchine choreographed his version of Don Quixote for Farrell. In the first performance Balanchine danced the role of the Don while Farrell danced Dulcinea. The ballet was not a critical success. However, it is remembered as a striking example of the real-world lust of a man for a woman presented as ballet. For me the most telling scene in the ballet is where Dulcinea washes the Don’s feet and dries them with her hair, a scene reminiscent of Mary Magdalene drying the feet of Christ with her hair, a relationship not much different than the one between Balanchine and the then 19 y/o Farrell.

Now, more than forty years later, even though Feminism has advanced women’s rights much further than in the sixties, the role of women in ballet while better has not changed all that much. That’s because the competition, mental focus and physical requirements necessary for young women just starting their careers are so intense that few can mix dedication to a career and life outside the ballet world. I don’t think Nina will be another Victoria Page, but it will be fascinating to see what Darren Aronofsky, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis will do with Black Swan, a 21st century Hollywood film about a severely stressed ballet dancer.

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Black Swan ballet thriller

Natalie Portman as Nina in Black Swan

By Susan Wloszczyna

First look: Ballet thriller 'Black Swan' from Darren Aronofsky

The Venice International Film Festival apparently can't get enough of Darren Aronofsky, even if he has switched his focus from muscle-bound men to dainty dancers.

The director took home a Golden Lion, the event's top prize, for The Wrestler in 2008. Now he has been given the honor of opening this year's 11-day event on Sept. 1 with Black Swan, a ballet-themed thriller due in late fall. "The cast and crew of Black Swan are both excited and humbled by the selection committee's invitation," Aronofsky said in a press announcement. "It is an honor to walk the great red carpet on the Lido, and we are excited to premiere our film to the wonderful audiences in Venice."

The dark tale with psychological twists stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a technically brilliant ballerina whose life takes some strange turns after being picked as the lead in a New York City production of Swan Lake. Pressures mount as her overbearing mother (Barbara Hershey) pushes her to succeed and her manipulative dance master (Vincent Cassel) commands her to be more seductive and loose in her performance.

Complicating matters is the arrival of Lily (Mila Kunis), a sultry dancer who exhibits all the innate ease and sexuality that Nina lacks. Nina begins to fixate on the newcomer as the two forge an unusual relationship. "The worldwide attention given to the Venice film festival provides an exciting launch for Black Swan," says Nancy Utley, president of Fox Searchlight. "We are very proud of our collaboration with Darren."

After its premiere in Venice, The Wrestler went on to awards season glory, earning actor Mickey Rourke his first Oscar nomination and a chance at a career comeback. Fox Searchlight, which bought The Wrestler at the Toronto film festival after its Venice success, has similar hopes for Black Swan— and especially for Portman, who was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting part in 2004's Closer.

As the actress tells USA TODAY about her troubled Nina: "The character was very interesting to play, always challenging and surprising. The fact that I had spent so much time with the idea — Darren and I started discussing doing the film in 2000 — allowed it to marinate a little before we shot."

By Susan Wloszczyna

'Black Swan' stars step deftly into roles

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Four ballerinas bedecked with white feathers crisscross their arms in front of their bodies and hold hands as they await their music cue, a refrain from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. They repeat to exhaustion the rapid-fire footwork and angular poses that are intentionally more funky than refined.

Soon, they will be freed from the rigors of moviemaking. This is the final week for filming dance scenes in the psychological thriller Black Swan, opening later this year.

Something even funkier is going on in the wings, however, as tulle-draped actress Mila Kunis flirts with a costumed Benjamin Millepied, the popular member of the New York City Ballet who is making his movie debut as an actor and a choreographer. Much to his surprise, she follows director's orders and suddenly grabs his crotch, causing the crew to
explode in laughter.

After a break, Natalie Portman re-enacts a similar scene opposite Millepied, her real-life beau, but minus the brazen groping. Meanwhile, Vincent Cassel as the dance master takes his place before the camera and proclaims, "Your mission is destruction through seduction."

Later on, Portman's double will swirl about the stage while gingerly using a syringe to allow red liquid to dribble onto her shoes. "Beware of the blood," the extras are instructed.

During a break at Purchase College, State University of New York's Performing Arts Center, director Darren Aronofsky compares the splattery sequence in Black Swan with a gruesome scene in his previous film, The Wrestler, when Mickey Rourke is attacked by a staple-gun-wielding rival. He stresses that his gothic tale with hints of Hitchcock is several grand jetés away from such ballet-themed soap operas as 1977's The Turning Point. "Maybe only The Red Shoes had a realistic point of view of this unique world," Aronofsky says of the 1948 classic. "It captured the human drama and the sacrifice."

He became interested in ballet when his sister studied dance at the Manhattan arts school featured in Fame. The chance to make a film on the subject came after he hired several writers to rework a screenplay, The Understudy, that originally dealt with off-Broadway actors. "It had a little bit of in it, a little bit of Polanski's The Tenant and a little bit of Dostoevsky's The Double."

He has seen countless productions of Swan Lake. "The original script had this idea of being haunted by a double — and Swan Lake is about a double, a White Swan and a Black Swan — so the connections started to come alive."

Authenticity was key. Says Portman: "I took ballet until I was 13. I had always hoped to do a dance film. It is the most emotional form of expression." She started training six months before shooting with a veteran of the New York City Ballet and also did toning and swimming exercises to attain a dancer's form.

Aronofsky is proud of Portman's achievement. "Most of these women who are here started dancing when they were 4, 5 or 6 years old. Their bodies are shaped differently because they started so young. She was able to pull it off. Except for the wide shots when she has to be en pointe for a real long time, it's Natalie on screen. I haven't used her double a lot."

Kunis, who won Jason Segel's heart in 2008’s, had no background in dance. For months, she trained seven days a week for four hours a day.

The workout wasn't the hardest part, however. She also had to stand, walk and hold her body just so. "Look at these girls," she says about the graceful members of the Pennsylvania Ballet who act as the corps. "It takes them 10 years at least to look like a ballerina. I had six months before production started."

She also dropped 17 pounds from her already slim frame. Says her director: "Mila's arms are incredible. Her arms are better than her body double's."

The Internet has been abuzz for months about how she and close friend Portman are required to share some steamy moments together after a copy of the script hit the Web.

Kunis insists that the erotic scenes are not gratuitous. "Anything sexual in this film is not there for the sake of being sexual. I think people are hoping it's like two girls making out and pillow fighting. It's not smut."

Personal comment: You have to wonder about photographing a ballet dancer and then cutting off her feet. Otherwise it’s a lovely image! I’ll be charitable (this time) and put it down to lack of space in the newspaper.

