Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz November 29, 2011

Who is the maker of the shoes this dancer is wearing?

Guys, this should be a fairly easy one if you can bring your eyes up to look at the top of the photo where the soles of her pointes are visible.

I’m indebted to my great friend Paul D for bringing this photo to my attention.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Underwater encounters and heel height as an economic indicator

Divemaster in ‘The Pit’ Thanksgiving weekend

Dive-sex and Nitrox:
The two most common recreational diving Nitrox mixes contain 32% (Nitrox I) and 36% oxygen (Nitrox II), which have maximum operating depths (MODs) of 34 metres (112 ft) and 29 metres (95 ft) respectively. We had all the dive computers set up by our Divemaster so even the teens could safely use Nitrox II at the bottom of my 68 ft deep pool, The Pit. At a max depth of 68 feet there should be little danger of oxygen toxicity while using 36% oxygen gas to reduce nitrogen loading and so extend bottom time for underwater sexual encounters. This has worked extremely well and we all had at least one bottom encounter before breakfast.

Sexual Safeguards for women divers: During a very sexually active weekend involving dive-sex and multiple partners, in addition to wearing a gas-guard, it’s important to use a good waterproof vaginal lube and a biocide to prevent friction lesions in the vaginal walls as well as minimizing the likelihood of developing Candida or Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) caused by having the vaginal pH upset by several different sets of bacteria introduced into the vagina by multiple partners. Use of DiveGel+ a combination of a silicone gel lube, O9 spermicide and biocide reduces the chances of a vaginal infection from over use and multiple partners. Staying well hydrated is extremely important so you don’t have a heat stroke during a dive. It’s amazing how dehydrating dive-sex can be for a woman. Water pressure squeezes out body fluids into our urine and a well endowed male thrusting into our G-spots with the bladder directly behind it means we frequently urinate during dive-sex as well as lose fluid by perspiring from the physical exertion, increased blood pressure and respiration, during thrusting and orgasms, so we all carry a bottle of spring water and have a long drink before diving. There is a ritual of vaginal prep that experienced women divers should go through in the morning before dive-sex. After emptying our bowels and bladders we insert our gas-guards and apply a 10 mg applicator of DiveGel+ in the vagina and we are good to go to start our day. Of course none of these precautions guard against contracting an STI so I carefully screen all my guests by requiring them to take and pass a full STI panel.

While the men watched the parades and played poker most of the women (except Diané, Cara and Adèle who aren’t really into dance any more) took our morning ballet class, which I led as well as took myself. Before we showered the men wanted fetish sex with the dancers taken balanced en pointe in toe-shoes. After class, while we are warmed up and supple and the adrenaline is still flowing is a great time for ballet-sex and we all changed into Gaynors so we didn’t have to work so much to stay over our blocks while being penetrated from behind. Diané, Cara and Adèle wore five inch stilettos – stripper heels - which kept them on three-quarter pointe and simulated, after a fashion, pointe-sex. It was a marvelous morning!

Cyndi’s mom: Cyndi’s mom Fiona and her partner Maj. Colin Tree flew in from Washington DC this morning to spend the long weekend. She is usually involved with lobbying congress but is currently finishing preparations for a visit of senior UK ministers to discuss joint sovereign debt reduction. Fiona and Colin both love dive-sex and Fiona currently favors a latex Prentif (28mm) cervical cap as a gas-guard and loves how Colin can ram the dome of her Prentif so hard that when she wants to remove it she has to pry it off her cervix by breaking the vacuum in the dome using a crochet needle with a 10mm hook.

Adolph’s secret ingredient: As I mentioned in an earlier post he was going to do Adolph brought a special meat for the gravy. It’s only in the last several years, since Germans have risen in power at the Vatican, that Adolph has had access to this scarce ingredient, fresh human testicles. He had managed to obtain the gonads of an entire entering class of ten young boys, when they were castrated shortly after disappearing into service in a secret monastic society’s choral school. Finely diced and broiled in sweet butter then added to the roast turkey drippings, broth from the gizzard, liver, and neck along with flour and thickened to taste the tender morsels of meat melt in the mouth. And, it is said that for women who consume them there is an amazing increase the libido, which is why the supply of castrato’s testicles is so prized by church officials who feed them (sparingly) to their mistresses.

