Monday, October 31, 2011

The Doorman

Adolph in costume working the door at Hex or Sex

The Doorman: The sorority Hex or Sex Halloween party that has gone on for the last four days has been a huge success; not only because of the body-condom clad rubber-chicks, but because of the venue. Adolph loaned the sorority one of the estates he has purchased during the local real estate crash and it is gorgeous. Fully furnished with six bedrooms and a guest house with four more so ten girls can be working in bed at a time. It also has an indoor pool – dive sex is not on offer – and Adolph has sprung for a free wine bar. As scary as Adolph is in real life he is even scarier in costume so he makes an excellent doorman for the house as no males dare act out while he is there. He also provides overall protection since the Dons who run the call-girls and streetwalkers in town don’t dare cross him and Adolph made it clear to them that this was a one-off as a Halloween charity event so they all swallowed hard and backed off.

Rotation: With only thirteen girls there really weren’t enough as their time was over subscribed and most of them are now on 800 mg of Ibuprofen three times a day to reduce the pelvic pain, but none wanted to drop off rotation. Cyndi (now 17) Anya and I have been going out to the estate to help spread the load because one girl was hospitalized when she took a man far too large for her and she may end up having a hysterectomy. With the three of us there are fifteen of us in rotation and Anya and I take the guys with oversized equipment or ones who ask for rough sex. So dividing up the work that way has worked well and several of the girls are actually enjoying themselves having found they like dominating men. As the house Dominatrix I showed the ones that were interested how to use a riding crop to spank men so they enjoy the experience, but not mark them since most have girlfriends or wives they will go home to. Another useful trick I taught is how to grip a man’s balls and twist so that he will do nearly anything he’s asked to do. And the usual male submissive things like how to let a guy suck their toes or lick their ballet-boots. It’s all great fun and I may be developing some girls hidden talents because two of them are gorgeous and showing promise as nascent Dommes. For these college girls it will be a Halloween to remember!


  1. Well , I love to read about shemales you should post more and thank you !

  2. Hi PhoneSex, Thank you for your comment. I do enjoy developing young women's full range of talents. That's what makes St Lucy's so valuable as an educational institution, although in this instance all the girls (except Cyndi) were from UNLV.


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