Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spongeworthy, Bank Holiday weekend, Erika

The Today contraceptive sponge
The photo: The Today sponge, shown folded for insertion.

Benefits of the Sponge: The contraceptive sponge is safe, simple, and convenient. In the U.S. you can buy it in a drugstore without a prescription. It does not need to be fitted by a health care provider and with some practice, inserting and using the sponge is easy. Women like the sponge because it can be conveniently carried in pocket or purse to be prepared should a spongeworthy occasion present itself. It generally cannot be felt by you or your partner. It has no effect on a woman's natural hormones. It does not interrupt sex play — the sponge can be inserted hours ahead of time and can be worn safely and effectively for up to 30 hours after you insert it. During that time, you can have intercourse as many times as you like during the first 24 hours without removing or reinserting the sponge. It can be used during breastfeeding. According to the 19th revised edition (2008) of Contraceptive Technology the sponge is 91% effective for nulliparous women if used correctly and for every act of intercourse.

Disadvantages of the Sponge

  • It may be difficult for some women to insert or remove the sponge. If you cannot remove a sponge, or if one breaks into pieces and you cannot remove all of the pieces, see your health care provider immediately to have the sponge removed.
  • It may cause vaginal irritation.
  • It may make sex too messy or too dry. Some women complain that the sponge is messy because it requires too much liquid. Others have complained the sponge makes sex too dry. Using a water-based lubricant may help dryness.
Using Spermicide

The sponge contains the chemical spermicide nonoxynol-9. Nonoxynol-9 has certain risks. If it is used many times a day, or by people at risk for HIV, it may irritate tissue and increase the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Inserting the sponge:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Before inserting the sponge, wet it with at least two tablespoons of clean water.
  • Gently squeeze the sponge. The spermicide, Nonoxynol-9, (N9) will become active when the sponge is completely wet.
  • Fold the sides of the sponge upward and away from the loop on the bottom to make it look long and narrow. Then slide the sponge as far back into your vagina as your fingers will reach.
  • The sponge will unfold and cover the cervix when you let go of it. To make sure the cervix is covered, slide your finger around the edge of the sponge and check its position. You also should be able to feel the nylon loop on the bottom of the sponge.
  • The sponge can be inserted up to 24 hours before intercourse. It must be left in place for at least six hours after the last time you have intercourse. It should not be worn for more than 30 hours in a row.
How long should the sponge be left in?

The sponge can be inserted up to 24 hours before intercourse. It must be left in place for at least six hours after the last time you have intercourse. It should not be worn for more than 30 hours in a row.

Removing a sponge:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • To remove the sponge, put a finger inside your vagina and through the loop. Pull the sponge out slowly and gently.
  • Use a sponge only once. Always discard a used sponge in a waste container. Do not flush it down the toilet.

The Today sponge is available over the counter in the U.S but NOT available in stores in the UK. However, it is available on the Internet which makes it easily available with a little planning. A box of three costs about £15. 

Sponge sabotage: Our clinic knows of instances where the spermicide has been rinsed out of the sponge and the sponge dried and reused. One source is the trash cans where used sponges are discarded in women’s loos in clubs and communal restrooms in women’s dorms. Then the sponge is given to an unsuspecting woman to insert leaving her with a much less effective method protected only by the moist sponge’s ability to absorb her partner’s semen with no spermicidal activity. If a rinsed and dried sponge is reused it’s also more likely to come apart during use further decreasing its effectiveness.

I’m CD9 and newly fertile this cycle: its Sunday August 30th as I’m writing this post. I always become aroused when I’m fertile and am writing about contraceptive sabotage occurring either among my friends or to patients who come to our clinic to get help afterward. I think when you are going to be with a new or mischievous man its best even when a woman is on hormonal contraceptives to wear a flat spring rim diaphragm with spermicide to prevent any unexpected decrease in the effectiveness of her hormonal birth control from putting her at risk of pregnancy. Even The LARC methods Nexplanon, Mirena and Kyra can be made less effective by the users intentional or unknowing use weight loss supplements, some prescription meds or even the EllaOne morning-after pill.

Odalisque injuries: There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that another of the small group of corps dancers who are competing amongst themselves to seduce Nikolai out of my bed has been injured. It occurred during a ballet-sex tryst with him when she bruised a big toe when landing from a thrust-drop while wearing Freeds. The good news is that it’s not too serious. Even better news is that this second injury has caused the other Odalisques to rethink purchasing Gaynor Minden shoes in which to play with him. Neither the dislocated toe nor the bruised nail has been linked to Nikolai as the women didn’t want to explain truthfully how their injuries occurred so he is safe for now. I don’t have an immediate replacement, but I think the four remaining Odalisques, including the recent replacement for the one who dislocated her big toe, should take care of his needs until bruised toe can get back into competition.

Summer Bank Holiday: This coming Monday August 31st is the Summer Bank Holiday. The unionized workers on First Great Western railroad which covers parts of South West England and Wales from Brighton to the tip of Cornwall at Penzance on the south coast of England and along the south coast of Wales from Newport on the East to Pembroke on the west have decided to have a strike this weekend. Most routes are operating, but at reduced service. Fortunately rail service to Caersws, Wales was not affected. On a spur of the moment decision I decided to take Nikolai aboard The Dragon to Blackthorn Castle, my ancestral home in the Cumbrian Mountains. The trip gives us an opportunity to be alone together – with just the servants - where we can work on his pointe training and sexual stamina. The weather so far has been as expected Cool, in the low to mid 60s (F) at mid-afternoon with showers and forecasted thunderstorms Monday afternoon… Sigh! It seems strange not to have my Wards with me to enjoy girl gossip. I think I have a bit of empty-nest syndrome. But I can lose myself with my nose buried in Nikolai’s armpit enjoying the male testosterone musk of his sweat after he keeps me in orgasm for so long I’m breathless and can hardly move much less stand.