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Tea Party’s Right Angle in NV, Pt III

Sharron Angle Nevada Republican senate candidate

The Washington Post
By Amy Gardner
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 23, 2010; A01

Tea party favorite Sharron Angle emerges from the cocoon

LAS VEGAS -- Sharron Angle was about to do something unusual: answer a question. At a recent appearance here at a women's business lunch, the elusive Republican Senate candidate and "tea party" favorite went from table to table, listening to the concerns of potential supporters and trying to convince them that they should fire her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid.

A local actress named Dee Drenta asked Angle what she would do to help people find work. But instead of seizing what seemed like an easy chance to explain her jobs plan, the candidate revealed that she didn't have one.

"It really comes from the statehouse to incentivize that kind of stuff in our state," Angle said. "Truly, the lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki, you should have this conversation with him. That's his job, to make sure that we get business into this state. My job is to create the climate so that everybody wants to come."

The woman gave her a puzzled look. "I'm sure you're probably planning on working with these people to do these things," Drenta said, hopefully. "Because it's the end result that matters, whether it's specifically in the job description or not."

After six weeks of virtual silence, Angle has emerged from the cocoon she retreated into after winning the Republican nomination. She has hired Washington consultants, raised money and gathered a staff. And for the first time, she has begun to release a public schedule of her campaign stops. (Though she still makes it a practice not to talk to reporters. At both of her recent news conferences, Angle declined to take questions.)

None of this has done much to convince Nevadans that she is a serious candidate. Reid, deeply unpopular in the state (his approval rating hovers below 50 percent), was once thought to be in great danger of losing his seat after 24 years in the Senate. But despite his association with Washington and Nevada's weak economy, he has adeptly taken advantage of Angle's stumbling -- and his own $14 million campaign bankroll -- to make himself look good by comparison.

The Democrat has flooded the Internet and the state's television stations with ads portraying her as a radical conservative. His campaign staff spins out releases that detail her "wacky" views. Now it is Angle, a former state assemblywoman, whose poll numbers are falling. In Nevada -- and back in Washington -- Republicans are beginning to wonder privately whether her campaign is finished.

That worry was evident on a recent weekday at Angle's Las Vegas campaign headquarters, where she offered The Washington Post a glimpse inside her organization.

"All of us true believers, we all know that polls are just a snapshot in time," Angle told her campaign team, which had assembled for a pep talk. "And really, we're going to have to roller coaster for a while. That's just the nature of a campaign. You saw it during the primary. We were up, we were down. But we always knew that it would all come together at the right time. And it did. And that's what we're looking forward to. . . . Don't lose your nerve in the beginning here, because we've got a pretty long road."

Instead of cheering Angle on, her staff members let loose with their frustration that the campaign and the candidate were floundering. They were buried in calls from voters wondering what to make of Reid's ads and upset that Angle wasn't responding. The two big topics were Angle's statements, now widely distributed courtesy of Reid, that she wants to "phase out" Social Security and that people who receive unemployment benefits are "spoiled."

"Sharron, the people who are working the phones a lot, especially the last couple of days, it's been really tough," said Jeri Taylor-Swade, one of the 20 or so campaign workers crowded into a sparsely furnished conference room. On the wall hung a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

"These are not people who are opposed to you who are calling," added Kathi Minsky, who heads Angle's Las Vegas office. "These are people who love you, who are seeing distortions of your answers and they just want your answers. . . . They're hearing all this stuff, and they're afraid."

Angle said that until recently there was nothing she could do about Reid's attacks. She had emerged from the primary a winner but broke, and her campaign spent the intervening weeks raising millions of dollars. Before last week, Angle was operating her Senate campaign out of her house in suburban Reno.

"We couldn't" fight back, she said. "We didn't have the money to do it. We had to raise money, so that was the decision."

Angle insists now that she is ready to fight. After out-raising Reid in the second quarter, she reported $1.7 million in the bank and said she has brought in $1 million more this month. Campaign staffers imported from Washington are starting a big-donor fundraising effort. They are getting ready to negotiate with the Reid camp on the rules of coming debates between the candidates. On Tuesday, Angle began running a television ad of her own, a feel-good spot trumpeting her conservatism.

Angle continues to draw energetic support from at least one segment of the population: the tea party base that propelled her to victory in the primary. During her tour of the new Las Vegas office, she learned that busloads of volunteers would be coming from across the country before November to help her try to beat Reid.

"Oh, my gosh," she exclaimed.

The tea partiers love her for her deep skepticism of government. She fiercely defends gun rights in part so citizens can be prepared in case Washington tries to grab too much power from the people. She has said she favors eliminating the departments of Education and Energy. At the women's lunch, she answered a question about how she would help pay for programs for young children by citing the Constitution and arguing that such matters are best handled by the states.

Most Nevadans don't share these enthusiasms. According to a new survey by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal last week, Reid is inching ahead, and Angle is bleeding support among independents -- the very voters Republicans were sure a few months ago they could win away from Reid.

"Nevada is struggling right now; it's really bad," said Nan Okuda, a Las Vegas business consultant who attended the lunch with Angle. She's no fan of Reid, but she didn't come away very impressed with Angle.

"It's like, 'Hmmm, what are you doing back there in Washington?' " Okuda said of the majority leader. "But if he's the best of what's happening, then yeah, I'll go with him."

Personal comment: Senator Reid can do little to help the unemployment situation and real estate markets here other than vote for extension of unemployment insurance limits and the stimulus bills that are so hated by the conservatives, so he’s in a tight spot. Hopefully Ms Angle will continue to run an ineffective campaign. The more radical the better!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sybian machine

A basic Sybian machine

The Sybian machine: Sybian machines are the erotic ride of choice among escorts and there are several custom shops that imbed the Sybian machinery into Bull rides, recliner chairs and office furniture, among other things. Gepetto has a small Sybian customization shop that he started because it so often involves his other clients and working with leather or rubber. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Sybian it is a motor driven masturbatory device that can be used for penetrative stimulation of the vagina or anus or both. Here is an overview of the Sybian from the manufacturer’s brochure:

“The name ‘Sybian’ is derived from an ancient Greek city famous as a centre of luxurious living. A Sybarite is defined as a person who likes luxurious things and the Sybian has been designed with the objective of sexual luxury and intense pleasure for women.

A lot of women have a preconception of their sexual capability which is derived from the sexual experiences they have had to date in their lives. Some women have an idea that more may be possible for them, but are not quite sure how to go about reaching their full sexual potential. The Sybian enables women to do this.

