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Merry Christmas!

Winter solstice 12-21-12 at Stonehenge

Our Christmas tour: I’ve been traveling for the last several weeks with my ballet group’s special Holiday tour of veteran’s hospitals. The veterans were so pleased to see us and the intimate moments spent with some of the male patients made it so worthwhile. It was mostly hand jobs and oral sex for the men. There were a few women who the ballet boys serviced, wearing condoms since the girls were not on hormonal contraceptives, and our lesbian and I played with the two wounded lesbian women who were patients and were well enough to play. There were far more requests for cunilingus than fellatio I suppose because the former gave the guys a chance to smell and taste a perfumed pussy since they can masturbate by themselves and several of them had amazing technique and suction. I was asked for only one or two acts of intercourse with guys who were about ready to leave the hospital. I wasn’t fertile and was wearing an Oves cap so I let them ride bareback and after Kegeling out most of their loads left two facilities wearing tampons to absorb the residual semen on the trip to our next stop. It was exhausting for us all putting on a strip show and then meeting the patients afterward, but it was worth it. Cyndi, now 18 and totally legal with a lovely hard body from training at Splash toured with us and participated in our sex play with the men. She was fertile then, but with a GyneFix IUD implanted was quite safe so for the intercourse requests she took them bareback. Afterward we slept the whole flight from the West Coast to western England.

The 2012 Winter Solstice: Cyndi and I did manage to get to Stonehenge on the 21st for the Winter solstice although it was a near thing. I was so pleased that I was CD8 and newly fertile on the 21st as I was to initiate a supposedly virgin 15 y/o boy in an ‘awakening’ ceremony. Jack, Viscount Sandbach, met us at the small airport in western England and took us to a rented cottage in Salisbury where the Druid priests purged me of evil in a ritual bath then anointed my breasts and labia with fragrant unguents which were supposed to ease my young partner’s entrance into the mystic fraternity.

Recently I have been training with my 1 inch diameter solid surgical steel Ben Wa set so my pelvic muscles are as toned and tight as they have ever been. Each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. So, I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a ‘quarter-pounder’ and really provide a marvelous workout for anyone who can hold them in place while out in public! I’ve been practicing moving them one at a time up and down my vaginal barrel to strengthen my muscles – increase my stamina - for ripple gripping a partner so I can get him off even though he is perfectly still inside me.

The weather was clear, cold and windy. The temperature at 3:00 AM at the monument was 8° C, about 46° F with 13 mph winds gusting to 27 mph. Had it been the Summer Solstice I might have performed my ceremonial duties nude, but with the likelihood that the entrant would be nervous and cold and have trouble with his erection no matter how badly he wanted to fuck me I figured we may be at it for a while and wasn’t going to get a chill because a neophyte couldn’t get himself off even in the tightest pussy he is ever likely to encounter. So I dressed for the occasion.

My Costume: Gepetto is working with Jeff and Labia Labs to develop a one piece exposure suit, a thermal catsuit that on the inside has a layer of fabric that wicks away moisture from the body to keep you warm and dry in frigid temperatures. It’s in the prototype stage and I wore a shiny white one. The moisture exits the suit through a one way membrane that coats the outer nylon-Elastane fabric that prevents water from entering from the outside. The whole thing is about the thickness of a 90 denier body suit and it moves with the wearer so her mobility is hardly affected at all. One thing a wearer has to watch is to stay well hydrated as wearing it during strenuous activity can quickly cause dehydration. There are wrist neck and ankle seals on the suit and there are matching gloves, boots and hood so a fully suited up wearer looks very much like s/he is wearing a wetsuit. The full length double ended waterproof industrial micro-zip back zipper makes the suit easy to get into and the zipper nearly disappears when closed and the lanyard tucks into the high collar. The relief zipper pull is tucked into an easily accessed from a hidden pocket so for sex or excreting waste it can be easily opened. This industrial micro-zip is a huge improvement over earlier versions as it is easy to open, doesn’t jam and really is waterproof.

