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Training swimsuits

The REALISE T-020 swimsuit white, high neck, thong back, transparent when wet

Blogger Image posting problem: Apparently those of us who use Internet Explorer have been unable to post an image from our computers to our blogs since about January 2nd. The problem was just fixed late this afternoon, which is why I’m just starting to post now after returning from the UK on the 4th. You’ve got to love the speed at which those Google techies work when they are fixing a problem that affects a competitor’s browser.

I’m back: I had a marvelous time in the UK, at Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice, though I was really sore, from insufficient padding on the altar, after the ceremony. I spent the rest of the time at Cyndi’s Grandfather’s castle in Scotland with Jack, Lord Sandbach, the Dukes son who is interested in me in spite of his father wanting him to wed a younger woman. I thought at first that the old bull was worried about me producing healthy heirs, but from what I overheard him say during this last visit it seems that he looks on me as his ‘fancy piece’, since he was my lover for a while until he had a heart attach while in my saddle. He couldn’t get off so I ripple gripped him and the orgasm he had was too much for his heart and he nearly died! Sigh! His doctor said he wasn’t to take me any more if he valued his health and while he has mostly followed doctor’s orders in that regard he can’t abide John having me whenever he wants.

Training opportunities: Taryn said she had some opportunities we wouldn’t want to miss and suggested that Cyndi and I bring our training gear with us, meaning pointe shoes, tights, leotards, swimsuits and Ben Wa sets. For contraception Cyndi just had her second GyneFix IUD inserted two months ago (it has a three year life) and as usual I’m using an Oves cap and a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. Even though the Druid priests put woven mats of reeds on the stone altar on which I lay for forty minutes while the young male inductee filled me with his seed as I ushered him into the mysteries of the faith, I ended up with my back covered with bruises from the 140 pound man driving my back into the reed mats that the thin exposure suit did not protect against. Fortunately several sessions with Taryn’s masseuse and I felt great although my back was purple and yellow for weeks afterward.

Transparent swimsuits: Does remember the Ujena swimsuits from the 80s that became transparent when wet? Well, things have gotten much better since then. The style shown above by the Japanese firm Realise was available only in white with a high leg and thong back and made of material that is transparent when wet: 82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane. It’s guaranteed to be a traffic stopper in any pool! It was available for about $85 USD

Training and assessing men: Adolph has gotten the mfg. to make similar suits and a thong-back bikini version of the same material for his Towel-Girls at Splash and a few of his closest women friends including Cyndi and me. I call this style my ‘assessment suit’ because I wear it as a bodysuit while working to assess and train male escorts in the art of foreplay. The snug fit tests the trainee’s ability to innovate to arouse me through the fabric, though with waxed pubes the thong can be easily pushed to one side allowing ready access for direct fingering or penetration. I like this style too for taking technique classes (for PDD I’d wear a different, non transparent, style and tights) as I think it shows off my flat belly and great legs to advantage and the 18% Polyurethane makes the stretch firm enough to provide excellent support for all but fully engorged breasts. Cyndi and I took these suits to workout in so as we sweat in the studio with our trainers more of our bodies are on display even though we remain completely covered, but visibly nude. It was a matter of sexually frustrating our English pointe trainers who worked us very hard while we trained. They have been known to occasionally fall for our tease and get a quick piece if they are lucky. It’s so much fun be able - while appearing to be disinterested - to flaunt our bodies to get men who are totally absorbed in the controlled movement of the female body interested in having sex with us. After the first few classes our teachers suggested sex first after which we could all concentrate fully on our technique.

Rubberized suits: The on-line store is at: also have REALISE rubberized suits, of Polyurethane, with a thong back and they are ideal for underwater fighting where an opponent will try to hold on to or pull off your suit as the material does not stretch or snag, but the fit is critical as a Polyurethane suit that is too small will be very uncomfortable and one that is just a bit too large will gap and allow finger holds.

While conducting escort training I wear a black Polyurethane suit – so I’m easily identified as a trainer - while I’m in a training pool with escort candidates since tempers can sometimes get out of hand when the girls are showing off competing for a particular male nearby. The trainees wear pastel colored rubber suits and knowing that men are so near, but unattainable while wearing a Polyurethane suit frustration increases and tempers of highly sexed competitive women easily fray leading to fights I have to stop. Though I can’t wear it for sex I find that a well fitting Polyurethane suit is very comfortable to work in as it provides binding for my breasts holding them snugly in place after I’ve emptied them. Then I’m good for about two hours in the suit until my breasts fill to the point that they become uncomfortable bound against my chest in their unstretchable Polyurethane girdle.

Working during vacation: I did work on a few Valentines Day strip routines in the castles studio that His Grace had built for Cyndi. My audiences at the high roller club venues are predominately white men of a certain age who remember songs from the 50s when they still had melodies, big bands were still common, and vocalists who could actually sing were performing. In our venues performing to songs of that period a girl can increase her tips exponentially, filling her G-string with Hamiltons, Jacksons and an occasional Grant rather than Washingtons and Lincolns. So after class I worked on a few routines to be performed en pointe to songs they will remember:

Al De La - from the 1962 film Rome Adventure staring: Troy Donahue, Angie Dickinson, Rossano Brazzi and Suzanne Pleshette, has a lovely flowing melody that a very languid strip can be performed to.

The Third Man Theme – from the 1949 film - played on the zither. Its pizzicato melody is perfect for stripping, or even kinky sex, en pointe for a performer skilled enough and with stamina enough to stay on her toes that long.

La Vie En Rose - The signature song of French singer Édith Piaf, written in 1945, popularized in 1946, and released as a single in 1947

Fascination – The music has been around since the early 20th century as a waltz. With lyrics in 1932 it was published in 1932 as a song. Jane Morgan’s recording in 1957 became her signature song. Stripping to a waltz can be great fun!

Teach Me Tonight – Published in 1953 popular versions were recorded by Joan Webber and the De Castro sisters in 1954.

It’s good to be home: While I had fun and could relax in John’s arms it’s good that I’m back because while the ballet company ran smoothly there were problems at Splash, and with the attending staff that run the three multi-bed hyperbaric chambers Adolph has; the newest at Splash, one at The Lorelei and the other at his deep dive training facility. Nothing that training and a vacuum aspiration or two can’t fix, but still for the women involved who weren’t careful enough it is a trying time. And of course UNLV starts their Spring term today so I’m sure I’ll be hearing from some of the sorority women.

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