Tropical storm Erika and Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda: Alice, Duchess of M**** phoned to say that tropical storm Erika passed over Virgin Gorda on the 28th with heavy rain and gusty winds and thankfully relatively little damage. Her place and mine on Lost Cove were undamaged. I hope that sort of things continue as we still have another eight weeks of Hurricane season to go.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Copper IUDs, menstrual gushing and Celestial events planning

A pair of my ‘alpha and omega’ leather pointes

The photo: A pair of special makeup Capezio Aerial style 191 in black leather. I have a few pairs I wear on solemn occasions; ceremonies such as christenings and funerals. I call them my Alpha and Omega shoes because in them I celebrate the beginning and the end of life. I wear black leather pointes made of traditional materials on those occasions (with fitted slacks over tights) to experience their discomfort. I see it as a masochistic offering of joy to welcome a new life entering the world or in sorrow with the family who lost a member to death.

Copper IUDs, menstrual cups and gushing: A copper ParaGard T380a IUD with a frame is more likely to cause heavier bleeding during menstruation than does a frameless standard 6 bead GyneFix 300. The mini-GyneFix 4 bead 200 causes almost no increase in bleeding during menstruation. Heavier bleeding and the sometimes attendant anemia can necessitate an iron rich diet to stay healthy.

This subject came to mind the other day when I was CD3 and flowing heavily with a Diva cup inserted for flow control. Fortunately Nikolai likes the scent (metallic) and taste (coppery) of my flow as well as going swimming in the ‘Red Sea’ so I have had no decrease in menstrual sex between my former lover, Marvin, and Nikolai.

My menstrual schedule for the Celestial celebrations: I am scheduled to be CD5 and nearing the end of my period on the Autumnal Equinox. For the Winter Solstice I should be CD11 and fertile, which is a very good omen! When my wards were living and training with me in Vegas they were in menstrual synchrony with me, but now their cycles are drifting as they are no longer training with me enough for my pheromones to keep them in synchrony. 

The seasons, celebrated as did the Ancients: I’m already making plans for my wards and I to celebrate the last two significant celestial events of the 2015 calendar year the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 23rd which is a Wednesday, and the Winter Solstice occurs on December 22nd which is a Tuesday. As we have for the past few years we will be celebrating sunrise at Location Z, the ancient holy site in the mountains North East of Ullapool Scotland. Getting permission from my ward’s tutors at their Universities has been no problem as they are known to be favorites of His Grace who continues to be a generous donor.

For the Autumnal Equinox my wards and I will be traveling from London to Inverness aboard ‘The Dragon’, my private rail cars, and staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey, in the mountains to the west of Loch Ness on Saturday September 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge below the summit of Loc. Z on the 21st as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 23rd Afterward returning to Crag Abbey for a day or two of relaxation before Returning to London on Saturday the 26th. Nikolai has already been invited as everyone wants to meet the ballet star and my new lover. From the 19th to the 26th he will miss four performances of Romeo and Juliet out of a total of eighteen so he was granted leave for those.

For the Winter Solstice my wards and I will again be traveling from London to Inverness aboard ‘The Dragon’ and staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey on Saturday the 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge below the summit of Loc. Z on the 20th as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 22nd. Afterward we will return to Crag Abbey and remain as guests of His Grace and his son Jack (one of my former lovers) until after 12th night which in 2016 is Tuesday January 5th. Nikolai was again invited as my partner. However, since the ballet will be performing The Nutcracker during December and early January he won’t be able to get away as he would miss twelve performances between 12/19/15 and 1/5/16 which the mandarins’ would quite rightly be upset about. So, Marvin, Morning Wood, will be partnering me as he won’t be teaching (at Cambridge) then since Michaelmas term ends on Friday 4 December and Lent term doesn’t begin until Tuesday 12 January. I think that will work out quite nicely as it will give Marvin and me time to reestablish our relationship and let him know he is very precious to me.

Nikolai’s sperm count: Now that I have managed my lover’s small harem so he can be ‘unfaithful’ to me during the work day, a situation I encourage to keep him sexually satisfied until we can be together during evenings and weekends, I conducted some tests of his semen with a home sperm check kit to get an idea of his sperm count and I was pleased to find he is still off the high end. I was curious to see if his sex drive is affecting his ability to father offspring. I’m sure his count has dropped some with him having an average of four acts of intercourse per day, but his enthusiasm for fucking my brains out has not diminished and the volume of semen he releases is quite high, the equivalent of a man who paces himself and amazing for a man who goes after women as though there was no tomorrow as Nikolai’s libido drives him to do.  At his latest physical he masturbated into a specimen cup and the lab did a thorough test. He had a very high sperm count per ml of ejaculate and they were all perfectly formed and strong swimmers. So my lover can be very dangerous around a fertile and unprotected female even at the pace he is setting for himself.

Thrust-drop injury in Freeds: It’s happened already! One of Nikolai’s Odalisques has dislocated a big toe in a thrust-drop injury while wearing Freed Classics. I had warned the girls in his harem as well as others that switching to Gaynor Minden pointes for ballet-sex play was what they should do. However, this woman’s shoe allowance had been spent on Freeds and she didn’t want to be out of pocket £ 86 – £95 for a pair of shoes to seduce Nikolai when she had a fresh supply of Freeds for the fall season. Obviously she wasn’t paying attention when I explained why Gaynors were far more comfortable and safer. She will not be dancing for several months and is out as one of my competitors in the scramble to take him away from me. Not that any of them stand a chance of being more than a convenient dalliance, a place holder. Fortunately I had an alternate on standby that immediately filled the injured woman’s spot in his ballet-sex harem while wearing Gaynor pointes. Once again, small women should absolutely wear GM pointes for ballet-sex with tall men to minimize the possibility of serious thrust-drop injuries.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stamina training and backup protection

