Friday, July 31, 2015

The Ring-Maidens

NuvaRing an etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol dispensing vaginal contraceptive ring

The photo: NuvaRing is a non-biodegradable, flexible, transparent, and colorless to almost colorless, combination contraceptive vaginal ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm. It is made of ethylene vinylacetate copolymers and magnesium stearate, and contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol.

NuvaRings dosage and strength: When placed in the vagina, each ring releases on average 0.120 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a three-week period of use. However, NuvaRing can remain continuously inserted for a maximum of four weeks w/o reducing the user’s protection. 

The Ring-Maidens: My wards, Willow and the Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, have girlfriend from UNLV visit us in London for a few weeks before they all start grad school in the fall. The girls have ballet backgrounds, willow met them as students in the pointe class she taught at UNLV, having all had at least ten years of ballet and six years of pointe. One of the reasons they came to visit, in addition to the marvelous shopping opportunities in London, is that when they would meet in Vegas to gossip Willow would tell them of the awesome ballet-sex she was having which led to the friends developing ballet-sex fantasies and this summer was the perfect time to bring those fantasies to life. Willow and I teach technique and pointe classes in the studio at Blackthorn house and dive-sex in the basement pool.

As much as I’ve tried to get their friends to switch to IUDs or Nexplanon the three of them all use NuvaRing for contraception. NuvaRing is effective if you lead a vanilla sex life which is not what our visitors wanted or are having so there have been some unexpected complications. Two have had their rings disappear during dive-sex in the pool at Blackthorn House in Eaton Square, but I was able to get replacements immediately through the Blackthorn supported clinic where I fit contraceptive barriers. The girls have all had their Gardasil shots and passed full panel STI tests before they left Vegas so as Ring-Maidens they could safely become sexually active right away which is what happened as Willow likes to get her guests into the swing of things right away.

Willow, now back dancing with her company at Covent Garden, has fixed her guests up with male ballet dancer friends who are working for Taryn’s procuress, Tanaquil, who is based in Munich. Eventually the ballet boys will be moonlighting as escorts, but they are now in training to build up sexual stamina before they can be placed with the sort of up-market sexually predatory women who are Tanaquil’s best customers. So our Ring-Maiden guests are having as much or more sex with strong, handsome, virile ballet partners than they can handle. Well, perhaps not that much, but they are all having a marvelous time in bed or backed against a mirrored wall or on their toes sur les pointes a la seconde bent over holding on to the barre while being thrust into from behind and are sore in the mornings!

Willow will be taking the Ring-Maidens as well as Bea and the Swan Twins to tea at the Royal Opera House in the beautiful surroundings of the spectacular, vaulted glass and cast iron Floral Hall constructed in 1858 by Edward M. Barry, which was renamed Paul Hamlyn Hall in 2007 in honor of the philanthropist. It was once a lovely part of the Covent Garden flower market. Afternoon tea will be available on weekends at 2:00 PM from 1 August—28 November 2015. The tickets are expensive, but it will be a wonderful experience and a delightful break from shopping to gossip and people-watch. And Marvin and I are taking them and their dates on another day to eat dinner at The Paul Hamlyn hall Balconies Restaurant before seeing a performance.

Tanaquil’s men are all well-hung so I’ve cautioned our Ring-Maidens to make sure their NuvaRings are still inserted when their partners withdraw because with well endowed men the corona of the glans has been known to hook the ring and pull it out, which has I mentioned above has already happened. If the woman is in bed when the ring is pulled out it can often be found, but if it comes out while she is in a pool it can be easily lost. I think the best thing for NuvaRing users to do when being penetrated by a large penis is to remove it before penetration - especially if the woman has a shallow post-pubic vault which makes the ring easier to accidently come out - since it can be safely left out for three hours with no decrease in the wearer’s protection.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Ugly American

The Donald

A candidate for the Republican Party’s nominee for president of the United States

The illustration: An exquisite Bryant Arnold caricature of Donald Trump capturing his distain and braggadocio.

