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Prentif crush depth side effects.

The cervix on cycle day 7, just past menses

The photo: taken on CD7 it shows a healthy symmetrical cervix perfectly shaped for the effective use of a Prentif cavity rim cervical cap.

Dive-sex and a Prentif Death Rubber: I was fortunate to be able to recently check off another of the cervical barriers (in my size) I harvest from the bodies of women who die during a sexual encounter. Returning readers will remember I call the protective rubber clothing, shoes and devices harvested from those women ‘death rubber.’ I especially love to wear a death rubber cervical barrier. Because it provided intimate protection to its former owner I feel it contains far more of the Chi of the woman who was wearing it when she died. The dead woman’s Chi combined with my own increases my libido amazingly.

I was lucky to happen upon a 23 y/o woman, a well-bred Brit-Chick rubberist with a plumy Berkshire accent, who had a Prentif. Lucky because Prentif have been discontinued for more than seven years and amazingly it was a 25mm which is my size! Actually, the woman from whom I harvested my Prentif death rubber found me since she was a guest at The Lorelei, Adolph’s spa in the hills outside town. She was interested in rough dive-sex and I had been recommended to her as a fitter for a barrier to be use as a gas-guard/flood insurance, because she wanted to experience a rough underwater sexual encounter. For contraception she was ‘on the jab’ as she called it, the Depo-subQ Provera 104 injection so she had no concern about an unplanned pregnancy.

I gave her a thorough pelvic and fit her with a Reflexions 75mm flat spring latex diaphragm. After her diaphragm fitting she asked if I thought she was a good candidate for a Prentif cavity rim cervical cap because she had purchased a 25mm from a midwifery supply store. I asked how she had determined the size and she said she bought the smallest size they had. Sigh! During her pelvic I saw she had a lovely smooth and symmetrical cervix which would be ideal for wearing a Prentif so we broke the seal on the box took the 25mm cap out of its case and I inserted it slipping it on to her cervix and screwed it down tight. The cavity in the rim established a strong suction on the cervical wall gripping her cervix and the dome dimpled, as it should, indicating there was a strong vacuum in the dome. She was so lucky! It fit perfectly! She was delighted because she liked the idea of the dome being an extension of her cervix making it easier for a partner to ram, which as a sexual masochist she enjoyed. I knew exactly what she meant as I’m that way myself! I cautioned her that if she wanted her partner to ram the dome she should be sure to turn the tab on the shoulder of the rim so that it faced her posterior fornix so it wouldn’t hurt her partner and had her reach in while pushing down and turn the tab to the back herself.

Diving the Prentif: Some women can take more pressure on their cervix than others and there is no way to know which is which until they pressure test a cervical cap either on a dive or preferably in a hyperbaric chamber, but the HC option is unlikely because there are almost no hyperbaric facilities available for that sort of testing. Some women seem to delight in having the cervix gripped tightly while others can’t stand even having a Prentif’s cavity rim sucking on the base of their cervix. So when I fitted my patient with the Prentif - before I’d done my hyperbaric chamber research about diving cervical caps and found the crush depth of a Prentif was approximately 30 feet - I already had my suspicions that if the cap wasn’t forced off the cervix when the dome was compressed by the increased pressure it would squeeze her cervix so tightly she’d probably be unable to function from pain and nausea. So I cautioned her not to go too deep because there is a tipping point where the discomfort seems manageable or perhaps even enjoyable at depth and then a few feet deeper the pain suddenly becomes unbearable. I’ve tried taking 800mg of ibuprofen before a HC test dive to see if it upped my pain threshold and it did marginally, but only enough to give me time to try to ascend to get away from the pain if I’d gone too far. I’ve found that for me other than the pain, which I enjoy, there is no warning. One minute I’m doing fine. The next I’m having terrible cramps and vomiting, which when diving can be fatal.

