Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bi-ing with Bea, Brad the Impaler

A rerolled used and unlubricated condom

The photo: An unlubricated rerolled used condom like this can be worn for several days to marinate and ‘ripen’ providing scent and flavor to unprotected fertile coitial discharge for tasting during girl-girl sex. However, If I’m wearing a condom for ‘flavor’ I wear it unrolled and shoved into my posterior fornix. Unrolled there is more rubber surface to develop the scent and taste my partner wants. A condom left to marinate in coital secretions for 24 hours or more ripens into an eye watering, sinus clearing aroma that has been compared unfavorably to the stench of Kimchi. It’s an acquired taste not appreciated by many bi-sexual couples.  

An intimate relationship: Bea, my 18 y/o ward and student at Trinity College Cambridge has become such an accomplished sex partner for both heterosexual and lesbian encounters. To add a bit of zest to the scent of coital secretions I have taught her to wear a condom pushed deep into her posterior fornix with her fingers and allowed to ripen for several days, especially when she is fertile and producing thick stretchy fertile cervical mucus (FCM), to flavor her coitial discharge. When she comes to me immediately after being filled with seed by an unprotected man, while his semen is still thick and creamy, I insert latex gloved fingers (to prevent my nails from accidently scratching her rugae) in her vagina to enjoy the scent and taste of the lovely mix of latex scented FCM and semen while she milks me sucking at one nipple and then the other as she hungrily breastfeeds. I love having this sort of an encounter with her while we are both dressed in front zip latex catsuits and are sweaty from penetrative encounters with unprotected men.  

Brad the Impaler: No good deed goes unpunished! One of the daughters (Désiré) from an adjoining estate asked if she could take barre and pointe class with my circle while we are at the castle. She is an 18 y/o student home for Christmas vacation from a prestigious vocational ballet school in London and her mom called me to make sure it was fine to have her in my morning classes. Désiré and her mom are well aware of the lifestyle dancers lead and so her mom told me, before I asked, that Désiré has had her Gardasil shots, is using NuvaRing for contraception and Chris tested her (she was negative) for hCG so I was glad to have her in class. She has been staying with my circle at the castle as I have plenty of room and the drive from her parents place to the castle would require the better part of an hour one way and longer in the bad weather we have been having.  

I was fortunate to get a spare man (Siegfried) who also lives in the area and who is a ballet dancer at the same school to partner her. He is a lovely 21 y/o with a magnificent body and is such a lovely dancer So I paired him with Désiré and they make a lovely couple and are excellent partners. However, Siegfried sprained an ankle and one of the POB men, Brad, an American, offered to partner her as his partner was suffering from unusually severe menstrual cramps. As dancers Brad and Désiré make a lovely couple, but pelvically they are dangerously mismatched as Désiré has a vagina that will accommodate a 7 inch penis when she is fully aroused and Brad is at least 8 ½ inches at orgasm. They recognized this and Brad was being gentle and using restraint not trying to bury his entire length in her as men seemed to want to do and things were going well when during a ballet-sex encounter she broke a shank in the Freed pointes she was wearing and fell off pointe just as he was thrusting.

Returning readers will recall that ballet-sex is where the woman is entered from behind while en pointe a la seconde holding on to the barre with both hands. Siegfried reacted quickly, but she took his entire length for a few moments and you could hear the scream outside the studio as the ligaments were stretched and muscles sprained. The good news is she wasn’t left suspended impaled on his shaft as he withdrew immediately and she collapsed in a ball on the floor. Chris, My male Gyn who always spends the holidays with us, gave her Entonox (a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen) to eliminate the pain and had her take 800 mg of ibuprofen and we helped her to bed where we put ice packs on her lower abdomen to reduce the swelling.  Chris thinks she should be much better and able to take class in several days. Her regular partner, Siegfried, should be better and back in class then as well.   

Dangerous shoes: Désiré was wearing her regular Freed Classic pointes the ones she trains and performs in with the Forteflex shanks. Freeds are excellent performance shoes; I wear them myself for class, rehearsals and performances.  But Freed pointes weren’t designed to take the wearer’s weight on her heels and the shanks break which often happens during ballet-sex in pointes made with traditional materials like Hessian, cardboard, satin, leather and paste. When the wearer is approaching orgasm and is unable to keep her weight over the blocks of her pointes made of traditional materials it is almost a certainty that she will crush one or both shanks. I had asked if she had and Gaynor Minden pointes she could switch to for ballet-sex and of course she didn’t as she wasn’t expecting to be taking class and enjoying the benefits of having a live-in hunky male partner over the holidays. Gaynor Minden pointes weren’t designed with the rigors of ballet-sex in mind, but hard polymer shanked GM shoes are very forgiving of a dancer “sitting in her shoes” meaning putting weight on her heels which is very poor classical technique, but very common when the wearer is rubber-legged in the midst of orgasm while balanced on her toes.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Storms Eva and Frank, house party

Caersws railway station Wales

The Photo: Caersws rail station Powys, Wales. It is the closest station to Blackthorn Castle and The Dragon, my two car private train, is stored in a purpose built shed nearby.

Eva is no lady: Storm Eva was quite a bit worse than we thought. Not that the Weather Service didn’t warn everyone about it. Here in Wales the areas most heavily impacted by flooding are in the North West and South West. Fortunately for us the streams and rivers where we are while over their banks have not (yet) been nearly as destructive. It was a good thing I had the castle access road up from the highway regraded and resurfaced, banks graded and walled and drains enlarged during what passes for summer here.  The improvements have been able to handle the runoff so far. My chief Woodward has inspected the area currently being logged and the thick ground cover we do our best not to disturb and new ground cover we plant immediately after selective logging is holding the soil in place so we don’t lose the topsoil to heavy rains. Touch wood! The source of the Severn near Llanidloes is a roaring torrent so I can’t imagine what it is like when it gets to flatter country. 

I was very anxious that the staff’s Boxing Day return trip from London might be delayed. Fortunately rail service hasn’t been disrupted between Caersws and London except for scheduled engineering work. So I was greatly relieved that the staff’s trip to the London sales went as well as it did although in pouring rain and all returned safely and more or less on time.

Storm Frank: The forecast was for sunshine this morning (Tuesday 12/29 which there was, briefly) and then more rain for the next several days and very high winds from another low coming from the south west off St. George’s Channel. The forecasters say the worst of Frank will be in the northern counties of England and in Scotland, but heavy rain and very strong winds are still expected here as the storm comes ashore. The locals say this set of intense storms is very rare. I’m pleased to say that my villagers seem to be safe as my predecessors were very careful about where they built homes for the Barony’s villagers. It’s good that we are all safe indoors and on high ground.

House party date in danger: With the arrival of this intense set of Holiday storms I may have to postpone my long planned getting acquainted house party for local aristocrats with estates and farms in the area as well as the movers and shakers (politicians as well as merchants) from the nearby villages. I’m hoping the damage is minimal and roads are passable by the end of the week so everyone that has accepted will be able to get here. I’m putting them all up in the completely refurbished wing where the rooms all have fireplaces and in suite bathrooms with tub and shower. That is the wing where ballet students and dive students will be staying when I hold ballet intensives and Carla holds diver training classes.

