Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ballet fetish toe protection, Mitch and fetish hostesses

Slipping on toe pads for ballet-sex with Marvin

The Photo: Putting on toe pads before pushing my toes into the blocks of pointe-shoes. Even in Gaynors and especially in Bloch Alphas for sex with Marvin [Morning Wood] I like to wear toe pads because when in pointes for fetish play I can be on my toes continuously for such long intervals.

Toe protection for ballet fetishists: Since most ballet fetishists are new to ballet and especially wearing pointe-shoes a few words about toe protection might be helpful. First trim your toenails very short. When on pointe if your nails are long enough to be forced against the hard inside of the toe-box there is a good chance that the nail can be pushed into the nail bed causing a painful and ugly bruised nail that can take weeks to recover from and months to grow a new nail. Even if a newbie is wearing correctly fitted Gaynor Minden shoes that have internal padding I think she should be fitted while wear toe pads. That way when she is menstrual and her feet swell she can wear the Gaynors w/o the pads.

Toe pads can also be used as containers for ejaculated semen.  If a guy wants to cum in my shoes rather that having him squirt in the blocks I let him stroke-off into my silicone toe pads (not the lambs wool or fabric ones which just absorb the semen and become matted and sticky) then slip my toes in to the pads to feel the semen squish between my toes then slip my foot into a nylon footie the same color as the pointes I will be wearing to hold the pad on my foot while I’m slipping my feet into and out of my toe-shoes. A caution about being continually in wet toe pads; too much of that and even a woman used to wearing pointes and with protective calluses can find them softening and eroding lessening her protection. Anyone letting her lover cum in her shoes or toe pads where her toes are immersed in the semen should not wear them continuously for too long too.

Toe pads as mementos:  If your shoe fetish lover is into sex when you are wearing pointes and he wants to untie the ribbons, pull off your shoes and suck your toes and afterward wants you to give him the $80 to $120 pair of shoes you were fucked in there may be a low cost alternative. If you were wearing toe pads you can give him the $15 pair of sweaty smelly toe pads as a souvenir instead.  A plus is that he can eat the toe cheese out of the pads after you take class, rehearse or perform while wearing them. The cheese I produce is made up of dead skin cells, nail polish chips, toe tape adhesive, lint, estrogenic sweat and his semen if he came in the pads before I put them on.  

Drone voyeurism: A few days ago we had a little four rotor drone equipped with a camera flying close to and over the terrace on which my girls and I and the porn actresses were sunbathing. We were nude as usual to prevent tan lines so I can appreciate a male operator wanting pics. However, you can understand our reluctance to be photographed under those conditions. When I told Paul, Anya’s lover and the swan twins father, about it he first thought it was a commercial photography company making a video of the bays and coves on the island, but when the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) came back to hover a few yards off the terrace three times on a single afternoon it was apparent that it was being used for voyeurism. Paul has access to some amazing special electronic equipment one item of which is a frequency jamming device that makes it impossible to send or receive data from an electronic device within its range which in this case is several hundred yards in a dome 360 degrees in circumference and 300 yards vertically. So we borrowed it and when the sky-spy returned we turned it on and it shut the UAV down and it dropped several hundred feet straight down on to the rocks and disintegrated.  We recovered the video camera and a memory chip that Paul says he can recover the data from so that should be interesting.  

For those readers who are thinking that ‘What goes around comes around.’ given the porn-video crew used a super long lens to capture sex aboard a rental yacht that sailed into the cove several days ago I’ll just say the couple on the yacht had no knowledge of what we were doing while the operator of the UAV that was videoing us didn’t seem to care that we knew what he/it was doing.  Actually, we are leaving the jammer on 24/7 while we are here and we apparently caused the crash of another one the next morning. That one went into the cove near the shore and we recovered it almost intact.  The UAVs seemed to be made in the U.S. Taryn’s porn Director thinks it was probably a rival Eastern European porn group spying on them as Taryn’s porn videos are becoming very popular on the eastern European market.  

Porn video completed:  Taryn’s video crew and actors left the other day and we have had no more visits from UAVs. I was sorry to see the actors go since as new sex partners they all melded quite well with my regular guests and provided welcome partner differences in size, temperament and technique. For me variety in sex partners really is the spice of life and I think that’s true for the men as well.

