Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Celebrating the arrival of summer in the UK

The Summer solstice 2017

The arrival of summer in Wales: Marvin, Morning Wood, and I returned to my family seat, Blackthorn Castle, in the Cambrian mountains of Wales last weekend to prepare to celebrate the arrival of summer at 3:42 AM BST on the Celtic altar in the sacred grove in the castle park. We were fortunate that the day has been dry and the temperature at 3:00 AM was in the high 50s F. The day turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the high 60s by 8:00 AM. Acting in my capacity as a Priestess of Aphrodite and channeling the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon for the occasion I was robed in a hooded shearling robe - made to measure in the castles wardrobe shop - as was Marvin for our walk down the underground passageway from the undercroft of castle chapel to the ancient Celtic altar protected by an impenetrable thicket of blackthorn bushes. The four peat braziers (one at each of the cardinal points of the compass) were ablaze and the area within the protective circle of blackthorn which blocked the wind would have been almost toasty if I hadn’t been nude on the altar.

Marvin’s sexual stamina: I am very pleased with Marvin’s sexual potency and stamina. His semen is checked every so often for potency and his desire for me has been almost over the top since his return to me when Miss Nexplanon became preggers by him and miscarried. I know he is attracted by some of his students, but then I take other lovers while teaching my sex-ed courses. Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the gander. We both think that our being intimate with other partners has actually strengthened our relationship. Of course, I pee on a stick once a week to test for the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) the pregnancy hormone since I want my lovers to take me wearing no protection and my only protection is a well-fitting diaphragm and the spermicide DiveGel+.

Sex while fertile: I dream of sex when my hormones are raging and my cervix is high, soft and open. I love the thrill of having my ripe cervix protected by the translucent latex membrane of a flat spring rim diaphragm with the dome containing my fertile cervical mucus and a lover’s hot jets of creamy semen filled with highly motile sperm splattering on the convex side of the dome. However, sex when I’m luteal, after I’ve ovulated for that cycle, (as I write this I’m on day twenty-six of my cycle) is also amazing since I can safely have a lover’s sperm in my tubes, especially Marvin’s! So today I could safely take Marvin with neither of us using protection and I now his liquified semen is draining out of me and I have his sperm in my tubes without any worry about complicating side effects.

The next generation of acolytes: I have retrained several of the castles elderly servants whose families have been in service to the Barony for generations to assist as acolytes with the ritual planting of seed in my belly during celestial celebrations.  The two women are sisters who had assisted my predecessor, Edith Sophia Sykes 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, when she used the altar to celebrate celestial events more than thirty years ago. They both have daughters who are being taught the Celtic rituals so that there will again be another generation of women in service capable of assisting with the Goddess Aphrodite’s ceremonies. Everything went as planned with the burning of the semen stained robes in the castles lower bailey before having a delightful celebratory breakfast afterward with eggs and bacon from a locally harvest boar shot on my property.

Returning to the Cambrians: It is good to be back in the Cambrian mountains again after the fens of Cambridgeshire. The mountains remind me of the Blue ridge and Allegany mountains of western Virginia where I was born.  I’m enjoying a break from supervising the refurbishing of the fabric of the Abbot’s Palace where Marvin (my favorite boy-toy) and I will live during the Uni academic year. You have no idea how expensive replacing the entire lead roof was!  I hope to be in and settled by this coming Christmas. Not that the place we have leased isn’t lovely, but one likes a place of one’s own.

Taryn’s Escort Trainees: In the last few weeks I’ve been busy teaching Taryn’s new group of Escort trainees about upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex. For contraception, they all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted in the uterine fundus with the strings tucked up into the cervical os. Helping fit the girls, all eighteen or older so consent isn’t an issue, with custom made latex flat spring rim contraceptive diaphragms and how to use the silicon base DiveGel+ which is a thick gel lubricant, spermicide and biocide that won’t wash away during underwater penetrative sex. Returning readers will recall that latex flat spring diaphragms won’t distort from water pressure like coil spring devices will so are safe and effective to use for cervical protection on dives to any depth. A latex flat spring is a wonderful addition to any woman’s slit-kit and speaks to the user’s knowledge of aquatic cervical protection. I advise having at least two in a well-stocked slit-kit as the latex dome sometimes develops pin holes, tears, or thin spots.

I also fitted eight Uni girls – friends of Taryn - who are traveling to Eilat, Israel on the north end of the Red Sea for a two-week dive vacation with boyfriends and needed latex flat spring devices for “flood insurance” to prevent the hydraulics of a thrusting lover from forcing water into the uterus during underwater intercourse. They are all tiny girls and took mostly 65mm and one 70mm size and each bought two in her size, A wear and a spare.  They flew El Al out of Heathrow last Sunday.  

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