Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pointes, pain, gas masks and Gardasil

The US Army M40 Gas Mask

Pointes, pain and eroticism: I was chatting with a friend this morning while I was doing pointe maintenance. He has a new master at work who requires him to do a lot of physical training and he was just back from a session that worked his arms until he could hardly use them for much other than keyboarding.

I was telling him about a ballet teacher in school who was like that. In her pointe classes she kept us on our toes forever until most of us were bleeding regardless of how well our toes were taped or what padding we used in our shoes. The good news was that those of us who survived Miss Willoughby’s classes were much better and stronger dancers and some few of us found we enjoyed the pain. I think pain caused by standing en pointe is erotic! Of course you have to come off pointe occasionally or your toes go numb and you lose sensation. Toes going numb can be a blessing if you are trying to get through a long and difficult piece of choreography w/o mistakes, especially toward the end where your leg muscles are burning. But if you are into pain for pleasure as I sometimes am (usually at the end of my cycle when I’m nearing my period) I find it's best to come off pointe every 8 to 10 minutes to keep the pain going during the entire sexual encounter, class or rehearsal where I’m using pain for pleasure or as a performance tool.

Men in gas masks: My friend is into gas masks and his fave is the M40 currently used by the US Army. [The M40 is pictured in the image accompanying this entry.] Most of my circle both men and women wear Mestel SGE 400 gas masks for fetish-sex so I’ve been penetrated by a lot of men in Mestel gas masks, but I’ve had sex with guys who were wearing Israeli or Russian masks they got from surplus stores or on-line and a few in the Czech M10 with cheek filters. The men say they enjoy wearing a gasmask for sex because it makes them look scary and conceals their identity while causing dread in their partner. I like guys in gas masks because it makes it harder for them to breathe when they are fucking me and I love to see the man sweat and the lenses of his mash fog up as he begins to thrust more urgently when he nears orgasm.

HPV Vaccines in Canada: “Gardasil, a vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV), has been approved as a treatment to prevent genital warts in males aged nine to 26 in Canada, the vaccine's manufacturer said Tuesday.

Health Canada approved Gardasil to prevent infection caused by human papilloma virus Types six, 11, 16, and 18 and genital warts caused by HPV types six and 11.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in Canada, said Merck, the vaccine's manufacturer.

In 2006, Health Canada approved Gardasil to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts in females aged nine to 26. All provinces and territories now offer school-based programs using Gardasil, which works best if given to females before they become sexually active.

Two weeks ago, GlaxoSmithKline announced that Health Canada has approved its HPV vaccine, Cervarix, in girls and women. Cervarix protects against three other cancer-causing strains, HPV 31, 33 and 45.

In most people who develop genital warts, the infection clears up on its own. For some women, the infection persists and can lead to cervical cancer.

A study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that Gardasil in females has a safety record on par with other vaccines.

In January, researchers in Montreal published a study in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases showing 56 per cent of young people in a new sexual relationship were infected with at least one type of HPV.

The federal government announced in its March 2007 budget that $300 million over three years will be available to the provinces and territories in support of a national HPV vaccination program for girls and women.

It is up to provinces and territories to recommend vaccines for use within their jurisdiction. Doctors may also prescribe any approved vaccine.

An estimated 40,000 new cases of ano-genital warts are diagnosed each year in Canadian men and women”.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Menstrual sex, masturbation and GyneFix

OMG! I’m preggers! I only missed 2 pills!

Menstrual sex: Menstrual sex is viewed with varying degrees of delight or dread by women depending on how comfortable their periods are, the strength of their libidos and their interest in pleasing their male partners. If a woman has regular cycles of about 28 days as I do pregnancy from unprotected menstrual sex should be extremely unlikely. It’s when a woman’s cycle is short, about 21-22 days, that she could become fertile while she is menstruating and so having unprotected intercourse while menstrual could get her pregnant. I’ve found that there are a few men who like taking a woman while she is menstrual but the mess can be daunting. Some women will only permit menstrual intercourse in the shower to minimize the mess. I will take a man in bed, but have a rubber sheet under the cotton ones to prevent staining mattresses. Since I have a menstrual extraction at the start of each cycle the amount of my flow is greatly reduced and I rarely cramp so I rather enjoy having penetrative sex while menstrual though I’ve found that because of the blood I need to use dive-gel and not count on my natural lube as much as I can when I’m fertile. Other than a sheen of blood on my partners shaft during menstrual dive-sex (which washes off immediately after he withdraws) and having to wear a flat spring diaphragm as a gas guard and to collect my flow rather than my standard tiny Oves cap there is no difference in technique or in the pleasure I get from sex while menstrual versus when I’m not.

A new stallion at my Super Bowl party: I know this is old news but I want to comment on Cara’s date. As returning readers recall the guests for my Super bowl party on 02-07-10 were: 1) Taryn & Chuck, 2) Cyndi & Chris, 3) Anya & Robin, 4) Shelly & Jeff, 5) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 6) Diané & Peter, 7) Adolph and Elke, 8) Cara and Mr.-X (who I didn’t know, but who Pirate said will fit right in), 9) Gigi and Jon, an escort trainee who Cara introduced her to) and 10) Jacques & me. I knew Jon, Gigi’s partner so my attention was primarily on Cara’s date, Mr. X. His name is Henry (Hank) and he is a software engineer in Jeff’s company out on I15 East of town. Hank is 26 and an experienced and excellent lover. But then Pirate would have made certain she had a first rate stud, especially since he knew I was going to sample him and Cara and I were going to compare notes afterward.

I love the thrill of having a new man inside me! I always gasp with the sensation – the pressure - of a new partner pushing his way into me. Even when I relax I’m tight so he has to shove his way inside. I’m well lubed with dive-gel so it’s just the size and pressure of his shaft as he buries himself in my belly. And with a new man there is such a rush of anticipation! I love the scent of his aftershave, underarms and toothpaste and the taste of his sweat and saliva as we deep kiss. Watching the concentration and tiny smile on his face as he caresses my G-spot with his tip is why I like to take a new stallion in missionary first so I can watch him perform. I like taking a new man first while we are out of the water so if it doesn’t work out I won’t have increased my nitrogen loading and lost any bottom time. I was CD24 and though not particularly easily aroused at that time in my cycle I was very wet and fully tented when he first came on to me because I was looking forward to my first penetration by him as a new lover.

He is wonderfully thick and rock hard his tip could kiss my cervix even though I was fully aroused so he is big and was a marvelous fit! I especially loved the moment when he tipped me over the edge into orgasm and my vaginal muscles begin to spasm gripping his shaft and pulling him over the edge with me giving us simultaneous orgasms which I think was a special gift. When he spewed and made the fluid transfer that few seconds when he seemed to be trying crush me in his arms while thrusting his tip as deep into me as he possibly could was mind blowing! He splattered his thick hot cream filled with hundreds of millions of sperm against the thin rubber membrane of the barrier protecting my cervix. It was a moment to die for! Most of his load drained out from gravity or later from me Kegeling it out of me, but a bit of his DNA was still draining out of me staining my thongs days later.

Masturbation as a sleep aid: In my advanced sexual techniques (AST) course at St Lucy’s I teach masturbation as a method of relaxation and as a sleep aid. Masturbation is particularly helpful during semester finals and during the stress of the Holidays when male companionship may be in short supply. Of course as returning readers know there are elite girl’s schools that have their students in chastity belts to prevent or at least minimize the chances of students masturbating. Women with normal to high libidos get very edgy if they don’t have some sort of sexual release on a regular basis even if the school tries to physically exhaust them with organized athletics.

Anya just returned from Switzerland where she was helping Elke set up the Dive-sex training course that the elite Swiss girl’s school she is a head mistress will offer this summer in conjunction with a nearby boy’s school. Elke says that at a school like hers, which requires the students to wear chastity belts to bed a master key to the maker’s belts is worth a fortune and the keys are passed down from class to class as the older girls graduate. The girls try to muffle their moans and gasps during orgasm to prevent the duty Mistress from hearing them. Occasionally if it’s the turn of a screamer to have the key and pleasure herself several friends will stay with her to make sure she wears a ball-gag to muffle her screams because if a student is caught masturbating she is given to one of the lesbian administrators to discipline. That often means giving the Mistress oral sex during the Mistress’s period or penalty time walking back and forth in ballet boots in front of chapel. Elke told Anya that she knows that master keys are circulating but remembers her days as a student there and the immense pleasure she had fingering herself to orgasm and that a blissfully deep sleep afterward and lets the girls have their fun.

