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Vaginal breathing

ScubaPro S600 reg used for vaginal demand valve

Note: Because the subject of ‘bubble fucking’ has come up again recently [in a reader’s question in my August 22, 2009 entry] and I’m sure new readers haven’t a clue what I’m talking about and returning readers may have forgotten, I’m reposting most of the entry from October 4, 2009 that discussed Virginal Breathing, known in the trade as ‘bubble fucking’, in detail. Additions and changes have been made where procedures have been improved since the original entry was posted.

Vaginal breathing: Vaginal breathing is an evolving technique that we are learning more about as we gain experience with the use of vaginal demand valves (VDVs) and it gives us new capabilities for the use of gas in the diving fetish community. I was chatting with a friend some time ago now about what the intent was, from a woman’s point of view, of being bubble fucked and I had to admit that at first (and for the majority of us) it was only to feel that we are being air-fisted and more often than not we would do it to please a boyfriend since men seem far more interested in filling us with air that we were to have it done even though we were properly protected. That was because we were just starting to experiment and there was no sexual pleasure for us in just being filled with gas. Now however, those of us with very strong pelvic muscles have begun using diver adjustable second stage regulators like the Scubapro S600 to permit vaginal breathing. With the cracking valve adjusted to the lowest point possible w/o the VDV “free flowing” (leaking a steady flow of breathing gas) and with the VDV inserted and properly sealed vaginal breathing is quite different and extremely pleasurable.

Scubapro S600 second stage: We are using a Scubapro S600 second stage reg with a yellow purge cover (to identify it as the vaginal demand valve) at the end of the octopus. In an emergency it can be used as a buddy reg. but the mouthpiece has been replaced by an extensively modified SeaCure custom mouthpiece to fit the user’s pelvic anatomy with the individual wings widened, the width between them narrowed and the shoulder of the left wing padded where it rests against the back of the pubic bone when locked in place behind the pubic bone. The S600 is a good inexpensive (less than $600) regulator that allows diver adjustable inhalation effort a feature vital to its successful use for vaginal orgasms. This feature permits the diver to adjust the breathing effort (cracking pressure) via an oversized control knob which allows a girl using it as a VDV to fine tune the regulator just this side of free flow for ‘vaginal breathing’.

Upper reproductive tract protection: First the woman needs to be wearing a properly fitted and positioned gas guard. This is critically important to protect her from having compressed air forced into her uterus where it will enter her bloodstream as an air bubble and cause a stroke or heart attack.

We are recommending that a woman at least wear a Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm. The Reflexions will protect at any depth, but the mouthpiece of the VDV will rub against the dome and eventually puncture it. A close inspection and frequent replacement of the worn Reflexions with a new one will minimize the risk of a puncture causing a fatal accident. Ideally a woman wanting to use a VDV should be fitted with a cervical cap such as a FemCap or Oves that the VDV mouthpiece will not interact with and both FemCap and Oves can be worn safely for protection at any depth. However there can be problems with a cap. Caps can be difficult to fit properly, they are tricky to insert correctly and for women who have given birth they dislodge about 25% of the time so are unsuitable for something as dangerous as vaginal breathing for woman who have given birth. Even though Gepetto’s Oves style caps are harder to fit and insert correctly for women who can be fitted properly they are far superior for ease of vaginal breathing. Because a well fitting Oves almost never dislodges unless worn during menses when it fills with flow and floats off the cervix. And because of their small size Oves does not restrict the dynamic response (flexing) of the vaginal walls as does the rim of a diaphragm while allowing direct contact of the upper wing of the VDV against the erectile tissue of the G-spot. Once the woman has properly protected her cervix and upper reproductive tract she can safely insert her VDV.

Initiation: Vaginal breathing is begun by inserting the modified second stage reg mouthpiece into her vagina, making sure that the padded wing is up behind her pubic bone to hold it in place. Then the diver pushes her purge button filling and expanding her vaginal vault with air. She immediately Kegels (contracting her vaginal muscles) expelling as much of the air as she can. Then she relaxes her vaginal muscles to let her vagina expand which sets up a small vacuum in her vagina which opens the demand valve and fills her vaginal vault again after which she contracts the muscles in her vaginal barrel and expels the air again. This repeated cycle of filling and emptying her vagina of air by using her pelvic muscles is what we call ‘vaginal breathing’.

Free-running gas driven orgasms: Vaginal breathing would only be a curiosity except for the fact that it makes gas driven orgasms under control of a woman’s own pelvic muscles possible. With every expansion and contraction of the diver’s vaginal walls her G-spot is rubbed against the wing of the VDV mouthpiece and that pressure and relative movement is enough to caress her to orgasm. One of the amazing things about VDV orgasms is that unlike masturbating with a dildo or a vibi or having a man thrusting inside you there is immediate response from the VDV to any inhalation or exhalation (negative or positive) pressure in the vagina so that if the unit is properly inserted and sealed against the labia and the pubic bone once vaginal breathing is established it will continue to free-run until either: 1) The cracking valve is adjusted upward to make the vaginals work harder to suck gas. 2) The diver runs out of air in the tank that is feeding her VDV, or. 3) The woman’s vaginal muscles tire and begin to spasm and cramp. The third alternative is the one most of us who can actually achieve VDV orgasms usually experience because they are so addicting that none of us wants to end them until our muscles cramp and we have to. We all dive with full HP 130 tanks so unless we have a free-flow problem the gas will outlast our muscles regardless of how skilled we are as long as we are in a 20 ft deep training pool. Of course we need Ibuprofen and sleep with a heating pad on our bellies to relieve the pain of overworked vaginals, but at least for me the muscle cramping bothered me less and less as I built up my muscle strength with practice. So that I can now have a 20 minute session ending in an amazing orgasm and while my pelvis is tight afterward I’m still good to go.

Equipment changes: The standard heat malleable mouthpiece of the SeaCure custom unit has been changed considerably to soften the polymer so that it will flex more easily under vaginal muscle compression allowing more complete emptying of air during vaginal exhalation which improves the dynamic response of the device. The left or top wing of the mouthpiece has been widened to increase contact with the area of the front wall containing the G-spot and as mentioned earlier the shoulder of that wing has been padded where it rests against the back of the pubic bone. A labia shield has been added so that when the VDV is properly inserted the vulva including the clitoris and its shaft is contained within the shield. This requires the wearer to have her pubes totally waxed or freshly shaved. There is a channel in the labia shield that allows the excretion of urine w/o having to remove the VDV. Compression from diving and the wing of the mouthpiece pressing on the area under the bladder make retention of urine uncomfortable and therefore unlikely during wearing and use of a DVD so just urinating whenever is pretty standard, especially while soloing.

Cautions: There is a down-side to using a VDV for orgasms. One problem is that the diver can run out of air if she is using a small or partially filled tank because she is using two regs and her VDV is so finely tuned that if she isn’t careful it can free flow and exhaust her air quickly. It’s a good idea to have a VDV routined every few dives (more frequently than an ordinary second stage) because of the possibility of clogs from vaginal fluids, lubricants and semen that are expelled through the exhalation chambers of the unit during use.

Another problem is the possibility of addiction. Gepetto’s testers and Taryn and I all feel the narcotic effect of high levels of endorphins filling our bloodstreams from almost perfect sex in a weightless environment. And for some there is the possibility of over stressing the body and having a seizure, an increased possibility during extended (free-running) orgasms. Women shouldn’t dive alone for at least the first four or five times they use a VDV because if things go well the intensity and duration of the orgasm will often cause her to pass out. Not a problem if she has a large full tank and is wearing a FFM and her equipment is working properly, but if not she could wake up out of air, or perhaps not wake up at all. Using a pressure gage with a low pressure alarm can prevent being surprised by an out-of-air condition but is no help if the diver has an orgasm induced seizure.

Insertion: The VDV can be inserted before the diver enters the water or after. The S600 is basically buoyancy neutral but if inserting before entering the water insertion should be done on the pool edge so the diver can immediately enter the water after checking the seal or she will have to hold it in place as she walks which is cumbersome and embarrassing to do and comical to watch. Experience shows that a single 10 ml prefilled applicator of DiveGel in the vagina will be enough and another 10 ml syringe applied all around the inside of the labia shield so that when it is sealed tightly with the shoulder of the mouthpiece behind the pubic bone there is nothing under the shield that is pulling or pinching.