This machine guarantees orgasms unlike those which you have ever experienced. From the simple stimulation of the clitoris and vagina to deep penetration and stimulation of the g-spot with multiple orgasms – everything is possible!

The Sybian comes with a range of inserts to suit all tastes small to large, narrow to wide and by using a special insert you can enjoy vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time.

The Sybian can be used alone, or as a couple you can integrate it perfectly in love making. Sybian is already a firm favorite with women and couples all over the world.

Sybian provides simulated intercourse by way of a vaginal insert and two separate controls allowing independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. It is a motorized unit encased in a plastic housing with a comfortable padded washable vinyl cover and is powered by a regular house-hold current.

In addition to the insert vibrating, the surface of the insert which extends from the clitoris to the perinea also vibrates. This means that all areas both external and internal receive vibration. The rotation of the insert is controlled by a second dial on the control unit which is easily to hand at the end of a cable extending from the main unit. As the insert rotates it is massaging the whole inner vagina. Each time it passes over the front wall of the vagina it massages the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot.

The stimulations (vibrate and rotate) can be regulated separately, so the combination of the two over a wide variety of speeds offers many different sensations to suit the varying tastes of women.

A few technical details:
The rotation is adjustable from 0 to 150 revolutions per minute.
The vibration is also adjustable from 0 to 6500 revolutions per minute.
You or your partner can regulate the Sybian with the Remote Control which is connected by a cable which is 90 centimeters in length.
The Sybian is covered with a fluid-proof easily cleansed durable synthetic cover.
All individual parts are made of robust and quality materials.
The Sybian can be loaded with up to 435 kg.
All inserts are soft, comfortable and easy to change. They can be cleaned and disinfected easily.
The Sybian weighs about 9 kg, the length is 32 cm, the width is 34cm and the height is 26cm.”

The Sybian machine and safety: As popular as it is more women seem to be having serious accidents while riding a Sybian. We were alerted to this trend by some patents coming to the clinic for treatment of vaginal tears, lesions or bruising from unpleasant Sybian encounters. We saw these accidents as a potential source of porn video material so we have agreements with contacts who can get us security videos from most of the major locations where accidents might happen and a lot of the fetish and wealthier homes in the area. And of course there are the occasions when I’m called out on a clean-up project where I have immediate access to the security cams and can burn my own copy.

I’m pleased to say that there has been a recent trend to upgrading CCTV systems so a lot of the security video equipment used is now very high quality HD and has a remote transmission feature so if we have enough notice we can arrange to have the cams recording and transmitting and the customer can’t tell. The Contacts approached Gepetto who had put out very discreet feelers on my behalf to see if there was a possibility of getting access to more raw video. We left Taryn protected, but she makes the final decisions. If she buys the digital stream her techies clean up the raw video and package it and distribute the more salacious as porn and the unfortunate (violent or tragic) endings as snuff videos for the Asian and European markets.

Natasha, coping with loss: Having lost her ballet partner she reached out to a French Danseur Noble who had partnered her last summer when she danced engagements on the Côte d'Azur. She says he is every bit as skilled a partner as Freddy and, she smiled when she mentioned this, he is more or less monogamous, meaning he is only sexually active with the woman he is dancing with for the duration of their engagement. He is also very careful that the women he is with are using an effective method of birth control so their intimacy doesn’t lead to ‘complications’. When I offered him house chips to play my casinos tables while he is partnering Natasha he agreed to come (she thinks he is sweet on her) and should be here tomorrow. Meanwhile, Natasha has been dancing classical strip solos to Boléro by Maurice Ravel, which was originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian ballerina Ida Rubenstein and premiered in 1928. Her performance to Boléro lasts 15 minutes and 30 seconds and she is causing a near riot in the High-Rollers venue at the 13 minute point when she removes her plug, which she wears in lieu of a G-string, and waves it around splattering front row audience members with her vaginal fluids.

Goodbye to Freddy: We had a small memorial service for Freddy after he was cremated. The ashes have been sent back to an uncle for burial in Austria. The story is that he was terribly burned in an auto accident on a mountain road. Attending, in addition to the priest, were Natasha, Cyndi (who still thinks she might be pregnant by him, though I’m convinced she’s not), Adolph, who is a distant relative, Anya who he admired for her contortions in bed, and me. Other than Cyndi, who was a bit teary-eyed, none of us shed a tear and the Catholic service was over in 35 minutes because there was no homily and all we found to say about him was that he was a wonderful dance partner and he had amazing bedroom skills.

Actually, there is a sense of relief in my company because in the short time he was with us he turned out to be more trouble than he was worth, even though he was a divine partner for Natasha. Adolph was remarkably composed about Freddy’s death considering he was distant family. He seemed almost rational when he agreed with me that he didn’t see trying to take on a foreign government, though he wouldn’t be averse to doing something if the opportunity arose.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chastity belts – the French connection

Silicone rubber and stainless steel belt with an integral vaginal plug.

Freddy and the Chastity belt: Frederick, the Austrian ballet dancer who is a guest artist with my company this summer had an unfortunate encounter, apparently with a femme fatale on a mission. Returning readers remember he is the pussy-hound and all around bad-boy who left a trail of pregnancies all across Europe in ballet companies for which he danced. Freddy had been on his own several nights this past week when Beth and I were at Adolph’s to help Abi, his Pool assistant and Lorelei in residence, learn how to get into some new latex encasement suits he had bought for her. He had seen me wearing mine and liked it so much he bought several for Abi.

So Freddy was out prowling at the Meat Market where he can run a tab. He was chatting up a beautiful blond in her mid 20s. She was pretty enough and dressed conservatively but provocatively enough that the bar-girls remembered her, which tells me she must have been stunning. We do have some frames of her on the security videos but I’m told they don’t do her justice. We first thought she was at the Meat Market, the pick-up bar at Naughty’s, to have an evening’s fun teasing men, but I changed my mind after studying the videos because she turned away three admirers before Freddy approached her. .

She was in a flowing skirt and they became friendly enough over drinks that he found she was locked securely into a modern penetrating chastity belt, similar to the one in the pic at the top of this entry. We know because she went to the ladies lounge to relieve herself and we have her on video with her skirt up unlocking the device and hanging it on the purse hook while she peed. The device covers the wearer’s labia, clitoris and clitoral shaft as well as having an integral vaginal plug deeply inserted so it can’t be pushed to one side even enough to get fingers inside her.