A few pairs of dead shoes discarded by the corps

The Photo: Dead Freed and Bloch pointes discarded by the corps. Corps members go through four or five pairs a week. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on the ballets and roles danced.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Here I’m defining Nikolai as a ‘pilgrim’ since he whispers in my ear every time he fills me with his semen how he worships my vagina and the muscles that contract around his erection to milk him of powerful jets of molten pearl. In that sense as his ‘spiritual advisor’ I see him as every bit a sexual pilgrim who I am guiding on a ‘religious’ pilgrimage as intense with his psychological enthrallment and intimate physical interconnection with me as Marvin’s is. I’m pleased to say that Nikolai is very accomplished with needle and thread, a consequence of growing up with hand-me-down practice clothes he had to repair himself when he was a child in ballet school in Leningrad. So he has had no problem in sewing ribbons and elastic on his pointe shoes. He was also familiar with the need to keep his toenails short and I showed him how to economically and effectively use toe tape and toe pads. And he is an exemplary pointe student though he is working on his développés and endurance sur les pointes, but his leaps of course are exquisite!

Ballet-sex dangers, Corps dancer’s stamina: I’ve mentioned in an earlier post the trouble Nikolai got into by impregnating corps dancers, but that was the result of rare failures of the individual women’s IUDs. A much more likely problem is a dancer being injured during ballet-sex even though she is in great shape for dancing.  Returning readers will remember that my definition of ballet-sex is for the woman to be penetrated from behind then rising en pointe and remaining there for the entire time it takes for her partner to give her an orgasm and or to orgasm himself which can sometimes be as long as twenty minutes.  Problems can arise with ballet-sex for several reasons: 1) if the woman must stay continuously en pointe longer than her strength will allow causing her to fall off pointe or; 2) If she has a strong orgasm and doesn’t hold back a bit she could go jelly-boned and lose control of her legs and fall off pointe. 3) Unexpected thrust-drop which is where the male partner’s legs are longer than the woman’s so when he thrusts he lifts her off the floor and drops her back on her platforms when withdrawing which often causes badly bruised nails.  Closely trimmed hails and wearing Gaynor Minden pointes with the thick soft internal platform pads will help minimize the discomfort from thrust-drop.

Some of the more sexually adventuresome Corps girls have tried ballet-sex and found it exhausting and a bit scary so have come to me asking about private stamina training for being penetrated in that position. I suggest they wear Gaynor Minden pointes with sueded tips for their comfort, support and traction during ballet-sex as most of them perform professionally in bespoke Freed Classics. For training I tell them to use a large dildo with a remote controlled vibi and a large suction cup base and a portable barre as most of the fixed barres aren’t far enough from the mirrored walls to get between the mirror and the barre and be able to bend over and support herself on the barre. The height to fasten the dildo to a studio mirror is easily determined by inserting the dildo then doing a 90° forward bend while supporting herself on the barre and backing up to the mirror.  Then go sur les pointes making sure to retain the 90° forward bend and with one hand push the base on to the mirror to develop a good suction. Then step away from the mirror to get off the dildo and mark the spot on the mirror as the height at which the dildo should be suction cupped. Once the spot is unobtrusively marked on the mirror she can fasten the dildo when she wants go en pointe and back on to it then turn on the vibi and move back and forth up and down the shaft. Doing this several times a day and walking around home en pointe should build up stamina for ballet-sex in a few weeks.

Women’s clothing for ballet-sex: Of course the vulva has to be easily accessible. You can wear a thong and sports bra or a thong-back leotard or go commando. I don’t recommend commando because while training with a dildo or during an encounter with a lover secretions can flow profusely and drip on the floor where they can cause a slip especially while en pointe (which is why sueded tips are recommended) I think at least tights or a thong is needed to catch coital discharge while walking to the bathroom or dressing room to kegel out most of it. Since I’m lactating if I’m with a lover I’ll wear a front close sports top so I can breastfeed him as part of foreplay before he penetrates me, a thong or tights with a cotton gusset and old suede tipped Gaynors. I wear old Gaynors because they will probably get splattered with lube and genital secretions during the encounter.

Let Nikolai be Nikolai: I’ve decided not to attempt to suppress Nikolai’s libido, but let him be the awesome bull his ego and talent make him. I’m already guiding his choices toward a few of the stronger more talented sexually experienced company girls with powerful libidos. These are some of the ones who have a strong desire to see if they can satisfy him enough to take him away from me so in that sense I’m consorting with the enemy. However, I think my plan is clever as I’m turning my competition’s drive and lust to my personal advantage. I am supremely confident that Nokolai is deep enough in my thrall that daily dalliances will not affect his need to thrill me in any way he can. So I will have time to tutor him in the social graces and soften his interaction with women before I release him to select a mate for marriage and a family if he chooses. This arrangement will keep his needs slaked during the day while I’m teaching class and fitting diaphragms at Blackstone Clinic until I can have him to myself when we have both fulfilled our professional responsibilities.    

Caya as backup protection: The corps girls know I fit diaphragms at a private clinic and some of the more sexually active ones have come to me asking about using backup protection. All in the corps are supposedly using effective methods of birth control. However, the two pregnancies that Nikolai was involved with earlier this year have caused them to be extra cautious as often there is no work for a pregnant dancer – if she is pro-life - or there is a huge delay in the career of a rising star if she carries to term. So some of the most talented and attractive dancers, who are also some of the most sexually active, have asked me to fit them for a Caya contoured diaphragm as they are becoming popular as an effective backup method. I have fitted seven of then so far. One of the attractive features of a Caya, from a man’s perspective, is the very lightly textured (think matte) finish on the dome which partners find very pleasing to rub their glans against. In the UK a fitting is not required for a Caya as it is in the U.S. but if a woman buys one w/o a fitting she could find that her vagina is too small (60mm or less) or too large (85 mm or more) or her post-pubic vault is not deep enough to fully contain the relief arch on the anterior end and have wasted her money.