I’ve volunteered my woodcutters and groundskeepers and their heavy equipment to help any of the nearby estates and farms that need assistance clearing the storm damage, but we may have another several days before it is all past. The party - planned for months – will occur over the New Year weekend (January 1st - 3rd) and I want it to be a fun time for the locals before my wards and I leave for Virgin Gorda after Twelfth Night. The Barony has always counted Christmas as the first day of the 12 days of Christmas so Twelfth night will be on Tuesday January 5th in 2016. However, the dates may prove more memorable for the drenching and the damage Eva and Frank are causing than any merrymaking. It is an unfortunate way to ring in the New Year.



Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boxing Day, diving the well

This year Monday 28 December is Boxing Day

The Photo: A caution to frenzied UK after Christmas sales shoppers

Blackthorn Barony and Boxing Day: The Oxford English Dictionary gives the earliest attestations of the term as being from England in the 1830s, defining it as 'the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box'. However there are indications that gift giving to tradesmen and servants on the day after Christmas began long before that name was attached to the custom.

Presently in UK Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. However, because Christmas is on Friday this year Boxing Day is celebrated on the following Monday, December 28th. These days in the UK, Boxing Day is a bank holiday when the after Christmas sales begin. Traditionally ‘Christmas boxes’ contained money or presents and the Barony’s ‘boxes’ for employees who have performed satisfactorily throughout the year contain a sum of money equal to at least 10% of the servants annual wage. The Barony’s boxes are distributed to employees by the Baroness on the afternoon before Boxing Day and to tradesmen and others on Boxing Day itself.

 For her female employees my predecessor Edith, as 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, began a tradition in the late 90s of allowing most of the Barony’s women servants to travel to London aboard The Dragon the night before to attend the sales on Boxing Day. The minimum staff that stayed behind on Boxing Day to provide hospitality services to the castle are taken to London for the sales aboard The Dragon the following Monday. Anyone who has been in domestic service in a major household knows how tightly they are run so having time off with meals, transportation and lodging (sleeping aboard the Dragon in very comfy reclining seats) on their employer’s dime is very rare. Although the excursion is not entirely w/o oversight since very junior staff are in the care of senior staff members on the trip to ensure no harm comes to them. Male staff gets an equal amount of time off to hunt or fish on Barony land. So that has proved an extremely popular tradition.

Multi-bed hyperbaric chamber: The four bed industrial multiplace hyperbaric chamber (MHC) was the last piece of major equipment installed in my dive facility. It was installed in a space reserved for it after I decided that I could rent out the facility as a diver school when I wasn’t using it and needed an MHC to ensure I had the equipment needed to get the necessary approvals and licence. It’s an upgrade from the one that is about six years old that Adolph, my friend in Vegas, has installed for his dive facility that was used also by women in residence at his Spa, The Lorelei, near by.  

Diving the Well: I try not to vary my exercise routine very much regardless of what is going on around me because at my age I can’t afford not to keep my body in top dancing condition. That’s especially true over the holidays when fattening foods and sweets are so plentiful so that it is harder to keep the pounds off. So after my daily ballet barre and pointe classes I’ve been diving the shallower, 64 ft., well for dive-sex with one of the ballet-boys who are here to provide erotic companionship over the holidays. Carla fitted him with one of the Guardian FFMs reserved for guests. I chose him because he is very well endowed, is an avid SCUBA diver and has a reputation as a considerate partner and an awesome underwater fuck.

I find it amazingly exciting to hang restrained by an ankle leash weightless tethered to the floor 64 feet below the surface sucking gas while having my brains fucked out by a marvelous hunky and very experienced lover.  At that depth using regular gas rather than a Nitrox mix I sometimes get just a touch of nitrogen narcosis which heightens my danger if I’m not careful. To avoid that we breathe Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32) to minimize the chance of nitrogen narcosis and extend dive time w/o decompression. Even so I have deco lines and spare air hung in both wells for periodic decompression stops the last being at 15 feet if needed. After sex I love having an afterglow nap while still tethered to the bottom. I have my computer set to alarm when I’ve reached table limits and I need to deco during ascent. Dive-sex uses a lot of air as air consumption techniques are pretty much ignored as you are racing toward and at orgasm so we use 130 cu ft HP steel tanks. That way we can usually have at least three encounters and a nap before we ascend.   

Since it’s after Christmas I’m luteal, I ovulated on Christmas day, so right now I don’t need a cervical barrier for contraception. I just need reproductive tract protection for ‘flood insurance’ to prevent having water forced into my uterus from the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts if or when my vagina floods which is a common occurrence for women during dive-sex.  Ideal for dive-sex flood insurance is a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm because silicone lube so necessary for extended intercourse underwater can be safely used with a latex diaphragm and unlike arcing and coil spring rim diaphragms the flat spring rim is nearly impossible to under-thrust even when the man is intentionally trying.

After inserting my Reflexions I always squat push, down to force my cervix closer to the entrance to my vagina and use my fingers to express the air out of the dome forcing the stretchy rubber deep into my anterior fornix to be held there by the suction which appreciably increases the strength of the suction in the dome and therefore the strength of the seal and the safety of the device.

Female staff off: Three thirteen passenger vans took the ladies of the castle staff down to Caersws to board The Dragon for the overnight trip to London for the sales. They will sleep and eat aboard the train and the Dragon will be parked at an unused platform at St Pancras so they can breakfast and leave for the sales when the stores open. They were so excited! I’m glad to be able to do something to please them as they work very hard to please me during the year.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas at Blackthorn Castle

Crown rack of spring lamb with rosemary and oregano 

The photo: A crown rack of lamb that will melt in your mouth! It’s something that Mrs. Bridges has made the castle’s kitchen famous for.

Christmas at the castle: Christmas day dawned cold with temps in the high 30s (F) with heavy rain almost all day. Fortunately none of us had to go outside unless we wanted to. We have a lovely fifteen foot spruce as a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments handed down from earlier holders of the title augmented down through the years. The lights are new, but the rest is very traditional. Presents were exchanged before breakfast. Though there are no children present Bea at eighteen the youngest girl present seemed almost as excited as I remember being when I was six, the Christmas before my mother died. This year I got lingerie (The giver looks forward to watching me take it off or ripping it off me himself.), perfume and gift certificates to Freed and Gaynor Minden as well as a lovely amethyst (my birthstone) necklace. Marvin gave me a special gift I had been looking for seemingly for ages, but hadn’t been able to find. I’m going to write about that in a separate post.

For the most part I gave practical token but useful fun gifts; razors (beard burn on breasts can be very annoying), condoms and Viagra for the men and Caya diaphragms, spermicide, EllaOne, remote controlled vibis (by Lelo) to be worn in the vagina and toe pads for the women. Caya should be appreciated by men too because the matte textured dome stimulates the glans remarkably and the removal dome can be used by a lover to stimulate the wearer’s G-spot. Just saying…   Later, in a private moment I gave my wards small designer leather bags fitted out and fully equipped as slit-kits.

Menstrual cycle status: Later Christmas morning my wards, their French ballet boyfriends and I took our obligatory ballet and pointe classes to stay flexible for the anticipated ballet and dive-sex. All my wards have frameless, stringless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted so they cycle naturally. When I lived in Las Vegas and my wards lived with me they were in menstrual synchrony with me because we sweated so much together that their bodies synched to my pheromones. Now that we live apart Bea and Willow cycle on their own while the Dryads, Bryony and Claire are beginning to sync with my 28 day cycle. Christmas day I was CD14 and ovulated while the Dryads were about CD9 and fertile. Bea and Willow were CD 20 something and luteal.

