Monday, June 27, 2016

Two days too long - over confident, over weight and over here!

No one respects women more than me!

The Photo: Any resemblance to a U.S. presidential candidate is purely coincidental

From Trumps press conference at his Aberdeen golf course: Did he have a reaction to the Mexican flags that were being flown by a neighbor in protest of his anti-immigrant rhetoric? “Didn’t see them,” Trump replied. Had he been in touch with his foreign policy advisers about the Brexit vote and its impact on the United States? “I speak to foreign policy advisers all the time. But the advice has to come from me,” Trump said. But, he added, what good were foreign policy advisers anyway? “What have these policy advisers done for us? Other than get big fees? It’s an embarrassment. The whole world is a mess. These people don’t have it. Honestly, most of them are no good.” The entire article can be read HERE

The Huffington Post on Donald Trump: “Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.” 

Trump incites violence at his rallies, read the article HERE

Trump is a serial liar, read the article HERE

Trump is a rampant xenophobe, read the article HERE

Trump is a racist, read the article HERE

Trump is a misogynist, read the article HERE

Trump is a birther, read the article HERE 



Saturday, June 25, 2016

Donald Trump on BREXIT and Donald Trump

A real-estate buffoon - It’s all about me!

The Picture: Any resemblance to a U.S. presidential candidate is purely coincidental.  

The BRIXIT result: The BREXIT vote in Wales was 1,626,919 votes cast. 52.5% to leave the EU. For the UK the total votes cast was 17,410,742. 51.9% to leave the EU.

The Donald in Scotland: Trump has been in Scotland for two days. Yesterday he reopened a refurbished golf course, Trump Turnberry Resort, on the West coast of Scotland which is within an hours drive on the M77 from Glasgow. Today he is scheduled to be on the east coast in Aberdeen opening a new course at Trump International Golf Links. Donald Trump’s Brexit press conference at Turnberry was beyond bizarre read about it HERE

Quotes from the humble Donald Trump on Donald Trump:

“No one is more conservative than me!”

“No one respects women more than me!”

“No one is stronger on the second amendment than me!”

“No one reads the bible more than me!”

“There’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am!”

“There’s nobody that’s done so much for equality as I have!”

“There’s nobody who feels more strongly about women’s health issues”

“Nobody knows more about taxes than me. Maybe in the history of the world”

“I have studied the Iran deal in great detail. Greater by far than anyone else!”

“Nobody’s ever been more successful than me!”

“Nobody knows banking better than I do!”

“Nobody knows more about debt than I do!”

“Nobody is bigger or better at the military than I am!”

“I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet!”

“Nobody knows the system better than me!”

“Nobody knows politicians better than me!”

“Nobody builds better walls than me!”

“Nobody knows more about trade than me!”

“There is nobody more against Obamacare than me!”

“There’s nobody who knows how to fix things like me!”

“I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me!”

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Red shoes their power and the gory, Summer Solstice

Well worn red Bloch Axiom pointe-shoes

The Photo: A pair of red Bloch Axiom (S0108) paste pointes worn to seduce a man into menstrual sex. A few dancers in my circle wear comfortably broken in red pointe shoes to let a partner know they are bleeding and to entice him into having menstrual sex.

Dancers wearing paste shoes and pointe fetishists know that paste shoes develop an entirely different bouquet of scents – damp satin, Hessian, leather and paste mixed with the wearer’s estrogenic sweat - when worn than do Gaynor Minden pointes made primarily of polymer and satin with just sueded soles and perhaps tips. Even as great a believer in the longer life and superior support of GM pointes as I am I have to admit that the bouquet of freshly worn and damp paste pointes is a more fragrant, erotic and popular scent among fetishists than the somewhat chemical scent of freshly worn and still sweat soaked Gaynors.

Red shoes: Red shoes once exclusively the footwear of royalty became more commonly worn and known in the 19th century - when red dye became far less expensive - as a symbol of the demimonde. In the mid 20th century red shoes became fashionable with conventional young women after films in which red shoes played a prominent part became popular. Two such films were The Wizard of Oz (1939) with Dorothy (Judy Garland) wearing magic red slippers and Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) wearing red pointe-shoes in the film The Red Shoes (1948) based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale of a disobedient girl cursed to dance forever in her new red shoes. Those films brought red shoes back as popular footwear with a touch of the wild and exotic and in some cases the erotic. Today red shoes are still a source of fascination, power and mystery to both their wearer and her beholders.