The delicacy was packed in dry ice and ‘Limnaea’ (my G550) stopped in Milan to pick it up on the way back from ferrying couriers to and from the Near East. Adolph had his lab check the meat for all known STIs and organ borne pathogens since neither he nor I are interested in getting Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease no matter how delicious the meal. All the meat was disease free which since it came from 9 y/o boys you would hope would be the case. I haven’t told my guests what Adolph brought to share with us nor of the possible effect consuming it might have on the ladies in the group. I want to see if I can notice any difference in the sexual behavior of my women guests before I say anything. Last night they all seemed more amorous even the ones like Diané and Cara who are far less sexually assertive. I felt friskier than usual, but given that I knew that the Castrati gonads were supposed to be an aphrodisiac my opinion of my own performance is suspect.

The New York Times
Heel Height Times Tweets?


THE 1920s notion of a “hemline index,” in which the economist George Taylor posited that skirt lengths rise and fall in relation to the economy, suggests that fashion is socially determined. In a modern twist, a report about the direction of high heels, issued by I.B.M., proposes that fashion can now be determined through social media.

To promote its software and consulting services, I.B.M. announced that its computer analysis of “billions of social media posts” pointed to a downward trend in heel heights. This was surprising, the company said, because heels usually go up during an economic downturn.

While an intriguing thesis, it bears some fact-checking.

First, I.B.M.’s case: By mapping the most influential participants in online conversations about shoes, the company was then able to eavesdrop on a dozen key bloggers. It found that the median heel heights mentioned on those sites dropped to two inches this year from seven inches in 2009.

But did women really wear seven-inch heels in 2009? Is that physically possible?

Trevor Davis, who led the I.B.M. survey, argued: “The absolute number is not really what is of great interest here. It is the relevant movement.”

There is, indeed, anecdotal evidence of a decline in heel height, but mixed opinions about whether that has anything to do with the economy. Colleen Sherin, the senior fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue, wasn’t buying it. Yes, flats are going to be big for spring, but so are wedges.

“I know that people like to take an economic read from heel heights, skirt lengths and selling red lipsticks,” she said, “but it is just the cycle of fashion.”

Elizabeth Semmelhack, the senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, has proposed that heels grow higher in a bad economy, citing the introduction of platforms during the Great Depression and their reappearance during the oil crisis in the 1970s and again during the dot-com bust. But even that was a “casual observation,” not gospel, she said.

Valerie Steele, the chief curator at the Museum at F.I.T., said the evidence does not hold up, even if people are talking about it online.

“You can have absolutely vertiginous heels and, at the same time, sell billions of ballet flats,” Ms. Steele said. “It all goes back to that Mark Twain quote: ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics.’ ”

Personal comment: Seven inch heels? The IBM computer must have been programmed to search fetish sites and even then there are only a few of us who can actually wear ballet-boots or pointe shoes, the heelless ultimate in high heels, to walk around en pointe confidently in them. I tend to agree with Valerie Steele. However, I will say that in 2008 when the stock market went into free-fall the number of senior business men who sought to escape the economy by immersing themselves in pointe shoe and ballet-boot sexual fantasies available in Vegas skyrocketed so it became difficult to find enough elite talent to service the demand for ballet-sex. The demand has decreased now, but it is still 20% above it’s 2007 peak. Of course that is demand on the male side not involving fashionable heel height, skirt length or lipstick colors.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving 2011: For Thanksgiving day my guests will be 1) Cyndi & Chris, 2) Anya & Robin, 3) Shelly & Jeff, 4) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 5) Diané & Peter, 6) Adolph and Abi, 7) Cara and Tony (a friend of Anya’s), 8) Gigi and Jon (a gorgeous escort with amazing stamina and technique) 9) Aimée and Carl (her AST trainer), 10) Adèle, Aimée’s mom, and Tomas (her fave stallion from The Lorelei) and 11) Jacques & me.

Chefs from the casino have already set up to prepare the traditional turkey dinner and also barbecue in my commercial quality kitchen and the banquet table has been set with the heavy linen tablecloth, sterling, crystal and I’m using my Minton china this Year. The Pit, my 68 ft deep pool, as well as the three encounter pools will be available for guests wanting to enjoy dive-sex. And I have already reminded the women to wear their gas-guards since almost all the men love dive-sex. At these get-togethers there is a lot of partner swapping so the women end up with a lot of different male DNA left inside us.