GyneFix; A reader asks: “Can you run around and play sports with a GyneFix?” Yes, you can! Actually there is less likelihood of a GyneFix perforating the uterus or being expelled than there is for IUDs with frames such as ParaGard and Mirena. A lot of escorts have GyneFix IUDs implants because it is so reliable and is well tolerated during extremely intense orgasms where uterine cramping can bend the frame of traditional IUDs and cause them to be expelled. And of course as I’ve mentioned before a GyneFix is the only IUD that can be safely worn while using a gas guard for protection during dive-sex. The strings from a framed IUD will catch on the gas guard and removing the gas guard will often pull the IUD out.

Ponytails and Killer Whales

Dawn Brancheau in happier times

Killer whale to be spared as ponytail blamed for trainer death

By Nick Allen in Los Angeles Published: 5:47PM GMT 25 Feb 2010

“A killer whale which drowned its trainer will be spared after colleagues said her ponytail was to blame for the tragedy.

Witnesses described seeing the 30-year-old, 12,300-pound bull orca, named Tilikum, grabbing veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau's long hair in its mouth before dragging her underwater at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida.

Chuck Tompkins, head of animal training at all SeaWorld parks, said: "Dawn had just finished up a very good session with this animal. She was interacting with him, petting him on the nose.

"Dawn had very long hair in a ponytail. That ponytail had swung in front of him. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her underwater and held her underwater."

Witnesses at an earlier show said that the whale had been behaving like an unruly child but Mr. Tompkins dismissed the reports and said he was a "good animal".

SeaWorld has temporarily closed its whale attractions but there were reportedly no plans to remove the animal from the show.

Tilikum was one of three orcas blamed for the drowning of a previous trainer in Canada in 1991. Eight years later a late night park intruder was found dead in his pool.

Brancheau's older sister, Diane Gross, said the trainer, who was married with no children, would not want anything to happen to the whale and the family regarded her death as a tragic accident.

"Dawn loved the whales like her children, she loved all of them," her sister said. "They all had personalities, good days and bad days."

Personal comment: My heart goes out to Dawn Brancheau’s family. She was working with a species she loved so it’s a bittersweet ending to her life. I know that she wore a ponytail as a sign of her femininity as I often do, but ponytails can be enticing for males and a source of trouble. Though I understand hers was part of her performance costume and who she was. If the account above is true (and there have been several others that varied in major details) she was pulled off the platform and dragged under by her hair, the ultimate bad hair day! I didn’t mention it in my remarks about hoods [in my post for February 24, 2010] but another reason I wear a hood while diving is to prevent someone from grabbing me by my hair. There is the head harness (spider) of my mask but that is much more difficult to get a firm grip on that than loose hair or a ponytail. I think women with long hair who can dive with no fear of being grabbed by the hair look great wearing a ponytail to prevent their hair tangling in their equipment.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rebreathers and breathplay

An Ocean Reef FFM is awesome for breathplay

Rebreather bag dangers: A reader asked: Are rebreather bags for bondage dangerous? Used incorrectly almost anything can be dangerous so the short answer is yes. A rebreather bag certainly can be dangerous if not used correctly. Rebreather bag accidents that cause injury or death are, unfortunately, common among new members of the fetish community who haven’t had rebreather training or enough experience with using rebreather bags during breath play to recognize the dangers Used in bondage situations the safety of a RB depends entirely on the experience and goals of the Dom or Top in charge. The least bit of inattention on the part of the Dom (or Domme) and it is easy to end up with a brain damaged Bottom who then needs care for the rest of his or her life or another maintenance option.

FFMs as breathplay rebreathers: A trend that’s catching on with up-market bondage divers out here is using a full face mask as a rebreather. If the Bottom is breathing Nitrox II (36% oxygen) or something blended higher to first oxygenate his or her blood. That way the person denied air can last far longer and those of us who have tried it think the orgasms after Nitrox oxygenation are more intense. Oxygenation was first started here by the Gay diving community, but has spread to the general bondage community and is now particularly favored by straight women since Doms want to give their women an exceptionally erotic near death experience and we believe sex with an expert lover during an asphyxia encounter using a FFM is about as close to that as a girl can get. I love the way the mask seals even tighter after every exhalation when my air is shut off. And, if I’m having rubbery sex - being dive-fucked where I can feel my partner thrusting into my latex gas guard - while my lunge are burning from lack of air and I’m gasping in orgasm 30 feet or more below the surface of the pool I think that’s about as good as breathplay gets

Hoods: There are a number of different types and materials used for hoods. Neoprene of various thicknesses, latex and silicone to name three common materials, and diving, fetish and BDSM hoods to name three common types. Fetish and BDSM hoods can be solid over the ears, but with hoods used while diving there needs to be circulation of ambient water around the wearer’s ears to allow pressure equalization. BDSM hoods often are made of leather with zippers to close the eye, nose and mouth openings and some are arranged to fit gags of various sorts, ring, ball, penis etc, in the wearer’s mouth while wearing the hood. Latex is a favorite material for fetish hoods because of it’s thin (or thick) and shiny surface. Neoprene is often used for diving because of its insulation and buoyancy properties. I like wearing a hood while diving as it keeps my long hair from tangling in the valves, hoses and straps of my equipment. And, a hood offers some protection if a diver is hit in the head by her partner’s tank; something that can happen if s/he is suddenly goosed and reacts forcefully. I also wear a hood along with gloves and booties with a light rubber encasement suit while on clean-up operations to prevent leaving my DNA at the scene.

Adolph’s hyperbaric chamber: My German collector / Rubber Dom friend just took possession of a large hyperbaric chamber facility attached to the building where his 200 ft deep training well is located. He says it is to be used if someone gets decompression sickness while diving the well and I’m sure it will be used for that, but I really think he got it for experimenting with crushing women in drysuits that have integral hard helmets. The kind that locks into a padded neck ring attached to the suit. He and I have discussed his interest in seeing how much pressure it would take to crush a diver’s body to the consistency of strawberry jam and squeeze her pulped tissues into her helmet. There are enough stray beautiful women in town that he would probably be able to get as many girls as he needs for experiments. What I’ve wondered about is whether her breaking bones (ribs immediately come to mind) would pierce the woman’s suit and ruin the experiment. If he decides to go through with the ‘Strawberry Jam’ project, as I’ve come to think of it, he may have to order drysuits of thicker material to prevent accidental punctures as the girl is crushed. He’d have to work w/o his Well Attendants, but he does that from time to time anyway when he needs secrecy and there is no trainee in the well to be carefully monitored.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Drysuit neck seals

Heavy rubber drysuit showing the neck seal

Drysuit neck seals and buoyancy: Most women rubber fetish divers who wear drysuits don’t use a buoyancy control device (BCD). That means that: 1) They have to be experienced enough with the drysuit they are diving that they can control their buoyancy with it. 2) That w/o a BCD by decreasing the air in their drysuit they can show off their figures and experience arousal from the suits squeeze compressing their bodies and 3) They are at risk of having an uncontrolled descent if their neck seal fails. An uncontrolled descent can often be fatal to a diver even in a shallow pool if she is diving solo and has no way to get off the bottom. I always carry a small lift-bag in a pouch on the waist strap of my tank harness in case I find myself in that situation.

It’s a bit other-worldly to be attacked while diving, especially while wearing a drysuit because unlike wearing a wetsuit when her drysuit is being used for buoyancy control a diver is a much larger and far more vulnerable target. In most dive films or TV programs showing underwater fights a diver almost always has her air hose cut. I’ve been attacked so often that I have my air hoses armored now which in the case of my twin-hose Mistral the titanium mesh armored hoses actually helps give the hoses neutral buoyancy rather than the air filled hoses tugging at my mouthpiece and causing me to exert effort to keep my head level rather than my chin being pulled toward the surface from the lift of the air in the hoses.

All three times I’ve been attacked my attacker went for my air hose. In a wetsuit that’s a good strategy, but if I’m attacking a diver in a drysuit I like to go for the neck seal. It’s a large soft target and if you can slit an opponent’s neck seal at the very least you have flooded his or her suit and weighted her down. If s/he is wearing a BCD and can still control her buoyancy my next slash is the air bladder of her BCD. If she isn’t wearing a BCD then slashing an opponent’s neck seal probably caused her to lose buoyancy – even if she drops her weights - and begin an uncontrolled descent. An uncontrolled descent in open water is almost always fatal. If I can I like to pull my opponents fins off as well, which limits her ability (regardless of her strength) to fin her way to the surface while trapped in a flooded drysuit. If my opponent reaches the bottom alive it’s just a matter of time until s/he runs out of air. If it’s a woman and I can reach her body I like to check her vagina to see what upper reproductive tract protection she was using. Before disposing of the body I’ll harvest any of her equipment that I want. I don’t think I’m particularly vindictive, but if my attacker has really upset me or I need something for DNA verification I’ll harvest her ovaries or his testicles. Disposal is a lot easier in open water because if you slit the belly so it won’t bloat and float as it rots a diver can disappear w/o a trace.

