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Jill's World's 5th Anniversary

May 31, 2014 will be the fifth Anniversary of this Blog.
Thanks again Eric!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boat bunny dive school, K-valve killer

Latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and introducer

The photo: A latex flat spring diaphragm worn for flood insurance to prevent water being forced into the uterus when the vagina floods during dive-sex. In this photo you can easily see the triangle with the size (in mm) in the center of the dome that works as a stimulator for the glans of men who are long enough to reach into the wearer’s anterior fornix.

Boat bunny dive school: Jack and Taryn  (with my permission) jointly arranged for two groups of students; six girls from Cambridge and six boys from Oxford who were planning sailing vacations in the BVIs to meet in Lost Cove where I agreed to give them dive-sex training. The twelve of them also were a convenient excuse to introduce new adventuresome candidates for those of us (my wards and I) who train escort candidates at home and are used to having a supply of new sex partners.

I was aware about when the two groups would arrive so I had Chris, our male Gyn, bring enough extra Reflections diaphragms in a range of sizes and DiveGel+ in prefilled disposable applicators to take care of the Cambridge girl’s needs during dive-sex. I was surprised to find that three of the girls were still on the pill even though it was a good progestin-only-pill, Cerazette. Each tablet of Cerazette contains 75 micrograms of desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel, the same progestin in Nexplanon and NuvaRing. And, because of the long half life of the progestin it has a dosing effectiveness window of +12 hours, one of the longest of the POPs.

We gave the girls urine pregnancy tests just to make sure it was safe for them to dive and they all tested negative for hCG. However, two of them tested low for the effectiveness level of etonogestrel which was because the girls were taking weight loss pills that increase their metabolisms flushing out the progestin faster than intended by the pill maker. I suggested that they stop taking their weight loss pills as they were interfering with the effectiveness of their hormonal birth control which they did, but it may be too late to prevent break through ovulation. That being the case it is very important that both wear their diaphragms and spermicide for every act of intercourse for at least the next week while the progestin effectiveness levels are restored in their bodies if they haven’t already progressed too far to prevent ovulation.

The concern with an unintended pregnancy when taking contraceptive hormones is that the pregnancy may be ectopic, outside the uterus. If that’s the case there is nothing Chris can do to safely terminate the pregnancy while we are here as he would need a sterile operating room and equipment to surgically remove the reproducing tissue. So while the girls are here I’m going to try and watch those two closely so at the first sign of trouble we can either terminate a uterine pregnancy or if ectopic send her home for surgery.

The Oxford men are delightful, marvelously male while being relatively gentle and very well endowed with amazing stamina, a randy girl’s dream come true! Given that I’m CD24 and luteal as this is being written I just need cervical protection for flood insurance as I should get my period this coming Friday. Having dive-sex with the Oxford men has been such a lovely few dive-sex encounters as they are so anxious to learn!

The K-valve killer: In both the U.S and BV islands this spring there have been the usual number of disappearance of young female divers who have gone diving alone which is to be regretted, but it’s not suspicious given the hazards of solo diving, especially for amateurs. More worrisome is the number (three so far as is known) of young women who have died while diving and were found with their K-valves closed. The most recent of these occurred the other night in Lost Cove and I saw it happen.

The moon is waning and moonrise is about 5:30 AM so at 3 AM when I was watching activity in the cove it was very dark. Even so my Celestron electronically stabilized video recording telescope allows me to read a newspaper on the deck of a yacht in the cove during the day and the night vision adaptor allow me to see activity on deck well enough to identity the people involved from the balcony of my bedroom a half mile away.  I had just had one of the Oxford men and he was asleep in my bed, but my adrenaline was still pumping and I couldn’t sleep so I wheeled the telescope cart out onto the balcony locked the cart in place and checked to see if the people on the two yachts other than the Wanton Lass were having sex on deck, which is a very common practice.    

The two visiting boats in the cove were a white 40 ft rental from Spanish Town and a black 60 ft privately owned and on the teak deck of the privately owned boat were a man and woman on a padded cushion off a deck chair locked together in missionary with her legs around his waist and him with his hands under her shoulders holding her in place while he finished in her. I had put in my ear-buds and switched to the audio from the marker buoy that was less than 40 feet from their boat and with the filters working canceling out the wind and wave noise I could easily make out the couples conversation.

