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Deep thrusting and flat spring latex diaphragms

One of my 80mm latex flat spring diaphragms

The photo: The soft stretchy natural latex dome has a small triangle enclosing the size of the device in mm in raised characters in the center of the domes outer surface. The white curved and notched wand above the diaphragm is an introducer used to aid in insertion. Because the rim folds in a single plane the flat spring is ideal for use with a deep thrusting partner and is the style preferred by professional rubber-escorts because it is almost impossible to under-thrust the rim. This style diaphragm can be worn with the dome reversed so the raised lettering is on the inside if the sensation is too intense for a lover.

The Fall semester at UNLV: The Fall semester begins at UNLV on Monday August 27 and ends on Saturday December 15. Some Grad students are already returning, reestablishing housekeeping and getting their Gyn visits over with prior to resuming fetish based sexual activity while at school. The rubber-girls are more likely to come in for pelvic exams since they all want to make sure the vaginal rubber devices they wear are still in good condition and properly sized after several months of heavy use during vacation.

The candidate: Judy, a 26 y/o Ph.D. candidate in psychology, and a sorority member with an active fetish life as a rubber-chick came in for her usual 6 month pelvic and full STI panel. I worked her up and did her pap and diaphragm fit check. I had already heard of her as a doctorial candidate, but she also caught my attention in the Spring - when she was assigned to me as a new patient since her regular practitioner left the clinic - because there are so few female rubberists not to mention gorgeous and smart ones. Her vaginal muscle tone is very strong, and her pelvic dimensions (deep post-pubic vault and vaginal length) are almost identical to mine, so she wears the same size diaphragm I do, an 80mm though she is four inches taller than me. Another amazing similarity is that for vaginal toning she uses a set of .75 inch solid stainless steel balls weighing 1.0 oz. each just like I do! I thought I was the only one using solid steel balls, but obviously not, but I do plan to introduce them into the AST class I’ll be teaching to upper form students at St Lucy’s this Fall. I have seen other female patients who were a close match to me physically, but they were pure Vanilla. Judy already into the lifestyle and wanting to go further will be perfect for my purposes.

I knew Judy was an active rubberist because she and I have discussed latex catsuits and vaginal plugs and she had been wearing a silicone All-Flex for protection during rough sex, but this time I suggested she change to a flat spring latex diaphragm as latex has far better heat transfer properties and it is nearly impossible to under-thrust a flat spring rim thus making it both more comfortable and safer to wear. She has also used our search service [putting medical records on-line has made this easy] to remotely check potential sexual partners medical records for STIs, latex allergies and other possible medical problems prior to entering any sort of physical relationship, so I knew she was a player. All of which makes her an ideal candidate for an experiment I want to try to see if I can replicate in other female rubberists and their partners the pleasure I get from wearing a Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm.

Judy’s faculty advisor had contacted me on her behalf last Spring asking if I would help guide her doctorial candidate into the lifestyle in the valley. So I was already aware she would be contacting me when she was ready and this past week she broached the subject during her semi-annual exam. The topic of her doctorial thesis will be: ‘Women as enablers in male deviant sexual behavior’. She is a Switch and can be submissive or dominant as necessary to meet her personal or research needs. She asked for my help in meeting suitable male rubberists to study their various techniques and learn what they get out of heterosexual intercourse in a D or S relationship. She plans to develop active sexual relationships with at least eighteen men over the next two years and if that sample isn’t broad enough she said she may begin hunting suitable partners in the general male population. I decided the safest thing to do would be to introduce her to the male escort trainees who are rubberists and who have been screened for STIs and mental stability so she doesn’t get her air hose cut while at the bottom of a training pool during a dive-sex encounter. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of high quality male rubberist trainees so as long as she stays with our trainees I don’t think she will run out of suitable men and these guys have far more stamina that a pick-up from a meat market so she will have to pace herself to prevent becoming physically exhausted from research.

Most of our trainees enjoy sex with women who wear rubber (catsuits, dive gear and vaginal barriers), pointe-shoes and like rough sex which are the fetish aspects Judy is most comfortable with so far. She is a qualified open water SCUBA diver, which is good enough for dive-sex. She also attended several summer sessions at SAB and takes private ballet lessons so she may be strong enough that I can let her safely try ballet-sex in pointe shoes. We’ll see about that. Her contemplative training needs to be far enough advanced that she can compartmentalize control of her feet and legs from her sexual needs so her legs don’t collapse during orgasm while en pointe. She enjoys the discomfort of pointe shoes and deep thrusting by large men so she seems Ideal for the research I want to conduct. Since we both need different men penetrating her this will give her an ideal opportunity to meet some of the men she will be conducting intimate research with over the next few months. I never thought I’d be an advisor to a Ph.D. candidate, but of course I’m a technical resource rather than an academic advisor.