Cycle status: I’m CD11 today and fertile with the transparent silicone rubber membrane of an Oves sucking on my cervix collecting my fertile cervical fluid. I feel so safe and confident when wearing an Oves. The week I’m fertile I’m always more eager for sex with a man and for some reason I seem to be more easily aroused when it’s raining as it is this morning. It’s raining here in town but it is snowing in the hills to the west of us and to the south in Henderson.

Ben Wa balls and IUDs: A reader asks if its safe to use Ben Wa balls with an IUD. If the IUD is a GyneFix frameless IUD implant the answer is yes it is quite safe. However, if the IUD is one with a frame, such as a ParaGard or a Mirena which have strings that protrude from the cervix and the Ben Wa balls are connected together as they commonly are it is possible that the strings of the IUD could tangle in the material connecting the balls and pull the IUD out of the wearer’s uterus. Ben Wa balls that are not connected so there is no possibility of the IUD strings tangling with them can be used safely while wearing a framed IUD.

IUDs and dive-sex: While I’m discussing IUDs, I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating for my women readers. We had a woman auditioning for a seat in our escort training class who had her ParaGard pulled out when the strings stuck to the dome of her gas guard. Gas guards are mandatory for dive-sex to minimize the possibility of a gas embolism so we advise all women with framed IUDs who want to train for or have dive-sex to switch to a frameless GyneFix implant or have the strings cut off her framed IUD so it won’t interfere with her gas guard. Ideally a framed IUD should be replaced by a GyneFix if possible because the uterine cramps caused by an intense orgasm of the sort usually experienced during dive-sex will often bend the frame of a ParaGard or Mirena causing it to either embed in the uterine wall or be expelled. No woman is accepted for our escort training classes if she has a framed IUD inserted.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lesbians and dive-asphyxia training

A Femme’s last breath after air is denied

Lesbians and dive-asphyxia training: Rarely will a lesbian student couple want to take a dive-asphyxia course, but I have a student couple in training now. They are in my Advanced Sexual Techniques course at St Lucy’s and are fascinated by techniques that heighten a dive-sex experience. Lesbian training begins by having the woman fitted for a full face mask, gas guard and a strap-on. You don’t hear a lot about sizing a strap-on, but it is a very important part of the process of kitting a student out. Having it correctly sized for her anatomy lessens the likelihood that rough thrusting will rupture her uterus. Training strap-ons are made of rigid silicone with a softer replaceable tip to protect the cervix of the women it is being used on. And a FemCap is the gas guard of choice because it provides more thrust buffering of the strap-on for the Femme’s cervix than a diaphragm.

Pointe training: A requirement of asphyxia students is that they have had a minimum of 4 years of pointe training. Prior pointe training as a requirement is generally thought to be used to decrease the number of student applications by selecting out the women who aren’t in the best physical condition, however that’s not entirely true. The need for pointe is because an asphyxia student is first trained by being penetrated on her toes in a ballet studio while wearing her FFM to build up her stamina. All asphyxia students are fitted with Gaynor Minden pointes because with the internally padded polymer toe boxes and pre-arched polymer shanks Gaynors can be precision fitted to provide maximum support while still requiring the effort of a traditional pointe shoe. In addition, Gaynors are well accepted by both Butch and Femme which is not the case with ballet boots. Ballet boots are not permitted because they don’t cause the wearer to work nearly as hard to stay safely balanced on her platforms as pointe shoes do and we have found the women who wear pointes for their early asphyxia training are far more successful at managing the difficulties associated with breath control than those who wore ballet boots so ballet boots are no longer approved footwear for asphyxia training. Other schools will allow the use of ballet boots, but it just seems to us that a woman who wants to wear ballet boots for our asphyxia course isn’t interested in putting out the effort we think the course requires.

Inverted tank set: Wearing an inverted tank is the preferred tank configuration during asphyxia training because it is easier for a Butch to shut off her Femme’s air while penetrating her doggie style with a strap-on when the valve is where she can easily reach it. And, an inverted tank is more of a challenge for the Femme trainee to reach the valve on her tank to turn her air back on herself if that becomes necessary. Our couples training is symmetrical to ensure that both the Butch and Femme get to be penetrated and use a strap-on so they understand what and how their partner is feeling. After the couple has practiced having their air shut off and turning it back on themselves so they are confident that they can do it on shallow water test dives we have the girls dive in a 20 ft deep training pool wearing gas guards and dive-gel for actual penetrative sex while their air is shut off. Traditionally a female trainer goes into the pool and down on training dives to demonstrate and to provide correction to the couple.

The male option: With lesbian asphyxia training we also offer an option for unprotected penetration by a male trainer. That option is very popular, which I found surprising but my psychiatrist says it is a chance for them to experience an orgasm with a man in a controlled environment w/o risking a heterosexual social encounter among the general population and any responsibilities that might involve. It’s a way to safely experiment with heterosexuality; like having a female trainer masturbate a Het-chick in asphyxia training (an option we also offer) so the student can experience a Bi-encounter. Interestingly, there is a rather high rate of unintended pregnancies of lesbians who chose unprotected penetration by a male trainer. The women are aware of that when they select the option and chose it anyway since it gives them a guilt free encounter with a man. However, there is another reason for its popularity. A Butch often encourages her Femme to choose it because the risk of pregnancy is so high – about 23% even when they are using a gas guard – it reinforces the stereotype of men causing women nothing but trouble, a mindset that Dykes and Butches want to encourage among their Femmes because it is the Femmes who men are constantly chasing and who therefore are at greatest risk of at least turning Bi thus significantly lessening the emotional hold of her ‘Husband’.

Pointe shoe quiz 02-20-10

Who is the maker of this shoe?

Friday, February 19, 2010

New foreclosure rescue plan

President Obama arrives at McCarran International

The Las Vegas Sun

“Obama to announce new foreclosure rescue program

Housing agencies in Nevada, other hard-hit states to see $1.5 billion to help rework mortgages and save homes
By Lisa Mascaro
Friday, Feb. 19, 2010 3 a.m
Washington — President Barack Obama will announce today during his visit to Las Vegas a new foreclosure rescue program, pumping $1.5 billion into Nevada and other hard-hit states to help housing agencies rework mortgages and save homes.

The president’s program, drafted at the urging of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, comes as Nevada’s housing crisis continues unabated while other regions show improvements, contributing to a dismal economic environment that is threatening electoral fortunes this fall.

Both Obama and Reid know that until the economy begins to show signs of improvement, Democrats, the party in power, will likely suffer at the polls in struggling states such as Nevada.

The program is also an acknowledgment that federal efforts have fallen short, as banks have been unwilling or unable to rework mortgages to keep families in their homes.

Under the program, state housing departments in Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan will share $1.5 billion toward foreclosure aid.

The money will be divided by a formula based on the number of unemployed residents and the decline in home prices, which means California and the bigger states would likely get the lion’s share. Nevada is expected to receive at least $100 million.

The feds are unleashing the funds to encourage the states to tap innovative ways to help homeowners, saying states have expertise in local market conditions. A White House official pointed to programs under way in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania as possible models.

States could use the money to:

• Provide bridge loans, as is being done in Pennsylvania, to help unemployed homeowners pay the mortgage until they land jobs.

• Provide incentives to lenders to rewrite upside-down mortgages — when a homeowner owes more than the home is worth, as is the case in 70 percent of Las Vegas.

• Provide incentives for lenders to rewrite second liens, a common barrier for homeowners trying to refinance.

“President Obama recognizes the challenges facing our families in the nation’s housing markets, where local conditions vary considerably,” the White House said. “The legacy of price declines, together with the effects of high unemployment, means that many working- and middle-class families in these especially hard-hit areas are facing serious challenges, in many cases beyond what their families’ resources can handle.”

Julia Gordon, a senior policy counsel at the Center for Responsible Lending, said the extra money could help Nevada’s mediation program bring in more staffing and resources to help homeowners.

But she cautioned that while states can put the money to good use — states are doing innovative work to stem the crisis in local regions — the White House should still work to address the housing crisis on a national level.

“It’s certainly an acknowledgment that we need to do more, and we’ve long said this needs to be attacked on all fronts,” Gordon said.

“For these five states it’s a heck of a lot more than they have in their budgets right now,” she said. “But we do need to do something more at the federal level.”

Nevada’s homeowners have particularly struggled because home prices have fallen precipitously as unemployment skyrocketed to 13 percent.

Normally, if a bread-winner loses a job, a family could refinance or relocate, relying on their home equity to temporarily make ends meet. But with so many Nevadans upside down on their mortgages, they are trapped in their homes yet without paychecks to pay the mortgage.

Reid said the $100 million headed to Nevada “will go a long way toward helping to keep people in their homes and assisting those who are underwater.”