Apparently she was newly pregnant and wanted him to marry her. He was married and wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. She refused and threatened to tell his wife and he said she shouldn’t threaten him as he helped her into her SCUBA gear as she complained about him throwing the key to her aux engine into the water and being unable to find it on the cove bottom in the dark.  He said he had a key that might work and went below to get it and came back with a bottle in his hand as she was testing the seal on her FFM with the ambient breathing valve shut. When he came back she opened the ABV and he held up something and as she reached for it he squirted fluid from the bottle into her ABV and she collapsed on deck quivering then lay still. He closet her ABV again, turned off her K-valve made sure there was no air in her BCD, untied her thong and pulled it off her and threw her over the side. She immediately sank.

Body retrieval: I had been frozen to the eyepiece of the telescope and it was less than a minute from the time he squirted what must have been chloroform into her ABV until she disappeared below the surface and there were no bubbles. I rushed to get a flair pistol and fired a white flair over the cove and for a few minutes the scene seemed to be as bright as day. The black boat raised his anchor and under aux power left the cove in a hurry. There wasn’t any point in rushing down to the cove as the unconscious diver was certainly dead in the fist few minutes after she sank. Still I got Jack out of bed with one of the Cambridge girls and we went down to the pier and out to Wanton Lass for our SCUBA and then over to chloroform girl’s boat so we could begin searching for her when the sun was up enough to light the bottom which was about 6:00 AM.

Fortunately the search was brief, but as expected tragic as we found her wedged against one of the concrete tether blocks used by couples during underwater bondage and dive-sex. Had her killer anchored more toward the center of the cove she would have drifted along the bottom with the tide or into the aquifer outflow channel and quickly been washed into the sound. I couldn’t inflate her buoyancy vest as her K-valve was shut off and I didn’t want to touch it in case there might be DNA information on it so I slipped a lift bag under her arms and inflated it and we followed her to the surface and on the trip up I had an opportunity to notice that she was indeed missing the side-tie thong to her bikini and I remembered seeing her attacker remove it before rolling her over the side.

A fresh death rubber: Once we got the body on board her boat and put her in the shade of a sun tarp with a lovely breeze across the deck I gloved up and checked her vagina to see if she was wearing cervical protection and found she had the standard dive-sex cervical protection, a Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm, inserted and still had semen in her vaginal vault. I pulled it out and it was an 80mm, my size, and I looked more closely at her. I didn’t want to break the seal on her FFM as there might still be fumes from the gas that caused her to pass out. Her eyes were still open and staring at me and I wondered if she had felt anything as she was asphyxiated while sinking 30 feet to the bottom with her air shut off. Most of her face was covered by her masks oral nasal unit, but from what I could see I think her death was fast and painless.

I went into the cabin and looked through her tote and found not only the case for her diaphragm, but the box that it came in and her name, Hollister T*****, (Holly for short) and Rx number on the box. She had gotten it last summer at one of Chris and my fitting clinics at Spanish Town that had been set up by Her Grace for the sexually active divers in the boating community, so I had helped fit her and she was one of the three women from that clinic who took the same size diaphragm I do. I took the Reflexions box and case since I was going to take her Reflexions to add to my death rubber collection. There was another diaphragm, an older but still serviceable Reflexions in her tote so I lubed it up and inserted it making sure the posterior rim was well behind her cervix and deep in her posterior fornix. Then we radioed the authorities in Spanish Town and told them what we found before returning to the house for breakfast and to await the arrival of the police.  

During breakfast I soaked Holly’s Reflexions, in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes to sterilize it. As the newest addition to my collection of death rubber diaphragms, ones being worn by a woman when she was killed during a sexual encounter, I was anxious to insert it as quickly as possible so I could benefit from the previous owner’s Chi which adds to my confidence and her knowledge of all the partners she had been with and her techniques for satisfying them. By the time the police boat arrived I had Holly’s Reflexions inserted and developing a very strong seal with two loads of Jack’s semen splattering the dome and draining out of me into a yellow thong bikini with my hips covered by a matching micro-fiber and Elastane pareo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Lost cove BDSM boat party

A boat bunny being fitted with a spider gag

The Photo: A summer intern on a sailing boat (a boat bunny) whose owner was a guest at our arrival party enjoying the experience as she is fitted for a protective device worn during deep oral penetration. Wearer’s of spider or ring gags should stay away from bodies of water since being pushed, thrown or falling in they can easily drown.

The party: My wards and I were fertile last week When Dexter, a Brit friend of Her Grace (Alice, Duchess of M*****), had us all to a welcoming party on his huge motor yacht, the Knight Errant III, which he moored in the cove. He is in to gags and underwater sex and while the party was supposedly a welcoming gesture I think his real reason for wanting to have access to me and Chris, our Gyn, was that he had three new adventurous boat bunnies who did not arrive prepared and needed cervical protection for under water sex and no one on Virgin Gorda fits diaphragms except Chris and me.