The ugly American:  Donald Trump, a very rich and egotistical real-estate typhoon, full of strong foul wind and hot air.  Denies Senator John McCain is a hero for not breaking under torture during five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

“Yes, makin' mock o' uniforms that guard you while you sleep
Is cheaper than them uniforms, an' they're starvation cheap;”
From Tommy by Rudyard Kipling

Trump refuses to apologize for his remarks about Senator John McCain. An article in The Guardian can be read HERE. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pointe-shoe quiz July 16, 2015

The new Capezio Airess pointe shoe

 Name at least three obvious sole differences on this shoe from other Capezio styles

This one should be easy. No extensive knowledge of pointe-shoes is needed. All you need to do is look at the Airess pointe-shoe photo above and the description at Discount Dance Supply. Go to: Discount Dance Supply Click on Shoes, then click on pointe and type Capezio Airess in the search box. Then compare Airess with other Capezio pointe-shoe styles soles on the discount dance site.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

clever cunts in ballet-boots

A model in red Kassiopeya PVC ballet-boots

The Photo: A still of a Kassiopeya model in red PVC ballet-boots, the sort that our hostesses wear for menstrual ballet-sex when a club member wants to take her in ballet-boots. Actually, in this photo the model is wearing a pair where the shafts are too large for her and the hook laces are as tight as they will go. The fit may be good enough for a photo shoot where the model is sitting in a chair, sprawled on the floor or on her back with her legs in the air. However, a proper fitting pair would have more space between the left and right sides when they were laced as tight as possible so when she stands in them 90% of her weight is taken on her instep and the remaining 10% on her toes pressed into the stress ball. In this photo her boots can’t be laced any tighter unless she puts on a pair of heavy socks to increase her lower leg and calf girth. The boots shown are €65 (about £47 at current exchange rates) per pair, but we buy them four pairs at a time for the hostesses specializing in menstrual sex in ballet-boots and two pairs for the others who are called on occasionally while bleeding so we get a deep discount. 

After we get them they are modified to strengthen the heel where it is fastened to the sole so it won’t accidently detach during an encounter and the toe-box is reinforced with a polymer insert to prevent it from collapsing and then a quarter of a stress ball is inserted to fill the bottom void and to protect the wearer’s toes. We decided to have the girls wear mass produced PVC boots because of the cost and vivid red color to let everyone know the wearer is flowing and her specialty is menstrual ballet-sex. And with PVC it is  much easier to clean off menstrual flow than the far more expensive leather ones. Another reason we go with the less expensive PVC boots is that occasionally a well liked member will be given the boots the hostess was wearing during their encounter as a souvenirs. We don’t want to be doing that with good leather boots at £500 pair.

Menstrual ballet-boot sex at the Costume Club:  Hostesses offering menstrual sex wear silicone Diva cups for flow control. That allows a client who is deep into menstrual fetishes to drink the contents of his hostess’s cup before having penile-vaginal intercourse. But the start of a tryst of that sort usually begins with the client watching his hostess preparing to put on toe pads and footies before slipping her feet into her fire engine red boots and zipping them up. That’s the point at which she gives him a blow-job and rather than swallowing his semen spits it into her toe pads before slipping them over her toes so his seed squishes between her toes and holds the pads in place with the footie before pushing her feet into her boots and zipping them up. Fellatio is used to fill her toe pads with semen because we have found that having the client masturbate into her toe pads often results in spilling a great deal of his semen so there is little to squish between her toes. Blowing the client to get ‘toe-cream’ also has the effect of making him last longer before inseminating her after penetration. Then when he is through she sucks his penis clean and he gives her Cunnilingus to consume her coitial discharge as she Kegels it out and a clitoral orgasm with his tongue or fingers if he is not that talented with his tongue.

Courtesan confrontation: There was a bit of a scuffle in the ladies loo at Clever Cunts the other night. Looking at the HD security video two up-market escorts in ballet-boots and catsuits got into an argument over a man. When the hair pulling and kicking started it ended almost immediately when the boot hooks of the right foot of one were planted brutally in the groin of the other and then pulled back shredding the crotch of the other’s latex catsuit along with the delicate tissue of her labia and clitoris. The loo attendant called security and house doctor saw the injured woman almost immediately and she was taken to a nearby private hospital for treatment.  Her pelvis wasn’t broken, but she will need extensive reconstructive surgery on her vulva and she was traumatized by the speed and severity of the attack. The attacker was arrested in the loo as she was cleaning her rival’s blood and genital tissue out of the hooks and laces of her boot. Fortunately the loo doors are soundproof and the ambulance crew and police arrived with no sirens and came in through a back entrance so the club members were unaware of the disturbance.

