Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A wedding and dive-sex

Princess Beatrice of York at the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

A wedding in Edinburgh:
This past Saturday John took me to the wedding of his friend and drinking buddy Mike Tindall, the rugby captain, to Zara Phillips, Princess Ann’s daughter. He had been asked and had accepted long ago when he was seeing someone and now didn’t want to go Stag so he asked if I’d like to attend with him. I was delighted! John’s father, the Duke, is a friend of Prince Phillip, but John says that he was invited because of the many times he and Mike closed pubs together. It was a low key affair except that William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were there and I got to meet them both! It was awesome and they seemed a really lovely couple.

We stayed at John’s flat in the city and he took me shopping the day before for something to wear. Fortunately I’m a perfect UK size 4 (U.S. size 2) so at a lovely boutique I found a suitable dress off the rack that needed no alterations, closed toe 3 inch heels, sheer tights and hat, though the hat wasn’t as stylish (outrageous?) as the one Princess Beatrice wore. John said I was beautiful in pink and sage. He introduced me as an American ballet dancer. Afterward we went to the reception nearby at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. I thought I might have a problem with the security metal detectors if I wore a diaphragm – I was CD2 and bleeding heavily – so I wore a Diva Cup instead. Since I was on my best behavior and not planning to get stuffed in one of the rooms of the state apartment wearing a menstrual cup didn’t detract from my pleasure. Actually, since I have my secondary libidinal peak when menstrual the delay in taking John just made my desire that much greater. .

Sylvie, seduction and dive-sex: Before we left for Edinburgh John and I watched on CCTV as Sylvie seduced Colin on the pool surround just before entering the water for dive-sex. I had told her that he loved watching his partner prepare for dive-sex by inserting her gas guard and so she made a production of the process making him erect in his Speedo Laddie Caddy as he watched. First she searched her reg-bag for her slit-kit, opening the diaphragm compact, removing the device she held the thin latex dome up to the light as she inspected the stretchy silvery membrane for thin spots, cracks and tears before applying a powerful spermicidal gel in the dome and smearing it around the inside with her finger. Then she put one foot on a bench pulled her thong bikini to one side exposing her waxed pubes, spread her labia with the fingers of one hand while compressing the rim of her diaphragm with the other and slowly inserted the device into her birth canal.

She pushed the posterior rim back along the rear wall of her vagina until it slipped beneath her cervix and into her posterior fornix. Then she let the rim open fully and pushed the anterior rim into her pubic notch locking it securely in place. Then she squatted and pushed down hard several times, as though she was having a bowel movement, which forced her cervix closer to the entrance to her vagina stretching the dome of her diaphragm to force the remaining air out and increase the vacuum until she felt the rubber sucked down on and grip her cervix so she knew the dome was fully evacuated. Then she applied a 10ml prefilled applicator of DiveGel in her vagina and smeared some over her labia so she was well lubed for underwater penetration.

Sylvie and Colin had progressed to the point that they were wearing SCUBA sets and went to the bottom of the deep end of the pool for dive sex so we watched him enter her in missionary so she could watch him disappear inside her. Then since she was weightless underwater she did a full split and he rotated her 180° so she was penetrated from the rear and he could penetrate her more deeply before he reached her cervix. We watched their bubbles and could tell when he found her G-spot and she started to quiver and her breathing became shallow and more frequent and her bubble cloud became nearly continuous as she sucked gas at a very high rate when approaching orgasm. Then her whole body shuddered her legs flew apart in a split with feet pointed and she bucked beneath him as she reached climax and her uncontrolled vaginal spasms tipped him over the edge into orgasm and he rammed her cervix as he planted his seed deep in her hard flat belly.

Post-coitial rapture: Afterward they held one another as their breathing returned to normal and they floated along the bottom enjoying the bliss of afterglow. John and I were both so aroused by watching Sylvie and Colin that he took me right in the control room. Fortunately I had emptied my diaphragm of menstrual flow before we started watching so after he took me from behind his shaft was only coated with a sheen of blood which I sucked off afterward. I love tasting my own menstrual flow and natural lube on a lover’s shaft immediately after he withdraws when all the fluids are fresh.


  1. It seems as though the Phillips/Tindall wedding was a much lower-keyed affair than the Middleton/Windsor nuptials. I guess you could really tell by Mike's face he is a rugger. How many other ruggers were in the shindig?

    I'm wondering... are Andrew and Fergie's daughters available? Not that I would have any chance with a royal, but you never know. You think Beatrice's facinator was wild over the weekend, you probably remember what she wore to Will and Kate's wedding. That was wild!