I think it is deliciously ironic that some of these Caya girls are the same ones I’m grooming as day-fucks for Nikolai and each thinks I don’t have a clue that she wants the Caya for backup protection while she works to seduce Nikolai for herself. That doesn’t bother me in the least as while they are young I am far more lovely as an adult beauty, sexually experienced and know tricks they have never imagined to bind a man emotionally to me. The thing I’m going to have to manage carefully is that they don’t turn on each other and cause social rifts the Corps.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nikolai and pointe class

Lovely toasty warm legwarmers

The Photo: Legwarmers for cool studio warm up and staying warm between scenes and during rehearsals. Legwarmers are also coming back as fashion accessories this fall, though for ballet girls they never really went away.  

Popular pointe class: My daily company pointe class for the corps while not mandatory is highly recommended by the ballet masters. However, during the summer there is a lot of absenteeism as dancers take vacation before rehearsals for the fall season starting in late September.  Since I have become Nikolai’s coach and social minder he began coming to watch me teach the class. I suggested that while he was there if he was ever interested in taking pointe this would be a good time for him to give it a try. 

I was so pleased when he said yes and I wanted him to be fitted with Gaynor Minden shoes. However, he wanted to be fitted with stock Freed classics so he can have the full pointe wearer’s experience of breaking in new shoes. Our Freed rep had him come to her at their St Martin’s Lane shop and I went with him. He created something of a sensation as there are very few male ballet stars that are fitted with pointes and he signed autographs for some of the women shoppers. We found although he takes a wide box he takes only one size larger than I do. He bought six pairs along with ribbons and toe pads. I taught him how to break in his shoes and we both wore new Freeds in the evenings at home and in my studio in Eaton Square as he began getting his calf and pelvic muscles used to balancing en pointe. A week later he made his debut in Freeds as a new company member in my pointe class.

The word quickly spread that he was not only in my studio during class, but in pointe shoes and actively participating and the rush by corps members to return to class was amazing. Even some of the soloists began appearing in class and other soloists and a few principals appeared to stand quietly inside the door to watch Nikolai en pointe. The younger corps members are very anxious to be in the same room with Nikolai even though they know he is deeply in my thrall and the older ones are plotting how to take him away from me.

Now that he is taking pointe the women all appear in makeup with hair beautifully fastened in neat tight buns. Their tights are new and sheer rather than the old tired washed out ones typically worn for class and the leotards are new with a French-leg if not thong-back and extremely form fitting some even going so far as to bring cashmere shrugs or pashminas and their best legwarmers to wear before and after class and during breaks. All of the women including me want to look our best when Nikolai is around so that we might bask and blush in the warmth of his gaze. Too, the effort expended by the individual students has increased noticeably so the energy and concentration in the studio has risen considerably since no one wants to be seen marking a combination however complex when Nikolai might notice.

I had Nikolai move in with me at Eaton Square the day Marvin left for Cambridge as it is far easier to mentor him when he is close at hand and even necessary when I’m working with him to increase his stamina in the bedroom. Too, he is so taken by the vast choices and quantities of items for sale in London that he sometimes loses track of time and had frequently been late for class or rehearsals until he moved in with me and we ride together to work and shop together as well.

Party animal: For the first few months he was in the UK Nikolai was invited to and attended a party almost every night and his performances began to plateau rather increase in brilliance as had been expected. Now that he knows he is going to have his brains fucked out almost every evening his consumption of alcohol has decreased markedly, possibly because he knows he can’t perform well or even satisfactorily with me in bed if he isn’t sober and he desperately wants to cum deep inside me as often as he can. He frequently whispers in my ear when he is driving his powerful thrusts into me as deep as he can get that he would love it if I became pregnant by him. So in reducing his drinking to a socially sustainable level and getting him to his commitments on time I have begun to get his behavior turned around. I’m hoping that once he establishes a routine of proper professional behavior he will be able to stick to it when my time mentoring him is over.

Irene Adleresque: I seem to have gotten something of a reputation as being a dominant courtesan of the Irene Adler, Lola Montez, Lillie Langtry sort who is the companion of wealthy aristocrats. I suppose this came about from my close relationships with His Grace the Duke of M**** and Alexei, the Russian oligarch who is my neighbor in Eaton Square, but I have been living permanently in the UK for less than eight months. Although I have been active for the last few years as a visitor to the UK with the general population and some of the aristocracy while celebrating the four seasons, the primary celestial events first worshiped in this country in the old ways by the Druids. So perhaps my work on behalf of Aphrodite and certainly jealousy triggered the gossip. I think being compared to Irene Adler is a reputation I don’t deserve (though I am a Dominatrix) since I’m not in bed with Royalty, at least not yet. But I have had a lovely conversation with one of the princes during which we agreed on a great many things.

Since I inherited an ancient title some aristocrats hate that I’m an American, even though both my parents were of Welsh stock and I’m a British citizen, but the generation of my age and younger seem be welcoming enough, especially the men as tales of my pelvic skills and sexual conquests were the first to leak into the tabloid press though they had almost all the facts wrong. But they did spell my name and title correctly and I do love the publicity. It has drawn women to my businesses hoping that some of my knowing what men really want from a woman and how to survive giving it to them will be imparted to them as my clients.

Nikolai is not wealthy, but for now he doesn’t need to be. With his gorgeous powerful young body, gazelle like jumps, stunning stage presence and an awesome reputation in bed he has the ability to steal women’s hearts with a single glance and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do just that. He makes a marvelous escort while clubbing or dinner companion at formal parties. But for me his expert stud service in my bed is one of his best qualities.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nikolai and the penis-leash

The male ballet basket or package on display.