An opportunity: So, a few days later I got a call from Adolph. A guest at The Lorelei has had an incident during a BDSM dive encounter he said and he needs my help tidying up loose ends. I got to the Spa to find the guest still at the bottom of her suites encounter pool. It was one of the new suites with the 40 ft deep pools. She was dressed all in black; a rubber catsuit, weighted pool-pointes, hood, gloves and a FFM with a short tank so it wouldn’t impair her partner’s access when penetrating her from the rear. She was wearing a buoyancy compensator and when I got there the body was in the fetal position on its side with it’s legs drawn up to the chest in a locked metal cage on the bottom with a cable and hook connected to the top that ran to a winch suspended above the surface of the pool.

It was obvious to me that Adolph had been the partner of the woman in the cage when or shortly before she got in trouble. He had often fantasized to me about that sort of dungeon set-up, but I hadn’t known he had actually built it. He said they had sex in the cage at15 feet below the surface and everything was fine then he had left her to raise the cage and the winch gearbox failed and the cage went all the way to the bottom. He wanted me to go down and retrieve the body. I just laughed and said he better call an mechanic because there was no way I was going in that cage underwater unless he was in a straight jacket and sedated. He just smiled and said I knew him too well then took the remote out of his pocket and raised the cage and swung it on to the pool deck.

The body: She was totally encased in rubber except for her vulva that was showing through the open relief zipper. I hit the quick release latches on her FFM spider and pulled off her mask. The oral nasal unit was filled with vomit and the stench of gastric juices nearly made me gag. She has suffocated, drowning in her own vomit. Her face was twisted in fear and pain, but I still recognized her as my 25mm Prentif patient of a few days earlier. Her wrists had been restrained with zip-ties and fastened to the bottom strap that held her air tank on its backboard. At first I didn’t understand why her hands had been tied and then I realized it was so she couldn’t reach the Prentif I was almost certain she was wearing. It was just the sort of diabolical thing Adolph would do; place a woman he just had sex with in a situation where as her depth increased so did her pain. Was it an accident and he hadn’t intended to kill her just to apply exquisite torture using her own reproductive tract? Or, did he want to see what happened regardless of the consequences?

Benefit analysis: I am certain that the HD video of the Prentif-girl encounter will be a dive snuff-porn best seller for rubberiest as well as dive-sex fetishists in Europe and Asia. I did my usual vaginal search of the corpse and found she was indeed wearing the 25mm Prentif I’d first screwed onto her cervix. It took me several minutes to glove-up push her uterus down where I could easily reach her cervix and get two fingers under the rim to break the vacuum and pop it off her cervix. It was full of blood and pieces of endometrium, but hadn’t come loose. The cap itself seemed to have survived in good condition. I could hardly wait to try wearing it myself! I cleaned it well and sterilized it by soaking it in alcohol then checked it closely again to make certain there was no damage to the rubber so I have my first Prentif death rubber! I’m wearing it as I write this and I like to think the previous owner has contributed to this entry. I realize there are severe depth limitations to diving a Prentif, but the surge in my sex drive from her Chi make it a must-wear to residential pool parties where pools used for encounters are no more than 15 feet deep.

Adolph says that the woman had left an Advanced Medical Directive and a will (she told him she had no family) to the affect that if something happened to her while training at the spa her body should be cremated and her ashes scattered in the desert. The coroner ruled she ‘died by misadventure’ when it was found from her medical records that she had a known history of seizures, which she hadn’t listed on the required medical questionnaire at The Lorelei before being allowed to dive nor had her seizure history been on the history she gave our clinic before I fit her barriers. Personally, I’m convinced that the pain got continually worse from the dome squeezing her cervix as she sank below a depth of 25 feet until it caused uterine cramping so severe that she vomited as a side effect of diving her Prentif too deep.


  1. This comment is really related to your blog of August 26 describing caps for dive protection. Or, in response to the exchange we began following that blog. "Death rubber," of this current blog, rather gives me the chills and my idea of risky sex is going unprotected on the fourteenth day!

    I am interested that the manufacturers of some of the caps state that they can be worn for 24-48 hours. I have always recommended to patients 6-8 hours for the spermicide to complete its work and then remove and clean whatever the device.

