Friday, October 26, 2012

Brenda and lesbian sex

Purple Freeds in which I dance my signature Bolero solo.

The Photo: I love this photo! I think it allows a non dancer to get some idea of the power, beauty and magic that a trained ballet dancer experiences in a pair of pointe-shoes.

Brenda and the fetish aspect of diaphragms:

[Brenda] I do apologize and was unaware of the limits on your viewing longer posts. What you refer to was an update on my diaphragm play and I really do not know whether others are interested or not. No one, other than you, has commented. My present primary relationship is with another bi- woman who has not been aware of your awakening my interest in diaphragms.

[Jill] It may well be that there is a way to view longer comments before posting them, but if so I’m not aware of it. So thank you for commenting in multiple shorter comments. Actually, I think my readership is quite interested in reading about the sex-lives of Bi and Lesbian women, but may be a bit modest to comment or ask questions perhaps fearing being misunderstood. However, when I have ‘lesbian’ in the title of an entry that seems to increase the page views, so there is interest.

[Brenda] She was giving me a vulvar massage (heavenly), I knew that she would be delving much deeper and I was curious of her reaction to finding the spring. She completed the massage without hesitation until I had a crashing orgasm. One of those near out of body experiences. She maintained pressure on my pudenda, cuddled me and asked, "Why the diaphragm." This led to a long discussion of earlier experiences affecting present sex life and we each learned much about the other's sexual history, desires, likes and dislikes. Very educational.

During the discussion, she mentioned that she had never had a diaphragm inside her. I immediately removed it from me and inserted it into her. I went down on her and we fell asleep. Over tea in the morning I asked how she liked a diaphragm in her. She looked confused and, recovering, admitted she had forgotten all about it. She removed and I washed it and set it to dry for the day. I do believe that it was just a bit small for her but that did not matter. Please feel free to publish, or not, anything I send you. I do wish other participants would join in more. You host an interesting blog.

The diaphragm games continue. Eva spent the night last night [Thursday Oct 25, 2012] and expressed she has a male date for this weekend. She is looking forward to a little penis time and had a request. Now that she has experienced a night with a diaphragm in her, she wants to experience a penis along with a diaphragm in her. I gave her my Reflexions and, at the same time, washed and gave the old silicone diaphragm a vinegar soak. I need something for inside me the next few nights. She has no real need for the protection but is simply curious to know what it is like to use a diaphragm and remove it the next morning. Agreeing with you that latex is more likely to give her the whole experience, that is what I chose to share. I also recommended that she fill it with Surgilube instead of the unnecessary spermicidal vaginal jelly. It is, after all, pretty much the same except for the Non-9. There are not many diaphragms that experience two different vaginal environments and soaking with different semen potions

[Jill] I do hope Eva knows and can trust her male partner about being free of STIs. Using a condom takes all the fun out of having a diaphragm inserted, but if his sexual history is unknown it can be risky. But you being a Gyn I imagine you have discussed all that with her. If it turns out that she likes wearing a diaphragm, have you considered gifting her with one in her size? It would be such a loving and intimate gesture. Here, because we have so many different male partners STI testing is frequent, but there are still cases of YI and BV if the girls aren’t fastidious about their hygiene.

[Brenda] I read your posts about screwing dolphins and passed them off as a bit of your amazing imagination. Today I was looking for a dive vacation and ran across this "warning." The described behaviour of the animal was not dissimilar to your description. Except it was trying to fuck a guy.

[Jill] Male Dolphin’s have been known to attempt sex with inanimate objects; pilings for example, as well as humans and it can be dangerous having sex with them even in the best of circumstances. I try to find a young and small male, not that 250 lbs isn’t plenty large! And young because not only the weight of the older larger ones, but the fact that the older ones can have marine growths on them that are razor sharp so when they rub against you they can shred a wetsuit and whatever part of the body that’s under it. Getting pushed to the bottom and held there for breeding is a standard dolphin maneuver against an unwilling partner. I have a woman friend who, while wearing a 5 mm wetsuit, had an arm badly cut up when a frisky male pushed her down and dragged her across coral before her human dive buddy could get him off her. It can be such a thrill mating with another species but it’s very risky!


  1. Hi Anon, Thanks for the Huffington Post article about dance and love. For those interested it can be found at:

  2. Hi Jill. Just came across and have read it back to back. Wild stuff. I had a request of you. Could you please write a detailed post on how best to go about having sex with a virgin? I suppose it is a delicate situation for the girl in question. How to ease into it and make her comfortable, techniques and tricks would really do the trick. In other words how to make her first experience memorable and pleasurable as well.

  3. oh and jill the virgin guide was with respect to plain vanilla sex, nothing kinky :)

  4. Hi Anon... I haven’t written nor do I plan to write a guide to seducing virgins, vanilla or otherwise. A guy has to take responsibility for learning some things himself. But a good place to start a relationship with any woman is by learning about her, being nice to her and doing things with her that she enjoys.

    My interest is in training each of my students to be as accomplished and seductive as possible so she can cause a man do whatever she wants and have him think it was entirely his idea.


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