Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So many men, so little time!

The Caya contoured diaphragm

The Photo: A one-size-fits-most Caya silicone diaphragm showing the names of the major features and the dimensions.

New semen in my vagina: Returning readers will recall that my current group of Personal Assistant candidates: Cinnamon, Fern, Heather, Holly, Iris, Ivy and Jasmine and their male partners: Doc, Dopy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful were first mentioned in my post for February 4th so their nine week pelvic training intensive is well underway and the girls (with hot soaks, ibuprofen and liniment) are becoming used to having eight or more acts of deep vaginal penetration to orgasm every day not to mention identifying and manipulating their vaginal muscle groups to train them for Pompoir. I had originally thought that eight weeks would be sufficient, but the first weeks pace was physically harder on the girls than many of them would be able to continue so I extended it to nine and included Anya’s and my partners in the male rotation as well so the girls get to rotate through nine men and Anya and I do too.

Anya says I was looking out for myself, but I like to think I was being lenient on the girls as vaginal epithelium is very delicate and too much of the wrong, especially dry, stimulation can put a woman physically out of action for penetrative vaginal sex for weeks and mentally for longer. The men are not on performance enhancers since one of the tasks of the trainees is to arouse their partners who by now are operating near the limit of their sexual performing capability. The men rotate to a different girl each day so there is the excitement of a new partner with his and her unique look, scent, taste, feel and style of lovemaking that keeps things interesting and since I’m fertile I love having a man fill me with his sperm! Of course when I’m fertile I’m double bagged with an Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix and a Reflexions latex flat spring over that so I should be quite safe but the thrill of something going wrong and me ending up carrying one of the trainer’s baby is just so unbelievably arousing! I’d have it sucked out of course as I haven’t spent thirty-five years keeping my body in top physical condition to have a man’s sperm push it all out of shape and take a year off my performing life.

Beguiling a partner with Caya: As this is written I’m CD 12 and fertile. Any woman reading this can surely tell I’m having such a good time with the new men – the ones helping train the candidates for intimate Personal Assistants positions with Taryn’s new personnel placement group. For women using a diaphragm there is no better way to get a man interested in that device than to ask him to ‘help’ with its insertion. The Caya with its nylon arcing spring rim, smaller cervical cup, grip dimples, relief arch and removal dome is easier to insert and remove than the traditional circular latex or silicone diaphragms previously available.

From a male partner’s perspective the Caya’s upturned relief arch which fits up behind the pubic bone minimizes the likelihood that he will hit the anterior rim; and the slightly textured matte surface of the cervical cup increases his sensation thrusting against it are improvements over the traditional diaphragm. And I’ve found that very well endowed men who can reach into my posterior fornix when I’m entered from behind enjoy thrusting into Caya’s soft rim spring.

I’m becoming much more of a fan of Caya, especially as a toy. Returning readers will recall that even though I wear a U.S. dress size two I’m at the upper design limit of the Caya since I take a conventional 80 mm diaphragm. Consequently I’ve been a bit apprehensive of its effectiveness for me. However, now that I’m using it more I’ve found that Caya consistently develops a strong suction (more about that below) and I’ve never had it displace. So now I’m learning to relax while using it especially with a well endowed partner because in missionary he can push the sloping anterior side of the 55mm cervical cup deeper into my anterior fornix than the suction in the cup has pulled it and move the relief arch enough to caress my G-spot. That way I get G-spot and A-spot orgasms simultaneously which turns me into a gasping, moaning, mewing, quivering, boneless mess making it very difficult - even with very strong feet and ankles - to remain balanced en pointe when taken while standing backed against a wall or studio mirror! Of course depending on each woman’s pelvic anatomy and her partner’s size she may, or may not, find Caya as much fun as I do.

A clever Caya wearer will first show her partner how she inserts and how she removes it before letting him try. I’ve found that my lovers are very interested in learning how to insert and remove my diaphragm correctly as they get a thrill from helping me protect myself so they don’t need to wear condoms. They are also very quick learners though most want to try inserting and removal far more times than they need and I let them because we both enjoy them with their hands in my vagina. Expressing the remaining air from the cup with the fingers during insertion is something I always do and teach my partners to do it correctly because it increases the suction insuring a better seal which I find comforting. It is also something that my partners love to do as they get to play with my vagina and ‘accidently’ caress my clitoris shaft with a thumb causing me to gasp and moan while giving them confidence that my cervix is well protected. I believe that since I’m at the upper design limit of the Caya the stronger the suction in the cup the safer I am from the possibility of my Cays displacing or rotating and a partner under-thrusting the rim.  

Possible problems with a male partner helping with insertion are: 1) The wearer could become aroused and her vagina lengthen (tent) making it more difficult (or sometimes impossible) to get the posterior rim behind the woman’s cervix and deep into her posterior fornix if he has short fingers. Although lying on her back and pushing down will force her cervix closer to the entrance to her vagina so that pushing the folded rim along the back wall of the vagina should get the rim beneath and behind the cervix. Once he thinks the Caya is correctly placed her partner should feel for her cervix under the cup to make sure Caya is correctly positioned. It is important that the woman check behind her partner to double check her cervix is indeed in the cup. 2) The male partner may in some instances become so aroused that he ejaculates before penetration. However, this can be seen as an advantage as his refractory interval will allow time for him to give his partner her pleasure with his fingers before another erection will allow him to penetrate her and fill her with semen.

A caution: The Caya is a one-size-fits-most device. Very petite or very tall women may not be able to use Caya effectively because it was designed to be used by women who take the four most commonly prescribed sizes of traditional diaphragms; 65mm, 70, 75 and 80mm. Additionally, the wearer must have a well defined retropubic niche 1 to 2 cm deep into which the relief arch will fit properly, which most women do. 

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