Monday, May 1, 2017

Uncoupling, Channeling Jenna, & the Abbot’s Palace

Channeling Jenna for Morning Wood

The Photo; Modeling a Pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha S0104s I wear when I channel her for Marvin. Bloch Alpha pointes are suitable for only advanced students and professionals as they require dancer’s with very strong feet to stay over the blocks, but show off high arches magnificently.

Uncoupling: Tim got back from the field exercise several days earlier than expected and was staying at his family estate next to my place in Wales which kept him and Marvin separated while Tim and I uncoupled. I told Marvin I needed to return briefly to Wales to take care of business, which in a sense was correct. Returning readers will recall that I mentioned in an earlier entry that Tim and I had discussed his need to settle down with someone other than me, because of family commitments. Apparently, he had been giving his need to move on serious thought since during pillow-talk after we had a marvelous romp in the sheets (I was CD21 and luteal so we used no protection and I had his sperm in my tubes) he said while he was very fond of me we should just be friends. While I knew that was coming it still stung a bit, but it was far better that he broke the news to me than me having to tell him the same thing, which I was dreading.

Bank Holiday: Today (May 1st) is Early May Bank Holiday. However, Uni is in session and Marvin is lecturing so I’m taking the train to go shopping at Agent Provocateur in London. I’m hoping to find a little gossamer, strappy, clingy thingy he hasn’t seen me wear so I can see how long he takes to get me out of it.

Channeling Jenna: Full Easter term (Tue 25 April - Fri 16 June) began at Cambridge and Marvin has moved out of his rooms on campus, although he still has an office there, and into my place. I have rented a small secluded manor and brought staff from Blackthorn Castle. to staff it until the renovations are complete on “The Abbots Palace”, my new place east of Cambridge. More about that a bit later.

For good luck, to fill Marvin with confidence to properly begin Easter Term I became Jenna for him for the last several days. He never gets tired of me doing that and when I channel his dead wife he is in my thrall. It’s the least I can do as under his psychiatric care he enabled me to come to terms with my earthly responsibilities as a representative of the Goddess Aphrodite, manifesting herself as Rhiannon - a Welsh deity - while I’m here in the UK. I wear Jenna’s ballet practice clothes, pointe shoes Bloch Alpha S0104s and her perfume, Shalimar which I loved before I found it was another of my many similarities with Jenna that made Marvin love me. Actually, Marvin says I’ve developed Jenna’s mannerisms that were unique to their relationship that I had no way of knowing about and when I’m Jenna I feel much closer to him so I think I am evolving into a second Jenna which I have come to believe is one of Aphrodite’s roles for me, which is marvelous for us both!

Cunt Castle: Returning readers will recall that Taryn became one of my earliest wards after her parents were killed in a plane crash as in her father’s will I was designated her guardian. She lived with me while attending the exclusive girl’s school St Lucy’s in Las Vegas then graduated from UNLV before beginning grad school at Trinity College Cambridge. She inherited her parent’s business which was a very large and profitable porn empire and she has continued to lead it very successfully. Occasionally she calls on me and my resources for advice with regard to contraception and erotic ballet training for new actors and escorts of both sexes.

Taryn's home north east of Cambridge is known fondly to her friends as ‘Cunt Castle’. One of the stonemasons working on the renovations (before she moved into the Manor) called it ‘Cunt Castle’ and the name seems to have stuck with her circle of friends, though not with the locals, or at least not to her face. I’m pleased to say that Taryn has moved quickly through the Uni courses to gain her Master of Psychology and MD degrees. She has one year left to receive her Doctor of Psychiatry degree and she is making rounds at a specialist hospital in Cambridge to experience clinical psychiatry training.

The reason I mention Taryn and Cunt Castle is that the place I’m buying and renovating for Marvin and me is just down the road from Cunt Castle. Marvin’s specialty is the treatment of sexual deviation so he treats my fetishes and cares for the Psychiatric needs of Taryn’s stable of Porn actors and actresses. When we move into my permanent location, before classes begin in early October for Michaelmas term, we will be able to provide training and therapy for Taryn’s actors and escorts w/o having them travel to Wales. It will be wonderful to be able to have Taryn and her circle as close friends again!

The Abbot’s Palace: I found out more about the property that the realtor didn’t disclose until pressed by my agent. It seems that while a great deal of the original fabric was torn down and the stone reused elsewhere the existing building was built from parts of a monastery after the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII sometime in the 1530s. The manor seen today was built in the early 19th century and includes the Abbot’s Palace the only remaining original building which include very deep and extensive cellars. Originally built in the 14th century the Abbots Palace was very elaborate for its time (and not at all in keeping with poverty, chastity and obedience which were preached to the villagers in the area) and is said to have been the site of orgies between the monks and nuns from a neighboring convent which may account for the ghosts that are said to haunt the place.

The Palace overlooks a small stream that runs through the property below the hill on which the monastery and now the manor was built. The banks of the stream are filled with a thick growth of Pussy Willow trees which led Taryn to call the place the “Pussy Palace” not only as an apt description, but as a double entendre as she knows my circle’s need for kinky sex.

The Pussy Palace and the Spirit World:  It is said that no one has been injured by the spirits that inhabited the place, but there are hair raising tales of apparitions, flickering lights, moans and screams have been seen and heard at night so the locals give the place a wide birth. Given the disclosure that spirits were said to actively inhabit what has been known as the Abbot’s Palace my agent was able to get the asking price decreased considerably. I spoke to the Duke of M* about having the Archbishop conduct an exorcism before any work is to begin because local workers wouldn’t go near the place. I sweetened the request by offering to contribute a four-figure sum to the charity of the Archbishops choice and he very kindly agreed as he and the Duke of M**** had been at school together. The ceremony was conducted before we closed on the property. I expect that should satisfy the spirit world, but If not Aphrodite is willing to expel them through me. However, that could raise questions that would be tricky to answer so having the Archbishop conduct a public exorcism that the surrounding neighbors were invited to attend, was the best way to handle the issue

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