Monday, May 27, 2013

Bea’s first death rubber, ballet-boot anal penetration

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with introducer

The photo: Shows one of my 80 mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms. As returning readers may recall Reflexions is the first choice of our escorts when cervical protection is needed because the very soft stretchy latex dome conducts heat far better than a silicone diaphragm and when properly fitted and correctly inserted it is more effective than a cervical cap, especially for women who have given birth. Additionally, because the flat spring will not distort due to water pressure and is nearly impossible for a partner to under-thrust the rim it is the best choice as flood insurance in case the vagina floods which is fairly common during dive-sex. The down side of a latex diaphragm is that the life of latex can be shortened considerably by oily lubes or meds and it can’t be used by couples with a latex allergy.

Waiting for a donor: I know it sounds ghoulish, but Bea and I have been waiting for the death of a woman in the area who wears the Reflexions in Bea’s size, 65mm, and who was wearing it when she died while having a penetrative sexual encounter. The donor pool is mainly Towel-Girls working at Adolph’s private swim club, Splash, because the girls are small and a lot of them are inexperienced in having dive-sex. But there are a few other women who come to train at Adolph’s deep dive training facility where accidents sometimes occur and at his spa, The Lorelei, which is a favorite get-away for young moneyed European women. And there are a few potential donors in the general population as well. I’ve had a data collecting Co. develop and track all women in the area who wear a 65 mm Reflexions so I know at any time where possible donors are.   

Death rubber harvesting: Last week one of the newer Towel-Girls and a potential donor had a serious accident.  She didn’t tether herself to the bottom in the center of the encounter pool which allowed her client to mount her when she was completely free to be pushed around the pool while he was thrusting into her and he pushed her up against the wall where the K-valve on the top of her tank was repeatedly slammed into the wall. The K-valve to which the balanced first stage regulator feeding her OTS Guardian FFM was attached bent, then cracked causing her nearly full 80 cu ft. aluminum tank to ‘torpedo’ tearing her out of her partner’s arms and dragging her all over the pool with it crashing into the bottom and sides. Somewhere in that brutal ride her head slammed into a wall or the pool bottom and her neck was broken. The man was badly shaken up and made no attempt to help her as he was trying to avoid being hit by the tank as it tumbled while dragging the Towel-Girl around the pool. 

Bea happened to be on duty then and helped in the recovery. She was in full gear about to meet a client when the alarm went off and she was in the pool and with the body a full two minutes before any of the EMTs dove in to help. That was plenty of time for Bea to remove the dead Towel-Girl’s Reflexions, substitute her own in its place and inset her freshly harvested death rubber into her own vagina. Fortunately Bea was in her luteal phase so there was no danger of her becoming preggers from any sperm left on the diaphragm from the dead girl’s partner. After helping with the recovery Bea went back into the dressing room removed her new death rubber checked to see that it really was a 65 mm, washed it, checked the dome for thin spots, pin holes, cracks and tears then applied dive Gel+ and reinserted it making certain it was correctly positioned and wore it for the encounter that had been delayed because she was helping with the recovery. Her client in his feedback to the club said she was a superb fuck showing marvelous maturity since his last encounter with her. Her friend hadn’t been dead fifteen minutes and her Reflexions hardly had time to cool from body temperature before it began a new stage in its useful life as a death rubber. She showed it to me that evening and there was hardly any discoloration in the latex dome so it was almost new as its original wearer apparently never had a chance to bleed into it.

Afterward: Though it’s too soon to tell for certain I think her friend’s Chi in Bea’s death rubber seems to be having a moderating effect as I had hoped. Her attitude about men and the need to be meticulous about her contraceptive regimen has changed dramatically for the better

Ballet-boots and anal penetration: We are offering a service (new to us) to men interested in having their anus penetrated by the heel of a Domme’s traditional ballet boot. Supposedly this is not a new service as it is said to have originated in Austria in the early 1900s with the Viennese fetish boot that had a heel longer than the sole of the boot making it impossible to walk in, but if correctly sized ideal for inserting in a submissive’s rectum.

It is extremely dangerous to have the anus penetrated by an unsheathed heel of a ballet-boot that has been designed to wear on the street, but with great care and if the man remains very still it can often be done w/o puncturing the wall of the colon. However, a far safer alternative is to use an anal dildo of medical grade silicone about 8 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter – though smaller and larger diameters are available - that fits snugly over the spike heel of the Domme’s ballet-boot. This is far more sanitary while greatly lessening the danger of puncturing the client’s colon.  We like for the client to have worn a butt plug for a while before he comes in for a boot heel anal encounter so his sphincters are somewhat dilated, but it isn’t necessary. We lube with our silicone based DiveGel+ that has a biocide in it so that should minimize the likelihood of any scraping of the colon wall. 

We are trialing the anal dildos for a few weeks to see if there is a marked for the service from submissive men. I suspect there will be as it’s amazing how many virile men in leadership positions in this country and in Europe want their prostates massaged by the heel of a gorgeous Domme’s ballet-boot while they are on their hands and knees handcuffed to an altar. Jeff’s Labia Labs is producing the ballet heel anal dildo attachments and the first design has the dildos as a single use disposable toy, to minimize the possibility of infection from multiple use and improper sterilization, at least when used by Dommes working for our casino.


  1. How cool was Bea in making her first harvest and then wearing that D so soon after that unfortunate TG broke her neck? I have to wonder what happened to the guy, did he get in any legal trouble, criminal or civil? I mean, that TG was careless, but her family could try to find that client liable for her death.

    1. Bea really is very cool under pressure. Like me the more she wants something the greater risk she is willing to take. Of course in this instance there was no fault on her part. Splash has had so many accidents that Adolph has a worked out a procedure to deal with the families of victims, but you'll remember that many of the T-Gs are from central Europe and don't have families or none that they mentioned.


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