Sunday, June 28, 2009

What am I?

A male fantasy image of a Succubus

A succubus encounter: As I have moved into my late 30s I’ve found I’m learning more about my body and some of my skills are becoming far more highly developed. Having been very sexually active since I was 14 I thought, until fairly recently, that I knew just about all there was to know about my body and how I react to men of various types, sizes and personalities. I was wrong. Since I turned 38 in February I have learned there was another aspect in my mental makeup that I hadn’t known was there. I have always been a ‘sensitive’ to the extent that I can communicate (on a very basic level) with spirits if I have something of theirs to use as a talisman to call them or if they come to me. And that sensitivity has on balance been a positive thing since I can ‘talk’ with Taryn’s mom from time to time to get advice about how she would want important choices presented to Taryn. However, only in the past few months have I become able to seemingly drain men of a great deal of their energy during sex.

There has always been an aspect of that during normal sexual intercourse when a man spends himself planting his seed in me. But this, while the same, is very different. I have actually put three very healthy men in their late 20s in the hospital recently because they suffered exhaustion and dehydration after spending the night with me. After the third of those encounters a rumor started that I am a succubus. I’ll have to admit I enjoy repeated acts of penetrative sex with a strong good looking man and I’ll also admit that I do try to exhaust my lovers while testing their stamina. But I don’t think I’m an evil spirit, I don’t have wings and I don’t intentionally try to fuck them to death. Well, not usually. Most of the illustrations of succubi depict them as being beautiful and with wings but I think that is male fantasy. To the extent that there are succubi walking the streets of Vegas none of us have wings, fangs or horns, just an unquenchably need to draw a man’s life force from him during sex. Shedding a bit of a man’s life force happens naturally when a man reaches orgasm even if he is masturbating. Then the energy is burnt up or released into the atmosphere surrounding him but if it occurs while he is unprotected (bareback) in a female partner she can absorb the energy if she is sensitive and wired that way. A condom cuts way down on the transfer of a man’s life force to his female partner so it’s thought that having his penis bathed in our natural intimate lubrication fluids acts to conduct the paranormal mental energy into our bodies. That’s one explanation of why women have such a feeling of wellbeing after an unprotected man ejaculates inside us even if we haven’t reached orgasm ourselves.

I don’t think the rumor about me being a succubus would have started if the problems with the three guys hadn’t all come within a two week period and all three hadn’t been known for their stamina and had impeccable reputations as horn-dogs. After I dropped all three the problem couldn’t have been with them, right? “There’s something wrong with Jill! She’s wet, tight, deep, and insatiable and an unbelievable fuck so she’s a demon!” Right? Perhaps I was enjoying myself a bit too much. I am able to focus a mans interest toward doing what I want him to do so maybe I was mind-fucking them a bit, but we were having so much fun and they felt so good moving in and out of me as I watched. And honestly, I do enjoy feeding on male energy as a man pumps it into me during sex!

Vital signs monitor: I’d hate to think I’d have to hook up my lovers to monitor their vital signs before they have sex with me. Talk about a turn-off! But, so far the rumor mill seems to have sparked more interest in bedding me. The question being asked at bars, auto shops, barber shops and sporting events keeps getting back to me: “How can a 5’2” 100 lb woman lay three professional horn-dogs low?” They all come around to the idea that “If I could ever get into her pants I’d show her who’s boss and fuck her brains out.” Which of course is testosterone or alcohol or both talking. Three of the best guys in Vegas tried and failed, though it wasn’t a test, at least intentionally on my part, so it’s unlikely a pick-up team of good ole boys from a local sports bar would be able to get to me, but you never know. Meanwhile the rumor that I’m a succubus keeps getting stronger. I’m glad I’ll be traveling for the next week.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A present for Cyndi


Cyndi turns sixteen: Cyndi will be celebrating her 16th birthday on the 4th of July. So she will then be legal (at or above the age of consent) in Nevada and in the BVIs. Consent is 16 in most British possessions so it’s finally legal for her to have sex in her home country. As a coming of age gift I got her a beautiful Phallix Pyrex dildo [see the above image] and a plug adaptor so she can use it while riding her Sybian. She has seen mine and coveted it so I know she will be thrilled. The description, below, is from

“The Butterfly Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot is an interesting take off of one of our most recognizable styles The Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot. This version has a whole garden full of butterflies etched into the Dichroic wrapping. It’s a 7-inch long clear Pyrex shaft spiral wrapped with a multi-colored dichroic strip bordered with a navy blue pin stripe for the entire length of the shaft. It's currently available in 1 1/4-inch diameter with the Dichroic wrapping adding approx. 1/4-inch to the shaft diameter. The head is clear solid and smooth approx. 1/4-inch diameter larger than the shaft and detailed. The Dichroic wrapped styles are some of the most recognized and popular of all of the Phallix styles. The base is flared and designed to stand up.”

I have been using Phallix products for quite a while now and love the quality of their craftsmanship. Made of Pyrex glass the dildos can be warmed or cooled before use to heighten the experience. We all (Taryn, Anya, Diané and I) bought after-market adaptors for our Sybian machines so the base of this style dildo is fastened securely in place for long slow hands-free solo rides through the fields and forests of ecstasy. This particular style is about € 300 and is worth every penny.

St Lucy’s training: I always have a student start her sexual training just after she reaches menarche by using a training dildo. That way she can get used to the feel of something inside her and manipulate it taking as much time as she needs to learn all about her pelvic erogenous zones, clitoris, G-spot and cervix and what lights her fire so when she takes a man she can tell him what she likes. For a very young woman starting her sexual training with a dildo has some major advantages. There is no need to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so the girl can totally relax and explore her most intimate parts with no fear of undesirable consequences.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pointe shoe Quiz

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Another in an occasional series of pointe quizzes. There are a lot of clues in this image so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Generic Plan B approved

Watson Pharama’s Generic Plan B approved

Generic Plan-B approved: Generic Plan B (levonorgestrel) tablets, 0.75 mg has been approved by the FDA for sale by prescription only to women 17 and under for emergency contraception. The Company intends to market the product under the trade name Next Choice.

EC availability: Our ballet Admin office and St Lucy’s student health stocks and dispenses Plan B free to dancers and students on request so a generic will reduce overhead. Two 0.75 mg tablets of levonorgestrel are just as effective when purchased as a generic as they are when branded so we will be switching to Next Choice for women regardless of their age when it becomes available. I think all entertainment venues here supply EC at no cost to performers since it is a lot less expensive to prevent an unintended pregnancy than the cost of other options once the woman is pregnant.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The disappearance of latex diaphragms

A 70mm latex Ortho All-Flex (arching spring) diaphragm

An All-Flex for Dive-Sex: Eve is now back wearing her 70mm latex All-Flex, but only for protection for dive-sex. Returning readers may recall that shortly after her arrival here to accept and bond with Adam, she was fitted with a GyneFix IUD, but she needs over-pressure protection for dive-sex and it has been long enough after her termination that she can wear a diaphragm again, but only for over-pressure protection down to 10 meters. Diving below that can cause the spring rim of a diaphragm to distort so the only safe cervical barrier for deeper dives is a FemCap or Oves and it is too soon after her abortion for her cervix to have returned to normal so she can’t be properly fitted (yet) for a cervical cap. It’s unlikely that she will be having sex in water deeper than 30 feet so she should be quite safe relying on the All-Flex for protection.

The vanishing latex diaphragm: Ortho McNeil has converted from manufacturing latex diaphragms to making them of silicone. The conversion started last fall when they also reduced the number of sizes of All-Flex diaphragms available to four: 65mm, 70mm, 75mm and 80 mm. And, at the same time they discontinued their line of coil spring rim diaphragms entirely. The only latex diaphragm that is still being made is the Reflexions which has a flat spring rim. A flat spring diaphragm has a smaller more delicate rim and was designed for women with a shallow pubic notch so isn’t suitable for most women. Eve found that while silicone lasts much longer, is less likely to be harmed by oily meds and is less likely to contribute to infections the silicone does not transmit heat as well and is not quite as stretchy as latex.. This week Eve had her diaphragm fit checked at the clinic and bought the last four latex Ds they had in her size. Her milk finally came in fully last week so she is producing more than enough for Adam and Peter, who began as Eve’s Vegas boy-toy, is pleased to take the rest.

