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clever cunts in ballet-boots

A model in red Kassiopeya PVC ballet-boots

The Photo: A still of a Kassiopeya model in red PVC ballet-boots, the sort that our hostesses wear for menstrual ballet-sex when a club member wants to take her in ballet-boots. Actually, in this photo the model is wearing a pair where the shafts are too large for her and the hook laces are as tight as they will go. The fit may be good enough for a photo shoot where the model is sitting in a chair, sprawled on the floor or on her back with her legs in the air. However, a proper fitting pair would have more space between the left and right sides when they were laced as tight as possible so when she stands in them 90% of her weight is taken on her instep and the remaining 10% on her toes pressed into the stress ball. In this photo her boots can’t be laced any tighter unless she puts on a pair of heavy socks to increase her lower leg and calf girth. The boots shown are €65 (about £47 at current exchange rates) per pair, but we buy them four pairs at a time for the hostesses specializing in menstrual sex in ballet-boots and two pairs for the others who are called on occasionally while bleeding so we get a deep discount. 

After we get them they are modified to strengthen the heel where it is fastened to the sole so it won’t accidently detach during an encounter and the toe-box is reinforced with a polymer insert to prevent it from collapsing and then a quarter of a stress ball is inserted to fill the bottom void and to protect the wearer’s toes. We decided to have the girls wear mass produced PVC boots because of the cost and vivid red color to let everyone know the wearer is flowing and her specialty is menstrual ballet-sex. And with PVC it is  much easier to clean off menstrual flow than the far more expensive leather ones. Another reason we go with the less expensive PVC boots is that occasionally a well liked member will be given the boots the hostess was wearing during their encounter as a souvenirs. We don’t want to be doing that with good leather boots at £500 pair.

Menstrual ballet-boot sex at the Costume Club:  Hostesses offering menstrual sex wear silicone Diva cups for flow control. That allows a client who is deep into menstrual fetishes to drink the contents of his hostess’s cup before having penile-vaginal intercourse. But the start of a tryst of that sort usually begins with the client watching his hostess preparing to put on toe pads and footies before slipping her feet into her fire engine red boots and zipping them up. That’s the point at which she gives him a blow-job and rather than swallowing his semen spits it into her toe pads before slipping them over her toes so his seed squishes between her toes and holds the pads in place with the footie before pushing her feet into her boots and zipping them up. Fellatio is used to fill her toe pads with semen because we have found that having the client masturbate into her toe pads often results in spilling a great deal of his semen so there is little to squish between her toes. Blowing the client to get ‘toe-cream’ also has the effect of making him last longer before inseminating her after penetration. Then when he is through she sucks his penis clean and he gives her Cunnilingus to consume her coitial discharge as she Kegels it out and a clitoral orgasm with his tongue or fingers if he is not that talented with his tongue.

Courtesan confrontation: There was a bit of a scuffle in the ladies loo at Clever Cunts the other night. Looking at the HD security video two up-market escorts in ballet-boots and catsuits got into an argument over a man. When the hair pulling and kicking started it ended almost immediately when the boot hooks of the right foot of one were planted brutally in the groin of the other and then pulled back shredding the crotch of the other’s latex catsuit along with the delicate tissue of her labia and clitoris. The loo attendant called security and house doctor saw the injured woman almost immediately and she was taken to a nearby private hospital for treatment.  Her pelvis wasn’t broken, but she will need extensive reconstructive surgery on her vulva and she was traumatized by the speed and severity of the attack. The attacker was arrested in the loo as she was cleaning her rival’s blood and genital tissue out of the hooks and laces of her boot. Fortunately the loo doors are soundproof and the ambulance crew and police arrived with no sirens and came in through a back entrance so the club members were unaware of the disturbance.

The injured courtesan was the guest of an aristocratic member in the current government and while distressed at the injury of his partner for the evening he was still in need of sexual release perhaps even more so when he learned the nature of her injuries as the bulge of his erection was plainly visible through his trousers when I met him to apologize for his guest’s injury. As the ultimate owner of Clever Cunts (it is held for tax purposes as a corporate entity of the Barony) I found myself making nice to one of the Lords of Whitehall attempting to save what was left of his evening away from his wife and family.  I was CD14 at the time and had ovulated that day so I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. The lord (I’ll call him Lord R) is well hung and is known to use his penis as a battering ram to pummel his partner’s cervix a fetish the injured courtesan is said to have been able to enjoy or at least withstand w/o fainting or doubling over in agony, which is why our hostesses were glad to see him arrive with a woman known to enjoy heavy hitters.

Public relations: I offered to help him release his tension and relax for the rest of evening and he seemed genuinely appreciative. It turned out that Lord R knows both courtesans as the boot aggressor was an earlier playmate who had been replaced in his affection by the injured woman. I was wearing a black latex catsuit, no hood and a pair of Gepetto’s gorgeous £2900 lightly armored Italian leather ballet-boots with spider filament laces and lace-splitter heels and Lord R repeatedly commented on how beautiful they were and how well they showed off my legs. Returning readers will recall that Gepetto’s ballet-boots are made with a unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly and easily replaceable titanium heels, which makes them nearly indestructible, but they do have to be refurbished occasionally as the wearer’s sweat will eventually require new boot interior lining and padding. Lord R is good friends with his Grace the Duke of M**** and had heard of me during their conversations when the old bull was bragging about his stamina in my saddle. So in a manner of speaking my reputation preceded me.

It ended up that Lord R just wanted conventional ballet-boot sex taking me from the rear while I bent over holding on to the barre in an encounter salle. He did his best to pound my cervix, but I’m so tight that with a tiny twist of my hips I could guide him into my anterior fornix most of the time though he did ram my cervix solidly three times which brought tears to my eyes each time. Fortunately I’m deep and a masochist so I love rough sex. At the end I could tell his vaunted stamina was used up so I had him penetrate me as deeply as he could and hold my hips to keep himself stationary while I gave him pompoir which he had never before experienced. He was amazed and so grateful! That being the case Lord R and I got along famously. However, I suspect I have heightened his expectations for other courtesans he might employ. I would have said my time with him was brutal if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much. Though his evening started off badly from his moans and gasps of ecstasy and telling me how amazing I was during our several encounters I’m sure he enjoyed the rest of his evening at the club. I think I’ve made a friend as he said he would like to see more of me. However, I think he’s already seen the parts of me that interest him most, but as a well placed influential senior peer his friendship and custom are to be cherished.


  1. Question: does a woman in ballet boots ever actually put any weight on the heel spike?


    1. Hi John,

      > does a woman in ballet boots ever actually put any weight on the heel spike?

      Yes, when standing in almost all cases a good bit of a wearer’s weight is put on the heels. If you look at the ballet-boot pics on Google showing a side view of a standing wearer you will see from the slope of the instep the wearer is not over the toe box, her foot is sloping back putting weight on her heel.

      If the boots fit properly and are laced tightly the weight that isn’t on the heels is spread 90% on the insteps and 10% on her toes pressed into ¼ of a stress ball. When walking if the wearer is walking confidently with straight legs all her weight is taken briefly on each heel. Which is why it's tricky to learn to walk in them correctly.


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