Care of the VDV: the modified mouthpiece and labia shield are precision molded for an individual user and any snag, nick or tear in the surfaces and seals can be painful or cause the unit not to work properly so a diver should not let her VDV drag along the pool surround or bottom. Protecting the custom fitted surfaces with a padded reg-bag until she is ready to insert it is a must.

Position for soloing: I’ve found what works best for me is to tether myself between two bottom anchors in about 12 to 15 feet of water. I wear a FFM – a vintage Drager or a Mistral twin-hose connected to an Interspiro, a full HP 130 tank, pool pointes and with an Oves cap sucking on my cervix. I go no deeper when using a VDV to minimize nitrogen loading because of the likelihood of extended bottom times. I use Velcro ankle leashes fastened to the anchors which are about 15 feet apart and then inflate my BCD until it pulls me taunt in a semi-split with my head 4 to 6 feet below the surface. That way my legs aren’t in the way, the hose of my VDV is between my legs, and I’m nearly weightless with only the sounds of the rhythmic sucking and exhalation of gas from my lungs and VDV. It’s awesome!

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Black Swan release date December 1, 2010

BLACK SWAN: U.S. release date December 1, 2010

Contraception and the media

1.5 mg of levonorgestrel for purse and dancebag

August 30, 2010
Sarah Estrella
Sex Education Examiner

American Academy of Pediatrics: 'The media have become one of the leading sex educators in the U.S.'

In a policy statement released yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in on Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media, calls for a national task force on children, adolescents, and the media, and advocates for comprehensive sex education, noting that "It is unwise to promote 'abstinence-only' sex education when it has been shown to be ineffective and when the media have become such an important source of information about 'non-abstinence.'"

Although much of the policy statement focuses on negative impacts of TV and media on the sexual behavior of children and teenagers – "more than 75% of prime-time programs contain sexual content, yet only 14% of sexual incidents mention any risks or responsibilities of sexual activity" – and increased sexual content and sexual suggestiveness in music, movies, television shows, teen magazines, the Internet, social networking web sites, and advertisements – lead author Victor C. Strasburger, MD also sees opportunity for positive impact, noting "The media can be powerful vehicles for sexual health education."

Among the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations:

* "Pediatricians can help parents and teenagers to recognize the importance of the media by asking at least 2 media-related questions at each well visit: (1) How much time do you spend daily with entertainment media? And (2) Is there a TV set or Internet access in your bedroom? Research has shown that bedroom TVs are associated with greater substance use and sexual activity by teenagers. A recent study revealed that office-based counseling is effective and could result in nearly 1 million more children and adolescents adhering to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to limit media time to less than 2 hours/day.

* "Pediatricians should urge schools to insist on comprehensive sex education programs (to counter the influence of sexually suggestive and explicit media) that incorporate basic principles of media literacy into their sex education pro- grams. Studies have shown that effective media literacy programs can be protective against unhealthy media effects. Federal money should be spent on comprehensive sex education programs but not on abstinence-only programs, which have been found to be ineffective."

* "Pediatricians should urge the broadcast industry to air advertisements for birth control products. The federal government also needs to encourage the advertising of birth control, especially emergency contraceptives."

* "Pediatricians should urge the broadcast industry to limit advertisements for erectile dysfunction drugs until after 10 PM."

* "Pediatricians should urge the broadcast media to include healthy messages about sex and sexuality in their programming, especially in media that children and early teenagers use most frequently."

Personal comment: We agree that ED drug ads are far too prevalent on television and there are almost no adverts for emergency contraceptives like Plan B one-step that a girl could find herself needing if she is caught unprepared. St Lucy’s students 16 and over carry Plan B one-step in their purses and dancebags as backup in case an opportunity is just too good to miss and with healthy, energetic outgoing teens that sort of thing will invariably happen, which is why we recommend all students 16 or older have a GyneFix implanted.

St Lucy’s prides itself on providing age appropriate comprehensive sex education for students, the next generation of our nation’s female leaders. In this regard St Lucy’s is especially strong in the field of technique courses, contraception and STI avoidance providing through student health a full range of contraceptive devices and medications so there is an effective method available for every girl who needs one. And, there is counseling on a complete set of other options should the need arise.

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AST and discharge fetishes

Fertile ‘egg white’ cervical mucus

Advanced Sexual Techniques: I’m CD3 and flowing heavily so today I’m practicing (rehearsing) a form of vampire-sex that I will be teaching a few of my AST students at St Lucy’s on the days I’m at full flow. They really have to be comfortable playing with their discharge for vampire-sex to be successful so it’s usually the older students who have been sexually active for a few years who qualify.

Returning readers remember that for the past three years I’ve been having menstrual extractions (MEs) to remove my endometrium by suction which reduced my period to two days. Because I no longer need to have MEs I can resume having my normal six-day menses where days three and four are my heavy flow days and I can use my menstrual flow as a teaching tool. There are various versions of Vampire-sex but the one I will be teaching requires the woman to either have a GyneFix IUD implanted or use two diaphragms so she will have effective contraceptive protection.

Until recently foreplay using a ripe rubber diaphragm wasn’t in the St Lucy’s AST syllabus because it’s a subject that had rarely come up unless women were talking about ways to get rid of the odor, by soaking the D in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. But by introducing the service in the local fetish community we found there are a surprising number of men who find the scent of a ripe latex diaphragm erotic. And developing a vaginally enhanced pungent rubber odor from her gas guard is an easy way for a girl to get and hold a rubber-fetishist’s attention, so it has become worthwhile including ripe rubber foreplay in the course.

Ripe rubber + menstrual flow: Now, combine the ripe rubbery stench of a latex diaphragm that had been inserted continuously for several days with the scent of menstrual flow and you have man-bait that is irresistible to a man in rubber-lust. It’s also the sort of thing a girl can use to separate the men with real rubber-lust from the guys who say they are into a girl’s vaginal secretions just to get in her panties. If a girl is unsure she can test her guy’s commitment in three stages during different times in her cycle.

A caution. If a woman wants something in addition to the heavy rubbery stench of a ripe rubber diaphragm this technique works best for women who are not using hormonal contraceptives, HCs. That’s because generally woman on HCs will be dryer, that is not producing as much volume in their vaginal secretions, lubricant, cervical fluid or menstrual flow.

Phase one: All a girl has to do is wear her diaphragm continuously for two or three days for it to develop a strong funky rubbery scent from her vaginal secretions interacting with the latex or silicone of her diaphragm. A latex diaphragm (a Reflexions flat spring is the only latex model generally available now) is best for this because the latex develops a strong scent quicker. If you are going to try this as foreplay, be sure to insert the diaphragm ‘dry’ (without spermicide) because the taste of chemical spermicides (using Nonoxynol-9) is horrid and interferes with the taste of a girl’s natural secretions. I’m teaching a series of encounters in three phases to introduce a partner to a woman’s vaginal fluids.

In the first phase she wears the diaphragm for three days during her luteal interval, after the woman has ovulated, when the D can develop a scent but there will be minimal discharge collected by the dome. Then the woman lets her partner remove her D and sniff the scent before he licks her secretions out of the dome. While he is enjoying the taste of her feminine discharge if she isn’t wearing a GyneFix she applies spermicide in her second diaphragm and inserts it so she is protected for the penetrative sex that will follow.

Phase two: If letting him lick out the dome of her luteal interval diaphragm goes well then she has two other discharge options, filling the dome with fertile cervical mucus (FCM) during her mid-cycle fertile days and menstrual flow during her period. If she is still unsure of her partner’s enthusiasm for consuming her discharge she should try him next with her FCM. This can be clear thick (the consistency of egg white) and very stretchy and sometimes brown in color. The brown is from a few drops of oxidized blood from spotting because of the woman’s high estrogen level just prior to or at ovulation and is called ovulation spotting. If he enjoys licking the fertile cervical mucus out of her diaphragm then she can move on to phase three, ripe rubber plus menstrual flow.