All three will be Cambridge third year girls this Fall and know Taryn though none realized I was her U.S. mentor who they say she talks glowingly about. Everyone likes being remembered, especially if it’s fondly so I was more than happy to have Chris fit the girls with Reflexions diaphragms and tell them how to use them effectively. They just need them for uterine flood prevention since they like my wards are all on LARCs, specifically Nexplanon, the etonogestrel single rod implant.

Also along was the owner’s main squeeze, a courtesan who is now calling herself Olga. I’d met her when her name was Betty and His Grace was drilling her regularly several years ago just before she left the corps of the Royal Ballet for what she hoped was better pay and less strenuous work. She has been keeping herself in shape and had a breast augmentation so she had a lovely 32C rack which looked good on her (as a courtesan) since she is no longer a ballet dancer where breasts that size throw off your center unless tightly bound for class, rehearsals and performances..

Dexter decreed that the dress for the party was latex fetishwear and the women should wear ballet boots. That was not a good sign as at sea level even in the evening with a breeze the humidity made wearing latex a miserable experience and ballet boots aboard a rocking boat, even one as large as the Knight Errant made standing tricky not to mention the danger of breaking an ankle walking w/o holding on to something. My wards and I wore our Grishko slippers on the launch out to the yacht and carried our boots in purpose made Hermès boot-bags putting them on once we were on board as going over the side in titanium framed boots would pull the wearer right to the bottom. And we all had Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragms inserted in case we decided to have dive-sex.

The boat bunnies had been fitted for spider gags and wore platform boots as none of them could wear toe-shoes or ballet-boots and everyone had functioning relief zippers so we could be entered by unzipping us and withdrawing our sports plugs which when inserted prevented a prospective partner from fondling us. Dexter’s other male guests gave the boat bunnies and Olga a lot of attention because they where not wearing vaginal plugs. I didn’t think we looked anything other than willing, but only one or two men were assertive enough to ask if we minded having our plugs pulled out so our vulvae could be fondled. Most just groped our breasts or tried to reach down our throats with their tongues.

A brief ballet-boot brawl: Olga has a drinking problem. After she put on her Devious 2020 Italian leather ballet-boots which fit wonderfully well she had trouble walking in them and that was before she became tipsy. So when I was talking to Dexter and she came careening toward me screaming about my trying to seduce her partner I tried to step away from Dexter so he wouldn’t be caught between us. As she swung a booted foot over my head with the heel just brushing my hair I saw she was serious and intended to harm me. One thing I can say is that she still has great extension! So I stepped in as her foot swung wide and ran my lace splitter heel down the laces of the boot on her standing leg and pulled back cutting the laces and dropping her toes into the toe-box as she tried to land her other foot w/o tipping over. I pushed and she fell against the rain and then on her bum.

She got up and hobbled toward me and swung the foot in the boot with the ruined laces at my head. I parried her leg with the toe of my right boot and it hit the heel a glancing blow knocking it out of the way. My foot continued on as the boat tipped and she toppled into the stiletto heel of my boot taking it in her left breast and she shrieked and tried to grab my heel and cut her hands on the lace slitter blade that had punctured her silicone implant and her jerking ripped it open spilling the gel from a long gash in her breast visible through the ripped latex of her catsuit as the heel twisted in her breast slipping out just before she hit the deck and I caught myself before I fell on top of her. There were at least seven witnesses all of whom said it wasn’t my fault and that she started it and at the end fell into the heel of my boot when the boat rocked. The whole thing couldn’t have lasted more than a minute from the time she first came running at me until she lay writhing on the deck holding her ruined breast with blood and silicone gel running through her fingers. Fortunately it was all caught on the boat’s security video so I was exonerated.

Dexter radioed for a helicopter (there is a helipad on the rear deck) and the second officer accompanied Olga to a hospital on St Thomas. Dexter has already switched his interest to the prettiest and most accomplished of the boat bunnies. Fortunately Olga’s injury didn’t take all the fun out of the evening and Dexter personally cleaned Olga’s blood and the silicone gel off my heel.

Afterward: The others were left to their own devices to play with a trunk full of bondage restraints to accessorize the other women in ballet boots as Dexter focused on me since I would be leaving after dinner. He took me to the master’s cabin where I let him open my relief zipper, pull out my sports plug and penetrate me from behind while I bent over holding on to the footboard of the king bed. Fortunately I was already aroused from seeing Olga’s breast ripped open as he entered me from the rear and in a single stroke thrust into my anterior fornix stretching the latex membrane of my diaphragm tight over both my cervix and his glans.