Going home: Eve and Adam will be traveling east with us on Limnaea, my G550, this coming Monday. They will stay with friends in the Hamptons while Anya, and Chris, Taryn and Chuck and Pirate and I are attending Anya’s cousin’s wedding. As his gift Pirate is providing the sex for the wedding party. The Duchess was invited but she said that it was the bride’s day and that a breast-feeding infant at the wedding would be too much of a distraction especially if someone should recognize her. She isn’t ready to go public with the birth of the heir to the duchy so she will be content to just send a gift. Peter has become Eve’s main squeeze and he is going back to live with her on Virgin Gorda and then England when she decides it’s time to return to the Duchy’s estates there. She says he is the first man she has had unbelievably intense sex with in years – she can’t seem to get enough of him - and the two of them have fallen deeply in love. Peter really is a sweet and gentle lover and he has bonded with Adam. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

After the wedding we are all going down to Virgin Gorda for a few days to take Eve back home and to relax a bit in the cove and possibly dive the treasure cave. We have sent all our dive gear ahead so the girls will just be bringing our bikinis and slit-kits with us. Chris has sent all the Gyn equipment and supplies we might need and stocks of diaphragms and FemCaps. We will al be menstrual over the 4th of July weekend, ‘Independence Day’ for sure, so Chuck will give me my usual menstrual extraction on CD1.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don’t cry for me Argentina

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to use one at a time.

SC Gov. Sanford admits affair after going AWOL
By JIM DAVENPORT, Associated Press Writer Jim Davenport, Associated Press Writer

“COLUMBIA, S.C. – After going AWOL for seven days, Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday that he had secretly flown to Argentina to visit a woman with whom he was having an affair. Wiping away tears, he apologized to his wife and four sons and said he will resign as head of the Republican Governors Association.

"I've been unfaithful to my wife," he said in a bombshell news conference in which the 49-year-old governor ruminated aloud with remarkable frankness on God's law, moral absolutes and following one's heart. He said he spent the last five days "crying in Argentina."

Sanford, who in recent months had been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, ignored questions about whether he would step down as governor.

At least one state lawmaker called for his resignation. As a congressman, Sanford voted in favor of three of four articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, citing the need for "moral legitimacy."

The affair is now over, Sanford said, describing the woman who lives in Argentina as a "dear, dear friend" that he's known for about eight years and been romantically involved with for about a year. He said he's seen her three times since the affair began, and wife found out about it five months ago.

"What I did was wrong. Period," he said. His family did not attend the news conference, and his wife Jenny Sanford said she asked the governor to leave and stop speaking to her two weeks ago. The governor says he wants to reconcile, and his wife's statement said her husband has earned a chance to resurrect their marriage.

"This trial separation was agreed to with the goal of ultimately strengthening our marriage," she said.

Sanford denied instructing his staff to cover up his affair, but acknowledged that he told them he thought he would be hiking on the Appalachian Trail and never corrected that impression after leaving for South America.

"I let them down by creating a fiction with regard to where I was going," Sanford said. "I said that was the original possibility. Again, this is my fault in ... shrouding this larger trip."

Questions about Sanford's whereabouts arose early this week. For two days after reporters started asking questions, his office had said he had gone hiking on the trail.

Cornered at the Atlanta airport by a reporter from The State newspaper, Sanford revealed
Wednesday morning that he'd gone to Argentina for a seven-day trip.

When news first broke about his mysterious disappearance, Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press she did not know where her husband had gone for the Father's Day weekend.

Sanford emerged Wednesday afternoon at a news conference, where he mused openly of his love of hiking and how he used to guide trips along the Appalachian Trail, and eventually tearfully apologized to his wife, his staff and his friends — but without yet saying what he was apologizing for.

"I hurt a lot of different folks," he said, occasionally choking up throughout the news conference that lasted about 20 minutes.

With those watching still wondering what he was admitting, Sanford said: "The odyssey that we're all on in life is with regard to heart."

Several residents said they were disappointed.

"He shouldn't have lied to us. He should have been up straight," said college student Gerald Walker, 19, in downtown Columbia. "It's very embarrassing for someone in a leadership role that we are supposed to respect, especially me being a young guy."

Glenn Mitchell, of Columbia, said he felt Sanford's absence showed a lack of concern for the state.

"He left the state unattended," said Mitchell, 54, out of work recuperating from surgery. "He just hasn't been there for us."

State Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Columbia, called for Sanford's resignation.
"There is nothing left to save," Rutherford said. "There is no reason for him to remain as governor."

Sanford, a former three-term congressman, was elected governor in 2002. He has more than a year remaining in his second term and is barred by state law from running again.

The libertarian-leaning Republican was seldom a firebrand. But he was known for salting tales of family life into policy discussions.

He criticized the $787 billion federal stimulus law and efforts by legislators to claim a share of it by saying in tough times a family would sit around the table and find ways to cut spending.

His vocal battle against the Obama administration over the stimulus money won praise from conservative pundits, but ultimately, a state court order required him to take the money.

Jenny Sanford, a millionaire whose family fortune comes from the Skil Corp. power tool company, has been central to Sanford's political career. She ran his congressional campaigns and his first race for governor. She was an almost daily fixture at senior staff meetings, and often could be seen driving a minivan away from the Statehouse in the mornings.

The two met when Sanford, who has an MBA, was trying his hand on Wall Street. She was working at a brokerage house when he entered a training program.

As governor, Sanford has had seemingly endless run-ins with the GOP-dominated Legislature, once bringing pigs to the House chamber to protest pork barrel spending. He also put a "spending clock" outside his office to show how quickly a proposed budget would spend state money.

Sanford's announcement came a day after another prominent Republican, Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, apologized to his GOP Senate colleagues after revealing last week that he had an affair with a campaign staffer and was resigning from the GOP leadership.”

Piss-Poor Prior Planning: Yet another ‘conservative’ Republican having an affair! Who could have guessed? And to walk away from his family on Father’s Day? That shows just how poorly his Argentine tryst was planned! Sigh!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pointe shoes for pony-play


Pony play in pointes: I’ve been chatting a friend who is into Pony Play. His Domme wants him in pony boots, bit, blinders, butt-plug with a real horsehair tail… the works, but he is looking for something a bit more adventuresome in footwear as her Sub, so I suggested a pair of black or brown pointe shoes. Pony boots [see the image above] are just 4 inch heels on a modified wedge platform which takes no skill at all to wear, which is probably the reason for that design. He is a masochist. Well, he says he is, but a lot of guys say they are then when pain is applied they decide otherwise. But he says he is, so I suggested he be fitted for a good supportive pair of ballet-boots, as an interim measure, so he can get used to the weight of his bod taken on his toes while giving his ankles support of tightly laced leather boots. Wearing Ballet-heels first also gives him a chance to learn how to trim his nails and tape and pad his toes correctly and learn how to ‘set’ his pointes by pushing his toes into the blocks of pointe-boots and walk around en pointe before zipping them up to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Of course after 20 minutes or so standing en pointe ones toes go numb, so the trick is learning how to gracefully walk in boots when you are some distance off the floor balanced on a 1 ½ x 2 inch diameter platform. That’s where the 9 in heels of ballet-boots come in handy for beginners. The heel is rather like training wheels on a bicycle, providing some measure of confidence and stability while the wearer accustoms him or her self to balancing and moving en pointe. While his ballet heels training is going on our student should also be taking ballet class at least three times a week to build up the strength in his feet and ankles so he will be able to actually walk confidently in pointe-shoes rather than be like so many men who aspire to wearing pointes but who can only pose in them.