Red pointe-shoes still have immense appeal for young dancers many of whom see themselves as a modern Victoria Page intending to have it all, a career as a ballet dancer and as a wife to a loving husband. The power of the red shoes lies in their ability to reveal some fundamental truth about the wearer — and deliver a penalty, or prize accordingly.  

Red pointe-shoes and menstruation: Years of training to strengthen legs and feet as well as taped and padded toes allow a confident dancer in pointe-shoes to rise above the discomfort and seduce both herself and the object of her lust or perhaps affection. In my circle of ballet dancer friends red pointes worn during play indicate that the woman is on her period and is interested in menstrual sex.  The power, poise and pleasure radiated while internalizing the pain when red pointe shoes are worn by a beautiful, confident and seductive menstruating woman will allow her to take a normal healthy situation which society teaches should be concealed and use her gory secretions to enthrall a suitor in his ardor so she can lead him around on a psychological penis leash.

Menstruation among women knowledgeable about their bodies has for ages been a source of fascination, power and mystery; enabling women not on contraceptive hormones to captivate their mates with the scent, sight and taste of naturally occurring pelvic secretions during the periodic reset of their cycles to create a new and welcoming environment for an egg should a lover successfully fertilize it. Some even have partners who are interested enough in “swimming in the red sea” to keep a copy of their girlfriend’s menstrual calendar so they have a good idea when she should be at a peak in her libido, when fertile or menstrual. 

Confidence while menstruating: In my course, contemporary sexual health, I teach women to be proud that they are menstruating and use the increase in their libido while menstrual to be creative or strengthen their relationship with a favorite man. So many have been taught that bleeding is shameful and something unclean that it can be difficult for some women to see the positive side of cyclical bleeding even though there may be discomfort associated with it for some few.

The Summer Solstice: A welcome visitor for the occasion, his Grace the Duke of M****, agreed to act as Steward of the Ceremony for the ritual planting of seed. It was a far different position in the Celtic rite from being an active participant as in the past though I had been with him that afternoon in my suite to allow him to plant his seed and milk me before the official celebration began as he is still very fond of me and Verity, his mistress, is not interested in inducing lactation since she is a rising star in the ballet and lactating could cause her career to slow.  As returning readers will recall it is to His Grace that I owe my elevation to the title of 23rd Baroness Blackthorn so I like to accommodate his desires when I can.

The eleven of us, the five couples and His Grace, took a caravan of Range Rovers in case the weather which is quite changeable here turned rainy. It is a short ride from the castle to the Celtic holy site where we celebrated the arrival of summer. Unlike Location Z there are no spiritual prohibitions of mechanical devices in the area, though as I mentioned in an earlier post the spirit guardians protect the site by turning away the curious by causing them to have a strong nameless fear of the area. We all arrived clad in our shearling robes with the women in Gaynor pointe-shoes with sueded tips and the men wearing Grishko canvas split-sole ballet slippers so the suede soles would grip the worn stone surfaces of the altars. While in the castle’s ladies robing room where we were changing into pointes and our hooded shearling robes I made sure that we all used a good thick water soluble vaginal gel just in case some of us couldn’t lubricate naturally from the cold or not being able to get into the moment as there is nothing more distressing than having a gorgeous but dry man thrusting into a dry vagina. He may not be uncomfortable but his partner soon has the soft tissue of her vaginal walls rubbed raw and burning.

We had all been positioned at (but not on) our assigned altars by11:00 PM and blessedly it was dry with only a slight breeze and there were light clouds with a temperature of about 55° (F). The Old Bull had us all mounted on our altars by 11:30 with us positioned to be taken in missionary with our partners kneeling between our legs erect and dripping pre-ejaculate. Then the Goddess smiled on our ceremony and just at 11:30 the clouds parted briefly and we had a good view of the full moon which I took as a sign of her appreciation of my efforts.

And so it was at exactly11:34 PM BST His Grace gave the signal to begin - a white flare launched from a pistol - and our partners penetrated us and began thrusting. As a precaution I had made certain that the men had all taken a male performance enhancer beforehand to minimize the possibility of erection dysfunctions. Not that there had been any instances of performance inadequacies with these men, but this was the first time that they were performing in such an important ceremony and even for the most steely willed it is sometimes possible to over-think the situation and lose focus. I needn’t have worried they all performed splendidly! As any well trained partner would the men all gave us our pleasure first then took theirs along with additional simultaneous orgasms from us when they came filling each of us with hundreds of millions of highly motile sperm.