The injured courtesan was the guest of an aristocratic member in the current government and while distressed at the injury of his partner for the evening he was still in need of sexual release perhaps even more so when he learned the nature of her injuries as the bulge of his erection was plainly visible through his trousers when I met him to apologize for his guest’s injury. As the ultimate owner of Clever Cunts (it is held for tax purposes as a corporate entity of the Barony) I found myself making nice to one of the Lords of Whitehall attempting to save what was left of his evening away from his wife and family.  I was CD14 at the time and had ovulated that day so I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. The lord (I’ll call him Lord R) is well hung and is known to use his penis as a battering ram to pummel his partner’s cervix a fetish the injured courtesan is said to have been able to enjoy or at least withstand w/o fainting or doubling over in agony, which is why our hostesses were glad to see him arrive with a woman known to enjoy heavy hitters.

Public relations: I offered to help him release his tension and relax for the rest of evening and he seemed genuinely appreciative. It turned out that Lord R knows both courtesans as the boot aggressor was an earlier playmate who had been replaced in his affection by the injured woman. I was wearing a black latex catsuit, no hood and a pair of Gepetto’s gorgeous £2900 lightly armored Italian leather ballet-boots with spider filament laces and lace-splitter heels and Lord R repeatedly commented on how beautiful they were and how well they showed off my legs. Returning readers will recall that Gepetto’s ballet-boots are made with a unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly and easily replaceable titanium heels, which makes them nearly indestructible, but they do have to be refurbished occasionally as the wearer’s sweat will eventually require new boot interior lining and padding. Lord R is good friends with his Grace the Duke of M**** and had heard of me during their conversations when the old bull was bragging about his stamina in my saddle. So in a manner of speaking my reputation preceded me.

It ended up that Lord R just wanted conventional ballet-boot sex taking me from the rear while I bent over holding on to the barre in an encounter salle. He did his best to pound my cervix, but I’m so tight that with a tiny twist of my hips I could guide him into my anterior fornix most of the time though he did ram my cervix solidly three times which brought tears to my eyes each time. Fortunately I’m deep and a masochist so I love rough sex. At the end I could tell his vaunted stamina was used up so I had him penetrate me as deeply as he could and hold my hips to keep himself stationary while I gave him pompoir which he had never before experienced. He was amazed and so grateful! That being the case Lord R and I got along famously. However, I suspect I have heightened his expectations for other courtesans he might employ. I would have said my time with him was brutal if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much. Though his evening started off badly from his moans and gasps of ecstasy and telling me how amazing I was during our several encounters I’m sure he enjoyed the rest of his evening at the club. I think I’ve made a friend as he said he would like to see more of me. However, I think he’s already seen the parts of me that interest him most, but as a well placed influential senior peer his friendship and custom are to be cherished.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pointe Shoe Quiz July 10, 2015

Who is the maker of these shoes?

 And for extra credit, what is the maker’s name for this style shoe?


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Clever Cunts

A Costume Club encounter salle

The photo: An encounter salle in the exclusive Costume Club off Holland Park Road.  The bed faces a full length mirrored wall and barre. It is one of the club’s luxurious tryst locations for a member with a female companion to enjoy himself. The massive BDSM apparatus armoire is against the wall on the right.

The Costume Club: The Costume Club, known to it’s aficionados as Clever Cunts, is located in a large secluded Victorian mansion owned by the Barony off Holland Park Road W8 in London. The membership is by invitation only and all male. Members can bring a female guest to display, play with and possibly share with other members or enjoy themselves with a club Hostess from the large selection available each evening.  

The club specializes in unprotected sex for male members all of whom are required to have recently passed full STI panels (as are their guests) and we cater to a great many fetishes that deal with the female body, especially the reproductive tract and breasts and costumes and devices worn for their protection or to display and enhance them for the male gaze. All our hostesses have frameless, stringless copper GyneFix IUDs implanted so they can provide a client with a full range of menstrual cycle experiences from cunilingus while menstrual, drinking her flow from a menstrual cup or diaphragm and intercourse during menstruation to her fertile window where a client can lick the fertile cervical mucus out of her diaphragm insert the diaphragm in her mouth as a gag and insert himself to ejaculate into her ripe and unprotected cervix where his sperm can swim into her uterus. The copper ions from the slowly dissolving copper beads of her IUD immobilize the client’s sperm before it reached her tubes so the Hostess is usually quite safe from pregnancy.

Given a days notice Member Services can accommodate even the most obscure and taboo fantasies. Our members choosing a Hostess have a wide choice of ages, sizes and ethnic backgrounds and of costumes for her to wear from a vanilla thong bikini to latex, leather, fishnet or micro-mesh catsuits in various colors. Other popular fetish attire with which he can help her dress in for sex are; a drysuit, wetsuit, Nun’s habit or schoolgirl skirt, blouse and knee socks to name a few. There are premium services for an additional charge such as a hostess wearing a leather catsuit for a menstrual sex encounter as cleaning an Italian glove leather catsuit of menstrual blood w/o ruining it is quite expensive. And a member has a choice of which cervical barrier his hostess will wear if he is into thrusting into and splattering his seed against a protective contraceptive barrier.