The money would go to the state’s Housing Division, the agency that offers housing counseling, low-income loans and down-payment assistance, often for moderate-income and first-time homebuyers.

In other states, housing agencies are running various programs to help homeowners through the crisis. Nevada last summer established a mortgage mediation service that is trying to provide homeowners another avenue for working with banks to modify or refinance their loans.”

Personal comment: It’s good to have President Obama in town and to have him announce a plan to help with the nations home foreclosure problem for the hardest hit states. God knows Nevada qualifies for that! I’m going over to hear him speak at noon at Aria.

President Obama visits Sin City

President Obama arriving in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Sun
By Tiffany Gibson, Kyle Hansen
Published Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 4:37 p.m.
Updated Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 8:23 p.m.

“President Barack Obama touched down at McCarran International Airport at 6:40 p.m. Thursday, marking his second visit to Las Vegas during his presidency.

U.S. Reps. Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus were at the airport and greeted the president as he got off Air Force One.

Obama made a stop at the Bellagio, then will be attending a private fundraiser this evening for the Democratic National Committee at the home of Palms owner George Maloof. The fundraiser is expected to raise $1 million for the committee.

The president will stay overnight in Las Vegas and hold a town hall meeting at 10 a.m. Friday at Green Valley High School.

Free tickets for the town hall were available today from the school’s football box office, where the line stretched around the block.

Henderson resident Caryn Aspeland said she arrived Thursday afternoon after school let out to get tickets but didn’t expect the line to be so long.

“I thought by getting here at 2:15 p.m. I would be in the parking lot area, but not around the block,” she said. “I’m impressed that the young people did show up.”

Green Valley High School students stood in line and cheered as cars passed and honked their horns. Some wore Obama T-shirts, while others displayed presidential pins and buttons.

Steve Jennings, 50, of Las Vegas said his 16-year-old daughter, Molly, attends Green Valley High School and wanted to stand in line to get a ticket for her uncle, who is recovering from cancer and doesn’t have the strength to stand in line himself.

“He’s an Obama supporter and wouldn’t mind seeing him,” Jennings said.

Aspeland said she hopes Obama will have something positive to say about the economy and Las Vegas, referring to a comment the president made earlier this month that “you don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

“I personally don’t need an apology (for the Vegas comment), but I know a lot of people do,” she said.

Jennings said people took what the president said out of context.

“I don’t think the comments were meant to hurt Vegas,” he said. “They were just used as an example. I think it’s been taken out of context to make it sound worse than it really is.”

After the Green Valley High event, Obama will speak at noon to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority at CityCenter’s Aria resort.

The president is scheduled to leave McCarran on Air Force One shortly after 1 p.m. Friday.

While Obama is in town, some Las Vegas air space will be restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration and closed to sightseeing air tours, gliders, parachutes and balloons. The FAA says restrictions will be in place from 5:45 p.m. Thursday to 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman didn't greet Obama and wasn't expected to attend any of the presidential events. He has called on the president to apologize for the comments he made about spending money in the city.

Obama’s first trip to Las Vegas during his presidency was May 26, 2009, when he raised about $2 million for the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at Caesars Palace.”

Personal coment: Our Mayor, Oscar Goodman, still has his knickers in a twist about the Presidents use of Las Vegas as an example of profligate spending. The President’s use of Vegas as an example wasn’t helpful for our economy but was a tribute to the success of the image the city has been burnishing for more than fifty years.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lesbian divers

A pair of Lesbian dive-chicks

Lesbian jealousy: I train lesbian escorts (there aren’t many) as well as Hets, but I find I need to take special precautions with the girly-girls because they tend to come on to me. Readers know how much I love men, but I am a bit Bi at times. But showing preference to a student outside of classroom encounters is bad for class morale and can be thought of as exerting undue influence on a person in a subordinate position so I try my best to avoid it. A Sappho sister taking an escort class always wants to take dive-sex lessons so she can learn about precautions to take before having a strap-on thrusting inside her while in a pool. I think if they weren’t interested in the dive-sex portion of the course I wouldn’t see them at all since otherwise I only work with the male candidates in sexual-technique class in addition to dive-sex.

Some weeks ago now we had a pair of girls in an escort class who were a couple, but not a particularly faithful one. The androgynous butch-chick, Alicia, came on to me, I suppose because I have a wonderfully toned, sculpted and feminine body and with long hair and in makeup I couldn’t possibly be anything but femme, right? In business relationships I hide my orientation so everyone assumes I’m a straight Domme in my private life while professionally I just try to be the best teacher I can be. However, if stereotyped my looks scream that I’m Femme. I would have thought if she was interested in me she would have asked around. It wouldn’t have been difficult to find I wasn’t usually submissive with a female partner, but apparently she assumed I was and came on to me as though I was Femme. Alicia is much larger than me and catching me unawares forced me back against the wall and fondled me when she cornered me in the women’s restroom and it took me a while to peel her off w/o hurting her. She was fumbling with my Penetrator plug but she could never get her finger in the removal loop to break the suction, but it felt as though her tongue went halfway down my throat. I’ll admit my hand explored her vulva and found her very aroused and drippy wet with her natural lube soaking through the microfiber fabric of her thong. I think what may really have caused her to misjudge me was that she has seen me pumping my breasts and thought there couldn’t possibly be a Domme who is lactating. I tried to let her down easily rather than cut her off at her boot tops explaining that while she is a lovely person – she is extremely attractive – that it was nothing personal, but that I didn’t have personal relationships with my students.

Betrayal and revenge: She didn’t take rejection at all well. It turned out that she went back to their apartment and took out her frustration on her partner. Her partner, Danielle, is a few years younger and also Bi and is getting a bit on the side from one of the male escort candidates. Returning to their apartment Alicia needed sex with her partner in order to compensate for my rejection. She found Danielle still in afterglow and wet from a very recent encounter with her male lover who had left shortly before Alicia returned. Alicia was furious, feeling betrayed and she later told me it was at that point that she decided to teach Danielle about the dangers of sex with men. And so when Alicia had her next training encounter with a male candidate she saved the condom he stripped off afterward and took it home with her. That night during slap-and-tickle she blindfolded and tied Danielle to their bed and then ‘helped’ Danielle insert her gas guard, pouring the semen from her encounter with her school partner into the dome of Danielle’s Reflexions flat spring diaphragm before she inserted it. She made very sure she didn’t spill any of the semen during insertion, and that the dome of the diaphragm was covering her partner’s cervix. Danielle is a barrier’s girl and depends on condoms and her gas guard for contraceptive protection so Alicia had timed her hot-loading of Danielle’s diaphragm to the few days during which she was fertile. Alicia’s partner had been Robin so it wasn’t a surprise when several weeks later during a routine test before diving Danielle tested positive for hCG.

Unexpected reaction: Given that she was in escort training no one had any idea that pregnancy would freak her out the way it did. I mean even with the best precautions pregnancy is always a possibility and she was training to be a professional, so what could she have been thinking? One of the first things covered in the course is to have a plan when a female escort tests positive for pregnancy. So she should have had a plan for when (not if) chance caught up with her. Termination is so easy these days that with a menstrual extraction or Mifeprex it wouldn’t have been any trouble at all to get rid of what was growing in her belly. Instead Alicia came home to find their apartment full of gas with Danielle dead with her head in the oven. It was then that Alicia went into a catatonic state and has been in the mental ward of a private hospital ever since. Her doctors aren’t sure if she had underlying traits of schizophrenia that with the shock of her partner’s death tipped her over the edge.

Diving and pregnancy: A reader asked why I’m so set against pregnant women diving. There are two reasons; first the health of the fetus can be compromised from the water pressure having an effect on cell development resulting in birth defects. You can make a case that if the woman intends to terminate her pregnancy she should be allowed to dive. However, even if the health of the fetus isn’t considered if she becomes sick and vomits while submerged there is a strong likelihood that she could drown in her own vomit before she can reach the surface. So if pregnant she is a risk to herself and to the diver whose buddy she is supposed to be while diving.

The full face mask (FFM) has minimized problems with regulator expulsion and jaw fatigue, but if a diver vomits in her FFM there is no place fro the vomit to go and it fills her oral-nasal unit and if she can’t get to the surface and remove her mask she quickly drowns. With a mask and traditional single hose regulator held with a mouthpiece if she is a skilled and lucky diver she might be able to remove her reg, vomit, and purge her reg and get another breath of air. With a FFM that can’t be done. So it’s safer for all concerned that pregnant women do not dive.

