Friday, August 5, 2016

Teen training diaphragms

Semina on introducer with pink Gaynor Minden pointes

The Photo: A Semina diaphragm mounted on an introducer to aid in insertion. The coil spring of the rim can be seen through the transparent pink silicone of the dome. Semina diaphragms are fitted to get young wearers new to using a diaphragm accustomed to the insertion and removal process.

A successful Summer Ballet Intensive: Now my Summer Ballet Intensive has come to the end of its third and final week at Blackthorn Castle. This morning the students all boarded ‘The Dragon’, my personal rail cars, for the trip to London St Pancreas on their way back to their homes.

Semina as a training diaphragm: Returning readers will recall that in my May 6, 2016 post about the requirements for students at the 2016 Blackthorn Ballet Summer Intensive I wrote about the desirability of Semina as a starter cervical barrier for teens: 

“A sexually active barrier-girl should never be without her diaphragm and the Seminas pink transparent silicone rubber, which some wearer’s have compared to a pink soap bubble, has proved very attractive when used as a young woman’s first experience with cervical barriers. The use of a Semina began as an alternative for teens that were too small for an IUD and couldn’t use hormonal contraceptives. However, when it was found that they could also be effectively used for cervix protection (flood insurance) during under water penetrative sex even the girls on hormonal birth control wanted to be fitted for a Semina. IUDs and cervical barriers are only compatible when the IUD strings are trimmed off so they don’t stick to a cervical barrier worn for ‘flood insurance’ during underwater penetrative vaginal sex which is one of the more arcane subjects on the syllabus during the Blackthorn Ballet Summer Intensive. Stringless IUDs worn by up-market Escorts and our students are checked for proper position with periodic ultrasound scans.”

The introducer shown in the photo is used to simplify insertion especially for women with short fingers. Unfortunately, introducers are no longer generally available, but it is easy to learn the proper insertion technique. Should BBSI students progress to become “socially available” for underwater penetrative sex they can switch to a latex flat spring diaphragm similar to the Reflexions of blessed memory which can be custom made. While some few people are allergic to latex and natural rubber latex does not last as long as silicone the advantages are considerable as the heat transfer and the elastic properties of the translucent dome membrane are far superior to silicone and for a partner interested in the strong scent of a diaphragm left inserted for more than twenty-four hours’ latex is the preferred material as the scent can be eye-watering. Additionally, the flat spring rim which only folds in a single plane makes it very desirable as ‘flood insurance’ because it’s nearly impossible for even a mischievous lover to intentionally under-thrust the rim. Latex flat spring diaphragms are still the barrier type preferred by elite level Courtesans and Escorts and now are only available through specialist GYNs by special order.

Student injuries: We have been fortunate to have no serious injuries just the normal things like split and bruised nails, not that they aren’t painful. There have been no problems with GyneFix IUDs or Semina diaphragms during after class social activities including surface and underwater sexual encounters. And there have been no pregnancies the insemination for which could have occurred prior to the student arriving at Blackthorn Castle. It would have been very unlikely as all the students have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted, but possible. There was a student who should have had a hymenectomy and she had a painful time with large diameter partners even when well lubricated. She insisted on continuing with the syllabus and it was a teaching moment for the entire class. 

Seren:  Returning readers will recall that my most recent ward is Seren a college mate of Bea at Cambridge who will be working as an intern Hostess with Bea at the Costume Club during summer holiday. She is Tim (my current lover’s) 18 y/o second cousin and while taking ballet and meeting the requirements of the ballet intensive was a last minute addition when another student dropped out. There was some concern that she wouldn’t be able to keep up as she hadn’t had nearly as long to prepare as the other students. I’m pleased to say that she has marvelous stamina, poise and lovely technique so she finished in the top third of the class for the ballet part of the course. She has been equally as impressive with the social side enjoying her encounters with various male sexual partners and having an impressive pelvic grip, the ability to withstand multiple orgasms w/o fainting and is a class favorite among the men, but that was something they tried not to show since summer intensives are very competitive w/o introducing favoritism.  

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