Monday, April 25, 2011

Entonox as a fetish gas

An Entonox cylinder with hose and mouthpiece

A friend on the West Coast has been asking about my experience with Entonox. Entonox is nitrous oxide mixed 50:50 with oxygen and is a commonly used method of obstetric analgesia with maintenance of consciousness. It may also be used in the setting of minor procedures in the trauma department where transient analgesia is required. It is most often administered via a demand valve for self administration. A safety feature is that the mother controls administration.

Entonox takes 30 seconds to act and continues for approximately 60 sec after inhalation has ceased. For optimum effect in obstetric patients inhalation should start when the contraction tightens to co-ordinate the maximal effect with the central painful part of the contraction. There are minimal cardiovascular, respiratory or neurological side effects. It should not be used in patients with a pneumothorax or by SCUBA divers within 24 hours of their last dive.

The Medical Gas Data Sheet for Entonox: The MGDS for Entonox cab be found at: some of its cautions are:

Entonox should not be used for more than a total of 24 hours, or more frequently than every 4 days, without close clinical supervision and hematological monitoring. Entonox is non flammable but strongly supports combustion and should not be used near sources of ignition. It will cause substances to burn vigorously, including some materials that do not normally burn in air due to the high concentration of oxygen within the mixture. It is highly dangerous in the presence of oils, greases, tarry substances and many plastics due to the risk of spontaneous combustion in the presence of oxygen in relatively high concentrations. Smoking should be prohibited when using Entonox.

Where moisturizing preparations are required for use with a facemask or in nasal passages, oil based creams should not be used. Check that hands are clean and free from any oils or grease. Where alcohol gels are used to control microbiological cross-contamination ensure that all alcohol has evaporated before handling Entonox cylinders or equipment.

Entonox and Lactation: There are no known adverse effects to using Entonox during the breast-feeding period, which I was glad to learn.

Entonox availability: Availability is tightly controlled because it is a potentially dangerous anesthetic gas. My supply comes from the large women’s clinic owned by the casino I work for which has a license primarily for obstetrical use and a small clinical trial ‘for the relief of cervical discomfort during intense intercourse with physically mismatched male partners’ using escort candidate trainees as the study population. The St Lucy’s supply is licensed for: ‘Physiology laboratory studies of intimate feminine pain during intercourse’, which is basically the same study, but with sexually active St Lucy’s girls. Nothing like telling it like it is! Even so, for personal use Entonox is difficult obtain so it’s a special treat to use when a cylinder of it becomes available.

A warning to the adventuresome: For safety reasons Entonox should NOT be used as a gas while SCUBA diving. That’s because the gas can collect in cavities in the diver’s body leading to decompression sickness (DCS) and below 60 feet there is a greatly increased risk of oxygen toxicity. However, for those who are willing to accept the risks of DCS to try Entonox while diving there are some equipment requirements. Always dive with a buddy who is not using Entonox so that if the Entonox user gets in trouble there will be someone to get him/her to the surface. Because of the high concentration of oxygen in Entonox the SCUBA FFMs used should be at least Nitrox 40 compatible so the effect on valves and seals of the second stage reg from the highly reactive oxygen will not be too rapid. Frequent maintenance of dive gear used with Entonox is highly recommended. Dosing requirements on Entonox can vary greatly depending on the weight and metabolism of the user so self administration is the best dosing regimen rather than supplying it directly through a SCUBA type regulator which may provide too little or in a few cases too much.

Entonox for fetish use: It’s not clear to me if it’s safe to use surplus rubber gasmasks with Entonox. My guess is that it’s not due to the reactive nature of the high oxygen content of the gas. New polycarbonate gasmasks like the Mestel SGE 400 and Nitrox capable SCUBA FFMs like the Ocean Reef Space Raptor used with Entonox must be cleaned of all oils and greases and all oily moisturizers and cosmetics should be removed from the faces of users before donning a mask to breathe Entonox to prevent the possibility of the mixture combining with the oils and spontaneously combusting inside the mask. Rubber enclosure suits should be tested for use with Entonox - before being worn for an Entonox encounter - to determine if the rubber material and latex cleaners and polishes can be used safely with high concentrations of oxygen even though the suit itself may not be pressurized by the gas.

Entonox at St Lucy’s: I don’t hold Entonox dive-labs for St Lucy’s girls because of the considerable danger involved, though some do get to experience the anesthetic effects of Entonox while wearing special medical grade silicone encasement suits for penetrative sex with extremely well endowed men – as covered under the school’s clinical trial protocol. That’s why they need self administered Entonox, to minimize the pain from having their cervixes rammed by a man who is a bit too large to be a safe partner for them.

In order to participate in the Entonox encasement suit sex-lab each student must be using an effective contraceptive method other than hormonal contraceptives and an Entonox lab participant must have a signed waver from her parents or guardian. The reason for excluding students using HCs is that women on HCs have difficulty becoming aroused and that means their vaginas don’t lengthen (tent) so they are at greater risk of having the ligaments holding the uterus in place torn by a large ramming penis (especially when using Entonox to mask the pain when that is occurring) Torn major support ligaments will cause it to drop and the cervix to be at the entrance to or protruding from the vagina. There is an operation that can reattach the uterus where it originally was, but it isn’t particularly successful as the ligaments that were originally torn don’t contract as much to cause the uterus to pull up and out of the way of a thrusting penis, which is similar to the hormonal contraceptive side effect that caused the original problem. Most students have GyneFix IUDs implanted or use cervical barriers so that doesn’t exclude too many students.

At St Lucy’s the students wear Ocean Reef Space Raptor FFMs that have been upgraded by the schools Divemaster for use with Entonox. The woman’s primary air is supplied from a standard SCUBA cylinder of Nitrox I – to ensure there are no reactive contaminants in the gas - on a trolley by the student’s lab-bed with the Entonox being supplied directly from a separate Entonox cylinder into the masks oral nasal unit through the drinking port by means of a standard self administered demand valve.

NuvaRing dive-sex and the diaphragm: We try to discourage use of NuvaRing by women, especially very young or petite women, wanting to learn dive-sex techniques. That’s because if worn in a gas-guard / diaphragm that is less than 70 mm in diameter the ring can interfere with the seal of the gas-guard. That’s because NuvaRing has an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm and it has to fit inside the dome with the cervix and if the ring is caught in the anterior fornix it could be pushed under the anterior rim of the diaphragm breaking the seal and causing it to leak and making it more likely that the diaphragm can be under-thrust. The ring can be removed for up to three hours w/o decreasing the woman’s contraceptive protection, but encounters can go on longer than that or the woman forgets to reinsert and then when she reinserts she has to wait 7 days for her hormonal protection to be reestablished.

Watching Aimée get drilled: It’s always a treat watching Doug pole a small woman and seeing him penetrate Aimée was no exception! Especially since it was her first time being taken by him and she was wondering to me - before their encounter - if she could take a man with a root that thick. She’s used dildos the same size or thicker, but with those she had total control of the depth and angle of thrust so she was a bit apprehensive. I told her she would be fine as long as she could take 6 inches w/o being uncomfortable and she assured me that recently she had been able to comfortably take 6 ½ so I told her she should be fine, and she was.

I told the girls I would stay out of their way, and I did. I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch which I did on the HD ‘security’ cams positioned so they make awesome porn videos of couples in the guest suites. Would I do that? Absolutely! The videos are not for sale, just kept on file in case a participant becomes a problem and I need leverage. I loved how Doug put several hard pillows under her buns to lift her pelvis because she is tiny like me and how Aimée adjusted her hips as she spread her labia to let Doug insert two fingers to check her lube. This was the day before she got her GyneFix and was still on Cerazette and she was dry. He inserted a 10 ml prefilled applicator of DiveGel to lube her then positioned the tip of his root to penetrate her. He held her hips and with a single long thrust all 6 inches of his shaft disappeared into her hard flat belly as she arched her back, threw her head back gasped and moaned. Doug is really good with G-spot orgasms and my labia were engorged and parted, my nipples and clit became erect and my natural lube wet my thong from watching Doug take her to a shuddering, gasping then screaming climax. I jilled-off caressing my left nipple with my right hand and the shaft of my clit with my left and came as he shot his wad filling her with his seed. This week Aimée has really enjoyed being away from academic subjects and being able to concentrate on perfecting her sexual techniques.

When she took other, longer, men – the girls swapped partners occasionally during the week - she used the woman astride position until she was sure how much of them she could safely take. That way she could control the depth and angle of penetration with her legs. All three of the couples needed full body massages after each full day of multiple acts of intercourse to sooth sore muscles in their thighs and abdomens. The intensity of the young women’s appetites for penetrative sex surprised the men they were partnered with as their stamina was put to the test. The girls are sad to be returning to there standard school day after Easter Monday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Wishing you the happiest of Easters!

