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Pointe shoes: Behind the scenes at NYCB, Happy New Year!

Well and lovingly used Grishko shoes

A wonderful New York Times blog post. This is an excellent article with lovely photos. A great way to end my 2013 Blog year.  To read the article click HERE.

Wishing all my friends and readers the  
Happiest of New Years!

Handmaiden of Venus/Aphrodite

The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli c. 1485–1486. 

The Painting: A depiction of Hesiod’s version of the birth of Aphrodite “based on the derivation of her name from aphros ‘foam’, by which she emerged fully grown from the sea at Paphos in Cyprus or on Cythera. For when Cronos had cut off the genitals of her father Uranus, he flung them into the sea; the foam gathered around them and they were transformed into a woman.” From: Who’s Who in Classical Mythology. Oxford University Press 1993, p36.

The elusive Roman presence: A dear friend and frequent reader has proposed that a Roman commander was responsible for the creation of the temple beneath the undercroft of the chapel at Crag Abbey. Certainly Romans of some sort were responsible as they are Roman Goddesses. Perhaps I do have a Roman military commander to thank for the temple to Venus and the other goddesses surviving after the roman invasion. Although, as I’ve written elsewhere modern scholarship has the limits of the Roman Empire in the British Isles being well south of Loch Ness. 

Or, perhaps it was retired Legionnaires who married into the community and then moved north who claimed the spring for their own and built the temple over it in this easily defensible location. Be that as it may the leader who had the temple constructed has not introduced him to me nor have I felt his presence when in the temple or elsewhere in the abbey. But I will be on the lookout for signs of his presence.

A handmaiden of Venus: In the temple and elsewhere I see myself primarily as a handmaiden of the Roman goddess Venus (who to the Greeks was Aphrodite) the Goddess of love and giver of beauty and sexual attraction. Of course I can’t make every woman beautiful, but I can work with individuals to make the best use of their physical and mental gifts to be as attractive as possible to men. And I see this role as fully compatible with being a Druid Priestess in the service of the Earth Mother where my job is to encourage men to plant their seed and multiply

As for the other temple deities, I don’t relate strongly with the other three Goddess depicted in the mosaic, but do take strength from some of their attributes. My not being virgin nor chaste nor wanting children hasn’t seemed to have affected my relationship with the others. Perhaps they can see my usefulness to the time in which I live and the lifestyle I lead.

  • I’m not close to Diana/Artemis because of her association with virginity, except for her protection of children and wild things.
  • I’m not close to Minerva/Athena goddess of the household and craftsmen and in the case of her Greek forebear, War.
  • I’m not close to Juno/Hera Goddess of Childbirth, marriage and woman’s life and a strong believer in chastity.

Seduction in gasmasks: The girls and I got some of our toys out of the boxes we had sent ahead. The thing I like about girls in gasmasks is that sometimes they can hide our identities especially if the men who are seducing us aren’t very familiar with our bodies. Bea, Tanaquil and I are very close to the same size, weight, body shape and have very similar voices. Willow and the Swan twins are quite similar in physical and vocal patterns and tone so with our rabbit fur hoods hiding our hair, M10 gasmasks hiding our faces and no tats or birthmarks to help tell us apart we can cloud if not hide our identities.  For the Swan twins and I gasmasks have additional desirable attributes in that even with the cheek filters removed they are hot to wear and have a heavy musky, rubbery scent in addition to making it a bit more difficult to breathe during orgasm when trying to scream and gasp for breath at the same time. I love times like that being filled with semen while struggling to breathe with rubber protecting my identity while the silicone rubber Oves or diaphragm protects my cervix while a lover does his biological best to seduce and impregnate an attractive woman whose identity he doesn’t know.

Ballet boots at Crag Abbey: It must be the masochist in me that I’ve decided to wear ballet boots for a few hours each day to give myself a bit of BDSM that I’ve begun to miss and to keep my calves in shape for ballet heels. With the rough wooden and uneven stone floors and staircases I’m wearing heel guard to prevent getting a heel stuck in a floor board or turned on an uneven stone.  The good news is the stone staircases are marvelous exercise running up and down them in ballet heels. The laces have to be extra tight and I’m wearing a pair of thick woolen socks to get my insteps wedged properly into the boots for running, such as it is. Actually, running isn’t my problem as much as trying to stop w/o falling.

Of course if pursued in ballet-boots I can’t run as fast as when in pointes, but still I’m surprisingly fast. I have to remember not to fight using my heels because if I drop the heel guards I can ruin attackers’ legs with a single slash and with a dancer that would be a great shame as there are too few men in ballet as it is.

Shopping in Inverness: Some of the other girls and I went shopping in Inverness since we were beginning to get cabin fever regardless of how amazing the sex or opulent our surroundings at the Abbey. After a Christmas of lingerie, perfume and sex toys I was in the mood for something outrageous.  While the other girls went looking for handmade woolens; sweaters, scarves and gloves I went off on my own.

Jack suggested I look in on a tiny jewelry shop in the High street. The owner is an elderly jewelry maker and uses some of the Scottish gold from the mine on one of His Grace’s estates. He knew immediately I was from the house-party at the Abbey and even who I was, but then I’m the only redhead in the group. Gossip is as fast in the Highlands as anywhere else in the world.

When I asked to see his pieces made Scottish Gold the owner said he had been expecting me since the Autumnal equinox which gave me a chill. None of the Scottish gold pieces were on display. He said they were for special clients. He went in to the back and came back with a small velvet box. The item of Scottish gold I bought was a high relief depiction in exquisite detail of Aphrodite rising from the sea and it weighs about 1/2oz of 18 ct. gold. It came with a matching 18 inch chain of the same gold. It looks magnificent around my neck and I decided to wear it out of the shop. After I’d paid for the pendent he wrapped the box for me and as I turned to leave he put his hand on my arm and stopped me. He called me priestess Jillian and said the Earth Mother wanted me to have a pendent sufficiently large for all to see during my ceremonial activities and had blessed him with the task of providing such a ceremonial pendent He had Made what she wanted me to have years ago and had been waiting for me to come to him because the Earth Mother told him I would.

He locked the door to the shop and took me in the back room where he opened the large safe and withdrew a large flat ebony box. He opened it and there was a much larger pendent depicting a scene identical to the one I’d just bought, the birth of Aphrodite. The larger one weighs a bit more than 2 oz. and is also of 18ct gold with a massive chain rather like medieval chains of office. The old man said the Goddess wants me to wear the larger pendent on ceremonial occasions such as the celebration of astronomical events in my capacity as a priestess.  There is no clasp. It fits over the head. When he put it over my head the wide chain links on my shoulders support the weight of the massive pendent on my chest and I could feel it pulsing as though it was alive. I was in tears as we both briefly admired my reflection in a mirror then he helped me take it off and place it carefully back in its box.
When I asked how much it cost he said it had been paid for. I was speechless and pondered how the Goddess works in strange ways as he wrapped the ebony box and its treasure. I thanked him with a kiss and went off to find my friends. The smaller pendent I’ll wear daily as a talisman of my dedication to Venus/Aphrodite while the larger I will keep safe and wear only for celebrations when I’m the Goddesses representative in appropriate ceremonies.