    This is strongly affected by my having used a menstrual cup for more than half of my fertile years. I first had a Keeper a latex cup that worked very well and lasted about seven years before beginning to develop cracks in the rim. I then used a Diva, silicone, and it lasted over ten years with some discolouring but no breakdown. I still have them both and really do not know why more women do not go that route.

    On a few occasions over nearly twenty years I did have a cup in place in place for twenty or more hours. Both times included "centuries" (100 mile bike rides) and were at the height of my flow. The organizers of those events have strategically placed chemical toilets in which tampons and even pads can be seen but no facilities to remove, rinse and insert cups. The result on each occasion was a funky mess. When I finally got to a proper bathroom and removed the cups, they were FULL, smelly, foul looking and I sat on the bowl doing Kegels until I stopped draining. Otherwise, I made it a practice to do the proper maintenance every six to eight hours.

    Those few times I forgot a diaphragm in me resulted in a more slippery and slidey thing coming out of me than what went in. Of course there was the spermicide and semen in addition to my own juices but the smell of decaying semen was even worse than the morning after when unprotected which, though smelly, gives me pleasant memories of how the semen got there.

    I question the wisdom of keeping any object in place in there for more than overnight.

  2. Hi Brenda… thank you for your private message as well as this one.

    >"Death rubber," of this current blog, rather gives me the chills and my idea of risky sex is going unprotected on the fourteenth day!

    I think my wearing a death rubber cervical barrier is a bit like you enjoying having one of your diaphragms inserted. I’ll have to say that sex with Adolph is a bit of an acquired taste especially while diving. A woman can never be certain he hasn’t tampered with her equipment, which is why I use my own gear… I even bought Trimix compatible SCUBA to enjoy the delights of a man in the far depths of his training facility.

    >I am interested that the manufacturers of some of the caps state that they can be worn for 24-48 hours. … I question the wisdom of keeping any object in place in there for more than overnight.

    Prentif and FemCap have both been approved by the FDA for continuous use for up to 48 hours and other than the greater likelihood of developing an odor from being marinated in the wearer and her partner(s) secretions my patients and I have found them to be quite safe. With Oves, my primary cervical barrier, the wearing interval approved by the EC was 72 hours, but I have worn mine continuously for up to 10 days during my luteal phase. I think the only problem (other than odor) would be if you forgot and left a diaphragm in at the end of your period and there was old blood in the dome for several days. That would be risking TSS for sure!

    >This is strongly affected by my having used a menstrual cup for more than half of my fertile years.

    I understand completely, I usually wear a Cooper Surgical Milex Omniflex for flow control, if I think I might have sex, as the dome is a bit deeper and I like that the flange helps contain the flow when it is getting full. But I do have a Diva Cup which I wear if I will be out where there are no places to empty and clean a diaphragm. With a DC I can easily go 10 to 12 hours during my heavy days w/o emptying.

    Your century bike rides for 20 hours w/o emptying your cup make me squirm in sympathy. If that were me I’m not sure I could focus on what I was supposed to be doing for wondering when my cup would begin to overflow.

    >Those few times I forgot a diaphragm in me resulted in a more slippery and slidey thing coming out of me than what went in Of course there was the spermicide and semen in addition to my own juices but the smell of decaying semen was even worse than the morning after when unprotected

    I have several male rubberist friends who delight in the pungent scent of a latex diaphragm, one of my Reflexions flat springs, that has been left to age in our secretions. Of course with those guys I ‘double bag’ and already have an Oves screwed down tight because in the morning they want to pull out my diaphragm and lick it dry.

    I give them a choice with or w/o ContraGel in the dome and they usually say w/o. I think that’s because they secretly think they have a better chance of impregnating me when there is no spermicide in the dome. Guys who have tried it with ContraGel say that (unlike an N9 spermicide) the lactic acid taste sort of blends in.

  3. I have to say...Adolph sounds to me like a borderline psychopath!


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