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Who’s Who & What’s What in Jill’s World version 2.2

Jill’s Notes version 2.2 (rev 10-1-2016) * indicates an addition or revision

Who’s who in Jill’s World. Some of my friends:

  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a 216 ft. deep dive training facility (the well) and a dive-sex club, Splash and an up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Andrea: Was briefly my 5th ward, but she developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she was able to travel was sent home to her parents in Germany who are relatives of Adolph.
  • Alexei:  A Russian expatriate who is a close neighbor to Blackthorn House in Eaton Square, Belgravia, London and whose daughter Veronika I’m tutoring in pelvic skills.
  • Alice: The Duchess of M****, who is separated from His Grace and lives with revolving lovers near my estate on Virgin Gorda.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company and between assignments has been chaperoning my wards in Vegas for the last few months until they graduated from UNLV and began to attending university in the UK.
  • Arthur, His Grace: The Duke of M**** AKA: Himself, His Grace, The Duke, and the Old Bull who is Jack’s father and who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • *Ashley:  Jack, Viscount Sandbach’s fiancée a RB ballerina from a noble family who is his current bedmate. She was newly preggers at Christmas 2014 but had a miscarriage at 12 weeks while she was still dancing.
  • Bea: See wards. One of my five wards.
  • *Mrs. Bridges: Head cook at Blackthorn Castle.
  • *Brigitte: The 4th wife of Lord A****. She was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 26 is younger than Bryony her step-daughter. Brigitte is extremely flexible and is a hypersexual masochist as am I so we understand each other and have become friends since I became Bryony’s mentor.
  • *Bryony: See Dryads
  • *Carla: Blackthorn Castle’s 29 y/o Divemaster. She worked as a diver out of Aberdeen Scotland on North Sea oil rigs before I hired her full time to oversee the Wells at the castle and accompany me to my villa on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda when we go for vacation.
  • Charles: Chamberlain of the Household for the Blackthorn Barony.
  • Chris: my male Gynecologist who moved from Las Vegas to the UK with me in January of 2015 and works at Blackthorn Clinic in London.
  • *Claire: See Dryads
  • Cyndi: Jack’s sister’s daughter who was one of my wards until she started university at Trinity College Cambridge.
  • *Dryads, the: Bryony and Claire First cousins and former ballerinas in their late 20s. Bryony is the daughter of Lord A**** whose seat is at Headlong Hall north of Canterbury in Kent and Claire is the daughter of his younger twin brother. The Dryads are doing research at the Costume Club (Clever Cunts) for their PhDs in Clinical Psychology from University College London. First appearance September 15, 2015 post. 
  • Edith Baroness Blackthorn: Edith Sophia Sykes 22nd Baroness Blackthorn (1911-2014) was 103 when she died in an accident at her ancestral home Blackthorn Castle in Powys, Wales in December 2014. She was my great, great, great aunt from whom I inherited the title, lands and possessions of the Barony of Blackthorn.
  • Emily: Lady’s Maid to Edith my predecessor and is now my dresser since inheriting the Barony of Blackthorn
  • Elaine: Marvin has turned over my therapy to a young and brilliant female colleague (Elaine for the purposes of this blog) who is on the staff at Blackthorn Clinic and specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession. He thinks she will bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess. First appears in August 2015 posts
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Government (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of 2014.
  • *Hal: Harold, an 18 y/o ballet dancer who I’m working with to cure his Gynophobia. He first appears in September 2016
  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, a former lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts. Son of Arthur Duke of M****
  • *Jeff: Owner of and designer at Labia Labs the main office of which is outside Las Vegas. He designs sex toys and the pelvic protector Sports Plug.
  • Jenna: The dead wife of my previous psychiatrist, Marvin, Morning Wood. She was a ballerina with then San Francisco Ballet who was killed in a car crash along with their 6 mos. old baby several years ago. Marvin has a fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I become Jenna and from her photos we could be identical twins.
  • Jill: 23rd Baroness Blackthorn. I assumed the title in January 2015 upon the death of my great, great, great grandmother Edith 22nd Baroness at the age of 103.
  • Kassandra: Also like me Kassi was put in ballet boarding schools from a very young age and has great beauty, talent and a natural ability to mesmerize men w/o trying. She is also amoral and will say or do anything to get her way if she wants it badly enough. I first met her at Crag Abbey after the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23, 2014 and she returned with me and my other wards to Vegas where I placed her with Adolph, who immediately found himself in her thrall, as his personal assistant and Adolph and she have an amazingly passionate relationship. He is happier than I can remember him being in the years I have known him.
  • *Lord A****: Father of Bryony one of the Dryads and uncle of Claire the other Dryad.
  • *Lord D**** father of Timothy (“Tiny Tim”) a 26 y/o SAS officer and my current main lover who has an estate adjoining Blackthorn Castle.
  • Marvin: AKA ‘Morning Wood’ my most recent former psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He helped me come to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess and handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has a fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old baby several years ago. When I moved to Powys, Wales in January of 2015 Marvin came with me and worked as a psychiatrist in the Blackthorn Clinic in London. In the fall of 2015 he moved to Cambridge to teach at Trinity College.
  • Mitch: Mitch is a ballet dancer/escort and is Willow’s primary training partner and lover. Mitch is an amazing escort, but he was seen by Vegas stable management as risky because a good many of his clients have gotten pregnant. Not that it was his fault. The clients were all paying for clean, virile, mind blowing, unprotected, penile vaginal intercourse and that’s what he provides, in spades. Mitch has followed Willow to the UK.
  • Nikolai: A young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company for the 2015-16 season. I have been asked to be his coach and social mentor. My job as his social mentor will be challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships. He has only been with the company since the first of the year and has already gotten into several situations with young female corps members.
  • Odette: See wards. A submissive and one of my previous wards.
  • Paul: The father of my wards the Swan Twins (Odette and Odile) who has an adjoining estate to mine on Lost Cove. He is Anya’s lover and they both work as troubleshooters for a multinational company.
  • Odile: See wards. A dominant and one of my previous wards.
  • Osborne: Head butler of Blackthorn Castle.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and whose escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • *Ronald (Ron) is in his early thirties and a second son, so he won’t inherit the title unless something happens to his brother, has a military background graduating from Eaton and Sandhurst. He hired me to teach a perspective fiancée pelvic tricks. First appearance September 2016.
  • *Seren: (the Welsh name for star) Tim’s 18 y/o second cousin, a college mate of Bea at Cambridge. First appears in the entry for June 2016.
  • *Sophia (Sophie) comes from a wealthy merchant family in the midlands. Educated in schools in Switzerland and at Cambridge, she is an avid diver with a strong background in ballet which she has taken continuously since she was five. She is working for a high profile charity organization at this time. First appearance September 2016.
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who is a procuress as well as running Taryn’s business which she inherited from her parents, the best Porn organization in Europe. She relocated from Munich, Germany and now runs it from Blackthorn Castle and oversees the training of “special students”.
  • Taryn: She owns one of the largest and best pornographic studios in the western world. Years ago her parents were killed in a plane crash and a friend of theirs asked me to take her under my wing with my other girls to make sure she grew into a confident and sexually knowledgeable young woman. She went to Trinity College Cambridge to train to become a psychiatrist. She owns a Manor house outside Cambridge which is known as Cunt Castle from the parties held there.
  • *Timothy: I met Tim at my Blackthorn Castle 2016 New Years party. He is the twenty-five y/o son and heir of Lord D**** who lives nearby. Tim is an officer in the SAS, having graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oxford and is known as “Tiny Tim” because of being very well endowed and knowing how to please women with it. Tim first appears in my entry for January 1, 2016. His step-aunt (his paternal uncle’s second wife) name is Iris and she was a ballerina with the RB
  • Verity: The Duke of M****’s new mistress. A 23 y/o soloist with the première ballet company in England and headquartered in London. Her name for her appearances in my blog will be ‘Verity’ (not the name she dances under) First appears in my entry for April 12, 2015.
  • Veronika: Nika to her friends is the ballerina daughter of my close Belgravia neighbor and Russian ex-pat Alexei. She asked me to help her increase her pelvic skills. She has a newly inserted Mirena IUD, wears Freed Classic pointes for performances and Gaynor Minder hard shanked pointes for ballet-sex.
  • *Wards, my four: Bea 18 y/o and graduated from St Lucy’s in 2015 and will be attending Cambridge in the fall; Willow a 21 y/o Brit-chick who danced for the Royal Ballet. She is Jack’s natural daughter by an RB ballerina. When released from the company Willow danced in my ballet Co in Vegas. She graduated from UNLV. She will now be going to grad school at Cambridge in the fall of 2015; The Dryads, Bryony and Claire in their mid 20s and former dancers with the RB who are studying for Doctorates in Clinical Psychology at University College London. Previous wards were: The 20 y/o Swan twins, Odette and Odile who are the daughters of a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. They began attending Cambridge in the fall of 2015 but quickly decided to return to Las Vegas where they had serious romantic relationships. Also there was a 5th, Kassandra, Kassi, the 21 y/o daughter of the Earl of A*** who looks much like me with a Balanchine body, red hair, green eyes and who is left handed and now works as PA to Adolph a very rich dangerous man and good friend in Vegas.
  • Willow: See wards. One of my wards.