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Christmas at Crag Abbey

Christmas Gaynors with Reflexions and introducer

The photo: A pair of my Gaynor Minden hard shanked play shoes worn for Christmas showing the wear from ‘winging’, putting my weight on my big toes when en pointe. The satin covered platforms wear through much quicker on the rough wood and stone floors of the abbey. On Christmas day I was CD11 and fertile. I should ovulate this coming Friday, 12/28.  So in addition to the Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix I’m ‘double bagging’ and wearing my diving diaphragm, the latex Reflexions, over it for an additional layer of protection because of the number of different men and frequency of my taking them.

Pointe shoes at Christmas: The choreographer Christopher Wheeldon (quoted in the January 2014 issue of Dance Magazine) said “Chorographers gravitate to fantasy, escape and romance because these are themes that work in the pointe shoe.” I totally agree! However, I like to bring a bit of fantasy and romance into my every day life and the lives of those around me as well and slake my shoe fetish at the same time by wearing pointes as much as I can, which is to say as much as I want.

So I’m wearing pairs of red satin hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes this Christmas, pink 50 denier leggings and matching wool leg warmers under a red wool skirt trimmed with white rabbit fur. Jack said I look a bit like one of Santa’s ballet–girl helper elves, requisitioned by His Grace to help coordinate the Abbeys more intimate holiday activities.

The Abbey Christmas tree: His Grace has a small stand of Douglas fir trees on a well drained and sunny spot on this estate from which he has the Abbey’s Christmas tree harvested each year. It’s brought into the Great Hall and erected and decorated two weeks before Christmas. Everyone’s presents were placed under its branches and we all gathered around it after breakfast Christmas morning to open our Gifts. The trees were planted specifically for harvesting as Christmas trees by his grandfather when he decided that the Abbey would be rebuilt and used as the families seat since the properties that came with the Abbey were extremely valuable for scarce timber and minerals.

Lighting the Yule log:  The Yule log was cut from a huge oak which had toppled last year somewhere on the estate. It had been cut and drying for almost 18 months and was cut to fit in the massive fireplace in the Abbey’s Great Hall. When we arrived late Sunday afternoon the girls and I participated in the ceremony lighting it with the remains of the log that was burned here last Christmas. It will burn in the huge fireplace for the next few days, perhaps until the New Year and will always be attended. Reminiscing, Himself said he recalls helping light the Yule log in his Grandfathers time when the Abbey was mostly ruins.

The solstice ceremonial costumes: During a dawn ceremony on Monday in the outer bailey of the Abbey the initiate’s ceremonial costumes were burnt. I convinced His Grace that the Earth Goddess would look with favor on saving parts of the woman’s ceremonial costumes for our protection during our stay at the Abbey because as priestesses there is a cachet in a male guest breeding any of us, which is how having sex with us is thought of during this festive three week period.

I’m certain the men, if they give it any thought, know we are using effective contraception. Even so the fantasy that one or more of the priestesses, or other female guests, will become pregnant from their efforts during the house-party is something that - knowing the male ego as I do - they all fantasize about or perhaps even wish for.

I asked His Grace for this favor because I’d already had encounters twice with men (other than Jack) on Sunday night and been thrown against the bare stone walls of a staircase and taken with vigor. I’d say those encounters were brutal if I hadn’t enjoyed them so much. However, the walls are ice cold, rough and hard and the other women aren’t nearly as masochistic as I am and we all could be badly bruised or even have a bone broken when thrown against such unyielding walls.

Breeding vests: What I suggested was to have his seamstresses take apart the shearling robes that the priestess had worn; removing the sleeves, cowl and lower part of the robe so that it ends mid thigh while leaving the high collar and letting us keep the white Mountain Hare hoods to protect our heads when worn with the modified robe that has become a long shearling vest that protects the woman’s back and buttocks from the rough, hard, cold stone walls when taken spontaneously. His Grace readily agreed and called the resulting garment a ‘breeding vest’ which proved to me that he harbored the same fantasy as his male guests. His leather crafters quickly opened the seams, removed the unneeded parts and finished the edges so the garments looked like purpose made vests.  So of the women’s ceremonial costumes our Freed shoes, sleeves, cowls and the bottom section of the robes were burnt as offering to the Earth Goddess while we continue to use the other portions as breeding vests in her service honoring her every time we are penetrated during this festive season. And, they work wonderfully for warmth and protection from the stone walls of the Abbey!

Male sports: In the bad weather here the men have been skeet shooting off one of the abbeys terraces on the west side of the Abbey when clouds lift and the rain and sleet stop. Jack is the best shot followed by His Grace and the others. Chris, our male Gyn, is a surprisingly good shot. And there are cards. Himself is an amazing card player and while he was with me for Thanksgiving he won several thousand dollars at a rival casino. So, the guys are playing for matchsticks because Himself knows most of the other men can’t afford to loose money and he doesn’t have anything to prove to any of them which would make him hyper competitive rather than being a good host.

Another facet of the male as hunter is rape fantasies, which turned out to be far more popular than I had thought. Perhaps because the men know they are dealing with beautiful and very experienced women and there will be no consequences for them, unless they seriously injure a partner, so they let slip some of their civilized veneer and acted like the animals men are. Tanaquil had alerted me that rape ‘fantasies’ were part of some very sophisticated European house parties so I told the other girls what we could expect. It turned out that the possibility of spontaneous rough sex with handsome virile men known to be sexually safe, from the standpoint of STIs, was quite a turn on for most of the women and certainly for me. 

His Grace’s French ballerina, ‘Mademoiselle Oui’, was one of the first to be taken. She was caught unprepared in a hallway and didn’t enjoy it as much as she has during later rape encounters. She has even come around to wearing her old pink satin Repetto pointe shoes now since she found I was right that pointes give her more options when being impaled on a staircase. After her first encounter of that sort she came to me for comfort and guidance. She is in her early 30s and not nearly as sophisticated as she thought she was. She has a Mirena IUD inserted so she should be safe enough, but she suffers from vaginal dryness, a common hormonal contraceptive side effect. I gave her some DiveGel+ applicators which should temporarily cure her dryness and stabilize her pH as she enjoys sampling the male guests.

Women as prey – prepositioning supplies: Given how spontaneously sexually active we are Tanaquil, who has years of  experience planning country house parties, suggested we preposition feminine supplies in some of the most heavily used areas like staircases and upper hallways. Things like condoms (which none of us use), prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (used here primarily as a vaginal pH stabilizer), baby wipes and tampons to absorb the liquefied ejaculate that can never be entirely Kegeled into a baby wipe. Housekeeping had wicker baskets that blended in and that could be easily hidden behind tapestries on the walls for both the supplies and the trash after use. We try to ‘get caught’ on the staircases as the risers give us more opportunities to be taken en pointe and adjust our height to that of our partner.

I think it’s useful for the men to think of us as playthings or in some instances as prey during the house-party as then it’s easier to mind fuck them. And, at least with my girls we are all so strong, as far as pelvic musculature is concerned, that we can relax and let the man have his way until he is inside us and then we have him! Because we are then able to wrap our arms and legs around him and ripple grip him to orgasm in a few minutes regardless of how experienced and proud he is of his iron will and marvelous control. Or worst case, if he is hurting us we can tighten until we cause the blood reservoirs in his penis to rupture and at that point all he wants to do is escape. If that happens he will never be the same no matter how skilled his reconstructive urologist is.  

The Christmas feast: Was held in the late afternoon in the Great Hall as befits any medieval baron, who His Grace reminds everyone of, with his family around him. He and his house guests sat at high table while the staff and estate employees sat at tables below us while the kitchen and serving staff struggled to serve everyone quickly, efficiently and pleasantly. The menu was staggering with venison, roast beef, turkey, pheasant, and potatoes, green veggies of all kinds with mince pie, plum pudding and ice cream with coffee and wine to wash it down. It was exceptionally well done for both the food and service. Later in the evening some of the guests who are professional performers were expected to perform briefly so Willow and I couldn’t eat as much as we might have had we not been dancing later.