The photo: A dance belt worn high and proud cupping the family jewels under a pair of tights rolled down over a belt to fully separate the glutes and display the male genitals to advantage. And people wonder why so many women love watching ballet!

Nikolai and Marvin: I’m making some changes in my private life as well as taking on a new responsibility for the next few months. My former psychiatrist and primary lover, Marvin (Morning Wood) has accepted a teaching position at Cambridge University for the upcoming academic year. He has taken a flat in Cambridge within waking distance of Trinity College where he will be teaching. His fixation with me as the embodiment of his dead wife Jenna is in remission which is the only reason he feels confident enough to leave my bed for more than a few days. This will give us both a chance to let Jenna’s stock of Bloch Alpha (S0104) pointes have a rest and allow me to wear only Gaynor Minden pointes while he is away. Marvin has turned over my therapy to a young and brilliant female colleague (‘Elaine’ for the purposes of this blog) who is on the staff at Blackthorn Clinic and who specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession. He thinks she will bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess.

Since my wards will all be away from home at college or university I can concentrate on my first loves teaching, performing ballet and sex, not necessarily in that order. I have gotten a marvelous position as a pointe coach for the premier ballet company in the UK and it is only a short ride by car from my place in Eaton Square to the ROH.  That car ride incurs a daily congestion charge (about £11.5 per day) to drive in to Covent Garden, but the Sloan Square tube station (which is closest to my place in Eaton Square) is on the Circle Line and Covent Garden is on the Piccadilly Line so I would have to go one stop east on the Circle line to Victoria station change to the Victoria line and go one stop north to Green Park and change to the Piccadilly line and go three stops east to get to Covent Garden and the ROH. I’d rather have the convenience of the car and not worry about the weather, crowds and not having to wait for a train so to me it’s worth it.

Which brings me to what I think, at least for now, is a marvelous opportunity by working for the ballet at the ROH. In addition to teaching pointe I have been asked to be a coach and social mentor for a young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company this season. My job as a social mentor for him could be challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships. He has only been with the company since the first of the year and has already gotten into several situations with young female corps members – two pregnancies and two terminations - and the mandarins are hoping by having me mentor him I can help him smooth relations with other company members and in his private life he won’t cause as much unfavorable publicity for the company off stage as he garners favorable publicity in his marvelously performed professional roles. He appears in this blog as ‘Nikolai’ which means Victorious; conqueror of the people in Russian and he lives up to that nom de theater!

I asked why I had been chosen since one of the senior women dancers or an administrator could better represent the company than I can. The answer was that none of the company’s women wanted to get near him as he is very seductive and sexually reckless. The senior administrator who asked me to mentor him knows of my intimate relationship with The Duke of M****, a major donor to the ROH, and his son and that my mentoring of Willow, who is the Duke of M****’s granddaughter and in the corps, was a good indication of my success in dealing with difficult personalities. So it was thought if anyone could keep Nikolai more or less under control it might be me. I know they think that if I fail the failure won’t tarnish the reputation of a senior company member and they can always say, “Well what do you expect, she is an American” even though I now hold one of the oldest hereditary titles in the UK.

So I was introduced to Nikolai as a technique coach and we liked each other immediately. I have introduced him to Alexei, my Russian Ex-pat neighbor in Eaton Square. He had already met Alexei’s daughter, Veronika (Nika to her friends) who dances in the corps. Nikolai said he thought that Veronika was too young for him and that he liked older more experienced women and thought I was beautiful. LOL! He is a silver-tongued devil, our libidos are about evenly matched and he has had a recent negative full STI panel so I knew he is safe to take inside me with him unprotected. He is a wonderful replacement for Marvin as he is just as well hung and has great bedroom technique and I’m helping him improve his sexual stamina. It’s always nice to have that sort of thing as an excuse to get a gorgeous dangerously sexy bad boy into my bed and with Elaine’s help I can forget about Marvin for a while and release my inner cougar and prey on Nikolai using his lovely hard body to slake my desire for sex with gorgeous athletic young men.

Through our clinic I asked how Nikolai’s ballet partner’s pregnancies occurred and was told that both girls, one nineteen and the other twenty-two, had IUDs inserted which was very disconcerting until I got the rest of the story. It seems the one with the hormonal IUD was taking a weight loss supplement that made her contraceptive hormone much less effective and the other with the copper IUD had unknowingly expelled it and was totally unprotected. I’m not sure how an IUD can be expelled w/o the woman realizing it, but perhaps she lost it while masturbating with a dildo in a hot tub which she is known to enjoy doing.

Pompoir as a psychological penis-leash: I love teasing Nikolai by fondling his package while whispering in his ear telling him what talented fingers he has. In his practice clothes with him encased in two tight layers of fabric he is impossible to get to w/o unbelting his tights, but well worth the effort as foreplay when we have the time alone in a studio. It is amazing to me how men can continuously produce sperm to impregnate their partners when we are in season and how much I enjoy helping a lover out of his dance belt and guiding him inside me to let him have a shot at immortality.

However, with me in my teaching clothes of Gaynor Minden pointes, convertible foot tights with the feet rolled above my ankles and worn over a thong-back long sleeve crew neck leotard Nikolai can easily press me against a mirrored wall slip a hand down my tights to caress to my vulva, part my labia, insert two fingers to stroke my G-spot while his thumb massages the shaft of my clitoris and have his tongue down my throat so quickly I hardly know what’s happening.  

Did I mention what talented fingers he has? By fingering me that way the ease and speed with which he can bring me to orgasm is astonishing even while I’m en pointe and gripping his fingers with my muscles. It shows he has had years of practice. I try not to let jealousy consume me when I think about the other women he has been with and just concentrate on the fact that I now have him in my bed and we are fucking each other’s brains out. I never want him wearing protection while inside me. I love feeling his liquefied ejaculate draining out of me after he finishes knowing that I’m well protected by the stretchy membrane of my barrier against which his hot creamy jets of semen splattered.