A first dip in The Wells: The women all followed me down to the shallowest (64 ft.) of the wells. We inserted our latex flat spring diaphragms, used as flood insurance, in case men joined us and wanted dive-sex. But none did as they were glued to the telly binge watching one sport program after another. I had Carla hang a net at 30 feet in the shallow pool as a precaution so if there was an uncontrolled descent the diver wouldn’t fall to the bottom.  

We wore thong bikinis, flippers and swim caps to keep the chemicals out of our hair. Carla checked the fit of our OTS Guardian FFMs and buoyancy compensators with integral weight pockets. She has checked that all the masks were in good repair before we got to the equipment room Willow, Bea and my Guardians have gotten a lot of use but Bryony and Claire just got theirs so they are still getting used to wearing them. One of the nice things is that we can all talk to one another on the comm. units while underwater and we can all hear each other scream, moan, whimper and gasp in orgasm.

Pool temperatures: For Olympic swimming, the Red Cross and FINA (The international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water diving), have set the water temperature for competitive swimming between 77° to 82° F (25°-28°C), and 81°F (27°C) for synchronized swimming. Warmer water is less dense and therefore less friction as a swimmers body moves through it. Standard water temperatures ensure that all performances are on a level state of conditions. I have my pools temperatures set at 79° (F) and that is very comfortable. 

Christmas dinner: Dinner on Christmas day for my wards, their boyfriends, Carla my 29 y/o Divemaster and her diver boyfriend, Chris my male Gyn and a ballerina girlfriend and Marvin and I went extremely well. The menu was a typical Christmas feast with turkey and crown rack of spring lamb (for which the castle kitchen is famous) stuffing, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, candid yams, mince pie and ice cream, coffee and hot or ice tea. And Christmas Crackers in which were small favors for each guest.

Sloe Brandy: After dinner the Barony’s famous (or perhaps a better term is infamous) Sloe brandy was served. It is distilled, aged and bottled at the castle from the fruit of the ubiquitous blackthorn bushes used to hedge fields and roads on the Barony. The fruit, called a "sloe", is a drupe 10–12 millimeters (0.39–0.47 in) in diameter, black with a purple-blue waxy bloom, ripening in autumn, and harvested—traditionally, at least in the UK, in October or November after the first frosts.

Charades: After dinner had settled we played a game of charades using the huge wardrobe of costumes and props that had been accumulated by Edith my predecessor. The subject for the evening was film stars from the 50s to present. The Brits seem to love dressing up especially the men who love mincing about in high heels and womens clothes. I think that must be from the sexually repressive upbringing of all-male schools, corporal punishment and cold showers that warp their sexuality. Fortunately some of them make lovely women (until you get their clothes off) so they can be great fun to play charades with!

I thought standouts in men’s roles were: Marvin who did a marvelous impression of Cary Grant “Judy, Judy, Judy”, and Chris who made an amazing Clark Gable, “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.” Go figure!

Among characters from dance films I portrayed during the evening - with the help of Emily, my dresser, who got me in and out of costume and makeup quickly with her skill as a studio costumer and makeup expert - I became: ‘Olympia’ the Moira Shearer role as a mechanical doll that comes to life in The Tales of Hoffmann (1951); the Cyd Charisse role of ‘The Widow’ dressed in black tights, black pointes, black elbow length gloves and a black bustier with circular white breast accent in  the film Black Tights (1961); and The Natalie Portman role as ‘Nina Sayers’ costumed as the Swan Queen in Black Swan (2010). What fun!




Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my readers the blessings of this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Solstice celebration, The Wells

Winter Solstice sunrise in the woods

The Photo: Pristine snow in a forest on a cold December morning heralding the arrival of winter.

The Winter Solstice: At sunrise 8:23 GMT today, the Winter Solstice, it was clear and very windy. So windy in fact (my portable anemometer was reading gusts to 66 mph) that I forbade my wards from participating with Marvin and I exposed on the fighting top of the east tower. I have to admit they were not disappointed to have been allowed to stay indoors.  In lieu of shearling robes like those previously used at Location Z Marvin and I were in a massive shearling sleeping bag of sorts that had toggle closures. With the wind as strong as it was the temperature in the 50s seemed very cold. The gusts were too strong to have us mate on the stone altar table w/o the danger of being blown off. We tried putting the shearling bag on the altar and caught it just before it was blown off the tower.  So we mated in the bag on the east side of the altar which actually blocked a lot of the wind that was blowing from the south west. Instead of the wind at Location Z moaning through the standing stone tone-holes here it was moaning through the crenels and around the merlons of the crenellations. Being CD11 and fertile I used an Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix for protection.  

The shearling bag was toasty warm and he took me three times and then we had a lovely afterglow nap. We were up there so long that Charles, my Chamberlin, feared for our safety, and was relieved when we appeared grinning and quite relaxed. Even with gale force winds my first Winter Equinox ritual breeding encounter at Blackthorn castle celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite went wonderfully well.  I am very pleased!

RFID chips for tracking and identification: Returning readers may recall when I was training ballet, gymnastics and swim teams in Las Vegas it was common practice to add a tiny passive electronic chip to an athlete’s diaphragm to ensure she was wearing her diaphragm and to track her attendance. I have instituted the same policy here in the UK. For my wards and the swim teams I train. The diaphragms come with tiny RFID chips glued into the concave side of the dome next to the rim. That way a swimmer can locate her diaphragm with an app on her cell if it is misplaced in a gym bag and I or their team coach can tell which girls are wearing their diaphragms for practices and competitive meets. Of course with my wards I train them to always insert their latex flat spring diaphragm as flood insurance before getting in the water as a girl can never be entirely certain when an opportunity for sex with Dudley Studly might occur.

The Wells: While at the castle for the holidays I’ve had my first opportunity to try out my new dive facility which I’m going to call “The Wells”. Returning readers will recall that the dive facility I had built here is far better than the 64 ft. deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one has two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft. both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo next to which are the pumps and heaters, a breathing gas filling station in a separate room, a dive gear room and male and female dressing rooms. The facility has the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft. portion and has Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders. There are two separate rolling winches that can lift three tons each on tracks above the pools so large bits of hardware can be easily lifted in and out and on to the loading dock.

The whole facility is being overseen by a female Divemaster who had been working out of Aberdeen on North Sea oil rigs. I had been employing her on a job-by-job basis, but I hired her full time as I can hire out the facility for commercial diver training when I won’t be using it and she can hold SCUBA school for my friends and escorts who will need dive-sex training. I might even be able to score some sex with the commercial diver students if I come up while they are in training. It would have to be after class of course, but I could use the sex as a selling point for the school if interest is slight at first.

The students will all need diver qualifying physicals and the women negative pregnancy tests to enter the training because using this facility is serious business even during sex-play. That’s because the depths and pressures are far greater than commercial pools which can be dangerous enough for newbies. At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. As with Adolph’s dive facility outside Vegas I’m having a safety net hung across the 136 ft. deep well at a depth of 50 feet in case a serious accident occurs and the diver has an uncontrolled descent.