He was a well intentioned lover, but by then the encounter with Olga had soured me on the evening so I got him off quickly. I could tell he was fighting for control, but I used the stimulator on the dome of my diaphragm in tandem with my contractions to give him a marvelously intense orgasm having him plant his seed deep in my fertile belly in less than three minutes after first penetration. Even after Kegeling out most of his load it was still draining out of me for the rest of the night.  Then, having relaxed and worked up an appetite it was time for dinner and he led me on his arm to our places at the table for jumbo shrimp with rice in butter sauce and key lime pie. After dinner and coffee we said our good byes as it was time for my girls and me to take off our boots and board the launch for the beach and our beds at my place.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diving Lost Cove,

A classic diving thong bikini

The Photo: A classic style with a thong bottom that can easily be pulled to one side for missionary entry with no plastic or metal that can break or gets uncomfortable in the sun and leave strange tan lines. The halter doesn’t get in the way of a tank harness and the underwire provides support when my breasts are full and I need to be milked.

The flight from McCarran to St Thomas: It was a scramble but we departed McCarran at 10:00 PM (PDT) and arrived on St Thomas at about 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight time. I thought the Gemini might delay us but they surprised me by arriving early and sticking as close as possible to the Swan Twins. Staying focused we managed to easily make our 10:00 PM departure time.

The flight distance LAS to IAD = 2,066 miles. At about 550 mph from McCarran to Dulles flight time is about 4 hours less the time made up riding a tailwind from the jet stream, so about 3 to 3.5 hours. Then there was an hour on the ground to pick up Fiona, Cyndi and Maj. Tree.

The flight distance from Dulles (IAD) International Airport to Cyril E. King Airport (STT) on St Thomas is 1610 miles.  The flight time at 550 mph is slightly less than three hours. So say 3.5+1.0+3.0= 7.5 hrs. total travel time from Vegas to St Thomas.  

Sailing from St Thomas to Virgin Gorda: When we landed it was in the mid 70s and raining. We taxied into a hanger where after going through customs (an agent came to us) we transferred our things into three SUVs and took the short drive down to the pier at Krum Bay and the crew of the Wanton Lass IV had us aboard in less than five minutes and cast off from the pier at about 9:00 AM. There was a good bit of wind with guests to 20mph and the sea was choppy. We went east passing south of St Thomas, St John, Tortola and virgin Gorda before going around the eastern end and into North Sound to Lost Cove. The yacht was on its diesel engines as we were sailing almost directly east and the winds were coming from the east. It’s a good sixty or seventy nautical miles for the southern sweep all the way around and into North Sound and at 7 kts against the wind it took us until evening to get to Lost Cove. Fortunately no one got seasick. Again I thought the Gemini might, but they did wonderfully well with the Swan twins enjoying the meals prepared by the chef and sex with the twins and they are really good about helping do whatever needed to be done.

Settling in: We’d eaten aboard the Wanton Lass and the house staff came down to the beach to welcome us and  take our luggage to our rooms so we had unpacked and settled in by 11:00 PM. Sunday morning the women began our morning ballet class at 8:00 AM so we don’t get too far off our routines and out of shape during our vacation. Then we went diving in the cove. Jack and I checked the outflow of the aquifer that feeds fresh water into the bay through an old lava tube and found the flow strong and cold from all the recent rain.

Her Grace is fitted for dive-sex protection: The Duchess (call me Alice) called before we went diving and wanted a diaphragm fitting from Chris when she came for dinner so she arrived early. I asked why she wanted a diaphragm fitted at her age and she said she wanted to try dive-sex with Colin, her current lover, as she had heard so much about it when we women all got together on earlier trips and Colin is keen to partner her. She wanted me there with her during the fitting so when her sailboat entered the cove in the early afternoon Chris and I were on the beach to greet her. She is in her late sixties, but is in marvelous shape and hardly looks a day over forty and she has a Swiss specialist for vaginal rejuvenation treatments so isn’t suffering from vaginal dryness as so many post-menopausal women do. Chris took us to a back bedroom that I’d had converted to a Gyn exam room with an exam table with stirrups and lights and Alice put on an exam gown and got up on the table. Chris did a thorough pelvic exam palpating her uterus and feeling her ovaries and checking that she had a pronounced post-pubic vault suitable for wearing a diaphragm. He said later that she has wonderfully healthy vaginal rugae soft and flexible and the muscle tone of a twenty-five year old ballet dancer. She wanted Colin present during her fitting and he was, as she believes the man should know as much about female dive-sex protection as the woman.

