Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Winter Solstice

A Lovely Winter’s sunrise on a millpond in Wales
The Winter Solstice: The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and traditionally is the first day of Winter. This year the solstice occurs on Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT (Universal time). My Celtic forebears have always celebrated the solstice at dawn on the day of the solstice which will occur at 8:23 GMT. And, just to make things interesting in my part of Wales, the Cumbrian Mountains, the weather forecast is for light rain from 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon with temperatures in the low 40s (F). The peat braziers will be alight which will take some of the chill off and the Blackthorn hedges are a very effective windbreak. So, the celebration should be nothing like as uncomfortable as when I celebrated it at Location Z in the Scottish Highlands several years ago, with my wards, in ice and snow. The hooded shearling robes are quite warm, but cold of the stone altar seeps through and being wet makes that happen quicker. I would love to have ritual winter seed planted in me on a dry Winter Solstice day!  

The ritual planting of winter seed: As I mentioned in an earlier post my current sweetie Tim, a well-endowed SAS officer, who knows how to make me go boneless thrusting into my anterior fornix, will be on the main altar with me at 8:23 AM. Since I will be CD12 and fertile I’ll be wearing a stretchy latex flat spring diaphragm with an acidic gel in the dome as spermicide, for contraceptive protection. The latex flat spring is also amazing as a thrust buffer which can give me another centimeter or so of depth when on the upstroke, he forces the dome deeper into my anterior fornix while at the same time forcing my cervix higher.

An update:

The ceremony went well. It began at sunrise (8:23AM GMT) on an ancient Celtic stone altar surrounded by an impenetrable barrier of Blackthorn bushes, the fruit from which my estate makes sloe brandy, but only for local consumption. There is an underground passageway (newly refurbished) from the keep for access to the holy site so my partner and I could arrive and depart unobserved.  The temperature was in the high 30s(F) but the peat fires in the four braziers surrounding the altar took some of the edge off the chill and the Blackthorn barrier was effective as a windbreak protecting us from the wind coming from the south west off St. George’s Chanel. We were both a bit high on sloe brandy when we got up on the altar. I lay on my back and he knelt between my legs and prepared to enter me. I wore only a pair of Gaynor Minden pointes, my latex diaphragm and a hooded shearling robe. I had checked that my diaphragm was covering my cervix and that I was well lubed. Then as I fondled his erection with one hand I spread my labia with the fingers of the other and at exactly 8:23 guided him as he pushed his way inside me.

It was marvelous lying there beneath my lover arching my back and taking his thrusts as I channeled the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon and wondered how many women before me had lain on that altar beneath a man while he planted his winter seed in them and how many infants had been produced nine months later. Once we began time passed far too quickly. He brought me to a shuddering gasping orgasm and my contractions tipped him into ecstasy with me as he released hot jets of thick creamy semen to splatter harmlessly against the latex membrane of my cervical barrier with my fertile cervical mucus on the other side. It was all over before we knew it.  One amazing thing was that we didn’t get rained on! It rains frequently here seemingly when I want to conduct an outdoor activity of any sort. The rain began shortly after we had concluded the ceremony and returned inside.

Wishing all my readers good health and a lovely Winter Solstice!

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