Adolph has promised to be on his best behavior, which at times is none too good, but as a sociopath he can be incredibly charming even as he gets ready to cut his dive partner’s air hose so I’m hoping for the best. He is bringing a special and difficult to get ingredient for the gravy tomorrow which will be a treat for all concerned. It will be a day of sex and feasting and sex, and football on TV. The weather forecast is for a high of 67° F with a 10% chance of rain so it should be a great day for wearing latex body condoms if the men want to see us in them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz November 20, 2011

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Choo’s shoes, labiaplasty and vacuum aspiration

Tamara Mellon co-founder of the Jimmy Choo brand

Choos shoes news: 14 November 2011 “TAMARA MELLON has resigned from Jimmy Choo, the brand she founded in 1996 along with shoemaker Jimmy Choo, following the label's £500 million acquisition in May this year. Chief executive Joshua Schulman has simultaneously announced his resignation, though new owner Labulex insists that pair intend to pursue independent careers.” For the complete article see:

Mellon's Next Move: Updated Tuesday November 15, 8.57am: Is Tamara Mellon set to become the UK's answer to Tom Ford? The Jimmy Choo founder, who surprised the brand's new owners Labelux when she resigned this weekend, is planning to launch her own lifestyle brand - like Tory Burch or Tom Ford - when she leaves Jimmy Choo later this month. Industry sources have revealed "funding is already in place for a Tamara Mellon brand," WWD reports, but did not offer any further details about the launch.

Personal comment: Jimmy Choos five inch stilettos are awesome for standing in during vanilla penetrative sex as they keep a girl’s feet at three-quarter pointe helping to clench her pelvic muscles while she’s being nailed. Three-quarter pointe doesn’t provide as tight a pelvic grip as when penetrated while en pointe, but so few women can balance on their toes in pointe shoes while being thrust into from behind.

A perfect pussy: In the article: “Recent Data on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery and the Problem with Normal”, Cory Silverberg explored the possible thought process by women in the UK seeking labiaplasty and is concerned about how the medical community and their patients determine what is ‘normal’. His article can be found at: http://sexuality.about.com/b/2011/07/18/recent-data-on-female-genital-cosmetic-surgery-and-the-problem-with-normal.htm?nl=1

Personal comment: Our clinics cosmetic surgery practice generally supports the high end sex-worker community where a perfect body is a must in the competitive world of elite escorts as well as in the porn actress community.

Lara’s vacuum aspiration: In an earlier post, ‘Lara Croft and extended cycle BCPs’ (Nov. 14, 2011) I wrote about a UNLV grad student I called Lara Croft who was impregnated during an encounter at her sorority’s charity bordello over the Halloween weekend. Returning readers will remember that Lara took Mifeprex, which I said was about 95% effective. Unfortunately she fell within the 5% with complications. She experienced heavy bleeding and pain and ended up in the clinic’s ER where she had a vacuum aspiration to remove the remaining fetal tissue she was not able to expel on her own. While there she had a Nexplanon (etonogestrel) single rod contraceptive implanted so she should be well protected against pregnancy for the next three years. She decided against the Mirena (Levonorgestrel) IUD because she enjoys rough sex and a framed IUD such as ParaGard or Mirena can be bent and expelled during cramping from rough sex.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lara Croft and extended cycle BCPs

Advert for Lybrel the continuous regimen oral contraceptive

Why Do Oral Contraceptives that Cause Monthly Bleeding Still Predominate?

Healthcare providers' attitudes about menstruation and medically induced amenorrhea are key factors.

Extended or continued use of oral contraceptive pills (OCs) remains low despite obvious advantages of menstrual cycle regulation and symptom management. To determine the factors that influence physicians' OC prescribing habits, researchers analyzed survey responses from 211 obstetrician-gynecologists (OB/GYNs) and family medicine physicians (FPs) in Oregon. Physicians were asked whether they prescribed extended-use (hormone-containing pills for >28 days with scheduled withdrawal bleeding) and continuous use (hormone-containing pills indefinitely without a scheduled withdrawal bleed) OCs, and, if yes, how often. A 5-point Likert scale was used to assess attitudes toward menstrual suppression.

In all, 90 respondents (44%) identified their principal specialty as OB/GYN, and 115 (56%) as FP. Most respondents who reported ever prescribing OCs also said that they prescribed extended- or continuous-use OCs sometimes (50%) or often (23%). OB/GYNs were more likely than FPs to suggest these options (92% vs. 60%), as were urban (79%) versus rural (58%) physicians.

OB/GYNs and urban physicians showed greater acceptance of medically induced amenorrhea as well as more-favorable attitudes about health and economic benefits of suppressing ovulation and safety of extended-use OCs. Most respondents (68%) did not realize that menstrual-related symptoms are most common during the placebo week, and 17% of respondents (most of whom were FPs) were unaware that endometrial thickening does not occur with extended-use OCs. After adjusting for physicians' age, practice location, knowledge, specialty, and sex, the only factor that was significantly associated with prescribing extended- or continuous-use OCs was attitude toward medically induced amenorrhea.

