Friday, October 28, 2016

The Halloween ball - One Thousand and One Nights

My Scheherazade costume for the Barony’s first Halloween ball

The photo:  Front view. This is a Rhonda playsuit from Agent Provocateur. I’ll be wearing it as the character Scheherazade for the Blackthorn Barony’s first Halloween ball since I succeeded to the Barony. I chose this photo because the model looks a lot like me as she has a Balanchine body; slim, small breasts, long legs, long neck and red hair. Though my lips aren’t quite as full, my cheekbones are more prominent and her hair not as red as mine. I got two of complete ensembles (playsuit, headpiece and pasties) because I expect an aroused partner may not be as gentle as he should be trying to get me out of it. I love the gold pasties because I can easily breastfeed a thirsty man while wearing a Rhonda suit. The playsuits rose gold and metal were £1,995 each. The Rhonda Headpiece (sold separately) Rose Gold and Metal £925 each. Also, sold separately were the pasties rose gold and metal, £195 each set. Wearing a playsuit and pasties in the great hall in late October is a very chilly experience, even with the main fireplace alight – I’ve already tried it -  so I’ll probably be drinking the Barony’s famous Blackthorn sloe brandy for warmth.

I considered wearing a latex catsuit under it for warmth, but while retaining body heat latex wouldn’t be in keeping with an Arabian woman’s costume at the time the stories in One Thousand and One Nights were first collected hundreds of years ago. However, I can rationalize wearing Gaynor Minden pointes as they display my long perfectly toned legs amazingly and protect my feet from the cold rough stone floor of the Great hall.  

My Rhonda playsuit rear view

The Photo: Showing the snug rear fit of the headpiece, the chains dangling from the pasties and the thong strap disappearing between the buttocks. The chains in headpiece tangle easily in long hair. Fortunately, I have a dresser to fasten me into the playsuit and headpiece or I’d take hours to get into it by myself. It just takes seconds for a man to get me out of it!

Claiming bragging rights: At £3115 for each ensemble; playsuit, headpiece and pasties, excuse me while I go on a bit about this costume especially since I bought two of them because they are delicate and can be easily damaged not to mention difficult to get into and uncomfortable to wear in a drafty castle.

The Playsuit: At £1,995 each. From the AP description:

  • “Dazzling in the dark, Rhonda mixes exotic eroticism with Studio 54-style glamour. This exquisite playsuit adorns the body with sweeping chains, cupchains of pink crystal, and textured coin-style motifs in a mix of silver and rose gold colours. Three chains sweep around the neck to meet at a metal hoop, from which more chains drape down to the hips to a row of hoops and hanging chains which glisten and swing seductively as you move. At the back, the playsuit secures at the nape of the neck and the back of the hips, and is decorated with further hanging chains. Wear with our Deziree lingerie set for a show-stopping look. Rhonda is part of our demi-couture collection, Soiree. This is a delicate item that should be handled with care.” No lingerie for me while wearing this for the ball”
  • Details & Fit Available in one size only.
    - Lobster clasp adjustment at centre back waist and centre back neck
    - Perfect for wearing over lingerie or accessorizing with your outfits”
  • “Fabrics & care: Main material: Copper and zinc.
    Please handle and store delicate items with care to prevent from snagging.”
The thong-back cup is about the only fabric in the whole suit and with metal chains swinging in the breeze while the suit really makes a statement it is not the most comfortable to wear in the mountains of Wales in a drafty castle. Fortunately, I’ve had my flu and pneumonia shots. 

The Headpiece: Rose Gold and Metal £925

  • Product Information: “Dazzling in the dark, Rhonda mixes exotic eroticism with Studio 54-style glamour. With a 1920s influence, this gorgeous head-dress sits closely against the head, with lustrous, black textured coins leading to draped hanging chains and sparkling crystal cup chains in black and rose gold, scattered with textured motifs surrounding your face for a sense of movement and mystery. Wear it with our matching playsuit, sold separately. This is a delicate item that should be handled with care.”
  • Details & Fit: Available in one size only.
    Gunmetal textured pennies with a mixture of Swarovski cupchain and chain.”
  • “Fabrics & care: Main material: copper zinc.
    Please handle and store delicate items with care to prevent snagging.”
Pasties: Pasties are pasties, but these are £195 each set! The body adhesive I use, Stick-it, keeps them securely in place and suppresses nipple leakage. I was worried about that, but it seems the chains aren’t too heavy. However, they are cold against my skin!

Sex in a Rhonda playsuit: In case anyone is interested, for vaginal penetration in both missionary or entered from the rear the center back waist lobster clasp must be opened as there is very little give in the fabric part of the thong waistband and none in the Swarovski crystal cupchains when the suit is properly worn. A partner opening the neck and center back lobster clasps can have me out of it in seconds! I’m so glad that I have nude pubes – the hair permanently removed by laser some months ago – as this isn’t a costume that flatters with hair accidently showing around the cup.

My contraceptive protection: On Halloween, I will be CD17 and should have ovulated three days earlier. So, if I’m luteal as I expect to be I can safely go without using any barrier protection to feel the warmth and sensitivity of skin-on-skin during penis-vagina intercourse and have my lover(s) sperm in my tubes with very little likelihood of any of their little swimmers getting me preggers. Just the thought of that makes me wet and start panting.