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes with suede platforms

The Best pointe shoes for pony play: Once he is confidently walking around in ballet-heels he can then be fitted for a good supportive pair of pointe shoes – with his toes taped and while wearing the toe padding he normally wears with ballet heels. Gaynor Minden pointes with suede platforms for traction would be an excellent choice as first time pointes for a fetishist because a pair of properly fitted GMs will last a long time especially with suede platforms, take a lot of abuse and are very hard to destroy. Once the correct size is determined the pointes can be purchased and dyed black, brown or gray as necessary to go with the rest of the wearer’s pony tack.
Out here, in the clubs we seldom see female subs in full pony-gear, boots and full tack. There is a private pony club but it is very exclusive and all the men are quite old so the girls mostly parade around in an enclosed arena in full pony gear and occasionally race for their Masters pulling sulkys, light racing carts.

The Withdrawal Method

An egg and sperm just before conception

Withdrawal: There has been a lot of publicity recently about some ‘research’ done on the ‘withdrawal’ method of birth control. Below is one of the more balances articles. Buried in the article is the comment that how well it works depends a lot on the woman’s fertility which is key to any success it might have. For a woman practicing Natural Family Planning where she abstains from sex when she is fertile I can see withdrawal being highly effective. However, I’m betting that used during the 8 or so days a woman is fertile each cycle withdrawal is not at all effective as birth control. I agree with a comment in the article that the studies cited were poorly conducted.

Simple method turns out to be a popular form of birth control:
Healthy Cleveland Tuesday June 23, 2009, 8:00 AM

“The last time I checked, nobody was actively touting the withdrawal method (also known as coitus interruptus or "pulling out") as an effective form of birth control.

So when a colleague suggested that I check out the article in the June 2009 issue of the journal Contraception titled "Better than nothing or savvy risk-reduction practice? The importance of withdrawal," I rolled my eyes.

Then I decided to give it a glance.
Written by Rachel K. Jones and three of her colleagues, the commentary analyzed previous studies and unpublished research on the withdrawal method as a means of birth control.

Based on what they analyzed, they came up with the conclusion that the method of withdrawing prior to ejaculation not only was pretty common -- especially by younger women and their partners -- but that it also was used as a back-up to condoms or oral contraception and was "almost as effective as the male condom."

The commentary cited some interesting statistics. The withdrawal method has a 4 percent perfect-use failure rate, and an 18 percent typical-use failure rate over a one-year period.

In comparison, condoms have a 2 percent perfect-use and 17 percent typical-use failure rate.

Jones, a Tulane University-trained sociologist who joined the Guttmacher Institute 10 years ago, told me during a telephone interview that she and her colleagues aren't in the business of endorsing one method of birth control over another.

But the topic of withdrawal -- how many people do it, how often it works -- is something that deserves further research. More isn't known about its effectiveness because the research community hasn't been interested in the topic, Jones said.

"Whether you like it or not, people are using it," she said. "The majority of women have used it at some point in their lives." It makes sense then, she said, that people be armed with better information about coitus interruptus.

Predictably, reaction has been swift, not only in academic circles and in the blogosphere, but by those who make a living in the study and marketing of birth control.

I asked a couple of condom makers to weigh in on the debate, especially since Jones' writing suggests that pulling out is nearly as effective as their products.

Here's an excerpt from a statement from Jim Daniels, vice president for Trojan Brand Condoms:

"When used consistently and correctly, condoms have been shown to be 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. In contrast to withdrawal or hormonal methods, condoms provide visual confirmation, to both partners, that contraception is being used during sexual activity."

Visual confirmation. Got that?

Both Daniels and Carol Carrozza, vice president of marketing for Ansell Healthcare, which makes LifeStyles Condoms, mentioned the added protection that condoms have against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS.

Given the times in which we live, that's not an insignificant point.

Carrozza questioned the "perfect-use" rate of withdrawal. "The scary thing about withdrawal is that it really requires that the male be in control, that he properly know how to use the method," she said.

While he agreed that it would be nice to know how effective the withdrawal method is, Planned Parenthood Northeast Ohio chief medical officer Dr. Lazlo Sogor said that would be difficult to research.

"It probably does some good, but we don't know how well," he said of the method. "Some days you pull out quick enough, and some days you don't. A lot of it depends on a woman's fertility."

The studies that were referenced in Contraception are "poor science" from which no solid conclusions can be drawn, Sogor said.

Then he raised two important issues:

First, where would you find people willing to be observed in a clinical trial?

The only way to do it right, Sogor said, would be to randomize research subjects into two groups -- one using only the withdrawal method, the other using only condoms -- and study them for at least six months.

And, secondly, he said:

"Let's face it -- who's going to fund this?" he asked, sounding a bit incredulous. "Pharmaceutical companies certainly aren't interested in this. There's no money to be made." “

Pointe Shoe Quiz

Bloch Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoe Quiz: Another in an occasional series. These shoes are made by the Australian maker Bloch. As with other makers Bloch has names for its different styles: Alpha, Aspiration, Balance, Serenade, Sonata, Synergy to name a few. What is the style name of these shoes?

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Semina and its followers

A Semina silicone diaphragm

The cult of the Barbie Barrier: There is a small group of ballet girls at St. Lucy’s who have started a cult around the wearing and use of the Semina diaphragm. Semina is very popular with teens because of its attractive color (Think pink!) and design as well as being quite rugged while looking delicate which is just like the young women who revel in wearing it. Because of it’s color the girls call their Seminas ‘Barbie barriers’ but they all know wearing one is a very adult thing to do, taking responsibility for protecting themselves from pregnancy.

Returning readers may remember that all St Lucy’s ballet students are urged to avoid hormonal birth control if possible because of its dampening effect on the senses as well as the imagination and creativity that comes from our cyclical hormonal surges. Some older girls have had GyneFix IUDs implanted but the younger ones whose uteri are too small for a GyneFix are fitted with Diaphragms. Cervical caps are available but Oves is too difficult for a young teen to insert confidently and FemCaps are often too large for the dancer’s anatomy at their ages. Semina, made in Brazil, is in clinical trial here at our clinic and is the fave protection for young students. It is easy to insert and because of its coil spring rim is so comfortable to wear a girl often forgets it is inserted. And it is very effective when used with spermicide. There have been no pregnancies when using Semina at St Lucy’s in the four years it has been available.

Most of the cult members wear their Seminas continuously and use them for over pressure protection during dive-sex as well as for contraception during normal barre sex. Continuous wearing – wearing with spermicide for 24 hours then removing no sooner than 6 hours after the last act of IC to clean the device, reapply spermicide in the dome and reinsert - affords 24/7 protection because the ballet girls are very spontaneous and can’t afford to be caught unprotected. With growing girls the fit of their diaphragms is checked every 2 months because not only are they growing but the vagina gets larger (not looser) with use. St Lucy’s ballet students are known for their ‘steel trap grip’ as more than one man has described it and are highly sought after as girlfriends and later wives for that very reason, among their other fine qualities of course.

The role of scent in allure and eroticism

The top ten scents for women

Scents: Every woman and most men are aware of the attraction of commercially produced perfumes used by mainstream women. Less well known however are the scents used by women in the erotic services industry to enhance the experiences of specific groups of clients.

The New York Times
The Top 10 in Scents for Women
Published: June 19, 2009

These are the best-selling perfumes sold in department stores as of the end of 2008, according to the NPD Group. The name of the perfume is followed by its brand name and the company that licensed or created the brand.

1. Beautiful, Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder
2. Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel, Chanel
3. Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana, Procter & Gamble
4. Chanel No. 5, Chanel, Chanel
5. Cashmere Mist, Donna Karan, Estée Lauder
6. Happy, Clinique, Estée Lauder
7. Pleasures, Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder
8. Euphoria, Calvin Klein, Coty
9. Sensuous, Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder
10. Romance, Ralph Lauren, l’Oréal

A well loved pair of heavily scented Grishko 2007s

Scents used in the erotic services industry: Some scents seem to have more attraction either for men or women. Light sweet scents appeal more the feminine side while stronger more astringent scents generally appeal to the masculine side of ones personality. But there is a substantial percentage of the market for which all scents are attractive. When we introduce a new client to an erotic fetish we try to scent the experience heavily with the things s/he enjoys most

BDSM: Some of the more popular erotic scents in the Domme/Sub culture are: the scent of new rope fibers; light machine oil on chains, Neatsfoot oil on leather ball-gag harnesses, leather chastity belts, Lash Leathers, fighting design ballet-heels and thick leather encasement suits. The smell of new latex, hot latex, melted latex, powdered latex, latex that has been sweated in and ripe latex cervical barriers that have been left in the vagina too long. The coppery scent of menstrual blood from a woman’s period or a miscarriage is arousing, or from a uterine hemorrhage caused by killer contractions and cramps from a too intense vaginal orgasm or from bloody toes from poorly fitting pointe shoes.