Freddy took her pelvis being under lock and key as a personal challenge and he jokingly threatened to drill the lock on her chastity belt. Her reply was that if he was that determined to have her they should go back to her place. That much was picked up by the directional mike of the minder assigned to him to prevent him getting in too much trouble. She was followed as she drove him into the hills west of town to a large villa she had rented. There were no other cars at the house and when the minder reported in she was told to watch the house. In the very early morning the blonde seemed to leave alone and the minder was told to keep watching the house.

Later that morning the minder was told to approach the house and see what she could find. The front door was unlocked and when she entered she could smell the metallic scent of blood. She found Freddy's nude bound spread-eagle on the bed in the master suite lying in a pool of dried blood. His genitals had been cut off and packed into the toe of one of his leather ballet slippers and the slipper had been stuffed in his mouth and his throat slit. There were Taser barb marks on his back so that’s almost certainly how she took control then tied him up while he was stunned.

The French connection: The security cams at McCarran didn’t show anything, but there was a private jet that took off about two hours after the chastity-chick left the house. The flight plan said Mexico City (MEX) but our contact said it didn’t land there. The tail ID traced back to a rental company in Spain and the passenger was a young blonde woman. The rental was paid for by a shell company, the same one that paid for the house rental. The shell is thought to belong to French intelligence. At this point Tanaquil and I are considering our options. I really hate the fact that apparently there was a sanctioned hit by someone in the French government on someone in my employ.

On the other hand everyone knows Freddy was a trouble maker and almost certainly got what he deserved. I’m thinking I’ve been dissed by a foreign government, but if one of the chicks he knocked up had been my daughter or ward, I would probably have castrated him myself. Tanaquil said three of the dancers he impregnated were French and one, the daughter of a government official, committed suicide so I think it’s a good bet that her death was the trigger for the hit. Tanaquil, who has slept with at least half of the men in the upper levels of French government, is counseling restraint because if I contracted for the assassin to be taken out (assuming she could be found) it would start a war with the French Government that I couldn’t win. Certainly she’s right. I don’t like it but, I’m choosing my battles wisely. Freddy is not a hill I’m willing to die on.

Pointe shoe Quiz 07-19-2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?

The sole wear pattern is interesting, but don’t let that throw you off.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The trainee

An escort poses during a boot shoot

The Trainee

She’s just 16 in ballet heels,
Her cramping calves elicit squeals.
The booted heels are really like,
The training wheels upon a bike.
For she is used to wearing pointes
And taking boyfriends swollen joints

While balanced on her platforms tip
Satin wet improves the grip
She spreads her lips and calms her mind
She’s entered deeply from behind
He takes her bareback skin-on-skin
And leaves his seed placed deep within

She’s safe because she’s on the pill,
And fucks the guys just for the thrill.
Her skills in acrobatic stunts,
The envy of the other cunts.
Which leaves her draining ropy sperm,
Her client’s pleasure to confirm.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

BDSM Fellatio collars

Rubber-girl in a heavy rubber fellatio collar

The cervical collar as BDSM equipment: For fetish escorts a cervical collar can be an important piece of bondage or training apparatus for extreme fellatio where the chick is being deep-throated. Especially for girls just learning the breath control necessary to survive deep-throating w/o freaking out. Fellatio collars are also preferred by Doms who are control-freaks who want to ensure their partner (of either sex) is restrained as much as possible. Heavy rubber is preferred as body fluids, saliva, vomit, semen and sometimes urine, wash off easily. The collar helps hold the wearer’s chin elevated and throat open so her partner can insert his shaft easily straight down her throat even when the woman is gagging. The only concession to her partner’s safety is the thin fellatio guard (think ring-gag) that is usually inserted to prevent the woman’s jaws clamping down on his shaft during an involuntary reflex if she freaks out. The collar the pic-chick is wearing is pneumatic and can be adjusted to fit any woman.

Contaminated filter canisters: Recently I’m being called to clean up after women who are dying from using contaminated gasmask filter canisters. Several have had chemical powder coated filter membranes inserted in place of the chemical scrubbers so that the moisture from a gasmask-chicks breath creates nausea gas and she throws up in her mask. The security videos of that happening can be fun to watch since so few women know how to use the quick-release feature on their spider head harness and a few end up with aspiration pneumonia or drown in their own vomit. Watching that sort of video is a teaching moment for anyone with a gasmask fetish.

This morning I watched a security video that showed a beautiful young newly pregnant wife removing the seals from a new filter canister that she bought in a feminine BDSM boutique. It was sold as being lavender scented and had a toxic blood thinning powder in the filter. She wore it on her gasmask while masturbating with a large battery powered vibi while her husband was traveling on business and gasping for breath during orgasm sucked the blood thinner into her lungs. She went into shock, had massive cramps, miscarried, expelled the fetus and placenta and bled to death right in the middle of their bed.

It turned out that she had a birth control failure and was unexpectedly pregnant. Her husband wanted her to terminate the pregnancy and she wanted to keep his baby. There is no proof, so far, that he was responsible for putting the contaminated filter in with her masturbation supplies, but her mother has hired a private investigator to see what she can find. That sort of video is wildly popular because it appeals to multiple audiences; abortion fetishists, gasmask masturbation fetishists, snuff video collectors and general porn viewers who like to see pretty girls get into trouble while masturbating. The video will go on sale in Europe next month.

Lesbian lovers quarrel: There have also been two Bi fetish escorts (from a rival casino) who may, or may not, have gotten on the bad side of someone and had cyanide coated filter membranes inserted in place of the chemical scrubbers so that the moisture from the gasmask-chicks breath created potassium cyanide gas and they offed themselves while masturbating astride a pair of Sybian stallion machines. They were dressed in recreational rubber encasement suits with gloves, hoods, good quality leather ballet boots and Mestel SGE 400 BB gasmasks, which are pretty much the standard mask among escorts out here. The light recreational rubber, rather than the heavy rubber preferred by Dom fetishists, tells me that they were dressing for themselves rather than being encased for men and the suits were fastened tight with the exception of their crotch zippers which were open since they were astride and penetrated by their Sybian machines. After the first whiff of a bitter almonds scent it became a HASMAT scene and it was a bit tricky getting the bodies out since Beth and I had to wear HASMAT rubber, air tanks and positive pressure FFMs to prevent the possibility of breathing cyanide fumes.