A three act strip show: After dinner Mademoiselle Oui, Willow and I performed briefly. Each doing a brief piece to recorded music, to hold the men’s attention.

Mademoiselle Oui Stripped to ‘Bolero’: Wonderfully done with great sensitivity. She captivated Himself and drew him into her act by draping her cast off garments on his shoulders except her G-string which she inverted and slipped it over his head like a mask so he could inhale through the scent of her vaginal musk. Then she was down to her pink satin Repetto pointes and pasties.

For New Years she will dance the Dying Swan.

Willow stripped to ‘Toyland’ all 4 verses, played twice: I’ve been working with Willow since she joined my troupe on a holiday striptease routine because I knew she would be coming along to His Grace’s Christmas celebration and professional performers are given an opportunity to perform in the Christmas Show at the Abbey in front of the family and house-guests. We decided that a seasonal song for her would be Toyland:

“Toyland, Toyland, beautiful girl and boy land
While you dwell within it you are ever happy there
Childhood's joy land, mystic and merry Toyland
Once you passed its borders you can never return again”

She stripped out of a Santa suit of sorts… down to her Penetrator plug and pink satin Gaynor pointes, no pasties, and her performance was very well received.

For New Years She and one of the POB men are going to dance the balcony pas de deux from Romeo and Juliette. A week isn’t much time to get that down solid with a partner never worked with before, but they are committed to doing it.

I stripped to ‘Santa Baby’ Eartha Kitt’s version, all 8 verses:

“Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree, For me.
been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight.”

I stripped out of a skirt and blouse that were made up of seven individual Hermès scarves loosely knotted together, shedding them one by one until I too was down to red satin GM pointes a Penetrator and a smile. Then I walked among the audience adding a jet or two of breast milk to their coffee if they wished. I was pleased to see that several who usually take their coffee black had me add milk. 

For New Years I and another of the POB men will dance the Black Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake. Again that isn’t much time, but if we concentrate and our chemistry is good there is a good chance we can dance it well.

Boxing Day: Today, the day after Christmas (12/26), is Boxing Day. In England it traditionally had been a day to give gifts to those in service positions and on His Grace’s estates it continues to be celebrated that way. However, in general the day has morphed into a bank holiday and a day of sales by merchants and football games between professional and local teams. This year Himself gave all his employees Barbour waterproof sweaters. Here at the Abbey his employees, including everyone in the village that supports the abbey, gathered in the Great Hall for the distribution of gifts.  

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Pointe shoe quiz 12-24-2013

Who is the maker of these shoes?

 A Christmas gift… An easy quiz.

Merry Christmas 2013

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases!

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Crag Abbey

Loch Ness from the mountains near Crag Abbey

Location Z: While pleased to get away from the commercialism and crowds of Stonehenge the weather in the highlands surrounding Loch Broom could hardly have been less appealing for outside celebrations even for the Earth Goddess. Himself insists The Goddess is testing her believers to see if their faith is strong enough to brave frigid conditions to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Perhaps. His Grace has done everything possible to make the celebrants as comfortable as possible under difficult circumstances. I think the miserable weather is almost certainly why Location Z was abandoned. Of course His Grace isn’t going to abandon it when it is on his property and under his control.

UK weather: We were fortunate to have just missed a severe storm off the Atlantic by traveling from Ullapool to the mountains around Loch Ness on Sunday Dec 22. Trains from London were still on time as well on the 22nd.  As this is being written on Monday December 23rd southern England and western Scotland are having severe storms with heavy rain and high winds in the south and snow and Ice in the north especially in the mountains. We are quite snug here at Crag Abbey behind solid walls and a lead roof and with a large generator in the inner bailey with several months of fuel if the power goes out. His Grace had the power line right of ways freshly cleared in the fall and much of the line up from Inverness is buried so perhaps we won’t have a commercial power interruption. Crossing fingers!

On Sunday after a full English breakfast the initiates were sent on their way with gamekeepers to take them home and we loaded our things in the Range Rovers for the trip east to Loch Ness and the climb to Crag Abbey. The trip in sleet and snow took four hours, but was uneventful with the private road up to the abbey well plowed. The abbey’s looming outer bailey walls and drawbridge are modeled on 13th C examples that can still be seen elsewhere in England.  The Abbey is beautifully decorated for Christmas with boughs of holly and other winter greens and a huge Christmas tree in the Great Hall. The restored keep with its wings of guest rooms, small suites mostly, had been pre-assigned and our things were unloaded and unpacked by the staff while we had a late lunch and awaited the arrival of the rest of the guests. I took the opportunity to visit the Roman temple kept under lock and key with Jack. I think it is one of my favorite spots as I feel close to the Goddess there. I think that’s because before the Romans built on this location it was the site of a holy spring belonging to the earth Goddess whom I serve. I talked Jack into lending me a key to the Chapel so I can worship privately since we will be here through the New Year.

The Roman temple at Crag Abbey: From my post for Tuesday, July 12, 2011 entitled: ‘Deer stalking, Crag Abbey and the heir’  “I was particularly interested in the mosaic images of Roman Goddesses in the floor of the chapel which is the part of the abbey that was the least damaged by neglect over the centuries. The part that archeologists have found puzzling is that the mosaics appear to be of Roman origin perhaps of the 1st or 2nd centuries CE, long before Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire and much further north than the Romans were believed to have penetrated in Scotland. There are representations of four powerful Roman Goddesses; Venus, Diana, Minerva, and Juno, which together are said to be unique.”  For more about the temple see the post referenced above.

Christmas reunion: Other guests at Crag Abbey for Christmas are Taryn (on holiday from Cambridge), Cyndi, Fiona (and Major Tree) and Tanaquil, (who runs Taryn’s Porn empire and lives in Paris). It is like something out of Downton Abbey (before WWI) as far as the splendor, servants and service is concerned, but with all the modern convinces. What were needed were men for the women. His Grace had his French ballerina from the POB, I had Jack, and Fiona had Maj. Tree, but the rest; Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile, Beth, Taryn, Cyndi and Tanaquil needed dinner and bed partners. Tanaquil, who procured the men worked to order knowing we needed men who could perform expertly in bed and were good shots while hunting. There was also the requirement that at least two or three are virile ballet dancers as we needed partners in the women’s daily ballet classes.  

Our male partners along with Tanaquil came over from Paris (first class - His Grace is footing the bill) on the Eurostar and then from London to Inverness on the overnight train (a 12 hour trip) getting in to Inverness about Noon. They were picked up by several estate Range Rovers. As money was no object Tanaquil brought elite European escorts and POB dancers thoroughly screened, heterosexual and virile. Not that we were going to stay monogamous for the house-party. The whole point was to share men so that all the women as well as His Grace and Jack could sample as many different partners as possible. The sex has been marvelous! The women are all relaxed and draining coitial discharge. With this many men to play with we have to be careful to use plenty of DiveGel+ which has a pH balancing formulation that minimizes the likelihood of some of us contracting Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) from having so many different sets of bacteria introduced into our vaginas.   

