Saturday, March 11, 2017

Death Rubber Diary Pt. II

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with its case and introducer

 The Photo: One of my 80mm latex Reflexions flat spring rim contraceptive diaphragms showing the size in mm in a raised triangle in the center of the convex side of the dome. The raised size on the outside makes a great stimulator for a lover’s glans rubbing against it in missionary. The Introducer was an insertion aid for short fingered women.

The “death rubber” diaphragm: Returning readers may recall my post on April 25, 2016 entitled Death Rubber Diary in which I recorded the acquisition of my latest “death rubber” contraceptive diaphragm. It has been almost eleven months since I added to my collection. Since I wear them as often as possible I’m always on the lookout for replacements as after a few months the older ones begin to develops thin spots, pin holes and cracks around the rim from heavy use.

For readers who are new to my blog a ‘death rubber’ diaphragm, especially a latex one, is one that was being worn by a woman when she died while having penetrative intercourse. So, readers can understand how difficult it can be obtaining a death rubber diaphragm under ideal conditions, meaning that I am able to harvest it myself.

Residual Chi: During an orgy in Vegas years ago, I found that wearing a latex diaphragm, the first one I personally harvested, from the vagina of an elite rubber fetish escort – a woman I watched die while being fucked at the bottom of a training pool for rubber fetishists - gave me access through the residual Chi (the fundamental life force that flowed through her) contained in the diaphragm that had been protecting her cervix. Through that residual amount of her Chi her memories of past lovers and the pelvic experience and tricks she knew to please them became available for my use which enhanced my confidence and pleasure when wearing it.

As a result, I have a data mining firm searching medical records for potential donors, women who wear 80mm latex flat spring rim diaphragms. Those I’ve found are primarily dancers, up-market fetish escorts and porn actresses. It so happens these are the women who are some of the greatest risk takers so are the ones most likely to have a fatal accident during an encounter with a commercial client or during filming porn videos commonly recorded as death by misadventure. I think the risk is part of my fascination with asphyxia sexual highs while having SCUBA sex because there is so little margin for error. It certainly is a huge thrill and marvelous high for me!

Challenges in collecting this specific item:

           Few women use diaphragms these days.

           The device needs to be in my size, 80mm – usually worn by women much taller than me.

           The woman has to have died during sex while wearing it.

           And so, I can safely wear it she must have been free of STIs which means at the time of her death she had had a recent negative full panel STI test.

           And now the Reflexions – latex flat spring rim diaphragm - is no longer being made. However, latex flat spring diaphragms can be custom made for those of us who need them.

Too there is the usual down side to a latex device:

           Some people are allergic to latex.

           The useful life is much shorter than a silicone diaphragm.

           The odor from a latex device worn too long (usually more than 24 hours) can be very strong, however, that can be a plus if you are with a man who is into funky vaginal scents.

The good news about a latex flat spring device is:

           The heat transfer properties are far superior to silicone.

           A latex device can be safely used with silicone lubes necessary for proper vaginal lubrication during underwater sex.

           A wonderful safety feature of a flat spring rim diaphragm is that since it folds in a single plane it is almost impossible for even the most mischievous partner to under-thrust the rim of one that is properly sized and correctly placed.                         

Until a few days ago, my collection was down to three (down from six when I last wrote about them) all 80mm latex diaphragms that I have personally harvested from the vaginas of their previous owners. I try to take good care of them since (as I mentioned above) they all contain their former owner’s sexual exploits that reside in the portion of her Chi still contained in the diaphragm which supplement my own sexual knowledge and experiences when I wear them and each is unique and irreplaceable in that way.

My latest harvesting acquisition: This is the third ‘death rubber’ I’ve harvested since I moved to the UK in January of 2015. It belonged to a rather tall (for a dancer) American 19 y/o (I’ll call Terri) in the corps of a major U.S ballet company who was on holiday with her French lover. Tim and I were at a costume party at a country house in Kent hosted on a neighboring estate near Headlong Hall the seat of Lord A****, my ward Bryony’s father. Tim and I were guests of Lord A**** and were invited to attended With Bryony, her step-mother Brigitte and Lord A****.

Until the house party I knew Terri only as a candidate on my list of possible Death Rubber donors as she was quite tall at 5’8” and even though she had a standard (6 bead) GyneFix copper IUD implanted she had been fitted by one of Tanaquil’s Gyn friends in Paris with custom made latex FS in my size. She told her fitter that she needed the 80mm for thrust buffering as her lover was very large and she wanted to slow him down when he was sounding the depth of her anterior fornix. She also mentioned that the dome would make a good container as he liked eating her fertile cervical mucus that could be collected in the dome. She was lovely and vivacious and friends who had known her longer said she was very talented ballerina.

It was late at night and Tim and I were in a bedroom adjacent to where Terri was sleeping. We heard several loud thumps and a few moments later a man shouting for help. There had been a freak accident during sex while she was being taken doggie style, on all fours penetrated from the rear on her bed. It seems she had been kneeling too close to the solid oak headboard. When her French lover came. At orgasm his violent thrusts drove her head into the oak panel several times and broke her neck. The doctor who arrived more than an hour later said she died almost immediately as her spine was severed.

While we waited for the doctor to arrive everyone except Bryony and I went for coffee and tried to calm her boyfriend who had come completely unglued. When her lover had withdrawn, Terri had toppled on to her side with her legs still pulled up so her vulva was easily accessible. I helped Bryony lay a clean sheet over her during which time I inserted two fingers and withdrew her diaphragm filled with fertile mucus and inserted it in a small plastic freezer bag I carry for just such an occasion. I know that sounds ghoulish, but this sort of opportunity hardly ever occurs and I need to be prepared if I’m nearby.  

A bit later the unpredictability of death during sexual intercourse, the act that can lead to new life, and the very thing I routinely risk for the adrenalin high I get from the danger suddenly seemed very real standing next to Terri’s cooling body. Having harvested her diaphragm for my use was a huge turn-on and I found myself suddenly extremely aroused and in need of a man!

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