While we are here over the holidays I’ve begun training The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, in deep diving SCUBA sex using the new dive facility. Bea and Willow are familiar with the skills required but sex while deep diving will be new to the Dryads. I made sure everyone brought their OTS Guardian FFMs with them so we can train together diving at depth and with mixed gasses under the supervision of my Divemaster.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Yule Log, wild boar, Solstice weather forecast

A Yule log ablaze in an open hearth fireplace

Yule log tradition at Blackthorn Castle: Edith, my predecessor as Baroness Blackthorn, traditionally had the castle Yule log lit a week before Christmas. So on the 18th, after Marvin and I celebrated Rhiannon/Rigantona’s equine Feastday in her grotto temple we had a celebratory breakfast before I took ballet class with my wards. I’m very pleased indeed about how well Marvin and I worked as a mating pair during the ceremony. It was his first time as a mate to a woman during a Goddess blessed ceremony. We were both high on endorphins and basking in the afterglow during breakfast. I collected his liquefied semen – more than 10ml since he came three times - in a Diva Cup so I could use it as a dressing on his salad at supper.

At noon I presided at the lighting of the Yule Log in the massive fireplace in the great hall. Osborne, the castle’s head butler, had the stump of last years Yule Log brought in and placed in the hearth as a starter for this year’s log and then the log was pulled in on a roller equipped sled and manhandled into place in the fireplace with one end barely sticking out. As it burns the protruding end will be jacked forward pushing the burning end further into the fireplace. All the area around the fireplace is of masonry so sparks shouldn’t start fires. As you might imagine the new log is huge, part of an old oak not fully dry so it won’t burn like gunpowder, but will last until 12th night. Returning readers will recall that 12th night is the end of the 12 days of Christmas, Epiphany in the Anglican Church Of England, when the three wise men are said to have arrived to worship Jesus. The lighting went well. I asked all the Castle staff to attend as part of beginning the holiday festivities. When the Yule Log is lit there is always a servant in attendance to turn and jack it as necessary to make sure it doesn’t go out and sparks don’t start a fire.

As late as the early 19th centaury the great hall fireplace was used to roast whole sides of venison and boar, but now is rarely used for cooking just for warmth and lit as a custom of the holiday season. I have two stone masons working full time on the fabric of the castle. Knowing that the end of year holidays were coming I had them carefully check and clean the massive hearth and chimney to be certain that it was safe to use. For the last year they have been checking and repairing the fireplaces in all the rooms in the castle. Edith had let checks of fireplaces in distant seldom used rooms go. However, since I have groups of friends staying and will be having women who take my ballet intensive or dive-sex classes staying here I am having them all checked as one can’t be too safe with open fires. But a nice warm fire on a cold rainy or snowy night, and Goddess knows there are enough of them here, can be wonderfully comforting.

An east tower conundrum: I wondered why there were flues at the bottom of the east tower to ventilate the Celtic temple if Wales was becoming Christian when it was built. From the stonework the flues appear to be part of the original tower foundation, but not nearly as ancient as the Celtic braziers and carvings of Rhiannon/Rigantona on horseback that appear to be original to the grotto temple. My Oxford Celtic expert thinks that the original castle builders in the 13th century still secretly worshiped Celtic Deities and had the ventilation for the grotto temple included in the original tower so the family could continue their Celtic worship in private while conversion to Christianity was going on around them.  Apparently that aspect of the family’s beliefs disappeared in the 14th century as early items in the garbage and trash that was nearly ten feet deep when I had the debris cleared dates from that time. My Celtic Don has found nothing in the muniment room that addresses activities in the lower levels of the east tower during those years.

As I mentioned in my entry for November 19th the east tower of the castle that (so legend has it) hadn’t been entered in more than three hundred years since the 12 y/o son of the 18th Baroness fell to his death from its roof while hiding from a playmate is said to be haunted by him it. My Celtic expert thinks the ghost story was begun as a warning to the curious to keep people - other than the family - out of the tower who might accidently stumble upon the Celtic temple. That explanation seems logical to me as, since I’ve been Baroness there have been a great many workmen as well as my wards and I in the tower at all times of the day and night  and we haven’t encountered him.   

Wild boar hunting: More than eighteen months ago 42 wild boar were released during a burglary of a farm in Maesteg far south of Blackthorn Castle. They are primarily nocturnal, very destructive to crops and dangerous when confronted. Recently wild boar have been sighted on Barony land so several weeks ago Charles, my Chamberlain, organized a boar hunting party of local farmers and castle staff who have been in the military and would like to join the hunt. Since the castle is a considerable distance from Maesteg we don’t think any on Barony land were from the ones released there, but this is the first boar have been seen in the area in years. The hunt was very successful and eight large sows (without piglets) were killed. Samples were sent for trichinella testing and all came back negative four were kept to roast for the holidays at the castle and the rest divided among the others in the hunting party.

Wild boar as table meat: “The biggest difference between wild boar and domestic hogs is that the meat of the feral hogs has much less fat. The meat will be darker and the grain will be tighter. It's not necessarily tougher, but it can be dry compared to domestic pork. It may have a gamey taste.” Well, yes, but if marinated before barbequing the baby back ribs are very tasty and melt in your mouth. The castles cook, Mrs. Bridges, (yes I know, but that’s her real name) would barbeque wild boar baby back ribs from a local butcher for Baroness Edith and her guests. However, this is the first time in years that the Barony has actually shot its own although we did have the local butcher skin, clean and carve up the various cuts so nothing has been wasted. I’m going to serve the tenderloin at Christmas for those who aren’t keen on turkey or who would just like to taste wild boar. Just to be certain I had Mrs. Bridges roast two cuts; a tenderloin and a set of baby backs – not from the ones shot on Barony lands - gotten from the village butcher and they were delicious!

Weather forecast for the Winter Solstice: For Tuesday, December 22nd Sunrise 08:23 Sunset 16:03 at Llanidloes. The forecast is for temperatures in the low 50s (F) with heavy rain at 9:00 AM and wind gusting to 48 mph from the south west. If that actually occurs it will very unpleasant and dangerous on the open fighting top of the east tower.   

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rhiannon/Rigantona, Fetish sex new dive facility

Grishko 2007 pointes and a Caya contoured diaphragm

The Photo: A pair of turquoise Grishko 2007 pointe-shoes and a Caya contoured diaphragm showing the 55mm cervical cup and the removal dome (the convex oval at the top) of the pink device.

Rhiannon’s equine ceremony: The name Rhiannon is derived from the Celtic Goddess Rigantona (the Great or Devine Queen). My Celtic mythology expert says I should understand that Rhiannon was the embodiment (in Welsh legend as set down in the Mabinogion and other medieval texts) of the Celtic Goddess Rigantona, which explains why my Goddess, Aphrodite, is as comfortable as she is with me actually channeling Rigantona, which occurs primarily when I’m in Wales. For my readers who want to know more about Celtic mythology and the medieval legends that have come down to us the eleven medieval Welsh tales collected in The Mabinogion is a good place to start. The term Mabinogion was popularized in the 19th centaury when the tales were first translated into English by Lady Charlotte Guest. A new (2007) annotated translation of The Mabinogion by Sioned Davies is available in the Oxford World Classics series.