Mitch arrives:  Willow has been trying to get Mitch to come down to keep her company, in a manner of speaking and he came in to Spanish Town on the ferry to surprise her so we took the Wanton Lass IV around to pick him up. He is a ballet dancer who supplements his salary as a very expensive escort, and is Willow’s main squeeze who I haven’t said much about since he first appeared in my post for December 11, 2013 where I introduced him this way: 

“Willow has been chosen to be Mitch’s primary training partner and he was her date for Thanksgiving. Mitch is an amazing escort, but he is seen by stable management as risky because a good many of his clients have gotten pregnant. Not that it was his fault. The clients were all paying for clean, virile, mind blowing, unprotected, penile vaginal intercourse and that’s what he provides, in spades. He gets all sorts of raves from women whose brains he’s fucked out. When it’s over they lay there gasping, quivering and pleading for more. Then a few weeks later s a few of them complain because they are preggers, and paternity tests (it almost always goes that far) prove he is the father.”

Mitch has followed Willow to the UK and is working as a dancer for a small ballet Co. in London as well as for Taryn as an extremely expensive escort for rich aristocratic women who like dangerous sex. Not that that he is dangerous physically, if you don’t count pregnancy. However, he continues to impregnate a few of his clients if he has unprotected sex with them and the service no longer pays for aborting his babies since they found any publicity from a suit brought by a pregnant client would increase Mitch’s reputation and be counterproductive to her own reputation. You would think a man with that sort of reputation would be avoided, but there are very rich women who know he is dangerous that way and still delude themselves by thinking “It won’t happen to me” so his dance card is as full as he wants it.

A theory: Most of the pregnancies Mitch has been responsible for have been with women who were using some form of hormonal contraception and a few who were using some form of barrier contraception. Marvin wonders if there could be something in those women on hormones who by anticipating their encounters with Mitch might have unintentionally increased their metabolism to the extent that their bodies flushed out the hormones too quickly that were meant to protect them.  No research has been done in that area so it’s speculation on his part. There have been no pregnancies by him with women using copper IUDs so perhaps they are ‘safe’. And I double bag, wear an Oves and a Reflexions Latex diaphragm simultaneously, or am menstrual when I have sex with Mitch. So it can’t happen to me!  I’m kidding, really I am, which is why I double bag!  But the possibility of it happening to me is a huge thrill and makes me wet thinking about it. How kinky is that? Which is why I love having him pump his semen deep into me.

Hostess training: I’m pleased to say right after the Porn video crew and actors left another group of five couples arrived – aboard the same Spanish Town ferry on which Mitch arrived - who are friends of Taryn from Cambridge. She says the girls want to apply to be Hostesses at one of the Blackthorn Barony’s corporation’s fetish clubs. That can be a very challenging job, but the girls are going into psychiatry (as is Taryn) and want actual experience with fetish deviation as it occurs in clubs in the UK while earning some money. When Taryn asked me about it some months ago I agreed I to give them all an opportunity to try if they would get current negative full panel STI screens and GyneFix IUDs ahead of coming to visit us and all have gotten the frameless IUDs with the strings removed and their periods have settled down. I’m not sure they really know what they are getting into, but it’s nice to have them here as they will be welcome distractions from our regular sex partners while I get to see how well the girls react with multiple sex partners. I’ve never known that to be a problem with men and other than the guys being congenial and a good energetic sex partners for the next several weeks I don’t care about them.

I can’t believe I haven’t been able to get to sleep. I’ve been reading an Iris Johansen thriller from 2003 entitled The Face of Deception on my Nook and the plot is amazing! I’m CD3 and menstrual - perhaps that’s why I’m so wide awake, but my periods have never affected me that way before. For the next two weeks our men: Paul, Chris, Marvin, Castor, Pollux and Mitch will be exchanging sex partners with the five new men so the girls and I will have the new men to ourselves for sex. I should be fertile during the last few days they will be with us. I love the scent of a new man and having him thrusting inside me especially when I’m fertile! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jill’s World’s 6th Anniversary

May 31, 2015 will be the sixth Anniversary of this Blog.

Thanks again Eric!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Night dive-sex and body-doubling

Baker’s Bay Virgin Gorda

The Photo: Looking east from the hills above Baker’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Night diving in Lost Cove: The tides usually swing much less than 2 feet so from a depth perspective that’s not a problem. However, the current can be especially at night with an outgoing tide and there is always the danger of getting caught in the outflow of the aquifer which returning readers will remember flows in a trench along the north wall of the cove into the bay. Someone who isn’t careful could be swept out into the bay and well away from land if caught in the aquifer current or an outgoing tide.