Chris fit her with an 85mm latex Reflections flat spring which, as returning readers know, is the best type to use for dive-sex as it is nearly impossible to under-thrust so is ideal for flood insurance which is needed even for menopausal women who still have their uterus. Forty years ago when she married the Duke she used an Ortho White coil spring rim for contraception and all her pregnancies were planned so it was just a matter of familiarizing her with the diaphragm again. She walked around with it inserted for a minute or two and made certain she could urinate freely with the diaphragm in place and practiced inserting and removing it several times and had the hang of it right away. I showed her the 10ml prefilled disposable applicators of a silicone base spermicide/biocide, DiveGel+, used in the dome as spermicide and in the vagina as a lubricant for dive-sex as water base lubes and natural lube quickly washes away during underwater sex. And she left the exam room with the Reflexions and DiveGel+ inserted.

Diving the Duchess: Then Jack and I took her and Colin out to her boat to get their gear and then to the Wanton Lass and we put on SCUBA (the Duchess and Colin are both diving OTS Guardian FFMs just like the rest of us) and breathing regular air from 80 cuft HP steel tanks. Alice and I each taking an ankle leash to tether ourselves to two of the ten two-hundred pound concrete shackle blocks that had been positioned across the shallow (30 to 40 ft.) portion of the cove so we can tether ourselves and not be tumbled around or carried out of the cove by the current while our attention is directed elsewhere.

Once Alice was safely tethered to a shackle block and inflated her BC a bit to keep the tether tight we left her and Colin to enjoy themselves while we gave them a bit of privacy. Jack and I went to another block and I clipped my ankle leash into the shackle and inflated my BC to hold me snug at the end of my tether. We all had clickers to sound if any of us got in trouble, but there was no trouble just marvelous nearly weightless sex…

Jack began fondling me and I forgot all about Alice and Colin. I spread my labia and Jack entered me and I gasped as with a single stroke he thrust as deep as he could. I adjusted my hips and he thrust again as I guided him into my anterior fornix stretching the translucent latex membrane of my Reflexions over my cervix on one side and his glans on the other.  And while he held my hips and thrust into me we enjoyed the sights and sounds of dive-sex; the hiss of gas being sucked through our demand valves, the roar of our bubbles rushing to the surface from our exhalations and our gasps, moans and my mewing as he caressed my G-spot to a bone melting orgasm and strong contractions that caused him to plant his seed inside me with five brutally powerful thrusts while I watched his face through the lens of his mask fascinated as my beautiful man inseminated me.

Mother’s Day feast: For our Mother’s Day evening meal Jack had 50 lbs of rack of black-faced lamb sent to my place on Virgin Gorda. And Paul brought three doz. large West Indian langouste (West Indian spiny lobsters with no claws) caught around a large coral reef just outside the entrance to Lost Cove. Grilled after splitting and seasoned and eaten with drawn butter the langoustes were delicious, but they aren’t as large or sweet as Mane lobsters. The rack of lamb, served with mint jelly, was so tender you could cut it with a fork. And for desert we had home made mango ice-cream.

Diving the cove: The water in lost Cove is a combination of warm (75° F or warmer) salt water entering from the Caribbean through North Sound and relatively pure (65°F) fresh water from the aquifer draining a major portion of Virgin Gorda. In the depression into which the aquifer empties the fresh water is densest and is on the bottom while the warmer sea water floats on top of the fresh. At the depth of thirty feet where the aquifer depression meets the cove floor there is an upwelling of cold fresh water along the north side of the cove bottom that mixes to some extent with the sea water. This leads to a situation where a diver weighted for the majority of the cove area will be significantly over weighted if s/he drops below thirty feet in the area of the aquifer outflow depression. A way to compensate while retaining the heavier weight set is to wear a buoyancy compensator with enough lift to handle the fresh water over-weight situation. For those who care about water temperature, salinity and density see: which says in part:

“The density of pure water is 1000 kg/m3. Ocean water is more dense because of the salt in it. Density of ocean water at the sea surface is about 1027 kg/m3. There are two main factors that make ocean water more or less dense than about 1027 kg/m3. The first is the temperature of the water and the other us the salinity of the water. Ocean water gets more dense as temperature goes down. So, the colder the water, the more dense it is. Increasing salinity also increases the density of sea water. Less dense water floats on top of more dense water. Given two layers of water with the same salinity, the warmer water will float on top of the colder water. However, temperature has a greater effect on the density of water than does salinity. Hence, a layer of water (pycnocline) with higher salinity can actual float on top of water with lower salinity if the layer with higher salinity is quite a bit warmer than the lower salinity layer.”