The ritual offering of apples and the planting of seed with Marvin (Morning Wood) as my partner in Rigantona’s temple grotto below the east tower of Blackthorn castle on December 18th went well. The spiral staircase down to the temple area in the foundation is hazardous to navigate especial while wearing pointe-shoes, but hand rails have been installed and sawdust has been scattered on the treads to improve traction as moisture is still a problem. The steps are swept periodically. The old sawdust is burnt in the three ancient temple braziers found under layers of trash dumped in the area when it was being used as a garbage pit for several hundred years. Then fresh sawdust is applied to the treads.

The peat fires scented with sawdust and evergreen resin burning in the braziers kept the place warm even though the fires were drawing well so that the grotto was smoke free. I was CD7 and almost fertile so I wore an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. At first Marvin took me doggie style on a thick soft bed of fresh hay. He was magnificently erect and after he skillfully fingered the shaft of my clit I was quivering and gasping with desire as he spread my labia and inserted himself. With a single swift thrust his glans bottomed out in my posterior fornix causing me to gasp and moan with delight. Then with a few quick thrusts he came spewing semen all over my Oves cap. The second time he took me in missionary on my back with a robe under my buns to raise my hips. The third time I mounted him astride taking my pleasure before I gave him Pompoir milking him of his seed while he remained still as I rode him to orgasm.

In residence at Blackthorn Castle: While, Bea, the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, and Willow (for only a few days) are in residence with me and away from the distractions that are available in London not to mention London over Christmas and New Year and since we have virile men available I’m teaching my wards more of the tricks of fetish seduction. None of my wards have romantic attachments to the men so there is no problem having them rotate between women. Marvin also participates in this male circulation between our beds so I get to enjoy the scents, sounds and attention of a series of young lovers with marvelous sexual stamina.  

FCM in the dome for fetish sex: Some men like to lick the fertile cervical mucus out of the dome of a partner’s diaphragm. For this fetish the latex FS diaphragm is ideal since it is very difficult to under-thrust a properly fitted and correctly inserted a flat spring rim thus providing excellent contraceptive protection. In addition, the wearer’s reproductive tract secretions: FCM, natural arousal lubricant as well as an unprotected lover’s semen act as a marinade for the latex to develop a strong rubbery odor within a few hours of continuous wearing.

The newer Caya silicone diaphragm with its smaller 55mm diameter cervix cup can be easier to insert and remove than a traditional diaphragm and the matte finish on the convex side of the dome stimulates a partner’s glans amazingly well. However, even after continuous wearing for more than 48 hours it doesn’t develop nearly as strong a fishy odor as a latex device does which can be a down-side for a rubber fetishist who is fond of the strong bouquet of what one of my friends who hates the smell calls rotting rubber. 

Dryad Lust Training: I’ve been working with the Bryony and Claire as they learn how The Costume Club (AKA Clever Cunts) Hostesses tease members into a sexual encounter of one sort or another. The member’s fantasy can be to have sex with a classical ballerina in pointe shoes, tutu and tights or a bondage ballerina in high quality leather ballet-boots. Or it might be just to watch a Hostess dress or undress while she talks to the member and there is no physical contact. In both cases the Hostess changes out of street clothes into what ever costume and pointe footwear the member she is with desires while he watches. Then she does a barre warm-up which as you can imagine is quite limited if the Hostess is in ballet-boots rather than pointes because of their weight and the boots forcing the feet to remain pointed. During her ballet barre the Hostess sweats in her pointes or boots and the smell of estrogenic sweat dampened leather or melted paste from the blocks of Freed pointes which can be a major turn-on for the member.

An additional aspect is an impregnation fantasy where the Hostess inserts a cervical barrier as contraception for the scene. Of course she has a frameless, stringless GyneFix copper bead IUD implanted for contraception so when the member pulls out her diaphragm or FemCap and fills her with jets of hot, thick, creamy semen containing hundreds of millions of sperm some of which swim in to her uterus they are quickly immobilized by the copper ions of the IUD beads which are slowly dissolving providing very effective contraception. The nice thing about a copper IUD is that it can’t be made less effective by accidental or intentional manipulation of her progestin level by meds, diet pills or counterfeit pills. Too, periods with heavier flow for some women with copper IUDs allows those Hostesses to provide members with heavy flow menstrual sex which not surprisingly is in considerable demand as their wives and/or girlfriends often will refuse them menstrual sex.

Then too there is the worship scene where the member/client kneels before the hostess and masturbates into the laces of her boots or the ribbons of her points. Cleaning the dried semen out of the laces of ballet-boots requires drying them with a hair dryer then scrubbing the laces with a stiff bristle brush which gets most of the dried flakes out however, if the hostess is one who gets a lot of members spewing semen in her laces then every day or two the laces need to be totally removed the boots cleaned and oiled and laces washed dried and replaced.

My new dive facility: While at Blackthorn Castle over the Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Years holidays I am going to begin training my wards in deep diving SCUBA sex using the new dive facility constructed over the past year. Bea and Willow are familiar with the skills required but sex while deep diving will be new to the Dryads. Returning readers will recall that I had a dive facility built that is far better than the 64 ft deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one has two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo.

At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. It has the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft. portion and have Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders.

The dive facility is buried beneath the ground on the opposite side of the castle from the stream, a tributary of the Severn, and will be reached by a passageway and dressing rooms off the castle cellars. Water comes from the stream and be heated by an extension off the hot water radiator system - on a different heating zone - from the biomass boiler. The dive facility was supposed to be completed by summer, but was finished in September and it took a month to fill and another week to warm the water to a temp in the mid seventies Fahrenheit.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clubbing supplies, Odalisques, first Rhiannon equine celebration

One of my Minaudières by Monique Lhuillier

The Photo: A Minaudière, a Monique Lhuillier evening handbag. “A rose gold-tone tassel and mirrored hardware add glittering appeal to this luxe mink Monique Lhuillier clutch. Zip closure. Leather interior. Fur: Natural Mink, from the United States. Weight: 11oz / 0.31kg. Made in Italy. Measurements Height: 3.25in / 8cm Length: 8.75in / 22.5cm Handle drop: 7in / 18cm.” Actually, this one is more practical for the theater than clubbing since the real mink can be stained by a spilled drink or splattered semen. Just saying…  I bought it at the Monique Lhuillier shop on East 71st Street in NYC. Since the seller wasn’t supposed to ship it out of the U.S. because it was made with mink fur I had one of the flight attendants on Limnaea pick it up for me when they landed there a few weeks ago. Minaudière is pronounced mēnōdˈyer.

Clubbing supplies and equipment: When Clubbing I use the Minaudière I’m carrying (I have several of them) as a miniature slit-kit. I like to keep several disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (a lubricant spermicide/biocide), several latex condoms of various sizes, a spare Oves cap, two 25mg Viagra tablets, a tiny sewing kit to repair torn ribbons as I’m often in pointes, a credit card and £100 in cash in £5 and £10 notes for tipping and cabs. The Pfizer risers are for a partner who needs help focusing after the third time.

Odalisques; the pregnancies continue: Another, the third, of Nikolai’s small harem of dancers I have servicing him to keep him from becoming interested in some of the younger girls in the Corps while he is not at my side has tested positive for hCG. This one thinks she has a weight problem and w/o telling anyone began taking diet pills that sped up her metabolism. The progestin in her IUD that was supposed to suppress ovulation was being eliminated more quickly from her body leaving her IUD far less effective resulting in her pregnancy.  It’s not like she didn’t know. I warned her about the possible effect of diet pills on the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives before I introduced her to Nikolai. It is an inconvenient time for a dancer to be out as the holiday performance schedule is very heavy (not that it was in the least convenient for her either) but she will probably be out more than the standard ten days for recovery from a vacuum aspiration as she is having psychological issues with the termination. Fortunately I had another lovely young dancer as an Odalisque-in-waiting (who has a GyneFix copper IUD inserted) and introduced her to Nikolai while pregnancy #3 was being sucked out of Miss diet-pills.  