Tide concerns: The second low tide on Friday May 22nd was at 4:04 PM and the following high was at 11:36 PM on the 22nd.  We will go out around 6:00 PM and the camera crew can film as the sun sets until about 8:00 PM with the actors in only trunks, bikinis and SCUBA. After that the rest of us can play around having night scuba-sex until about midnight. The idea of night diving on an incoming tide is to lessen the likelihood of being accidently swept out into the bay. We will be equipped with buoyancy compensators, emergency strobe lights and electronic beacons in case we get separated or in trouble, but if everything goes well it should be fun.

For comfort and safety I’ve had three 500 lb. concrete mooring blocks with titanium rings in the tops sunk into the sand at a point in the cove that is about 40 feet deep. To the rings are attached cables with clip-on rings every 5 feet held taunt by surface buoys with lights on them.  Couples interested in dive-sex can tether themselves by attaching an ankle leash to a cable ring on the buoy cable and choose a depth. Most chose to go no deeper than 10 or 15 feet as water cools with depth and in trunks and bikinis a couple can chill quickly which affects a man’s performance. Being tethered to the bottom if their minds are distracted by more pleasurable things a couple should be able avoid being swept into the bay.

We had a lovely evening of night dive-sex. It went really well and we had no misadventures. There were 4 of us Marvin (Morning Wood my primary lover and psychiatrist) and a good friend Anya with her lover Paul. Afterward we had a late dinner of steaks as we degassed. It went so well that we are going to do it again tonight as the tides are only about 30 minutes later. As an aside for long time readers of this blog I have been disappointed that there are no dolphins in the cove right now, so cross species sex doesn’t seem likely this trip.

Dive-sex for newbies: Anya is staying with Paul, the Swan Twins’ (Odette and Odile) father who owns the estate adjoining mine on Lost Cove. She and Paul are diving with us and since Paul had never had dive-sex Anya gave him his initial experience which he handled very well according to Anya. He has a large, but not spectacular package knows how to make the most of it in pleasing a partner, is a considerate lover and I think is in love with Anya. He and Anya have been down twice a day when Anya wasn’t being an extra along with the rest of the women in the porn video being shot.

The Gemini, Castor and Pollux, arrived from Vegas two days ago to be with Odette and Odile. They had never had dive-sex in open water so the swan twins are having a wonderful time introducing the boys to a new experience in open water which, given the men’s sexual experience is quite an accomplishment, but then few men have willing women and access to a private cove.  It’s nice having different men here as sex partners. Not that the usual boyfriends aren’t lovely, but variety is the spice of life and I think that’s true for the men as well.

Being totally new to dive-sex or new to having dive-sex in open water the men all take a performance enhancer like Viagra to help ensure they don’t go soft at a critical time in the encounter. And since they haven’t been around many of us much in the last several months I had all the new men take full panel STI tests and test negative as a requirement before joining us. That way not only are we safe, but the guys may have an opportunity to participate as extras in the porn video.  It’s great to have three new men we can enjoy swapping with our regular partners and Marvin doesn’t mind as long as he can watch another man try to fuck my brains out before Marvin tries it himself.

Memorial Day: There has been an increase in tourists in the bay in the last few days which I think is due to the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. which is the official start of the summer tourist season. There are better deals to be had in the BVIs than in the USVIs so the beach resorts are full and the rented yachts are coming into the cove more often, but that’s not stopped the porn video production. 

Porn video progress: Two of the main actresses got food poisoning from some of the special health foods one of them eats regularly and shared with the other. They have been seriously ill for the last several days and were so sick that they were flown to Charlotte Amalie for treatment where the doctors say it was botulism.  It was unfortunate for them, but gave some of the rest of us an opportunity for larger roles in the video and I’m body doubling the star who has my build and breast size as she is supposed to be a ballerina on holiday with some friends from the company she dances with. Of course it includes scenes of daily ballet classes where the company members on holiday take class in bikinis and pointe shoes and include the mandatory scenes of ballet-sex where the woman is penetrated from behind while en pointe, feet a la seconde, bent over holding on to the barre.

I’m body doubling the ballet-sex scenes since none of the porn actresses can remain en pointe long enough to be taken that way. Close-ups of me inserting a very worn diaphragm – there is a thin spot in the latex dome (caught by the camera) which will develop into a hole leading to the unintended pregnancy of the heroine -  while her partner watches, then changing to a fresh pair of Gaynor hard shanked pointes and doing a few stretches, me positioning myself facing the barre en pointe a la second bending over holding on to the barre with both hands, him spreading my labia and positioning the unprotected tip of his dripping erection at my introits ready to enter me and then penetration as with a single stroke he is all the way into my anterior fornix and out pubic bones hit. I gasp and moan feeling his hard hot wetness fill me and I shudder in delight. It’s a bit of extra thrill to know I’m doing this in front of a camera so thousands of people will pay to see me do what I enjoy most.