I became involved in the aftermath of their deaths because the casino that employed them – they were found in one of the Casino’s Spa relaxation rooms - wanted no publicity and Gepetto had created the Sybian stallions the women were riding when they were snuffed. The two YTHP chicks weren’t known to be a couple by the lesbian community, which closely tracks those things, and they were well liked in the trade. Both were very feminine and were sexually active with male partners. However, I think that their deaths were probably a murder suicide when their covert love affair went bad. That’s because there was no sign of a struggle and the younger one (she was 19 y/o) died a good while before the other, based on forensic evidence. So it’s hard for me to believe that, if it hadn’t been intentional, when the younger one got into trouble the older one wouldn’t have tried to help her. There was no indication that either tried to remove her mask once she was gassed.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pointe and Achilles tendons

Contracted calf muscles and Achilles tendons en pointe

Eric, a good friend and regular reader writes: “Saw this article, [below] and I was wondering how that could relate to ballet boots, since they're even higher than the high heels that non-fetishists would wear.” I’m indebted to Eric for bringing this article to my attention.

Rachael Rettner
LiveScience Staff Writer
Thu Jul 15, 7:05 pm ET

“High Heels Reshape Leg Muscles, Create Pain When Not Worn

Women who wear high heels daily might be signing up for more than a little foot pain. Habitual high-heel wearing can lead to changes in the calf muscle and tendons, according to a new study.

So much so that these women actually experience discomfort when they walk around sans stilettos.

The high-heel habit can cause fibers in the calf muscle to shorten, and the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscle to the bone, to stiffen and become thicker. While this set-up doesn't pose problems when the heel is propped up, it can lead to discomfort when standing or walking around flat-footed because the muscle and tendon are stretched beyond their normal range of movement.

"In a way, the system has adapted to this new position," said study researcher Marco Narici of Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. "When they wear high heels the muscles feel more comfortable."

The results will be published July 16 in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
Measuring muscles

When people put on high heels, their ankles are raised and their calf muscles are held in a shortened (contracted) position. Scientists know that when people place their muscles in a shortened position for a long period of time - such as in a plastic cast - the muscle literally becomes shorter, Narici said.

Narici wondered if constantly wearing high heels could also cause muscle shortening.

"I thought that: women wearing high heels were doing an experiment for us without knowing it, so all we had to do was recruit them and test them," he told LiveScience.

In addition, there is anecdotal evidence from the 1950s that secretaries experienced discomfort when they took off their high heels and walked barefoot, Narici said, which also suggested perpetually wearing high heels causes changes.

The study participants included 11 women (average age 43) who had worn stiletto high heels (at least 2 inches, or 5 centimeters high) for five days a week for two years or more. Most of the subjects said they felt discomfort when they were standing barefoot. A control group of nine women who did not regularly wear high heels was also included.

Narici and his colleagues first measured the size of the women's calf muscles using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, they didn't find any differences in muscle volume between the two groups.

Next, they used ultrasound to measure the length of the calf muscle fibers, finding they were 13-percent shorter in high-heel wearers compared with the control group.

Having shorter fibers should affect how the muscle contracts - shorter fibers should generate less force and make walking less efficient in these women. But the researchers couldn't find any differences between the two groups in terms of how the calf muscle contracts.

An examination of the Achilles tendon showed the tendons of high-heel wearers were thicker, and thus stiffer, than those of non-high heel wearers.

The thicker tendons counterbalance the shorter muscle fibers and allow the muscle to behave normally, Narici said. But the combined effect of the thicker tendon and the shorter fibers is the likely reason behind the soreness felt when high-heel wearers ditch their stilettos..

High heels aren't the only footwear risk. A separate study in 2008 found that constantly wearing flip-flops alters how you walk, changing the gait in subtle ways that can lead to problems and pain in the sole, heel and ankle.

Ditch the heels?

Narici doesn't think the results mean women should give up wearing high heels. But he recommends stretching exercises after a day of wearing high heels to prevent the muscle fibers from shortening.

Currently, Narici and his colleagues are investigating whether thicker Achilles tendons make running less efficient.

Narici conducted his work with Robert Csapo of the University of Vienna, Austria, and Olivier Seynnes and Costis Maganaris of Manchester Metropolitan University.

The study was funded by Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Vienna.

Original Story: High Heels Reshape Leg Muscles, Create Pain When Not Worn”

Personal comment: This article provides clinical proof for the general public of what ballet dancers and pointe shoe / ballet boot fetishists have known for years. That if you are going to spend a lot of time with your heels off the ground or floor you are going to have to spend time afterward stretching your Achilles tendons to ensure that they aren’t shortened. I mentioned this need most recently in my post of July 9, 2010 where I wrote:

“The down-side of Pointe boots: Pointe boots of all kinds have a common set of problems. Pleasure Boots were designed with sex en pointe in mind so the boxes are heavily padded to protect the toes and ankles. The problem in wearing them (as with all pointe boots) comes from leg cramps from wearing them continuously for too long and that also causes the Achilles tendons to shorten so a wearer of any sort of pointe boot has to do Achilles tendon stretching exercises when not wearing them to be able to walk comfortably barefoot or in flats. Calf cramps can be minimized by getting used to wearing her boots for hours at a time and ensuring her diet is rich in all the vitamins and minerals needed and she should stay well hydrated.”

To expand on Achilles tendon (AT) stretching a bit more: Ballet dancers in major and regional companies don’t usually have problems with pointe shoes shortening their achilles tendons because they spend a relatively small percent of their time en pointe, as opposed to pointe or ballet-boot escorts who service the fetish communities and boot fetishists themselves. In addition, most of the conventionally made pointe shoes have a negative (-1° to -3°) heel. That means that when wearing the shoe the heel is slightly lower than the toes, because of the material build-up on the under side of the platform where the pleats or feathers of traditional shoes are gathered. So, there is some stretching of the AT just by walking around flat in pointes. Extreme pointe wearers, like St Lucy’s ballet students who are en pointe a significant part of their time in classes and rehearsals are tested for any AT shortening to see if they can wear negative heel shoes safely. If they can wear them safely they start wearing negative heel sandals as soon as they start pointe classes to minimize the likelihood of AT problems. It’s common to see the ballet girls in negative heels in the dorms and when shopping to counter the long intervals with their calves tightened and their ATs contracted. Wearing negative heels at St Lucy’s has become such a status symbol for the ballet students that it’s become a very serious breech of etiquette to wear neg. heels at St Lucy’s unless you are taking pointe.

As alluded to above there is a huge caution about wearing negative heel shoes for someone who already has shortened Achilles tendons. A woman who already has shortened ATs from wearing heels if she isn’t careful can rupture her AT by over stretching in negative heels so each woman should have an exam before wearing them to make sure she isn’t setting herself up for an incapacitating career ending injury.