The initial Rhiannon equine celebration: Friday, December 18th will be my initial celebration of Rhiannon’s Feastday as the Roman Goddess of horses. As I mentioned in a previous post Cambridge Christmas vacation extends from Monday December 14 (Last day of undergraduate and graduate classes) to Monday January 25, 2016 (when Undergraduate and graduate classes begin.) so Marvin, Morning Wood, will be available and is thrilled to be my partner for the ritual planting of seed. The celebration of her Feastday on the 18th will be far more intimate than the equinox and solstice celebrations that occurred at Location Z.

It should be more like my offering of pomegranates to Aphrodite/Venus in her Roman era temple in the undercroft of Crag Abbey in the mountains overlooking Loch Ness with only myself and my partner as the celebrants. My Celtic expert, the Oxford Don, says this Celtic grotto temple of Rhiannon predates the Roman Aphrodite/Venus temple at Crag Abbey by hundreds of years.  This will be the first time Marvin has been involved in a Goddess celebration and in the foundation grotto under the east tower of Blackthorn castle we will be out of the elements with the torches providing enough heat to make things relatively comfortable when compared to the rain and icy winds of Location Z or on the fighting top of the East tower for the this years Winter Solstice.

Mellten: Mellten is a Welsh word for Lightning. In one of the legends surrounding Rhiannon she is being pursued while riding a horse which can’t be overtaken when she is riding it. So far I’ve found no source that names that horse. So, I’ve decided to rename a lovely young mare in the Blackthorn stables’ Mellten’ in honor of Rhiannon’s horse, until I can find the correct name if was ever set down. Mellten is extremely fast, sure footed, has been trained for fox hunting (actually drag hunting now) and seems very fond of me. When I’m astride her we are like a single entity jumping hedges, ditches and galloping flat out. It feels marvelous to have that much power between my legs and I always end our rides on an amazing high that is almost sexual in its intensity! Umm… well, it is sexual when I have a pair of Ben Wa balls inserted during my ride!

Fortunately I learned to ride when I lived in Southwest Virginia, rode some while in ballet school in upstate NY and rode a bit while in Vegas so it’s just getting used to it again. Being a dancer the balancing and use of my strong legs makes getting back in shape for riding relatively easy.

Riding the Dragon: Marvin and Bea – with a boyfriend - came down to London and on the 16th rode up to Caersws with me, the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, and their current boyfriends for Rhiannon’s first celebration at Blackthorn Castle (on 18 December) in probably 800 years or more. A convoy of Land Rovers met us at the station for the ride to the castle. It’s always fun to have new riders aboard the Dragon as they think traveling in a private railroad car is the height of luxury. Of course it is, but once you get use to it you begin to take it for granted. The weather forecast for Llanidloes (the closest weather forecast to the castle) is for light rain and temps in the low 50s.  Fortunately on the 18th Marvin and I will be inside.

Timing: We will be staying at the Castle until after the first of the year. I’m not yet sure if we will be staying for 12th Night since I want to spend several weeks at my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda. It will be my first major Holiday season as Baroness and I want to do things properly so my villagers won’t say that Edith, my predecessor, could have done it better. Of course Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household, is taking care of the details. All I need to do is pay for it and circulate among the guests. It is for the entire village and all the vendors who have the Barony’s warrant so it is a splendid opportunity to get to know everyone who has anything to do with the running and provisioning of the Barony. I am going to try to be on my best behavior as I will be fertile for the Solstice and ovulate on Christmas day. Isn’t that awesome! The Goddess is looking out for me! I’ll be CD21 and Luteal on New Years so I can take lovers on New Years with no contraceptive protection whatever so I can have live sperm in my tubes and be safe until after my period which should start on January 8th.  

Planning for the Winter solstice: We will be celebrating at sunrise on Tuesday December 22nd and I will have the Dryads; Bryony the daughter of Lord A**** and Claire her cousin, who are working on their PhD theses for doctorates in Clinical Psychology at University College London. As well as Bea, my ward who is a student at Cambridge and Willow, a ballerina who is the granddaughter of the Duke of M****, and is scheduled to dance Nutcracker performances at the ROH on the 18th and 24th so I’m sending The Dragon to pick her up at St Pancras so she can participate in the Winter Solstice celebration. Morning Wood will be my partner, though I’m not sure how he will do with sex on the top of the east tower in a cold rain at dawn. It’s not certain that it will rain then, but there is a very high probability. The other four men I need, one for each of the ladies at the cardinal points of the compass, have yet to be named. Tanaquil will probably send men from the POB which is in the middle of a six week run of La Bayadère at the Ballet Opéra Bastille. It is a ballet requiring a huge corps and few men so we should be able borrow four glorious young males for several days. They can take class daily with the women and all of us can have sexual workouts afterward. Tanaquil will ensure that the men all have had pneumonia vaccine (the women have already) so no one gets seriously ill from sex in an icy rain.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Block Donald Trump from the UK?

“Everybody likes me!” “I’ll build a wall and have Mexico pay for it!”

For my readers in the UK: Donald Trump, a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the Unites States, a man with an enormous ego and a mouth to match, has proven himself a world class “xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot” (a quote from Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina). Currently there is a petition to the UK Parliament that already has more than 500,000 signatures to ban him from the UK. God bless the signers every one!

Read The Telegraph article on the reaction here in the UK to Donald Trump’s call to block all Muslims from entry into the U.S.: HERE
And, the petition to block Donald Trump from the UK can be found: HERE

Right now the Republicans have their knickers in a twist as Trump is appealing to the base instincts of Republican voters being stirred up by his vitriol of hate and fear. One can only hope that the American electorate in the Republican primaries can see through the egocentric blather and personal attacks that ‘The Donald’ is infamous for. Unfortunately he is currently sucking all the air time from the established U.S. media as they jockey for ratings driven by the narcissistic drivel and outrageous comments that spew out of his mouth like vomit the morning after an alcoholic binge. After Trump the Republican Party will have a massive headache.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, Lust Training

The Celtic Goddess Rhiannon

The Photo: A depiction of Rhiannon as redhead like me - though my hair is longer, finer and softer – which, since I seem to be channeling her to some considerable extent while I’m at Blackthorn Castle, is appropriate.

Channeling Rhiannon: The Oxford scholar of Celtic mythology, who is overseeing the dig in the lowest levels of the east tower of Blackthorn Castle, has determined the site is a temple to the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon (pronounced Ree-an-non). She is a Goddess of the earth and fertility, of horses and birds as well as inspiration and the moon. The temple is in the foundation of the east tower one of the earliest parts of the castle which was built in the early 1300s or before almost certainly because of the spring which was probably in a grove of oak trees as that was a favorite location for the worship of Celtic deities. My Goddess, Aphrodite, for whom I am a priestess, is fine with that since she sees Rhiannon as a Celtic version of herself as Venus was for the Romans, which for me is a good thing since I would not want to be caught between two competing goddesses. So my celebration of the moon and the Winter Solstice will have a decided Celtic tilt this year, not that it wasn’t at Location Z.  Too, I think celebrating on the feast day of Rhiannon will consist of a smaller ceremony, because of the lack of space in the immediate temple area, though no less intimate consisting primarily of my being inseminated with the standard ritual planting of seed.