Will she or won’t she: I’m not sure if His Graces partner, the POB Ballerina, plans to sample other men. If she decides not to sample the male smorgasbord available for our pleasure it will be her loss. However, I’m not sure what method of contraception she is using so that may have some bearing on her decision. I wasn’t sure about her sexual history and health, but Himself required her to have a full STI panel and she is clean and should be safe enough.

Certainly His Grace won’t miss this opportunity to inseminate as many beautiful athletic women as he possibly can and the fact that we all take our men with them bareback is an opportunity not to be missed. Certainly Jack is interested in his father’s bedmate which I understand completely. We have been wondering about the strength of her grip. I imagine she is very tight with all the time she has spent en pointe, but probably not as well muscled and tight as I am. It will be interesting to hear his comparison of us when I ask.


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Winter Solstice 2013

The Winter Solstice in the north
The photo: A picture I like depicting sunrise on the winter solstice. I like it because it looks like it is extremely cold, which is what we encountered at Location Z. Actually, the lunar phase on 20 December 2013 Friday is Waning Gibbous. The current moon phase is from Full: 2013-12-17 09:29 to Last Quarter: 2013-12-25 13:50. The moon is growing smaller (old moon) from a Full Moon on 2013-12-17. It was snowing heavily so we saw neither the sun nor the moon on the morning of December 21st at Location Z.

The weather on the solstice: The area around Ullapool averages 21 days of precipitation in Decembers. Loch Broom isn’t called the Loch of showers for nothing! So it wasn’t surprising, regardless of how hard we prayed for dry weather, that it had snowed all night and was still snowing at sunrise when the ceremony was underway. The weather was miserable for outside activity with the temperature at 29° F with a 21 mph southeasterly wind across the solar observatory.

Snowbound again: The afternoon of the 20th Jack and I plowed the road up to Location Z. It had been raining at sea level and snowing up there all day with a brisk wind so the road was drifted closed, but not as badly as when we plowed it the first time. Then we went back down to pull enclosed and heated carts carrying the junior Goddesses, initiates and support workers up to the site. We spent the short (for us) night in sleeping bags on cots in heated tents listening to the wind howl around us. I don’t think any of us got much sleep.

Shearling capes, cowls and booties: Himself had decreed that his craftsmen would make warmer ceremonial robes for the Goddesses and initiates concelebrating the Winter Solstice at Location Z and his craftsmen performed beautifully making us all sets of ankle length capes and hoots with 2 inch thick wool on the insides. The Men’s capes were cut more generously so that when they mounted us on the altars their capes and cowls fit over ours forming a seal of sorts. So if anything I was too hot once a male initiate had mounted me and we were united with him thrusting lustily into my nether parts. The trick for me was to hold the one I’d just fucked senseless close until his replacement was ready to mount me.

At Himself’s insistence we wore new Freed pointes (just barely broken in) while on the altars walking from our dressing tent in waterproof shearling boots similar to ballet warm-up booties except heavier and waterproof and toasty warm!

Hoods from hares: The Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) is Britain's only native member of the rabbit/hare group. The women of the village supporting His Grace’s hunting lodge had again made rabbit fur hoods with attached capes over the neck, throat and shoulders, for all the visiting altar girls, from the white winter coats of the Mountain Hare. They are beautifully made delightfully warm and were fitted individually over our hair after we arrived. They are ceremonial altar clothing for warmth and head protection while being repeatedly inseminated on behalf of the earth goddess at sunrise on celestially important occasions when ritual seed planting is called for.

Secondary altar precedence: With the four secondary altars available on the North, South, East and West of the principal altar all my girls were major participants. Returning readers will recall that the North altar is close to the cliff edge, but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner(s) on the North altar should be quite safe. Cyndi had the first choice during the Autumnal equinox as His Grace’s granddaughter. Willow is taking her place for this celebration and being another granddaughter of His Grace she has precedence and like Cyndi chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun.

The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied in the fall; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. However, the wind was stronger and from the south so she was in somewhat greater danger this time. Still, Odile is a risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away, but we did insist she and her partners wear safety harnesses.

Beth bleeds: Beth, my PA/dresser, has a GyneFix implanted and was menstrual with the rest of us and her period ended a day or so ago. However, since she was working with Jack for this celebration guiding initiates to and from the altars she wore a Diva cup as women not participating as ritual sacrifices bleed when they are within the circle of stones comprising the observatory proper. She didn’t believe she would start bleeding again as her cycles are very regular, but she did which has probably reset her cycle by three days. We shall see. She was ok with 800 mg of Ibuprofen and the activity on the site took her mind off the return of her menses. She had worn her menstrual cup more to please me than because she thought she would need it. She is now a believer!

Celebrants prep: At 8:00 AM in the men’s tent His Grace and Jack began prepping the initiates giving them their Cialis and shots of Gorse brandy to build their confidence, assertiveness and to counteract the cold. Beth did the same for Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile and me in the ladies tent. Then 20 minutes before sunrise we all inserted a 10 ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ to make certain that we would be well lubed and I had checked my Oves to make certain it was screwed down tight on my cervix as I was feeling as though I might be fertile, though it would be a day early and unusual, but then if that’s what the Goddess wanted then who am I to question her plan. After putting on our Freed Classics we stuffed our feet into the shearling boots. Then Beth helped us into our shearling robes. They were wonderfully warm, but quite heavy though we only had 20 yards to walk to the altar cluster.

The men: there were fifteen initiates, from the ages of 14 through 17, who supposedly had not had vaginal sex with a woman, though I’m sure working with His Graces flocks of black face sheep they have had penile vaginal sex with ewes. We Goddesses had three each and I had Himself and Jack as well. I wasn’t sure His Grace would feel strong enough and I was concerned that he might have a heart attack and die on top of me on the altar, but he did remarkably well. I was gentle with him and he gave me an orgasm before planting his seed in me.

The initiates had all been screened for STIs and problems that might cause them to falter while attempting to fuck the brains out of a Goddess.  Though we met them all the night before te only one I remember is Malcolm who is the brother of one of my favorites from last time, Donald. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help comparing the two as far as technique and stamina is concerned. I thought Malcolm was more confident and assertive and wanted to control the encounter as I think a man should. Try I mean. But in these ritual encounters I top from the bottom and he found he couldn’t control his ejaculations when I ripple gripped him. After the second time he just hung on while I moved my hips to position him to give me a G-spot orgasm and then got myself off while fucking his brains out. All through our encounter he stayed wonderfully hard so he was a delight to play with.

Ritual seed planting: A few minutes before sunrise as we were all on the altars with the first males of the ceremony the snow fall became much heavier so it was very difficult to see more than a few feet. Jack helped Odile on to the Northern altar and both of them as well as the initiates wore safety harnesses in case a strong gust tried to blow them off the edge. Fortunately that didn’t happen though I thought of the talk about a blood sacrifice. But I suppose that could be interpreted as Beth bleeding while assisting Jack in positioning initiates. The whole ceremony proceeded w/o incident which I was very grateful for since with the terrible weather the likelihood of a serious accident was quite high.

Afterward: With the weather slowing us down a bit we were through in three hours. After we changed back into our winter storm clothes the support staff shut the gas heaters down. While they were doing that I went with Jack on the dozer to plow the road so we could get out pulling the heated personnel carts after us. The road had drifted closed again but it took only a hour or so to clear it then go back for Himself, Jack, the girls and staff. Below the snow line jack put the dozer in the barn and we all climbed in to a caravan of Range Rovers and went back to the hunting lodge in heavy rain. By 3:00 PM it has stopped raining and the sun had actually appeared.