Contraceptives & Easter:
Because this holiday celebrates the renewal of life and reproduction my female readers and the ladies in my male reader’s circle of friends should be especially careful to use their methods of contraception correctly as unplanned pregnancies tend to spike at Easter. A reminder to my readers new to Dive-sex, do wear your gas-guards girls, it’s the safe thing to do!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Aimée gets a GyneFix

The Mirena (levonorgestrel releasing) IUD

A Mirena failure: In the last week we have had five professional women, come in for verification of the results of home pregnancy tests. That by itself isn’t at all unusual, but three of them had Mirena IUDs inserted and all five are young resident Gynecologists who were at the same fetish club private party during a Gynecological convention at a rival casino/hotel several weeks ago. Returning readers know it’s not unusual for women to become pregnant while taking oral contraceptives because they aren’t taking them correctly. However, the contraceptive failure rate for the Mirena is less than one in a hundred women over a one year interval so having three Mirena related pregnancies occur simultaneously with two other oral contraceptive failures and all to Gynecologists who know the need to avoid things that could reduce the protective level of progestin in their bodies is not a coincidence especially since all five attended the same gasmask-grope at an up-scale rubber club out in the valley. All three of the pregnant Mirena users had secondary amenorrhea (were not having periods because of the continuous progestin release) so they only discovered something was wrong when they began to be nauseated in the mornings. Their IUDs were properly in place and were continually releasing the required amount of progestin, about 20 mcg/day of levonorgestrel when first inserted.

When I realized the extent of the HC failures it immediately occurred to me that the women were involved in something similar to what I did to the three UNLV grad-students who were giving Taryn’s Cosplay club friend such a hard time about using a diaphragm for contraception. I wrote about that in my April 14, 2011 entry: ‘Gasmasks and pregnancy while on the pill’. I used an aerosol progestin blocker disguised as a lens cleaner that the targets sprayed into their own gasmasks to make their hormonal contraceptives ineffective. In this most recent instance I suggested the blood drawn for the serum pregnancy test also be tested for the level of the progestin from their contraceptives and in the case of the Mirena users the level of bound levonorgestrel was almost nonexistent indicating that another steroid had bound to the women’s progesterone receptors blocking any contraceptive effect from the progestin being released by the Mirena.

Since for now it’s impossible to say exactly how the progestin blocking steroid was administered, who was responsible, what the motive was and if this sort of attack on women using hormonal contraception will continue I thought it would be best if I had Aimée get her GyneFix (copper) IUD implanted sooner rather than later. And, if somehow Aimée had been exposed to the progesterone blocker the copper ions in her uterus would act as a morning-after contraceptive and prevent any of her partners’s sperm from fertilizing her egg if she had been made fertile and ovulated. So first thing this morning Aimée and I went to see Chuck, the male Gyn at the clinic, the most experienced of our GyneFix implanters and in less than an hour she was the delighted owner of a new GyneFix implanted securely in the fundus of her uterus. She had to have her cervix dilated a bit to get the implantation tool in place which she found uncomfortable, but took 800 mg of ibuprofen and she felt fine. She was given ten days of an antibiotic – because Chuck knew that she was going to have penetrative sex right away – and told to use Semécide and her Reflexions for at least a week while the implantation site is healing. The new implanting procedure for GyneFix has decreased the expulsion rate for Chuck’s patients to less than one in a thousand so he and I both think Aimée will be very safe.

Sometimes after an IUD is implanted the patient’s uterus will cramp and for others it’s a bit like having their periods and they will have only an occasional mild cramp. That is the way it has been so far for Aimée and this afternoon she has been enjoying the intimate delights that Doug can give her during dive-sex with no change in her energy, sex drive or sense of humor.

Precautions: given the rash of Mirena pregnancies indicating some sort of localized systemic failure of hormonal contraceptives we thought it best to add contraceptive hormone level tests as well offer to increase the frequency of tests for hCG for our casino entertainers as well as at Splash, The Lorelei and at Adolph’s 200 ft deep BDSM training facility (the well) at his place in the hills north of the city. None of the Towel-Girls at Splash or the female Escort Subs who work at The Lorelei have IUDs other than GyneFix, but several are on oral contraceptives and tested positive for the progesterone receptor blocker so were immediately given the new five day emergency contraceptive ella and told to switch to a copper IUD or a barrier method of birth control. The girls testing positive for the progestin blocking steroid had been with boyfriends at fetish clubs other than the one where the Mirena using Gyns became pregnant so it seems the contraceptive blocking steroid is being released in more than one location.

Jack on instilling & developing kink: “Here's the deal. You can learn techniques but like taste for food, you can't be taught to like wine or cheese or sweet bread... You can have someone tell you that kinky things attract some men and some women "get off" on them... and maybe the student turns out to be one of them. But usually fetishes are planted in some early experience… childhood to adolescent and reinforced over time usually with fantasy and masturbation until the person decides for whatever reason to come out of their closet and embrace their kink. And then it's about finding a partner who matches YOUR kink not just any kink. Not everyone will find kink appealing, but most will find an attractive female appealing regardless of what she wears and "sexy" clothes all seem to be about calling attention to the body and the curves and so forth. Fetish attire seems to be rather in your face in that respect as opposed to being subtle. And are the best catches out there all into kink? Does a kinky chick stand a better chance of landing the best prize? Hard to know. Since kink and fetish are expensive... all the gear and so forth, it seems to be the playground of the rich, though not all the rich are into kink for sure. I do see an appeal to elitism with fetish… as opposed to the more down and dirty porn approach. It's really complex, nuanced and esoteric and it seems to me rather beyond the ability of a young girl to full embrace the program. Most things like ballet, or art, or wine and or sports get better with time, maturity and so forth. I think fetish sex is right there with them and so I am hardly believing that 15 year olds can "pull it off" as an accomplished fetishist. Who knows?”

Fetishes are taught as part of Advanced Sexual Techniques to give St Lucy’s students an extra arrow or two in their quivers if needed. Understated glamour works extremely well among the upper classes, but if a girl has her sights set on a party animal then matching his kink to one of hers almost guarantees her success.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aimée’s Easter vacation

DESCO commercial surface supplied free flow FFM

The photo: A young escort trainee wearing a vintage DESCO shallow water surface supplied commercial FFM ideal for dive-sex in residential swimming pools and training pools down to 30 feet. With no tanks to get in the way dive-sex is a lot more fun wearing this surface fed FFM. The large volume of air in the lens cavity keeps the wearer in a heads-up attitude unless she uses mask weights to establish neutral buoyancy of the mask. A light weight belt can be worn or silicone pool-pointes that come with a set of ½ lb to 5 lbs screw on platform weights.

Easter vacation and dive-sex: St Lucy’s girls are out of school for Holy week and so Cyndi invited Gigi and Aimée and three of the younger male escort trainees chosen for their size, stamina and personalities to spend the week with unrestricted use of the smaller ballet studio for the girls pointe classes, our training pool for dive-sex and the upper sun deck for nude tanning. The Pit, my 68 ft deep pool, is off limits for the teens unless a divemaster or I am with them. In the guest wing of my place they can fuck one another’s brains out and won’t get in my way and I won’t get in theirs. Cyndi and Gigi have GyneFix IUDs implanted and Aimée is on Cerazette, a highly effective pill. And there is a drawer full of ella (a 30 mg tablet of ulipristal acetate) the new 5 day morning after pill if any of the girls feels unsure, so I think we are well stocked with supplies. I made sure they all brought their gas-guards and I brought home extra Reflexions in the girls sizes in case someone has a dome failure.

I dove the training pool with Aimée to check out her dive skills and to familiarize her with the Desco free-flow FFM and pool-pointes. While we were in the pool area I had her insert one of her 60 mm Reflexions diaphragms using the professional DiveGel / O9 spermicide combination (Semécide) and then showed her how to squat and bear down to squeeze the residual air out of the folds in the latex dome to greatly increase the dome vacuum and seal. I also showed her how to insert more DiveGel with a prefilled applicator while underwater. Developing the best gas-guard seal possible is very important for young women whose vaginas are still lengthening from growth and sexual experience because if taken by a man when she is ‘tented’ and the anterior rim is out of her pubic notch it will be much harder for a partner to under-thrust the rim.

Doug the plug: I have paired Aimée up with Doug ‘the plug’ whose equipment is only 6 inches long but 2 ¼ inches in diameter. He got the nickname because someone said his penis looks like a fireplug. Petite women love having Doug as a partner because he usually can’t reach their cervixes, but he is so thick that he feels amazing just moving in and out and he is exceptional at giving G-spot orgasms. The down side with Doug as a partner is that - like Peter - he seems to be able to impregnate more than his share of women who all insist they were well protected during their encounters with him. I think she will be safe enough on Cerazette and she is finding his very high fertility thrilling. She tells me at breakfast each morning how many times he has taken her the previous day and that she is draining Doug’s semen. I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to get her to enjoy men in their early 20s now instead of father figures to which she had become so attached in Europe.