Comment: The gaps in knowledge among the respondents are surprising and underscore the need for ongoing education about menstrual suppression. The authors acknowledge that their small sample size (particularly of rural providers) curtails the generalizability of these results. Moreover, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified nurse midwives were not included. Despite these study limitations, the benefits of extended- and continuous-use oral contraceptives remain clear — and the attitudes of healthcare providers are critical in promoting acceptance of these dosing regimens as mainstream options. — Anne A. Moore, WHNP/ANP-BC, FAANP”

Extended cycle pills in real life: The first combined (estrogen/progestin) oral contraceptive pill designed to be taken continuously with no hormone free days is Lybrel. Lybrel has .90 mcg of the progestin levonorgestrel and 20 mcg of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol and is taken continuously 365 days/yr, in 28 day packs (13 per year). For women who can adjust to the continuous dose of hormones – it can take three or four months for a significant percentage of users to stop experiencing irregular bleeding – being period free can be liberating if the woman has been experiencing heavy or painful periods or significant PMS. Another positive for Lybrel is that it uses a very low dose of an older progestin, levonorgestrel, which has a lower incidence of causing blood clots. Most other extended cycle pills have 84 active and 7 placebo pills limiting a woman taking them to four pill-periods a year. Some of those are Seasonale, Jolessa, Quasense, Seasonique and LoSeasonique and they all use the progestin levonorgestrel.

The down side of extended cycle pill is that in addition to taking a long time to adjust to being continuously on hormones levonorgestrel does not have the long half-life of the progestin drospirenone used in Yaz and Yasmin and as a result the hormone levels can more easily drop below the effectiveness level if a woman is late with or vomits her pill. Too, there is no monthly assurance that the user is not pregnant by the arrival of ‘Aunt Flo’. Unless a user is cautious enough to test every few weeks she has no way of knowing if she is pregnant until she begins to develop symptoms such as noticeable breast changes, lethargy and repeated nausea.

A consequence of the Hex or Sex party: Returning readers will remember from my post entitled ‘The Doorman’ on October 31, 2011 and the following post on Nov 2 about the wood chipper that a UNLV friend’s sorority was running a bordello charity over Halloween at one of Adolph’s vacant estates in the hills. The 13 girls who were hostesses in latex body condoms are fine and suffered no ill effects other than sore muscles from their unusual level of exertion. Even the girl who had her cervix battered so brutally is recovering well and probably will only have to wear a supportive pessary for a few months.

However, one of the other sorority sisters, a 26 y/o grad student, who was working as support staff and was costumed as Lara Croft in a silver latex dive-skin had apparently gotten off her pill regimen enough that she was fertile and had breakthrough ovulation during the four days the bordello was operating. We knew she was sampling unprotected male customers, but she was on Lybrel and since there was a waiting list and she was discreetly servicing men who were waiting at the bar for seconds or thirds no one called her on siphoning off potential profits that we didn’t have time to handle. The fourteen of us, Cyndi and I pitched in when it became apparent that the sorority girls were under staffed as far as available commercial pussy was concerned, were getting the guys off as fast as we could while ensuring we were giving them their moneys worth.

Lara Croft and the fertilized egg: So Lara Croft called me on Saturday. I could tell she was nervous and she told me about the struggle she had been having getting regulated on Lybrel with irregular bleeding that would come and go and she couldn’t get a good pill taking regimen so she could develop a habit of taking her pill at the same time each day. I’m wondering why she was calling me about that when she finally got to the point. She began getting nausea attacks three days ago, tested and found she was positive for hCG and she wanted my help getting an abortion. I said she could go to UNLV Student Health and she freaked out. She is terrified of her father finding out she is not only sexually active, but that she wasn’t careful enough and has no idea who the father is. Her father is a prosperous evangelical fundamentalist in a state in the Deep South and she is scared to death of him. She has a bit of money of her own that she gets from her mother so she can pay clinic rates for the termination.