We had a celebratory dinner this evening with all he initiates and support staff. Then the initiates were bedded down in a large guest house with several of the male staff as chaperones, though I understand ewes were available if anyone felt the need. The boys will be taken back to their farms and villages in the morning.

The ritual burning of the Goddesses and initiates ceremonial clothing worn on the altars was postponed until we get to Crag Abbey where we will be spending Christmas.  The ritual fire of purification will occur within the castle walls in the fire pit where it will be safer to burn the robes, hoods and boots, not that it seemed likely to me with all the rain the fire was could get out of control, but Himself said that dry Gorse burns very easily even in wet weather so that was that. All in all it has been a wonderful day and I’m still draining Jacks semen as he was the last to take me.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Location Z, Snow bound

Mountains around Ullapool in winter.

The photo: Imagine a prehistoric solar observatory on top of one of those snow covered peaks and performing a ritual sacrifice – sexual intercourse with a virgin male - to the Goddess of the old ways, bringing fresh blood in to her service.

Highland walks and walkers: Ullapool is on the highland walks circuit. This time of year there are very few hill walkers as the weather is bad, so except for novices who are clueless and totally unprepared and often have to be rescued His Grace and Jack have the mountain to themselves. During warmer times of the year hill walkers are a nuisance as far as Himself is concerned and are often dissuaded from walking near the site by scary tales of lost and injured hikers that aren’t entirely false.

Snow bound: Gale force winds had closed the road, to the solar observatory above the snow line with deep drifts in several places.  Jack had anticipated that possibility and rented a large tracked snow plow, a Caterpillar D8T, to clear the snow drifts on at least part of the road up to Location Z. The one he rented has a two person temperature controlled cab that is relatively quiet and comfortable. It was parked in a barn at what is usually the snow line and one of His Grace’s Gamekeepers who lives near by keeps the propane heater in the barn going to make the big diesel easier to start.

During the fall, after the autumnal equinox, Jack had spent several weeks grading the trail into a road and laying tons of crushed stone with local labor and mule drawn carts to make it passable in wet weather. I wanted to go with him to plow the snow as I’d never ridden on a bulldozer, or had sex in the cab of a bulldozer, in the winter, on top of a mountain, in the snow, at a prehistoric solar observatory before. Or on a bulldozer at all come to that. John was expecting a very long and tiring day and didn’t want me along, but I insisted and it turned out he was very glad I went with him.

Returning readers will recall that motorized vehicles became inoperative about half way up the track during the fall equinox so we used mules to pull carts and wagons of equipment to the campsite. It was thought that the Goddess was opposed to modern equipment near the site. What Jack and I found was that if I was riding in the cab of the dozer he could drive it up the road plowing the drifts all the way to the top. However, if I got off the big machine wouldn’t operate at all lending some credence to the possibility that I have a special relationship to the site, which is what Himself has said all along.

Jack was amazed and I was too, but also secretly pleased that the Goddess had favored me in a way that I can control machinery (to a limited extent) when near her Holy site. At the very top the last bit of road was clear where the wind had blown almost all the snow off it and the observatory site as well. It looked as though a crew of people had swept it with brooms. Plowing the road had taken all morning, but Jack had originally thought it would require all day (before we found that the dozer would work all the way to the top if I was aboard) so it gave us time to go down and connect the equipment carts loaded with the dressing and dining tents and associated equipment and take them up to the staging location just below the crest and out of most of the wind where a crew of estate workers set it all up in preparation for the girls and I and the male initiates to dress (or undress, depending on your perspective) very early on the morning of the 21st.

Steamy sex: Given that his part of the preparations were completed early Jack was very pleased and we went off by ourselves on the dozer down the mountain a bit where there was a small clearing and I got to find out what fun it is to get fucked sitting on a man’s lap an a cozy dozer cab while the wind howls around it. I’m CD5 today and have pretty much stopped bleeding so I didn’t stain his jeans, but I don’t think that ever entered his mind he just wanted to fuck me in the middle of a snowstorm! For me CD5 is a time in my cycle when I could become fertile early so I was using DiveGel+ in the dome of an Omniflex and on his lap I controlled the direction and depth of thrusts so I could be sure he didn’t under-thrust my diaphragm and ejaculate in the dome when I might become fertile in the next few hours. We kept the motor idling and the heater going, but when we finished we still had to wipe the fog off the inside of the windows. I do so love steamy sex!

A bulldozer of the type rented to clear drifts to Loc. Z

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A safe flight, weather, pageviews

Grishko canvas slippers worn aboard Limnaea II.

The photo: My footwear aboard Limnaea II was the women’s Grishko ‘Ultimate’ split-sole canvas slipper instead of Gaynor Minden pointes. The G650 cabin is 6’5” which is plenty high for dancers to be on our toes in the cabin, but I chose slippers for safety reasons since if the plane hit rough air if I was en pointe which I probably would be if I was wearing pointes, I could sprain an ankle or worse and I really don’t need that.

Our flight:  Went beautifully and we even got a few hours sleep. As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m menstrual and began flowing heavily today. I’m wearing a Diva cup as I might have slept through filling my Milex and spilled blood in the bed. A Diva cup, even on my heaviest days will take 6+ hours to fill so I was good with that and used my Hitachi wand to Jill-off. Then I went right to sleep. 

McCarran to Dulles is 2,060 miles. Dulles to Inverness airport, Dalcross, Scotland is 3,416 miles. The total distance from McCarran international to Dalcross, Scotland is 5,476 miles.  The long range cruising sped of a G650 is Mach 0.85 or 647 mph. Add a 100 mph westerly jet stream aiding east bound flights makes the ground speed 747 mph. 5,476 miles /// 747 mph = 7.33 hours + 1.5 hour refueling and getting in and out of Dulles for a total of about 9 hours. Which was my rough calculation and it turned out to be Just about right.  We landed a few minutes after 3:00 PM (about sunset) in Dalcross, Scotland in a light rain and temps in the high 30s F. We had eaten on the plane and Jack and the drivers ate at the airport while waiting for us so we loaded the four Range Rovers Jack had brought to meet us and the two hour drive to Ullapool turned out to be three over rainy mountain roads in the dark. 

Weather forecast for Northwestern Scotland:

It doesn’t appear that we will be having any sort of descent weather for the Winter Solstice at Location Z:

“Issued at - 17 Dec 2013, 12:16
Valid from - 20 Dec 2013, 15:00
Valid to - 21 Dec 2013, 15:00

An area of heavy, rain along with strong to gale force winds, is expected to cross the UK from Friday afternoon and through Saturday morning. This will bring some locally large accumulations, particularly on hills, and following previous wet weather is likely to lead to some localised flooding across western parts of Scotland, Wales and England.”

Specifically for Ullapool: Heavy rain Friday night and early Saturday morning with wind in excess of 30 mph. With temperature at Ullapool (sea level) of 44° F at sunrise (9:00 AM) which will probably be at least 34° at the site of the observatory.

Pageview milestone: This blog, Jill’s World, received its one millionth pageview while we were somewhere over the Atlantic. It was in May of 2009 that I began the blog when I migrated from Yahoo at the suggestion of Eric ‘VanMan’. Thank you Eric! One million pageviews in four and a half years is not too shabby! I realize it’s not quite the readership of the New York Times, but I’m very pleased.

