Sunday, November 27, 2016

Latex catsuits, ANRs & Thanksgiving house party

latex catsuit with breast zippers for an ANR
The photo: A Westward Bound Lucretia Deluxe Latex catsuit with zipper breasts and crotch, being modeled in this promo shot by the international fetish supermodel Sister Sinister. They are made to order in the UK. I bought two, the pewter (pictured) for £417 so I can more easily disappear in low light conditions while playing hide-and-seek and the red for £362 that I like to wear for play when I’m menstrual.

Grope protection in a latex catsuit: Having one’s latex sheathed mons pubis - accented by the relief zipper - on public display in fetish clubs is eye-catching and tends to attract very sexually assertive men. If a girl refuses a man’s advances she often hears the complaint “why are you wearing a suit like that if you don’t want to be grabbed by your pussy?” Or, “why are you wearing that if you are on the rag?” I think to an extent they are right. if I didn’t want that sort of attention I could wear a skirt and blouse and go as a librarian. It’s not that I mind being groped by a lovely hunky man, but I do enjoy showing off as well as choosing who I’m groped by. However, London club men can be very persistent so it’s every girl for herself in many cases and pelvic grope protection may be desirable or even necessary depending on where the wearer is in her cycle, think menstrual and wearing a diaphragm or menstrual cup.

When I’m in a latex catsuit and need grope protection I insert a cleft headed Sports Plug custom fitted to snugly and comfortably fit in the vagina and grip the wearer’s nude pubes. That way the relief zipper of the tight rubber suit is pulled into the cleft and held securely in place. Jeff, the owner of Labia Labs, has improved the Sports Plug so it protects the clit shaft as well as the labia, can be safely worn with a diaphragm or menstrual cup and the wearer can urinate easily w/o having to remove it, which is a huge improvement from the original design. 

An ANR in a latex catsuit: Of course, chlorinated latex can be easily ruined by oils of any kind (lubes, meds, etc.) and shouldn’t be worn by anyone allergic to latex. The double slider zippers allow opening the suit to expose only the amount of breast needed to allow a hungry partner to latch on. Worn with a full-face hood and hair cone I can walk through my fetish club, Clever Cunts, on Holland Park Road, Kensington, London in a suit like this and be completely anonymous though a few club members know who I am because no one else in latex wears pointe shoes and is almost continuously en pointe while walking around not to mention being milked by an ANR partner while at the bar. After a partner finishes milking me I do have to be careful to sponge away milk trickles and sweat from my breasts and replace my LilyPadz to avoid nipple leakage and prevent the milk and sweaty latex from beginning to develop an odor. A bit more about that below.

Anyone who has worn a latex catsuit for any length of time knows how hot they can be as they trap the body’s heat and sweat runs down the arms and legs and trickles out the openings at the wrists and ankles. The wearer’s sweat running down her ankles and into her shoes is why the blocks of pointe-shoes made of traditional materials (hessian, cardboard, paste, satin and leather) will melt very quickly when worn with a latex catsuit. So, if any pointwork is anticipated even for something as vanilla as a photoshoot Gaynor Minden pointes which have polymer blocks and shanks are the only safe and comfortable choice since they won’t lose their support regardless of how wet they get. 

One might think that having a partner breastfeed through an open nipple zipper is easy and it usually is. Being milked by a partner or strapped into and pumping with my Medela bustier twin breast pump is quite comfortable for me. However, it’s the intervals in between being milked that can be uncomfortable for some. If a woman is not lactating and is just fond of nipple play her nipples may not be as sensitive as when she is actually lactating. That was certainly the case for me. So, the closed nursing zippers pressing on the nipples might not bother a wearer as much if she isn’t lactating. What I found was that the closed nursing zippers stimulate my nipples and cause them to leak more than they would if I was wearing a bra so I wear LilyPadz silicone nursing pads if I’m going to wear a latex milking catsuit for very long – like wearing it while out clubbing - to protect my nipples and prevent leakage.

f while out I want or need to be milked I just unzip and remove the pad and afterward sponge off my breasts with a disposable wipe and replace the pads. I thought it might be difficult to apply a LilyPadz while my breasts were sheathed in tight latex, but the fully open nursing zippers gave me enough room to correctly insert and place the pads and I quickly developed an application technique. It’s a bit like learning to correctly insert and place a diaphragm except that the consequences of failure in correctly placing a LilyPadz won’t result in pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy: The Thanksgiving gathering has gone very well so far.  Although, there was one surprise, but it can be easily handled. Bryony’s step-mother, ‘Brigitte’, who was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 27 is younger than Bryony, is the 4th wife of Bryony’s father has tested pregnant. First with a home pregnancy test (pee on a stick) then verified with a serum test. It’s quite recent as her test for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) last week was negative. A pregnancy test is routine before all of my house parties as I like to know the health of the women participating as diving while preggers isn’t a good idea.

She has a standard (6 bead) copper GyneFix IUD implanted that from ultra sound imaging is still properly positioned and it is relatively new as it was implanted less than 2 years ago. She has been taking weight loss supplements that speed up the metabolism which can make hormonal contraceptives less effective, but that shouldn’t affect copper IUDs. The Gyn we have in residence (when we anticipate a good bit of sexual activity) thinks she is the in the 1-2% failure rate as the effectiveness of a GyneFix is about 98-99%. Brigitte has been seeing a lot of a male POB Principal recently and suspects he is the father and doesn’t want her husband to know. Not that he would mind her having another lover, but because it would suggest she hadn’t been as cautious as she should have been, which, with an IUD in place is not the case at all, but she doesn’t want her husband to start looking for the 5th Countess of A**** if he isn’t already.

She has no symptoms; nausea, lack of stamina etc. yet so has been able to continue on participating in partner exchanges as though she hadn’t conceived. She has asked to stay over for a few days after the house party (she is a lot of fun and she has amazing stories about what goes on in the sex lives of the POB dancers) and have our Gyn perform a vacuum aspiration and implant a new GyneFix in her uterine fundus.

She was asked if she wanted to switch to a hormonal IUD which is a bit more effective, but like me she loves to experience the hormonal swings in her natural cycle. She will then recover here for a week or so before returning to Kent as good as new. The reason given for extending her stay is that she will be teaching me the role of Gamzatti from Rudolf Nureyev's 1991 production of La Bayadère for the POB.

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