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Death Rubber diary

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm

The photo: One of my 80mm Reflexions diaphragms. It is made of natural rubber latex and is the style that when worn by a woman when she died during sexual intercourse becomes (for my purposes) a ‘Death Rubber’ diaphragm containing special powers that supplement my sexuality. I know I use photos of Reflexions a lot, but I can’t stress enough how desirable they are for contraceptive and dive-sex safety and for their strong appeal to latex fetishists.

My Death Rubber collection:  For readers who are new to my blog a ‘death rubber’ is a diaphragm, especially a latex one, which was being worn by a woman when she died while having penetrative intercourse. Until my last post (Dating Gigi on May 2, 2015) I hadn’t written about harvesting one for about five months - in my entry for November 21, 2014 - when I harvested one from a Las Vegas Towel Girl at Splash. As this is written it has been eleven months since I added to my collection so readers can understand how difficult it is to obtain a Death Rubber under ideal conditions, meaning that I harvested it myself.

During an orgy in Vegas years ago I found that wearing a latex diaphragm I harvested from the vagina of an elite rubber fetish escort – one I watched die while being fucked at the bottom of a training pool for rubber fetishists - gave me access to the residual Chi contained in the diaphragm that had been protecting her cervix. Through her Chi her memories of past lovers and the pelvic experience and tricks she knew to please them become available for my use which enhances my confidence and pleasure when wearing it.

There are some challenges in collecting this specific item:

  • Few women use diaphragms these days.
  • The device needs to be in my size, 80mm – usually worn by women much taller than me.
  • The woman has to have died during sex while wearing it.
  • And so I can safely wear it she must have been free of STIs which means at the time of her death she had had a recent negative full panel STI test.
  • And now the Reflexions is no longer being made. However, latex flat spring diaphragms can be custom made for those of us who need them.
Too there is the usual down side to a latex device:

  • Some people are allergic to latex.
  • The useful life is much shorter than a silicone diaphragm.
  • The odor from a latex device worn too long can be very strong, however, that could be a plus if you are with a man who is into funky vaginal scents.
The good news about a latex flat spring device is:

  • The heat transfer properties are far superior to silicone.
  • A latex device can be safely used with silicone lubes necessary for proper vaginal lubrication during underwater sex.
  • A great safety feature of a flat spring rim diaphragm is that since it folds in a single plane it is almost impossible for a mischievous partner to under-thrust the rim of one that is properly sized and correctly placed.                         
Fortunately as with my former position in Vegas I have access to the medical records of the Escort service run by Tanaquil for Taryn’s European operation so I know who wears 80mm latex diaphragms (mainly for male clients with latex fetishes) or for under-thrust ‘flood insurance’ during dive-sex. It so happens these are the women who are the greatest risk takers so are the ones most likely to have a fatal accident during an encounter with a commercial client or during filming porn videos. I think the risk is part of my fascination with asphyxia sexual highs while having SCUBA sex because there is so little margin for error. It certainly is a huge thrill and marvelous high for me!

A more recent and serious ‘Death Rubber’ limitation briefly mentioned above is that the Reflexions FS diaphragm was discontinued at the first of 2015. Fortunately the Clinic had received a routine stocking order of the Reflexions so we should be able to provide them to patients for the next few months as they are how only used by up-market fetish escort clients. Also, we are able to have latex FS diaphragms custom made, but at higher cost. The fall-back position is to use 80mm silicone Milex diaphragms as death rubber devices, but the flat spring rim was ideal in providing women and especially fetish escorts with superior under-thrust protection and I suspect those of us in the profession will go to the custom made latex flat spring as for us there really is nothing as good.

Currently my collection consists of six 80mm latex Reflexions diaphragms that I have personally harvested from the vaginas of their previous owners. I try to take good care of them as they all contain their former owners sexual exploits that reside in the portion of her Chi still contained in the diaphragm which supplement my own sexual knowledge and experiences when I wear them and each is unique and irreplaceable in that way.

My latest harvesting acquisition: This is the second ‘death rubber’ I’ve harvested since I moved to the UK in January of 2015. The most recent was a French twenty-something ballerina on holiday with her English lover who was at a fetish swim party at a country house in Berkshire which I attended last weekend. I knew her as a candidate on my list of possible Death Rubber donors as she was quite tall at 5’8” for a ballet dancer. She had been fitted by one of Tanaquil’s Gyn friends in Paris and wore the Reflexions FS in my size. She said she was familiar with basic SCUBA gear and was anxious to have her lover take her to orgasm submerged in our host’s pool while other guests watched. Her lover was against it as she was known as something of an exhibitionist, but she teased him about not being able to get it up underwater and so to defend his sexual prowess he reluctantly agreed.

They were using our hosts OTS Guardian FFMs, 60 cu ft aluminum tanks and everything seemed to be going well. The woman was tethered to the bottom of the dive well with an ankle leash and she was out of her tank which was on its side on the bottom so she could be entered from behind. The audio from their comm. link was on the speakers in the pool area so we could hear them talk to each other and both of them gasp and moan from their sexual exertions. She was facing the pool bottom as he entered her from the rear and she grunted, mewed, gasped and moaned as he pushed his way inside her and she adjusted her hips to take his length and thrusts.  He was holding on to her hips and had given her several vaginal orgasms when she began to quiver, gasp and begin to gag and she doubled over possibly to try to unfasten the ankle leash or perhaps from cramps, but her partner kept thrusting into her trying to reach orgasm himself before he withdrew. 

After he came he pulled out, but by that time she was limp and not breathing and I and several other divers had jumped in to help pull her out. I unfastened the ankle leash, a man lifted her tank off the bottom and her partner raised her to the surface. After we got her on the pool surround we tried CPR, but she had apparently drowned in her own vomit.  While straightening her thong and covering her with a blanket to await an ambulance I pulled out the 80mm Reflexions she was wearing still slippery with her lover’s thick creamy semen that hadn’t had a chance to liquefy and slipped it down my cleavage.

She had the results of a serum pregnancy test in her purse that showed she was about eight weeks pregnant so that may have been why she became nauseated though there were two other women at the party who came down with food poisoning so perhaps it was that.

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