 Condom fantasies: One of the favorite new member initiation tricks at Clever Cunts is for a fertile hostess to surreptitiously bite through the reservoir tip of a married (almost all of them are) client’s condom while giving him foreplay to get his pre-cum flowing and then mask the sabotage while she helps him insert himself. This allows him to spew through the ruined tip and splatter his semen into his partner’s fertile cervical mucus. Only after withdrawal will she ‘discover’ and show him the ruined tip. 

She reminds him she’s fertile, which he knew all already, and the client almost always becomes frantic as men who can afford membership in this club almost always have young families as well as money which is why he wore a condom to prevent any possibility of unintentional impregnation during ‘relaxation therapy’.  He wants her to take EllaOne, the morning-after pill, and if she conceives he will pay for an abortion as he can’t let his wife find out. Of course the Hostess is safe because she has a frameless, stringless copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted, but the client doesn’t know that and he is kept in a state of  high anxiety for the next few weeks which keeps him coming back for further trysts with the same Hostess until she gets her period. At that point he is so grateful he won’t have to pay for an abortion or worse that she would want to keep the baby that he gives her a nice bonus for his time in her saddle. Often after that sort of emotional rollercoaster initiation the new member has become emotionally bonded to ‘his’ Hostess who he thought he had impregnated and she has gained a regular and grateful client.

 Toe sucking: Toe sucking of a professional ballerina’s feet is an acquired taste. That’s because a ballerina’s feet can be covered with calluses, blisters and the blackened nails of bruised toes. But Hostesses at Clever Cunts are strong enough and young enough that pointe hasn’t ruined the beauty of their feet; or (as in my case) enough money has been spent on the wearer’s feet that they look as young as the flawless twenty-something look of her complexion. It can be a huge thrill for a man who is erotically involved with a woman’s feet to watch his partner put on her pointes and warm up for twenty minutes to get the shoes dampened with her sweat. Only then will he untie the ribbons of his partner’s Freed Classic pointes pull them off slowly one at a time and sniff the bouquet of estrogenic sweat dampened fabric, leather and melted paste.

For experienced toe-men the second shoe is not removed until he has finished with the toes on her first foot. That way the second shoe and foot stay warm and damp until he is ready to savor the scent of the warm shoe and taste the toes on the second foot. We have our hostesses default pointes as Freeds (unless a member specifies a different maker and style in advance) since the English paste moistened with estrogenic sweat provides the most intense redolent bouquet. Having removed the primary symbol of a ballerina’s power her lover feels in control as she is more vulnerable to his advances than if she could shatter his pelvis or jaw with the platform of a pointe should she unexpectedly change her mind, which occasionally happens, but not with Hostesses at Clever Cunts.

The ballet intensive and pregnancy: Some of the students at the ballet intensive that began on Monday June 29th are using weight loss pills or herbal tea to increase their metabolism to shed pounds, which can create a problem for women on hormonal birth control because it flushes the hormones out of their bodies too quickly making their protection much less effective. All the women tested negative for pregnancy when tested shortly after they arrived. This week two tested positive for Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) the pregnancy hormone which means their contraceptive method was compromised before they came to London for the ballet intensive. They both want to remain in class and the administrator agreed as long as they aren’t nauseous and have the stamina to keep up. Newly pregnant as they are they could have a vacuum aspiration or take Mifeprex (Mifepristone and misoprostol). If I was advising them I’d suggest they have a vacuum aspiration and get it over with quickly w/o the three day regimen of bleeding, cramping and expulsion associated with a medical termination. If they last the full time in the course and since the last day is tomorrow so they should I think both will have a vacuum aspiration before returning home. Neither student wanted to lose several days from the course while recovering from the termination while they were competing with the other students for plumb roles in the final program.

Students in traditional pointes: The two students wearing pointes made of traditional materials (Capezio 191 Aerials) for the intensive seem to have made it through successfully, but with much more discomfort that the rest of the students who are wearing Gaynor Minden shoes. Our on-site podiatrist got them through with taping, pads and pain killers. And so they along with the rest of the class are looking forward to the class recital tomorrow.  


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July America!

Wishing all my friends and readers in the U.S. a safe and happy 4th of July

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