Phase three: For phase three she wears her ripe rubber diaphragm during her period to collect her flow. This phase, wearing a diaphragm while menstrual, requires a warning. DO NOT FORGET YOU HAVE A DIAPHRAGM INSERTED! For women on HCs or who are near the end of their flow it is possible that there will not be enough flow to fill the dome and she can forget she is wearing the second D and forget to remove it. Forgetting and leaving old blood in an inserted diaphragm can cause a serious infection or even Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) so a woman using a second D for protection should have some way of reminding herself that her D is still inserted. What I do is leave the empty case for my D on a shelf in plain sight in my bathroom so I see it every time and am reminded.

Ok, so an hour or two before she is to meet her phase three partner she insets her D, if she isn’t already using it for flow control. Then when she has gotten him into an intimate setting she lets him remove her D and drink her flow. I’ve found it’s best to use a dark rubber sheet on the bed and to minimize spillage I lay on my back while my partner is carefully removing the D full of flow. There will be some spillage (blood trickling down my perineum tickles) but with practice that can be minimized by timing, not letting it fill to the rim before removal and care during removal to compress the rim as little as possible, which is a trick most men seem to find difficult to learn. I can tell if he likes drinking my flow if he licks the clots out of the dome then licks the blood off his upper lip, smiles and winks at me. If he does I’ve made a vampire conquest!

Paris: Have some Coke and a smile

Paris when she sizzles

Associated Press
August 28, 2010

'Vapor trail' leads to Paris Hilton's Vegas arrest

LAS VEGAS - Smoke wafting from a Cadillac Escalade on the Las Vegas Strip ignited Paris Hilton's latest legal troubles late Friday, when a motorcycle officer who suspected the smell was marijuana stopped the vehicle and police say a bag of cocaine fell out of the 29-year-old socialite's purse.

It's the second time this year Hilton has been arrested on drug possession allegations, although authorities in South Africa dropped marijuana charges earlier this summer. In 2007, Hilton pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

This time, the hotel heiress was with her boyfriend, Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, who manages a club inside the Wynn Las Vegas and was driving the black SUV that the officer stopped nearby at 11:22 p.m. Friday.

The officer "followed the vapor trail and the odor of marijuana to the Escalade," police Sgt. John Sheahan said.

As other police arrived and a crowd gathered on the busy neon-lit Strip, Hilton asked to go into the Wynn resort for privacy, Sheahan said.

"Miss Hilton pulled out a tube of lip balm," Sheahan said. "At the same time ... a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse" in plain view of police in the room.

Police Officer Marcus Martin characterized the cocaine as a "small amount," or a package of the size usually associated with personal use. Police would not specify the weight of the cocaine or whether any marijuana was confiscated.

Hilton was arrested on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. If convicted of the low-grade felony, she would get probation, but any violation of that probation would be punishable by up to one to four years in Nevada state prison.

Waits, 34, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in county jail. Police said he owned the 2009 Cadillac.

Hilton and Waits were booked into the Clark County jail, where Sheahan said Hilton was kept handcuffed on a booking room bench, fingerprinted, photographed and released without bail about 2:45 a.m. Saturday.

Waits' lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, said Waits posted $2,000 bail Saturday. Waits was released Saturday afternoon.

Sheahan said Hilton was not taken to a cell and received no special treatment on a busy Friday night and Saturday morning at the jail. He said release without bail was common in such cases.

Hilton, a prolific tweeter, didn't mention the arrest on her Twitter site, although less than an hour after she was released her account was updated with a posting that said the actress was in bed watching the television show "Family Guy."

It was unclear if the tweets came from her, were posted by time-release or were sent by someone else. Hilton spokeswoman Dawn Miller wouldn't comment when reached by an Associated Press reporter Saturday afternoon.

Hilton's attorney, David Chesnoff, told The Associated Press on Saturday morning that he was still gathering facts about the arrest.

"This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law," Chesnoff said later in a statement. "There will be no interviews and no more comments at this time."

Schonfeld said he was "troubled by the circumstances" leading to the arrest, but declined to specify his concerns.

"As the case proceeds, a lot of facts are going to come to light that will ultimately lead to exoneration," Schonfeld said.

Court dates for Hilton and Waits were not immediately available. Clark County District Attorney David Roger declined to comment Saturday about the case.

A spokeswoman for Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Waits and his twin brother, Jesse, are managing partners of the Tryst Nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas, Drai's after hours club at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon, and XS The Nightclub at Wynn's Encore resort. A spokeswoman for Harrah's resorts declined immediate comment.

Earlier this week, Hilton was in the news when a 31-year-old man allegedly tried to break into her Los Angeles home.

Authorities have said that someone carrying two big knives banged on Hilton's window Tuesday. She posted a photo of the arrest on Twitter and described it as "scary." Nathan Lee Parada faces a felony burglary charge.

Hilton was arrested this summer after the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on suspicion of possession of marijuana. The case was then dropped at a midnight court hearing.

Hilton pleaded no contest in 2007 to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. After spending about 23 days in jail, Hilton told CNN host Larry King that the experience caused her to re-evaluate the role partying played in her life. She said she wanted "to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis."

While most famous for her tabloid exploits and reality TV series "The Simple Life," Hilton has appeared in the films "Bottoms Up," "The Hottie & the Nottie" and "House of Wax."

Personal Comment: Steve must be overjoyed to be getting publicity through Paris getting busted for possession of cocaine along with the manager of the nightclubs in several of his properties.

“Smoke wafting from a Cadillac Escalade on the Las Vegas Strip” What in the world were they doing, reenacting the election of a pope? You would have thought they would have had the Escalades A/C on!

"Miss Hilton pulled out a tube of lip balm," Sheahan said. "At the same time ... a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse" in plain view of police in the room.
….. "As the case proceeds, a lot of facts are going to come to light that will ultimately lead to exoneration," Schonfeld said.

Really? Exoneration? Well, this being Vegas and her being Paris she might just skate…You think?

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Pointe shoe quiz august 28, 2010

Who is the maker of this dancer’s pointes?

This one may be a bit tricky, but I have used this maker in several quizzes before so the sole is familiar to returning readers. By sharpening the image you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Friday, August 27, 2010

BDSM while menstrual

A Fasteners SA models spider bra, collar & mask set

BDSM while menstrual: At Fasteners, our Bondage Boutique, Gepettos new Spider set is flying off the shelves! It’s the new must-have for bondage-girls! It looks like a conventional Spider bra, but the bindings are adhesive backed and when wet they shrink remarkably. So when the bra is dipped in water, before slipping it on and the ‘legs’ are adjusted over the breasts (while the wearer is bending over) the bindings will adhere to the flesh of the breasts and will tighten as they shrink while drying. A new thing for Local Doms seem to be to have their menstruating partners experiencing breast pain while havening unprotected menstrual sex thinking that when on their periods women aren’t fertile, but that’s not always the case. So we see a lot of submissives coming in for Mifeprex or a menstrual extraction after having missed their periods and testing positive for hCG a month or so after having unprotected menstrual sex.

I love wearing my Spider set! My situation is complicated by the fact that I’m lactating so not only do the drying bindings of the ‘legs’ tighten but my breasts swell as they fill with milk so it is a fun experience, if you are really into pain like I am! The Spider bra fastens in the back with a band-lock. If you think unhooking a bra by reaching behind you is a problem try unlocking a back mounted band-lock! If you don’t have help getting out of it don’t stand anywhere near the toilet when you are trying to fit the key in the lock.

I’m menstrual: I’m CD1 and menstrual today. My cycles are super regular at 28 days so I don’t have any worry about getting preggers from unprotected sex up to CD7. Even so other than when I’m with one of my stallions for unprotected menstrual sex I wear a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for cervical protection during my period. That’s just in case I have an urge for dive-sex since I can be very spontaneous. Penile-vaginal-intercourse (PVI) during dive-sex is one thing a girl should not do unless she has a gas guard inserted for upper reproductive tract protection. A pregnancy can be easily resolved, but an embolism is a life threatening occurrences from which a woman can not fully recover.

Lactation & text message reminders

Testing her milk ducts

Lactation and menstrual sex: Returning readers will recall that I’m lactating. I’ve never been pregnant. It was induced lactation caused by nipple manipulation when I was a latex-model for a Canadian fetishwear company during the summer when the ballet company I was with was on holiday. On balance I enjoy being milked so much that the bother is worth it. I have it controlled so I’m able to maintain my figure by taking L-dopa (an off label use) to control my prolactin level. The only side effect from the dopamine so far is that in addition to controlling my milk production so my breasts don’t grow above a B-cup it increased my libido! Go figure!