True Bliss: A bit more mainstream is the alluring scent of a pair of brand new pointe shoes smelling of new leather and paste, filled with the promise of an amazing future of bloody toes, pain and the ecstasy of orgasms while en pointe. The scent of sweat dampened well worn pointe shoes. That incredible blend of odors from: sweat dampened paste, fabric, leather, powdered rosin, stage grime and if one is fortunate toe cheese and old semen is incredibly arousing to anyone who has a serious pointe shoe fetish. I think the scent of pointe shoes is particularly erotic to both men and women because the scent complements the senses of sight and touch and the shoes can be worn in public and for performances by women w/o revealing their secret fetish of having mind-blowing sex on their toes which is an open secret between moms and their daughters. When a woman is working en pointe she is showing her legs as well as the rest of her body to their best advantage with her buns clenched, her chest thrust forward emphasizing her breasts and her calves displayed fully contracted extending the line of her legs. Being en pointe feels amazing, knowing your body is displayed at its most alluring. And, as far as the sense of touch is concerned, when taken from behind while en pointe a girl and her partner know she is at her tightest and can be penetrated the deepest of any position for sex.

If I’m dating a man with a particular fetish I will wear what he likes and accent my costume with the appropriate scents. When we go to a fetish club I will dab a few drops of concentrated latex dust or sweaty leather in solution or light machine oil behind my ears and on my wrist pulse points. Powdered English paste (recovered from dead Freed pointes) in an alcohol solution is a fave fetish scent of pointe-shoe fetishists. I always wear it to Ballet Galas when I’m not performing. Wearing a fetish scent while out socially pleases my date while reminding the other men I meet what a marvelously erotic time we could have privately. It drives both men and women wild, for very different reasons of course!

There are more delicate erotic scents, the intimate scents produced during sexual activity. The bouquet of fresh semen or a woman’s natural vaginal lubricant both of which have very short half-lives and can be almost undetectable, but will definitely set the mood when worn immediately after sex while out socially. Then, female friends with an acute sense of smell know that by wearing such an intimate scent you are bragging.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Encasement training

Gas-girl in a Succubus Orgy suit

Seconds: Alan did really well getting Taryn out of her rubber suit during his first counseling test. He managed to get past her smelly diaphragm to minister to her physical needs while being gentle. Actually, it worked so well that we had him go through it a second time, the next morning. This time peeling Taryn out of one of Gepetto’s $3,500 ‘Succubus’ line of disposable shrink wrap latex encasement suits. The wearer uses a hair dryer to shrink the special latex formulation to her body so it fit’s like a coat of paint! As you might imagine that makes her very warm inside the suit! But she cools off under a cold shower after being completely encased. Taryn wore a succubus that had a minor manufacturing flaw – the welded seams around the crotch zipper were discolored - and with so much emphasis on the crotch of a suit like that it wasn’t a saleable item, so we got it for 90% off. Gepetto was glad to give us the discount because the suit could still be used for training. There hasn’t been much market for something that extravagantly expensive, because it can only be worn one time, since the economy tanked. Men would buy one for a rubber-chick and watch her and a team of women helping her put it on then spend hours peeling it off her. But since the first of the year the kings of Wall Street have been encasing their rubber-chicks in reusable latex suits.

Encasement training: Fortunately Alan isn’t very claustrophobic because later in the day I sealed him into an encasement suit fitted with a rebreather then had him strapped into a dungeon harness and fastened to a wall. Actually, it was the wall at the deep end of a children’s pool, about 8 feet of water. Just deep enough that he was held totally submerged while upright. He was wearing a home-made rebreather to clean his air of CO2 by chemicals in the bag below his mask. As the CO2 increased more air was added – by a hose from the surface - to the suit and the old air released. The suit wasn’t designed for immersion but as long as he didn’t struggle the neck, mask, ankle and wrist seals held so the suit didn’t leak very much. We only left him there for an hour, but he said later it seemed like years. For the last few minutes he really thought he was going to die because the water kept leaking around the seals and the air pressure wasn’t high enough to keep it out so by the time Taryn went down to unfasten his harness from the wall and we got him to the surface he was almost panicking. We did that to get him euphoric from having (seemingly) narrowly escaped drowning. He was in no real danger because, we were paying close attention to where the water was in his suit, but he didn’t know that. So getting him euphoric was to see how he would handle a contraception failure when coming off an adrenaline high. Taryn was sent down to release him so he would bond with her as the woman who saved him and afterward she offered sex with him in a condom. Immobilized encasement while submerged is SO not Alan’s thing! But he's ok with it being done to women... Go figure!

A Birth control failure: She quickly fitted a cock ring over his shaft while he was still small enough for her to get it on him then when he became fully erect rolled a textured condom on to him. She positioned herself on her back on a table with a folded blanked under her and spread her legs. When he stepped between them she put her legs on his shoulders, spread her labia and helped him insert himself. He held on to her hips to hold her in place and she had a pillow under her head so she could watch his shaft as he moved in and out of her burying himself until their pelvises hit then withdrawing until he almost slipped out. She is no fan of condoms, but said later that the ribs of the textured latex added to the thrilling tingle she enjoyed from his powerful thrusts as he stimulated the ring of nerves around her oculus. She loved feeling the intensity build until she was gasping as he took her to a G-spot orgasm and when the muscles in her vaginal barrel spasmed she gripped his shaft so tightly that the condom burst just as he reached orgasm, exactly as she intended, and he filled her with hundreds of millions of highly motile sperm. Only after he withdrew did he realize his condom had torn and he had emptied himself into an unprotected 17 y/o. He had not been told (and still hasn’t been for training reasons) that she was quite safe, protected by a GyneFix IUD implant and was in no danger of conceiving even though she was fertile and would ovulate in 2 days.

Oops: This was the point we were trying to reach in Alan’s training to see how he would handle a serious contraceptive failure with a woman who was in grief therapy with him while he was still high on adrenaline. Still playing the unprotected 17 y/o Taryn pointed to the ruined condom forming a latex ruff at the base of his erection and began screaming that with a burst condom she was fucked for sure and started crying and he panicked! He didn’t offer her Plan B or tell her about the availability of other options; a chemical termination (Mifeprex) or that she could have a menstrual extraction after ovulation to remove any possibility of implantation. He said afterward, that his mind just went blank. It didn’t help that the cock ring was so tight that he couldn’t get it off so Taryn used a pair of small snips to cut it off him. He was terrified that she was using cutters that close to his manhood after he filled her with sperm but she had calmed down and was careful so he was quite safe.

Sweating it: All he has to do is have gentle sex with them and if something goes wrong explain the options, and he panics! Sheesh! What a disappointment! I’m not sure what we are going to do now. It has scared him badly because Taryn (still in the role of the counseled woman) refused to take Plan B when he (much later) remembered to suggest it. So now he thinks that the teen he bonded with and who saved his life by getting him out of the pool just as he was about to drown may be going to conceive his baby. We will probably let this play out for another week or so while Alan concentrates (if he can) on other fetishes. It will be a good test of his ability to handle stress. Then Taryn will take a Pregnancy test and test negative or her period will arrive – it’s due about July 3rd - and he’s off the hook. Hopefully, Alan sweating out two weeks thinking he might become a biological father will improve his memory.

Uterine rupture and Asphyxia sex

Britney Spears showing her C-section scar tat.