The fresh water outflow causes a potentially dangerous situation on the north side of the cove where the cold water  current has scoured a depression all the way out to the sound in which the current is about 2 kts regardless of what the tide is doing above the outflow. So anything caught in the outflow current will be quickly washed into the sound.

Rash guard: In most cove locations, with the exception of the aquifer outflow, the water is so warm that even at a depth of 30 feet we are comfy wearing Spandex rash guards which differ from swim shirts in that they are tight fitting and have flatlock stitching and six panel construction for strength, comfort and increased flexibility. Because I have red hair and light skin I like the fact that even the white rash guards I prefer have at least an SPF of 50.



Saturday, May 10, 2014

To Virgin Gorda for Mother’s Day

The North Sound of Virgin Gorda BVI

Mother’s day on Virgin Gorda: This weekend my Inner circle and I are going to my place on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda for two weeks and to celebrate Mother's Day with Jack's Mom with a big party at my place. Our dive gear has already been sent ahead as have our pointe shoes, practice clothes and contraceptive supplies: Spare diaphragms in our sizes, DiveGel+, Semécide, FC2s, the new EC med ella and Mifeprex just in case something unexpected happens. It shouldn’t, but with contraception nothings is 100% effective.  

I managed to get Willow, Odette and Odile’s UNLV end of year exams pulled up so they  finished today, Friday, and we will leave tonight for Virgin Gorda to celebrate Mother’s day with The Duchess and her children, Jack and Fiona, and Fiona’s daughter Cyndi all of whom will be coming to be with the Duchess. Anya is coming as are Paul (the Swan Twins father), the Gemini and Chris our male Gyn who accompanied our dive gear and contraceptive supplies sent ahead earlier in the week. Attending will be:

  • Her Grace & her current lover Sir Colin A.
  • Anya & Paul both of whom seem to be government troubleshooters
  • Odette, Odile & Castor & Pollux
  • Fiona and Maj. Tree both of whom work for the British Govt.
  • Jack (Viscount Sandbach) & me
  • Cyndi & Chris
Sleeping arrangements: Her Grace and Sir Colin A. will be at her estate; Odette, Odile & Castor & Pollux and Anya and Paul will be staying at Paul’s place next to mine on Lost Cove; Fiona and Maj. Tree will be staying with me and Jack as will Cyndi and Chris.

Travel: I’ve advanced our departure to this evening so we will be landing on St Thomas early Saturday. As there is a strong possibility of thunderstorms and I don’t want to be sailing through the islands at night in storms.  Although, we would be using the diesel engines rather than sails. We will pick up Fiona, Maj. Tree and Cyndi at Dulles. Paul is already at his place next to mine on Lost Cove and His Grace has again generously loaned us the use of his 95 ft. sailboat the Wanton Lass IV and crew for the duration of our stay. Cyndi’s grandmother, the Duchess, who lives in a large estate on Virgin Gorda year round, is again lending us an under-housekeeper to open the house and run the staff with six hand-picked and experienced islanders so things should be well in hand when we get there.

We will be flying in to Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT), on south west side of St Thomas which has a 7,000 ft. runway with the west end protruding into Brewers Bay.  Wanton Lass IV will meet us at an industrial dock at Krum Bay, a short drive just south and east of the airport. On Krum Bay there is also an archeological site with human occupations dating between 1000 and 200 BC. Once aboard I was hoping we would enjoy a leisurely sail to my place on Lost Cove on the North Sound Virgin Gorda, but the forecast is for thunder storms and it’s a long sail.

Weather forecast for Virgin Gorda: Low temps in the mid 70° F and highs in the high 70s or low 80s with 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms forecast for Saturday and Sunday and 20 to 30% chance for the following seven days. Oh well, the dive-sex in the cove should be great regardless.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kassiopeya, the origin of the brand?

The Kassiopeya Logo

The Kassiopeya Brand: Kassiopeya is a German company that is listed on several websites as the manufacturer of fetish footwear, though I’m not sure where the boots are actually made. Their most famous model is Alexandra Potter.