To keep up my milk production I’m eating an additional 750 calories per day and I need to stay well hydrated especially since I dive so much which is also dehydrating because of the water pressure. I’m looking forward to menstrual sex this weekend with one of my stallions who enjoys breast feeding as well swimming in the Red Sea.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Text Message Reminders No More Beneficial for Users of Birth Control

Women who receive text message reminders to take oral contraceptives are no more likely to do so than women who do not, according to a study published in the September issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, MedPage Today reports.

For the study, researchers at Boston University recruited 82 birth control pill users from a local Planned Parenthood clinic. The women were given oral contraceptives from an electronic monitoring device that reported missed pills in real time through wireless transmission.

The women were divided into one group that received daily text message reminders to take the pill, while a control group created their own reminder system, such as through a cell phone or clock alarm.

The researchers found that missed pills were common regardless of whether the women were reminded via text messages (Phend, MedPage Today, 8/24).

Melody Hou -- lead author of the study and a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Boston University School of Medicine -- said that 68% of women in the control group adhered to their own reminder system, which could account for the lack of significant difference between the two groups (Hobson, "Health Blog" Wall Street Journal, 8/23).

Only 16% of the study's participants had "excellent adherence," meaning they missed no more than one pill per cycle on average (MedPage Today, 8/24).

Hou added that no particular method has shown to be effective in reminding women to take their oral contraceptives.

The use of text messaging to remind patients about health-related behaviors is being tested in other areas as well, including for HIV treatment ("Health Blog," Wall Street Journal, 8/23).

Personal comment: Perhaps I’m too old to be that much into gadgets, but the outcome of this experiment doesn’t surprise me. At St Lucy’s we try to get students to sync their pill taking to some activity that they do at the same time every day, bathe, brush their teeth etc. I think there are too many things that can go wrong with a reminder message to a student’s cell; forget to carry the cell, drop it, the battery dies etc. A woman has to have a commitment to using her contraceptive method correctly and if she must take an oral contraceptive then linking her daily pill taking to a personal activity each day is the best way for a woman to remember.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reader’s questions and nail polish

Sally Hansen No Chip acrylic top coat

Nail polish and pointes: A reader asks “Do you paint your toenails and if so how do you keep the polish from chipping when you wear pointes and ballet boots?” When I have a Pedi my nail tech knows I’m in pointes most of the time, so she just goes lightly over my calluses, cuts my nails straight across and after applying a colored lacquer covers it with a coat of Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat. That way my nails look great for up to a week. The lacquer lasts the longest if I’m wearing Gaynors and Pleasure boots because of the interior padding. When I wear traditionally made pointes, my Freeds mostly, the polish only lasts half as long. I love Sally Hansen products! The No Chip Acrylic Top Coat really works well for me!

Factor V Leiden Mutation: A reader asked “Do you test St Lucy’s students for Factor V Leiden Mutation and PT 20210 Mutation?” Factor V Leiden Mutation and PT 20210 Mutation increases the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clots in the legs. All St Lucy’s students, the female staff and all our female escort candidates are routinely tested for Factor V Leiden Mutation. That way we know if it is likely there could be a clotting problem if the girl is on or goes on a combined (estrogen/progestin) contraceptive. A progestin only method like a Mirena IUD, Implanon implant or the mini-pill is safe for a woman with Factor V Leiden Mutation to use. Even so we try to get the students to have a GyneFix IUD implanted because of its long term (five years for the 6 tube regular size) effectiveness, low cost over the life of the device and very low maintenance.

We began testing for Factor V Leiden Mutation several years ago when two UNLV students who developed DVT while on the pill were found to have the gene mutation. About 5% of the population of the U.S has the gene mutation and it’s found primarily in people with European backgrounds. If a woman inherits the mutation from both her parents she is 80 times more likely to develop clots than a woman w/o the mutation. While the women’s doctors should have asked about Factor V Leiden before putting them on the pill some don’t and we have found two students and an escort candidate in three years who had the mutation and weren’t aware of it. One student was on the pill and was immediately taken off.

Blog comment mediation: My readers who also have blogs on Blogger/BlogSpot will know that Google has recently rolled out a feature that allows spam filtering on comments to a blog. Until the other day I had left comments to this blog unmediated. However, now with the spam feature it is in my interest to mediate the comments. Not because I have had spam, I have had only one spam comment from someone (who said he was a young man) who wanted to share with me how well Viagra worked for him and helpfully posted the address of his on-line pharmacy! Like my email spam folder isn’t filled with that sort of thing on a daily basis! Go figure!

I think a really nice thing about comment mediation is that it allows me to see all comments immediately after submission. That way new comments to earlier posts buried in the archives that I would otherwise probably never see are brought to my attention. Now that I will be able to see all comments I can answer them if I want and so be more responsive to my readers. There haven’t been all that many, but there were a few.

Vampire sex: It’s Wednesday and I’m CD27 today and will be CD1 and menstrual this Friday. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that since I found that a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm can be safely worn as a gas guard for deep dive-sex down to at least 200 feet I no longer need to have menstrual extractions on a monthly basis. The ME was to decrease my period to two days so I could wear an Oves cap for deep dive-sex cervical protection for 26 of the 28 days of my cycle. I started having MEs in October of 2007 so it has been almost three years and thirty-seven menstrual extractions.

It was worth having the MEs at the time to get another four days wearing Oves per cycle but the time, discomfort and the physical risk to my uterus were constantly there and so I’m glad to be getting back to a normal period and using a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as a gas guard when I’m menstrual. Returning to a normal menses will provide more bloody playtime for some of my men friends as well because I have several stallions who enjoy vampire sex, going down on me when I’m menstrual and also filling me with sperm when I’m flowing, so being back at full flow after three years will be a treat for me and them too!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Mexico is Miss Universe 2010

Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete of Mexico

For the curious reader: Last night here in Las Vegas, Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico was chosen Miss Universe 2010. Jimena was not one of the Naughty girls the other night. Returning readers will understand what I mean. Jimena is quite lovely. I congratulate her and wish her well!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Naughty’s and Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2010 contestants

Miss Universe 2010: I’m not a fan of Beauty Pageants, but I won’t have harm come to contestants if I can help it. Last night I had an opportunity to keep three of this years Miss Universe contestants out of trouble and took it.

The pageant is pretty well chaperoned and the countries have a self-interest in keeping their contestant in line as “The Donald” Trump is known for firing people for rules infractions. However, three of the girls conspired to slip their minders and ended up in Naughty Pleasures our Cabaret and with its famous singles bar, Meat Market. A bartender recognized one of them and let security know and we had three of our male escorts pick them up and after a drink and chat where I explained that if they got caught they were in trouble we took them back to the Mandalay Bay. We called ahead and explained the situation and their security was able to sneak them back into the secure area.

The pageant is tonight August 23, 2010. It will be televised on NBC beginning at 9:00 PM in the east and there is a dress rehearsal in the afternoon so it’s a big day for the girls. I don’t mind giving the event publicity because what brings people to Vegas helps us all. I hope you will watch and try to guess which three of the girls spent time chatting up my escorts at Naughty’s. No I’m not going to tell, it’s our secret!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ballet glamour, readers questions

Glamorous Ballet: backstage at Swan Lake

Glamour and the ballet: Most non-dancers think of ballet as glamorous and the few minutes when performing on stage is and can be addictive. But being good enough to be a professional ballet dancer is the culmination of years and years of very hard work and discipline and the intangible of having good genes. Very little of it is glamorous and even the after-performance parties are work where the dancers are tired and hungry and want to get off their feet, not meet donors who for most ballet companies keep the company solvent. A dancers life is both routine and a series of challenges: the daily classes, the injuries, learning to use your menstrual cycle and periods to advantage or at least mask any discomfort, the closely watched diet to keep up strength while not putting on weight, avoiding eating disorders, the use of a contraceptive that fits your lifestyle so you can enjoy intimacy with the opposite sex with no complications, the constant scrutiny of your performances as you compete for jobs or roles within a company, the selection and preparation of pointe shoes and the list goes on and on. But the lucky ones are girls who have dancer’s bodies, not too tall, not to heavily boned, not too big breasted. Though, for a girl with a voluptuous figure I will make an exception if she meets my other needs because she can dance with her breasts bound so she doesn’t look as though she should be performing at the Folies Bergère.

