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The scent maven and masochism

Well used Freed Classic pointes with ¾ shanks
The Photo: A pair of well used Freed Classic pointe shoes with three-quartered shanks (similar to the ones I wear for performances) which show off the arches of the dancer’s feet. Anyone wondering if wearing dancer modified pointes are comfortable has only to look at where the shanks have been cut away from the outer soles and where the wearer puts her weight when on her heels, which is why we seldom put weight on our heels for long when wearing pointe-shoes with customized ¾ shanks. A great many successful female ballet dancers are masochists to some extent which makes it easier to deal with the discomfort of wearing and performing in pointe-shoes.

 Masochism: The term has several meanings:

1. The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve being made to suffer physical or mental pain. Also, called sexual masochism.

2. The deriving of pleasure from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.

3. A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

Most women ballet dancers I know fall under the third meaning of the term. Though for me the discomfort (significantly lessened for me by wearing Gaynor Minden shoes for play) is worth the power, confidence I get from wearing and performing in pointes.

The scent maven: I like to be able to provide a fetish partner with a wide range of feminine scents to choose from when we are having a sexual encounter and the extent of options available for my scent bouquet will depend on where I am in my cycle and what I wear.

Some erotic scent sources:

The aroma of estrogenic sweat soaked pointes: Ballet and foot fetishists often agree that the English paste used in Freed pointe shoes made of traditional materials; hessian, cardboard, satin, leather and paste produces the best bouquet when soaked in a dancers estrogenic sweat. A quick way to get them sweat soaked is to wear them while exercising in a latex catsuit or leggings. Especially if they have three-quartered shanks (as in the photo above) since the sweat pours out of the ankle opening and into the backs of the shoes to be soaked up by the raw leather where the top of the shank has been cut away.  

Wearing them for too long when in latex can get them so soaked that the blocks will never recover even when heavily jet glued so if anyone tries this do so with an old pair first. There are a few pointe fetishists who like the sweat soaked aroma of Gaynor Minden pointes that have a chemical scent about them and a really pungent odor if an anti-bacterial spray hasn’t been used on the insides and they have become ripe.

A fun alternative for moistening one’s pointes is to have a partner cum in your shoes in the toe-boxes or on the exposed leather undersoles of ¾ shanked shoes. Or, I like to fellatite a partner and rather than swallowing his load spit it into my shoes.  And of course, the ever-popular option of having him come in my toe pads then push my toes into the thick hot sperm rich cream fresh out of a favorite man before forcing them into the tight toe-boxes of favorite pair of play pointes.

Tacking stitches – visual foreplay: If the role is demanding and if there is time between shoe changes, sometimes professionals will sew ourselves into our shoes (like, into the tights). Or sew tacking stitches in the knot to tack the endings so they don’t come out mid-performance. Afterward it only takes a moment to cut the tacking threads of the ribbons if the shoes can be reused for another performance or class. Letting a man watch me cut the tacking threads and remove my pointes occasionally after a performance or play date, along with the first whiffs of sweat softened paste can be used as foreplay with a fetishist deeply in thrall to any woman who can confidently wear and perform in pointe-shoes. I’ve had some men so fixated that they prematurely ejaculate, but that’s fine as it takes the edge off a bit so they last longer when thrusting inside me.

Toe Cheese: A mixture of dead skin, nail polish chips, bits from toe pads, mixed with estrogenic sweat, liniment residue and occasionally spiced with blood and blister seepage that collects between the toes that is mixed with the aroma of the pointes the dancer wears, especially Freeds in which the scent of the paste can enhance the taste of a dancer’s toe cheese. A few expert pointe-shoe fetishists can tell which makers pointes his partner has worn recently by the scent of her toe cheese.

The aroma of a sweaty latex catsuit: Not that other latex feminine garments don’t provide their own bouquets, but a catsuit can provide both pelvic and breast scents, if the wearer is lactating. Though rancid breastmilk can be a scent-too-far for some as it can cause nausea for the couple and it can be costly since it’s almost impossible to get the rancid scent out of a latex garment w/o damaging it.

A latex diaphragm: A latex diaphragm worn for more than 24 hours and marinated in female fertile cervical mucus (FCM), arousal lube, or menstrual flow and male genital secretions can be a sinus clearing scent!  Though leaving a diaphragm in place with menstrual flow for a protracted interval is very dangerous as bacteria buildup can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which can be fatal.

A latex diaphragm, now very difficult to get other than by custom fitting, is far better to use as a sensory toy because the latex surface is a bit porous and so reacts with reproductive tract secretions far better than silicone. As a toy the diaphragm can be used to collect fertile cervical mucus for consumption by a male partner or, when I’m luteal, we can act out a breeding fantasy by him ejaculating in the dome and I insert it so the tip of my cervix is submerged in a pool of semen instead of spermicide while he inseminates me the traditional way in missionary.   

Menstrual discharge: A diaphragm either latex or silicone or a menstrual cup (I wear a Diva Cup) can be used as a container by fetishists who are fond of consuming their partner’s menstrual flow. Of m partners who are menstrual fetishists all prefer the silicone Caya because the cup is deeper and can be easily drunk from. My partners think another plus is the grip dimples which prevent it slipping out of their grasp while licking out the “clots”, which aren’t really clots but pieces of endometrium that often come out in my flow. All my menstrual fetishists claim consuming my flow is a nutritional supplement, as a source of iron.  They are also fond of its thick consistency and metallic scent. I do try to eat an iron rich diet to ensure I don’t become anemic from blood loss and I’m fortunate not to have extremely heavy or long and painful menses.

Latex and breast milk: Breast feeding while in a latex catsuit can be wonderful, but high-maintenance as the wearer has to be careful to clean up any milk leakage afterward or the milk and sweat combination will quickly turn rancid and getting that scent out of latex can be very hard and sometimes impossible to do. Occasionally, with a male partner who enjoys revolting scents wearing a latex suit smelling of rancid milk can be a plus, but those men are very rare and good quality latex catsuits are expensive so I have an inexpensive one that reeks of rancid breastmilk that I wear if I’m with one of them. When not in use I wash it and keep it in an airtight bag so the scent is contained. 

Sweaty leather ballet-boots: Returning readers will recall that I wear custom made ballet-boots made by my cobbler Gepetto. They have unitized titanium toe-box and shank assemblies and easily replicable titanium heel spikes in case one bends or breaks which is very unlikely.   Properly sized and genuine leather ballet-boots even though the leather breathes can cause the wearer’s feet to sweat and swell. The problem with ballet-boots is threefold: 1) it’s difficult to get the correct size and heel height and, 2) made of top quality genuine leather - not smaller pieces stitched together - they can be very expensive and 3) there are few cobblers who still make quality hand crafted ballet-boots as the market is small and there is little profit, so the maker is usually still making them because he loves fitting fetishists, especially women. The rich fresh leather scent of a pair of new quality leather boots can be amazing and only improved when soaked in the wearer’s estrogenic sweat.

When I’m out clubbing I’m sometimes accused of “holding court” because some of the male members in my circle will come to my table kneel and pledge their fealty by ejaculating into the laces of my boots. It’s a lovely gesture, but it does make the cleaning of them afterward more difficult. I usually let them dry then loosen the crusty residue with a brush and blow it out of the laces with a hair dryer then polish the boots with Obenauf's boot oil which makes the leather soft, shine and waterproof.

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