Since both Cyndi’s and Gigi’s cycles are synched to mine the three of us are fertile this week, I thought that is fitting for Easter week with the seasonal emphasis on the generation of new life, though we are planning to avoid that aspect of it if possible. I have been surprised how quickly Aimée seemed to blossom once she felt accepted by me and when Cyndi and Gigi welcomed her into our extended family, I wasn’t certain how well her presence would be accepted, she seemed to fit right in and they are all sharing pointe-shoe tips and information about local boys who have been tested and are safe for intimate encounters.

Jack on being introduced to Kink while young: “Thanks for that explanation about "sexual" technique being taught to 15 year olds. I am quite sure they are mentally capable and physically capable of learning techniques. I suppose that if you gave a rubber catsuit to a 15yr old and ask her to wear it she might feel "sexy" and that she looks like some super-heroine. I also suppose she might decide on her own that wearing rubber is a turn on to her and could / would be to her boyfriends. She might even not associate unusual clothing as taboo since she has had no exposure or comprehension of kink vs. vanilla sex, the concept of fetishes and things like BDSM. Having ballet "sex", dive-sex and so forth are as kinky as any and I am not passing judgment here.' So yes, you can show her... this is what some adults do and "covet" and you can learn how it's done. You wrote you don't teach BDSM per se, but will to a student who shows and interest. What is the philosophical distinction between dive sex as described here and bondage scenes in BDSM? Or between sex in rubber ballet boots and rubber enclosure and BDSM play? Many adult (male) fetishists would love to be able to take a vanilla partner and turn her into a fetish loving female with a few "classes". From what I read, the vast majority of non fetish women when exposed to it by their SOs, or spouse might at best ...give it a try, but most seem to reject it and see no appeal or use for it and the introduction of kink into a vanilla relationship is often the death knell for it. Older people seem to be incapable of learning fetish and learning to love and to "use it" as you claim to be able to teach to young ladies. I suppose if one at any age WANTS to learn sexual techniques they are expressing perhaps the attitude and proclivity for an expansive sexual menu in their quiver. But there are adult lovers who even want to "get with the program", make an effort and find fetish sex, kink and so forth does nothing for them. They might feel uncomfortable and alienated from sex wearing rubber or a hood... uncomfortable in killer heels and bondage attire. These lovers have the right attitude, and maturity and "don't get it." Can turn on be taught in a classroom environment?”

“Thanks for that explanation about "sexual" technique being taught to 15 year olds.”

I know that was written facetiously, but that’s the ideal age to introduce a young woman to advanced sexual techniques, including kink. That’s because most girls who are training intensely for ballet or swimming don’t reach menarche until about the age of 14. Then it’s best to give a girl at least a year after her periods start for them to settle into a routine as to length of her cycles and duration of her periods. So by the time she is well into her 15th year she should be ready to be fitted for and become used to using all her fetish related equipment she is almost 16 and at the legal age of consent for penetrative sex.

“What is the philosophical distinction between dive sex as described here and bondage scenes in BDSM? Or between sex in rubber ballet boots and rubber enclosure and BDSM play?”

The difference is that the St Lucy’s students have a self directed interest and willingness to learn about various intimate aspects of diving and rubber fetishwear and no coercion is used. A St Lucy’s girl can mix and match different aspects of various fetishes to maximize her own erotic response or that of a prospective mate to fit her immediate needs.

“From what I read, the vast majority of non fetish women when exposed to it by their SOs, or spouse might at best ...give it a try, but most seem to reject it and see no appeal or use for it and the introduction of kink into a vanilla relationship is often the death knell for it.”

Exactly! That makes my case elegantly. Much earlier in our discussions you inferred there was no advantage for an impressionable young woman to be introduced to and schooled in multiple aspects of kink and using those she felt comfortable with to pull a suitable mate into her orbit and hold him there with her intimate skills!

“I suppose if one at any age WANTS to learn sexual techniques they are expressing perhaps the attitude and proclivity for an expansive sexual menu in their quiver. But there are adult lovers who even want to "get with the program", make an effort and find fetish sex, kink and so forth does nothing for them.”

I agree, and I think that’s so sad! That happens a lot because by the time they become ‘interested’ many have reached the point where the free testosterone circulating in the blood – in both women and men – has declined to the extent that they find the result not worth the effort, or their conscience tells them ‘it’s wrong’ to be turned on by rubber, kinky SCUBA or whatever and they shame themselves into giving up before they give it a good try.

“Can turn on be taught in a classroom environment?”

At St Lucy’s we introduce the students to a wide range of fetishes and the girls can chose from among them the ones they feel most confident with or that best fit their personalities. However, only a small part of their training in those chosen fields is in the classroom. We recommend that they choose no more than 3 or 4 to specialize in because the kink takes time to learn – in lab encounters with male escorts - and some field trips - to Tahoe for altitude diving – or Reno for rough-rubber clubbing for example.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack on women, sex and youth Vs experience


Jack on youth Vs experience: “Perhaps I am a bit different than most out there being older. I observe some interesting phenomena without any data to understand how widespread or commonly held the paradigms I perceive are. First, most people respond sexually to young and healthy looking bodies (target partners). This makes sense from a performance perspective, younger are more fit and sex is a physical activity. But it is not usually thought of a skill we need lots of training for. Most sexual activity can be undertaken by most people aside from "positions" for coitus, for example which require extreme flexibility which is often associated with some manner of athleticism or dance training which are again activities performed by the young and healthy (mostly). Enter the mental aspect of sexuality. Sex may be instinctual in that it is similar to other biologic needs, driven by hormones and so forth, but it is a behavior which involves cognitive functions. We think about, plan, and fantasize about sexual encounters before and during the actual encounters. In fact, many will claim that the mind is the biggest or main sex organ of the body. Without our minds engaged in sexual activity and response we could enjoy it... I suppose it might be technically possibly to have a sexual response with no mental engagement, but how would we even know about it? I digress. Sex being a mind thing like the body thing makes better minds capable of "better sex". Learning any activity is both a physical and a mental development and in most cases they go hand in hand. A very young body (child?) has a very young and undeveloped mind and inexperienced mind. Therefore a young person cannot have achieved and advanced development of their sexuality. Of course when we reach physical sexual maturity we often are very intellectually and emotionally experientially naive. My observation is the kink and fetishes are the province of older, more experience, more aware, more developed minds. This doesn't mean that a lesser “sexually” developed mind can’t engage in kink, for surely they can. But the question is, is this a natural development of human sexuality.... or a bit of putting the cart before the horse... mentally and emotionally? Certainly we see that many endeavors REQUIRE experience and maturity and mental engagement to produce the best results... athletes and artists are obvious examples. But there are prodigies and this is a very outlier and mystifying experience”

I think there is some instinctual drive that causes men to select young beautiful women as sex partners. The smooth soft skin, the energy and ripeness of the figure all indicate subliminally that here is a set of reproductively healthy genes. And of course young women between the ages of 19 and 26 are the most fertile so when at mid-cycle are the ones most likely to become pregnant, a 50% chance from a single unprotected act of intercourse. Men are more attracted to women who are ready to ovulate probably by subtle body language and the woman’s scent which is why a fertile unescorted women at a beach, bar or fetish club will attract more men than one with the same or even better looks who isn’t fertile. I’ve had that happen. When I’m fertile – as I am now (I’m CD12) and will ovulate in two days - I can draw men away from a drop-dead-beautiful woman in her early 20s holding court with standing-room only men at the Meat Market. At 40 I’m still very attractive, but I’m not that beautiful! It’s the fact that my cervix is ripe and I’m about to release an egg and the men can sense it. That’s what has the guys peeling off her pussy-posse and following me. And they haven’t even had an opportunity to experience the delights I can provide from my 25 years of experience.

Jack on young women and the sexual experience learning curve: “So in the realm of sex we have an odd "thing" happening. On the one hand adolescents are "rearing to go"... and lacking experience and emotional maturity. Young, physically attractive, athletic and healthy (nubile) are what we covet in females (and the equivalent in males)... yet these bodies have hopelessly naive, inexperienced and emotionally undeveloped minds. For example, can a physically sexually desirable 25 year female make a "good" dominatrix? Well she could be dressed for the part, perhaps even learn some of the "moves", but could she truly posses the mental landscape of a more mature person? I think not. Maturity comes with experience and in a sense you can't get it until you are "equipped" to play in the big leagues. It's a bit of a conundrum for sure. The bottom line of this comment is that kink and fetish appeal fit with people of a certain level of mental development and maturity. We may desire young, for other sexual reasons, but to my mind young minds and kink don't match. And not only don't they match, but the idea is a bit disturbing or off putting. So what we get is the images mixing youth with what is associated with maturity... young models in fetish roles. I suppose it appeals to pedophilic desires in some people, but hopefully not in others. A good wine is not ready before its time. A great ballerina takes years and years of training and I would argue that a great fetish/kinky partner takes quite some time to form. Kink and fetish is much more of a mental overlay on the basic physical human sexual response. For example, vigorous fucking is rarely the emphasis, though sustained arousal and of course the desire for orgasm always is there... like the rabbit chased by the dogs around the track. I suppose this is why most fem Dommes are not nubile adolescent girls, but tend to be found in women in the mod to late twenties at the very youngest with most in their 30s, 40s and older. These are women of a certain level of experience, sophistication with a advanced level of social interactions and symbolism, style and composure simply not found in younger women. On the other hand a "sex slave" is hardly a role which requires more than the ability to take orders and be compliant... and this is well within level of a child's mental capacity.”