Another opportunity arose this morning when a gorgeous 120 ft. sailing yacht entered the bay and anchored. The Director had the camera crew shoot the yacht to use as background filler, but everyone became far more interested when a couple came on deck and had sex on a large air mattress. It’s amazing how sharp the images captured at great distances are when shot with a really good lens and digital technology. It was as though they were across the room as we watched on a large monitor in real-time. Watching the man strip her  then go down on her and finally fuck her senseless with her legs locked around his waist and her nails clawing his back as she screamed during repeated orgasms was some of the best sex I’ve ever seen caught on camera.  The close-ups are amazingly clear and the couple are easily recognizable to anyone who knows them so there will be a bit of digital trickery done to put porn actors faces on the couple when the few minutes to white hot sex is included in the video.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dressed to fill – fetish lactation, dive-porn

Lactating and dressed to fill

The photo: The twin Medela swing electric breast pump the kind I use to express my breasts when no ANR partner is available is awesome! It’s so convenient! I can pump when I’m driving or when aboard Limnaea II or riding The Dragon and store my milk in a small fridge. 

The Pleasure of pumping: I’m not feeding an infant so I can have a glass of white wine and relax and enjoy the experience when pumping with no fear of harming a breast feeding partner. My let-down reflex (LDR) occurs very quickly so I have to be fast in getting into the harness and fitting the shields over my nipples or I’ll leak all over myself, but having been lactating for years I can don and doff my Medela very quickly. Fortunately my LDR is not super sensitive as it can be with some lactating moms whose nipples will start to leak when they hear a baby cry. Pumping is not as fulfilling as if I have an infant or an ANR partner at my breasts, but there is still the suction on my nipples and the warm tingly sensation when my milk begins to flow. Lactating requires a lot of work to keep the pump hardware clean, wearing LilyPadz to prevent breast leakage staining my tops and using wipes to clean up spills so I don’t smell like warm breast milk.  However, there are some breast fetishists who love the astringent scent when rancid milk is mixed with the aroma of estrogenic sweaty latex and latex polish when his partner is in a rubber catsuit. Although for most men a bouquet that complex can be an acquired taste. As I’ve mentioned before I love that front close bras have become fashionable especially in sports styles that provide comfort, support and ease of getting in to and out of it especially for those of us in ANRs.

Morning Wood and lactation: When they find I’m lactation a new acquaintance will ask, “How old is your baby?” Then I have to explain that I’ve never been pregnant and my induced lactation was a rare side effect of changing then coming off combined (estrogen/progestin) hormonal birth control pills. I found lactating such a pleasure, though a lot of work especially for a performing ballet dancer, that I kept my milk flowing and have enjoyed exchanging intimate secretions with my lovers for years. The down side is that my breasts went from a 32A cup to a B which caused me to have to redefine my center for turns and balances. Too a B cup ballet dancer is a bit busty so for some roles I bind my breasts and I always empty them before a performance; preferably of course with in an ANR, but often when I’m traveling with a breast pump as any dancer who has ever tried it never wants to jump, turn and be partnered with full breasts again. 

Marvin was already in love with me as the reincarnation of his dead wife Jenna before he found I was lactating just as Jenna was for their young son when they both were killed in a car crash several years ago. The physical similarities between Jenna and me are astounding: height (5’4”), weight (105), hair color (red), eye color (green), bone structure (fine), handedness (left), pelvis (wide), diaphragm user (80mm) and now lactation.   

When he found he could actually have an adult nursing relationship with me - Jenna had allowed him only a taste as she needed all her milk for their baby boy – he was ecstatic and wants me to marry him, but while I love him I enjoy my freedom unconstrained by a marriage license. When we go clubbing I like to wear a fashionable nursing top or a front-zip latex catsuit that displays my breasts beautifully and can be opened for a partner to milk me.

Las Vegas to Baker’s Bay, Virgin Gorda: We got a late start out of McCarran on Saturday the 16th  as Pirate, the man running my casino’s stable of escorts, gave my wards a small graduation party where we all had what might turn out to be our last Vegas sex, but maybe not. The distance from McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS) to St Thomas USVI Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT) is 3,275 miles. At a cruising speed of 550 mph the flying time was about 6 ½ hours, perhaps a bit less with a tailwind going east. Landing at Charlotte Amalie at 9:00AM AST. It took an hour to transfer the luggage to the Wanton Lass for the 7 ¼ hour sail from Charlotte Amalie to Lost cove on Baker’s Bay.