Given that he has a powerful libido, a roving eye and younger women are constantly trying to seduce him I needed to make certain that Nikolai is deeply in my thrall. So I have used Pompoir and the Mare’s trick to bind him emotionally to me. I don’t use them enough so that he gets accustomed to me milking his penis or keeping him hard inside me while he recovers to shoot his load inside me again, just enough so he can’t wait for me to do it again. Too, I use Pompoir as a reward for him pleasing me with a ballet performance or how well he treats me when we are out clubbing. What an absolutely glorious situation!  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lesbian protection with FemCap

A lesbian ballerina’s protection
The photo: Gaynor Minden pointes for a Lesbian ballerina’s art and a FemCap for dildo thrust-buffering and to direct a vibi’s impulses into her fornices for A-spot and P-spot pleasure. The FemCap pictured with a pair of my Gaynor pointes has a 26 mm inner diameter which fits me perfectly. The outer edge of the brim is 50 mm in diameter for the 26 mm FemCap.
Lesbians and FemCap: Our clinic fits quite a few Lesbian ballet dancers with FemCap, a transparent silicone contraceptive device the brim of which seals against the vaginal walls. Since I joined the clinic at the first of the year I’ve been doing most of our Lesbian patient’s contraceptive barrier fittings and teaching them insertion and removal techniques.  They are very straightforward; for women new to cervical barriers I always have them first insert two fingers to feel how the vagina s slopes up and then back and have them feel their cervix so they know what it feels like and how far in it is when not aroused. That way they have an idea about how to push the folded cap down the vagina toward their cervix. Then compress the brim with one hand and spread the labia with the other and insert the cap with the concave side of the dome up. FemCap is pushed along the back wall of the vagina and when it hits the cervix the brim is tilted up with the fingers and should slip into the posterior fornix with the dome over the cervix. Once on the cervix a finger sweep all around the cervix and feeling it through the dome ensures the cap is properly in place. At that point the removal strap is pushed down forcing the base of the cap as deep as it will go in the fornices and should be held there for ten seconds while a strong suction is developed.
Some users new to FemCap panic when they try to remove it the first few times and find that even when depressing the dome enough of the vacuum isn’t released to remove the cap by tugging on the removal strap. While that can be initially disconcerting it shows how well the cap fits since with suction that strong it is very unlikely to be dislodged. For women who can’t release enough suction to comfortably withdraw the cap a long handled ice tea spoon can be used as a removal aid. With the convex side of the bowl against the vaginal wall slip it between the wall and the brim. Then push the bowl of the spoon into the anterior fornix and twist the handle to break the suction between the brim and the vaginal wall. Lesbians who don’t need contraceptive protection can wear FemCaps dry, no spermicide in the dome, and the cap can be safely worn continuously for at least forty-eight hours though I’ve worn mine for four days with no ill effects.  FemCap shouldn’t be worn while menstruating as the flow can float it off the cervix.
Most of our cervical barrier fittings for Lesbians are for FemCap, but a few are for latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms if the patient needs dive protection for underwater dildo play at depths greater than 25 feet. Below that the pressure squeeze on the FemCap dome becomes very uncomfortable. Now that the Reflexions is no longer being made our clinic is having our own latex flat spring diaphragms produced as there is still a small but pressing need for that style rim and material. FemCap is preferred for penetrative surface sex protection and shallow dive sex by Lesbians because it allows the skin-on-skin fingering of the wearer’s G-spot and as I mentioned above when a vibrator head is pushed against the FemCap removal strap and dome the entire device vibrates gently and the impulses are transmitted to the wearer’s A-spot and P-spots simultaneously which almost always generate powerful orgasms
Lesbian Dommes and the need for contraception: Most Lesbians who come to us are cycling naturally and enjoy their cyclical hormonal swings.  Spermicide is not needed when FemCap is used in a pure Lesbian Domme/submissive relationship. However, there are instances when a spermicide should be used. One fairly common example is when the Domme has the hots for a Bi-sub - who is on the pill or a LARC - and having sex with unprotected males. In that situation the Domme needs to use an effective spermicide (usually ContraGel with lactic acid as the active ingredient) to protect herself if playing with the Bi-sub when she and her partners fingers are in each other’s vaginas while her Bi-sub is still draining fresh semen.
You would be surprised by how many gorgeous Bi-sub ballerinas there are who are as comfortable with bedding a marvelously virile man as sleeping with a hundred and ten pound Domme and taking them quickly one after the other. Since it is impossible to know for sure if the sperm in coitial discharge is dead to be safe a Bi-sub should only be played with while wearing an effective barrier contraceptive with spermicide in the dome since transferring motile sperm from one vagina to another with the fingers resulting in the pregnancy of the woman who did not have penile/vaginal intercourse is quite possible.
Sizing: Most Lesbians take the smallest FemCap size, a 22 mm inner diameter designed for women who have never been pregnant although some few take the larger sizes 26 mm if they have been pregnant, but have not delivered vaginally (which is my size though I’ve never been preggers) or the 30 mm if they have delivered vaginally. And we do have one or two patients who have found they are primarily Lesbian after being in unsatisfactory traditional heterosexual marriages and having children.
Comfort and uterine protection: Since most Lesbians don’t have to worry about the discomfort of a large male partner hitting the removal strap they can comfortably and confidently wear a FemCap for safety since it is important during cunilingus to prevent air blown into the vagina from entering the uterus and possibly causing an air embolism. This is especially true during dive-sex when a playful partner could use her buddy reg to push against her partner’s labia and hit purge sending a jet of compressed air into her partner’s vagina, through her cervix and into her uterus, unless she is wearing a well suctioning cap. And FemCap performs a cervix thrust-buffering function when a dildo is being used on the wearer by her partner by substantially lessening the discomfort of the dildo ramming her cervix.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Immaculate Conception