At St Lucy’s we work with our ripe bodied young women to guide their impressionable minds through a wide range of sexual experiences and alternatives, a smorgasbord of tricks and treats to be used for personal as well as mutual pleasure with a man. That way they have an extensive sampling of the delights available and can browse among them all or specialize in a few that take their fancy. We try to guide the girls toward interests that will draw and retain a man in orbit around her rather than into the more sophisticated field of D/S with any thought that she can quickly become a Domme and be good at it. But if that is a career path she wants to pursue we can set up interviews for graduates with responsible Dommes who want a younger woman as a student/slave to teach her the business, if she can last. Very few St Lucy’s girls are looking for that sort of life.

Jack on youthful heroines in ballet: “The same conundrum is present in the world of ballet. For example Romeo and Juliet is a about teens and to dance these roles one must look like a teen and dance like a season artist with decades of training. So we get younger and younger dancers, isolated from the real world and maturing experiences being asked to "act"/play roles which are much older people in many cases, or deal with mental states and experiences these talented dancers can't possibly have any real life experience with. Their AD's I suppose are helping them with this sort of thing. Remember how Nina was prompted to reach for "sexual passion" to help her with the role of Odile... I doubt whether an AD would actually do such a "thing" but it supports the notion that adolescent sexual energy is perhaps the most mature passion a naive mind can grasp... selfishness and greed come pretty early to children... and are hardly the province of adults. We sort of have in sex - fetish two sets (similar to ballet) of "curves" plotted over time... body curve tends downward and mental maturity curve tends upward over time. So in the "beginning" body is "there" and mind is not developed and at the end … after passages of years... mind is there, and the body is waning. The latter can be found with some sort of rigorous work... but one can't win that battle. The mind however can keep growing and advancing. And so for "mental" sex older is no handicap and is in fact an advantage. Perhaps that is why there are so many pervy older men (and women)?”

In one company I danced with the Ballet Mistress was thought to have been responsible for breaking up a romantic relationship between a female principal and an outsider (non-ballet) male to give the young principal some perspective on romantic loss to prepare her for the role of Giselle she was being groomed for.

Jack on the male libido: “The underlying driving urge for sex in a male is driven by his genes. THEY want to be passed along and so they have created the pleasure of sex to get them into another generation. Males aren't aware that they are having sex for their genes and so I suppose the self desire to leave a sex partner pregnant might be those genes working their way into his consciousness. Unless he intends to be a father, help raise a child or settle down with the woman, leaving her pregnant for her to deal with the 20yrs of raising a child on her own (presumably) is an act of extreme selfishness which not only makes it tough on the woman, but makes it hard on child who will likely grow up never seeing or knowing his father, the love and caring of two parents and so forth. I suppose there is the possibility that he might want to stick with the woman and her pregnancy may be the beginning of a committed relationship. She might be abortion averse and so she might demand he act responsible and "tie the knot" or commit to her and his future child. A child SHOULD be wanted, and when they are the result of self sex it's not likely to work out very well. But even the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. Suffering is not a good thing and being the cause of it or contributing to it makes one a monster.”

“It’s the woman’s problem”: I completely agree with what Jack says here that men have a hormonal drive to reproduce whether they realize it or not. During recreational sex women CAN NOT depend on a man to take the necessary contraceptive precautions, (except by withholding her favor) unless he is concerned about the possibility of contracting an STI. That is why I don’t think a male birth control pill will be effective for general use. Some few men who don’t want to be trapped by a woman who says she is on the pill and isn’t will use it, so a paternity test will prove he isn’t the father, but otherwise I think most men don’t care because “it’s the woman’s problem”. That is why we drill into our St Lucy’s girls from a very early age that as far as sex is concerned they are responsible for their own protection. They are the only ones who can be depended upon to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies while learning to use their bodies to attract and retain a suitable mate. I’m not sure I’d call a man a monster who intentionally impregnates his partner and then abandons her because she does have alternatives, but he is certainly unthinking and selfish.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Confidence building at St Lucy’s

Some serious camel-toe

A Student’s confidence issues: The school psychologist at St Lucy’s asked me to work with a transfer student from France who is having a difficult time adjusting to the training regimen at the school. She is nearly 16 y/o with a lovely strong Balanchine body and her parents sent her to us so that she could develop even the most intimate of her physical skills as well as mental capacity to their full extent. Tanaquil had recommended St Lucy’s to them – the mom having been one of her courtesans - when Aimée was expelled for ‘lewd behavior’ with a professor at an elite Swiss Girls school. She is an only child and had been with tutors, her parents and their circle of adult friends none of whom showed her much affection during her formative years so while her verbal and cognitive skills are extremely well developed coming into puberty at a girl’s school she craved attention from her teachers, but especially from the males and would go to any lengths to get an older man interested in her.

The psychologist thinks that if I can get her interested in women as protectors in her life – she has already had penetrative sex with her male ballet and swimming instructors here - and then introduce her to boys more her age in a threesome she can be brought into the mainstream of student life at St Lucy’s. Not that the other SL students don’t crave sex with their male teachers when they can get it. I agreed because she is a delightful young women and being in a semi-medical relationship with Aimée - should it develop sexually - would allow me the freedom to explore more fully those facets of her sexuality she is willing to share. She often acts out in ballet class by presenting deep camel-toe while wearing thong bottom leotards in ballet class. These can be easily seen by her partner(s) through her sheer tights which we all wear over our leos for classes and rehearsals and her labia cleavage causes male dancers in her pas de deux class to lose concentration while partnering her.

Bonding through orgasm: I met Aimée in the Psychologists office and we sat with him while he explained to her what my place in her life at St Lucy’s would be. Then I took her down to The Clinic on campus and checked the fit of her diaphragm. She had been fitted with a 60 mm transparent pink silicone Semina diaphragm and that was the correct size, but I switched her to a 60 mm latex flat spring Reflexions which is what the professionals use for protection as a gas-guard during dive-sex because it is very difficult for a man to under-thrust the rim of a flat spring and latex transfers heat far better than silicone so it feels more natural to both partners. I gave her three of the Reflexions and had her information coded into RFID chips and the chips fixed to the domes of her new diaphragms. While I had my fingers inside her I asked her to tighten her vaginal muscles and was surprised at the strength in her grip for a 15 y/o, but then her mom had been a courtesan and I’m sure she taught her strengthening exercises and she is very sexually experienced for a 15 y/o from a wealthy family. While she was on the exam table Aimée said that with a diaphragm inserted she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to have a G-spot orgasm so I used my fingers to caress her G-spot through the thin stretchy dome of her diaphragm and quickly brought her to a gasping, moaning, screaming orgasm during which her muscles spasmed so tightly on my fingers it was painful. I think giving her that orgasm was the bonding experience she needed so we could become Best Friends Forever.

Individual protection responsibility: Since she is on the swim team I asked how often she wore her Semina and she told me doesn’t like to wear it. I said that if I was to help her she was going to have to wear one of her Reflexions all the time because otherwise she will be quickly caught w/o it and start accruing demerits. As a 15 y/o she had been able to get away w/o wearing her Semina because she was considered underage. I stopped her from being able to do that by adding her to the database of students needing an RFID chip to get into the ballet and pool areas of the school. She seemed pleased that I was treating her as an adult, which is what I do with all St Lucy’s students which is especially important when I’m working with a sexually adult but mentally immature female. I’m sure she had heard it all before during her orientation lecture, but this sort of information bears repeating so I explained that none of the men on the faculty use any sort of contraceptive protection and all are virile and potent so it is the responsibility of each student to protect herself from pregnancy. Any pregnancies will be terminated or the student will be expelled and that policy has worked well since it was adopted in the early 1970s.

I explained that adult women always inserted their diaphragms before going anywhere where they might meet a man so they would not be caught unprepared and That it was particularly important that she have a Reflexions inserted and properly positioned as a gas-guard during sex in or underwater because of the possibility of a partners thrusts forcing water or air bubbles into her uterus and causing an infection or an embolism. I explained that because St Lucy’s girls were so highly sexually active they were at much greater risk of upper reproductive tract problems if no gas-guard was used. I told her that professional women who specialized in underwater sex all wore gas-guards and we do. She seemed to look forward to wearing her diaphragm as an indication that she was being treated as an adult and was responsible for her own protection.