Cyndi and transference

A high quality Home Pregnancy Test kit

Cyndi and transference: Returning readers know that at 16 Cyndi is precocious and sexually active though I still try to keep her under my wing to an extent. She had been after me to let her sample Freddy and after assuring her that any problem she might have with him would be emotional not biological and getting her assurance she could compartmentalize her feelings I agreed to let him know she was available. He lost no time getting to her and she had several sexual encounters with him last week and now she is afraid she may be preggers! I think her problem is transference since she has been talking with Natasha about how she came to be preggers. It’s a common story; she was taking a course of antibiotics for an infected tooth and the medicine reduced the effectiveness of her birth control pills enough that she had breakthrough ovulation. She was having recreational sex with four of her ballet partners during that time and one got to her egg.

I keep telling Cyndi that her circumstances are quite different. She is super safe with a GyneFix implanted. Its effectiveness can’t be reduced by any meds she may be taking and her partner’s little swimmers get immobilized by the copper ions from her IUD. Then when she ovulates the sperm can’t penetrate her eggs outer surface to fertilize it, so she should just enjoy the orgasms he is giving her guilt free. The way she is obsessing about her pregnancy fantasy you would think she was virgin when they met and Freddy had popped her cherry.

Chris did that for her more than two years ago and impregnated her in the process. Returning readers will remember she nearly bled to death when she miscarried while diving in a cove on Virgin Gorda. That’s when we met and Chuck our male Gyn saved her life. She has been going through First Response Early Results home pregnancy tests (HPTs) with the first urine of the day and they have all been negative. Even if she were to have conceived at this point only 7 days from the first time he ejaculated in her it is far too early for hCG, the pregnancy hormone, to show up. It’s nearly impossible that she could be pregnant, but nothing in contraception is 100% effective so she will be on edge until at least the 29th or 30th when she should get her period.

Gene testing for KP Fighters: Over the last few months we have had some suspicions about the gender of some women wanting to be allowed to fight in the local Knife-Point fighting club. So, just to be certain that the fighters we let compete are all female we have begun physical exams and gene testing to make sure all our KP fighters are biologically women who don’t have a ‘male advantage’. We have found three so far who couldn’t pass the physical or biological tests. Two were intersex (previously called hermaphrodites ) and the third was an attractive blond who was extremely strong for her size with no external indication that she had male genes. There aren’t enough he-shes yet for us to establish a division so they can fight in their own class.

The Afterglow half-slip: I have been asked by several women business associates how I manage to keep my skirls from becoming stained from coitial discharge after sex during breaks at business conference. If I’m having sex during the day and wearing street clothes, well, a skirt and blouse rather than tights and sports top or bikini, I wear a silicone rubber underskirt – which I call an ‘afterglow half-slip’ - to prevent coitial discharge from soaking through my skirts. As much as a girl might Kegel there is always some residual drainage that can last for several days and never touch the crotchless hosiery I wear for chance encounters, so just Kegeling won’t solve the problem and semen stains are very difficult to remove from satin and cashmere. Several of my minis are made especially for working girls and have silicone liners to provide that sort of protection. But with my haute couture items from Chanel, Armani, Versace and others that are only lined with satin I always wear an afterglow skip.

Ripe latex gas guards – Part II: I have received a surprisingly strong favorable response from readers to my comments about the erotic appeal of the strong odor of a continuously worn latex diaphragm. They were posted in my entry for July10, 2010 where I wrote:

“Another characteristic of latex gas guards is that they are far more likely to develop a strong musky latex odor after being worn continuously for a day or two. For women interested only in the contraceptive effectiveness of a diaphragm an odor can be a major distraction. The odor can be gotten rid of by soaking the D in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution for 20 minutes and reoccurrences minimized by applying a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in the dome before insertion. The odor develops because the latex is porous to a slight degree and acidic vaginal fluids penetrate the surface and interact with the rubber strengthening the natural musk of the vagina and the scent of latex.

The musky latex scent of a ripe natural rubber gas guard is highly prized by any male in ‘Rubber Lust’. It’s rather like the bouquet of Roquefort cheese to a epicure. For women in rubber lust relationships they will switch from a clean Reflexions to one already pre-ripened with a strong musky/latex scent when they are to meet their rubber lust partners. The scent and discoloration of the latex dome has no effect on the safety and effectiveness of the barrier.”

From the flood of favorable replies it appears there is far more interest in smelly rubber diaphragms than I thought. Until now it’s a subject that had rarely come up unless women are talking about ways to get rid of the odor. However, now that it’s public knowledge that there are men who enjoy the smell men are writing to say that they find the scent of a ripe latex diaphragm erotic. And women are writing to say that they are relieved to know the enjoyment by their men of a strong vaginally enhanced rubber odor from their gas guards was a common kink in a male rubber fetishist fantasy because, until now, they thought their men weird because they loved the ripe rubbery stench of diaphragms that had been inserted continuously for several days.

Adolph and the World Cup: Old news, but last Sunday Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 in overtime, to win its first World Cup. Adolph is furious and thinks Germany should have tried harder. He is slowly becoming resigned to Germany’s loss and may eventually accept Germany being third, at least for the next four years. Meanwhile he is muttering about payback.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quarrels in ballet boots

Wait, I know, but just look at her boots, ok?

About this image: I put this image up not for the corset, hood or punitive cervical collar and not for the zippered crotch which this rubber-chick’s suit also has. I put it up for the ballet boots she is wearing. So go ahead and stare at her improbable silicone enhanced boobs (or more likely they’re an air-rack) but then look at her pointe boots, ok? Her boots are a mid-price patent leather example of typical ballet boots that really aren’t made for walking in, because so few purchasers can do much more than pose in them on their backs with their booted legs in the air. The shaft-locks are a nice bondage touch to prevent the boots from being removed during training, or when going to parties to make it seem as though the sweet girl who works at a terminal in a customer service center is really into bondage training. Or you’re if out to buff your hunky guy’s image by making him seem crueler than he really is. The locks also come in handy when a girl has had too much to drink, snort or smoke and gets rolled. One of the first things stolen out here (other than her cell) is a girl’s ballet boots because they can be easily sold for cash or bartered for a stash of weed, or if they are high quality maybe a little snow. The tips of the heels are 1/8th in diameter and can take heel guards to be worn when walking on ceramic, stone or concrete surfaces to prevent slipping or on wooden floors and carpets to prevent punching holes in them. You can tell this pic-chick isn’t wearing heel guards.