Death during asphyxia dive-sex: Last week, at another training facility, a 25 y/o model died during asphyxia training when her uterus ruptured. It ruptured along the C-section incision she had the previous year (she had a small pelvis) to deliver her daughter. It occurred while she and an instructor were at the bottom of a 20 ft practice pool. He shut off her air as she approached orgasm and she had a super-intense climax with no air. The massive orgasm caused a rush of oxytocin so high that it caused cramps intense enough to rupture her uterus along her C-section scar which was the weakest spot in the walls of an otherwise perfect uterus. The ME said she was the third local woman she is aware of who had died from a C-section incision rupture during asphyxia sex in the past several years. The complicating factor in this case was that she was 20 feet below the surface when it occurred. It took time for her trainer to catch her – she had pushed him away from her and curled into a fetal ball on the bottom of the pool - turn on her air, inflate her BC and get her to the surface. And, though it was all on the security video no one alerted the EMTs until she was pulled from the pool. No one considered from size of the cloud of blood in the pool that she was hemorrhaging so badly. Instead of a helicopter they asked for an ambulance. Even so the ME said it made no difference since she probably bled to death shortly after reaching the surface.

Our training staff has been aware of the increased likelihood of uterine rupture during very intense orgasms in women who have had C-sections. Which is why I insist at the very least on an ultrasound of prospective dive-sex students uteri to insure there are no weak spots in the walls before accepting them into training. We will not accept a woman who has had a C-section into surface asphyxia training much less the far more intense dive-sex asphyxia classes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rubbermaid Domme convicted of killing Sub

Edouard Stern

Cecile Brossard, S&M mistress, convicted of murdering Edouard Stern during sadomasochistic sex “The mistress of Edouard Stern, the billionaire banker, was found guilty of murder – and not the lesser crime of passion – for shooting him dead during a bout of sadomasochistic sex in his Geneva penthouse.

A jury at the high court in Geneva decided that Cécile Brossard, 40, had acted out of hatred and greed rather than passion when she shot the 50-year old friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy four times as he stood in a latex suit and mask.

Miss Brossard had pleaded guilty to killing France's 38th richest man at the beginning of the week-long trial, which exposed a lurid case of kinky sex, money and blackmail that has shocked Geneva's discreet old-money elite.

She had claimed that he had driven her to a moment of madness by tormenting her over a million-dollar gift that he decided to take back, exclaiming: "A million dollars is a lot of money to pay for a whore."

Her lawyers said that Mr. Stern, a hunter, had treated her as "human game" in the course of their turbulent four-year relationship and was a "manipulative pervert".

In Switzerland, "passionate murder" carries a sentence of between one and ten years.

The prosecutor conceded that the pair were tied by a mutual love and sex.

"But it is not love that killed him. It was hate and money," he said.

A lawyer for Mr. Stern's family said: "This woman is venomous. She is not a liar. She is the lie." He accused her of "incredible duplicity" by asking his children to release her the million dollars he had blocked just ten days after killing their father.

Miss Brossard made a final emotional appeal for clemency on Tuesday, apologising to his estranged wife and three children "from the bottom of my heart" and promising never to sully his memory.

"I am a woman who is desperately in love with a man and I remain so," she insisted.

In the verdict released on Wednesday, the jury acknowledged that Brossard was deeply distraught when she shot him twice in the head and twice in the torso at close range.

But they said she could not be excused, because she was "at least partially responsible" for her emotional state and the situation she was in, they said.

The verdict means that Miss Brossard, who has already been detained for four years, will face a maximum of 20 years in jail when sentencing is discussed in court today.

The more serious charge of premeditated murder was curiously dropped in February, in a move widely viewed as a compromise to prevent Miss Brossard from dragging top French public figures into the trial.”

Cecile Brossard Domme and Rubbermaid

Cecile Brossard, S&M mistress, sentenced to eight years in jail for murder of Edouard Stern

June 18, 2009. In an update on the Cecile Brossard trial, the S&M mistress was sentenced to eight and a half years in jail today. She had faced up to twenty years after the Swiss jury found her guilty for the murder of her lover, and banking mogul, Edouard Stern.

The jury also ordered the destruction of sex toys and the latex rubber suit that Stern was wearing when Brossard shot and killed him during a sex game in his Geneva home. They also ordered the destruction of incriminating photos depicting Stern's sexual proclivities.

More than justice, it seems that the Swiss government wanted to put this whole affair behind them as rapidly as possible. As a member of an elite banking family, (owners of the private investment firm Banque Stern), Stern's less than tasteful predilections for bondage and group sex was considered to be a shameful mark that the prestigious industry did not want to bear.

Personal comment: This is the sort of thing that gives the BDSM subculture a bad name. Domme/Sub play can get out of control especially when money is involved as was alleged here. But what a waste of a beautiful man! Surely she had ways of getting back at him while he was in her thrall. It just proves again that while a latex suit may be waterproof it isn’t bulletproof! Sigh! Tanaquil knows Ms Brossard and said she has always been even tempered but strict with her Subs. However, in this case she was emotionally involved and apparently in need of money.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Bush legacy; faith-based birth control

Faith-based birth control

The New York Times
June 18, 2009 Editorial

Teenagers and Pregnancy

“Between 1991 and 2003, increased contraceptive use among sexually active teenagers played an important role in driving down teenage pregnancy rates. Since then, according to a new report from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, contraceptive use by teens has declined while their sexual activity has remained unchanged. This is a worrisome shift — and it has bearing on the coming budget battle in Congress.

The report’s authors, Dr. John Santelli, Mark Orr, Laura Lindberg and Daniela Diaz, said they found a decrease of about 10 percent in contraception use that is consistent with recent gains in the teenage birth rate.

They suggest, not unreasonably, a link between the shift in use of contraception and one of former President George W. Bush’s great social-policy follies: highly restrictive abstinence-only sex education programs that deny young people information about sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives and pregnancy. To the extent these programs even mention condoms, typically it is to disparage their effectiveness.

Responding to mounting evidence of the program’s danger as a public health strategy, many states now decline to participate, forgoing federal money.

To President Obama’s credit, his budget plan would direct current funds now devoted to the abstinence-only programs, along with some additional money, to a new teenage pregnancy prevention initiative, with an emphasis on comprehensive sex education.

This science-based effort to protect the health of young people and reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies should win support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — and both sides of the abortion divide.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pointe Shoe Quiz

Another in an occasional series. Who is the maker of these shoes?

Any reader is welcome to participate, just leave your answer in a comment, or email me directly. There is an email link in my profile.

An Ensign, flapping in the wind

Senator John Ensign (R-Nev)
“A born-again Christian, Ensign has been a member of the Promise Keepers, a male evangelical group that promotes marital fidelity.”

Ensign admits affair; sources say blackmail involved

POLITICO Tue Jun 16, 6:47 pm ET

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) acknowledged Tuesday that he had “violated the vows” of marriage by having an affair with a campaign staffer.

The admission — made in a televised appearance in Las Vegas — shocked Ensign’s Senate colleagues and delivered a serious blow to any hopes he might have had of seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

Political insiders in the Senate and in Nevada told POLITICO that Ensign began the affair with the staffer several months after he separated from his wife, Darlene. When Ensign reconciled with his wife, the sources said, he gave the aide a severance package, and the two parted ways.

Some time later, a Nevada source said, Ensign met with the husband of the woman involved and had what this source described as a positive encounter. Sources said that the man subsequently asked Ensign for a substantial sum of money — at which point Ensign decided to make the affair public.

Ensign did not provide specifics about the affair Tuesday, nor did he identify the woman involved, except to say that she and her husband “were close friends, and both of them worked for me.”

“Last year, I had an affair,” Ensign said. “I violated the vows of my marriage. It is the worst thing I have ever done in my life. If there was ever anything in my life that I could take back, this would be it. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Ensign said he deeply regretted the affair — and that he remains committed to his Senate duties.
In a statement to the Las Vegas Sun, Darlene Ensign said: “Since we found out last year, we have worked through the situation, and we have come to a reconciliation. This has been difficult on both families. With the help of our family and close friends, our marriage has become stronger.”