STI and hCG testing at St Lucy’s: As additional protection all faculty and students are tested for STIs once a month (I’m tested every 2 weeks because of the number of partners I have) and every student is tested for hCG once a week. Aimée is currently on the progestin-only-pill Cerazette where each pill contains 75mcg of the progestin desogestrel the first metabolite of which is etonogestrel the progestin used in Implanon and NuvaRing. Cerazette is a good pill for a progestin-only-pill as it allows the user to be as much as 12 hours late taking her pill with no decrease in her protection. Even so, because the progestin dries her out so she needs lots of intimate lube to be penetrated comfortably and she has to take a pill every day I’m trying to get her to have a GyneFix IUD implanted. That way she will be well protected for 5 years and can enjoy the hormonal swings of her natural cycles which is one of the great joys of being a woman.

When I asked her what interested her sexually besides older men she said she found she is attracted to toe-shoes – she wears Freed Studios and enjoys wearing them – because of how they feel and look on her feet and because they make her legs look lovely when she has her feet pointed or is on her toes. She also likes the scent, look and feel of latex and she likes to breastfeed. The breastfeeding answer surprised me! She said she learned she enjoyed human milk and breast feeding from one of her women instructors at the Swiss school to whom she went for comfort when rejected by a male teacher. Another surprise was that I’d never found a teen who, after training in pointe shoes for several years, still likes to wear them. Aimée has been wearing pointes since she was 11 y/o and her ballet teacher says she has amazing stamina as well as technique so 4 years is long enough for her to have the thrill wear off and be glad to take her toe-shoes off as soon as she can if she wasn’t drawn to and enjoys wearing them for psychological reasons, because they make her feel she is more adult sexually. I’m going to have to be careful while mentoring Aimée that Cyndi and Gigi don’t become jealous of my attention to her, but they both are into men now and so I think I can get them to accept her in my life.

Pointe shoe Quiz April 18, 2011

What is the shank strength of these Gaynor Mindens

This will be tricky if you aren’t familiar with Gaynor pointes.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sex as a competitive skill

Relief zipper detail on a 2 mm latex fetishwear wetsuit

The Photo: Posing in a black latex wetsuit in the desert can be a grueling assignment. It was in the mid 80s when this photoshoot was held and the model was being hosed down with chilled water every few minutes to keep her from fainting. In this photo she was steadying herself while feeling nauseous. She said it was bad sushi from the night before, but I doubted that was her problem. When she got back to the casino I suggested she test for hCG as she just had that look about her. I’m pretty good at guessing because I’ve seen so many totally unexpected pregnancies. Some women glow, others of us have that doe-in-the-headlights look, like WTF happened? She tested positive.

She didn’t know how far along she was because she is on LoSeasonique (levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol and ethinyl estradiol) tablets that provide an oral contraceptive regimen of 84 orange tablets each containing 0.1 mg of the progestin levonorgestrel and 20 mcg of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol, followed by 7 yellow tablets each containing 10 mcg of ethinyl estradiol. Since the user takes 84 active pills in a row and she was near the end of her active pills she hadn’t had a pill-period in several months. I asked her how good she was about taking her pills and she said she had been taking them on time. I asked about other meds she had been taking and she had been given Azithromycin for a sinus infection about six weeks ago so the antibiotic probably decreased the effectiveness of her pills. I’m guessing that she was probably less than 8 weeks preggers.

She was adamant, insisting on having an immediate abortion. She is a clinical psychology grad-student at UNLV and needs the money she gets from fetish modeling to pay for school. She didn’t want to take Mifeprex because a friend had had a bad time with it and had to have a vacuum extraction afterward to remove the remaining fetal tissue. So she wanted to have a menstrual extraction and be done with it in an hour or so rather than having to deal over an interval of days with Mifeprex which might or might not work. Since she is a friend of Anya’s I got her a slot on the ME schedule at our clinic for the next morning. Anya went with her and the procedure went well with no complications. Her Gyn hardly had to dilate her cervix at all to insert the cannula so she was pleased about that. She was given ten days of an antibiotic and told not to have penetrative sex for two weeks and to use condoms or another effective barrier method for at least two weeks after taking the last dose of antibiotic while her hormonal protection was being reestablished. She tolerated the procedure well both physically and mentally and took 800 mg of Ibuprofen afterward and kept her afternoon appointment with another fetish photographer.

Jack on competitive sex: “I suppose if you see the world as a competition then it's a dog-eat-dog world and the rules of polite society won't apply. Your characters inhabit such a world of intense competition and see sex as warfare. Men find pleasure in inseminating women, not simply in even using them for a sexual thrill (bad enough). Some of these characters even use their partner's sexual needs and orgasm as a means to "destroy" them... quite literally. In this world the best sex is the riskiest sex where one can literally wake up dead from the encounter. This is an extreme fetish world laid over top of a "normal" desire for sexual pleasure where winning seems to be holding a place amongst the economic elite who have the time and means for such "perversion" and where they apparently feel compelled to distinguish themselves from the hoi polloi not only in their material possessions, but in the extreme fetishes. Fetish appears to be the sex of the elite and well heeled... pun intended… and the fantasies of anyone else who can't afford it... but has upwardly mobile aspirations. I tend to think that this extreme risk fetish sex is mostly fantasies of all classes and less the practice of a few elites.”

I agree that “extreme risk fetish sex is mostly fantasies of all classes” Even for some St Lucy’s girls with wealth and looks some of the techniques I familiarize them with during orientation are too risky and they don’t participate in those training sessions. Others love the idea of risky sex, the adrenaline makes the experiences that much more intense, and occasionally one who wants to participate can’t because she can’t stand that much excitement which causes seizures. Those are the ones who can turn bitter and become strong advocates of purely missionary sex for married couples and even then for procreation only. I do think that even responsible men - those who ensure that they and their partner(s) are using an effective method of birth control - subconsciously lust after getting the girl pregnant.

I’ve seen too many men, even the responsible ones, with that glint in their eyes as they pull out of me. This is especially true when I’m in a latex catsuit and they have penetrated me through my relief zipper. I think they feel they have already gotten to me through my protective rubber suit and as they stare at my hard flat latex sheathed belly and their semen draining from between my labia I can see the thought balloon over the guy’s head that says: “God, wouldn’t it be amazing if I’ve gotten past her birth control and put a bun in her oven!” Occasionally a certain man will become so emotionally involved he forgets where he is and will admit to feeling that way. That’s especially the case when I’m negotiating a business deal and he’s getting a piece of me. But then it’s more like: “Wouldn’t the bitch be surprised if I left a bun in her oven!” And that’s just vanilla sex.

“In this world the best sex is the riskiest sex where one can literally wake up dead from the encounter.” I’ll plead guilty to feeling that way! I don’t think there are too many women who feel the way I do about physically risky sex, (I do my best to avoid STIs) except perhaps Anya, and she can be even more extreme than I am at times. But every man who has ever been with her says she is an absolutely astonishing sexual talent!

“…winning seems to be holding a place amongst the economic elite who have the time and means for such "perversion" and where they apparently feel compelled to distinguish themselves from the hoi polloi not only in their material possessions, but in the extreme fetishes.”

Absolutely! Why not? My experience has been that one associates with people with whom there are like lifestyles and interests. It is true that the rich have more time and resources to devote to some sexual roads less traveled either because of the cost or risk or both. “Perversion?” Who is qualified to say what is ‘normal’ in sexual practices - excluding pedophilia of course which is totally aberrant and off limits. The general public has been so traumatized by its parents while children that many can’t touch themselves much less discuss their bodies and sexuality with others. Those of us who glory in our bodies and sexuality seek out others of like mind to play with. Occasionally there will be some breakage and a woman or more rarely a man will be killed, usually by accident because of their lack of attention to detail. On balance the thrills are worth the risks.

Jack on dressing for the hunt: “Dressing IS something we do for sending out a message. It a non verbal language we learn to use... men mostly as readers and women as readers and writers. Women are the seducers and men the seduced. Women typically get to choose who gets them, though when a male is understood to be a prize the tables can be turned and there messages becomes one of NOTICE ME and take me! When people go as unattached to a club, they are usually intending to leave attached - they are hunting for a suitable compatible partner. If you go to a square dance social you will have a hard time finding a fetish partner who is into kink. On the other hand if you go to a fetish club in a gas mask, others will read that message as this is a person who is into breath play... and so forth. We often hear of crazy sociopaths who prey on defenseless females and that a female advertising she is hunting for sex is more likely to attract one of these nutcases. She becomes an "easy mark". This has actually made people quite cautious in picking up someone for "anonymous" sex on the first encounter, though this certainly IS going on and IS a real thrill for many. Could this lead to a sort of defensive strategy where people understand that their love encounter could quickly turn into a struggle for their very survival? I suppose so when people are made increasingly aware of women getting killed in sex encounters with strangers... whether they are pick ups or paid clients. We can't know the real motives of partners we don't.... know. You play with fire, you are going to get burned... and this was understood long before kinky risky fetish encounter sex.”