The anterior fornix and latex diaphragms: On average, the ectocervix (the part of the cervix that protrudes into the vagina) is 3 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. The 3 cm length of the anterior cervical wall and the anterior vaginal wall form a gap called the anterior fornix which along with the cervix is covered by the dome of a contraceptive diaphragm. Thus the anterior fornix is typically a 3 cm cleft into which the stretchy latex membrane of a flat spring diaphragm can be pushed by the force of a thrusting penis, assuming the shaft is long enough to reach and penetrate the anterior fornix of an aroused partner.

The latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is the only maker and style that allows a male to fully penetrate his partner’s anterior fornix while she is wearing it. That’s because the silicone domes of other major diaphragm makers (Ortho and Milex) aren’t elastic enough to be stretched and pushed into the depths of the cleft. The latex dome has heat transfer characteristics far superior to a silicone diaphragm so thrusting into the latex membrane of the Reflexions is almost like skin-on-skin contact. The flat spring rim of the Reflexions, which flexes in a single plane, aids in successful fornix penetration by providing a stable rim to allow stretching the dome over the cervix and deep into the cleft.

I know for a woman it sounds as though its business as usual having a partner thrust into her anterior fornix while being taken in missionary, but when using a latex Reflexions diaphragm that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve known for several years that there can be unanticipated benefits for me and my partner when I’m taken that way with him targeting my anterior fornix as the primary goal of his thrusts. When everything is just right the benefits are:

  • For me: The dome stretched over the tip of my cervix as his penis thrusts into my anterior fornix puts pressure on my uterus forcing it a bit deeper slightly extending the depth of my vagina providing some thrust buffering from a long penis while moving the rim across my G-spot giving me the possibility of having both a G-spot and cervical orgasm simultaneously. 
  • For him: The raised logo and size (in the center on the exterior of the dome) provide a stimulation point for my partner’s frenulum while at the same time the tautly stretched latex membrane forced into the fornix by his thrust squeezes the head of his penis multiplying the sensation of an tightened vaginal grip. My experience has been that if my partner is cut he will enjoy the increased sensation and if his size is just right I can adjust my hips and make him come regardless of how still and deep he tries to stay to avoid reaching orgasm. However, if my partner is uncut his tip is often more sensitive to the textured latex which leads to premature ejaculation or occasionally rubbing him raw. If a partner is that sensitive I can wear the diaphragm inverted, with the logo on the inside, so he feels only the smooth latex gripping his glans as he plunges into my anterior fornix.
I’ve tried to reproduce these results with other couples I’ve trained and have had limited success because experiencing the benefits is highly dependent on a great many variables such as: the length, diameter and angle of descent into the vagina of the woman’s cervix as well as the length of her vagina which determines the size of her diaphragm. And of course the girth and length of her partner’s penis are also important as he needs to be able to thrust powerfully into her anterior fornix. So I’m looking forward to working with Judy and her partners as she cycles through the men she will use to research her thesis to see if I can’t help them reach the most intense deep thrust encounters possible.


  1. Looks like a Reflexions. Do any women actually use the inserter? When first fitted for a diaphragm at age 16 (I had been using condoms with Koromex jelly), the rather dour doctor did the fitting and the nurse took over to teach me how to use it. I would insert; she would reach in and check; I would remove it; we would repeat. After a few not quite so good placements with the inserter, I asked if there was a better way because I had to reach in to check for placement anyway. She said she never used the thing and we pitched the little tool. I have never used one since and do not even show them to patients except when asked. In those days, all were coil springs; perhaps the inserter works better with flat spring diaphragms?

    "reproduce the results with other couples." So much is dependent upon the geometry of the two bodies involved that this is still trial and error: change partners, change what works best. And, getting into the anterior fornix is especially difficult, as opposed to the posterior where it generally goes, unless he has a pronounced upward curve.

    Certainly what you post here is more than what is required to supervise a doctoral candidate! You are way more than qualified!

    1. Hi Brenda, Yes it is a Reflexions and a delight to wear for a session of anterior fornix thrusting! I have only one or two short fingered patients who actually use an inserter and I initially train new coil (Semina) and flat spring (Reflexions) users to insert with their fingers if they can before offering an inserter if they can’t. Our supplier says inserters are no longer being made so once our supply is gone that’s it; unless the clinic decides to have some made specifically for our use. Actually, I think the inserter does work a bit better with flat springs than with Semina coil springs or the old Ortho White coil spring and of course because of the flange they can’t be used with a Milex Omniflex.

      Yes, replicating the exact physical conditions to achieve a successful deep thrust anterior fornix encounter is very tricky, which is why I’m so pleased to be working with Judy and being able to direct her to a series of young highly skilled men to both analyze and enjoy. I’ve found that I by putting a large hard pillow under my buns I can direct the tip of a partners arrow straight shaft into my anterior wall. Then it’s a matter of his length. By adjusting my hips I can guide his thrusts to the right spot where, if he thrusts deep enough, he forces the latex membrane of my flat spring into my anterior fornix.

      Judy says she will be able to compartmentalize her pleasure from the data collection aspect of her research, but that is going to be difficult (well it is for me, even with good compartmentalization skills) so it remains to be seen, which is why her contemplative training to compartmentalize that aspects may be harder than she thinks. However, I think hypnosis would help if it comes to that.