Ballet-boots and dildos: Another reader asked why dancers don’t wear ballet boots while relieving their stress after class by deep thrusting with a dildo. There are several reasons. First the heels of ballet boots, even while wearing heel-guards will cut up the Marley surface of a ballet studio floor. Another is that a pair of BBs is bulky and weights several pounds to carry around in a dance bag and the third is that for a trained dancer a pair of Gaynors with pre-arched polymer shanks and sueded platforms is almost as comfy as the best pair of custom ballet boots. Where ballet boots come in handy is when a girl will be on her toes for hours or doesn’t have the strength in her feet and ankles to support herself en pointe in traditional pointe shoes w/o the likelihood of falling off pointe and suffering a severe sprain or broken ankle. Then the stiff shanks hold the wearers foot over the center of the boots platform while the stiff shafts hold her ankles stable and the heels allow her to transfer a great deal of the weight of her body to her heels even when her feet are being arched perfectly and her toes are centered vertically over her platforms.

Robin and unintended pregnancies: A woman reader asked how it is that Robin ends up impregnating 30% of his partners if they are knowledgeable and careful about using their methods of contraception. Most of the pregnancies occur among escort candidates that he is training. No method of contraception (except abstinence) is 100% effective. However, I think a lot of the pregnancies have to do with the mindset of the women involved. Robin can unintentionally mind-fuck a woman w/o her being aware of it to the extent that she forgets her pills or to use spermicide in the dome of her gas guard or some other contraceptive error that lessens the effectiveness of her method. A women is usually in lust when around him and not thinking about what she should be doing, but what she might be able to get him to do to her.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A pregnancy and on location

A rubber encased water sprite in the rain

Advertising for Naughty’s: We have been having an unusual amount of rain here but it has worked out well for us as it has been good wetsuit weather. Anya and I took a turn strolling around the Strip in the rain in wetsuits and hoods the other day. It was to advertise a rubber encasement show that will be on in a week or so at Naughty Pleasures. The suits are lovely form fitting custom rubber not neoprene and we got more stares at our crotch zippers than our erect nipples showing through the latex stretched over our boobs. I guess tourists aren’t used to seeing girls in wetsuits with crotch zippers except in porn videos.

On location: We have been on location for one of Taryn’s adult media video companies for the last several days in a rocky inlet in the Las Vegas Bay arm of Lake Mead Recreational Area east of town. This time of year there are very few other people around. Actually, we had the place to ourselves. That’s really great because we can all sit around in our gear between times we are in scenes w/o a lot of guys staring at our boobs and crotch zippers. We take the models and dive and video equipment trailers to a parking area and then load onto ATVs to get to the lake. There really isn’t a beach it is just a rocky shore line and cliffs for the girls to pose on and against. And the water is fairly shallow with a gently sloping bottom for the first 40 feet from shore so the girls can wade out to pose in their wet and drysuits and duck under to get wet and video their bubbles w/o having to do much swimming.

The birthday gift: Two weeks ago Cyndi gave a friend who just turned 16 a birthday gift of an encounter with Robin. The friend, Anne, has had the hots for Robin ever since he got here and fantasized about having a deep penetration encounter when she became legal. So Cyndi arranged for him (she paid for it herself) to spend the afternoon of her birthday with Anne. Robin said he would do Anne for free but Cyndi insisted on paying, because there is a huge demand for his services by wealthy women and if it got around that he was giving freebies he would be mobbed and the women he turned down would be upset, and Pirate would have a PR nightmare!

Anne thought the encounter went extremely well and just glowed afterward! He gave her three very intense orgasms; two G-spot and a cervical which left her with a crampy uterus, but very content and sleepy. Before Robin penetrated her they discussed what protection she needed and she said she was on Alesse, a 28 day combined estrogen/progestin pill, and had a flat spring latex gas guard inserted. Robin asked since she was wearing a flat spring gas guard if she wanted dive-sex and she said no nothing kinky (I never considered dive-sex kinky) she just wanted him to give her a thorough polling with him penetrating her bareback. That wasn’t a problem for Robin because he had access to her health records and knew she was clean and he showed her his health card so she would know he was free of STIs as well. He did mention that 30% his partners - regardless of the contraceptive method(s) they used - end up pregnant and so she should take Plan B immediately after their encounter, as a precaution.

One of Robin’s signature moves is taking a partner doggie style and getting under the rim of her gas guard - regardless of how well it was fitted - and filling the dome with semen. That sort of move allows him skin-on-skin contact between her G-spot and his frenulum which drives his partner’s wild. Semen in the dome of Anne’s diaphragm shouldn’t have mattered since she wasn’t in danger of having water or air forced into her cervix during dive-sex and she is on Alesse and taking her pills correctly. Except that she had a sinus infection and was taking Azithromycin which made her hormonal protection ineffective. She forgot about taking Plan B and this morning before SCUBA class when she tested she found she is pregnant. She came to see me and wanted to discuss her options. She is in awe of Robin since he managed to get her preggers while she was using two effective methods of contraception. I explained how wrong she was for relying on her hormonal protection while taking a powerful antibiotic and allowing a man to get under the dome of her gas guard when she wasn’t using spermicide as back-up and that after she had been warned that Robin’s partner’s had very high rates of unintended pregnancies she forgot to take Plan B.

No contrition: She didn’t seem at all contrite and I think was secretly pleased that she was carrying Robin’s baby. Even so she had no intention of carrying it to term so she decided to take Mifeprex and I went with her to the clinic to get the pills. She is still in awe of Robin and the amazingly intense orgasms he gave her. She has his picture on the wall over her bed in the dorm and I’m sure will be fantasizing about her next encounter with him even when she is cramping and expelling the tiny lump of tissue that was the baby he created in her.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Masturbation and Parents Week at St Lucy’s

On campus at Santa Lucia

Parent’s week and practice dildos: This week was Parents Week at St Lucy’s. Student’s parents are spending a lot of money to have their daughter get the sort of education St Lucy’s girls are known for and one of the opportunities during Parents Week is to observe their daughter during her classes. The observation of our ballet students who are often involved in intimate and erotic training is done secretly so as not to compromise the students focus that could occur if she was aware she was being observed by her parents.

I have mentioned in earlier entries that I use a suction mounted dildo on the mirror of a ballet studio to masturbate after class. It’s a tension release technique that I find works extremely well. It works this way. While still in the studio I get between the barre and the mirror, fix the dildo to the mirror, make sure I’m well lubed, go en pointe and back on to it. It's awesome for a quick solo when no man is available! It is a fairly common use of a dildo by professional ballet dancers for stress release and we teach its use at St Lucy’s, and I like to think it gives the men I tell about it an entirely different insight into the uses of mirrors and barres.

During Parents Week it’s common for parents of a dancer to want to see her practicing alone. We have enough small studios so that need is easily accommodated for up to nine dancers at a time. It’s typically the mothers and occasionally mother and father who will watch and rarely a father alone. Observing mothers are almost all alumnae of St Lucy’s ballet program and know what to expect and can explain the more graphic moments to their husbands. I try to be with a lone father if possible because he may not be entirely familiar with the training his daughter is getting and if that’s the case it’s best to have a staff member with him. That’s the case even though he has been told that he may see some very intimate, erotic and possibly upsetting behavior from his beloved daughter.

The lone father: A member of the staff always accompanies a lone male parent when he is at St Lucy’s. It's for the protection of both the man and the students, when a man needs a woman we have found it's much better to have a willing staff member near by because if he hit on someone else’s daughter he could be serious trouble. A father seeing his daughter barelegged in a thong-back practice leo en pointe using the barre to push and pull herself on and off a dildo clamped to the studio mirror can have a epiphany as to the core mission of St Lucy’s. This week during an observation a student on birth-control pills inserted an applicator of Semécide before backing on to her dildo. Her dad asked what she was doing. I told him that she was lubing up because the pill decreases a woman’s natural lube so it is very common for a girl to apply an intimate lube before having penetrative sex. In my experience a dad watching his daughter masturbate requires immediate assistance in coping with the emotions the sight caused him. Almost all dads say how lovely she is and ask about her safety while they watch her drilling herself with the silicone rubber toy. And every man I’ve been with in that situation has needed help getting rid of his erection even though each is very embarrassed by being aroused while watching his own daughter.