As in the past the Druid Elders has gotten permission from the authorities to use the site of a geologic dig which was just east of the main monument and had been closed off with a substantial barricade because of vandalism. It was ideal because we could see out, but the general population of Winter Solstice tourists couldn’t see in to gawk at an authentic Druid ceremony. The site (outside the Sarsen circle) contained a much smaller stone that had fallen on its side which we used as an altar.

Penetration: Clad in my white exposure suit I was led to the fallen stone by the Chief Priest and told to lie down on my back on the altar and spread my legs. I had arranged my hair in a French braid under my hood so at least my head was cushioned and I could look down my length to see what was going on.

After cleansing prayers were said over him the kneeling male entrant wearing white fleece bike leathers for warmth was led by Cyndi wearing an exposure suit similar to mine, but in black, to the altar and he climbed onto the stone and knelt between my legs. We’d practiced him unzipping my relief zipper, but with cold fingers he fumbled with the pull and didn’t open it far enough at first so I had to tell him to open it further. Then he had trouble getting the bike leathers down to get to his cock. He got his zipper open and I was pleased to see that he was massive, fully aroused and dripping pre-cum. I thought that a good sign knowing that the priests had given him a performance enhancer in the cup of mead they had given him an hour earlier.

While I was waiting for him to get it out I removed my one inch solid steel McBalls and tucked them in tiny Ziploc bag under the neck of my hood where they would stay warm and rechecked the placement of my Oves cap,. Then I played with myself so I would stay aroused and wouldn’t need the 20 minutes of foreplay it would take under cold conditions with a crowd of strangers watching to take a new man inside me for the first time.

He was finally ready and I thought beginning to wilt a bit in the cold so I helped guide him between my labia. He seemed to hesitate and I could feel him getting softer so I grabbed his buttocks and pulled while giving a strong pelvic thrust and I was fully penetrated while he was on his elbows over me holding on to my shoulders and screaming On My God! I thought perhaps he had torn because he was so large and he was wonderfully tight, but once inside me he began thrusting and hardened up nicely. We got in a rhythm and he could reach my cervix even though I was fully tented which I loved as he gave me a good pounding and amazingly my first public cervical orgasm! He seemed to be bothered by my moans, mewing and screams, but I told him I was enjoying myself and that he was marvelous. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him he was good as his performance started to deteriorate. I was supposed to let him do the work, but it became obvious that after getting me off he lacked the stamina to get off himself so I began helping by ripple gripping him; tightening on his thrusts, releasing at full penetration and tightening again as he with drew and he hardened up again and I could tell by his shallow breathing pattern that he was about to reach orgasm. I said nothing, just tightened more while ripple gripping him and he began to moan and gasp. Then with a four powerful thrusts that nearly threw us off the altar he came in me and then collapsed gasping on top of me. After a few minutes while we enjoyed the afterglow he withdrew. Then he was still hard and dripping! Go figure! And he was so pleased with himself! Even with both of us pre-prepped I’d been lying on that stone altar for 40 minutes. Cyndi helped me clean up as I checked the placement of my Oves and Kegeled out most of our fluids. He was certainly a heavy hitter and must have released at least 10 ml of semen inside me. I was wonderfully sore from the battering my cervix took so Cyndi gave me a sports drink to re-hydrate me then a shot of 18 y/o Macallan single malt scotch that John had given me to warm me up.

After a small celebratory meal of venison and mead we said our good byes to the Druid Elders and John drove Cyndi and me back to the airport where we boarded a helicopter to fly to his father’s castle in Scotland for Christmas.

Merry Christmas: Wishing all my friends and readers the blessings of the season. May you have a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year.


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  2. Happy new year, Jill!

  3. Hi, so you use a diaphragm as your sole mode of contraception? As a fertile woman who regularly(?) has unprotected sex to completion how effective is a diaphragm as a sole mode of contraception. I have read 95% but I would love some input from an actual user. Thanks.

    1. Not exactly. My partners who are carefully screened to be STD free are almost always unprotected because I do love having a man fill me with his seed! I’m thrilled by the possibility, however slight, that a lover could impregnate me!