It was pretty early to be having pregnancy symptoms after only fifteen days (she began sampling the clients the day the place opened for business on the 28th) but certainly possible so I had her meet me at the clinic and one of the NPs did a serum pregnancy test and she was indeed very newly preggers. Go figure! So she signed the patient agreement and was given the first three pills (Mifepristone) and Saturday counted as day one in the Mifeprex regimen to terminate her pregnancy. She was so relieved to be getting the problem quickly taken care of. I told Adolph about her pregnancy and he wondered if it was his since he had taken her each of the four days she was helping at the estate. She was to return to the clinic on day three, today, so I met her at the clinic and the NP said she should take two misoprostol tablets which she did. The misoprostol can cause cramping, bleeding and nausea so I took her back to the sorority house where there will be other students to take care of her if she starts to bleed heavily. Mifeprex is about 95% effective in terminating pregnancies so she should be fine. In two weeks she will need to go back to the clinic to make certain that everything is normal and her reproductive tract has recovered.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Merck’s new single rod contraceptive implant

New Version of Contraceptive Implant Is Easier to Insert. Nexplanon Is Designed to Be Put Easily Under Skin by a Health Care Professional

"Nov. 10, 2011 -- The drugmaker Merck has introduced a new version of its long-acting contraceptive implant Implanon, designed for easier insertion and removal by health care professionals.

The new version of the contraceptive is called Nexplanon. Like Implanon, it is a progestin-only hormonal birth control delivered through a flexible rod the size of a matchstick. It is inserted under the skin of a woman's upper arm to prevent pregnancy for as long as three years.

But unlike its predecessor, the new version the rod is made to be easily visible by X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound.

This was done, in part, to make removal of the rod easier when it cannot be located manually.

Inserting Nexplanon

The contraceptive rod still must be implanted by a specially trained health care professional. But a new inserter makes that process much simpler, says ob-gyn Jill Rabin, MD.

Rabin is the head of urogynecology at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center-North Shore LIJ Health System. She has trained other health care professionals to use the new device.

"Instead of four to six steps, the new inserter has two," she tells WebMD. "It is very hard to place it improperly and next to impossible to put in too deeply."

Implanon was first approved for use in the U.S. in 2006, after almost a decade of use in more than 30 other countries.

Effectiveness of Contraceptive Implants

Contraceptive implants are among the most reliable birth control devices, says Juan C. Arjona Ferreira, MD. He is a senior project leader for diabetes and endocrine research with Merck.

"When implanted correctly, this method is more than 99% effective with less than one pregnancy occurring for every 100 women using it for a year," he says.

The implantable contraceptive prevents pregnancy for up to three years but can be removed at any time, making it a completely reversible, long-acting form of birth control.

It can also be used about three weeks after childbirth and by women who are breastfeeding about one month after delivery.

Nexplanon prevents pregnancy in three ways: by inhibiting the release of the egg from the ovaries, changing the mucus of the cervix to keep the sperm from reaching the egg, and making it harder for a fertilized egg to implant and develop.

The most common side effect seen with implantable contraception is change in menstrual cycles. Some women have no periods on the birth control, while others have irregular bleeding or heavy bleeding.

A Merck spokesman says the new version of the contraceptive implant is less likely than earlier versions to be inserted improperly or too deeply, which can lead to scarring and nerve damage."

Personal comment: Gyns and NPs at our clinic have all been trained in the greatly simplified implantation process and our clinic will be one of the first to offer Nexplanon to patients who are good candidates for the progestin etonogestrel, the same one used in NuvaRing.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breeding fantasies and masturbating at Tahoe

Aimée’s Mom, Adèle, in a French wetsuit at Lake Tahoe
Getting started and dive-sex:
Aimée’s mom, one of Tanaquil’s last étoile level toe-girl/courtesans, has come to spent a few weeks with Aimée and sample the local men while taking dive-sex lessons and diving Lake Tahoe with a few of us. We have been using Adolph’s chalet on the lake as base. She has been in Vegas for several weeks and is staying in a suite at The Lorelei, Adolph’s Spa in the hills outside of town. I offered to put her up, but she wanted privacy as she is sampling the delights of a series of local stallions (provided by Pirate, my procurer of choice) that have particular kinks which meet her needs. I think she believes I would prove a distraction to the men she has chosen, and I can’t blame her for that.

Adèle’s home is outside Paris and six months ago she had a GyneFix (with the strings removed prior to insertion) implanted for contraception so her menses have settled down and she just needs gas-guard training for dive-sex. When she first arrived I took her to Chris, our clinic’s male Gyn, to be fitted for one. She wanted a FemCap, but her pelvic anatomy wasn’t suitable for a cap because she has given birth and so a FemCap is much more likely to displace off her cervix. However her vagina is perfect for an 80mm Reflexions flat spring diaphragm (the same type and size I wear as a gas guard) so that’s what she got. She also got a 70mm All-Flex silicone diaphragm to use during surface-sex while with breeding fantasy fetishists so they can easily under-thrust it. She was also fitted for a custom made Penetrator plug and asked for expedited manufacture so she could get it in four days. Jacques, Gigi’s father, has been giving her dive-sex lessons when she wears her 80mm flat spring D to increase her confidence that it is nearly impossible to under-thrust and will prevent water or air being forced into her uterus when her vagina floods during dive-sex. Vaginal flooding doesn’t occur every time a woman has dive sex, but it happens more frequently at first while she is developing her own technique. Jacques is my main partner when we are both in town, but I don’t mind him drilling Adèle since it gives me an opportunity to troll for partners with Anya in the Meat Market at Naughty Pleasures.

