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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

A lovely waxed vulva with small labia minora

The Photo: One of the four vulva images from Wikipedia. Attribution: By derivative work: Knuter (talk)-Adult_labia_minora.jpgVulva_with_tiny_labia_minora.jpgPubic_hair_-_Vulva_unshaved.jpgVertical_clit_hood_piercing.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Exhaustion in paradise: The quote in the title is from Mae West and it is very true, as far as it goes. However, it has a down-side in that there are limits even to good things and the nine men who were our original partners for the PA candidate’s pelvic training while having superb stamina were beginning to pass their peak of sexual performance during the second week even with the use of performance enhancers which I’d rather them not use. I suppose that was to be expected since the guys are routinely having eight or more acts of deep vaginal penetration and often multiple orgasms per penetration (since the girls are beginning to practice pompoir and the mares trick) every day continuously for 14 days. Having the trainees manipulating their glans with their vaginal muscles during Pompoir and the mare’s trick training has made many of their penises sore. I suppose I should have known, but I’ve not had multiple men involved with this many encounters during intensive training before. So, Tanaquil, on Taryn’s behalf, has sent us nine more young, experienced, superbly well hung and well rested cocksmen. I expect to switch out the men every two weeks.  The training should be complete on March 26th.

Since training began on Sunday January 24 the first group of men (the Seven Dwarfs+2 was rotated out and the new group took their place at the start of the third week, February 7th, and we switched back to the fully reinvigorated original nine on the 21st. The two week rotation is going well and there was almost no time lost with the switch as the men came up to speed almost immediately since they knew the training regimen and the different needs of each girl. The second group will return on March 6th and then the original Seven Dwarfs +2 will finish out the 9th week from the 20th to the 26th of March.

Labiaplasty: I am very pleased to say that the labiaplasty procedures to give the candidates lovely small labia minora like mine (our vulvas look very similar to the one in the photo at the top of this post) prior to their entering training is withstanding the very high usage quite well. And having extended the training interval from eight to nine weeks the candidates are becoming accustomed to the frequency and the physical exertion and mental concentration needed to milk a penis even during Pompoir. I taught the girls my regimen in which I ensure a well lubricated vulva and vagina, use a biocide and urinate immediately after each penetrative encounter to flush the urethra to flush out bacteria and lube pushed into the urethra during sex. That regimen seems to have worked for them so far eliminating yeast and urinary tract infections which so often plague women who have frequent vaginal sex with multiple partners.

Small labia minora and camel-toe: Small labia minora make it easier, more comfortable, for a woman to display camel-toe. Most elite escorts working in the fetish end of the business either have naturally small labia minora or have a labiaplasty so they can comfortable wear a thong, tights, bodysuit or leotard deep between their labia majora to display maximum cleavage even when wearing a costume with a cotton lined gusset. For me wearing convertible foot micro fibre tights with a front seam and a cotton gusset rolled down over a belt (like guys do) so the crotch is pulled up into the cleavage of my labia and buttocks which gives my admirers a double cleavage show especially when I’m prancing around en pointe. As far as breast support since I’m lactating I wear a VS Knockout front close clip and zip sports bra so I can easily breastfeed when I need to be milked.

Mid seam off the gusset: Some of us like to wear tights with a front mid-seam off the gusset which can rub on the clitoris (the seam is adjusted so it is on one side or the other of the glans and hood) while others can’t stand the thought of much less actually having something tight pressing against their clitoris. I rather like it as it keeps me wet and aroused and I can even spontaneously orgasm if I have a set of Ben Wa balls inserted which makes my day pass faster and I’m already lubricated if the occasion arises to have penetrative sex with an interesting man. I’ve also found with small labia minora I can more comfortably wear a sports-plug as it will fit tighter w/o pinching my labia which can happen to women with larger ones.   

Additional professional staff: After the first week it was obvious that we needed a podiatrist as well as a Gynecologist, an esthetician and two masseuses in residence since the girls needed a podiatrist because of their long hours in pointe-shoes and all eighteen of us need full body massages every day.  The esthetician keeps us nine women fully waxed leaving only scalp hair and eyebrows. Chris, our male Gyn from my London clinic, has kept us free of pelvic infections which given our number of male partners and the frequency of penetrative intercourse is a tribute to our regimen of feminine hygiene.    

Custom dressing: During week three of the pelvic intensive (7 – 13 February) I began teaching custom dressing which is dressing for a client executive’s particular fetish set. For example a client may want his PA to wear a latex diaphragm in addition to the GyneFix frameless copper bead IUD which is her primary method of contraception so he can under-thrust the rim of a coil spring and ejaculate in the dome and have her wear it for the rest of the day then eat her cervical discharge out of it. Custom coil spring and flat spring latex diaphragms are custom made now because latex diaphragms are no longer commercially available. The specific style and color shoes he wants to see her in is another major item of fetishwear, especially pointe-shoes or ballet-boots during the time she is with him. Taryn’s girls all work in Gaynor pointes which can be easily carried in a tote along with spare diaphragms, a silicone menstrual cup and a selection of condoms in case he wants to use one while she is menstrual.

Ballet boots can be carried in the tote as well, but they take up far more room especially if they are Gepetto’s custom boots (which Taryn’s girls wear) that have a unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly and replicable titanium heels which are fitted with removable heel guards and Inman heel guard release pads on the inside of the heels. The heel guards are needed to prevent ruining expensive rugs and polished wood floors in executive offices and discreet pieds-terre used for assignations.

Ballet-boots, pointe-shoes and the Achilles tendon: As ballet dancers know from spending time en pointe and fetish ballet-boot wearer’s know from being locked in the boots with their feet extremely pointed and held that way for long intervals can lead to the shortening of the Achilles tendons so the individual can’t walk with their heels flat. To prevent this from occurring in women wearing extreme heels and pointe-shoes and to minimize the likelihood of tendonitis or tendon rupture we exercise in flats or pointes standing on a step with our forefeet on the tread and heels out over the riser. Then slowly rise on ¾ pointe hold for a ten count then slowly lower past flat to where the heels are as far below the tread as the Achilles tendons will allow and hold for a ten count. For women like me continuously on our toes doing 20 reps of this three times a day should keep our Achilles tendons properly stretched. Most of the PA candidates have followed my example and wear their Gaynor Minden pointe-shoes during the evenings when they are off to help toughen their feet and into the 5th week now they are becoming accustomed to if not liking to wear pointes.


  1. What is "mares trick"? Do the girls normally wear tights with their pointe shoes so as to help keep their shoes and feet lasting longer?

    1. See my October 31, 2015 post “Sex at Dover Castle” for a description of “The Mare’s Trick.”

      During training all the candidates as well as Anya and I wear convertible foot tights so we can change toe pads and retape as necessary when working in pointe-shoes with men partners. That’s because the tights give a male partner a textured surface so he can get a good grip on a thigh or calf during pas de deux lifts and throws that would otherwise be far more dangerous with bare sweaty legs. At other times if we are working a seduction scene commando under a party dress, in a bikini or nude where we want a man to have almost instant access to the vulva we work barelegged wearing nylon footies over taped and padded toes. That way we can change pointes quickly just pulling nylon sheathed feet out of our pointe-shoes which is far less likely to disturb the padding if it’s ok and a quick shoe change is needed.

      Tights don’t really make shoes last any longer as they don’t absorb enough sweat to protect the interior of the shoes. The toe pads get soaked though and the heat of feet will melt the paste of shoes made of traditional materials, which is why we wear Gaynor Minden pointes the polymer boxes and shanks of which aren’t softened by perspiration. Convertible foot tights do help hold the padding and tape in place.


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