The sailing distance from Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas to Lost Cove on Baker’s bay, Virgin Gorda is about 70.0 km (43.5) miles. About 6 hours 14 minutes by ferry. On board the Wanton Lass IV sailing at 6 mph (5.2kts) it should be about 7 ¼ hours assuming good weather and sea conditions. The US and British Virgin Islands are on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which is the same as the U.S. Eastern Daylight time so we are 5 hours behind British Summer Time, BST.  I’ve had a floating pier and elevator installed so we able to dock and walk ashore. There is no more landing in small boats and carrying supplies and luggage across the beach and up the cliff stairway to the house which makes things far more convenient. We were all unpacked, showered and settled in in time to enjoy a late supper of Caribbean spiny lobsters and drawn butter on the veranda overlooking the cove.

Dive-Porn at Lost Cove: Taryn’s porn production company, the techies and actors, arrived the next day, the 19th, to produce another dive-porn video. My wards including Bea all want bit parts so they may be extras appearing in party or beach scenes or anonymous in SCUBA in underwater group scenes. They all want penetrative sex on camera in beach, bed or dive scenes, but with their hair or backs to the camera obscuring their faces so they can’t be identified and none have tats so they can hide fairly easily in dive gear even when wearing bikinis. Taryn’s Director is always glad to have more young hard-bodied women for background and the professional actresses don’t mind as the men use the new girls to practice with and there is a divemaster on every dive so the girls are physically quite safe and since everyone in the film crew and my girls and I have had recent negative full STI panel screenings – coordinated through Chris our male Gyn who always comes to Virgin Gorda with us - we should be safe in that regard.

Having penetrative sex with a gorgeous and massively hung male porn star is, in addition to a thrill, always a great story for a girl’s-night-out. So the girls had me check the fit of their latex Reflexions diaphragms which they use for flood insurance since they all have GyneFix frameless and stringless copper bead IUDs inserted for contraception. The cunilingus scenes are being shot first since we all use DiveGel+ in our vaginas for the underwater sex scenes and the silicone lube doesn’t taste good and coats the mouth so it’s a good idea for a man to avoid eating her pussy when he just fucked his partner while she was using DiveGel.

While blocking out underwater scenes yesterday, the 19th, we had an interruption when a rented sailing yacht about the size of the Lusty Lass entered the cove and anchored just outside the buoyed area where filming was underway. There were three couples in their late twenties or early thirties aboard. The women had hard athletic bodies and the men were handsome and well muscled making lovely couples. They put on masks flippers and scuba gear and came down to see what we were doing and it soon became apparent that they were very interested in participating. We were at a depth of about 35 feet when one of the women had a seizure and expelled her reg and her dive buddies couldn’t get it back in her mouth as she vomited.

I later learned she was newly pregnant and suffered a miscarriage on the dive. She has the single rod Nexplanon contraceptive implant and wasn’t menstruating so she didn’t know she was pregnant and the stress of the pressure changes during her week of diving probably caused the spontaneous abortion. It was obvious to all of us that she couldn’t recover and our divemaster helped the men get her aboard their boat. We called for a medi-lift helicopter which took her and her partner to the hospital at Spanish Town and then on to Charlotte Amalie to be treated for aspiration pneumonia and her miscarriage. Before he boarded the helicopter her partner told me she had no idea she was pregnant and had been on the contraceptive implant for several years with no problems. The rest of her party pulled up anchor and sailed for Spanish Town.  

To avoid that sort of thing is why we all routinely test for pregnancy. While the risk is slight since we are all using very effective methods of contraception we are all having frequent sex with unprotected and very potent men. You can never be certain that you are completely safe from conceiving and pregnancy and diving is a dangerous combination. During the spontaneous abortion the camera crew never stopped recording. The director just had them switch from the actors to the woman in her bikini with blood gushing around her thong as her contractions pushed the aborted fetus into the water and her reg floated free above her head as she vomited. He plans to use that few minutes of a real life and death drama in the porn video.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

St Janice and Barrow Priory students, UNLV graduation

Mind the gap! Guess who forgot their butt glue?

The photo: The beginning of a wedgie. Butt glue is used for photo shoots, pageants and when going clubbing to hold a costume smooth over curves while the wearer is moving. It won’t work if you get the bikini wet so there is no need to waste it if you’re going swimming or plan to have it ripped off during foreplay. Wedgies are a normal part of wearing a bikini if you are going in the water in it. If I’m using butt glue I like the brand ‘It Stays’ in a roll-on. I carry it in case I’m posing, but on Virgin Gorda I almost never use it.