My company was auditioning last week for three women and two men. Dancers move around a lot or are injured and can no longer dance or as they age they decide to settle down and have a family and many move away from dancing full time and find work in a different field. As Balanchine said “I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.” I look for girls who are driven to dance, as was Victoria Page in The Red Shoes, because they must. It’s a bit different for men because there are so few who are good dancers. In men I will overlook some minor discipline problems and the ones with raging libidos can add spirit to a company as long as the girls are careful to always use contraception. The results of last weeks auditions were disappointing. We had more than thirty-five dancers show up for each of three auditions and I didn’t see anyone with the spark, the hunger, the attack that I’m looking for. I still have plenty of time, but it would be nice to give new dancers time settle in.

A reader asks: Do you teach how to bubble fuck in your AST course? The answer is, not usually at St Lucy’s because even with a properly sized and positioned gas guard it still can be dangerous to intentionally insert compressed gas into a woman’s vagina. If the GG were to displace or tear there would be no upper reproductive tract protection which would almost certainly result in an embolism and death.

If we have a student who shows enough sophistication and maturity to use her equipment properly we will if, after the risks are explained – and with her parent’s permission – she still insists on being taught to masturbate by ‘Vaginal Breathing’ the schools name for bubble fucking. The additional equipment cost is minimal, just an octopus and the custom modified regulator mouthpiece that can be inserted into her vagina. The insurance rider to cover the training is prohibitively expensive, but must be purchased as a pre-condition of the training.

We do teach vaginal breathing as part of our escort training curriculum for women eighteen years or older. And it is a plus for women who do well in the specialty when recruiters come looking for beautiful, young, well educated, adventuresome women with specialized training. Several recruiters for large well known organizations, and one that is large and not at all well known, have told me that it isn’t that they are looking for women interested in self-pleasuring with compressed gasses, but they have found women interested in doing that seem to have the interest and ability to excel in other risky activities for which it is difficult to recruit high quality talent.

Gardasil for men: A reader asked if we recommend men getting the Gardasil vaccine. Absolutely! My escort training classes include vaccinating both male and female candidates with Gardasil, for HPV protection. That way the men are protected against anal cancer and genital warts and it minimizes the possibility of their transmitting HPV to intimate partners. There is a lot of discussion in the U.S. about the cost effectiveness of the series of Gardasil shots for men, but if a guy can save himself the possibility of getting anal cancer the cost is worth every penny.

DiveGel prefilled applicators: A reader asked what a DiveGel applicator looks like. Actually it is identical to the disposable applicators used to package the commercial chemical Nonoxynol-9 spermicide Conceptrol. A DiveGel applicator is 5.75 inches long (w/o the plunger inserted) and .5 inches in diameter so they are handy to keep several in a girl’s dancebag, gasmask bag, dive-pouch or purse to have some handy when she needs it. I always keep a few in all those places in addition to at my bedside. If I want a particular partner to wear a condom then DiveGel is a must for protracted encounters otherwise I can burst his condom or pull it off

Pointe shoe quiz August 21, 2010

What obvious modification has this dancer made to her pointes?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dive-sex challenges

Instructor in vintage Drager FFM and inverted twin-set

Vintage SCUBA equipment and dive-sex: Escorts specializing in dive sex like the model Drager FFM being worn by the instructor in the image above. That’s because it’s noisy with the hiss of the demand valve as she sucks gas and roar of the wearer’s exhalations as the bubbles race toward the surface. The bubbles are vented to the side so they don’t cloak the wearer’s visibility and there is no oral-nasal unit obscuring the wearer’s face as there is in many of the newer FFMs. The large faceplate lets the wearer’s full facial features be easily seen. That’s important when a customer has paid as much as a dive-sex encounter costs and the escort are as lovely as the dive-sex girls are. And, the large air volume in the mask gives it neutral buoyancy which minimizes diver fatigue during a dive-sex encounter.

Inverted twin-tank training: One of the most difficult equipment configurations for a woman to wear during dive-sex is an inverted twin-tank set like the one shown in the image above. The difficulty is not for her of course, but for her partner who has to penetrate and thrust into her w/o scraping himself against her tanks. At our casino we pride ourselves on having our male escorts experienced with all sorts of vintage as well as new dive gear so as to give our female clients the most mind blowing dive-sex experience it’s possible to have regardless of the dive gear they are using. To do that we train our men for some of the most difficult situations and one way is by having their instructors wear inverted tank sets.

The encounter begins: It starts with the male escort gaining full access to the trainer’s/client’s vagina by sliding her thong to one side or unfastening it and having the woman spread her legs. Then spreading her labia with the fingers of one hand he inserts the first two fingers of the other hand into her vagina feeling for obstructions like a menstrual cup and to see if she is wearing a gas guard which she should have inserted before entering the pool. If she isn’t wearing a gas guard they have to ascent to the surface and have her insert her gas guard. Once he feels that she is wearing a GG he checks its position to make certain the stretchy rubber dome is covering her cervix to protect her upper reproductive tract from an air embolism or infection from pool water. Then he inserts a disposable applicator of DiveGel in her vagina to make certain she is well lubed. In dive-sex there is no such thing as too much lube! What we recommend using is DiveGel which is only a thick lubricating gel, but if the woman wants he can use Semécide which is DiveGel with 4% Nonoxynol-9 added as a powerful spermicide for extra contraceptive protection.

Insertion: Then, with the woman’s legs still spread, he lets her release his erection from his slingshot and with him holding her hips she puts one hand on his shoulder and the other on his shaft to guide him and he carefully lowers her on to the tip of his shaft until she positions his tip at the entrance to her vagina. Then he pushes down on her hips pushing himself inside her. The moment of consummation, when he first enters her, is charged with emotion; him feeling the tight hot grip of the woman’s muscle ringed birth canal and she, feeling the velvet sheathed steel of his shaft pushing past the ring of nerves at the entrance to her vagina. Then slowly he works himself deeper and deeper as she adjusts her hips taking more and more of him. Most of our male escorts are large enough that when he is fully inside a woman the tip of his shaft is against the tip of her cervix even when she is extremely aroused. Most women love feeling the stretchy rubber dome of their gas guard press on her cervix as her partner thrusts into the dome.

Best position: The position that works the best for a woman wearing inverted tanks is for her to wrap her legs around her partner’s waist – he is wearing a shortie tank - and snuggle close to his chest while he holds her against the pool wall as he thrusts into her. Her tank backboard protects her back from the metal and straps of her tank. He can adjust his thrust angle by having her tilt her hips a bit, but too much and the valves and reg on her tanks will hit his legs. If she is small wearing a Drager FFM allows her to be held against his chest and still be able to look up and him to look down to see her expression as she approaches climax since their faceplates are only inches apart. They can hear each other moaning and gasping in delight over the roar of their bubbles as he caresses her G-spot with his rock hard glans taking her to a back arching, toe curling orgasm with the contractions of her strong vaginal muscle pulling him over the edge into ecstasy with her.

Instructor watching student descend in training pool

I love this image: It shows the bubble cloud as she exhales while waiting for her male partner to join her at the bottom of the training pool for his dive-sex lesson. This model vintage Drager is a fave for dive-sex because if both partners wear the same style they can snuggle up faceplate to faceplate to talk or hold each other close while the woman is wearing a low riding tank like the inverted twin-tank set she is wearing for this lesson. The roar of the bubbles and the hiss as she sucks air through her Drager’s demand valve matched with that of her partner when their respiration rate is up during orgasm provides a surrounding wall of sound enclosing the mating couple making them seem alone in their own private space as their attention is focused entirely on each other. The hiss of gas through their demand valves and the roar of their combined bubbles almost masking the man’s grunts and gasps and the woman’s mewing squeals and moans as they reach orgasm together.