A Holy Spring: The fresh water spring found behind a wall of loose stones in a small grotto in the rock on which the castle foundations for the east tower were built accounts for the dampness at the lowest levels. Internal vents channeling fresh air from the winds across the top of the tower have been unclogged so that air can circulate and ritual fires can again be safely built in worship of Rhiannon/Aphrodite. There is nothing we have found in the texts about holy fruit specifically for the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, though the apple and hazel nuts were thought to be magical. So, I’m going to offer apples and pomegranates since pomegranates are the preferred fruit for offerings to Aphrodite unless we discover more facts before the holy days.   Rhiannon’s birthday is celebrated on July 4th but also at Beltane (May 1st) and tangentially December 18th as the Roman Goddess of horses. Therefore, later this month I will have the first celebration of Rhiannon at the location on which Blackthorn Castle was built in perhaps a thousand years.  

The Landsker Line: From Wikipedia. “The Landsker Line is a term used for the language boundary between the largely Welsh-speaking and largely English-speaking areas in southwest Wales. The English-speaking areas, south of the Landsker line and known as ‘Little England beyond Wales’, are notable for having been English linguistically and culturally for many centuries despite being far from the border with England. The line is noted for being sharp, and for having moved only slightly over the past several centuries.” The closest market town to Blackthorn Castle is Llanidloes well north of the Landsker Line15% of whose population of about 3,000 can speak Welsh.

Lust training for seminarians, continued: I’m finding the students eager to learn and amazed at the immense pleasure a woman with vaginal skills is capable of giving. They are finding the vagina is not just a hot, wet, tight, deep vessel into which a male can insert himself to achieve sexual relief. Almost all the men who have filled me with their seed have admitted that they are very conflicted about lust training as in some taboo compartment in their minds separated from holy orders that they will be taking they want to have the thrill of impregnating me. Or better yet while thrusting into me pretend I’m their sister or their best friend’s wife or mom. I love it when they confide those longings as then I know who to concentrate more of my pelvic skills on. However, I try not to get too involved with any of them. It would be amazingly easy and cruel to addict one or more of them to fetish sex and inadvertently tie them to me on a psychological penis leash since when they complete lust training they could develop separation anxiety.

Aside from that though I think should any of them who leave the priesthood or convert to the Anglican faith there may be a down side to taking my Lust Training course. I think it’s likely that I will have ruined them for sex with a vanilla woman. That’s because (and I don’t say this to brag) as an Escort trainer I have the body and pelvic skills that very few vanilla women will ever have. So having exposed the men to the delights of Pompoir and the Mare’s Trick among other pelvic skills, which are for a man mind blowing examples of the muscle control a woman can bring to pleasuring a man, it’s quite possible that the seminarians who have taken Lust Training with me will be expecting far more in bed than a typical vanilla woman knows how to give and therefore will never be satisfied unless they fall in love with a talented Escort.

As this in being written I’ve only been training Seminarians for seven days and two of them have already dropped out of the course for medical reasons. One because intense sexual activity triggered an epileptic seizure because no one knew he had a seizure disorder. The second student had a minor heart attack just as he came in me and vomited in my hair while he was still on top of me. Both are in a local hospital until they are stable enough to be released. Their families will be told that they became ill during ‘intense athletic exercise’, which is not too far off the mark since it was educational/recreational sex.  The injuries have caused the Head Master to rethink his desire to have his seminarians participate in Lust training w/o first undergoing a stress test to see if they are healthy enough for sexual activity.

The other seminarian Lust Training candidates have now quickly undergone stress tests so I shouldn’t have any more medical emergencies during training encounters. The young men are so grateful I am spending what one called ‘quality time’ with them and the stamina of 18 y/os is marvelous most being able to get off three times in 30 minutes w/o using a performance enhancing medication. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Diaphragm tricks, Holiday planning

One of my 80mm latex Reflexions FS diaphragms
The photo: One of my latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragms and a pair of my red GM play shoes. The Reflexions maker, Lamberts, stopped making them at the end of 2014. The long white polymer device in the photo is an ‘introducer’ that was once a standard insertion aid and it too is no longer being produced. You can tell how soft and stretchy the dome is by how it lays in soft folds and the heat transfer properties of latex membrane are awesome! A flat spring latex diaphragm has become a must have for ritual sex during celestial celebrations as it allows me to cycle naturally while protecting me from the common consequences of sex with a virile and unprotected man.
Diaphragm tricks: To increase the strength of the seal (the suction) in the dome of a correctly sized and properly inserted diaphragm you need to express as much of the air in the dome as possible. The wearer should do that immediately after insertion by inserting the first two fingers of either hand into her vagina and press the dome against the anterior wall of the vagina and into the anterior fornix as far as it will go being sure not to damage the dome with a fingernail in the process. I wear my nails short, but even so while using the pad side of the finger the nail tip will come in contact with the dome especially while pressing it into the anterior fornix so care or a nitrile glove should be used.
Labia Labs latex (3L) diaphragms: Returning readers may recall that in March of 2012 I mentioned that Gepetto had teamed up with Labia Labs to produce a line of latex diaphragms with coil spring rims in standard sizes from 55mm to 90mm in 5mm increments. And now he has added a latex flat spring rim to take the place of the Reflexions of fond memory. He decided against producing an All-Flex arcing spring rim device because there were patent licensing costs and an arcing spring rim is needed primarily for women with lax muscle tone which is of no concern to Gepettos target market, escorts with fetish specialties and some of the tightest and strongest vaginal grips in the world.  The devices can be custom made in half sizes (2.5mm) and can be provided by special request. The Labia Labs Latex (known as 3L) line of diaphragms is now being offered exclusively through our women’s clinic here in London and only to hostesses working for Clever Cunts and Taryn’s stable of Escorts both of which are now run by one of Tanaquil’s stable masters. The exclusivity of the 3L flat spring diaphragm gives our girls a significant advantage over other escorts serving the fetish community.
The 3L line 80mm flat spring user roster: Having the Latex FS diaphragms dispensed exclusively by my clinic has enabled me to do a much better job of tracking women taking the 80mm size which is what I wear. So if an escort dies during sex with a client while wearing her latex 3LFS I know about it right away and can attempt to harvest her diaphragm before the body is sent to the morgue. In those instances the diaphragm becomes known to me as a ‘death rubber’ as it contains a small portion of its former owner’s Chi that contains all her pelvic skills and fetishes so when I wear a ‘death rubber’ its former owner’s sexual knowledge and skills become mine.
When it was announced that the Reflexions would no longer be available I despaired of ever being able to restock my ‘death rubber’ diaphragm supply, but Gepetto and Labia Labs in offering the 3L latex flat spring will allow me to continue harvesting latex flat spring diaphragms from unfortunate wearers for the foreseeable future.  
Winter Solstice, Christmas, 12th Night & Virgin Gorda planning: Trinity College Cambridge Christmas vacation is from: December 14 Monday, Last day of undergraduate and graduate classes, to January 25 Monday, Undergraduate and graduate classes begin. Being off for five weeks will allow Bea, Willow, the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and Marvin (Morning wood) along with the girls boyfriends to spend the Winter Solstice, Christmas and 12th Night at Blackthorn Castle and then have several weeks with me along in the BVIs at my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda. I was pleased that the Dryads want to spend the holidays with me rather than their parents though I think it was the lure of time in the BVIs and the possibility of multiple partners that tipped the scale in my favor.
My cycle and the moon: I’ll be fertile, CD11, on the Winter Solstice which will be on Tuesday December 22nd. The moon will be waxing and 89% visible then and will be full on Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day, December 24th through 26th. I should ovulate on Christmas day. Being fertile on the Winter Solstice is awesome as it brings good fortune from the goddess.
Training for seminarians: I’ve been engaged to provide lust training for young men studying at a local seminary. The Head Master thinks it’s best to have them knowledgeable about what temptations await them before rather than after they take vows of Chastity Poverty and Obedience. It’s a novel approach, one I don’t think many seminaries have tried with success in the past. This is my first day with them and I gave them an overview of contemporary sexual health and then paired off for individual training with the first one. The order in which I’m taking them – it will be in a delightfully outfitted encounter salle at the seminary - was decided by drawing straws.  I’m certainly looking forward to taking each one in hand and to bed for a day. They are such lovely well muscled young men and are all supposedly virgins meaning that they have never had penile vaginal intercourse.
As this is written I ovulated four days ago and I’ll be luteal for almost the next two weeks and then menstrual so I can initiate any who are interested in menstrual sex as well. I’m going to train them with neither my student nor me using contraceptive protection of any sort. That way we both will have maximum tactile sensation during intercourse. I will have a different eighteen year old spew hot, thick, creamy semen deep inside me each day and have their sperm in my tubes every day for nearly two weeks with no worry about pregnancy. What fun! As I write I’m draining the first one’s liquefied semen, the bit you can never entirely Kegel out, into the cotton gusset of my tights. That is such a sensuous feeling! What a marvelous opportunity to enjoy young men at the height of their sexual potency!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clubbing costume, Thanksgiving weekend