Jet-lag: It’s 3:00AM here and I need to post this. So far I’m not doing too well in adjusting to the eight hour time difference from Vegas. I’m supposed to lead a ballet class in 5 hours! Sigh!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aboard Limnaea II, Crag Abbey

A G650 similar to the one I’ve borrowed for our winter solstice trip

The photo: A typical G650 seating arrangement. The plane I have been loaned has the Universal Aft Galley 15/6 configuration which accommodates 15 passengers with sleeping accommodations for 6. That gives me room for my wards; Bea, Odette, Odile and Willow as well as Beth, my PA/Dresser/Divemaster, and myself. And the chairs, if they are needed, are super comfy to sleep in as well.

The seats are wonderfully soft leather. I had the servicer make sure all the leather had two treatments of leather conditioner and stain repellent applied as returning readers will recall all the women passengers will be menstrual on the outbound leg of our journey and may have menstrual sex while in one of the beige leather reclining seats. Can you imagine dark menstrual blood with clots on that lovely soft leather? In the loan agreement there is a clause that the aircraft will be returned to the owner in the condition in which it was received or the borrower pays any costs necessary to restore it to that state.

Possible purchase: I’ve christened the G650 ‘Limnaea II’, well at least temporarily. If I buy one it will be new not even slightly used. The Gulfstream rep says he has a deal for me. One with the cabin config. I like (the Universal Aft Galley 15/6) was contracted for by a North Dakota oil man whose gambling obsession overtook his common sense when he bet his company on a card turn at blackjack and lost. I love the balls some high rollers have!

The casino isn’t interested in the aircraft so he lost the down payment and the plane was repossessed (if that’s the proper term) w/o ever being in his possession. There is still a government program to help qualifying entities buy aircraft and like Limnaea it would be held in one of my corporation’s names. I think I may even have some leverage of my own to bring down my out-of-pocket cost if I decide to buy.

Beth: I rarely mention any of my staff, but Beth is special. She is my Personal Assistant/Dresser/Divemaster and she literally knows where the bodies are buried and why. She’s a 27 y/o brunette, and it took me a while to find her. She came to work for me in April 2010 has a Doctorate in Biology from UNLV and has ‘Family’ ties in Vegas. She is about to complete her Ph.D. in Psychology.

She is into fetishes so she took Taryn’s place when I go on cleanup projects. She’s a highly qualified SCUBA dicer and has been taking ballet lessons (she took when in high school) so is now quite proficient at pointework (for an amateur) and lovely with amazing stamina in ballet boots. She has no current boyfriend. Guys seem to shy away when they find she is connected. She has proved a loyal and hardworking employee I’m giving her more responsibility with Bea and the Swan twins and have begun to include her when we have a man who needs a partner since she is excellent in bed. Pirate wanted her as an escort. She has been through the Escort and Courtesan College courses and worked for him for six months getting rave reviews. However, she came to me wanting more adventure as she knew I sometimes do cleanup for her family as well as high risk dive encounters and said she wanted to work for me because (she said) “You meet such interesting men”.

I was very pleased as I had been watching her thinking I would approach her. She is like a member of my family. She loves her work and is very well paid. Like my Wards Beth has a GyneFix implanted a deep post-pubic vault and a very strong vaginal grip. She takes a 75mm diaphragm and I need to find her a ‘death rubber’ one preferably that she can harvest herself. And, because we are together taking class and during our business day we are in menstrual synchrony so she is menstrual right now like most of the rest of us. Given we can all be a bit edgy while bleeding we get on amazingly well.

Packing for Ullapool, Loc. Z and Crag Abbey: In addition to our slit-kits we are all packing our practice clothes and pointe shoes, Freeds for me as well as Gaynors, in case I’m asked to perform. If I am I’ll use a ball gown as a costume. We will be staying at the castle over Christmas as the guests of His Grace who has a French ballerina currently sharing his bed. The castle has a heated ballet studio Himself had converted from a large tower room for Cyndi. It is fully equipped with a Marley floor, barres on three walls, wall to ceiling mirrors and triple glazed windows overlooking Loch Ness to the east in the distance.

Crag Abbey: Begun by the Benedictines in the early 12th century as a place of refuge and contemplation it was overrun in the mid 13th C by the local Clan whose Laird then added greatly to its fortification, but it still was known as Crag Abbey. Built over a natural spring of fresh water the Abbey was never again captured by force, but due to its isolation its occupants were either starved into surrendering or it was bypassed. One of the Dukes ancestors came by the Abbey and the thousands of hectares surrounding it as part of the marriage settlement when he married the Laird’s only daughter.

Said to have been owned by a Warlock and considered bad luck by the locals no one would work the property and it languished unwanted for several hundred years until it passed into His Grace’s family. It turned out the original laird was a very distant relation of His Grace and therefore he believed he was safe from any spells that might have been cast on the property when Cromwell’s men were tearing it down. The story goes that the surrounding villagers accepted the new Laird’s explanation and the property began to be put to use again.

Over an interval of nine years Himself had the ruins of the thirteenth castle lovingly restored. From the outside it must appear every bit as foreboding as the original 13th C one. The giveaway from outside is the triple glazing of all windows and well fitting doors. The castle was built with wall thickness called for in the thirteenth C and every room has a working fireplace, but with modern amenities; hot water baseboard heat, full bathrooms with hot and cold running water in every suite and triple glazed windows and tightly sealed doors to keep out drafts and muffle sounds of rough sex. Water is supplied by a very deep well that tapped a large aquifer of pure water that eventually flows into Loch Ness. The Roman temple ruins in the undercroft of the original Abbey chapel now incorporated into the fabric of the restored fortifications have been lovingly preserved behind thick wooden doors to prevent the possibility of pilferage of artifacts.

There’s really no easy way to get to the Abbey except by helicopter and that’s limited by bad weather. By road it’s down the A831 a small road to the east into the mountains off the A82 at Drumnadrochit on the west side of Loch Ness and then a further two hour drive into the mountains on a private road to the top of a steep crag to the castle. Fortunately His Grace has several helicopters so if weather permits we can be flown from his hunting lodge to the castle. Otherwise it’s at least a five hour drive from the hunting lodge outside Ullapool.

On our way: We are at McCarran and aboard Limnaea II so I need to get this posted.

Monday, December 16, 2013

St Lucy’s Nutcracker, winter solstice prep

Dead pointes from St Lucy’s Nutcracker performances

The photo: Some of the dead pointe shoes from performances of St. Lucy’s version of The Nutcracker. A pair of Bea’s Freeds are somewhere in the photo. Bea was Dew Drop this year a role I thought she excelled at, but I had coached her thoroughly. The only two adult males were dancers from my troupe who danced the Snow King and Sugarplum fairy’s Cavalier. It appeared to be a straight G-rated version as parents and the public were in attendance and was very well received.

Pelvic training equipment: However, all the girls in the corps who had reached menarche were wearing their Semina (coil spring) diaphragms whether they were menstrual or not. Returning readers will remember that Semina is the one with the lovely transparent pink silicone dome. It was a festive touch for the season! The Principals and soloists, all with deep post-pubic vaults, wore Labia Labs version of the Oves cervical cap and sets of one inch solid Pyrex Ben Wa balls. I had wanted to have them try performing with balls inserted and this was the first opportunity to have them actually do it.

Vaginal training: In addition to the normal ballet rehearsals for the Principals, Soloists and Corps I held closed pelvic rehearsals for the Principals and Soloists where the girls and I wore crotchless tights, our one inch Pyrex balls and no panties so if we expelled a ball while landing a jump, pirouette or during a développé everyone would know it. I went crotchless with my students so they would feel more at ease displaying their pubes in a professional setting and by dancing the pas de deux with the guys and landing the jumps, performing the pirouettes, fouettés and développés w/o dropping a ball to show them I could do what I was asking them to do.