Ensign informed fellow Nevadan Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, about his situation prior to making his public announcement.

“I don’t know the details. I talked with him today,” Reid told POLITICO Tuesday afternoon. “Of course, he’s my friend. This is a private, family matter. I just hope that Darlene and he work things out.”

Reid said he didn’t offer any advice on how to handle the situation. “I didn’t give him any advice,” he said. “I just told him he’s my friend. I’m pulling for him. Anything I can do to help, let me know.”

Ensign is chairman of the GOP Policy Committee, making him the highest-ranking Republican senator in Nevada’s history.

Ensign was absent from Capitol Hill on Tuesday, skipping the weekly lunch that his committee hosts for GOP senators and its ensuing news conference, where party leaders espouse their weekly message.

His announcement stunned colleagues, who were preparing for this summer’s big battles over the Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor and health care reform but now have to contend with a drama hovering over one of their leaders.

Elected in 2000, the 51-year-old Ensign has moved up the leadership chain in the Senate. As chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2008, Ensign oversaw the devastating losses by GOP candidates. But his party largely spared him of blame, casting it instead on an unpopular president who dragged down the party’s brand. Since then, Ensign has sought to articulate conservative principles and is a mainstay at GOP news conferences deriding Democrats’ domestic policies.

Ensign ran for the Senate in 1998 against Reid in a nasty cliffhanger race that Reid won by a razor-thin 428 votes. Reid and Ensign have since reached a détente; neither man criticizes the other by name back home.

A staunch fiscal and social conservative, Ensign has been considered a rising star in his party, recently making headlines by speaking at events in Iowa, raising speculation about his interest in a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

A born-again Christian, Ensign has been a member of the Promise Keepers, a male evangelical group that promotes marital fidelity.

When former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in an airport men’s room in the summer of 2007, Ensign was among Craig’s toughest critics, saying Craig should step down because he had been charged with a crime.

“I wouldn’t put myself, hopefully, in that kind of position, but if I was in a position like that, that’s what I would do,” Ensign told The Associated Press at the time.

During the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, Ensign, then a Senate candidate, called on Clinton to resign.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grief counseling

Alan’s first fetish counseling exam

Grief counseling: In mid May I agreed to help my spiritual advisor (now a bishop in a western state) by training a select few of his priests in more effective methods of grief counseling for women in their parishes He felt they needed training in techniques that more efficiently bridge the chasm of a woman’s loss while she transitions, after a divorce or the death of a male partner. Techniques like; how to gently and effectively insert a parishioner’s contraceptive barrier for her, how to find a woman’s G-spot, how to give her a clitoral orgasm and how to effectively protect himself if the parishioner has an STI. Assisting with cervical barrier insertion is extremely effective as a confidence building technique during initial grief therapy because it helps establish an intimate bond between the woman and her spiritual advisor and demonstrates that he has her reproductive health and safety in mind while caring for her physical as well as spiritual needs. Once these basics have been mastered the grief counseling student can move on to the more advanced aspects where fetishes, dive-sex and asphyxia are covered.

Anya and I have been working with the first of these students a young man just out of seminary and newly ordained. Actually, Alan is the third staff member sent to us for training. The first two were rejected as being totally unsuited for the course as they were so sexually repressed that neither was able to remove Anya’s thong much less finger her vulva. But Alan is a different story entirely and under Anya’s tutelage for the last several weeks he has blossomed! He is now proficient enough in the basics that she has passed him on to me for an introduction to encasement fetishes. Encasement counseling as I teach it includes masochism, sadism and some aspects bondage and Domme/Sub relationships. It encompasses, but is not limited to: tight shoes and boots (pointe-shoes and ballet-boots), dive –sex (encased in neoprene and SCUBA gear), latex, leather, gas masks and other encasement/life-support equipment as well as asphyxia training while wearing heavy rubber encasement suits. The student is trained to wear each of these so he knows what his female parishioner is feeling as her fetishwear compresses her body and he learns how to get in and out of the equipment himself as well as becoming proficient in quickly and safely getting the woman out of her fetishwear, or at least to unfasten their equipment to the extent that they are able to experience the bonding of mutual sexual activity.

His first test: Alan’s first test in this advanced portion of the course will be to undress and sexually counsel a woman presented to him as a fetish patient encased in latex. [See the image of a rubber-chick clad in a similar suit accompanying this entry.] He will be judged by the style and elegance with which he unfastens the laces, buckles and zippers of her suit, his ability to calm the fears which caused her to become so anxious that she needed to encase herself in rubber and to check for and ensure that she is using a cervical barrier during intimate counseling up to and including her orgasm. The diocese has agreed to allow – well look the other way during - the use of cervical barriers and spermicide but refused to even consider the use of hormonal contraceptives for women needing enhanced counseling. The refusal to consider hormonal contraceptives proved providential because it put the woman’s reproductive safety directly in her therapists hands, there by removing the likelihood that she will be misusing her pills (either accidentally or on purpose) and so won’t be protected by the hormones.

Taryn as a Rubber-Chick: Taryn, who Alan has never met, will be the rubber-chick as his first counseling patient in a heavy latex encasement suit and she has been preparing for the last three days. Her preparation – keep in mind she is CD11 and fertile – consisted of inserting a latex diaphragm three days ago so that it has collected her cervical fluids which have soaked into the somewhat porous rubber of the thin stretchy dome and have begun to decompose. The scent is amazingly pungent with elements of Roquefort, rotting fish and rubber. She has had to wear a short Penetrator to prevent her friends from shunning her during workup for Alan. Of course she won’t be plugged during their encounter so the scent will leak out through her encasement suit. Liking that scent really will be an acquired taste but Anya thinks that may be a realistic possibility for Alan because she caught him several times smelling some of her disgustingly smelly pointes in which the rubber padding was beginning to rot. He loved it! He won’t be told ahead of time what if anything she has inserted, so her decomposing cervical fluid and latex will be taking his fetish to the next level. Not that he is likely to see much of that sort of thing in his home parish, unless he can develop a relationship with a woman willing to supply that sort of special need. But, Taryn is using her spicy diaphragm as a diversion to see if she can distract him from showing her the proper respect while he unties, unbuckles, unzips and peels off her rubber suit to get to that dreadful or divine scent, depending on your point of view.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pas de Deux while fertile

Guest Artists during a Lecture Demo at St Lucy’s Ballet Intensive

Pas de Deux class: Taryn (my 17 y/o ward) is CD10 and newly fertile today as am I and all my circle of close friends because of menstrual synchrony. They all sync on my cycle! Go figure! I was watching Taryn in particular this morning in PDD class beguiling her dance partner while her primary sexual partner watched through the one-way mirror from my dressing and equipment room. She is learning how to project emotion and drama in her movement and phrasing so she can break the heart of any man watching her. It’s an awesome skill if you have it and she has it in spades. It’s a matter of her learning to focus that energy to mesmerize a particular man so he is certain she is dancing only for him while leaving other men only stunned as she moves through a room or across a stage. The women in class are all in sheer cotton-lycra mesh tights for PDD. The tights provide another level of voyeurism for men by having our legs hidden while still in plain sight. Tights are needed so our partners can get a secure grip on our legs for lifts. Tights of cotton Lycra are what the school requires as it gives some texture for a partner’s hands to grasp while absorbing sweat. Of course when our estrogen peaks and we are fertile our joints get a bit looser so we are more flexible in a man’s arms. However, on the down-side we are then also in greater danger of knee and ankle injuries.

Being fertile can add an element of excitement in PDD work because being estrogenic will increase the chemistry between a hetero couple amazingly. I think women just handle ourselves differently when our estrogen is high; we are more confident, assertive and adventuresome. The feline grace that is always with us is intensified by our monthly estrogen peak. Sometimes when I’m estrogenic and being partnered by a particularly amazing man I have to back off and occasionally even shut it down entirely because I’m causing the guy to lose focus. Besides being unprofessional it’s never a good idea to project so much erotic energy toward a partner during a rehearsal or performance that you mind-fuck him. Because then his timing will be off and he’s liable to ruin your finger turns or drop you during lifts and being dropped can be a career ending experience. But projecting eroticism as Nikiya with Solor in Bayadère or as Juliet with Romeo is what can turn a great technician into a dancer of heart stopping dramatic power. Of course it’s ok to let a guy know that you are interested in him with a glance just don’t turn up the power until after class or rehearsal. Then it’s ok to let the guy know you need servicing or whatever and you wouldn’t mind him submitting a proposal for drilling rights. Or if he’s a real hottie you could just approach him directly with a gaze that will ruin the line of his tights.

