Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring and latex diaphragms

A Vernal Equinox celebration at Stonehenge

The vernal equinox:
On Tuesday March 20, 2012 at 5:14 UT the sun was directly over the Earth’s equator and the day/night were of equal length. It was also the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. The ancient Saxons in Northern Europe worshiped the Goddess Oestre (from which the name Eostre a.k.a. Eastre or Easter is derived) at the time of the Spring Equinox. The Goddess Easter represents the sunrise, springtime and fertility, the renewal of life. Anglo-Saxons made offerings of colored eggs to her at the Vernal Equinox and placed them at graves especially, probably as a charm of rebirth. Only later did the Christians appropriate the name for themselves and graft their religion onto the pagan celebration.

No Valentines Day party pregnancies: Speaking of fertility, returning readers will remember in my entry for February 17th - about Adolph’s Valentines Day party - there were three St Lucy’s girls who were fertile when they were acting as Subs for the evening; in pointes, vaginal hooks and eternity collars for the delight of his male guests. Even though they all have GyneFix IUDs inserted there was still the possibility, however slight, that one or more could find herself preggers. Not that that would have been something that couldn’t have been easily taken care of, but with multiple partners the girl wouldn’t have immediately known who the father was and there would have been the time and expense of the termination and replacing her GyneFix. I’m pleased to say that the three got their periods although they were all a few days late. We think the reason was because the excitement and stress of the party delayed ovulation four or five days and consequently their periods.

Spring Break and the contraceptive sponge: Some woefully unprepared women college students are here on Spring Break. One who lives here in Vegas is home and trying to connect with older college men in town for a good time. We saw her this past week, as a clinic walk-in, who wanted EC when her Today sponge disintegrated while still inside her after a weekend of heavy use. It was bad timing on her part as she had come off her pills because she forgot to go for the exam before she could get an Rx for another years worth of her contraceptive and she was fertile. I got all the pieces of foam out of her and a Gyn wrote her a new Rx for her pills and also had her take ella which usually prevents conception from unprotected sex and is effective for up to 5 days after the first encounter of concern.

Diaphragms and latex fetishists: Since the first of this year we have seen a fourfold increase in the request for the fitting of diaphragms as the up-market escort trade has discovered older rich client’s fetish for vaginal latex. As the economy worsened with the financial and real estate collapses of 2008 wealthy male clients seemed to want to relive times from their youth in the early 60s, before birth control pills were widely accepted and AIDS was unknown. A time when the use of contraceptive diaphragms was the most popular reversible method of birth control for sexually active women. Now male fetishists are actively seeking the very few young escorts who use diaphragms for contraception or who will insert them for vaginal latex encounters, which is far more likely.

Until 2009 the use of latex diaphragms as part of women latex fetishists wardrobes or as a requirement to meet their male partners tactile experience needs was virtually unknown, at least in the western U.S. And, as the demand for latex diaphragms began to increase in this niche market the major U.S. maker, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, switched from latex to silicone for their most popular style, the All-Flex, and discontinued entirely their coil spring style leaving the British Lamberts Reflexions flat spring as the only latex diaphragm generally available.

While silicone diaphragms have several advantages, a much longer service life, are less likely to contribute to infections and can be used safely by couples with latex allergies, the drawbacks are considerable for latex fetishists because the silicone domes are less stretchy and don’t conduct heat nearly as well as latex so the tactile experience for vaginal latex fetishists is not nearly as pleasurable. To make the shortage of latex diaphragms worse the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is not generally suitable as a fetish fantasy device because the rim is very stiff and folds in a single plane making it nearly impossible and extremely painful to under-thrust thus leaving no latex diaphragm suitable (except perhaps for a few masochists) for misuse by mischievous latex fetishists with breeding fantasies.

To fill the void for a contraceptive fantasy device acceptable to latex fetishists Gepetto has again teamed up with Labia Labs to produce a line of latex diaphragms with coil spring rims in standard sizes from 55mm to 90mm in 5mm increments. He decided against producing an All-Flex arcing spring rim device because there were patent licensing costs and an arcing spring rim is needed primarily for women with lax muscle tone which is of no concern to Gepettos target market, escorts with fetish specialties and some of the tightest and strongest vaginal grips in the world. The devices will be custom made and half sizes (2.5mm) can be provided by special request. The Labia Labs Latex (known as 3L) line of diaphragms is sold exclusively through our women’s clinic and only to escorts working for the casino and the Towel Girls at Splash, the services which Pirate operates for us. Exclusivity of the 3L coil spring diaphragm gives our girls a significant advantage over other escorts serving the hard core latex fetish community as coil spring rim latex diaphragms are otherwise difficult to obtain since they have to be special ordered a costly and time consuming process.

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