The girls all had sex with my two male dancers during their Contemporary Sexual Health class labs so it wasn’t as though their partners hadn’t seen their vulvae before, so their anxiety was quickly over as everyone acted in a very professional manner, the guys didn’t sprout woodies in their dance belts and no one stared at their bare pubes - since it was well understood that the girls needed to become confident that they could perform with their one inch balls inserted w/o an accident. I was certain they could as it takes a lot of force to expel a one inch (.65 oz.) glass ball out of the deep post-vaginal vault of a well toned vagina.  

To build stamina we went over the several pas de deux and solos repeatedly. After the girls, all of whom had fully waxed pubes, got over the fact that they were working w/o a net during rehearsals they really tightened up and after the first run through during the first rehearsal they became much more confident and none dropped any balls. I was so proud of them!  For the performances they did wear tight fitting mesh thongs, invisible under tights and tutus, to catch an expelled ball to prevent it dropping down the leg inside her tights and ruining the line of the leg, but that proved to have been unnecessary. I was so pleased that none of my Ben Wa girls expelled a ball or balls during their performances!

First Response hCG testing: Willow took her first hCG test today and it showed negative. Of course it did, she is menstrual and bleeding heavily, but the regimen called for her testing today. Returning readers will remember she is Mitch’s primary training partner while we see if he can impregnate women using copper IUDs.  I think she is perfectly safe. She is using the FIRST RESPONSE Early Result Pregnancy Test that shows hCG as early as six days prior to the start of the woman’s period. Pirate is paying for her tests which are about $13 on-line, but since we buy in bulk for our escorts a two-pack is about $10 USD.

I’m taking pelvic training with Mitch frequently myself and, as returning readers may recall, I use an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my cervix, (when I’m not menstrual) so statistically I should be at a higher risk than women on hormones who are using their method correctly. I’m testing with Willow just to give her support and I don’t expect either of us to test positive, but we need to see if we can support Mitch and show he isn’t dangerous to women using Copper IUDs or cervical barriers when used correctly.

Cycles for the winter solstice: As this is being written (Sunday 12-15-2013) I’m CD1 and flowing lightly. I have a Milex Omniflex (silicone coil spring wide seal diaphragm) inserted for flow control. I should be in full flow tomorrow and have my heavy days on Tues. – Wed.  My Wards (Odette, Odile, and Bea) are now in synchrony with me. Willow got her GyneFix about three and a half weeks ago and she is menstrual now. This is her first period with a GyneFix implanted so it has been a heavy one, but not something she couldn’t handle with Ibuprofen and an iron rich diet.

So we will be CD7 +/- 2 on December 21st, the winter solstice, which means Willow certainly and some of the rest of us may be fertile during our celebrations as Druid Priestesses ritually offering our bodies and initiating new young male candidates in to the small community of believers in the old ways. All in my circle have copper GyneFix IUDs implanted and the men will have all been screened for STIs so we should all be as safe as possible as far as our contraception and sexual health is concerned. However, pneumonia from the weather is a distinct possibility.

Chris, our male Gyn who travels with us, has gone on ahead taking equipment we might need and to work with the local medical practitioner to scout and screen suitable candidates for initiation into the mysteries of the old ways. There was some talk during our Thanksgiving dinner about the possibility of a blood sacrifice to the goddess in addition to the ritual ones with genital fluids that I and my junior Priestesses will perform, but I’m not sure where that aspect of the ceremony stands.  The winter solstice celebrates death and the renewal of life so it seems appropriate that there should be death – in addition to the ‘little death’ (orgasm) that typically is the climax of the ceremony - associated with celebration of the winter solstice.

Inverness airport (IATA code: INV) Dalcross Scotland: Dalcross is much closer to Ullapool so we will be flying into Dalcross airport which is some six miles east down the coast from Inverness. The main runway at 6,190 feet is long enough to take a G650 at MTOW, maximum takeoff weight.

It’s about 56 miles up the A835 between Inverness and Ullapool then another few miles into the mountains to His Graces hunting lodge so it should take about one and a half to two hours depending on the weather. Jack will have a small fleet of Range Rovers meet us at the private air terminal.

Planned departure: We plan to leave at 1:00 AM on Tuesday the seventeenth which should give us three days to adjust to the eight hour time difference before the celebration on the twenty-first. The pilots want to top off our tanks at Dulles even though we have the range to fly non-stop. That way they say if there is a reroute or some in-flight delay we will have plenty of fuel. That also gives me an opportunity to drop off a very high priority item for the government that will be given to me at McCarran just before departure. 

Weather forecast for Tues. 12/17 arrival:

  • The Met forecast for Inverness for Tuesday 12/17 is intervals of sunshine temperatures in the high 30s and a southwesterly wind at 12 mph. 
  • The Met forecast for Ullapool for Tuesday 12/17 is for light rain temperature in the low 40s F and an 18 mph southerly wind.

The Met forecast for Ullapool for the winter solstice:
Light clouds with temperature 41 – 48.2 F at sea level with a 24 mph south westerly wind. Sunrise 09:04 Sunset 15:33. So at best (assuming 10° colder on site) it will be about at freezing with a strong wind off the ocean. With sunrise at 9:04 at least we won’t have to get up before 5:00 AM unless the weather turns really bad, or Himself decides otherwise.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pointe shoe quiz December 14, 2013

Who is the maker of this dancer’s shoes? 

The photo: This dancer is ‘winging’, taking all her weight on the inside edge, primarily the front corner of the platform and big toe.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Christmas tour of military hospitals, a G650 perhaps

A Gulfstream G650 like one we will be using for several weeks

Year end travel aboard a G650: ‘Limnaea’, my G550, is due for major engine overhaul on the 16th and the local Gulfstream rep is anxious to make a sale so he’s loaning me a G650 to take on our round-trip to the UK to celebrate the winter solstice. Adolph has accused me of wanting to ‘swan around’ in the 650, but he’s just jealous. I see it as taking advantage of an opportunity and it does have a lovely new aircraft scent to it.

I could get a good trade in on Limnaea, but I really don’t have a good reason to upgrade to a 650.  A 650 takes a hundred feet or so less runway to takeoff. It has 500 or so miles longer range and is a bit faster, but nothing really worth trading in a perfectly good aircraft that has the same payload and seats the same number of passengers. It may be a bit quieter too, we’ll see. Still it will be fun to see what it feels like. My air crew service has crews fully trained on the 650 so there is no problem crewing the one I’m being loaned. The pilots love it, but I haven’t seen anything that makes it a must-have like a Hermès handbag for instance.

Our Christmas tour: We’ve been to three military hospitals in California and Texas for Christmas this year and the most heart wrenching for us were the burn units. The men and women we performed for were mostly quite disabled, but many could enjoy the view and scent of athletic young dancers performing right in the wards and they all enjoyed being kissed and fondled. Five women, including Willow and two men from my troupe went on the trip in addition to me and we all used FC2s (for the staff), male condoms and Nitrile exam gloves because the military men and women we were in contact with hadn’t been screened for STIs and since their immune systems are compromised their resistance to infection is low so we didn’t want to cause them any additional problems. Initially I thought that we might at least be able to offer PVI in the ‘woman astride’ position (Just squatting over his hips with no weight on the patient) but the possibility of the woman slipping and putting weight on the patient was unacceptable as none would have been able to withstand that so we settled for fondling, masturbation and breastfeeding where appropriate which pleased the recipients. There was very little privacy in the wards, just the standard sheet on a rolling track separating the beds so everyone could hear the moans and gasps of delight.