I agree with a lot of what Jack said in the preceding paragraph. Anonymous sex can be hazardous to your health. Along a recently discovered fave dumping spot on Long Island four sets of human remains were discovered in December in the thick brush north of Ocean Parkway, in Suffolk County. In recent weeks, the remains of four more bodies turned up in Suffolk, along with human remains found in two places in the dunes along the same road in Nassau County. Is that ten people, so far? I guess a stretch of deserted shoreline is quicker and quieter than a wood chipper and quicklime pond. At least four were prostitutes. But I’m talking about up-market consensual, recreational, non-commercial sex… just for the thrill of it - as a hook to attract the interest of an eligible breeding partner. Not that a trust-fund beauty can’t be offed for the fun of it by a psychopath if she isn’t careful.

Some of the better clubs here try to help increase the level of STI protection by giving discounts to customers who can show a clean recently taken STI panel. That puts the players on record with a neutral third party and keeps down the number of posers. Gasmasks are ubiquitous at fetish clubs now to help hide ones identity because of their ready availability and wide selection in a price range where everyone can afford a gasmask of some kind and because they can be easily adapted with gags and rebreather bags for breathplay. Gasmasks can be very dangerous when worn by the unwary. All a man needs is piece of rubber – a dental dam or balloon – placed in the canister fitting to act as a diaphragm to block the opening into the woman’s mask when the canister is screwed down tight. Or, if no canister is available a 40 mm threaded blank to screw into the canister connector of a woman’s gasmask while her hands are tied behind her or zip-tied to ceiling pipes in a basement. Then she is easily suffocated if he isn’t paying very close attention

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Sarah Lane speaks out

Sarah Lane ABT Soloist

Sarah Lane speaks out: For those who missed the ten minute segment on 20/20 last night (Friday April 15, 2011) I thought it was an opportunity to hear Ms Lane and see her body language and hear the inflection of her words. I learned she has a small voice. Other than that there was nothing new. Her position is unchanged, that the movie studio under-represented the amount of the real dancing that she did for Natalie Portman. She actually said they lied about it.

Let’s assume that she is right, and that both Aronofsky’s and Lane’s statements can be parsed so they are both correct; that while 85% of the film is Portman most of the long dance sequences and pointe shots are Lane’s which I think may well be the case. Even then I think Ms Lane totally misunderstood how Movie Studios publicity machines work and finding out has disillusioned her.

Even now Ms Lane doesn’t seem to understand, that there was a major campaign under way for an Oscar and by her giving interviews talking about her role as Portman’s dancing body double she was diverting attention to herself and away from Portman. Hollywood and celebrity PR has never been known for sticking to facts and embellishing turns of phrase in publicity campaigns are as common as dirt. The 10 y/o Margaret O'Brien was said to be a rising ballet talent in the Film ‘The Unfinished Dance’ (with Cyd Charisse) in 1947. A more recent example is the actress Summer Glau. Her IMDB entry says: “She's been a prima ballerina most of her life.” OMG! Who would have known? The person who wrote that probably has no idea what a Prima Ballerina is! But that’s the nature of Hollywood publicity.

Anyway, Ms Lane is still disappointed that no one in the film industry is giving ballet attention of the sort she thinks the art deserves. She feels that Portman was given credit for more than she did. I don’t think that is the case any more than Angelina Jolie is given credit for the work her stunt doubles do jumping off cliffs, out of windows and from moving vehicles. And Ms Lane got as much credit as any other stunt double in any other film. Having ballet classified as a ‘stunt’ in film parlance may sound demeaning, but it isn’t.

I wonder if this incident has caused enough of a controversy that contracts for stunt doubles will be revised to include a clause about self promotional interviews and articles for some time after a project has been released to the public. Will continuing this tempest it toe-shoes sell more tickets and DVDs?

Black Swan at the box-office: Total Lifetime Grosses – As of April 17, 2011: Domestic: $106,909,414 36.3% + Foreign: $187,791,265 63.7% World wide: $294,700,679

The article from Entertainment about the 20/20 interview with a video clip from the interview can be seen: here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Natalie Portman's Dance Double Speaks Out

Wendy Perron Editor Dance Magazine

"Natalie Portman's Dance Double Speaks Out"

You've read Wendy's original blog post that sparked the media frenzy surrounding Natalie Portman's dancing in Black Swan. Now hear directly from Perron and ABT's Sarah Lane, herself, as they discuss the controversy and why the public needs to know what it really takes to become a professional ballet dancer - lifelong training, dedication, and artistry.

ABC's 20/20 airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST. Check your local listings.

Visit to read more about Black Swan and Sarah Lane.

Personal comment: I’m sorry this is being posted on such short notice, but I just got the email with this information. I hope Wendy and Sarah spend their time discussing the work and dedication required to become a professional ballet dancer and not about Natalie Portman.

Gasmasks and pregnancy while on the pill

U.S. gasmask MCU 2P with filter canister

What goes around comes around: There are three grad students in the Cosplay group at UNLV that have been giving Taryn’s friend a really hard time because she is using a Reflexions latex diaphragm for contraception. They think that is so old fashioned and she has found her contraceptive supplies tampered with since the three Harpies have been on her case. Things like fresh tubes of spermicide being replaced with tubes long out of date and once she found the dome of an old diaphragm had three pin hole punctures in it. So she knows she is the target of malicious tricks. And the women haven’t been shy about teasing her about being careful when having sex with her BF or she may find herself carrying his child.

The Harpies are all girls from wealthy very conservative Catholic families who have gone wild since they got on the pill and away from home. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing for a woman to enjoy her body and the effect it can have on men when used provocatively before she settles down, but at the same time the three have high profiles in the Right-to-life group on campus. And this is while they are fucking a large percentage of the male undergrads so you would think they would take more care with their own birth control choices. The three are all on Yaz the 24/4 dosing regimen pill from Beyer that uses the long half-life progestin drospirenone. Each of the 24 active pills has: 3mg of drospirenone and 20mcg of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol and there are 4 placebo pills. Yaz is a good pill (it is 99% effective if taken correctly) but taking dietary supplements that increase your metabolism or taking an antibiotic or seizure meds can decrease the effectiveness as can vomiting within 4 hours of taking your pill. So there are things a user of oral contraceptives needs to be careful about if she is serious about trying to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

Taryn’s friend was very upset and came to me about six weeks ago to vent and for support. She was hoping there was some way to get back at the Harpies to let them know how serious it is to tamper with someone’s birth control. I think if I was as opposed to abortion as they say they are and was living the lifestyle they are, I’d consider using a Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) like a ParaGard (copper) IUD that is effective for more than 10 years. Or, the Mirena IUS that continuously releases a tiny amount of the progestin Levonorgestrel and is effective for 5 years. Or Implanon the single rod implant that releases the progestin etonogestrel and which is effective for three years. But then I’m fucking as many men as they are and using cervical barriers to protect myself which (theoretically) aren’t nearly as effective as the pill so I don’t suppose I have room to be too critical.

The Cosplay group’s latest fad is gasmasks and the masks are a good fit – fetish wise - since most of the group is also into rubber as fetishwear and in the last several months the Harpies have been seen regularly at one of the up-market rubber clubs in the valley. They are easy to spot because the three of them are always together and they all bought the same style gasmask the U.S. MCU 2P with a ballistic polymer lens and oral nasal unit that has the standard 40 mm NATO canister fitting. And filter canisters are readily available if they decide to wear them into hazardous environments, but none of them have ever been anywhere more dangerous than a fetish club ladies bathroom.

The Fertility Project: When Taryn’s friend was telling me about her birth control supplies being tampered with and being verbally harassed by the Harpies I thought of a project that Jeff’s research labs had worked on for the government. They were looking for a way to compromise the effectiveness of female fighters whether they are irregular (guerrilla) fighters or in the uniformed services of opposing forces. Labia Labs developed an odorless colorless liquid that carries a powerful selective progesterone receptor modulator that binds the human progesterone receptor and prevents progesterone from occupying its receptor. Dispensed in an aerosol it enters the woman’s body through her nose and eyes and immediately almost 100% of the steroid is absorbed through the mucus membranes into her bloodstream. Jeff’s chemists also added a trace chemical that stimulates the production of a woman’s natural testosterone in her ovaries which makes her libido spike at the same time her hormonal contraceptive protection becomes useless.

This modified steroid delivered in an aerosol was tested in two clinical trials in Thailand (as a morning after drug) and found to be extremely effective for women on hormonal contraceptives - who were non compliant in taking their pills - in blocking conception from unprotected sex occurring up to five days before the drug was administered. However, two days after being exposed to the drug laden aerosol the long term blocking of the progestin receptors made the women’s hormonal birth control totally ineffective and the pregnancy rate was 53% for women protected by hormonal contraceptives during the remainder of their cycles. That is a huge pregnancy rate for a single menstrual cycle for mixed age group!

Therefore, two days after being exposed to the aerosol only a copper IUD or a reliable barrier method of contraception will be effective with subsequent acts of intercourse that occur in that same menstrual cycle. The government decided that causing enemy women fighters to become pregnant wasn’t what they had in mind (because it didn’t work fast enough) so the project was cancelled and it left the labs with a supply of the progestin blocking steroid that had been intended for another clinical trial.