The after party: We were active on the altars for about twenty minutes during which Tim milked me after I’d orgasmed and been inseminated and was floating in afterglow. To conclude the ceremony our partners gave us cunilingus and we Kegeled as much of our coitial discharge into their mouths as we could. Then our partners helped us down off the altars and we rode back in precession to the castle for a celebratory full English breakfast served with the Barony’s famous Sloe Brandy and afterward there was the ritual burning of the robes in the castles lower ward.

As a welcome change in costume protocol the Goddess permitted each participant to save his or her shoes, unlike in the past when the shoes worn on the altars at Location Z were burned. I had interceded with the Goddess on the women's behalf as the shoes a women wore while being inseminated on an ancient Celtic altar during a Summer Solstice celebration are something to be treasured to be passed down to her daughters and grand daughters. After the ritual burning of our robes since we had been up until 5:00 AM we all retired to our rooms for more snuggling with our men and then lovely afterglow naps.

BREXIT referendum underway: As this is posted the UK is voting on whether to leave the European Union. As I’ve mentioned before I think the UK withdrawing from the EU would be a serious mistake so I hope our citizens will vote to remain part of the EU. Polling stations will be open from 7am (06:00 GMT) to 10pm (21:00 GMT) local time. It’s going to be a long and historic day!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Summer Solstice and Brexit referendum

There will be a full moon during the 2016 Summer Solstice

The Photo: There will be a full moon on June 20, 2016 when the Summer Solstice occurs. This is a rarity, but exactly how rare will vary.

This week will be a busy one: This week the summer solstice will be celebrated on Monday and the Brexit Referendum will occur on Thursday the 23rd. Returning readers will recall that the Brexit Referendum is being held to determine if the UK will stay as a part of the European Union or withdraw from it. It appears to be a near thing at the moment with the exit supporters seemingly ahead. I think exiting the EU would be a serious mistake, but that’s just one vote.  

Weather at Blackthorn Castle for the Summer Solstice: The forecast is for Light clouds and a temperature of 55° (F) for the Summer Solstice which will occur on June 20, 2016 11:34 PM BST. Additionally there will be a full moon on the 20th with a moonrise at 9:18 PM BST and moonset at 5:24 AM BST. So if the clouds clear we may get to see the moon during the time we are celebrating the arrival of summer. The concelebrants will be wearing shearling robes made by the castles tailor shop from sheep raised and skins tanned locally. For footwear, as has been the custom since the mid 19th centaury the women celebrants at Blackthorn Castle will wear pointe-shoes as a sign of their dedication to the arts and to show off their hard bodies to stoke the desire of their partners. My wards and I will wear pink satin Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes since they can withstand being soaked with rain and still provide effective support.

Concelebrants for the solstice: Bea, Seren and Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) will be celebrating on the newly unearthed subtending altars surrounding the primary altar adjacent to the ancient Blackthorn tree where sacrifices were once offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon.  

Returning readers will recall that the name Rhiannon is derived from the Celtic Goddess Rigantona (the Great or Devine Queen). My Celtic mythology expert says I should understand that Rhiannon was the embodiment (in Welsh legend as set down in the Mabinogion and other medieval texts) of the Celtic Goddess Rigantona, which explains why my Goddess, Aphrodite, is as comfortable as she is with me actually channeling Rigantona, which occurs primarily when I’m in Wales.

Contraception: My wards all have GyneFix copper bead IUDs implanted so they will be using no barrier method to protect them from a participating male’s sperm. I am luteal as I ovulated on June 10th and will be CD24 on the solstice and should begin my period this coming Friday. Therefore I will be wearing no cervical barrier and should be very safe to have Tim’s sperm in my tubes for the five days they live before I start my period on the 24th. I love having luteal sex with Tim as then I know that his sperm are in my tubes lying in wait for an egg which they will never see before they die. That gives me a frisson of desire and an amazingly powerful feeling!

