Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pointe-shoe quiz July 16, 2015

The new Capezio Airess pointe shoe

 Name at least three obvious sole differences on this shoe from other Capezio styles

This one should be easy. No extensive knowledge of pointe-shoes is needed. All you need to do is look at the Airess pointe-shoe photo above and the description at Discount Dance Supply. Go to: Discount Dance Supply Click on Shoes, then click on pointe and type Capezio Airess in the search box. Then compare Airess with other Capezio pointe-shoe styles soles on the discount dance site.


  1. I have waited just to see if anyone else would take a stab at your quiz .
    There have been three sole changes over the years
    Original design : on Capezio Infinita
    Starting at the heel A logo of a dancer leaping
    under that is the name balletmaker with country
    One nail at mid sole the other at mid fore sole
    and a X pattern starting at mid sole to the for sole
    Next design
    Capezio Tiffany model 128
    Capezio name in script on heel then no other markings or pattern on sole .
    Sole is glued not nailed
    New shoe the Capezio Airess
    On heel is the size ,model and width in small lettering
    From mid sole to foresole is a X pattern with one side in a thread like pattern
    Then the Capezio Name is printed in the center of this pattern in the fore sole
    No nails ... glued
    Did I miss anything ?

    1. Hi Paul D, You got it right, but I'd add the stitched pleatless satin covering of the platform somewhat similar to the Gaynor Minden platform:

      • CAPEZIO printed in capitals rather than in cursive.
      • CAPEZIO printed on fore-sole rather than under the heel or no name on the sole.
      • New fore sole traction pattern
      • Sewn and pleatless platform
      • Sole marks under the heel to identify the specifications of the shoe

      Additionally, the Airess platform is covered with very thin satin that won’t last a full pointe class w/o coming apart so if I were wearing them I’d cut the stitching and rip off the satin down to the canvas. In my opinion Capezio is trying to make a style using less expensive materials and manufacturing techniques; a shoe that is less costly to make, but charging the same or more for it. The low heel profile which I dislike is an attempt to save material and make them impractical for my use. The shoes are imported.


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