Bridesmaid’s gifts: It wasn’t difficult to get Jeff to make up a dozen vials of the steroidal fertility drug for me in small gasmask lens anti-fogging atomizer capped dispensers, the sort you see in up-market fetish club ladies bathrooms. I told him they were to be gag-gifts for bridesmaids and other female guests at a rubber fetishists wedding I was helping with. He wanted assurance that I would tell the women that inhaling it would make their hormonal birth control useless and I agreed, I just didn’t say when I would tell them.

Dressing for success: So after putting the dozen small atomizers in a vintage Gucci tote I started dressing to go hunting. I emptied the Reflexions diaphragm I was wearing (I was menstrual) and reinserted it with Semécide, the professional O9 spermicide, in the dome, just in case I found Mr. right now. Anya (who loves this sort of thing and who went with me) and I changed our eye colors with tinted contact lenses, darkened our eyebrows, dressed in vintage House of Harlot latex catsuits – which I don’t personally care for and had never worn to that club - open faced hoods, gloves and Gepetto’s basic up-market style black leather ballet boots - so as not to call too much attention to ourselves - and Mestel SGE 150 gasmasks a style that we ordinarily never wear and went to the rubber club looking for the Harpies. We took Anya’s Porsche and she removed the heels of her boots so she could drive. That’s a nice feature of Gepetto’s BBs, you can remove or change the heels on some of the more expensive models. The three women were there and easy to spot with three male UNLV grad-students so Anya and I mixed with the masked crowd that were groping one another while watching a HD porn video on a large screen while I watched the Harpies and guys at their table. When the women got up to go to the ladies room I followed.

The switch: One of the nice things about that club is that the ladies room is large, well stocked and very clean to attract women and where there are women men will follow. The three had pulled off their gasmasks and left them on the vanity while they relieved themselves. While the stall doors were closed I replaced the atomizers of house brand lens anti-fogging solution with six of the ones in similar faux Lalique atomizers I brought with the progesterone receptor modulator in them. Just as I finished two sixth form girls from St Lucy’s came in. They shouldn’t have been in the club - not because of the sex but because they were too young to drink - and recognized me with my mask off, but didn’t say anything and I nodded to let them know I knew who they were. I used some of the progesterone spray on the lens of my mask and then to wipe out the oral nasal unit which was sweaty and had makeup on the cheek pieces. I mentioned how I thought the spray provided by this club helped keep my mask lens from fogging even when I got hot and sweaty during sex and both 18 y/o St Lucy’s girls sprayed the insides of their masks with it. I wasn’t concerned for their reproductive safety because I knew both had GyneFix IUDs implanted.

Just as I was fitting my mask back over my hood and establishing a good seal the Harpies came out of the stalls. They had heard my conversation with the students and they all used the spray to prevent lens fogging and to wipe out the mixture of sweat and makeup that collects quickly in a woman’s gasmask. The UNLV grad students pulled their freshened gasmasks back over their hoods, adjusted the straps to produce a good seal breathing deeply to make sure the seal was tight and sucked the fumes from the steroid into their lungs. Everyone put the progesterone atomizer she used in her purse and the Harpies and St Lucy’s girls left while I fumbled for ‘my car keys’ in my tote. When they were gone I replaced the house anti fogging solution atomizers on the vanity just as another woman entered pulled off her mask and soaked the inside of it with the house solution while muttering about how “fucking hot” the masks were even while breathing through the 40 mm canister connector port with no filter attached. I nodded mumbled “yeah” and left having never taken my rubber gloves off.

Shortly afterward Anya and I left having succeeded in getting the Harpies to ingest the progesterone receptor modulator. I wasn’t worried about what the inhaled steroid would do to my cycle because I was menstrual and my hormones were at their lowest points in my cycle so I thought the lack of progesterone probably wouldn’t even change the length of my cycle and I was right. Though an immediate side effect that was very noticeable was that I became extremely aroused with my nipples and clitoris becoming erect and very hard, especially my clitoris which I played with through my open relief zipper as Anya drove us home.

It is now four weeks later and the three Harpies are all pregnant! Two tested positive for hCG a week ago and the other tested positive yesterday. Ohhh! Who could have known! After the first ingestion at the fetish club Taryn’s friend said they were bedding even more men than usual while wearing their rubber catsuits and gasmasks and showed everyone in the Cosplay group the lovely Lalique atomizer and marvelous anti-fogging solution they had taken from the club and used on their masks every time they had sex. Taryn’s friend is beside herself with joy because somehow the change in the Harpies reproductive status leaked from the files in student health and with their high profile in the right-to-life group on campus they are between a rock and a hard place. They are no longer riding Taryn’s friend about her birth control choices.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Menstruation, lactation and toe pads

Diva Cup, a silicone menstrual cup

The photo: The photo is of a silicone Diva cup used to collect menstrual flow. It can be left in for up to 12 hours according to the manufacturer’s guidelines– depending on the woman’s rate of flow - though I have worn one continuously for 24 hours on my light days with no problem. I haven’t written much about wearing a Diva because for me it is a special use device. Returning readers know that I use a diaphragm for flow control and that works well for me even when I’m diving because I can have sex while it’s inserted. However, there are special circumstances, such as when I’m wearing a drysuit continuously for hours and hours during which using a Diva cup works extremely well since I can wear it all day w/o needing to empty it even though my flow is heavier when I dive.

While the manufacturer recommends a Model #2 for women my age I find wearing the smaller model 1 cup fits me better because my continuous training with Ben Wa balls and Kegel exercises keeps the grip of my ‘vaginal vice’ very strong. I always carry a Diva cup in my dive bag in case I find I need to wear a drysuit when I’m menstrual. Then it’s standard procedure to insert the Diva just after empting my bowels and bladder and before putting on an adult diaper and pulling on the thermal underwear worn under a drysuit. The adult diaper doesn’t allow the same form fitting look as when a wetsuit is worn, but the pants of a drysuit are baggy anyway and I’m not on the runway at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week in a drysuit so the extra bulk of the diaper for when I have to urinate isn’t that noticeable. And besides everyone I know wears a diaper when diving a drysuit.

The dimensions of the Diva cup: For anyone interested the Model 1 cup is 1 11/16" (~4.3 cm) in diameter and the Model 2 cup is 1 13/16" (~4.6 cm) in diameter. Both cups are approximately 2 1/4" (~5.7 cm) in length in the body of the cup, with another 3/8" (~1 cm) stem (2 5/8" total length). The stem may be trimmed to adjust for comfort. There is a small difference between the two sizes (Model 1 is 1/8" (~0.3 cm) smaller), but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent leakage. The manufacturer recommends Model 2 if the user is 30 or over 30 years old. As with a diaphragm once the Diva cup is properly inserted and positioned at the lower end of the vaginal vault it can’t be felt by the wearer. I’ve worn a Diva for 8 hours in a drysuit on one of my heaviest days and filled it with 20 ml of flow. It will hold up to 30 ml. Another nice thing about wearing a Diva cup is if a man is into drinking menstrual flow drinking it out of a Diva is easier than drinking it from a diaphragm since it fits his mouth better and is easier to compress to squeeze out the last few drops.

Diving and lactation: As I’ve mentioned when writing about lactating before, lactating is a high maintenance function. Extra pressure from wetsuits and/or tight bathing suits puts a lactating woman at greater risk for plugged milk ducts so there is breast maintenance, keeping my nipples and milk glands soft with a lanolin base cream to prevent clogging and the need to wear a front closure wet or dry suit so I can breastfeed or pump my breasts w/o taking the suit off. When diving, in addition to losing fluid when I’m menstrual and due to my milk production I also lose fluid from immersion dieresis - a type of increased urine production caused by immersion of the body in water (or equivalent liquid) which is mainly caused by lower temperature and by pressure - so I have to be very careful to stay well hydrated. And of course I need to breast feed or pump prior to diving and then every 4 to 6 hours to prevent considerable discomfort from engorged breasts, so I take my portable battery powered Medela breast pump when I go on diving day trips.

Toe pads as an aphrodisiac: In my AST (advanced sexual techniques) class I’m teaching tricks to keep a man fascinated. It’s the little unexpected things like letting him suck on your sweaty, smelly and sometimes bloody, toe pads that keeps a man coming back for more. We all frequently change toe pads when changing shoes so with a bit of planning we can take along several pairs of well used, stained and musky smelling pads that are ready to be trashed so when we give them to a lover to suck the sweat, tape residue, skin particles and blood out of them it’s a bonding experience with the guy at no cost to the woman.