Demi-goddess altar positions: Fortunately the weather while as damp is not nearly as cold and access to the Celtic holy site here is much easier and more comfortable than when I celebrated in the Scottish highlands.  It’s within sight of the castle so there is no long drive to reach it as there was when my wards and I celebrated the celestial season changes at location Z in the highlands of northern Scotland. Too the altars are not on the edge of a precipice with the whole thing seeming about to slide into the valley at any moment. We were repeatedly assured the cliff on which Location Z was built was stable, but it wasn’t and after an earthquake a year or so ago one night the whole top of the mountain slid into the valley. Fortunately no one was injured.  

The view is not nearly as spectacular at Blackthorn Castle’s Celtic altar site, but it is about as old as the one that was at location Z and there is no danger of any part  disappearing over a cliff, though there are guardian spirits that keep the curious in the local population away from the site.

Though Seren is the most junior of my current wards her birth into a family that has deep Celtic roots entitles her to the eastern most altar closest to sunrise on the solstice. Bea chose the one on the north while Bryony took the western and Claire the southern one. Bea and Seren will be serviced on their altars by the men they brought with them from Cambridge while Bryony and Claire will have virile hard bodied male ROH ballet soloists that they are dating. I am delighted to say that my current lover, “Tiny Tim” will be penetrating and fucking me boneless on the high altar. He has marvelous stamina and skillfully uses his massive penis (which should be a national treasure) and is currently in my bed while on leave from the SAS prior to reporting to the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) in western Oxfordshire in a few weeks, which I’m pleased to say is a relatively short drive away from the castle when he gets leave.

There will be a celebratory breakfast for all participants at the castle on the morning after the ritual planting of seed ceremony for which the head cook, Mrs. Bridges, is famous. My immediate predecessor, Edith 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, and her predecessors have been celebrating celestial events in Celtic ceremonies for hundreds of years according to records in the muniment rooms.

A visit from Arthur Duke of M****: His grace has asked that he and his mistress visit me at the castle while his mistress becomes accustomed to a new GyneFix. I have sent the Dragon, my two car private train to Inverness to pick them up as both His Grace and Verity travel with considerable luggage and attendants. Returning readers may recall that Verity (a nom de théâtre) the Duke of M****’s current mistress of about a year, is a 25 y/o soloist with the première ballet company in England headquartered here in London. She is currently on medical leave as she had a new standard (six bead) GyneFix copper IUD implanted. I’m looking forward Verity’s visit as we are great friends and I hope she can dive while here.

She was one of Arthur’s seven candidates for mistress who passed through our clinic for testing prior to meeting with the old bull and I thought she would be the one he would choose as her attitude and looks are quite similar to mine though she is not nearly as dominant and half my age, but still will provide him a challenge. The deciding factor though was almost certainly when His Grace found out about Verity’s being SCUBA qualified and her delight in dive-sex as she becomes very aroused even when talking about sex in a hostile environment and she has her own OTS Guardian FFM for diving.

I’m having my gamekeeper set up a wild boar hunting party with Lord A****, Bryony’s father, and Lord D****, Tim’s father to keep his Grace company and occupied while the girls and I and our partners are occupied with our ballet and pelvic training regimens.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seren and the Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive

Bluebells, spring in the Cambrian Mountains

The Photo: It’s been a lovely spring and the fields of Bluebells in the Cambrian Mountains are gorgeous!

Tim’s cousin: Seren (the Welsh name for star) the daughter of Tim’s Father’s younger brother, his second cousin, is at Cambridge with Bea and unexpectedly came back to the castle with Bea for the Bank Holiday weekend. She is eighteen and becoming sexually active as she has been at Cambridge with Bea for the last year. She has been on COCs, estrogen/progestin birth control pills, and her stepmother - her father’s second wife (Iris) who was a ballet dancer - is concerned that she may have an unplanned pregnancy which even if she terminates it could harm her chances of marrying well.

No, before someone asks, she isn’t Seren Wilson the Welsh Glamour model who at thirty is almost twice Seren’s age. My Seren has a gorgeous hard Balanchine ballet body: big feet, long legs, short trunk, small breasts, long neck, small head and long natural red hair (hooray! Another redhead in my circle) and even before she begins her Pompoir training has a wonderfully strong pelvic grip. So physically in no way is my Seren like the large breasted glamour model Seren Wilson except they are both female. However, I’m sure that Seren Wilson is attractive in her way to men who like large breasts. It’s nice too that both Bea and Seren are eighteen so that there is no problem with the age of consent for sexual activity with whoever they are involved with during training.