St Janice end of year pelvic and pointe fittings: Saint Janice is an exclusive girl’s school in Berkshire. Veronika, Nika to her friends, the ballerina daughter of my close Belgravia neighbor and Russian ex-pat Alexei teaches master pointe classes to the older girls there from time to time. As the school’s gynecologist was retiring Nika recommended Chris our male Gyn from Blackthorn Clinic to be their replacement gynecology specialist and contraceptive advisor so Chris has been in that capacity for several months. The head mistress had asked if the clinic could fit diaphragms as ‘flood insurance’ for a few of the upper form girls going on a swimming adventure to an Israeli resort on the Red Sea this summer. As I am one of Blackthorn Clinic’s primary cervical barrier fitters I went with Chris when he did the students end of year pelvic exams and check the placement of their stringless Marina IUDs. I fit their cervical barriers. None of the girls was allergic to latex and they all had lovely deep post-pubic vaults so I fitted them with latex coil spring rim diaphragms similar to the old Ortho White that was discontinued years ago. I used a latex barrier because they were going to be having sex underwater in the ocean and need to use a good thick silicone lube that takes a while to wash out even in sea water and Milex silicone barriers shouldn’t be used with a silicone lube because it tends to make them sticky and deteriorate fairly quickly.

Our Blackthorn dance shop is primary pointe-shoe provider to the students at St Janice and Nancy, our fitter, came along to take orders for their summer pointe-shoe needs. We recommend Gaynor Minden pointes for all women who can be fitted correctly in them because they last several times as long as toe-shoes made of traditional materials and take less training to wear confidently and continuously for long intervals while performing, clubbing or in fetish encounters such as ballet-sex where long term support and comfort are needed. Because Gaynors blocks are made of polymer and don’t breathe they are hot to wear and can take several days to dry after a wearing if you don’t have access to a source of dry gentle heat to quickly dry them. That’s why I like to travel with at least three pairs of GM pointes prepared for the roles I’ll be performing be they ballet or fetish performances

Barrow Priory pompoir training: Barrow Priory in Middlesex is the site of Blackthorn Priory’s upper school conveniently located near an elite male school so the two schools can combine their student bodies for courses in human sexual anatomy. Unlike most students at St Janice the girls at Barrow Priory upper school are all training to be escorts and are being tested this spring on their ability to isolate and manipulate their vaginal muscles and for their specialized ballet training to extend the length of their continuous interval en pointe an ability needed to successfully perform ballet-sex. All the girls must have had at least ten years of ballet training four of which must have been in pointe-shoes. All the sixth form girls have done splendidly in their studies and pelvic training and are now able to easily manipulate a pair of 1.0 inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa balls, weighing 2.3 oz. each, while en pointe a skill needed to successfully perform pompoir, the milking of  a partner's penis while he remains stationary inside you.

As with their St Janice counterparts the Barrow Priory students had their end of school year pelvic exams and had their diaphragms, with which they were fitted when they advanced to classes at Barrow, checked for fit before the girls went to their summer work assignments. Unlike the St Janice girls the Barrow girls all have frameless copper bead GyneFix IUDs with the strings removed so they can cycle naturally and enjoy menstrual sex as well as the hormone high of their fertile intervals. Most are going to be pool attendants, life guards or towel girls at up-market swim clubs, spas or as nannies with benefits where they can meet wealthy aristocratic men who could become lovers, clients or both. For the last several years Barrow Priory girls have been placed where their looks and pelvic skills can be appreciated which has increased the demand for them and it is wonderful experience where they can use their pelvic training and make influential friends.

UNLV 2015 commencement: The flight back on Limnaea II out of Gatwick on the 13th with Marvin was delightful and other than amazing sex was uneventful.  I was fertile and had an Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix for protection from Morning Wood’s little swimmers. Anya met us at McCarran and took us to my old home where we napped until the girls got home. I had Adolph and Kassandra his PA and current lover over for dinner where we had steaks on the grill. It was so good to see them both again and Adolph is still in Kassi’s thrall and as happy as I’ve ever seen him, but I wonder how long that can possibly last.  

Commencement will be today Saturday May 16, at 9am when Willow, Odette and Odile will graduate.  It’s supposed to be a lovely day with low humidity and the temperature in the mid 70s, a welcome change from the cool and damp UK. Bea will be starting Cambridge as an undergrad while the other three go to grad school at Cambridge where Taryn can guide or intercede for them if necessary.