I tell them that what they are experiencing is a very normal reaction which is why I’m there to help take care of their need in the most pleasant way possible. Most are amazed and totally unprepared with any sort of protection, but I always am because I wear an Oves when with a male parent. I smile and while I place his hand between my legs where he can feel the softness and warmth of my labia through the fabric of my thong I tell him I’d love him to take me from the rear bareback. After the initial surprise at my offer a dad quickly gets over his embarrassment about becoming aroused and follows my lead. But over the years there have been several who have tried stalking me afterward if they think I’m available! Go figure!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: If he’s willing (and I’ve never been turned down) I let him know that our encounter will be our secret. After that dads usually relax a bit. Then, you know the drill. I assume the position, bent over at 90° holding on to the barre in the soundproof observation room. Pull my thong to one side as I step on to pointe and spread my legs with my feet in second position so he can stand between my legs. For the past two years I’ve worn Gaynors because with their pre-arched polymer shanks and internally padded toe boxes they are a lot more comfortable for pointe-sex than wearing conventional pointe shoes made with traditional materials. Then, as he holds my hips and his tip pushes against my labia I guide him between my engorged lips wet with my natural lube so he is centered on the entrance to my vagina. Then as I relax my pelvic muscles I tell him to push and he penetrates me. There is always amazement when a dad feels how tight I’m gripping him, and that’s when I’m still relaxed! At that point he knows what to do and often the dads are really good lovers giving me my pleasure before taking theirs spending themselves so that I will be draining their DNA for the next several days. That’s one of my fave parts of Parents Week!

School PR: I see helping a dad that way as an opportunity to familiarize him with something that many alumnae know from experience as ballet students at St Lucy’s but their husbands are rarely aware of and that is the significant tightening of a student’s pelvic floor and strengthened vaginal grip is developed from her intense pointe training and early sexual experience with strengthening equipment, toys and men. I was fortunate to have sex with two of the dads this past week, one is a widower and the other is divorced so I'm not wrecking anyone's home! Each dad that I’ve helped that way to get past seeing his daughter pointe-masturbating for the first time now has a much better understanding of the ritual after our encounter and was very grateful that I’ve explained the strengthening and relaxing nature of the exercise they watched. Not only that but since they all comment on what an amazing grip I have it gives me the opportunity to talk about one of the reasons that St Lucy’s dancers are in such demand as wives, because in addition to a marvelous classical education they receive intensive training in advanced sexual techniques.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Breath play and Menstrual dive-sex

A German vendor’s advert for corrugated hoses

Corrugated rubber hoses: Some committed D/S couples like to use this type hose to smell each other’s scent mixed with the wonderfully pungent rubber odor of the hoses while they sleep. Returning readers will remember that I’ve cautioned about the danger of using long corrugated hoses for rubber fetish breath play because of the very real possibility of CO2 buildup in long hoses that aren’t well ventilated leading to asphyxia. As more Men and their partners become interested in wearing encasement rubber, gasmasks and breathe play the accidents with corrugated hoses are mounting. There are in-line OxyGens that can be used to eliminate the risk of CO2 buildup but they tend to minimize the scents of ones partner and the rubber hoses. The image above shows a woman fitted with both vaginal and anal hoses. A woman’s vaginal scent is particularly rich with her pheromones when she is menstrual. However menstrual flow can sometimes solidify in the hoses – when there is a low spot in the hose run - where her flow can collect and block passage and her partner could experience a lack of oxygen. Even with the real risk of brain injury from lack of oxygen there is so much interest by fetishists in using corrugated rubber hoses in breath play that Fasteners, our casino’s BDSM boutique, can’t keep the most popular lengths in stock.

Deep-dive menstrual sex: Today I’m CD1 and went to the clinic right after taking my company’s pointe class for my usual menstrual extraction. Afterward I took Jacques into the pit – my 68 foot deep pool – for my first ever dive-sex w/o an Oves sucking on my cervix and for deep (below 33 feet) dive-sex as well. Returning readers remember that I have been testing Reflexions flat spring diaphragms to see if they can be used below 33 ft w/o the rim distorting from the pressure that causes them to leak the way coil spring and arcing spring rim diaphragms will. Readers will also recall that the search for a diaphragm as an effective gas guard below 30 feet is because cervical caps can’t be used while menstrual because the flow will fill the small dome and cause the cap to ‘float off’ the cervix allowing entry of semen, pool water and air bubbles. I have tested Reflexions five times at 130 feet with Adolph in his training well while using Oves as backup and it worked as I had hoped with no rim distortion (I checked with my fingers) and it formed an extremely tight seal at that depth and didn’t leak at all. My biggest concern was if the Reflexions alone would act as an effective gas guard during deep penetrative sex when my cervix was being thrust into and the dome was being stretched and it passed on all counts.

I have very regular 28 day cycles so it is extremely unlikely that I would become fertile so that any sperm that might make it to my tubes could fertilize my egg, but a girl can never be 100% certain about that sort of thing. Of course with dive-sex the primary need is to prevent pool water and air from getting into the diver’s cervix and beyond. The nice thing about a flat spring rim is that it doesn’t bend except in a plane that is not affected by male partner’s thrusts so in theory it should be very safe in that regard. And, as it turned out it was! Jacques took me twice while we were on the bottom of the pit with a lot of thrusting into my cervix and when I checked immediately afterward, with my fingers while I was still in afterglow on the bottom the dome was still tightly sealed. On the surface when I checked the contents of the dome there was a bit of residual menstrual flow and nothing else! I was so pleased! Most of the girls in my circle are menstrual too since their cycles are synced to mine so I think they will be pleased to know that they can safely enjoy taking a man below 30 feet while menstrual by using a flat spring diaphragm as a gas guard.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 02-10-10

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Missing pills on Qlaira

Qlaira: estradiol valerate and dienogest

The Qlaira twins: Sixteen y/o Austrian twins entered St Lucy’s for the Spring semester in January. They are on the new Beyer combined hormonal contraceptive pill Qlaira which is a combination of the estrogen estradiol valerate and the progestin dienogest. Since Qlaira isn’t available in the U.S. yet they brought a six month supply of the pills with them. Qlaira is a 4 level 28 day regimen pill which is simple to take. However, if a woman misses a pill or two she may not be able to get back on schedule w/o having a nine-day lapse in her hormonal protection. That is typical for a multi-phasic pill but as you can see from the instructions below if a pill (or pills) is missed it depends on where the woman is in her pill pack as to what she should do to protect herself while she gets back on schedule. From the patient instructions that come with the pills:

“What do I do if I miss a pill?

The Qlaira packet contains 26 colored active tablets and 2 white inactive tablets. These must be taken in the order specified on the pack.

You should try and take your pill at the same time every day to help you remember to take it.

If you forget to take one of the white inactive pills this doesn't matter. You will still be protected, just discard the missed inactive pill and continue to take your pills, one every day, as normal.

If you forget to take an active pill, you should take it as soon as you remember (even if that means taking two pills in one day) and then continue to take your pills, one every day, as normal. Don’t take more than two active pills in one day. If you miss more than one pill you should ask your doctor for advice.

If you are less than 12 hours late taking an active pill you will still be protected against pregnancy and don’t need to use any extra precautions.

If you are more than 12 hours late taking an active pill, you may not be protected against pregnancy. What to do next depends on where in the packet you missed the pill.

If you have forgotten to start a new packet of pills, or have forgotten to take a pill on day 1 to 9 of the packet, you should use extra contraception such as condoms for the next nine days, while continuing with normal pill taking. If you had unprotected sex within the previous seven days there is a possibility you could be pregnant and you should seek medical advice.

If you miss a pill on days 10 to 17 of the packet, then it is necessary to use extra contraception, such as condoms, for the next nine days, while continuing with normal pill taking.

If you miss a pill from days 18 to 24 of the packet, don’t take the missed pill, discard the current packet and start a new packet started immediately. You will need to use extra contraception such as condoms for the next nine days.

If you miss a pill on day 25 to 26 of the packet, then the missed pill should be taken immediately and then the next pill at the usual time. In this case, no extra contraception is necessary.

If you miss a pill on days 27 or 28 this doesn't matter as these pills are inactive. You will still be protected, just discard the missed inactive pill and continue to take your pills, one every day, as normal.

If you are confused about any of this, you can get individual advice for your circumstances from your doctor, pharmacist, local family planning clinic, or by calling the fpa helpline on 0845 122 8690.”

Missed pills complications: In my opinion this sort of corrective pill regimen is way too complicated to expect 16 y/o girls to follow it with any degree of accuracy. It’s not that they aren’t smart enough to follow the steps; it’s that they think they don’t need to and that they will be fine. Even though I cover the need to follow their pill regimen exactly it in my contemporary sexual health classes it’s hard to get some of them to believe they are at risk when they don’t take their pills correctly. So, I had mixed feelings when I heard that both twins were newly preggers. They found out when they went to SCUBA fundamentals class and the first test they took was for pregnancy and they tested positive for hCG.

The bad news is that they will miss a week of SCUBA lessons while they take care of their situations with Mifeprex. The good news is that they are at the age of consent so we don’t need to rely on their parental wavers in case someone questions their terminations. But the best thing from my perspective is that their situation gives me a teaching moment. The twins make a high profile object lesson in how not to take birth control pills, because they had both missed 2 pills and didn’t use a back-up method. They had been fitted for starter gas guards (Semina diaphragms) but chose not to use them or condoms for the nine days that their pill instructions called for while their hormonal protection was being reestablished.