I’ve switched to toe pads too when I want to feel semen squishing between my toes. I used to have the guy(s) jack-off in the blocks of my pointes but now that I’m wearing Gaynors when I’m planning to have sex en pointe it’s more convenient and – because Gaynors last so long - it leaves less mess in the blocks after the semen dries if I have the guy cum in my toe pads. That way I can slip my toes into them and get the full effect of the thick slippery fluid oozing between my toes before I force my toes and pads into the blocks of the Gaynors. Another nice thing about using the pads as semen containers is that when I give the cum pads to a lover to suck on he gets a more complete olfactory and gustatory experience. In addition to their feted scent there is the musky taste of semen along with the salty taste of estrogenic sweat, blood and skin particles… a sort of balanced meal as it were, with the trace nutrients and minerals from sperm.

Gigi has a client at Splash who is a ballet teacher at one of the local schools and he has her take his ‘class’ while wearing Freed Classics - which he paid for as a premium item - in one of the small studios at Splash. He requires her to wear old toe pads and sweat in them during their 45 minute pointe class. Then when she changes into Gaynors for ballet-sex he takes her sweat soaked pads to put in his gasmask so he can fuck her with the scent of her estrogenic sweat intermingled with the rubber scent of his mask. She says that for a German he is a considerate lover and gives her her pleasure first. She says he sounds like Darth Vader with his heavy breathing and muffled voice through his mask while much of the air flow is blocked by her sweat soaked pads.

I’ve had several severely sexually repressed men chew on my filthy toe pads when I peel them off when changing shoes. One of them is a high ranking business associate who I successfully negotiate with in the gaming industry. These men have socialized fairly well and are successful in the business world and in public with women they appear on the surface to be masculine and almost misogynistic. When with a woman in private however, they are extremely submissive though highly virile and potent and they need the scent and taste of a smelly sweat soaked toe pad to perform sexually. I always wear convertible tights over a thong bottom leo and take a pair of Gaynors and several pairs of well used toe pads when I’m dealing with one of them. It’s important to know an opponent’s weaknesses when you are in the business world.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz April 11, 2011

What are the shank strengths of the Gaynor Minden pointes in this photo?

This quiz is a bit different, but it should be fairly easy to find the answer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A rape fantasy insemination Pt II

A Lorelei guest on a dive outing to Lake Mead

The Photo: The Lorelei’s insemination guest encased in a Hunter Gates Pro-AM 1050 Drysuit on a dive outing to Lake Mead. The suit and Interspiro FFM were borrowed from the selection at The Lorelei since she didn’t bring a drysuit and didn’t want to have to clean her FFM after diving the lake.

Baby sitting: I’ve ended up showing Jacques’ Lichtenstein insemination princess around the area while she isn’t busy with Jacques. It’s ironic how I’m trying my best to keep from becoming preggers by that beautiful man from him planting his seed in me and she is here trying to conceive by the same man! Go figure! I’ve sort of rationalized him fucking her by telling myself it’s his job. He is good at it and has fun making a living that way so I’m happy for him, and I do have him to myself most of the time. For purposes of writing about her I’ll call her “Semeni.”

Semeni’s rape: I watched from the voyeur viewing room (behind the mirrored glass wall in the ballet studio) the other day when they had their first rape encounter. She was in a black latex Rubber 55 catsuit, gloves, hood and black satin Repetto La Carlotta toe-shoes. She looked lovely and as though she just might be able to defend herself. Jacques looked so virile wearing his oiled Lash Leathers and rubber soled steel toed boots as he watched her warm up at the barre. The scenario was that he was a drifter who had found his way inside The Lorelei (it’s impossible for a stranger to get through three levels of security) and has a thing for lithe dancers so when he opened the studio door and found her at the barre he immediately came on to her. She watched him approach and went up onto her toes so she would appear taller. She is 6’2” en pointe so with Jacques at 6’4” she could almost look him in the eye.

He tried to touch her hand and she pulled it away, but didn’t back up and he moved further into her space. Her feet were in second position and she saw his eyes drop to her exposed crotch so she tried to close her feet into sous-sus - fifth position sur les pointes - but he was quicker and she found his hand between her legs as her thighs came together pushing his thumb deeper into the soft flesh of her vulva. She gasped and slapped him which rocked his head, but didn’t move him back an inch. She opened her legs again to try to pull his hand out of her crotch and tried to knee him but he turned and deflected her knee which bounced off his thigh. By then she was tilted at an angle against the barre and grabbed the barre to steady herself while trying to pound his chest with a balled up fist or slapping him with an open palm. At that point she had been struggling for about four minutes when he hit her in the solar plexus with his fist knocking the wind out of her and she collapsed back against the barre.

Forced entry: While she was winded he pulled down her crotch zipper inserted his fingers and ripped the crotch of her catsuit. By the time she could breathe again he had spun her around and opened her back zipper pulling it down mid way then pulled the rubber catsuit off her shoulders and down around her upper arms pinning her arms to her sides. He was very fast and except for her legs she was immobilized in seconds. She was so rubber legged that she couldn’t stand much less use her legs to defend her self so he just draped her over the barre and checked her for lube – I could see her FCM glistening on his fingers and her labia so I knew she was ready to be penetrated. I watched fascinated as he unzipped the crotch of his Lash Leathers folded back the protective tongue and eased himself out of his cup. He was already massively erect and dripping pre-cum as he spread her labia and positioned his tip at the entrance to her vagina and pushed. I could tell from the angle at which he entered her that with a single powerful stroke he had under-thrust her diaphragm and penetrated her fully as her eyes went wide in amazement and she moaned. Then she gasped and screamed when his glans rammed the soft open tissue of her ripe cervix. She squirmed trying to adjust her hips and pull herself off the barre, but Jacques kept pushing her back down. By that time her feet were in second again and her chest was resting on the folds of her rubber suit that were between the barre and her breasts.

Semeni’s orgasms: Jacques was holding on to her rubber sheathed hips and driving his shaft into her lifting her off her platforms at the maximum depth of his thrusts and I could hear the thud as the flesh of their pelvises smacked together and she screamed every time he rammed her cervix. I was waiting for it and just like I told her both shanks of her Repetto pointes shattered. They broke the third time he dropped her onto he toes as he withdrew and she sank even further into her shoes decreasing whatever little control she had over how her hips were positioned. I was sitting just on the other side of the mirror and her latex hooded head was within a foot of the mirror so I got to watch her facial expression and the saliva and snot drain from her mouth and nose to pool on the Marley beneath her as Jacques had his way with her.

About the time her shanks broke Jacques hit his stride, found her G-spot and took her to a shuddering, moaning, screaming orgasm. But that wasn’t the end of their encounter. He kept pounding her cervix and her screams became louder and more plaintive and then suddenly the tenor of her screams changed and I knew she had passed her pain thresholds and was about to have a cervical orgasm. I had never seen another woman be taken to a cervical orgasm before and her face was dripping sweat snot was bubbling from her nostrils and her body wasn’t just quivering she was shaking violently and then she began a long high pitched scream as he tipped her over the edge into a cervical orgasm. He finished inside her just before she fainted. Jacques told me later that Semeni has very strong muscle contractions when she orgasms, though, he was quick to point out that they were not nearly as strong as mine.

He stayed inside her for a few minutes as she regained consciousness and they both tried to catch their breaths. Then he withdrew, he was still erect (I love his ability to do that) and inserted his fingers in her vagina to ensure the rim of her diaphragm was back against the anterior wall to make sure it would fit in her pubic notch when her vagina returned to its unaroused state. He helped her to strip out of her ruined catsuit and she helped him out of his Lash leathers, then he took her immediately to bed for a post coitial nap while his little swimmers made their way into her tubes. He said later that he was pleased she didn’t try to claw him with her nails and she had actually become affectionate. When I saw her in a bikini as we were dressing in our thermal undies and drysuits during our dive trip to Lake Mead the next morning there were no bruises on her body even from the blow to her solar plexus that subdued her so I was pleased to see that Jacques can defeat a woman w/o seriously harming or marking her.

Rivals: Semeni told me during our dive trip that she really enjoyed being overpowered by Jacques. And she is looking forward to fighting him again. She really is in very good physical condition and was just a bit sore from their encounter. She doesn’t know he is my primary lover and I think I hid my emotions well. She was asking what it was like to be taken by Jacques underwater. I was trying to be objective and let her know how much fun Jacques is w/o coming off as possessive though from the looks she gave me I think she might suspect he is more than a work associate to me. This was the first time she had been with a man as well endowed as he is or experienced a cervical orgasm and she is hoping for more though as everyone says about cervical orgasms getting past the initial pain is a real test.

In all honesty I did think how easy it would be to drown her in an unfortunate diving accident, while the two of us were diving by ourselves. It would have been easy to put something to cause nausea in her sports drink that we use to stay well hydrated while diving then take her out into deep water and go down to 60 or 80 feet where the pressure starts to disorient some divers on regular gas and when she vomits in her FFM she could easily panic especially after I crimp the hose to her suit inflation valve. Then she would only be able to release air from her suit not increase buoyancy to reach the surface and drown before I could help her get to the surface. My psychiatrist thinks my mood swings will stabilize as soon as Semeni returns to Europe.

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