One nice thing about ballet boots, as opposed to pointe shoes, is that it’s difficult to lace them incorrectly and still be able to walk in them so proper lacing is the norm even in porn videos. I haven’t seen any porn poses where a boot-chick has gotten creative with her boot laces as ‘ballerina’s’ often do when porn-posing with their pointe shoe ribbons wound up their calves and tied with bows. OMG that’s gruesome! Well, actually, there was the time several months ago where a boot-chick was hung from a real estate sign with her own boot laces, but that wasn’t her fault, other than her being somewhere where she shouldn’t have been and she got grabbed, raped and hung. When I teach a pointe class at St Lucy’s (I substitute occasionally) if a girl doesn’t have her ribbons tied correctly and the ends tucked in I expel her from class. That’s only happened twice, to the same girl, and everyone got the message. All the students can now change shoes in less than thirty seconds and have their ribbons tied perfectly!

A stiletto through the instep: There was an unfortunate confrontation in Naughty’s bar, the Meat Market, the other night. Both women were in up-market commercial ballet boots and one sustained a puncture wound when her rival for a man drove the 1/8th in diameter tip of her 7 inch stiletto boot heel several inches into her instep. The heel pierced the tongue of the victims boot and barely missed the small bones in her instep. Our physician on call gave her a tetanus booster shot and put her on antibiotics and told to keep her foot elevated and iced for a few days. Gepetto’s boot designer foresaw this problem and included a strip of stainless steel mesh in the tongues of all his ballet boots that aren’t armored, as puncture protection to prevent an accidental puncture of a friend’s instep. This occurs more often than one might think mostly during a rushed exiting of cars.

Etiquette mixers: Our casino has mixers for fetish couples where we try and cover as nicely as possible some of the more egregious etiquette mistakes that both men and women new to fetishwear tend to make in public. Things like standing too close to a person and knocking the drink out of his or her hand with their breasts. This usually happens to a woman who has recently had a breast augmentation and isn’t used to the additional space her enlarged rack requires. Or, more likely a girl is wearing a latex suit with very large inflatable breasts (an air-rack) so they are like 40 DDDs or larger and since they are so light she doesn’t realize she can clear a table by just turning to one side or the other. Or someone with a lighted cigarette gets too close to a woman’s air-rack and bursts it. The pop usually causes a lot of spilled drinks and the woman whose ‘figure’ was diminished retreats in embarrassment. That sort of thing can be aggravating if the person responsible doesn’t pay for the spilled food, drink and costume. At fetishwear parties there usually aren’t any cleaning bills, unless the food or drink was spilled on a leather freak, since rubber can be washed off, but cigar or cigarette burns can ruin a costume not to mention the acrid stench of burning rubber so the smoker is responsible for paying for replacement fetishwear.

Another problem is women getting their ballet heels caught in one another’s laces. This often happens under tiny tables as women try to stretch their legs and flex their ankles as much as possible while straight-laced into pointe boots. This is particularly the case with relatively new boot wearers who have worn them around home enough to have worked up the courage to try them out in public. That sort of outing can be fraught with minor perils as the girls often find they tire and long to take their boots off about ninety minutes into a four hour club crawl and their Dom has the key to their shaft locks.

Then there is hair pulling and plunging sharp items ( think hors d'oeuvre spears) into a adversary’s bust that may lead to a deflation of her breasts, from a punctured breast implant, or far less serious a deflated air-rack, or, with an under-thrust pierce an inexpensive groin protector. One reason latex hoods are so popular with rubber-chicks is that it is a lot harder to grab an opponents hood than it is to get a grip on a handful of her hair and experienced rubber-sluts will lube the outside of their latex suits and hoods so it’s nearly impossible to get a secure grip on them with a hand unless you are wearing gloves with gripper palms.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obesity and birth control

The weight loss drug Qnexa

The Wall Street Journal - Business
July 13, 2010
By Jennifer Corbett Dooren Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES

FDA Says Obesity Drug Works But With Side Effects

“WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that a proposed Vivus Inc. (VVUS) weight-loss drug resulted in "significant" weight loss, but the agency raised questions about the drug's long-term side effects.

The questions from the FDA aren't related to Qnexa's effectiveness, which has been proved in multiple clinical trials, but rather to the side effects of a drug that the agency is assuming may be taken indefinitely. Specifically, the panel pointed to increases in anxiety, sleep disturbances and depression, and debated usage by pregnant women.

Qnexa faces a review by the FDA's endocrinologic and metabolic drugs advisory committee Thursday. The panel of non-FDA medical experts will vote then on whether it thinks Qnexa should be approved by the larger FDA in a decision expected by late October.

Tuesday, the FDA posted its review of the product, which totaled 248 pages, on the agency's website.

Shares of Vivus rose 12.4% to $11.98 in early trading Tuesday. Wall Street analysts said the documents weren't particularly negative in their tone or content, but they warned that there remains a great deal of uncertainty about the panel's ultimate outcome.

A Vivus spokesman said the company looks forward to answering the FDA's questions at the panel, but he declined to comment further.

In its safety review of Qnexa, the FDA said it saw increases in heart rate among patients taking the drug but that the clinical significance of the finding is unknown.

The agency also said it saw increases in anxiety, sleep disturbances and depression among patients taking Qnexa compared to placebo but said the overall incidence of such side effects were low. The agency noted, however, that four to seven times as many patients taking the highest dose of Qnexa dropped out of the study because of anxiety-, sleep-, or depression-related side effects.

The FDA's review of Qnexa and the advisory committee meeting are being watched carefully by other companies with obesity drugs in development. Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s (ARNA) lorcaserin will face an FDA panel in September, and Orexigen Therapeutics Inc.'s (OREX) Contrave is tentatively scheduled for a December panel review. The three drugs use different methods of damping appetite.

The other two stocks also rose Tuesday. Arena added 9.2% to $4.14, while Orexigen jumped 19% to $4.94.

The development of obesity compounds has been a tough area for companies since the fen-phen drug combination was taken off the U.S. market in 1997 after one of the medication's components was linked to heart-valve damage.

In 2007, an FDA panel unanimously rejected Sanofi Aventis SA's (SNY, SAN.FR) obesity drug Acomplia on concerns that the drug increased the number of psychiatric events, such as depression and suicidal thinking, among users. Sanofi later withdrew its application seeking FDA approval for the drug, and Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and Merck & Co. (MRK) scrapped plans in 2008 to continue developing similar drugs.

However, given that one-third of Americans are considered obese, companies successful at gaining FDA approval could tap a large market.

Qnexa is a controlled-release formulation that combines low doses of two older drugs: the stimulant phentermine, which cuts appetite, and topiramate, which increases the sense of feeling full. Topiramate is sold under the brand name Topamax by Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) to treat migraines and seizures.

Said the FDA: "Both drugs have reasonably well-established safety profiles because of their widespread use."