      You’ll remember from my posts that my primary method of contraception is an Oves cervical cap. I’ve been using an Oves since June of 2002 and because it is an exceptional fit and I’m very careful to use it correctly I’ve had no pregnancy scares at all. Since a cervical cap can’t be used effectively for contraception during menses I wear a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for flow control and contraception during that time. My cycles are very regular at 28 days so there is very little chance that I will be fertile during my period.

      Contraceptive Technology says that used typically (not used correctly some of the time) the effectiveness of a diaphragm is 84%, 16 pregnancies per 100 women in a year. Perfect use (used correctly every time) the effectiveness of a diaphragm is 94%, 6 pregnancies per 100 women in a year. Individual women’s experiences may differ.

    2. Oves are no longer being manufactured do you have an alternative recommendation? Also, when diving below 20ft you need to use the reflexions? Do you consider the reflexions flat spring to be a less efficient/useful than the oves? Are cervical caps sized the same as flat spring diaphragms? Thanks.

    3. >Oves are no longer being manufactured do you have an alternative recommendation?

      Yes, but it depends on your pelvic anatomy, reproductive history and where you intend to use the cervical barrier.

      >Also, when diving below 20ft you need to use the Reflexions?

      To minimize the likelihood of dome leakage when diving below 10 meters (approx 30 feet) a flat spring rim should be used. The coil spring and arcing spring rims will begin to distort because of the hollow core springs at about 30 feet.

      >Do you consider the Reflexions flat spring to be a less efficient/useful than the Oves?

      No, but the two have different strengths and weaknesses.

      If Oves was still available it would be ideal for some women, but because it should fit tightly over the cervix and came in only three sizes (26, 28 & 30mm) a lot of younger women couldn’t wear it. And of course a cervical cap can’t be effectively worn during menses. Oves could be worn continuously for 72 hours. All cervical caps are less effective than diaphragms if the woman has given birth.

      FemCap hasn’t been mentioned, but it is the only cervical cap still available in the U.S. The maker’s fitting guidelines say that a woman’s OB history determines the size she needs, however that’s not always the case and an anteverted or retroverted cervix make a woman a poor candidate for FemCap. FemCap should be fitted by an experienced medical practitioner to ensure a proper fit and experienced fitters are hard to find. Because of the way FemCap fits - with a the dome – when diving it is subject to squeeze so can become very uncomfortable below about 15 feet. FemCap can be worn for 48 hours.

      Even if Oves was still available Reflexions would be the best choice for most women I think because when used correctly they are very effective and unlike caps there is no difference in effectiveness for nulliparous and parous women with properly fitted diaphragms. And comparing diaphragm types Reflexions latex dome is softer has superior heat transfer properties, can be worn effectively on deep dives and the rim minimizes the likelihood of a properly sized Reflexions being under-thrust. Reflexions can be worn continuously for 24 hours, but since I wear mine for flow control I empty every 6 hours or so.

      >Are cervical caps sized the same as flat spring diaphragms?

      All diaphragms are fitted the same way – the diameter of the dome approximates the distance from the woman’s posterior fornix to just behind her pubic bone in her post-pubic vault - and have standard sizing in 5mm increments. She should wear the largest size she can comfortably wear when not aroused.

      Oves caps were fitted so the rim grips the base of the cervical wall and the thin dome collapses and clings to the cervix by surface tension. That requires the wall of the cervix to be smooth with no ridges or flat spots that would prevent the rim from sealing tightly on the base of the cervix.

      With a properly fitted FemCaps the brim develops a strong seal against the vaginal wall while, ideally, the inside of the dome doesn’t touch the cervix.

      If you have more questions, please ask.

  4. The figures Jill has given you are spot on for the contraceptive effectiveness of diaphragms. There are some interesting facts on all contraceptives such as all are nearly half again as effective for thirty year old women as for nineteen year old women! That also accounts for the ten percent difference between the typical use effectiveness rate and the perfect use rate. Stated simply, a diaphragm in the medicine cabinet is not very effective; nor is a condom in a wallet nor a suppository in a purse. Those women who should be the most careful (teens) are actually the most careless.


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