Virgin Gorda: We depart this evening, the 16th, but I’ve changed my mind about our destination. Rather than returning immediately to London we are going to my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda for a few days before heading back to the UK.  Fortunately I decided before we left the UK so I was able to get the girls reg bags and wetsuits brought down from Blackthorn Castle to bring with us. We have time before the Summer Solstice and before hurricane season starts in the Caribbean. Once back in the UK there will still be plenty of time for the girls to go fetish clubbing in London this summer and for diving my new deep training pool if it’s completed on time.
Alice, Duchess of M****, has already had His Grace’s sailing yacht, The Wanton Lass IV, taken around to Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas to meet us at Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT) where Limnaea II will land so we could walk to the boat if we didn’t have luggage.

Friday, May 8, 2015

We have a new Princess! Summer activities

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge in her mother’s arms

The Photo: The fourth in line to the throne will be officially known as HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. A Kensington Palace spokesman said that the names “spoke for themselves”.

Honors for Princess Charlotte: Two salutes took place on Monday May 4th one at Hyde Park and the other at the Tower of London. The guns used were 13-pounder First World War-era field guns. The Royal Parks said 41 shots were fired at the park and 62 at the Tower, and blank artillery rounds were used. The salute fired fat Hyde Park was quite loud as it was just a few blocks from Eaton Square, but we could also hear the much longer one fired from the Tower of London.

From Wikipedia - Princess Charlotte of Cambridge:

“Title and Style: Princess Charlotte was, from birth, a British princess entitled to the style of Royal Highness under letters patent issued by Queen Elizabeth II on 31 December 2012, which gave the title and style to all children of the Prince of Wales's eldest son. Her official title and style is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Ancestry: Through her paternal grandfather, Charles, Prince of Wales, she is a member of the House of Windsor. Through her paternal grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, she descends from the Spencer family, whose members include the Earls Spencer, Earls of Sunderland, and Dukes of Marlborough. Through her paternal great-grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess belongs to the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (Kings of Greece, Denmark, and Norway).”

UNLV 2015 commencement and grad school: Commencement will be on Saturday May 16, at 9am & 2pm. Willow, Odette and Odile will be graduating. Bea will be starting Cambridge as an undergrad while the other three go to grad school at Cambridge where Taryn can guide or intercede for them if necessary. The girls have already shipped their SCUBA gear to Blackthorn castle and most of their things to Blackthorn House in Eaton Square.

Marvin and I will be flying back on Limnaea II out of Gatwick on Wednesday the 13th for commencement so Anya is having our suite at my place in Vegas where they have all been living readied for us. I plan to depart for London with my wards and perhaps Anya, depending on her next assignment, on the evening of the 16th. The girls are looking forward to fetish clubbing in London this summer and for diving my new deep training pool if it is completed on time.

Cambridge University: His Grace, the Duke of M**** was very helpful in getting them accepted, not because of their grades which are excellent, but because they are competing with candidates from the UK.  They have to be there and settled for Full Michaelmas term which runs from Tue 6 Oct - Fri 4 Dec by October 1st.

2015 Summer solstice: The Summer solstice will occur on Sunday June 21st.  Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile will be taking their respective places on the subtending altars at the celestial temple at Location Z along with me and suitable male partners to welcome the arrival of summer at sunrise on June 21st. Jack, Viscount Sandbach, is already looking at young aristocrat candidates from his friends families with a view to making the celestial celebrations a bit more up-market. However, I don’t think Aphrodite whose temple we are celebrating in, cares as long as there are good breeding males who have participated and will forever be influenced by their sexual bonding to her at Location Z.

The recent election: His Grace is very pleased that the Conservatives won a majority in parliament as a steady hand is needed on the national purse strings. Not that he is particularly partial in general, but feared the possibility of a sharp swing to the left.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dating Gigi

Home alone - the perfect accessory for a night of solo passion

The photo: A Lelo Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator. This latest version offers eight modes of vibration. The two hour charge time offers up to four hours of pleasure from the rechargeable battery! I love how the tip of the Gigi stimulates my G spot and hooks into place behind my pubic bone a sign of excellent design and superb Swedish craftsmanship.

Unwinding after a busy day: When no man is available I love a good soak in a tub then read a few pages of a Nora Roberts romance on my Nook then slip between the sheets and have Gigi come to Mama. Just a drop or two of a water base intimate lube eases her entry if I’m not already aroused. With the different vibration patterns I can tease myself to where I’m right at the tipping point with tiny vaginal contractions. I could just float there forever, but I’ll finally tease myself to a massively intense gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming toe curling orgasm at the end of which the afterglow is so intense I sometimes immediately fall asleep with Gigi still inside me. When I get up I clean her and put her on charge again before putting her back in her bag to await our next intimate encounter.