Seren is a very popular Welsh girls name and in my wards case it goes back several hundred years in her family. I’m so pleased that Bea is such good friends with Seren as The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) are older and based in London and Odette and Odile went back to finish Uni in Las Vegas where they are in relationships with Castor and Pollux. Now that classes at Cambridge have ended (on June 10th) they will both be with me for the summer.

Through Tim Iris found out that I teach a Contemporary Sexual Health course and has asked that I take Seren’s pelvic training in hand. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have, but since she’s Tim’s family and Seren and Bea are close friends and since Seren can be with me for the summer I agreed to tutor her.  Fortunately Seren’s mother was a ballet dancer and Seren has taken ballet since she was four and pointe since she was eleven otherwise I wouldn’t have taken her as a pelvic student.  After the ballet intensive I plan to have Bea and Seren intern as Hostess at my London fetish club (Clever Cunts) this summer. To protect their identities they will wear full-face hoods when with club members and have no tats, piercing or scars they can be recognized by and since all the male members are required to have negative full STI panels they should be fine.  The British aristocracy has its problems, but the men know a tight vaginal grip when they feel it which is why so many of them marry ballet dancers, or have us as mistresses.

Seren has been having low libido and I suggested that she have a mini-GyneFix (4 bead) frameless copper IUD placed which would protect her for at least three years and allow her to cycle naturally so she can enjoy the swings in her natural hormones. Over the Bank Holiday Chris, the male Gyn from my London clinic, was here and when she agreed he had her hop up on the exam table numbed her cervix and implanted a mini-GyneFix in her fundus in less than 20 minutes.

Seren and the Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive: Returning readers may recall that my Ballet Intensive is being held at Blackthorn Castle the 13th century pile whose architectural heritage my predecessors and I are assuring remains safely ensconced in its ancestral terroir.

This year’s ballet intensive first mentioned in my post for May 6, 2016 has had a participant cancel. Fortunately for Seren her strong ballet background enables her to step in and fill that vacancy nicely. She has had all her vaccines as well as a full panel STI and pregnancy test. Though I’m making sure she is kitted out with Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes for ‘play’ (ballet-sex classes) as well as her regular performance Bloch Axiom shoes. Not to mention the more intimate items like sports, plugs and suction base training dildos for pelvic training. Even with her strong ballet background and daily classes before she came to live with me she had increased her technique and pointe classes to prepare for the Summer Intensive. I think that shows determination a club hostess trainee needs given that she was still taking exams.

Nikolai: I’ve been fortunate to be able to get Nikolai a young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company at the ROH for the 2015-16 season to be Ballet Master for my Blackthorn Summer Ballet intensive. This past year I have been his coach and social mentor. My job as his social mentor has been challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships and tends to impregnate young female corps members who nevertheless are still lining up to have him inseminate them thinking “it will never happen to me as I’m using protection” which is what all the others thought as well.

I think the reason he accepted was to get out of London for several weeks with a totally new field of young women with hard ballet bodies and tightly muscled vaginas. I hadn’t mentioned the possibility that Nikolai was to be Ballet Master. When they learn he will be teaching my students this summer I’m sure young ballet dancers in Europe and the Americas will fantasize about being in his arms as unprotected he thrust lustily deep into their vaginas while their local boyfriends are inseminating them. Going solo it is a fantasy with which any woman can easily masturbate to repeated orgasms. It’s also why I’ve insisted on all ballet intensive participants have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted as Nikolai is certain to inseminate all the students several times before the intensive is over.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sex and lactating in a one-piece super shiny wet (SSW) swimsuit

Front view of a Realise T-011 Ultrathin Swimsuit

Back view of a Realise T-011 Ultrathin Swimsuit

The photos: A Japanese Realise T-011 SSW T-back swimsuit. The T-011 Ultrathin swimsuit material is SSW "Super Shiny Wet", a very thin and stretchy material, that is slightly glossy and feels like Lycra, Wetlook and similar fabrics. It is 79% polyester, 21% polyurethane. I love how the high cut legs and thong back show off my pelvic gap!

The T-011 Ultrathin and Ballet-sex: We are using the new ballet studio converted from a large drawing room at Blackthorn Castle. It was the first time my circle of friends and our partners participated together in a Ballet-sex class here. The need to keep the legs feet and toes strong and flexible is very important as are the proper shoes, Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes, to prevent injury from falling off pointe or thrust-drop when her partner is much taller than the woman and there is no step for her to stand on. 

