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The FC2, NuvaRing and CSH at St Lucy’s

The FC2 nitrile female condom

The Photo: An FC2 female condom made of nitrile Correct use of the FC2 is the starting point for St Lucy’s students in the contraceptives portion of my Contemporary Sexual Health course and an option in the dive-sex portion of my Advanced Sexual Techniques course.  The FC2 is a nitrile sheath or pouch 17 cm (6.7 in) in length. At each end there is a flexible ring. At the closed end of the sheath, the flexible ring is inserted into the vagina to hold the female condom in place. The other end of the sheath stays outside the vulva at the entrance to the vagina.

St Lucy’s Contemporary Sexual Health (CHS) course: All St Lucy’s students who have reached menarche are required to take CSH. Lab training begins with the FC2 female condom. First, how to insert correctly, then with condoms inserted the entire class practicing penetration with dildos in an encounter salle and then in an encounter pool and after that individually with lab partners from UNLV.

Morning Wood and hypersexuality: Returning readers will recall that Morning Wood is my psychiatrist helping me to more effectively manage my responsibilities as a Goddess of Aphrodite by channeling my hypersexuality into higher payback projects.  I don’t really care for the term Nymphomania, but I really, really like having sex with men! For more about hypersexuality Click HERE 

Readers may also remember that he is sweetly delusional about me in that if around me for more than thirty minutes he comes to believe I’m his dead wife Jenna who was a ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet killed in an auto accident with their infant son several years ago. In that delusional state he functions normally except for introducing me to friends as ‘Jenna’ and is one of the most skilled and considerate lovers I’ve ever had.  He has asked me, as Jenna, to renew their wedding vows which for me would mean I’d be marrying him and so far I’ve been successful in avoiding answering that request.

We both know that as my therapist we shouldn’t be having a sexual relationship. However, in this case the sex is so good that it’s helping both of us cope with life’s complications. Really, would I lie about something that important? Between our sexual encounters as my therapist he is trying to get me to concentrate on three areas: 1) my teaching the art of irresistible love-making at St Lucy’s, 2) my helping fit cervical barriers at a local women’s clinic and 3) celebrating the celestial events ushering in the seasons for Aphrodite all of which I see as my callings in support of the Goddess, and all in addition to my responsibilities as Artistic Director and choreographer for my ballet troupe. With some playtime left for me - in addition to mind-blowing sex with my therapist - of course.

Conservation and Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes: I’ve been trying to wean Marvin off Jenna’s traditionally made pointe-shoes. The ones she bought and sweated in are becoming a scarce and non renewable resource. Not because Bloch Alpha shoes aren’t available, but because new ones that I break in won’t have her scent in them.  So I have been very slowly bringing him around to accepting me in Gaynor Minden pointes with suede platforms as I  break in new pairs, getting him use to the scent of my sweat, blood and toe-cheese as it interacts with the inside lining of well used GM shoes. Hard shanked suede tipped GM pointes are so much more comfortable to wear, last so much longer and provide so much better support during ballet-sex.

Diva Cup and coitial discharge: An off list use for a menstrual cup (my circle and I prefer the Dive Cup, but any brand that fits should do) is as a collection device for coitial secretion control and reuse. In addition to it’s primary purpose of flow control a menstrual cup is particular useful while producing fertile cervical mucus (FCM) and after bareback intercourse if inserted shortly after withdrawal before the semen liquefies as the contents of the cup are kept away from air – to minimize odor - and at body temperature until they can be consumed by fetishists at some later more convenient time.

DCS at Splash: Divemasters at Splash watch the Towel Girls dive computers to ensure the girls don’t exceed table limits which would require deco stops to minimize the likelihood of getting decompression sickness, DCS. Occasionally a Towel Girl will tamper with her computer to show fewer hours or shallower encounter depths, or both, in order to get more work. That sort of tampering caught up with a 23 y/o blonde Red Door TG over the weekend when she had a seizure while at the bottom of a 25 ft deep encounter pool. Her client was finishing inside her and she was in the middle of what appeared (on the video) to be a marvelous orgasm when she grunted, shuddered and stopped breathing. Her client withdrew and made an emergency ascent for both of them, but it was too late for her. The video of her death will make a great snuff video for the European and Asian markets as blond Caucasians dying during dive-sex are in great demand especially in Asia.

Kassi wows the boot bar: Now that Kassi has officially come out on the local kink scene and is working for Adolph he took her to the Boot Bar at my casino to show off her skill in ballet-boots. She wore a custom made black latex catsuit from Labia Labs and a pair of her new lightly armored ballet-boots from Gepetto’s bootery and she loves them; the smell of fresh leather, leather oil, the creak of the leather as they flex as she walks, the perfect fit gripping her insteps in relative comfort and how long and lovely they make her legs look. She was a gorgeous latex clad Boot-Princess gliding across the floor on Adolph’s arm and quite a hit with the men who had come to worship at the feet of ballet-boots shod women. Morning Wood and I accompanied them just to give Kassi confidence and I was delighted to see how beautifully Adolph – a major player on the kink scene - showed her off since to him she is not only an “exquisite fuck” (his words) but a valuable business asset to use wisely.

During our time there three Boot-Knights asked permission to physically adore her boots and when Adolph granted it knelt before her and ejaculated into her spider filament laces. She left the club very pleased with herself at having that effect on men whose fresh semen added its scent to the bouquet from her boots as it splattered and ran into the tongues and laces. She told me later that when they got back to Adolph’s home he was very attentive to her needs in bed.

NuvaRing for swim team: St. Lucy’s swim team switched to the vaginal ring as the team’s preferred form of contraception. I have the ballet students on the frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD. However, several of the swim team members suffer from painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea) so Depo-subQ Provera 104 (the shot), Nexplanon and IUDs weren’t a good choice because of the possibility of weight gain, the implant can be seen while swimming and IUDs were too invasive.

NuvaRing can be a good choice for women with a pronounced post-pubic vault so the ring rests against the back of the pubic bone. It is a non-biodegradable, flexible, transparent, colorless to almost colorless, combination contraceptive vaginal ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol. When placed in the vagina, each ring releases on average 0.120 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a three-week period of use after which it is removed for one week. Then a new ring is inserted. And, the ring can be worn under a diaphragm if the woman needs flood protection for dive-sex. 

When worn w/o a diaphragm it can be hooked and pulled out by a partner’s penis so a wearer should insert a finger immediately before and after each act to ensure the ring is in place. It can be temporarily removed for intervals of less than three hours w/o decreasing the effectiveness of a wearer’s protection. And, if it is inadvertently removed or expelled it can be rinsed in cool water and reinserted.

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