  2. When you say G-spot I as a male understand to be on the anterior surface of the vagina possibly 4 inches deep, but i have read in order to induce squirting press on the g-spot repeatedly at time of orgasm, however from watching squirting porn i notice fingering much shallower to induce squirting; how does the diaphragm push on the g-spot with a penis in the way? Also, obviously with a downward curver which i have noticed many of the larger units have could be utilized in a doggy style position in order to enter the anterior fornix. I am sure you have thought of that just thought I would mention it. Thanks I apologize for run-ons hopefully punctuation helps

    1. Hi Anon, welcome to my world!

      >When you say G-spot I as a male understand to be on the anterior surface of the vagina possibly 4 inches deep

      First, not all women have a G-spot and for those who do it is usually about midway along the length of the anterior wall, whatever distance that turns out to be.

      >I have read in order to induce squirting press on the g-spot repeatedly at time of orgasm, however from watching squirting porn i notice fingering much shallower to induce squirting

      Nowhere have I mentioned female ejaculation (squirting) because so few women can actually do it, regardless of what you see in porn. And, for those who can get off a stream it may take very different stimulation for different women.

      >how does the diaphragm push on the g-spot with a penis in the way?

      The penis isn’t in the way. In my case the penis thrusting into the dome forcing it into my anterior fornix causes the anterior rim of the diaphragm - which is behind and above the penis - to move slightly, perhaps a half inch or so, up and down along my anterior wall and in my case that is over my G-spot. It doesn’t press hard; I’d call it gentle pressure, back and forth over the raised tissue of my G-spot engorged with blood, which for me is extremely arousing. If he does that for very long I usually have an extremely intense orgasm.

      You’ll remember the whole point of my research is to try and replicate with other couples the ecstasy and prolonged afterglow I get from having my G-spot caressed at the same time my lover is enjoying himself thrusting into my anterior fornix.

      >with a downward curver which I have noticed many of the larger units have could be utilized in a doggy style position in order to enter the anterior fornix.

      You’re right; being taken doggie style by a man with your equipment design should be very stimulating for your partner. I hope you have a chance to get away from the porn and try aiming for the anterior fornix yourself. Just remember, very few of us actually squirt.

  3. Anon,

    Porn and websites that advocate for G-Spot and Squirting do more to confuse men (and women) than any peer education on the playground. Neither the anatomy nor the physiology of either is completely understood nor even agreed to exist. A bit of a female physiology lesson:

    Skene's Glands (also called periurehral glands) Have exits on either side of the female urethra. Recently it has been discovered that some women have these openings along the length of the urethra as well but whether that is significant is not known. These glands are the female equivalent, it is thought, of the prostate in men, responsible for ejaculation as well as storage of semen and sperm ready for the next call. The best theory around, right now, is that the Skene's Glands, in some women, do manufacture the "juice" of female ejaculation. I doubt that ten percent of all women are capable of ejaculation and even fewer have experienced it.

    The Skene's Glands, themselves, lie along the anterior of the vaginal wall and, again the best theory, are really the G-Spot. That would explain the slight roughness that is felt in an aroused woman and the placement, as in Jill (and me), about half way deep in a non-aroused vagina (5-7 cm).

    Put these two sets of "knowledge" together and the squirting orgasm is a product of stimulating the Skene's Glands in some women. Do not get your hopes up. In all my years of medical practice and all my years as an active bi-sexual, I have never encountered a squirter. Yes, I have a G-Spot, happily, but it took my girlfriend, a nurse mid-wife, and me several sessions to locate and successfully manipulate these in each of us.

  4. Thanks, Jill. Since discovering your blog, quite accidentally, I have read every word and have discovered that I have a real diaphragm fetish. Not latex, specifically, but diaphragms. I still have all six diaphragms that I have owned! And I know where they are and just went through them. That is not too hard because a few times a year I insert one to masturbate. A post-menopausal woman, tubes tied twenty years ago who inserts a diaphragm with no partner! And I do come faster and harder using only my right middle and index fingers when the diaphragm is in there. That defines a fetish.

    My original Koromex does not get used. It is latex over thirty-five years old and a bit fragile but the most recently acquired, only twenty years old, is silicone and still is in good condition not having been used, for real, too often. In my late teen years I often used a diaphragm and required my partners, especially in groups, to wear condoms - both were latex but I never encountered the latex grab you discuss.

    I am sitting here now with a diaphragm in my vagina having already masturbated just reading your March 1911 entry on "protection fetishes." Never realized! There is one other fetish to be discussed another time.

  5. Hi again Brenda. I'm so pleased that you are enjoying my blog and that we have found one another! Having a like minded woman with whom to share my fetishes in addition to salivating males (you know who you are) is a real treat! Not that I don’t enjoy salivating males, but girl-talk is important to me too. I've never worn a Koromex, Just the latex Ortho All-Flex prior to the Prentif cap, now the silicone All-flex, both styles of Milex a Semina coil spring and the latex Reflexions flat spring.


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