Sensationalism of the worst sort

Silicone enhanced she is SO not a Balanchine dancer

The New York Times
June 13, 2009
H.I.V. Found in 22 Actors in Sex Films Since 2004

Health officials in Los Angeles said Friday that 22 actors in adult sex movies had contracted H.I.V. since 2004, when a previous outbreak led to efforts to protect pornography industry employees.

The officials accused an industry-supported health clinic of failing to cooperate with state investigations and of failing to protect not only industry workers but their sexual partners as well.

“We have an industry that is exposing workers to life-threatening diseases as part of their employment,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of public health for Los Angeles County. “That is outrageous and anachronistic. These infections are virtually entirely preventable.”

The latest controversy began Thursday, when The Los Angeles Times reported that a pornography actress had tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS. The infection was confirmed by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a clinic founded by a former pornography actress that offers health testing to sex-film performers.

A timeline on the foundation’s Web site states that the actress, whose name was not disclosed, tested negative for H.I.V. on April 29, but that a positive test result was confirmed on June 4. The woman performed in a film on June 5 for reasons that the clinic told the newspaper were still under investigation. A second test came back positive on June 6.

The actor who performed with the infected woman on June 5 has so far tested negative for the virus, the foundation’s chronology states, although H.I.V. infections can be undetectable for a week or more. A second male partner also tested negative.

Clinic officials refused to comment Friday.

Dean Fryer, a spokesman for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, said the clinic “is not cooperative with us.”

“We don’t even know who the employer is in the most recent case; we don’t know who the talent is,” Mr. Fryer said. “They don’t provide that to us.”

Occupational health officials have long argued that failing to require that performers wear condoms during intercourse and other acts is a violation of safe-workplace regulations.

But Deborah Gold, a senior safety engineer with the California occupational health department, said violations in the pornography industry were so widespread that the state had a difficult time cracking down.

“Many of these companies have two sound stages where they do two to four scenes a day with actors hired from talent agencies,” Ms. Gold said. “In that case, it’s clearly a violation” to have performers have sexual intercourse without condoms.

“We continue to try to find ways to identify those places where employees are at risk,” she said.

The pornographic film industry is centered in the San Fernando Valley, northwest of downtown Los Angeles. An estimated 200 production companies in the region employ as many as 1,500 performers, making up to 11,000 films and earning as much as $13 billion a year.

Some health advocates have pressed for legislation requiring condom use in sex scenes.

“This industry has been putting actors at risk for a very long time,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles. “And they’re sending a terrible message to young people that the only kind of sex that’s hot is unsafe sex.”

Steven Hirsch, chief executive of the sex-movie company Vivid Entertainment, said condoms were optional among its actors.

“Performers have the right to choose to use or not use condoms,” Mr. Hirsch said. “They’re adults; they know what industry they’re in.”

Personal comment: I think this article is sensationalism of the worst sort! I’m not saying that even one HIV infection isn’t something to be concerned about, for the individual, but Just run the numbers: “An estimated 200 production companies in the region employ as many as 1,500 performers, making up to 11,000 films and earning as much as $13 billion a year” And there have been 22 actors in the industry that have tested positive for HIV since 2004. Let’s say that’s 4 rather than 5 years to make the numbers worse, ok? So 11,000 films x 4 years = 44,000 films divided by 22 infected actors = one infection for every 2,000 films. Or, another way, 22 actors divided by 4 years = 5.5, say 6 infections per year which in a population of 1500 actors = .4% infection rate which in my opinion is quite remarkable, under the circumstances since we are talking about the adult film industry.

Even so, fortunately Taryn’s companies work to a much stricter health standard than AIM. Taryn’s Cos. require all actors to be tested weekly and be in quarantine for 2 weeks prior starting a project. And they pay well over typical industry rates so they have more top talent than they can use. It cuts into the profit margin some but since the industry is, Mmm, ‘obscenely’ profitable she thinks it’s good business to use a small percentage of her profits to protect the talent she uses. That I think is why she is hated so by Vivid and other industry competitors, including the German mogul and master sadist Deiter (the guy whose plane disappeared with him on board) who have been trying to put her (and her parents before her) out of the adult entertainment business for years.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An unfortunate accident

Hemorrhage during cunnilingus:

A slight problem: One of the Summer Ballet Intensive girls had a bit of a problem the other night she hemorrhaged during cunnilingus. Actually, her guy sucking on her vulva caused her to orgasm and she had a spontaneous abortion, a miscarriage. She is on Yaz, a very popular very low dose oral contraceptive and claims she has been taking her pills on time. She lost a lot of blood before the docs in the ER managed to get it stopped. Her partner apparently swallowed the fetal tissue that she expelled, thinking it was just chewy blood clots. He is a UNLV grad student in psychology doing research with us for the summer and loves menstrual sex so he actually enjoyed the first few mouthfuls of blood before he realized something was seriously wrong. The ER doctors did an ultrasound then an electric vacuum aspiration, an EVA like I have each time I’m CD1, to completely remove her endometrium and reset her cycle. She is in the hospital now just for observation and should be released later today. She, along with several other students had been fitted for a Penetrator plug yesterday and the vaginal vacuum during fittings can be quite strong at times especially when the woman is learning how to remove it. So a strong vacuum event like that might have started the fetus tearing away from her uterine wall. She was very newly pregnant and hasn’t asked what happened to the expelled tissue. In a very strenuous training regimen like the intensive her condition was sure to be found out but I’m sorry that it happened in such a public way.

In Denial: Her partner just thinks she spontaneously hemorrhaged, which she did, and if he suspects otherwise he isn’t asking any questions. I really don’t want to tell him he ate her hometown boyfriend’s baby. He may have enough trouble going over the events with his therapist as it is. I’m thinking she should be back in class on Monday. She doesn’t seem to be psychologically the worse for her experience and she is looking forward to resuming training and being with her summer boyfriend. Of course since her cervix was dilated for the EVA she won’t be able to wear a FemCap but she will need to wear her All-Flex diaphragm for at least the next few days to collect any residual bleeding. She stopped taking her pills in the hospital so she will have to restart. She told me this morning that she had had a sinus infection 4 weeks ago for which she was prescribed 10 days of doxycycline, so I’m thinking that is why her pill failed. We have had several instances over the years where antibiotics have reduced the effectiveness of our student’s hormonal contraceptives and doxycycline is one of the antibiotics that have that effect. If ABs are given at St Lucy’s or at our clinic to women on hormonal contraceptives we always recommend that they use a barrier for the time they are taking their AB and for at least a week and sometimes two (depending on the antibiotic) after taking the last dose while their hormonal protection is restored.

Hormonal contraceptives and ballet

A dial pack of Estrostep birth control pills

Ballet and the Pill: The St Lucy’s summer ballet intensive is well underway and several of the students who had started on birth control pills shortly before coming to Vegas have had such annoying problems, things like tender swollen breasts, weight gain and irregular bleeding that can quickly erode a students confidence they decided to switch to a cervical barrier for protection at least for the summer. Painful breasts and bleeding are both fairly common during the first few cycles on the pill so the girls should have started their pills several months ago to allow time for their bodies to adjust to the hormones. It’s a real downer being away from home and not feeling well and having body changes (weight gain, and swollen breasts) affect performance in something as competitive as a summer intensive. Weight gain, a pound every two weeks for these girls, was of great concern and major a blow to their self esteem. Swollen breasts can throw a girl off her center for pointework and make jumps unbearably painful and not knowing when you are gong to bleed makes it hard to successfully wear a tampon in anticipation because a dry tampon is very painful to remove. Diva cups work well during menstrual periods but you can’t be prepared to have sex with a Diva inserted so the obvious answer is an Ortho All-Flex or a Cooper Surgical (Milex) silicone diaphragm that will collect flow from irregular bleeding while permitting penetrative sex.