Gas masks and St Lucy’s new semester

Mestel SGE 150 gas mask and canister

Gas masks and condoms: We have had a spike in BDSM deaths (well, two in a week) from suffocation. Both were gorgeous and extremely expensive 22 y/o escorts who should have known better than to allow themselves to be fastened to beds with heavy leather restraints. Not that the kind of restraints would have made any difference. Their partner – analysis of his semen found it was the same man – had removed the filter canisters from their standard BDSM gas masks (the Mestel SGE 150 which is less costly than the SGE 400 so is in more common use) and replaced them with an aluminum 40mm fitting extender, then put latex condoms over the extender and fastened the condoms in place with rubber bands so they may have suffocated while he was fucking them. BDSM and especially breathplay is an extremely popular premium service so a girl’s SGE 150 gets a lot of use. The suspect is a man about 6 feet tall, 200 lbs., brown hair, well muscled body, clean shaven and speaks with a French accent. Both girls had a GyneFix implanted and were fertile. None of their clothing seems to have been taken and their slit-kits didn’t seem to be missing anything so we don’t know if he took souvenirs.

We are trying to get the word out to the escort services to be very careful of that sort of request from new clients. Once a client has established a credit history with the service it’s less likely he will turn homicidal especially if he is with a favorite girl, but with BDSM guys sometimes get carried away, so you can never really be sure.

New St Lucy’s girls arrive this week: The pace is picking up again in preparation for the fall semester. Cyndi and Gigi are orientation leaders this year to help the new girls get settled in. New Students have been arriving to be fitted out with the special equipment they will need as are the rising sixth form students who will be taking my Advanced Sexual Techniques course. We had made an exception for Cyndi when she took the AST course when she was fifteen (under the age of consent) but we had permission forms from her mom and her grandmother, the Duchess.

This semester we will have another fifteen y/o Katherine, or Kat, who signed up for AST. She was brought out by her parents from a prestigious girl’s school in NYC and her parents have signed all the requisite permissions for Kat to participate in the sorts of things taught in AST. Actually, she was expelled for repeated inappropriate behavior, but scholastically she is very smart, she’s just adventuresome. The incident for which she was expelled was when she was found enjoying working under one of her gymnastics coaches who was showing her what deep massage therapy felt like and they were really getting it on when her moans brought one of the security guards to investigate. She had her ball-gag in her gym bag and if she had just worn it she wouldn’t have been sent into exile from Manhattan. She was taking gymnastics because the school didn’t have a good dance department so she is switching back to ballet. She had kept up her ballet training with private classes so from her audition video performance she should be able to participate fully at her age level. She seems the sort of high spirited girl who will do well at St Lucy’s. She tested negative for pregnancy (we always check a new student’s urine specimen) so she will start here with a clean record and a creative mind. And she has completed the regimen of Gardasil shots so her vaccinations are all current.

AST Pelvic exam: All St Lucy’s students get a pelvic exam at the start of the school year, but the pelvic given to the students who will be taking the AST course is particularly thorough. That’s because the women’s cervical health and vaginal muscle tone as well as any anatomical irregularities that might interfere with a strenuous regimen of pelvic training, including frequent sexual intercourse, needs to be corrected before classes start or the student must withdraw from the course and reapply after the condition is corrected.

Most of the returning girls had had an AST pelvic before they went home for the summer so they knew if they needed a corrective procedure of one sort or another – often a hymenectomy - and could have it taken care of during vacation. So the second pelvic, upon returning to school, was routine, except for the hCG test of course. HCG tests are never routine with teens on birth control pills since you can never be certain that they have been taking their pills correctly. Then there were the transfer students who had been given a pelvic by their Gyns, but needed the more thorough AST pelvic along with a full physical before starting the course. We also recommend that the student take the schools health insurance through student health which will cover any eventuality including contraceptives, child birth and abortion.

AST course kitting out: A requirement for taking AST is to be a PADI (or equivalent) qualified diver. The AST students arrive several days early to be measured for their latex encasement suits at Gepettos as well as pleasure boots. And for a girl who hasn't already been fitted for a Penetrator plug she is fitted during her pelvic. For a girl getting her first Penetrator is as much a rite of passage as is her first pair of pointe shoes. Many students have already been fitted for diaphragms, but for AST they all get a latex Reflexions flat spring as a gas guard for protection during deep dive-sex which can be used at any time during the woman’s entire cycle. If a student is allergic to latex then she is fitted for a silicone cervical cap which she can wear when she is not menstrual. A cap is harder for teens to insert correctly and can’t be used while menstrual but a cap can be worn safely at any depth.

A single student’s equipment for AST is more than $7,500 and that’s just for the specialty equipment like pleasure boots, rubber encasement suits, a gag set, a selection of dildos and a Sybian. Her SCUBA set, wetsuit, training plug, Penetrator plug, gas guards, splatter mask and other necessary feminine safety equipment aren’t included in the course equipment fees.

An AST off-campus caution: Most AST students are permitted to enroll in teen auxiliaries of local adult fetish clubs. But there needs to be some caution on the student’s part. In theory adult fetish club members aren’t allowed to date St Lucy’s students, but some girls (like Kat) enjoy ignoring the rules. A cervical barrier alone is not enough protection for students venturing into local rubber fetish society. That’s because local men in the rubbers fetish community have been hooking up with very young girls by trolling their teen rubber fetish clubs and taking advantage of new members. One of their fave ways to take advantage of a girl protecting herself by using a rubber contraceptive diaphragm – almost always swimmers or ballet students who are taking a dive-sex course and like to wear their gas guards all the time - is to get her into a compromising position then pull her diaphragm out, stuff it in her mouth as a gag and then penetrate her and finish inside her while she is unprotected. That’s something we try to avoid, but it happens once or twice each year.

So, this year we are requiring all the AST students to be on another effective method of birth control in addition to using a barrier - the pill or a GyneFix are the two most popular ones. That way they can safely attract attention when they are in fetish clubs. Because dazzling young males by their sleek looks while clad in shiny black latex encasement suits and their skill in walking confidently and dancing in a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots is part of their AST training. We call it mind-fucking the locals. With an IUD or on the pill there should be no concern about a possible pregnancy from an encounter where a student has her diaphragm pulled out before she is penetrated. That way the student can pretend to be unprotected and afraid – that’s wonderful drama training - and still be quite safe, when a rubber fetishist pumps semen into her. We have chaperones with the girls, but they can’t be everywhere at once and the girls do need an occasional opportunity to feel they are being naughty. This is Vegas after all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My life and Facebook


Social networking and me: Since I began this blog more than 14 months ago (on May 30, 2009) I’ve been occasionally asked to join various social networking sites. I’m appreciative that readers would like me to be their friend on facebook, MySpace, Hi Five, Groupie, Twitter etc but as you can see from the list and it goes on and on I do have to limit my time on-line. I decided early on that this blog, my YIM account and my email are all I can reasonably cover in the time I have available.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone by not replying to their friends request but I have to draw the line somewhere and leaving an account in this blog of what is going on in my life in Vegas (where it can be searched and indexed by Google and other search engines) gives me the biggest bang for my buck, so to speak and just may be less invasive of my privacy than Facebook etc. Thank you again Eric! If readers want to comment on a post and will leave an email address I will do my best to reply as time permits.

Right now is an especially busy time for me as we are working on the new fall program for my casino’s ballet company, we are performing Miss Julie again this season which was a favorite last year. In addition my commitment to the Gyn clinic and St Lucy’s in teaching young women to appreciate the power of the female body and to get the most from it by honing their physical skills is profound. I think there is nothing more important that passing on to young women the skills and lessons that I have learned over my twenty year career as a dancer.

My blog: Jill’s World, has given me a forum to write about and publish - uninhibited by social mores - what is really happening in Vegas and elsewhere for which I’m especially grateful. Someone accused me of writing ‘Slit-Lit’ which he defined as erotic stories for and about women. For anyone who hasn’t realized it yet Las Vegas is not Disneyland! If my writing is of interest to anyone I’m glad. I just want to record what happens in one dancer’s life in a city that caters to human lust, greed and risk of all kinds the 95% of the time when I’m not performing before an audience, to show that life in the entertainment industry can be very rough, sometimes violent and amazingly hard work, not all parties and pleasure.

Be a follower: And, for those readers who want to stay current with my activities; my latest stallion, dive-sex encounter, clean up project for the city fathers, discipline training at Adolph’s and who’s pregnant at St Lucy’s, had an abortion or what I think about the new EC ella for example, you can become a follower of my blog. I hope you will. A performer loves an audience! Following me is free…some sites charge to read about the sorts of things that happen to me! Go figure! So if you are interested in the things I do I’d love it if you would be a follower. Ok?