Could the brand name come from classical mythology?: In classical mythology Cassiopea (Kassiepeia) was the wife of Cepheus King of Joppa in Palestine, who boasted that her daughter, Andromeda, was fairer than the Nereids. They however complained to Poseidon who sent a serpent to ravage the country. The oracle of Zeus Ammon in Libya declared that Andromeda herself must be offered up to the serpent. She was chained to a rock and as the serpent approached Perseus flew by with the head of the Gorgon Medusa in his bag.  He saw what was about to happen and went to Cepheus asking for Andromeda’s hand in marriage. Cepheus agreed and as the serpent was already approaching Perseus displayed the Gorgon’s head to the serpent and it turned to stone. … Later Perseus became King of the Argold. There he and Cassiopeia had a number of children. They remained together until their deaths. Then Andromeda together with her husband, parents and the serpent were placed by Athena in the heavens as constellations; Cassiopea, however, for her sin was laid on her back with her feet in the air.  [Pp. 31-32 Who’s Who in Classical Mythology, Grant & Hazel Oxford University Press 1993.]

You have to wonder if the person(s) who named the company Kassiopeya did so because ballet boot models are so often posed on their backs with their feet in the air.

The inadequate commercial ballet boot toe-box: Some members of the ballet boot community have long complained about:

·       The heels being too long on some maker’s boots cause the wearer to pitch forward making the boots more difficult to walk in than the otherwise would be.

·       The heels aren’t sturdily enough attached to the boot to prevent them from easily breaking off.

·       When weight is placed on the toe-box while standing or walking in them the toe-box begins to collapse.

There are well known DIY fixes for too long heels and heels that detach from the boot. However, there is no owner correction for the toe-box collapsing if the wearer wants to stand or walk in them. Most makers post a disclaimer to the effect that their boots are not made to be walked in etc. And there is a school of thought that contends some makers intentionally make their heels too long to discourage wearers from attempting to walk in them and accelerate crushing the toe-boxes. Even so, there seems to be a vocal portion of the community who wants to do just that and ruin their boots in the process. From the maker’s perspective it’s good business to make a product that breaks as long as no other maker in their price range is making a better boot, thus ensuring return buyers when the current pair is no longer functional.

Fortunately, there a few private bookmakers, like Gepetto, who provide custom boots for the few of us who can afford them. Boots from these makers will last a very long time and can be sent back periodically for refurbishing.


Boot worship

Alexandra Potter in Kassiopeya ballet boots

The Photo: The incomparable Alexandria Potter’s legs in Kassiopeya PVC ankle boots showing tight lacing and the toe boxes just beginning to dent and collapse. Not even Alexandra Potter can avoid the toe-boxes of her boots collapsing after a while if she wears Kassiopeya boots. Of course AP can afford new boots and write off the cost as a business expense. Similar boots are currently on offer from Kassiopeya 44 on eBay for $90 USD.

The Swan Twins and the Gemini: I’ve concluded that Odette and Odile aren’t going to be as obsessed with pointe shoes as I’d once hoped. Having seen that they really aren’t interested in making the effort to become proficient seductress in pointes like Willow or a younger version, Bea I’m glad they are at least interested in being the best they can be in ballet-boots and are becoming regulars at the Boot Bar escorted by Castor and Pollux. Returning readers will remember that the Castor and Pollux are the sons of a rival casino owner and when they first met the Swan Twins it was lust at first sight.

Although the Swan Twins are eighteen and technically adults (the ID they use for clubbing says they are twenty-one) as Odette and Odile’s guardian I spoke to the Gemini’s father to make sure everyone understood that there wasn’t to be any attempt by the brothers to force themselves on the girls. Romance or seduction is fine, but consenting relationships is the name of the game.  And a condition of the relationships is that the Gemini must take and pass full panel STI tests each week just like the Swan Twins. Public ejaculation into the spider filament laces of the twins boots while the men are on their knees creates a great deal of excitement with the other women in the club as it emboldens the other male guests by showing that it’s safe to demonstrate lust and submission by inseminating a girlfriend’s boot laces w/o worrying about being made fun of for it.

Toe-tape action at Naughty Pleasures: Bea while walking confidently and performing brilliantly in ballet-boots is obsessed with being the best she can be in pointe-shoes which, as returning readers know or from wearing them yourselves, is a far more difficult shoe to wear confidently and expertly for long intervals on ones toes. The great thing about Bea is that she not only has the talent, but the interest and drive so is willing to put in the training time to be successful.

Bea, Willow, Anya and I have been frequenting Naughty Pleasures pointe-shoe mini-club, Toe-tape, as often as we can, It’s primarily to present Bea to the pointe-shoe fetish community in a relatively safe environment and having Willow and Anya with us helps to draw men to our table where we are all paid court to with suitors on their knees to request a dance. The more aggressive ones ask permission to stain our shoes and ribbons with their semen. As I’ve mentioned in writing about Toe-tape (the club) before all the guests have been screened for STIs and are negative so there is no danger of someone coating our shoes with infected seed and it slows the depositor down if he then seeks and is granted permission to be intimate with one of us. 