We couldn’t leave the usual souvenirs so we gave out new pairs of toe pads or Ben Wa balls and let them see how we put on the pads and inserted the balls. A few were well enough that we could roll a condom on the guys snap on sterile gloves (and in the burn units face masks) and stroke them off which the guys seemed to enjoy especially when Willow took them in hand.

A favorite for any patient who could stand the excitement was when we fondled him until he was erect, rolled a condom on to him, gloved up the patient and let him slip his hand under the thong of a dancer and insert his first two fingers between her well lubed labia. Then she would roll up on to pointe and grip his fingers with her muscles while she gently stroked him off.  None of the men took more than four minutes to orgasm. Our men worked with the few women patients who wanted to participate fingering them to clitoral orgasms or using Pyrex dildos which were left as souvenirs.  I breastfeed the one lesbian patient after sterilizing my nipples before and after our ANR and gloved up and I was so pleased to have been able to give her a G-spot orgasm with my fingers.

Our tour made for several long days and was emotionally exhausting, but a very worthwhile experience as the troops we performed for and interacted with were so grateful! I’m looking forward to doing our military tour again next year when I hope our forces won’t be taking more casualties

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ben Wa balls and super tight pussy

A Peritron 9300 perineometer for measuring vaginal grip strength

The photo: A Peritron 9300 set for measuring pelvic floor muscle tone. Shown with both Vaginal (large) and anal (small) probes and the port for using an air inflated vaginal probe for precise measurements. My clinic uses air measurements for all vaginal training measurements. Each woman has her own probe provided during her first Peritron session which is sterilized and reused for all subsequent sessions.   

Vaginal training: My girls want to be ready to impress their male friends for Christmas with a significant tightening of their vaginal grips, especially the younger girls or those who have just been with us a short time. Since Halloween my girls and I have been training with one inch solid surgical steel balls, photo below. Each ball weighs 2.307 oz) for a total of 4.614 oz of steel, more than a quarter of a pound, so I call them my ‘McBalls’. The goal is to be able to hold a développé for at least 15 seconds en pointe with a set of McBalls inserted w/o dropping one or both. Women w/o pronounced post-pubic vaults don’t stand a chance of retaining 4 oz of steel during a cough, sneeze or développé. Fortunately my wards all have lovely deep post-pubic vaults, as most women do, so it’s just muscle strengthening that’s needed. And we want to be at our best during our Christmas Visit to a military hospital before we go to the UK for the winter solstice.

The Peritron 9300: So we are having our trainers check our grips with a Peritron 9300 every other day as a sort of competition. I’m wearing McBalls for all training classes as well as I like to show my students I can do anything I ask them to do. Already my wards have been given the sobriquet ‘STP girls’ (Super Tight Pussy) because their continual training with solid steel balls has resulted in such tight vaginal grips. I’ve been known (behind my back) as ‘AG’, for awesome grip, for years and I rather like the recognition, so I’m hoping to have my wards follow in my footsteps in that regard.

One inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa ball set, the ‘McBalls’ I wrote about above
Willow’s partner: Willow has been chosen to be Mitch’s primary training partner and he was her date for Thanksgiving. Mitch is an amazing escort, but he is seen by stable management as risky because a good many of his clients have gotten pregnant. Not that it was his fault. The clients were all paying for clean, virile, mind blowing, unprotected, penile vaginal intercourse and that’s what he provides, in spades. He gets all sorts of raves from women whose brains he’s fucked out. When it’s over they lay there gasping, quivering and pleading for more. Then weeks later s few of them complain because they are preggers, and paternity tests (it almost always goes that far) prove he is the father.
The women who can afford a four or eight hour encounter with Mitch are all wives of wealthy men or executives in the business world who are here to relax or attend a business meeting and want mind blowing sex to put them to sleep for the night. They either don’t want children or the pregnancy comes at an awkward time, like when the husband has been away for four months or is a quadriplegic.  So far all have wanted terminations and we paid for them. We recover the cost by selling the videos from the cuddle-cams in Europe and Asia with the women’s faces changed a bit (not pixilated) so they aren’t recognizable.
Almost all of Mitch’s pregnant clients were on LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive) hormonal methods which are subject to being made less effective by some drugs (antibiotics and anti-seizure meds) and dietary supplements, St John’s wort, or weight loss pills that speed up the metabolism. We try to screen for ineffective progestin levels if a woman is using a hormonal implant, IUD and of course pills, but that is only so good and none of his pregnant clients tested low before he serviced them. The clients have come from all over the U.S. and Europe and there doesn’t seem to be any connection between them so we don’t suspect collusion. It’s extremely strange and has gone way past being coincidental.
Mitch came through our school and was elevated to Pirate’s stable of elite males mid last year and has been one of his most profitable escorts, but Pirate wants to find out what’s happening before rumors start that his male stable isn’t safe regardless of how much fun they are in bed. So he has asked me to assign Willow, who has a standard (6 button) GyneFix copper IUD and is as fearless as a 19 y/o beauty with an obsession for virile men can be, to him as his primary training partner as a sort of ‘canary in the mine’. To prove (or not) that clients with copper IUDs are no more likely than the statistical average (less than 1% per 100 women per year) of becoming preggers while continually being inseminated by Mitch.  It’s irrational, because they all have GyneFix IUDs implanted, but the rest of the training assistants are relieved that Willow got assigned to Mitch and not one of them. Even so, I’m having Willow test for hCG twice a week for the next few months, just in case Mitch gets lucky with her too.
Willow Has amazing energy and a high metabolic rate so while her meals are large and healthy she burns the calories off quickly. Even though she was banished from London one of the most sophisticated cities in the world she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world since when she isn’t in class, rehearsing or performing in my troupe she is taking pelvic training with Mitch for whom she is developing feelings. I’m trying to get her to keep it professional between them, but with a 19 y/o who is sexually precocious she is going to make her share of mistakes.
Banished: She did tell me the reason she was banished from the Corps of the RB and sent into exile in the colonies. It seems a very high ranking male member of the RB lusted after her and while she spurned his advances he persisted to the point that management had to get her away from him. So now she is in my charge…  Since both her parents are hypersexual, which accounts for her raging libido, I’m amazed that she was able to spurn his advances, but that was probably because his previous obsession had been her mother, and now that Willow is no longer there Ondine is back in his bed. Go figure!   
Location Z weather on December 6 & 7, 2013: Jack was in the hunting lodge well above and away from the village of Ullapool on Loch Broom when the tidal surge was supposed to occur. Fortunately there was almost no damage from the surge though there was minor wind damage. He had been working to prepare Loc Z for our celebration and offerings to the Gods on the winter solstice. He said the lodge was on the emergency generator as commercial power is out from the hurricane force winds that hit the eastern coast of Scotland on Thursday night 12/5/13.
The Met forecast for Ullapool, the nearest forecast location to Loc Z, called for freezing temps at night with light rain or snow freezing on the ground. However, at higher elevations where the temple is located it would be well below freezing so it will probably be all snow. I’m really hoping for better weather on the solstice since lying nude on a stone altar in the snow, while working under a lusty man and deer skin robes really isn’t all that warm. Although during sex we both work up a good sweat. In bad weather being a Druid Goddess isn’t all that pleasant.  The Gorse brandy does help with the cold though.

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