A silicone Caya contoured contraceptive diaphragm

The photo: A Caya one-size-fits-most silicone diaphragm newly available (by prescription) in the U.S. as of June 2015. However Caya has been available on-line through contraceptive suppliers outside the U.S. for several years. The device is 75mm long (from the relief arch and removal dome at the anterior end on the right to the posterior rim on the left) and 67mm wide. The six bumps on the right end of the rim and a corresponding set on the opposite side are ‘grip dimples’ and provide gripping traction for fingers on the rim during compression for insertion.  Caya will fit women who take the four most commonly prescribed conventional diaphragm sizes; 65mm, 70mm, 75mm and 80mm and who have a pronounced (1 to 2 cm deep) post-pubic vault. Caya has a medium tension nylon spring that arcs downward when compressed to aid in slipping it under the cervix.

Snow White’s 18th birthday: Some weeks ago shortly after my wards joined me in London for the summer one of the denizens of Belgrave Square a Life-peer noted for his promiscuity, wrecking marriages, breaking of female hearts and extravagant spending - who for this post I’ll call ‘Lord Woodie’ - gave a lavish birthday party for his lovely and privately schooled daughter (Tory Glory) who in his eyes could do no wrong. In real life however, while she loudly proclaimed her virginity she has had an amazingly wide variety of objects in her vagina with the exception of a penis. She is an infamous tease letting men have their way with her up to the moment before penile penetration when she says no, which has caused no end of male fury and frustration. She has worked her way through a lot of men who have gotten blue-balls playing with her one time too often. She is constantly getting her friends in trouble while managing to escape censure herself to the extent that she has gotten the nickname among her circle as ‘Teflon Tory’ since nothing seems to stick to her. 

Tory who Bea had met in an up-market ballet class poached one of Bea’s male admirers who Bea has become very attached to. That sometimes happens, but Tory quickly goaded him into taking the blame for an auto accident which damaged several parked cars that occurred while she was driving after a few drinks at a friend’s party. It was hit-and-run and with all the security cams in London it didn’t take long for the police to find the car. She told her date she would have vaginal sex with him if he said he had been driving so he did and he was booked and released on bail. Of course the traffic cams were analyzed image by image and it soon became apparent that a woman was driving and her date’s fingerprints were nowhere on the driver’s side of the car. Unfortunately by that time the boy, the son of an Anglican vicar in Kent, had attempted suicide overdosing on a bottle of his mother’s tranquilizers. The boy will probably be ok, but he has been admitted to a locked ward in a hospital until his depression can be brought under control. It appears that Tory’s father has bought off the owners of the damaged cars and all charges have been dropped so Teflon Tory skated again. This greatly upset Bea as she really likes the boy and wanted to see some accountability from Tory.

Cue Maleficent: Bea felt Tory had gotten away with far too much so she though of a way to get back at her by ruining her relationship with her father. With fake ID she slipped into the birthday party caterer’s staff as a server. It was an avenue of access available only because the staff was required to all be female escorts dressed in latex catsuits with full hoods, spider-gags, ballet-boots and a recent clean full panel STI test since her father - who had his female personal assistant make the arrangements - is a known latex, ballet-boots and spider-gag fetishist and never misses an opportunity to have sex with the waitstaff at his parties. It is a situation that Tory frequently talked and joked about calling the waitstaff her father’s ‘personal trainers’ helping keep his stamina up.

Lord W and the condom: While the Lord is known for slaking his sexual desire with a great many women he is very careful that his partners are free of STIs and are on effective forms of birth control and he always uses condoms. To disguise herself Bea filled out her employment questionnaire saying that she used a contraceptive diaphragm as birth control and wore a Caya diaphragm with spermicide in the dome to conceal the fact that she has a GyneFix copper bead IUD implanted. After the party was well underway and there was a lull in table service Lord Woodie singled out three of the waitstaff to have his way with in Tory’s ballet studio while the sit-down meal was underway in the large dining room in the main wing of the house. One of the girls was Bea who knew she was his type with a small, well proportioned, hard body and had made sure she acted provocatively by ostentatiously checking that the pull of her relief zipper was snug in its keeper and running her fingers languidly over the zipper seam stretched over her mons pubis then bending over showing him her tight latex sheathed buns while pretending to adjust the tongues of her ballet-boots when she knew he was looking at her.

His Lordship had one of the maids from his personal staff come and get the girls in their turn and Bea was number two. When she arrived in the ballet studio which she says she thought of as an encounter salle she found him waiting for her in a fleece sweat, nylon wind pants and black leather ballet slippers and asked her to perform a ten minute warm-up barre routine to music from Swan Lake while he exercised with her. Even though the studio was cool in a latex catsuit, hood and ballet-boots she was sweating profusely when she was through and could feel the sweat draining down her thighs and soaking the socks and toe pads in her boots. She said she was grateful that she was wearing a spider-gag rather than a ball-gag which would have made it very difficult to breathe during her barre routine and during penetrative sex. Bea has had very little experience with sex while gagged so I had worked with her making sure the spider gag fit well as they aren’t nearly as difficult to wear when properly fitted as they appear to be.  His Lordship had wanted to see her perform développés and splits to test her flexibility and strength and Bea said she was afraid the latex of her suit would tear and that she would be unable to perform a développé while in ballet-boots, but since I had insisted she learn how and to practice it she was thankful I had insisted. She performed the barre flawlessly and the seams of her £450 catsuit held so it was well worth the price.