Breeding fantasies: Adèle is interested in meeting men with breeding fantasy fetishes where every time they ejaculate in a woman they are hoping she will become preggers by him. From what research I’ve done this seems to be a pretty common fantasy among men – Jacques, Gigi’s father, makes his living doing it in real life – and for every man who enters a woman w/o wearing a condom there is a chance that he will impregnate her, so I think most men secretly hope they are powerful enough biologically and in the bedroom that regardless of the precautions taken by the woman their offspring will be growing in the gorgeous woman’s hard flat belly.

She specifically asked Pirate to let her choose among his stallions with major breeding fantasies as they seem to be more devious with their partners in matters of contraception. She is telling the breeders who she is having sex with that she is using only barriers – diaphragms and condoms – for protection and since her GyneFix is stringless and she is cycling naturally there is no way for them to know differently. She loves the cat-and-mouse games they play with her; slitting the end of their condom with a fingernail while positioning themselves for penetration or under-thrusting her under-sized All-Flex diaphragm. Her breeder watches while she inserts and checks to see that the All-Flex is covering her cervix knowing that an All-Flex is very easy to under-thrust and fill with his seed when he has her wound so tight during orgasm that she is quivering like Jell-O in an earthquake and can hardly breath and he thinks she is unaware of what he’s doing inside her. She and her partners are lying like rugs to one another which makes the sex even more exciting and she is enjoying every moment of it! She is particularly happy during her fertile days when she is slippery wet with fertile cervical mucus and her duty stallion nails her several times per encounter. The five stallions who are drilling her have a pool going for a thousand dollars to see which of them impregnates her. They figure if she aborts they can have the fetus tested for paternity and if she delivers they can hack the L&D suite at the hospital to get the baby’s DNA.

Diving Lake Tahoe: Adèle had brought along her own Beuchat wetsuit and insisted on trying to wear it at Tahoe even though the daily high temps were in the 40s, but it was far too cold – the surface of the lake is at about 6,200 feet – for a wetsuit (which accounts for the frustrated expression on her face) so she ended up wearing one of my red heavy rubber Avon drysuits, an Interspiro FFM, thermal undies, hood and gloves. We sucked gas from single Worthington HP steel 130 cu ft tanks and breathed Nitrox II (36 % oxygen). Since we were both in drysuits and had Penetrator plugs inserted I took her down to a shelf at a depth of 135 feet so we could practice drysuit masturbation with her new Penetrator plug. She’d never masturbated underwater before much less in a drysuit at a depth of 135 feet so she had a very good time!

Latex fetish boots, BCPs and return to standard time

Louis Vuitton fetish rubber rain boots from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Fetish rubber rain boots:
Louis Vuitton’s fetish rubber rain boots from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection are to die for! Fetish rubber for vanilla women finally is available this Fall, though at a price, to flaunt the dominatrix in even the most reserved of us. So far I have three pairs, and it hardly ever rains in Vegas! I thought the pull-keeper that can be easily modified to include a hasp for a shaft lock was a delightfully covert – though transparent – nod to the more in-your-face Dommes among us

The platform helps wearers ford even five inch deep puddles successfully. I love the way the shaft styling has the tops of the shafts snug against contracted calves! To me that feeling in a pair of ostensibly vanilla boots is so unexpectedly sensuous! These boots give the more blatant rubberists among us an opportunity to mainstream the boots in vanilla world settings like at church and PTA meetings where our boots can be admired or envied by other women and arouse their men.

None of the girls who I know at UNLV can afford the LV rubber boots, but I imagine the Chinese knock-offs will be out in another month or two and then there will be a rash of LV look-alike sightings. On the other hand several St Lucy’s students have been seen in town wearing LV rubber fuck-me boots to the envy of women and the delight of all the males they pass.

The pill & changing from daylight to standard Time

Daylight saving time will end in the U.S and Canada at 2:00 AM this coming Sunday, November 6th. Clocks will be set back one hour for areas that are participating in DST and we all get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.