    How long has Silvie performed dive sex? If not so long, you think she learned well? Sometimes, I wonder what even land sex would be with the women in your circle. Of course, I've lamented on that thought before.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I’m not sure if Beatrice and Eugenie are in serious relationships. As royals they are still pretty young for that. Beatrice will be 23 on the 8th of August and Eugenie was 21 on the 23rd of March.

    I thought Sylvie did very well for being new at dive-sex. She has great style and presents her delightfully firm body extremely well. Although she still has a lot to learn about breath-control. But there is only so much you can do with that during underwater sex. The effort and excitement uses up a lot of air.

  3. Three questions, How old are you Jill? how many hours a day do you wear pointes, did you come from a family with loads of money, and Is jill your real name?

    I know some of your associates are what they would call dangerous, and many performers adopt a fake name for the stage.


  4. Hi JJ! You know it’s not polite to ask a lady her age…

    I try to wear pointes, pointe-shoes - or ballet-boots when I’m duty manager at the casino - as much as I can. I even sleep in them since my partners enjoy penetrating me while I’m wearing them and they give me greater leverage for pelvic thrusts in some positions as well as a weapon if things seem to be getting out of control. It takes constant training to prevent my achilles tendons from shortening, but I think it’s worth it.

    I was a trust-fund girl and came into my money from a family trus set up by my uncle who left my mother and me his fortune from the sale of land containing huge metallurgical coal deposits. My Mom died in a car accident when I was 7 so I was given an allowance and put in boarding schools and inherited when I came of age.

    Since I chronicle my sometime erotic adventures I write as Jill one of my lesser known professional names, a nom de théâtre.

  5. Yes, well I thought as much, after all one does not get ballet training at top places without lots of money or scholarship, and I expected that you would not use your real name.

    It would be ill advised to do so after talking about all the dangerous liasons, and the things you have been involved with, and an insight into the lives of what the rich in the world do for kicks.

    I go as anon, here since I would not want people paying me a visit over something I read here, and suffice to say I come here for one of course I have a morbid curiousity, I like to see what makes peoples brains tick as a hobby, and, I like ballet.
    and sarry to hear about your mom killed at such a young age.
    anon jj

  6. Why do I get the feeling that if I saw Jill in a Casino wearing her Ballet shoes it'd be like a scene from Cinderella.

    My chips would go flying, that's for sure. Sigh.

    Paul_s (still deciding on his stage name - Jill, please christen me with one! thank you :) )

  7. The Pointe shoe quiz liason is far more dangerous path to tread, JJ. I think I broke Google one night searching

  8. Its just your browser Paul s, the computer only can take only soo much, the harder you press your computer to search the harder it is to get results.

    as for me I would love to tell you all about myself but, it is too easy to track someone down on the internet, and it dont take much if you know where to look, and it aint just google, one thing is blogs people have the spell out what kind of person they are just by what they say, and how they say it. Also the tools to track ip addresses, are not hard to get, if you people dont already have a profile of my computer.

    I dont like to get too close on this blog, jills friends like to play with the big dogs, and roll very large dice every day.
    I do not need one of them paying me a visit, over something I read here.

    call me paranoid but, the topics here read like a soap opera only it is for real, and real people end up dead at the end of the day sometimes here.


  9. As long as there isnt a van outside your home with the words 'Flowers By Irene' stamped on the side I'm sure you'll be fine :)

    Yeah, it's easy to get an IP address and track it down to the ISP/local area of the connection but you'd need access to an ISP for the actual physical home address it belonged to at the time - they wouldn't release that kind of info unless you had a search warrant...

  10. In Vegas Cadillac Escalades are the vehicle of choice. Flower vans are so 1990s.

  11. You ever here of hacking, an isp or spybots of course?

    And there are loads of plumber vans in the area, as well as Escalades.

    I however have lots of guns, and friends that were in special forces, that were like family, I would love to brag about it but, the less out there on the web about me the better, too many people trying to find every detail about everyone, from employers to marketers, and criminals.


  12. I agree JJ, nothing is 100% secure so anything is possible I guess with hacking/spybots if someone really wants to know...

    Facebook/Twitter are a step too far (but that's just my own opinion). I'm not one either that would like to see lots of content about myself that could easily be farmed by employers and what not.

  13. I learned all about it in buisness school, trust me its not hard to find out, and that is why i am not on myspace, twit ter, or facebook, I have something to say good or bad usually, and it is none of their buisness at work to know what I think, if i go to vent, unless its trade secrets that is.



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