After their barre he had her pull down the nylon wind pants he wore and as he kicked them out of the way she saw he was commando, already erect and dripping clear pre-ejaculate. He handed her a blue foil packet containing a Kimono MicroThin Condom. She opened it and rolled the 0.044 mm thick latex sheath on to his erection while he tugged the pull of her relief zipper out of its keeper and began to slowly open the waterproof zipper. It was then that he found how aroused she was as her natural arousal lube flowed over his fingers and dripped onto the floor between her legs. Things picked up speed from there with him turning Bea to face the barre and ordered her to bend at the waist and grip the barre with both hands and when she had he spread her engorged and slippery labia with one hand while positioning the tip of his erection at the entrance to her vagina with the other.

Penetration: Once in place and w/o warning with a single powerful stroke she said he plunged his full length into her, his glans glancing off her cervix stretching the cervical cup of her Caya as he pushed the silicone into her anterior fornix. She gasped and shuddered in ecstasy as the removal dome of her Caya was rubbed against her G-spot while she automatically tried to rise taller in her boots to get away from his thrusts - impossible to do - as he repeatedly bottomed out with the latex of his MicroThin and the silicone of the cervical cup pushed to the limit of her anterior fornix with her gasping and moaning in delight. She said she tried to hold back to prevent reaching a screaming orgasm and gripping him so tightly with her contractions that she would force his ejaculate to flow down around his shaft and float the condom off his erection. If that happened she might not have enough of his semen in the used condom for her purposes. Even so she was so tight he didn’t last four minutes before spewing his seed into the tip of his Kimono and then holding on to her hips while he regained his breath. He was still erect as he pulled out and stripped the condom off tied the end and turning her around shoved the condom through the ring-gag and into her mouth with the instruction to “Get rid of this cunt!”

Lady Fortune smiles on Bea: She quickly closed her relief zipper wiped their coitial discharge off her hands and the crotch of her catsuit with a baby wipe and kneeling wiped his still erect penis clean of it’s coat of semen. He thanked her and gave her a small medal with his crest on it as a token of his pleasure saying that she had marvelous pelvic skills. She curtsied to him before leaving the studio and headed for the female servants loo where she intended to freshen up before rejoining the rest of the waitstaff.  She opened the door of the loo to find Tory snorting a line of coke from a travel stash kept in a zipper pocket of her clutch. Apparently it was more potent than she was used to as she suddenly staggered, moaned, her eyes rolled up and she collapsed on a banquette, shuddered and passed out.

Never one to waste a crisis Bea realized there would never be a better opportunity so while Tory was unconscious she unzipped the relief zipper of her suit and pulled out the Caya which she was supposed to be wearing dry. However, what Bea found was that in addition to her arousal lube which she produced while flirting and being finger-fucked by her male guests the cervix cup contained a considerable quantity of her stretchy eggwhite fertile cervical mucus. Bea carefully pulled the condom out of her mouth and slitting the reservoir tip with her nails squeezed Tory’s father’s semen into the cervical cup of her Caya. Then compressing the rim and spreading her labia reinserted the sperm filled diaphragm back into Tory’s fertile vagina, closed her relief zipper and wiped off the tightly stretched latex over Tory’s mons pubs. Then she rinsed the used and now empty condom and opening her own relief zipper parted her labia and stuffed the condom up behind her pubic bone. She zipped up again, washed her hands and rejoined the waitstaff in time to help serve dessert.

Two weeks later Tory missed her period, but she had been under a lot of stress and her cycles aren’t all that regular anyway so she wasn’t concerned and kept going to ballet class. However, a week later she began feeling nauseous in the mornings; she tested for hCG and was positive so she was newly pregnant.   She had a serum pregnancy test at our clinic just to make certain and she was about six weeks along and immediately had a vacuum aspiration to rid herself of the reproducing tissue.  But her father was notified and he was furious and insisted on having the DNA of the fetus tested to identify the man she slept with. Imagine his shock to find that it had been his sperm that had impregnated her! He blustered and fumed had the tests run again by three different labs and they all came back with the same result. The news leaked as gossip and their friends can’t imagine how it could have happened unless his condom broke during an incestuous relationship. Tory will be traveling out of the country with an elderly female tutor for the next few months while her notoriety subsides.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A narcissistic, misogynist bully

A Greenroom pic before the 8-6-2015 debate?

The photo: With the blond hair and that trademark smile, does this remind my U.S. readers of a narcissistic, boorish and misogynistic bullying candidate who participated in the Republican debate last Thursday night, August 6th?

Who in the U.S. watched the Republican candidates last Thursday Evening, August 6th? It was great reality TV, but it was not nearly as great as a political discussion. A great deal of the oxygen was sucked out of the arena by one candidate (you know who). Everyone was waiting to see if he would top his previous wild comments (“everybody loves me” etc) or insult by disrespecting another of the candidates or the one of the moderators and he did not disappoint.  The show was watched by 24 million viewers the highest rating of any show ever on Fox News.  

During Thursday's Republican presidential candidate’s debate, Megyn Kelly one of the Fox News moderators) pressed the candidate about misogynistic, sexist comments he made in the past, such as calling some women "fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals."  He threatened her then and on Friday night his feud with Kelly escalated when on CNN he said the Fox News host had "blood coming out of her wherever" On Saturday he ‘clarified’ that comment claiming he meant her nose.

An RNC campaign song?

First Verse:

As a candidate he sits,
Thinking of himself, the greater me,
And another mega-deal without delay,
And no tears will wet his eyes,
As he rants in loathsome lies,
And he tries to swat the media away.


Tramp, tramp, tramp the boor is marching,
Wise up voters he can’t win,
And beneath his blow-dried rag,
He will make most voters gag,
With the vitriol in his comments and his spin.

Sung to the tune of: Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching.
With apologies to George F. Root the author of Tramp, Tramp, tramp


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