But because of the heart problems seen among patients taking fen-phen, the FDA looked at such side effects that might be attributed to phentermine and whether psychiatric side effects and birth defects potentially linked to topiramate would be seen among patients taken Qnexa. The agency noted that current evidence indicates the increased risk for heart-valve problems was attributable to fenfluramine and not to phentermine, one of Qnexa's components.

The FDA said heart palpitations were seen among 1.8% of Qnexa patients compared to 0.8% of patients taking a placebo. Patients taking Qnexa also experienced an increased heart rate. The agency said the clinical significance of the events "in terms of hard cardiovascular outcomes in the overweight and obese population is unknown."

The agency said it was concerned about a "large potential" for women to become pregnant while taking the drug as 34 pregnancies were seen in clinical trials despite instructions to use birth control and obtain a pregnancy test at each doctor visit. Of the 19 pregnancies carried to term, no birth defects were seen, although studies of topiramate in animals have shown it can cause birth defects.

Vivus is seeking a more relaxed birth-defects designation in its application, but FDA documents said the proposed labeling could be confusing to physicians and patients of child-bearing age. The FDA recommended that Qnexa be labeled as pregnancy category X, which means that the risk of using of the drug during pregnancy "clearly outweighs any possible benefit."

Two main clinical studies involving Qnexa were submitted to the FDA. The studies compared about 2,200 patients taking three doses of Qnexa to about 1,500 patients on a placebo, or fake drug, for 56 weeks.

The FDA said patients in the highest dose of Qnexa lost an average of 10.6% of their starting body weight, compared to an 8.6% loss for the middle-dose of Qnexa, 5.1% for the lowest dose and 1.7% for patients on placebo.”

Personal comment: My circle has no problem with obesity. Actually, with the calories we burn our problem is to keep our weight up healthily. I posted this article because we are seeing a lot of women coming into the clinic for help with weight reduction. And obesity and weight loss meds can decrease the effectiveness of hormonal birth control. In addition some weight-loss medications can cause birth defects. Weight loss can also decrease the effectiveness of cervical barrier methods of birth control because a woman’s reproductive anatomy changes with weight gain or loss. A diaphragm should be checked for correct size for every +/- 7 to 10 pounds of weight change and a cervical cap should be checked for every +/- 14 to 20 pounds of weight change. That’s why if a woman plans to lose a lot of weight our clinic recommends she use FC2 condoms until her weight stabilizes because they are safe, effective, aren’t weight sensitive and better tolerated by male partners.

Osipova’s Juliet

Osipova and Hallberg in Romeo and Juliet

The New York Times
July 11, 2010

“Fatal Amour With Fever of Youth

In an interview a few years ago the young Russian ballerina Natalia Osipova spoke a few prophetic words: “I would love to suffer onstage.”

On Saturday afternoon at the Metropolitan Opera House she was given that chance, making an astonishing debut as Juliet opposite David Hallberg in American Ballet Theater’s sumptuous production of Kenneth MacMillan’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the company’s last performance of the season. Sometimes in ballet casting turns out just the way you hoped; it is a delight to report that she is more than a hoper.

Ms. Osipova is in possession of a singular free-floating jump; as ballerinas go, she is of the air. But in “Romeo and Juliet” she was an exquisite figure to watch, in part, because she knew how to speak with her feet. In a way, her resplendent turn as Juliet was more meaningful than the part itself, proving that the buoyancy of her dancing can succeed in roles that aren’t strictly bravura ones. Of course she wasn’t alone. In Mr. Hallberg, whose daring Romeo was a stretch from the princely parts that come so naturally to him, she had a superb partner.

Throughout the ballet Ms. Osipova’s dramatic sensitivity, full of nuance, was nearly complete; in her portrayal you could discern the great dancer-actress Alessandra Ferri somewhere in the background. (That former Ballet Theater principal, who worked closely with MacMillan, taught her the role from scratch.) From the first to the third acts Ms. Osipova’s emotional shifts were unmistakable yet subtle, allowing one to feel the emotions of the familiar story just as much as watch it unfold.

At the start, moments before Juliet is presented to her suitor Paris (performed by a much too brusque Sascha Radetsky), Ms. Osipova was a bundle of playful, nervous energy, nearly flying across the stage in coupé jeté en tournant jumps. Her expressions are amazing; there is something of Bjork in her pert nose, impish smile and the way her eyes flicker from innocence to amusement in a matter of seconds.

It’s also the kind of face, so full of life, that makes you feel a surge of joy: in the first act, when Juliet begins to realize that she must grow up, the elfin Ms. Osipova was a child-woman, naïve and enchanting, like Audrey Tautou in “Amélie.” Later, after locking eyes with Romeo at the Capulet ball, her face underwent so material a change that in a flash, almost jarring, she was suddenly, briefly, an adult.

In the third-act bedroom scenes, when Juliet, left alone, vacillates between bravery and fear and must decide whether to drink the sleeping potion that will free her from having to marry Paris, Ms. Osipova was something of a wild animal. Here, the texture of her acting and dancing was piercing: disheveled from her night with Romeo and horrified by the thought of death, she tossed the vial onto the floor and ran fearfully to crouch next to her bed. As she inched her way forward and back, it was astonishing to see willpower slowly spread through her body. With a hasty shudder she swallowed the liquid and collapsed.

As Romeo, Mr. Hallberg was at his most fresh, exhibiting his confidence through clear, clean jumps and an ardor that matched. He stood out even more against the other men in the cast, who offered watered-down versions of the characters (Jared Matthews’s Mercutio and Blaine Hoven’s Benvolio) or blandly harsh (Patrick Ogle’s Tybalt).

In his masked dance at the ball Mr. Hallberg made the first move with gleaming leaps and turns — his weapons for seduction. And during the rapturous balcony scene, as he drew Ms. Osipova into his arms, raising her higher as she arched back, he was rhapsodic, she meltingly fragile. By the end, dancing only for each other, they were windswept.

Physically Mr. Hallberg and Ms. Osipova are opposites; while he is tall and fair, she is raven-haired, possessing a delicate frame. But the courage to bare all whenever they step onstage gives them a resolute harmony. As young ballet stars they show a longing to push past the point of comfort in their roles, especially those as fraught with history and emotion as Romeo and Juliet. You can sense their impatience, their devotion and, finally, their desire not to settle for a performance on the surface.

Despite the roar that greeted them in their curtain calls, Mr. Hallberg and Ms. Osipova, their hair matted with sweat and their makeup running, were visibly dazed and drained. That’s what happens, it seems, for having suffered onstage. They danced to their deaths.”

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