The origin of Halloween: It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween. In my region of Wales Celtic celebrations are still important as is the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon to my estate. The harvest festival was typically celebrated with bonfires, costumes and feasting. As my predecessor’s health declined the estate tradition of celebrating Samhain fell by the wayside. I intend to reintroduce this celebration to the local community.

The Ball theme: Scheherazade is a legendary queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. The story goes that Shahryar (the king) found out one day that his first wife was unfaithful to him. Therefore, he resolved to marry a new virgin each day as well as behead the previous day's wife, so that she would have no chance to be unfaithful to him. Knowing this ahead of her night with the king Scheherazade tells him one story and then begins another, but stops mid story and tells him she will finish it the next night. The king agrees and doesn’t behead her and she continues this pattern each night. My guests will dress as characters in Scheherazade's stories such as: Princess Badroulbadour, Morgiana a clever slave girl etc. while the men will dress as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor, Sultan of the Indies, Prince Ali, Prince Hussain and so on.  

Guests: The local Aristocracy, Lord D**** (Tim’s Father) and his wife, Lord A**** (Bryony’s father) and his wife, His Grace the Duke of M**** (Jack’s father) and his mistress, Jack Viscount Sandbach and his fiancé, Ashley and some influential members of Parliament who are also members of the Costume Club, AKA Clever Cunts. The guests from London and Kent arrived on ‘The Dragon’ my two-car traveling office and home on rails which I arranged to be attached to a train coming west through the station at Caersws on the way to Aberystwyth. His Grace flew down by helicopter from his home, Crag Abbey, in the mountains just west of and overlooking Loch Ness. I’m so pleased that everyone invited arrived and the celebration is off to a marvelous start.

STI screening: I hope no one thinks I hold this sort of house party anywhere; Vegas, Lost Cove or here at the castle w/o making sure all the guests have been carefully medically screened for STIs and other communicable diseases, such things as the Zika virus come to mind. My male guests are used to being asked for a current negative full panel STI test and the up-market male and female escorts Tanaquil is providing are all sexually healthy, but I wasn’t sure about how the female guests would react to the request for proof of being sexually healthy. I was pleasantly surprised than none of the wives or girlfriends refused or complained. I suppose they knew what to expect when being invited to a Friday to Monday house party. The Villagers and the Blackthorn Castle staff are pleased to see celebrations being held in the castle again as the previous Baroness was in poor health for the last several years of her life and held none.  Nor, I’m told did she ever ask for STI screening, but of course years ago, when with penicillin just about anything was curable and early pregnancy is easily taken care of by a vacuum aspiration she seems to have felt no need.   

Entertainment: There will be charades for group entertainment, swimming and dive-sex in my pool overseen by Carla, my Divemaster and Tanaquil, who runs Taryn’s Porn empire, will be providing boys and girls (all over the age of consent) for those guests both male and female who would like a change of pace from their regular partner(s) while spending the Friday through Monday House party at Blackthorn Castle.  And, supervised by my head gamekeeper there will be deer and wild boar hunting for anyone who enjoys tramping through the woods, the noise of fired long guns and the smell of burnt powder. Of course, sleeping late or retiring for a “nooner” is certainly permitted and in some instances, may be encouraged.  Chris, my male Gyn from the London women’s clinic, will be on hand to provide contraceptive meds, devices and counseling as needed. 

Weather: The good news is that no rain is forecast for the Friday through Monday celebration. Evenings should dip into the high 30s (F) and the days should reach the low 50s (F) with heavy clouds and fog.   

Location: All the guests will stay in the new (mid-18th century) wing of the castle that was purpose built to house guests for festivities and has been newly refurbished to bring the suites up to current standards with modern amenities. The ball will be held in the great hall of Blackthorn Castle with fabric hung to suggest near eastern tents. Since the weather in the Cambrian mountains has already turned cold and damp the fireplace will be roaring and the minstrel’s galleries filled with musicians playing near eastern music.


  1. Hey, Jill, can you say a prayer to Rhiannon to liven the Chicago Cubs' bats tonight and tomorrow in the World Series, and maybe even on Tuesday and Wednesday?

    1. Hi Eric, I’d love to be able to help, but the Goddess forbids interfering in games of skill. It’s up to the Cubs themselves. I imagine if they can stay focused they should be just fine.

  2. What about adding a couple of small heaters? I can't imagine you will be the only woman there who is basically naked.


    1. Hi John, Yes, most of the women guests are in gossamer costumes. Heaters would be a good idea except that they get in he way and can be a fire hazard. It's not perfect, but what has worked well in the past is just to circulate near the roaring blaze in the massive fireplace occasionally to warm up a bit.


    These work well...and do not get hot enough to be a fire hazard. (At their hottest, they are just too hot to touch with a bare hand.)

    I would love to see my wife in that playsuit...but not for $3000!

    1. I appreciate your interest, but portable heaters don't go well with the medieval décor and circulating around the great hearth forces the guests to mingle which some are not inclined to do.


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