We wore Japanese Realize Wetlook swimsuits because we are trying them out as a summer uniform for Costume Club hostesses. Realize suits are sized for Japanese figures with a smaller busts and hips.  My measurements are 32-24-32 inches which convert to 81.28 cm, 60.96 cm, 81.28 cm.  So in a Realise suit I chose an XXS from the Realise sizing chart it’s about 4cm too small in the bust and just right in the hips. I chose the tight fit across the bust for additional support since I’m lactating and I love how it shows off my figure and the stretchy ultrathin material in the thong allows ready access to my vulva!

Returning readers know I usually like front zip crewneck T-back styles so the T-011 is a very different style for me.  I was surprised and pleased at how stretchy the ultrathin SSW material is as it expands nicely to emphasize the convex head of a sports plug or fits into my labial cleft to display cameltoe. The stretchy thong also allows a partner to pull my thong aside to expose my vulva for rear penetration as I bend over holding on to the barre. Then he can part my labia to position his erection at my introitus for penetration with a gentle and sustained push while he fondles the shaft of my clit with his fingers. After he fully penetrates me I step on to pointe in my hard shanked Gaynor pointes and all the muscles below my waist clench when en pointe tightening my grip on his root. Then if he is anxious I lock my knees, lean into him and let him do the thrusting. I can easily adjust my hips to guide him into my posterior fornix if he is long enough to reach it.

Nude pubes: Regardless of the material in the suit a high cut leg and thong-back style suit requires fully waxed pubes for the esthetics and for wearer’s of rubber suits or ones with relief (crotch) zippers waxed pubes are highly desirable to prevent hair pulling or getting caught in the zipper.   

Sex with unprotected men: I love feeling the skin-on-skin contact with a man as he is thrusting and cumming inside me and having his liquefied semen and my arousal lube draining out of me shortly afterward! As expert as I am with Kegels I can never get all a lover’s spend out on the first try if he is big and has filled my fornices with semen so if I’m in a swimsuit the coitial discharge will wet the crotch of my suit. That’s a common problem with sexually active women around their men and on holiday which is why the pareo is such a handy cover-up. But since all my female guests are draining coital discharge into their suits too we all go around with slippery wet crotches while in the pool or studio areas.

It was a bit different over the May 30th Bank Holiday as we were all menstrual so rather than getting the furniture bloody we tried where we could to Kegel, insert a menstrual cup or diaphragm  and clean up our vulvas with a pH balanced wipe after a penetrative encounter.  As with all penetrative encounters with an unprotected man when I’m in my follicular phase of my cycle – from after menstruation until two days after I ovulate – I wear a cervical barrier (a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm or a silicone Oves cervical cap) to prevent a lover getting me pregnant. Today I’m CD10 and fertile so I’m wearing a latex flat spring diaphragm for contraception as I’m draining fertile cervical mucus into the dome.  

Lactation in a T-011: Since I’m lactating instead of the front closure bra I typically wear the strappy back of the T-011 allows me to easily slip out of the shoulder straps to give an ANR partner unhampered access to my breasts so I can be milked. Or if a partner is into ballet-sex and penetrating me from behind when I need to be milked the T-011 lets me wear my Medela twin electric breast pump harness and be pumping while I’m being taken en pointe with him thrusting into me from the rear. Tim is especially fond of having me pumping while he’s humping (he calls it pump and hump) as he loves how tight my grip is when I’m balanced en pointe and since everything is clenched then I don’t have to put additional effort into it.

The T-011 and Sports Plugs: Returning readers may recall that I’ve gotten Jeff to agree that Labia Labs fitted devices such as sports plugs and Fet-tex rubber fetishwear is licensed to Blackthorn Holdings Ltd as sole distributor for its vaginal and fetishwear products in the UK. Chris, my male Gyn, can fit vaginal devices and the London shop assistants are now fitting Fet-tex catsuits at Blackthorn Ballet and Fetishwear by appointment only.

A new Sports plug design from Labia Labs has a slightly concave anterior lock face which seats against the posterior surface of the pubic bone. This takes the pressure off the urethra while providing tension on the seal of the convex shield head covering the labia and clitoris. Returning readers will recall that Sports Plugs are commonly worn by waitstaff to prevent being vaginally penetrated when groped by customers in fetish clubs. Also most of us in the up-market Escort business wear Sports Plugs routinely when not with a client to prevent being finger-fucked at parties. 

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