So what does this have to do with oral contraceptives? Not much if you are taking a combined (estrogen/progestin) pill because being ‘late’ by one hour due to coming off DST will make no appreciable difference. That is also true for other combined hormonal methods such as Ortho Evra (the patch), and NuvaRing (the ring).

However, where being an hour late taking an oral contraceptive could make a difference is for women on progestin-only-pills (AKA POPs or the mini-pill) because of the very low dose of older progestins with relatively short half-lives in that kind of pill which requires taking an active pill at the same time every day.

For women on most brands of mini-pills like Ortho Micronor, Nor-QD, Camila, Errin, Jolivette and Nora-BE that use the progestin norethindrone and Ovrette and its generics that use the progestin norgestrel it’s important that the hour gained from the end of DST not cause that days pill time to be more than 3 hours late. There is a need to use a backup method such as condoms and spermicides for the next 48 hours whenever a progestin-only oral contraceptive is taken 3 or more hours late.

For women on the mini-pill Cerazette which uses the much longer half-life progestin, desogestrel, taking the pill one hour late should not make a difference because with Cerazette you can – according to the patient information leaflet - take a pill up to 12 hours late and still be protected from pregnancy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adolph and the wood chipper

An unmodified Altec Whisper wood chipper

A Halloween fright:
The UNLV sorority’s Hex or Sex party over the Halloween weekend at Adolph’s estate in the Spring Mts was a huge success with nearly $20,000 raised for charity in the four days the girls worked the mansion. The university football team was well represented in the customer base and there was a sort of a challenge thing some of the guys had going as to which one could “get the most ass.” I’m sure they were using performance enhancers to be able to keep it up, but a few of them kept coming and cumming… It is amazing what competition between men for tight pussy can do to a man’s mind.

Adolph brought one of his wood chippers over and parked it in back of the mansion with the discharge shoot pointing away from the patio where everyone could see it. I thought it was new because it was a lot larger than the ones I’d seen him use at his place in the hills. Every one was wondering WTF since it sort of detracted from the otherwise elegant surroundings of the mansion and its livered staff which Adolph also paid for. For those of us who know Adolph well seeing a really massive chipper on the lawn in front of the patio did not bode well. He seemed to be angry with his ‘Lorelei in residence’, Abi, a gorgeous 25 y/o German and former ballet dancer who he had working as house Madam while dressed in a leather catsuit and a pair of Gepetto’s $3,500 ballet boots, ones with the single unit titanium shank and toe box and interchangeable titanium spike heels. I complimented her on her boots as they are like the pairs I have for social boot occasions when there is almost no possibility I would need armored boots or bladed heels.

His argument with Abi increased in intensity as the evening progressed and then as we all gathered on the patio for a final drink before the house closed Adolph started the chipper then suddenly came after Abi and threw in. She screamed as she was pulled into the spinning blades. There was a grinding noise chunks of flesh and blood sprayed from the discharge chute and several of the guests and sorority sisters fainted and others who saw her shredded screamed and threw up. I stood frozen in place horrified, not that he would do something like that - I knew he would - but that he would do it in front of all those witnesses. And I’m thinking what’s wrong with this picture? And about that time Adolph shut off chipper and Abi appeared from behind the huge machine smiling and waving and three more women fainted.

Fortunately we had collected everyone’s cells as they arrived so someone wouldn’t get a call and ruin an expensive intimate moment. That probably saved having a flood of calls to 911 reporting a murder. It turned out that Adolph had modified the chipper so that a person who appeared to be feed into the blades was discharged unhurt under and behind the machine while a fresh carcass of a doe was dropped into the blades from above to spray flesh and blood all over the back lawn. Not everyone appreciated Adolph’s macabre sense of humor. As I was catching my breath I realized what was wrong with the faux feed of Abi into the shredder. The titanium shanks and toe boxes of her ballet-boots would have probably broken the shear-pin on the blades or at the very least made a hell of a noise as they broke a blade or two. Seeing Abi come out from behind the machine safe and smiling was a huge aphrodisiac for a lot of the guests and a member of the football team took me aside and gave me the deep drilling I badly needed after that sort of shock. In a strong man’s arms was a wonderful way to end a scary Halloween party!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intimate pharmaceuticals and devices

Adderall 20mg

Pharmaceuticals in a sexually active woman’s daily life:
You would be surprised what a major role Big Pharma plays in an Escort or St Lucy’s student’s life. There are birth control devices: IUDs (GyneFix, ParaGard, or Mirena); the single rod implant' Implanon; Arcing, coil or flat spring rim diaphragms and the FemCap as well as the Today sponge and condoms both male and the female FC2.