Rebreather bag tampering: A frequent cause of serious accidents in the rubber fetish community is from misuse or tampering with rebreather bags. We are seeing an increase in asphyxia injuries and deaths and the most common equipment arrangement in these accidents is a 3 liter black latex rebreather bag with an adaptor screwed into the canister port of a surplus gasmask with a flip valve on the other end. I have seen everything from gluing the valve closed to pushing a wood or plastic rod into the valve opening to block it. Or the wearer is under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol and passes out before he can open the rebreather valve.

If you are wearing a vintage gasmask with an exposed canister connector – the sort of rig that’s called a ‘starter set’ here because it is inexpensive and favored by men new to breath play - another simple way to create a rebreather is with a latex male condom. Condoms work well if the user oxygenates first before stretching the open end across the 40 mm NATO canister connection. The problem with that arrangement is there is no valve so the partner using a condom on his mask (rebreather bags are almost exclusively used by men here) needs to have at least one hand free and be mentally alert enough so he can remove the condom or his partner needs to be watching so that s/he can remove it before the wearer suffocates.

Cervical rams: We had a sadistic rubber Dom who was using a rubber lined polymer penis sheath as a ram to cripple women, even ones with extremely deep vaginas. It sounds like something Adolph might do but it wasn’t him. It is almost as though the Dom was wearing a strap-on as it had the same effect on a woman often rupturing her uterus as she squirmed and screamed beneath him trying to get away. He seemed to use it on the older Subs in his stable so he could say they had health issues and cut them loose to work the streets. That came to an end last weekend while he was watching the Colts and Saints game and drinking double shots of Chivas Regal. When he passed out several of his girls fitted his gasmask over his face tightened the head harness straps to get a good seal and screwed a rebreather on to his mask, then closed the valve and let him suffocate. They were packed and ready to leave splitting the cash he kept in a safe in his bedroom as getaway money. His housekeeper found him Monday morning. I don’t know of a single person who will mourn his death.

Gepetto’s BDSM ballet-boots: To meet the needs of the BDSM community here Gepetto has modified his basic ballet-boot design. There is no padding in the toe-box so the wearer’s toes need to be taped and toe-pads used, or not, depending on her Doms requirements. Added to this design were shaft top locks and D-rings welded into the titanium heel cups so that they can’t be pried or cut off with bolt cutters. The D-rings can easily take the wearer’s weight hanging from her boots or can be locked to a spreader bar. Each pair comes with a complementary titanium vaginal hook and six-foot chain leash so that with her crotch zipper open a rubber Dom can lead his Sub in her heavy rubber encasement suit through the crowds at Naughty Pleasures w/o her getting away from him. When a girl is being lead around on a leash terminating in a vaginal hook you can believe she is seriously intent on keeping slack in the leash.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Venus in Furs

Venus in Furs

Venus in latex: I have choreographed a new erotic ballet for the casino’s high roller club in which Anya and Marie-Claude will star. The plot is an adaptation of the novella Venus in Furs, published in 1870, by Leopold Von Scaher-Masoch. If readers find his name familiar it is because the author’s name, Scaher-Masoch, has been given to a psychological anomaly – Masochism – described as: The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused. The potential of vulcanized rubber, invented in the1840s, had not yet been fully recognized by the fetish sub/culture in Europe when Scaher-Masoch wrote Venus in Furs so latex played almost no role in the D/S subculture at the time, otherwise I’m certain his dominatrix would have been encased in stretchy, shiny, heavy rubber.

Rubber-boys: The costumes for my ballet are latex wetsuits, hoods, gloves and pool-pointes and it is set in the women’s locker room of a diving club where several masochistic pool-boys are dominated by a series of women members some of whom are more sadistic than others. It is rubber-ballet-S&M-sex at its most erotic! The story is in three parts. Each follows an S/M encounter of a Domme encased in latex who helps a studley pool-boy into a latex skin that totally encases him so she can dominate him sexually while daring him to impregnate her so she can force him to watch her abort his baby. She helps him get the penis seal of his vacuum suit that fits around the base of his erection properly positioned. To have a penis seal work correctly a man has to have his pubes waxed to prevent pubic hair interfering with the seal so his suit can be emptied of air to show off the beautify sculpted male’s muscles. Then with a hand pump she sucks the air out of his encasement suit and has him mount her. We have found that for this ballet the men, regardless of how virile they are need Cialis or another performance enhancer and a cock ring to be able to reliably retain an erection during the performance as on stage their humiliation is complete.

With this ballet we will be able to offer high rollers who lose substantial sums ($100 K+ USD) in our casino an opportunity to be one of the rubber-boys in the ballet and be emptied of sperm repeatedly by one of the Dommes while on stage. Of course he would be in full hood and mask so his identity would be cloaked – he would first appear on stage in deep shadow where the Domme would help him into a BDSM hood - before stepping onto the fully lighted stage where she would lube his bod and help him into his latex skin. We have tested the plot with focus groups who were wildly enthusiastic about the show.

Super Bowl XLIV Sunday 02-07-10: My guests are 1) Taryn & Chuck, 2) Cyndi & Chris, 3) Anya & Robin, 4) Shelly & Jeff, 5) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 6) Diané & Peter, 7) Adolph and Elke, 8) Cara and Mr.-X (who I don’t know, but who Pirate says will fit right in), 9) Gigi and Jon, an escort trainee who Cara introduced her to) and 10) Jacques & me. Fortunately Elke is feeling up to it though she is wearing a Lycra unitard to hide the bruises from her nearly fatal suit squeeze encounter. By having an encounter with the assassins sent to off Elke my nitrogen loading is higher going into this weekend than I would like so I’m confining my aqua-sex to surface encounters wearing a snorkel except for when I take Gigi’s escort, Jon, whom I trained and Cara’s date, Mr.-X. It’s the hostess prerogative to fuck new male guests in her home if she feels frisky and I intend to take advantage of it. It will be nothing major, just a good old fashioned getting acquainted encounter with each of the guys. I’ve already clued in Gigi and Cara so they will know what to expect. It wasn’t a surprise to either girl since we had discussed the custom before, just not with their partners. I need to get back to my guests but I wanted to post this entry first.

Biofeedback vibis and addiction: A reader asked if I think I have become addicted to the biofeedback G-spot vibi I use for solo dive-sex. I don’t think I’m addicted, but one of the signs of addiction is the user denying being addicted, so I’m not certain. I’ll put it this way, using a BF-vibi hasn’t decreased my desire to have a wonderfully hard bodied man thrusting inside me. The smell of a man’s sweat and aftershave, and the amazing cloud of pheromones coming from his armpits when I’m taken in missionary is awesome! The taste of salt in his sweat, the slippery feel of his saliva dripping on my breasts, the feel of the hair on his back and arms are all so male! His shaft plunging into me, trying to ram my cervix into my lungs is such a masculine trait with guys trying to dominate a female partner. The sound of his breathing becoming faster and finally his gasps and moans and talking dirty as he approaches climax is so erotic, and each man is a bit different so the experience is never quite the same. These are the things a machine, no matter how intense the orgasm it produces, hasn’t been able to duplicate, at least not yet. Plus there is the thrill of avoiding pregnancy, or not, after having sex with a man, which to me is such a thrill with the possibility of having a partner create new life in my belly! I’d kill the fetus because I’m not ready for a baby, but the fact that it could accidentally happen regardless of how effective my contraceptive methods are makes me wet every time I think about it!

Elke and conservative activists

An Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator FFM

(Showing the surface air vent – the black knob on the left behind the air hose connection)

Elke’s discipline dive: Adolph had several days with the well unoccupied by a discipline trainee, because his current trainee had 5 ribs fractured during a squeeze encounter. She was being stubborn and doing extremely well withstanding her drysuits squeeze until she reached 165 feet when her ribs suddenly cracked and she fainted which ended the encounter. She will be ok but she won’t be diving for at least several months. Adolph training operation is self insured through one of his corporations so cost isn’t an issue but rescheduling the trainee to complete her training is a bother. However, since the well was unoccupied that gave Elke an opportunity to satisfy her masochistic urges by experiencing a disciplinary session for herself, which she had wanted to do.

So, the other day Adolph had her suit up in her GNT drysuit, hood, gloves and her Interspiro FFM and he personally took her into the well and cuffed her spread eagle to the wall 50 feet below the surface with soft cuffs – Velcro wrap cuffs – that she couldn’t’ get out of, then dumped air from her suit to cause it to squeeze her very tightly so she was squirming and gasping. Then he activated the biofeedback G-spot vibi that he had her insert and left her to her own thoughts. She wore a twin set of 120 cu ft tanks with a low pressure switch to automatically transfer tanks when her primary tank was near empty. She was breathing Nitrox II so she had plenty of air for a long duration dive and there was a Brit-chick WA-girl (a well attendant) watching the monitors to make sure she was still breathing.