Gigi and cervical barriers: When I’m fertile and need to be super safe I wear an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. Neither Oves nor FemCap come in contact with Gigi when she is inserted. However, when wearing a traditional diaphragm; an All-Flex, Milex or Reflexions the head of the Gigi is in contact with the anterior rim of the diaphragm as well as a portion of the dome and you get a very different experience which will vary depending on the rim style. With the Milex Omniflex (coil spring rim) there is a shimmery feeling the full length of the vagina. With the stiffer All-Flex and Milex Arcing spring rims there is a more intense vibration through the entire rim all the way around the cervix; and because the Reflexions flat spring rim bends in only one plane it delivers the most intense full vaginal experience.

However, the Reflexions with its soft natural latex dome is far more likely than the silicone Milex or All-Flex to be damaged by the vibrator head from friction wearing a thin spot or hole in the dome which, if that occurs shortly after  intercourse with an unprotected man, could result in pregnancy. An additional future problem with the Reflexions FS diaphragm is that it was discontinued at the first of 2015 and so are no longer generally available. Fortunately our Clinic had received a routine stocking order of the Reflexions so we should be able to provide them to patients for the next few months. With luck we may be able to have latex FS diaphragms custom made, but at higher cost.

A toy to die for: There have been instances when the exertion from vibrator induced G-spot orgasms has been too much for the woman’s physical condition and one of those instances occurred last weekend at a house party I attended in Northamptonshire. She was an escort hired for the occasion by the eldest son of a neighboring titled family whose wife was pregnant and unable to attend. Her procuress should have been aware of her condition and not allowed her to work with clients who expected her to participate in extreme personal sexual pleasure encounters rather than providing it for her client himself. Rather than giving him vanilla sex what he expected was for her to be the party entertainment by continuously orgasming using a G-spot vibrator while the men and a few women watched her writhe, gasp, mew and moan in ecstasy until she became unconscious from the caress of the vibi she had inserted. When her client tried to wake her he found she was dead.

She and I had talked before her fatal performance and I had checked the placement of her 80mm Reflexions. She was one of my clinic’s escort patients I track who wear an 80mm diaphragm like me so I might be able to harvest her diaphragm if she died while having penetrative sex and wear it as a ‘death rubber’. She asked what I thought the most intense G-spot orgasms was and I mentioned having a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted so that not only the G-spot was stimulated but the stiff flat spring rim would transfer the strongest vibrations throughout the entire length of the vagina. Since she was SCUBA qualified and had her Reflexions with her to use as flood insurance in case she was asked for dive-sex she inserted it and apparently the experience with the vibrator-diaphragm combination was too intense for her. It was later found that she died from a blood clot probably caused by her hormonal birth control.

The hosts stored her body in their walk-in freezer and knowing my prowess as a Domme and exhibitionist asked if I would take the dead performers place as the men really wanted to see a woman totally consumed by a series of G-spot orgasms. I would have thought that watching a professional escort fucked to death by her vibrator would have been enough, but the host wanted at least another 45 minutes and some of the women didn’t think I would since I was CD2 and bleeding heavily and a vibrating diaphragm leaks like a sieve. When the hosts found I was menstrual they pleaded even more since watching a menstrual continuously orgasming woman is a rare and unbelievably messy opportunity so I took the request as a challenge as well as hoping for a good time.

I was willing to perform in her stead, but needed access to her body to get her Reflexions and the Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator that killed her because I didn’t want to chance ruining my own flat spring latex diaphragm and I wanted her Gigi 2 for myself as well.  Marvin (Morning Wood) my psychiatrist and current lover didn’t mind me performing by masturbating for the house party guests so I thought I’d show them how that sort of thing should be done. I quickly harvested her 80mm Reflexions while her body was still warm and took her Gigi 2 and its charger out of her tote before she was sent on her way to the freezer.

She hadn’t been menstrual so my bleeding was a bonus of sorts and I let the guests watch as I pulled out my Dive cup full of flow (one of the male guests drank it) and inserted the dead woman’s flat spring latex diaphragm. I could immediately feel her Chi coming off the latex dome and knew that I would be fine just lying back, inserting the Gigi and letting it take me where it would. The host wanted a 45 minute performance, but it lasted 65 minutes before I couldn’t take any more and my bones and brain were jelly at the end. I had a marvelous time, but was a little hoarse from screaming and moaning by the end. Afterward Marvin had to help me sit up and get into one of the host’s wife’s thick robes to absorb the blood and into a comfy chair and drink a sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes before I had strength to shower and rejoin the other guests. Marvin got the escort’s death and my performance having a vibi fuck my brains out on video so they should sell well on the porn market.

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