For contraceptive accidents or unplanned/unprotected encounters there are emergency contraceptive pills; Plan B one step, a 1.5 mg levonorgestrel tablet that is effective for up to three days after a suspected birth control failure and ella, a 30 mg Ulipristal acetate tablet which is effective for up to five days after a suspected birth control failure. And there is a girl’s best friend, Mifeprex, if EC fails.

Then there are the intimate lubricants and spermicides: Labia Labs professional products line O9 spermicide made with DiveGel and Octoxynol-9 ‘Semécide+’ contains a biocide that reduces the chances of contracting HIV as well as the standalone lube DiveGel and the spermicide Semécide.

And to be at the top of your game mentally there is the neuroenhancer, Adderall which Anya, Cyndi and I use before we go on cleanup projects or when we will be around Adolph where we need to be as alert as possible and the amphetamine Sudafed to open our sinuses before we go diving where clear nasal passages to maximize oxygen capacity become critical.

Even though some shortages of popular social meds are beginning to occur (see the article below) our clinic, which supplies our escorts and St Lucy’s students pharmaceutical needs, has access to large amounts of all the meds our patient population could possibly need. So a gorgeous escort or an adventuresome young St Lucy’s woman patient of our clinic can be assured of having the devices or meds she needs when she needs them.

Last Call for Adderall: Where'd all the 'neuroenhancers' go?
By Gregory B. Hladky
12:52 p.m. EDT, October 31, 2011

“There are a bunch of Connecticut college students who are likely getting a little jittery right now, and it’s not from taking too many drugs. Their problem is a shortage of one of their favorite “neuroenhancers,” commonly known as Adderall.

Adderall is a drug made up of “mixed amphetamine salts” that’s commonly prescribed for people suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, also known as attention-deficit disorder or ADD) to help them concentrate better.

The months-long shortage of the drug is obviously a pain in the ass for lots of people, adults as well as children, who need Adderall to deal with their medical condition.

But Adderall has become an illegal FAVORITE OF college students looking for more effective ways to pull off all-nighter marathon study and writing sessions or to be able to both party and make classes the next day. The fact it’s a federally controlled drug hasn’t reduced its underground popularity one bit. By some estimates, Adderall use on college campuses is at the 20 percent level or higher.

Reports of Adderall supply problems have been making headlines across the nation for some time now and Connecticut hasn’t been immune.

“It’s probably been going on for a couple of months,” says Rick Carbray, a licensed pharmacist with the Apex Pharmacy in Hamden. He says the shortages in Connecticut at the moment involve “instant relief” Adderall tablets in various dosage categories.

“There’s no problem with Adderall extended relief,” he adds, but that’s no comfort for patients looking for the instant relief tablets.

Marghie Giuliano, executive vice president of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association, says reports from the group’s members across the state indicate that “supply has been sporadic.”

The Federal Drug Administration website lists a number of different reasons for the Adderall difficulties, depending on which manufacturer is involved.

The listed causes include chemical “supply issues,” “inadequate finished product supply to support current demand,” “increase in demand,” and “manufacturing delays.”

The FDA normally limits the amount of ingredients available to companies producing amphetamine-based drugs, but federal officials say those companies can apply to have those limits raised.

There were reports earlier this year of shortages of the extended-relief form of Adderall made by Shire, and that the company boosted prices for that drug by 20 percent or more. A spokesman for Shire says there’s no current shortage of Adderall Extended Relief.

Carbray says the problems at the moment seem to involve shortages of 5 milligram and 20 milligram tablets of the instant-relief variety. The result is that pharmacists are having to mix and match different dosage combinations to get patients the right amounts for their prescriptions, according to Carbray.

He says it stands to reason that, if legitimate users are having trouble getting Adderall, illegal users like college students will be having even more difficulty. That’s because virtually all illegal Adderall usage involves someone getting the drug from a person who has a prescription.

One California study found that full-time college students in the 18-22 age group were twice as likely to have used Adderall as non-students. A recent report in a University of Virginia newspaper quoted one illegal Adderall dealer as saying sales of the drug spike just before mid-terms and finals.

While students who use Adderall as a “neuroenhancer” claim it helps them stay awake and focused for long periods of time, use of the drug comes with some ugly risks. Side effects from overdoses can include confusion, uncontrollable shaking, depression, irregular heartbeats, hallucinations, upset stomach and loss of appetite, even vomiting and diarrhea.”

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