GyneFix vs. Cervical barriers: If the girls had been full time students at St Lucy’s I would have recommended they have GyneFix IUDs implanted but for a summer student who isn’t covered by the schools health insurance the up-front cost of a GyneFix even with the clinic discount is $600 which is more than their parents can afford so a properly fitted diaphragm to wear while bleeding and a strapless FemCap to wear for contraception and thrust buffering is an excellent low cost alternative. A properly fitted and correctly used cervical barrier can be almost as good as a GyneFix but a CB does take discipline to use correctly and misuse can easily lead to pregnancy. However, the ballet dancers selected for the intensive have been carefully chosen and are very disciplined so barring accidents I don’t anticipate any unplanned pregnancies. Once a girl stops her pills the bleeding and swollen breasts begin to go away immediately and are gone within a week. Weight loss takes a bit longer but decreasing appetite and not suppressing the metabolism should make it much easier to effectively control a dancer’s weight while eating a healthy diet. The girls are so pleased to be off the Pill and free of side effects. Using an expertly fitted cervical barrier they are sure of effective contraceptive protection with no annoying side effects which has given them their confidence back and lets them focus on their art and perfecting their technique.

Other hormonal methods: In addition to the pill there is the contraceptive injection, Depo-Provera, which is good for three months; a single rod implant, Implanon, good for three years; ‘the patch’, Ortho Evra, which is a series of three transdermal patches one of which is applied to the skin each week for three weeks and then there is a patch free week for your period; ‘the ring’, NuvaRing, which is a disposable soft polymer ring that slowly releases a combination of estrogen and progestin. NuvaRing is worn in the vagina for three or up to four weeks and then removed for a week for your period.

The Depo-Provera injection, a large dose of a harsh progestin, has been proven to cause weight gain in a large percentage of users and leeches calcium from the bones so the FDA warns against prolonged use. It’s not something a dancer would want to use unless it is a last resort. Ortho Evra delivers a very high amount of estrogen into the bloodstream (about 60% more than a 30mcg pill) which has been shown to cause more serious side effects (blood clots) than a comparable pill plus the patch can be seen through small or tight costumes and advertising ones method of birth control is considered gross. NuvaRing is tolerated well but depending on the woman’s pelvic anatomy the ring can slip out or be hooked and pulled out by a thrusting penis. Women using NuvaRing are advised to check before and after each act of intercourse to make sure the ring is still where it should be. Implanon is a progestin-only device and uses the same progestin that is used in NuvaRing. The main complaint about Implanon is that there can be a lot of irregular bleeding since there is no hormone free interval for a period and it can dry out a woman’s vaginal tissues.

Progestin and vaginal atrophy: More serious side effects can occur for some women with some progestins. The progestin and formulation (the estrogen/progestin mix) will vary from woman to woman but for one who is sensitive the effect, over time it can not only increase her hunger and decrease her natural testosterone (which causes her libido to disappear) but for some unlucky few will dry out the delicate vaginal tissues to the extent that sex becomes unbelievably painful even when using a good intimate lube like Astroglide, Replens or Dive-Gel. If those women are not seen by a Gyn expert in hormonal contraceptives their condition can be easily misdiagnosed as Vulvodynia and no effective relief can be managed because they continue on the pill that is causing their genital tissues to atrophy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The murder of a Pool-Chick

Zip-ties make great flexi-cuffs

A friend drowns: She was a lovely 24 y/o brunette and an accomplished dancer. She was a bit curvier than the traditional Balanchine body, but she was very good at maximizing the return on her assets. She wasn’t getting paid what she thought she was worth as a dancer and she saw her beauty as a depreciating asset which she needed to at least price at the market rate so she became an independent businesswoman. Ever since September of 2008 when Wall Street melted down the demand for beautiful and talented women for fantasy encounters has gone through the roof, and the demand for elite talent has far exceeded supply. Adventuresome women entered the business as Independent operators to profit from the shortage of high end fantasy escorts and the independents screening and security isn’t always the best, which may have lead to what happened last week.

Her business premises: She had set up in a secluded estate that had been foreclosed on and is now owned by a California bank. The former owners had walked away leaving the place furnished and the bank left the utilities on and is keeping the place up including pool maintenance while a local real estate company is showing it to prospective buyers. All she used was a bedroom and the enclosed pool and kept her usage undetected hiding her diving gear among the sports equipment the former owners left. She had an arrangement with a friend at the realtors so she knew when the house was to be shown so she could make certain there was no sign of her activity. She had come to me when she set up out there and I advised her on what she would need. The pool is conventional with a dive well at the deep end of only 15 feet. But that’s plenty of room if a client doesn’t want a three atmosphere encounter.

Her equipment: Because the place was being shown she couldn’t leave a vaginal muscle trainer or tether anchors on the pool bottom so I suggested she use a drain clip to clip a set of tethers to the grill over the drain at the bottom of the dive-well and use a BCD to hold her off the bottom but she thought a BCD would just get in the way of a more intimate encounter with a client. So then I suggested she wear weighted pool-pointes. Pool pointes are silicone pointe shoes made using a pair of the woman’s actual pointes as a pattern and they are usually made with polymer shanks and neutral buoyancy and a good pair will support you en pointe when out of the water. The ribbons are one single length looped through grommets and a slot under the insole so ribbons can be easily replaced w/o sewing. The platforms of the blocks can be fitted with a threaded adaptor that allows lead weights to be screwed to the platforms to hold the wearer on the bottom for walking around or stability during a dive-sex encounter and that is what she decided to use and did so with considerable success. At least that’s what she said. She had the lead platform-weights coated with silicone rubber (which is a standard option) so she wouldn’t mark the bottom of the pool with lead if she was dragged along the bottom. I suggested again that she wear a buoyancy control vest but she said the pool was shallow and the SCUBA equipment she was using was positively buoyant when the tank was low so she could drop her weight belt and the pool pointes were held on with Velcro fasteners so they could be quickly unfastened and the weighted pointe-shoes dropped if necessary. She also wasn’t using a dive computer because, she said, of the short duration shallow dives. I asked what about repetitive dives and she said she wasn’t doing more than two a day so thought she would be safe. I wasn’t at all sure. What if something changed and she needed to know if it was safe for her to dive a third time that day? But she smiled and said she would be fine.

Her laptop showed she had a morning encounter scheduled. Her air supplier, the guy has a portable compressor and comes to fill her empty oxygen tanks, found her that afternoon on the bottom of the pool.

Her arms had been spread and her wrists were zip-tied to an air tank dolly which had been tossed into the pool and her air hose had been cut.

Even with the light weight of the aluminum dolly she couldn’t get off the bottom because she had no BCD and couldn’t drop her weight belt and weighted shoes. Not that a BCD would have done her any good as her attacker would certainly have slashed its air bladder.

Her last minute or two w/o air must have been terrifying!

The ME said: She was wearing a strapless FemCap for protection and that the semen inside her had been there about as long as she had been dead, so her killer either got off in her just before he killed her or just afterward. Or, there was another person involved. There were raw spots on her hips where her thong cut into her as it was being ripped off but that might just have been rough sex.

Motive: It’s not clear to me why she was killed and killed that way. Her killer, it was almost certainly a man, and perhaps someone she knew because there were no real signs of a struggle, could just as easily have shut off the air from her tank. It was planned certainly but was her client her killer? That seems unlikely to me because he would have to be pretty stupid to leave his DNA inside his victim, but you never know. I’m thinking her death was a professional hit, done by cutting her hose to send a message. Dive sex is a premium service and the guys I talked to said she was very good at it. Perhaps the elite independent girls who have started cream skimming the high end services during the talent shortage are seen as a threat and someone is trying to scare them off. Being a pool-chick in Vegas can be dangerous.

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