Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gas guard tricks professionals use

A training set: Gaynors, a gas guard and its introducer

Penelope’s Training:
While our men have been out deer stalking I’ve been working with Penelope, the Duke’s current mistress, to widen the range of her intimate skills. She was a soloist with the English National Ballet before becoming arm candy for Himself and on this trip she has been fucking my escort, Colin, while I have been in the Duke’s or his son John’s bed. While with Colin he has been telling her about underwater intercourse which made her want to try dive-sex in the castle’s heated pool so she asked me to help her with the basics she needed for safety and pleasure during an underwater penetrative encounter

The basics are straight forward and she was already OW certified with SCUBA equipment which reduced the training she needed to vaginal and upper reproductive tract protection. Fortunately I had brought along my fitting set and the spare Reflexions diaphragms I had left over after fitting Taryn’s friends in the Sirens. [For more about them see my entry ‘The Sirens’ for June 22, 2011.] I’ve learned to keep the fitting set and a selection of Reflexions sizes with me since I always seem to be asked by women I meet about how they can go about safely having underwater sexual encounters. A training set similar to the Gaynor pointes and Reflexions diaphragm shown in the photo above is worn during pointe class as a confidence building measure to get the woman accustomed to wearing a diaphragm with a high vacuum in the dome during strenuous exercise.

Underwater sex, a greater need for care: In earlier entries on this blog I haven’t gone into detail about fitting gas guards, who are the best candidates and which women may be at greater risk during dive-sex. That may have led to a misconception by readers that any woman can safely use a gas guard. However, that’s not the case. Fitting diaphragms for use as gas guards during dive-sex requires close attention to detail during the patient pelvic exam as the environment in which the device will be used is far more hostile than encountered during regular PVI on the surface. A careful check of the vaginal walls for growths, scar tissue or genetic irregularities that could prevent the rim from sealing properly is critical because it is essential that the dome develop a strong vacuum to hold the device securely in place over the cervix while the wearer is aroused underwater.

Vaginal flooding: The best fit of a diaphragm is the largest size that is comfortable to wear when not aroused. The sign of a good fit is a vacuum in the dome so strong that it is difficult for the wearer to break the seal to remove it. The left end of the introducer shown in the photo accompanying this entry can be used to insert between the vaginal wall and the rim as an aid to help break the seal of a diaphragm with a very strong vacuum in the dome. The ability to create a seal and vacuum strong enough that the dome will not displace even when the vagina floods is something that a significant percentage of the escorts who want to offer dive-sex as a service can’t manage because of irregularities in their vaginal walls and as a result if they offer dive-sex they are at considerable personal risk of PID or an embolism.

Returning readers will remember that a strong vacuum is needed to hold the diaphragm correctly in place when the wearer is fully aroused because the anterior rim is out of her pubic notch and is adhering to the anterior vaginal wall by the grip of the vaginal muscles and the vacuum in the dome. This is extremely important during dive-sex because of the likelihood of her vagina flooding especially during pool or open water encounters where the wearer’s body is rotating so that the opening of her vagina is pointing toward the surface at times during the encounter.

If the vagina floods and the vacuum isn’t very strong that could lead to the dome of her diaphragm displacing and flooding as well. So teaching a woman who wants to use her diaphragm as a gas guard ‘Totally Evacuated Dome (TED) exercises’ is important. It’s easy to increase the vacuum by squatting and pushing down forcing the cervix toward the entrance to the vagina to totally evacuate the dome so (TED) exercises are an important part of dive-sex training.

As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog the only diaphragm that meets all the requirements of a deep water gas guard is the Reflexions latex flat spring device. A flat spring rim is important because it is not only very difficult for a man to under-thrust, but is the only rim style that will not distort due to water pressure on dives deeper than 10 meters. Additionally the latex dome is softer and stretchier than silicone which means it can transmit body heat more effectively, but more importantly for this application the dome can be more completely evacuated so the latex membrane is stretched over the cervix and clings to it like a coat of paint. Total evacuation puts pressure on the cervix which some women find reassuring as it is a sign that the vacuum is very strong. Others find pressure on the tip of the cervix to be uncomfortable and can’t stand it so a strong vacuum while important can be an acquired taste. The down side of the Reflexions is that a flat spring rim can be harder to insert correctly than an arcing spring rim and a latex device has a shorter service life than silicone and can’t be used by couples who have a latex allergy.

Lubrication: It is vital for the woman’s reproductive health and comfort that she use a thick silicone gel as a waterproof vaginal lube to coat her delicate tissues during an underwater penetrative encounter. For this we are using DiveGel+ a reformulation of an industrial silicone base bearing lube to which has been added a biocide. The biocide is necessary to reduce the likelihood of STIs because the male partner can’t wear a condom during dive-sex. There is the option of using a female condom inserted prior to entering the water, but the esthetics of FC use prevents it from being a frequently used alternative. Usually a 10ml prefilled applicator of DiveGel+ in the vagina is sufficient for an interval of several hours. A small amount of DiveGel is also applied to the inside of the dome of the diaphragm to lubricate the cervix when the vacuum stretches the latex membrane over the cervix.

Penelope’s dive-sex encounters: I’m pleased to say that Penelope’s pelvic anatomy is ideal for wearing a Reflexions and she easily adapted to the subtleties of insertion and the TED exercises to pump down the vacuum in the dome. She also found the sensation of the latex dome gripping her cervix as reassuring so it seems she is an excellent candidate for effective gas guard use. She and Colin have been in the castle pool frequently in the last few days as she gains experience with her new skill.

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