I was sleeping with Adolph that night and after I exhausted him he fell almost immediately into a deep sleep. I was lying beside him enjoying the afterglow from a series of intense orgasms he had given me when I had an urge to see if Elke was ok. I knew I shouldn’t interrupt her because letting a student undergoing discipline confront the demons that go through a woman’s mind at times like that is an important part of her experience, but I felt I really needed to see if she was ok. I told myself I had no intent to dive down to her, just look at the monitors and stand on the edge and look down into the well at her and make sure she was releasing a normal bubble stream from her exhalations. Still, I slipped into a 2 mm neoprene SinSkin and fastened myself into my SCUBA set with its BCD and 80 cu ft tank of Nitrox II gas. Then put on and adjusted my Neptune Space Raptor FFM, making sure that I opened the surface air vent to breathe ambient air rather than deplete Nitrox from my tank before I needed to. I picked up my gear bag and fins and as I walked past the trainee’s dressing room I turned on my masks comm. set expecting to hear the sound of Elke’s demand valve operating as she slept. Instead I heard two women with upper-class British accents talking.

Apparently they were mother and daughter and the daughter was asking if there wasn’t another way. The older woman replied that Miss Kraus (Elke) had caused the school to send down (expel) her daughter. But worse, her expulsion was over the issue of morality since the school intends to offer a course teaching recreational dive-sex to unmarried girls, against the teachings of the church. I assumed they were talking about the Roman Catholic Church because the mother mentioned Cardinal O’Connor, head of the Church in the UK. She went on to say that Elke, as ‘an instrument of the devil’, was an appropriate target for reprisal by Christian warriors from organizations like Opus Dei. And, since Catholic societies are notorious for elitism and misogyny having women as covert operatives is especially effective since it is so unexpected. She said that by striking at Elke they would get back at her for recommending expulsion and also delay the start of dive-sex training at her daughter’s former school.

Her mom decided that the daughter would cut the head harnesses on all the FFMs in the staff dressing room so no one could follow them into the well while she went into the well first to take care of Elke, but she said she wouldn’t finish her off until her daughter could follow her down and help complete the job. Mom went out the far door onto the well surround and daughter came out the door into the hall where I was standing. As they talked I had put down my fins reached into my gear bag and broke the seal on a small squeeze bottle of chloroform. I closed the surface air valve on my Raptor so I was breathing Nitrox and didn’t gas myself and was ready with the chloroform when daughter came through the door. She stopped in surprise and I soaked the open surface air valve on her Predator. No liquid chloroform should have gone directly into her oral nasal unit but the fumes did and she collapsed immediately w/o making a sound. I pulled her back into the trainees dressing room and thought about turning off her air, closing her surface air valve and letting her suffocate but then thought Adolph might like to play with her so while I did turn off her air I left her SAV open and bound her securely with duct tape so I could go after her Mom. I was pleased to see that the thin neoprene skin she was wearing looked close enough to my SinSkin and the shape of her FFM was the same as my mask, though the colors were different, that at a distance, if I was lucky, Mom might mistake me for her daughter since she was not expecting anyone else.

My encounter with Mom: I went out onto the well surround and looked down at Elke. Mom was apparently having trouble equalizing the pressure in her ears and sinuses because she had stopped at about 30 feet and was pushing under the chin cup of her FFM to engage the nasal plugs to help with equalization. I slipped quietly into the water and thought how fortunate it was that the lights had been dimmed and that the wells shadow free lighting feature would help mask my approach from above though if she was listening for them and her ears were not blocked she could probably hear my bubbles. I was successful in trying a fast descent with little air in my buoyancy compensator so I watched what Mom was doing as I worked my mask to equalize the pressure. Fortunately I have dived the Neptune Space masks so much that I’m used to using the nasal plugs and I was fully equalized when I got to mom. By then she was at 50 feet and though she told her daughter that she wouldn’t kill Elke until she arrived she had already shut off the air in both Elke’s tanks and Elke was squirming trying to get lose which was futile. What I was hoping was than Mom didn’t destroy Elke’s mask but she pulled her dive knife from its sheath and grabbed Elke’s air hose. By then I was behind her and I was able to slit the bladder of her buoyancy compensator and she let go of the hose as she began to sink. She tried to turn toward me and I slashed through her glove and cut the tendons in the wrist of her knife hand and she dropped her knife. I turned off the air in her tank and when she reached back with her left hand to try and reach the valve to turn the air back on I broke her other wrist. Then still behind her I slashed the back of her masks head harness and it flooded while she tried to hold it on with her lower arm. By that time we were at 75 feet and dropping so I pulled off her fins and swam away from her then inflated my BC and began my ascent to where Elke was strapped to the wall. It had been less than a minute and a half since her air had been shut off and when I turned it on again I was relieved to see her take several deep breaths before settling down to a fast but regular respiration rate. Then I unfastened the Velcro cuffs she inflated her suit and we began our slow ascent to the surface. At 20 feet we stopped to let Elke decompress. We may not have needed to but I wasn’t going to chance it having just rescued her from certain suffocation. As we hung on the ascent line at 20 feet we looked down and saw that Mom was just completing her uncontrolled descent to the floor of the well at 210 feet. Her weight belt and tank pulled her on to her back where her corpse lay until Adolph himself went to retrieve the body. I thought he would wait until the next day but he brought her up as soon as he heard we had taken her daughter alive.

Unanswered questions: While Elke and I were decompressing I was wondering how the mother-daughter assassination team got into Adolph’s place. It’s not as though it’s a Super-Max, but it does take a 5 digit code on the outside doors and one of the Well-attendants is supposed to be watching the motion detector alarms and CCTV monitors. The common thread was that the WA on duty was a Brit-chick just like the pair of intruders, so that was a place to start. Elke was sore and exhausted so as soon as we determined that she wasn’t seriously injured she went to her room locked her door and went to bed. I woke Adolph and we looked for the WA who was supposed to be on duty and found her missing which wasn’t a surprise. Adolph said she was new and had been working for him for only a few weeks. We found her the next day. Her Toyota Prius had gone off the road and into a ravine at high speed. She was crushed when the car folded like an accordion around her. It looked to me as though she was speeding and her brakes failed.

Adolph’s Brit-toy: We had an opportunity to question the daughter after we found the WA Brit-chick dead in her Prius. It turned out that Elke remembered daughter as being involved in all sorts of questionable activities at school like selling narcotics and counterfeit contraceptives that didn’t protect the girls who used them. It was also true that she was a huge tease and would lure boys from nearby schools into compromising positions and photographed their erections with her in erotic lingerie and then blackmail them. Elke thought her Mom had sent her to the elite liberal school as an agent provocateur which sounded like a good analysis to me. So it was a surprise to find that daughter was a virgin! Adolph was very pleased to find that he would be able to deflower a young beautiful enemy who had a very complete hymen. But first he softened her up psychologically.

He tied daughter to a chair where she could watch as he brought out her mother’s corpse still in her three year old neoprene SinSkin, the one with the black Kevlar tooth crotch zipper. He had decided to leave her in her neoprene suit because the water pressure had crushed a lot of her tissues so the suit was needed to keep the body looking female. He pulled off her mom’s Predator FFM and exposed the soft pink lung tissue that was spilling from her open mouth and filled the oral nasal unit of hr mask. Daughter fainted. I used smelling salts (aromatic spirits of ammonia) to bring her around so she wouldn’t miss any of what Adolph was doing to her mom’s corpse. He Slipped an FC2 condom over a large dildo and forced it up the corpse’s anus then being careful to penetrate her inside the sheath he got off inside the corpse saying that her ass was still very tight! Daughter went wild screaming, crying and finally fainting.

Then it was daughters turn: I slipped a ball-gag into her mouth and tightened the harness so it was forced deep behind her teeth so she couldn’t scream. He opened the crotch zipper on her dive skin and made no attempt to slit her hymen to minimize her pain before he penetrated and tore her. H took her in missionary so he could watch her face as he hurt her. When he found he could hit her cervix he rammed it brutally and repeatedly so she was bleeding freely when he withdrew. Blood soaked them both and he even gave her an orgasm which she was mortified about afterward. Of course there was no possibility of letting her go as her mother had died in the assassination attempt on Elke. I helped strip her and her mom of their neoprene suits but neither of them were my size so I kept nothing as a memento. The suits are in good condition so Adolph is keeping them as suits for guests to wear. The next day we found the car they used, a ten year old Chevy, with their ID and street clothes. The car was driven over a cliff into a deep lake and Adolph has access to a wood chipper and quicklime pit so I left him to do what needed to be done.

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