  • *Blackthorn Castle: Family seat of the Barony of Blackthorn located in Powys, in the Cambrian mountains of Wales.
  • *Blackthorn House: The London residence of the Baroness Blackthorn in Eaton Square, Belgravia, London.  
  • *Crag Abbey: Seat of The Duke of M**** in the mountains overlooking Loch Ness.
  • *Headlong Hall: Seat of Lord A**** Father of Bryony one of the Dryads and uncle of Claire the other Dryad located north of Canterbury in Kent.
  • *Lost Cove: My villa on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs.
·        *Dragon, the:  The two railroad cars that make up my traveling office for getting around the UK. A sleeping/office/restaurant car and a baggage supplies car that can carry two Range Rovers as well as food and fuel.
·        *Limnaea II: The Gulfstream G650 I bought several year ago before I left Las Vegas for very little cash as it was mainly repayment for a massive gambling debt to the casino I had an interest in. Limnaea II was new and had never been turned over to its original owner. It is based at Stansted outside London and earns its keep as a priority courier service mostly in Europe and the Americas. However, I have the use of it when I want to travel long distances.
·        *Sports Plug: a custom fitted vaginal plug that in version 3 can be comfortably and safety worn with a contraceptive diaphragm that covers the vulva and shaft of the clitoris to prevent fingers in the vagina by men while clubbing.  

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