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Fertile female behavior

Fertility and female behavior

DiscoveryNews.com http://news.discovery.com
By Emily Sohn
Wed Aug 18, 2010

Ovulation Changes Women's Behavior

THE GIST: Ovulation changes the way a woman acts, and affects the kinds of men she's attracted to. Going on or off the birth control pill can influence the types of men a woman will pursue. The research could affect dating behavior, marketing strategies and more.

For a long time, scientists assumed that the hormonal shifts of ovulation happened without measurable changes in how women behaved.

When a woman is ovulating, her behavior changes in a startling number of ways from the way she walks, talks and dresses to the men she flirts with, according to new research.

The findings might offer some practical tips for women to boost their online dating prospects; for scientists to develop new kinds of ovulation detection kits; or for marketers to target sales of clothes and jewelry. The work also suggests that going on or off the birth control pill might influence a woman's choice in men.

Why does ovulation change women's behavior in such subtle yet fundamental ways? Experts propose that it's an innate and subtle strategy to both attract the most desirable guys and convince them to stick around for the long haul.

"The idea is that women turn up everything that has to do with femininity" at ovulation, said Greg Bryant, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. "This is showing that there are all sorts of phenomena that happen in our behavior that we're not actually aware of."

For a long time, scientists assumed that the hormonal shifts of ovulation happened without measurable changes in how women behaved. That's because women have a strong motivation to hide the fact that they're fertile, unlike other members of the animal kingdom. While a female baboon's swollen red rump encourages males to mate and go, for example, a female human's ability to keep a man guessing should up the chances of him mating and then staying to help take care of their children.

Starting in the 1990s, studies began to show that in the days before ovulation women start to become more attracted to men who have deeper voices and more chiseled, masculine and symmetrical faces. According to some studies, that may be because men who look like George Clooney are more likely to have dominant social roles, better genes and stronger immune systems.

Women who are in relationships exhibit the most extreme spike in interest for masculine men around ovulation. The shift is even more exaggerated when they're not happy with their current partners, said Kristina Durante, a social psychologist at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Women are also more likely to cheat on their partners while ovulating.

Fertile women may even be better at getting the men they want. Adding to findings that men prefer the smell of women who are more fertile, a study published last year in the journal Psychological Science found that testosterone levels were higher in men after they smelled T-shirts worn by ovulating women than after smelling T-shirts worn by women who weren't ovulating. Higher testosterone levels imply a higher likelihood of striking out in romantic pursuit.

Another study, published in 2007 in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, found that lap dancers raked in higher tips when they were most fertile.

In addition to changes in looks and smells, Bryant and colleagues have measured a subtle but detectable shift upwards in the pitch of a woman's voice when she's approaching ovulation. Her voice reaches its highest pitch on the day before and the day of the egg's release. Now, he's trying to figure out if a higher pitched voice is indeed more attractive to men.

In other work, scientists have found that ovulating women sway their hips more while walking, though they hold their upper bodies in a more defensive position. Fertile women also show more skin, and they are more interested in going to social gatherings.

In one of the latest studies, reported by Durante and colleagues in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, women chose slightly sexier and more revealing clothes, shoes and accessories when they were at their most fertile. The researchers also found that women made their fashion choices not necessarily to attract men directly but to out-compete other women.

Knowing how ovulation affects them could help women make smarter choices about dating, shopping and more.

"If women are aware of the five or six days in their cycle when they're most fertile, they may be more likely to become more or less attracted to different types of men, or they might want to rein in their purchases if they happen upon a Victoria's Secret," Durante said. "Your picture might look more attractive near ovulation, so take your Facebook picture mid-cycle."

Starting or stopping any method of hormonal birth control might also affect your feelings about your partner -- or someone else's.

"The thought might be upsetting to many women, but that's what researchers are thinking," Durante said. "When you are ready to pick a mate, go off the pill."

Personal comment: I’ve known my friends and I are more flirtatious, more feminine and more attractive to men when fertile ever since my late teens. It’s interesting to see that now research is catching up to what experiential evidence has shown knowledgeable women as we learn to use the power of our cycle to our advantage. It’s another reason I don’t care for hormonal methods of birth control because by suppressing ovulation it robs a woman of some of her natural attractiveness and in competition for the best men a girl needs all the help mother nature can provide. The down side of being fertile is that dancers and athletes are slightly more liable to be injured while fertile because our higher estrogen levels make our joints a bit looser, but that is offset by the more juicy and dramatic performances a dancer generally gives performing while fertile.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rooney Mara to be Lisbeth Salander

Rooney Mara will be the American Lisbeth Salander

Yahoo Movies
August 16, 2010

Rooney Mara will be "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," Columbia Pictures confirmed on Monday.

Rooney nabbed the highly covered role of edgy hacker Lisbeth Salander in the American big screen adaptation of Stieg Larsson's literary set, The Millennium Trilogy.

The actress, who is up next in theaters in "The Social Network," alongside Justin Timberlake (and directed by David Fincher ), reportedly beat out a field of contenders that, at one time, included Natalie Portman, Ellen Page and recent Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan.

Last week, just Rooney, French actress Lea Seydoux and Australian actress' Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe, were reportedly left in the running, before Rooney was ultimately cast as Lisbeth.

Additionally, while his role as James Bond may be in limbo due to financial difficulties at MGM's studio level, Daniel Craig has nabbed the part of Mikael Blomquist in "Dragon," Columbia Pictures also confirmed on Monday. Mikael and Lisbeth paths cross as they look for a missing girl.

"Dragon..." will begin shooting in Sweden in September.

David Fincher will direct, while Steve Zaillian has written the screenplay.

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" hits theaters on December 21, 2011. The second installment of the original Swedish trilogy, "The Girl Who Played With Fire," hit American theaters on July 9, and the third movie in the original series, "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest" will be released stateside on October 15.

Personal comment: I think the books, of the Millennium Trilogy are a must read! I haven’t seen much of Rooney’s work, but the role of Lisbeth Salander next to Daniel Craig for three films could catapult her to the A-list if everything goes well. It will be fun to see what she does with the role. The first of the Swedish film versions ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is now playing in theaters in the US, regardless of what the article above says. Rooney’s stats on IMDB can be found by clicking here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Going away to school

Confident in a Balanchine body

Taryn’s friends and confidence: Most of the girls in Taryn’s class will be going off to college this fall as will Taryn. In preparation they have all come by the clinic for a fit check of their gas guards and to get a spare as backup in case something happens to their primary diaphragm. I’m fitting them with Reflexions latex flat spring rim diaphragms for flow control, menstrual sex and most importantly upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex. Returning readers know that while a latex diaphragm won’t last as long (typically about 18 months) as a silicone one the flat spring rim – which is only available in latex – is the only diaphragm that is effective for deep dive-sex, below 30 feet. Two of the women needed a larger size, just one size, an additional 5 mm up, to 70mm, and they all got two twenty-four tube packs of prefilled applicators of dive-gel. I think the girls are all looking forward not only to the intellectual challenge of college, but to new sexual partners as well.

Penetrator Plugs: In my January 22, 2010 entry entitled Training plugs I cover the uses of vaginal plugs for electro-stimulation. And I’ve mentioned from time to time how useful Penetrator plugs are for giving a woman confidence that her groin is protected when worn in a room full of men with groping hands while appearing to wear nothing under her thong. This is particularly important for students starting a new school where she has no support system. All the graduating St Lucy’s girls had their Penetrators checked for correct fit and wear and a few needed larger ones or the discoloration was so severe a new clean one was appropriate.

When I recommended Ginny to fill in for Abi until her YI clears up I had her measured for a Penetrator and she came away from the fitting visit wearing a students temporary plug with which she could practice until her bespoke Penetrator could be made by Gepettos custom shop. I went with her one morning last week to get the custom made one and have it inserted to make certain that it fit exactly and that she could insert and remove it easily. It was a good thing she had been practicing with the student plug as the vacuum fit of the custom one still took a bit of trial and error before she learned to break the seal so she could get it out. She has the new version that allows urination w/o having to remove the plug which is a huge improvement over the original design.

