Friday, November 21, 2014

Run-up to the Holidays, death rubber harvesting

Barelegged in an old pair of featherflex Gaynor Mindens

The Photo: Prelude to illicit sex. Teasing Morning Wood (my therapist) after a counseling session before being penetrated from behind while en-pointe.  The reader can see the platform padding has been worn through the left shoe under the big toe and the blue polymer of the box is showing through having been worn away from my ‘winging’ (balancing on the inside edge of the box) which I love doing.

Thanksgiving preparations:  It’s becoming a tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner at my place watching football, eating and having sex, not necessarily in that order. His Grace and Jack have a family meeting at Crag Abbey on a mountain overlooking Loch Ness so they won’t be with us this year which worked out well since I wanted to invite my psychiatrist, Morning Wood, to whom I’m known as Jenna. My wards and I will be With His Grace and Viscount Sandbach in December to celebrate the Winter Solstice on Sunday December 21, at 23:03 UTC at Location Z so there will be plenty of British semen to go around then. If our cycles stay on schedule Willow, Bea and I will be fertile. Since the Swan Twins are still adjusting to Yaz I’m not sure where in their pill cycle they will be.

UNLV’s classes schedule works out nicely w/o cutting classes to allow my wards  – I can write Bea’s Tutor at St Lucy’s a note - to aid me in my obligation to represent the Goddess Aphrodite during the Winter Solstice at the ancient Scottish holy site in the Western Highlands. The UNLV schedule is:

December 13, Saturday Semester Ends
[Winter Solstice Sunday December 21]
January 20, Tuesday Instruction Begins

Virgin Gorda in January: That should give us a week or ten days in Scotland with the Duke of M**** and family for the solstice, Christmas and New Years and then another two weeks at my place at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda to relax and warm up after the cold and wet of Loc Z and Crag Abbey before the girls need to be back in school.

Ballet self defense: Recently sexual assault has gained prominence in the national media as there have been a number of high profile attacks on young women. At St Lucy’s as well as my classes for female escorts at the casino school I’ve been teaching self defense in point- shoes – as part of ballet-sex training - for years to my students. Pointe-shoes are difficult to run in if being chased by a man intent on robbery or assault. Most girls in my pointe classes have been in toe-shoes for at least five years and have the ability to place a foot exactly where she wants. This makes up to some extent for being unable to run w/o untying her pointes. I have students wearing old pointe-shoes practice hitting the knees, pelvis, throat or temple of manikins with the intent to disable her attacker with the platform or the heel of her pointe-shoe. The students wear Gaynors for self defense class as the blocks can take abuse w/o coming apart and reducing toe protection. It’s the same ballet self defense class that I give the women dancers in my ballet troupe.  

At my Thanksgiving table this year the couples will be: 1 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 2 Bea & Chris (our male Gyn); 3 Pirate and Yardley Flood, our ballet-boot trainer; 4 Adolph and Kassi (this new PR manager); 5&6 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins); 7 Marvin (Morning Wood) and me; 8 Paul (the Swan Twins father) and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and is submissive like Odette and; 9 last but not least Willow and Mitch who is a Stallion level escort working for Pirate our local Stable Master. She is sweet on Mitch after they were paired during the series of tests he was given to prove he wasn’t responsible for the rash of pregnancies his clients with IUDs had.

Later when we got fetal DNA it confirmed that Mitch wasn’t responsible for the pregnancies that clients experienced only mind-blowing orgasms which were so intense that his pregnant clients assumed the father was Mitch rather than one of their other lovers. The women had reduced the effectiveness of their hormonal IUDs by taking diet pills.

Missing at Thanksgiving this year will be: Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree who are with her father (the Duke) at Crag Abbey; Cyndi who is at Cambridge and with Taryn at Cunt Castle; His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer who the old bull is very fond of and Jack, Viscount Sandbach and a French Escort who is a Paris Opera Ballet dancer who Tanaquil is supplying.

Pubes waxing for the Holidays: Our esthetician will be traveling with us to Scotland and Virgin Gorda this year as we and some of our male partners will need our pubes waxed during that time. She will actually travel ahead with Chris, our male Gyn, to shave or wax the males we will be with to celebrate the Solstice and Christmas / New Years and to shave faces and male pubes since beard and pubic stubble would rub us raw while being fucked or enjoying cunilingus. Ideally waxing should occur mid cycle when vulvar tissue is the least sensitive and if possible it’s best to allow two or three days after waxing to allow for skin recovery.

Fortunately my wards - even the youngest one Bea - now have been waxing every four weeks or so for years and the hair gets finer and less the longer a woman waxes so it’s more of a nuisance now than painful since all of us have enough masochist in us to enjoy a bit of pain especially if it’s to make us look more youthful and desirable. I’ve been waxing for almost thirty years so my time on the table is usually less than fifteen minutes and amounts to just a cleanup and polish.

Harvesting a death rubber at Splash: There was an unfortunate incident last week at Splash, Adolph’s members only fetish diving club. A new towel girl from Eastern Europe was with a client in an encounter pool having dive-sex when they both overdosed on her coke stash which she had inexplicably forgotten to remove. She kept in a condom in her vagina and Bea said her co-worker thought she was deep enough that a client couldn’t hit it, but that she usually removed it before she dived with massively hung clients just in case.

She must have miscalculated or she wasn’t aroused when he penetrated her because the security video showed after the first few thrusts the Towel Girl began to shudder then expelled her mouthpiece vomited inhaled and drowned while her client continued thrusting several times before he began to shudder vomited and drowned while still inside and clinging to the dead Towel Girl.

Bea was suited up (in an OTS Guardian FFM and tank, ready for her next client and went down to attach flotation bags to the bodies to get them to the surface.  Before the EMTs got there Bea gloved up and pulled the dead girls latex Reflexions FS diaphragm out leaving the burst condom that still had some coke in it inside her. Bea knew they wore the same size diaphragm so was prepared to harvest it for personal use if something happened to her co-worker during a penetrative sexual encounter. Later I helped her disinfect it washing it thoroughly with warm soapy water then letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes before washing it again drying it and putting it back in its case which she took from the girls handbag in their dressing room. Being able to take advantage of the dead girl’s Chi Bea should now be far more expert in Eastern European sexual fetishes.


  1. I'm wondering, what style of self-defense/martial arts do you teach the girls? I would bet it's probably taekwondo, as that Korean martial art emphasizes kicking more than karate or kung fu.

    1. Hi Eric, It's made up of a number of things but very effective.

  2. Probably.

    It seems to me that a Smith & Wesson Chiefs' Special or an M1911A1 might be much more effective than a kick...and honestly, if the dude is cranked out on something, he might not NOTICE a kick.

    My protection is a S&W Model 29, my wife's is a Beretta 92F.


    1. Hi John, Teen girls with carry permits are rare and even a Glock is heavy in a dancebag. The block of a pointe-shoe can crush a knee, pelvis, throat, jaw or temple and we have had considerable success w/o involving gunfire.

  3. There are many lightweight pistols...Walther PPK, LadySmith .38,
    Colt Detective Special, I think Taurus makes a tiny 7-shot in 9mm. Heck, S&W makes a titanium Model 29 in .44 Magnum that is just over a pound! Isn't Nevada a shall-issue CCW state?

    If the attacker is cranked out, he might not NOTICE a broken arm, broken ribs, or even a fractured skull. My uncle was attacked by a dude on PCP...he is a firearms instructor and competition shooter. The dude took twelve rounds before going down, including shots through both lungs and dead-center on the sternum.

    And that is why his carry pistol is a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull.


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