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2014 Ballet Summer Intensive and 4th of July party

Student’s dead pointes from our ballet summer intensive

The Photo: Some of the summer intensive student’s dead shoes (mostly Freeds) and they aren’t even through the second week.

Adolph’s 4th of July party: My wards and I and our partners as well as the fifteen SI students all were invited to Adolph’s place in the hills to celebrate the fourth. For one of Adolph’s parties it was pretty tame with no guest or staff disappearances, that I’m aware of. There was only one requirement; that every guest as well as his staff have a clean recent full STI panel. I think that was from a concern on his part that because some of his guests lead very risky lives he didn’t want carelessness on their part to spill over and harm the many students who were at the party. A concern that was quite out of character for him given the callous way some of his dive students have been treated in the recent past.

For drama, there was only one incident each of spontaneous abortion, uterine flooding and a near drowning all of which occurred in the deep water training facility while a divemaster was present. No one knew one of Adolph’s student Submissives was pregnant until she miscarried at a depth of 100 ft as Adolph was taking her in missionary while she was tethered to the safety net with an ankle leash. She has been in residence as a dive student for eight weeks and she had tested negative for pregnancy at our clinic when she arrived and was fitted for a 65mm Reflexions to wear as flood insurance during dive-sex, so the baby was Adolph’s. She is supposed to have been on the pill and perhaps she was, but some girls don’t take their pill as regularly as they should.

The uterine flooding was because another of Adolph’s students, a petite girl of 18, neglected to insert her Reflexions prior to entering the water for dive-sex and Castor, one of the Gemini, who with his brother Pollux are extremely well endowed forced water into her uterus while satisfying her desire to be taken by a heavy hitter, other than Adolph. Chris, our male Gyn put her on a ten day course of an antibiotic to minimize the likelihood of bacteria in the water giving her PID.

On the 4th my wards and I were all CD7, but as returning readers know they all have stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted so they were free to have sex with as many of Adolph’s guests they hadn’t met before w/o any concern about STIs. It was only me who needed cervical protection for contraception as the following day I would become fertile and on edge days like that a girl using a barrier for birth control can never be too careful.

Incest by proxy: Bea, my 17 y/o, ward had fun with a handsome forty-something German chemist who said she reminded him of his daughter who is about Bea’s age. She told me later when we were both in the ladies Kegeling out recent partner’s semen that when they were alone on a bedroom balcony overlooking the city lights after briefly fondling her clit he entered her from behind while she was on her toes in second position bent over the railing watching the fireworks. The other guests were watching from the roof terrace. She said when he came in her he called his daughter’s name several times, but didn’t seem to realize what he’d said as he continued thrusting into her until he went limp. That encounter went so well that later he asked for seconds and then took time to provide her pleasure giving her several G-spot orgasm which had her moaning, mewing, quivering and so rubber-legged she thought she would fall off pointe while she was in orgasm and squeezing the hot cream out of him with her contractions. And during that encounter he again called her by his daughters name.

Pointe shoe fetishists: Adolph had told me his European guests were all pointe shoe fetishists. That is usually a relatively benign fetish as fetishes go, but some men can take it to extremes tying a partner up with the ribbons from her pointes before having sex with her or in one case hanging a girl with the ribbons from three pairs of her pointes w/o removing the ribbons from the shoes.

So he wanted the BSI students and my wards and me in pointes for his party. I’m comfortable in pointes almost anywhere and my wards are becoming accustomed to wearing pointes for all occasions, but the BSI girls needed some convincing. At my suggestion they all wore pairs of their scholarship provided Gaynors as they were the most comfortable and were instructed not to use liniment or alcohol on their feet while preparing for the party as there would undoubtedly be a lot of toe sucking going on. Afterward several of the students thanked me for suggesting Gaynors as their European partners expected ballet-sex (sur les pointes a la seconde) where our pelvic muscles are clenched and with the thrust drop padding I recommended they were relatively comfy being dropped en pointe when a tall partner withdrew on the out-stroke.

Student potential and menstrual status: Selection criteria for BSI students in addition to having Balanchine bodies, considerable talent and ability for classical ballet, a very strong sex drive and an adventurous nature bordering on recklessness included what each candidate wanted to do professionally. None wanted to be professional dancers. They all see ballet as marvelous exercise and stress reducing activity and as a means to keep their lovely bodies in shape and attract men. We see the students potential to be doctors, lawyers, mistresses and wives of influential men and rising to be influential in their own professions where they can be helpful to the interests we represent. Each of the students is a long term investment in her own right as she rises through her chosen field.

Being introduced to Adolph’s European friends at the sort of parties Adolph hosts gives the girls access to powerful men who can help them in their careers in the business world. And the men are delighted since from their perspective the BSI students are almost virginal since they lack the depth of sexual experience of their male partners. I heard one say it was better than fucking his way through the corps of a major European ballet company because the party girls were fresh and relatively innocent and could be molded to meet his needs as an American mistress.

We are into the second week of the BSI now and all the girls have taken their weekly pregnancy tests and none were positive for hCG. It would be too soon to expect a pregnancy from an encounter while a student here to show up, but if someone had been careless or had an accident the week before arriving here it should show up about now. Many of the girls are on extended cycle pills (Seasonale or Seasonique) or started another pack of 21/7 or 24/4 regimen pills w/o taking the placebos to prevent having a pill period during their time at BSI so they would have no way of knowing by the absence of bleeding if they had conceived.  Our phys. Therapist is busy giving massages and treating over worked ankles and knees before they become troublesome injuries since we have a lot invested in the long term health and wellbeing of each of these students.  And the girls and their partners have settled in to mutually satisfactorily short term relationships. Both the male partners and the students are trying to enjoy each other’s bodies as much as possible for the several weeks they are together realizing they will be going their separate ways once the course ends.

Security: All the public rooms, terraces, balconies, encounter sallies, ladies restrooms, bedrooms and the deep water training pool area are covered by HD security cameras that recorded every one of the sexual encounters with faces plainly visible. In case, at some later date we need to influence one or both participants of a particular intimate encounter to do the right thing. Adolph was very pleased how well the party went and how easily the BSI girls and his European guests got along.

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