Teen confidence building: As confident as Taryn is I thought her friends were probably as outgoing, sophisticated and confident as she is, and most of them are, but there is one who Taryn thought needed an added boost so I suggested a brief series of sensual encounters to boost her confidence in the power she can have over men with her exquisite body. Her name is Anne and she had been in my advanced sexual techniques class, but I don’t think she had practiced any of the skills I taught. She did not select anyone from the choices of screened male partners offered for stress relief and now has come to regret not participating. Her family lives in Vegas and she is going East to attend SAB. She just finished their SI and came back to see her family and pack and has been telling Taryn about all the terrific men at SAB. I hope that isn’t an indication that she is losing focus on her ballet training now that she needs all her artistic skills to compete with other SAB students. Taryn says she needs to polish her bedroom skills as drama training and I agree. Seductive movement used in the bedroom can be used equally effectively on stage. To entice a partner to new heights of technique as he loses himself in showing off his ability for a woman who has made herself supremely desirable to spur him to new heights of ardor in his quest to possess her is the height of drama which can leave an audience spellbound. If applied with the wrong man or in the wrong ballet that sort of vamping can be a disaster, but with subtly and in the right roles it can cause an audience to sweat with desire almost as much as the dancers performing the steps.

And so it was that when Anne became fertile this cycle she came to me for a brief immersion course in seduction and confidence training. It was two days of in-your-face mixing with heterosexual male dancers. An accidental hand on the thigh, buttock or the back of his neck, or, brushing his crotch with her dance bag as they chat before class is the sort of thing male fantasies are built on and she led them on to wanting her. Letting a partner see her putting up her hair and adjusting the sheer mesh ‘invisible’ dance bra she wore. It didn’t take much to let the men I paired her with know that she was not only interested in perfecting her ballet technique, but also the deepest form of intimate partnering. Fortunately she has a GyneFix IUD implanted and so there was no real concern about the possibility of her becoming pregnant from the encounters.

And she got a valuable refresher on the technique for inserting and removing her Reflexions gas guard for dive-sex which she found she enjoyed a lot more this time than when she first had dive-sex as part of her advanced sexual techniques class. She says she loves the feel of her partner thrusting into the stretchy rubber dome of her GG and knowing her upper reproductive tract is safe from harm from sex underwater. Each day after a full day of technique encounters she thanked me for the opportunity to practice the skills she knew she could use with male partners during a performance to take her artistry to new heights.

Academic stability and teen sex

Teen recreational sex

CBS News
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2010

Teen Sex Not Always Bad for Grades: Study

New Research Suggests Teens in Committed Relationships Do No Better or Worse than Celibate Classmates

(AP) There's good news for parents who worry that their teenagers' sex lives are affecting their school performance: A provocative new study has found that teens in committed relationships do no better or worse in school than those who don't have sex.

The same isn't true for teens who "hook up." Researchers found that those who have casual flings get lower grades and have more school-related problems compared with those who abstain.

The findings, presented Sunday at a meeting of the American Sociological Association in Atlanta, challenge to some extent assumptions that sexually active teens tend to do poorer in school.

It's not so much whether a teen has sex that determines academic success, the researchers say, but the type of sexual relationship they're engaged in. Teens in serious relationships may find social and emotional support in their sex partners, reducing their anxiety and stress levels in life and in school.

"This should give some comfort to parents who may be concerned that their teenage son or daughter is dating," said sociologist Peggy Giordano of Bowling Green State University, who had no role in the research. Teen sex is "not going to derail their educational trajectories," she said.

Last year, nearly half of high school students reported having sexual intercourse, and 14 percent have had four or more partners, according to a federal survey released this summer.

For the study, University of California, Davis sociologist Bill McCarthy and University of Minnesota sociologist Eric Grodsky analyzed surveys and school transcripts from the largest national follow-up study of teens that began during the 1994-95 academic year. The researchers said not much has changed in terms of when teens first have sex or attitudes toward teen sex in the past decade.

The duo examined how teens' sexual behaviors affected their learning and controlled for factors that might influence their results.

Among the findings:

• Teens in serious relationships did not differ from their abstinent counterparts in terms of their grade-point average, how attached they are to school or college expectations. They were also not more likely to have problems in school, be suspended or absent.

• Compared with virgins, teens who have casual sex had lower Grade Point Averages, cared less about school and experienced more problems in school. For example, female teens who have flings had GPAs that were 0.16 points lower than abstinent teens. Male teens who have casual sex had GPAs that were 0.30 points lower than those who do not have sex. Teens who hook up also were at greater risk of being suspended or expelled and had lower odds of expecting to go to college.

• Teens who have sex - whether it's a serious or casual relationship - were at higher risk of being truant and dropping out compared with teens who don't have sex. The researchers said the dropout results should be interpreted with caution because the numbers were small.

"Having sex outside of a romantic relationship may exacerbate the stress youths experience, contributing to problems in school," Grodsky said.

In a statement, the Family Research Council said the study confirms what the social conservative group has long advocated about the negative consequences of casual sex.

But the council said it "would not interpret less severe educational impacts on students involved in `committed' sexual relationships as a green light for comprehensive" sex education.

University of Southern California sociologist Julie Albright disagreed. She said it might be time to revamp sex education to "emphasize the importance of relationships and spell out the consequences of casual sex."

The study dispels the notion that all teen sex is bad, said Marie Harvey, professor of public health at Oregon State University.

"The type of relationship really matters. When it comes to sexual behavior, it takes two to tango," said Harvey, adding that safe sex should be practiced to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Personal comment: This study agrees with what we have found with St Lucy’s students. We provide a nurturing environment with carefully selected and STI screened partners with whom our students can establish a relationship for recreational sex to lower the students stress from rigorous mental and physical academic activities. This has been particularly effective for ballet students who are taking a full academic as well as artistic load.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Madison Diocese and birth control

Wisconsin CycleBeads

By Kendall McKenzie
August 13, 2010

Wisconsin Catholic Diocese Covers Birth Control, Plans to Fire Employees Who Use it

A Wisconsin state law that took effect Jan. 1 requires any commercial insurance policy with drug benefits to include prescription contraceptives in their coverage. While this is a fair and reasonable piece of legislation, the Catholic Diocese in Madison, Wisconsin, is telling employees they'll be fired if they utilize it.

The idea that a woman might be able to control her own reproductive organs was apparently so offensive to certain Catholic organizations in Wisconsin that they first tried to circumvent the law by becoming self-insured, but the costs ultimately proved to be financially unsustainable. So though the diocese will now be legally obliged to provide contraceptive coverage, they’ve made it clear they’re also going to create consequences for taking advantage of it. Diocesan spokesman Brent King noted that should an employee exercise their right to obtain birth control, they would be subject to counseling and ultimately termination if they “refuse to get in line with Catholic teaching” and abide by the contraception prohibition.

Aside from raising obvious privacy and logistical issues (the diocese has admitted they really have no way to monitor employees’ contraceptive use unless it’s voluntarily revealed), the fight against birth control and its role in sexual “immorality” seems to ignore the pesky reality that many women rely on it for reasons that have nothing to do with preventing pregnancy. In fact, as many as one-third of birth control prescriptions are written for non-contraceptive benefits, which include treating anemia, acne, premenstrual symptoms, and painful and heavy periods. The refusal to allow women access to contraception is nothing new, but it's becoming more and more detrimental and, quite frankly, silly, as additional benefits to using birth control continue to appear.

The bottom line is birth control, whether or not it’s being employed as contraception, is basic health care that 99% of women have used in their lifetime. Mandatory coverage laws recognize this, as well as help alleviate the financial burden of preventing pregnancy that is often placed squarely on the shoulders of women. It’s a damn shame that instead of embracing this common sense legislation, Catholic leaders are using it to threaten their employees.

The diocese’s little “pick one: medicine or work” ultimatum is an excellent example of why "legal" doesn't necessarily mean "accessible." The idea that reproductive health care like contraception and abortions are just ours for the taking whenever we need because the law says so is pervasive and dangerously misleading. Birth control may be our legal right, but that means nothing if it's too expensive, difficult, or fraught with social consequences to obtain. A woman shouldn’t have to choose between her health and her job.

Personal comment: Church officials in the Madison Diocese and elsewhere need to focus on the problem of pedophilic priests and not try to insert themselves into women’s reproductive health care.

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