Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beavertails, Holiday ballets and helping friends

Salmon beavertail wetsuit from Labia Labs custom designs

Salmon beavertail jackets for dive-sex students:
The Advanced Sexual Techniques class was fitted for their distinctive color beavertail jackets in September. They are the same color and style that the escort trainees wear which makes the SL girls feel more secure. The SL students wear the jackets to give them a sense of control, confident that they are covered while allowing almost immediate access, rather than entering the pool wearing bikinis which some initially feel are too revealing for a student/instructor penetrative encounter. The beavertail gives them a bit more time to prepare mentally while their trainer is opening the twist-latches and zipper. If a student has prepared physically, done stretching exercises, inserted her gas guard – a latex Reflexions FS diaphragm - and lubed up by inserting a 10ml applicator of DiveGel+ containing a powerful spermicide/biocide, she should be fine, but with new students there is always some apprehension during the first few dives when penetration will occur.

When I’m teaching a dive-sex lab I wear a student suit and matching pool pointes so I can circulate among the trainer-partner/student couples w/o being too obvious. Because of my small size if I’m in a salmon beavertail, hood, FFM and pool-pointes I can often pass as a student because the students are too focused on what their trainers are doing with them.

Wednesday 10-26-2011: I’m CD6 and menstrual so I have one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms inserted for flow control and contraception.. I love it when I’m on my period because I enjoy menstrual sex. I’ve just been really busy choreographing and rehearsing the programs for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas for my dancers and I’ve been trying to help Taryn’s friend at UNLV - there have been some unintended pregnancies among her friends that needed to be taken care of - as well as a stalker. And then Adolph is up to his old tricks again! Sigh!

Ballets for the holidays: I’ve revived Dracula as our Halloween ballet. It’s been a favorite and my company has been fairly stable for the last several years so most of them know it well. The first perf of this run was this past Monday and it’s very popular with the high-rollers! For Thanksgiving we are going to do La Fille Mal de Gardée and I’m setting it in the harvest season in colonial times with an old landowner after the farmer’s daughter for his wife while she is sweet on and being drilled by one of her father’s indentured servants. For Christmas we will do my erotic version of the Nutcracker where the daughters who are helping their grandfather distribute presents get diaphragms as gifts and suck the cream out of their teen male cousin’s éclairs while trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid being boned by the boy’s fathers.

The UNLV pregnancies: were terminated with Mifeprex, but one required a menstrual extraction (vacuum aspiration) when she didn’t pass the entire placenta. The pregnancies seemed to be because the women forgot to take their pills or they began taking diet pills and the increase in their metabolism caused the contraceptive hormones to pass through their systems too fast reducing the effectiveness of their pills. That’s a common problem with low dose pills. None of the women wanted to go through Student Health because records of the procedures covered by insurance are available to their parents.

I think the stalker will probably just ‘disappear’. We are working toward that end. With Adolph he is fond of European girls who are in the country illegally so no one knows or cares who they are or questions when they move on. You would be surprised how many of them there are.

Crush training: An old friend and frequent reader asked for more details about the crush training course I conduct occasionally. The classes are infrequent because there are so few women who are willing to commit the time and effort to learn the technique. Even with highly motivated students there is about a 50% drop-out rate. Women who are only into vanilla sex find it difficult to believe that the pelvic floor muscles can be developed to the extent that they can crush a vaginal penetrating penis, but it’s true. Think of the strength of the muscle contractions of women with vaginismus. We use those muscles and develop the ability to control when the muscles contract and by how much. If a woman can master that, and it takes months of intensive control and strength training to accomplish, she has a very good chance of destroying the erectile tissues of a penile shaft .penetrating her vagina. When I have the time I’ll try to write up something about crush training in a bit more detail.

Sorority Cosplay in body condoms: Taryn’s friend, I'll call the 'Chloe', who is a second year at UNLV, asked me on behalf of her sorority’s president, to help the cosplay group get fitted for body condoms to wear for ‘Hex or Sex’, an adult version of 'trick or treat', at their off campus Halloween party, the proceeds from which will go to feed poor children in the area. So I have been working with Gepetto’s latex shop to get the thirteen neophyte rubber-chicks, including Chloe, who will be putting out fitted and comfortable wearing their latex skins. We decided on slightly opaque cream latex so no one could see their faces. None of them had any idea how hot and sweaty having sex while wearing a latex body condom can be so it’s taking them a while to get used to the experience. They just need to stay well hydrated and let the guys do most of the work. Fortunately none of them is allergic to latex.

Two of them will be on their periods so menstrual sex will be on offer as well as plain vanilla. The girls all had full SDI panels and tested negative. For birth control six – including Chloe - have ParaGard copper IUDs inserted. Three have Implanon (etonogestrel) implants. Two are on Depo-Provera and two are on Yaz, ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone. They will wear FC2s while with a client so they will probably be safe.

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  1. I had to do a quick Yahoo! search as to how the beavertail would work and why the picture looks so weird. I was expecting something that didn't look two-piece, more like a torso suit. I think the legs threw me off.

    It seems you are getting busy with the holidays again. I think I've heard that vampires are sensual/sexual undead beings, so I think Dracula is perfect for your troupe. In your Nutcracker, what about Clara and the prince? You mention the kids as a whole. I'd want more focus on the protagonist couple.

    Translucent cream latex for the sorority girls? I would bet the only things you'd have them showing would be the eyes and mouths. Why can't the sororities at the University of Iowa have a fund-raiser like this? I would have loved to have done something like that.


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