Adolph’s boot party: Adolph is hosting a group of European ballet boot fetishists along with their courtesans for a tour of the fetish clubs in town and in LA. I’ve been preparing Bea and Willow for some time to meet them. Increasing the weight of Ben Wa sets and practicing walking running and dancing in BBs as well as teaching Bea and Willow some basic boot fighting techniques as some European courtesans are known to be very aggressive with women they suspect of being a threat to their relationship with a client. The Swan Twins while they say they are into ballet boots and can walk adequately in them are more into posing and receiving boot worship than actually performing and since Adolph said the accompanying women are experts in performing on their toes in ballet boots only Bea, Willow, Anya and I attended the welcoming party knowing we would be passed around. We brought four of Pirates best male escorts for the courtesan’s pleasure. For this sort of party Adolph usually has a small lottery where his women are ‘won” by the European male guests for ballet-sex. Our clinic already had a current negative full STI panel for each of Adolph’s guests both male and female so there shouldn’t be any problem there. Of the German men we were paired with for sex none are older than their mid 40s, are very well endowed, have very high sperm counts and expect to penetrate a female partner while unprotected so it was pleasure as usual as that is typically the circumstances under which we train. The women were allowed to use whatever effective method of contraception we choose or none at all.

Cycling, synchrony and cervical barriers: The guests arrived on Sunday May 4th when I was CD 2 and flowing lightly. I’m pleased to say that all my wards and Anya were also menstrual as they are in synchrony with my cycle. I was surprised that Anya is too, but she synched up again in just two cycles. I think Adolph timed his friends visit to coincide with our menses as he asked where I was in my cycle when making the arrangements and said that the men all enjoy menstrual sex. Because I have a very stable 28 day cycle all my wards and Anya do too, as long as they remain synched with me. For surface sex they can go w/o cervical barriers and I can go w/o a cervical barrier (which readers remember I use as my primary method of contraception) through CD7 when I will have stopped bleeding and become fertile about CD8. Of course if there is any dive-sex we all wear latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms for flood insurance as they are almost impossible to under-thrust.

Of course we all wore latex catsuits and Gepetto’s lightly armored boots with spider filament laces and lace splitter heels. Returning readers will recall that spider filament laces are almost impossible to break or cut and lace splitter heels have the inside heel edge honed to a very sharp edge to easily cut an adversary’s laces  when forced into them if it comes to a fight. New for us, rather than our regular black oiled leather we wore them in pink (Bea and Willow) and white (Anya and I) PVC to fit in with the European women guests vinyl boots. Our vinyl’s have waterproof tongues so semen, blood or urine splattered in the laces won’t leak inside and semen and blood easily wipe off vinyl. Adolph said the European women would be wearing black or gray vinyl Kassiopeya ballet boots and they are. Readers will be familiar with Kassiopeya as the maker of the boots Alexandra Potter is often photographed wearing.

The sleep-over: We slept over at Adolph’s place the first night with our assigned partners and they all had marvelous stamina. Bea, Willow Anya and I are all dominant to at least some degree and our partners, while at the top of their fields in business are sexually submissive so we assertively controlled the frequency of intercourse and gave them sex at least four times that night. It was fun to watch my guy in his mid thirties trying to keep it up for the fifth time and I ended up ripple gripping him to a massive orgasm after which he passed out. I think Bea, Willow Anya and I were a success with our German partners as I overheard them talking before breakfast about establishing a training regimen for their female partners to tighten their grips.

The plan was for Adolph to take the eight Germans and Abigail (Abi) the manager of his underwater sex club, Splash, as his arm candy to LA to do the club scent there for several days.   They flew over in Limnaea II are staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel and hired a stretch limo for around town. Fortunately they flew as there is a major problem on the 15 when a fire during construction of an overpass earlier this week just East of Cajon Pass caused the bridge to collapse which has closed the interstate for the last several days.

Mother’s day on Virgin Gorda: I’ve managed to get Willow, Odette and Odile’s end of year exams pulled up so (it’s amazing what a big donor to the school can get done when she tries) they will finish this Friday and we will leave for my place on Virgin Gorda to celebrate Mothers day with The Duchess and her children, Jack and Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Cyndi all of whom will be coming to stay with the Duchess. I’m hosting a Mother’s Day party for the Duchess and Fiona this Sunday to celebrate. As usual His Grace has generously loaned us the use of his sailboat the Wanton Lass IV for the duration of our stay.


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