A cheeky shot of my Wolford Image string body as a clubbing costume

The Photo: A classic with a surprise effect …”This circular-knitted string body with an opaque front conceals an exciting secret at the back: the completely transparent design with an attractive seam up the centre will turn heads. A versatile item for a variety of styles and occasions: it can be worn during the day for a business appointment under a jacket for a subtly elegant look combined with airy, light comfort. When the jacket is removed at the cocktail party in the evening, it becomes an exciting eye-catcher with an irresistible effect.”

My Ideal transparent back string body: Worn with nude Fatal15 seamless tights and a pair of Gepetto’s black calf length ballet-boots it is a show stopper while keeping me fully covered and generally protected except for fingering my clit, unless I’m wearing a sports plug.  It’s a bit pricy, but the effect I get when I enter a room is priceless! Worn with a thigh length jacket it is the ideal ensemble to wear to the ballet or opera when wanting to attract the male gaze as well as female envy in society. The material is: Opaque; 95% nylon and 5% Elastane, Sheer; 76% nylon and 24% Elastane.

With a snap-button gusset it is easy to get in and out of as well as providing quick access to a lover who after unsnapping the gusset only has to pull the tights down over my hips to insert a finger to see if I’m aroused. Even though I’m lactating I’m a 34B and with no bra under the bodysuit I need to wear Lily Padz, adhesive silicone nursing pads, because my nipples leak when I’m aroused and I love how they prevent my nipples becoming erect which could be seen under the opaque fabric and taken as a come-on by men.

I had a photoshoot this past week at Blackthorn House in Belgravia wearing my Wolford Ideal transparent back string body. It was by the Glamour photographers Strutt, Giggle and Pose Ltd at the request of Vogue as a Feature editor thinks an article about me might be of interest.  I’m not so sure that’s the case as I’m pretty salacious if not out right kinky for the typical Vogue UK reader. Actually I’m surprised that an editor even asked for the photoshoot. I remember that U.S. Vogue had been planning an article about me and the casino when I was AD of a small erotic ballet company in Las Vegas. That was just before the great Recession that began in early 2008 with the financial and real estate crises and stock market sell off. Condé Nast pulled it before the writer had time to do more than a walk around since it didn’t seem to be the time to publish an article about the lavish lifestyle being lived by a few people in Nevada when thousands were losing their homes.  Anyway, since I was already thinking of having some glamour shots taken the timing was right. The Blackthorn Barony paid for the shoot so I have control of the photos and can use them in a puff piece for The Costume Club aka Clever Cunts I’m composing for a fetish magazine if the Condé Nast piece doesn’t materialize.  

Thanksgiving 2015: My Thanksgiving Day went extremely well. Everyone showed up and the meal was spectacular with crackers distributed after dessert when every one got a favor in their cracker. Crackers are associated with Christmas in the UK, but I needed a fun way to distribute small remembrances from my first Thanksgiving as a permanent resident of the UK so I thought crackers loaded with trinkets from Asprey’s (cuff links for the men, pierced earrings for the women) would be appropriate. I’m having Crackers at Christmas too!

Before dinner we paired off to play hide the sausage. I was CD13 and very fertile so I wore an Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix and double bagged with a Caya so that my partner(s) could shove the steep anterior side of the cervix cup into my anterior fornix. That worked wonderfully for both me and my partner(s) as the unprotected men loved rubbing their glans on the matte finished silicone Caya and I loved having the front of the cervix cup shoved deeper into my anterior fornix. I’m becoming more accustomed to the Caya as I experiment with using it as a toy to safely increase my and my partner’s pleasure.

Additional Thanksgiving guests: In addition to Marvin, ‘Morning Wood’, and Bea down from Cambridge and Bea’s current boyfriend Chris was there with his date, one of Nikolai’s Odalisques who is not dancing because of a wrist injury. My next door neighbors in Eaton Square, Alexei a Russian ex-pat and his daughter Veronika who brought a date for the weekend. I also invited the Dryads; Bryony the daughter of Lord A**** and Claire her cousin both of whom returning readers will recall had been ballet dancers with the RB and had retired to pursue PhDs in psychology at University College London. Neither have steady boyfriends so I invited two more gorgeous hunks as their partners for the weekend. All but Alexei and Veronika staying with Marvin and me in Eaton Square for the weekend.

Shopping: The women all take ballet class with me in the mornings in my basement studio while the men work out in my small gym. Then we go shopping for sales specials as the Christmas buying season has begun and lunch at Fortnum and Mason or Harrods. The weather today, Saturday, has been chilly and sunny this morning with temps in the low 50s and a brisk breeze.  Of course the forecast is for rain this afternoon… Sigh! Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better; a bit warmer with rain again in the afternoon. So my costume for the day is a rubber skirt and jacket over tights and Louis Vuitton fetish green rubber rain boots from his Fall/Winter 2011 collection which are now a classic and wonderful with a platform that allows easy fording of puddles.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

A traditional U.S. Thanksgiving holiday meal

The photo:  A young hen turkey roasted to perfection. For my readers who are into BDSM please note her ankles were bound prior to roasting.

Wishing all my readers in the U.S. and in the UK as well who are now celebrating Thanksgiving, the happiest of holidays.

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