Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lesbians and dive-asphyxia training

A Femme’s last breath after air is denied

Lesbians and dive-asphyxia training: Rarely will a lesbian student couple want to take a dive-asphyxia course, but I have a student couple in training now. They are in my Advanced Sexual Techniques course at St Lucy’s and are fascinated by techniques that heighten a dive-sex experience. Lesbian training begins by having the woman fitted for a full face mask, gas guard and a strap-on. You don’t hear a lot about sizing a strap-on, but it is a very important part of the process of kitting a student out. Having it correctly sized for her anatomy lessens the likelihood that rough thrusting will rupture her uterus. Training strap-ons are made of rigid silicone with a softer replaceable tip to protect the cervix of the women it is being used on. And a FemCap is the gas guard of choice because it provides more thrust buffering of the strap-on for the Femme’s cervix than a diaphragm.

Pointe training: A requirement of asphyxia students is that they have had a minimum of 4 years of pointe training. Prior pointe training as a requirement is generally thought to be used to decrease the number of student applications by selecting out the women who aren’t in the best physical condition, however that’s not entirely true. The need for pointe is because an asphyxia student is first trained by being penetrated on her toes in a ballet studio while wearing her FFM to build up her stamina. All asphyxia students are fitted with Gaynor Minden pointes because with the internally padded polymer toe boxes and pre-arched polymer shanks Gaynors can be precision fitted to provide maximum support while still requiring the effort of a traditional pointe shoe. In addition, Gaynors are well accepted by both Butch and Femme which is not the case with ballet boots. Ballet boots are not permitted because they don’t cause the wearer to work nearly as hard to stay safely balanced on her platforms as pointe shoes do and we have found the women who wear pointes for their early asphyxia training are far more successful at managing the difficulties associated with breath control than those who wore ballet boots so ballet boots are no longer approved footwear for asphyxia training. Other schools will allow the use of ballet boots, but it just seems to us that a woman who wants to wear ballet boots for our asphyxia course isn’t interested in putting out the effort we think the course requires.

Inverted tank set: Wearing an inverted tank is the preferred tank configuration during asphyxia training because it is easier for a Butch to shut off her Femme’s air while penetrating her doggie style with a strap-on when the valve is where she can easily reach it. And, an inverted tank is more of a challenge for the Femme trainee to reach the valve on her tank to turn her air back on herself if that becomes necessary. Our couples training is symmetrical to ensure that both the Butch and Femme get to be penetrated and use a strap-on so they understand what and how their partner is feeling. After the couple has practiced having their air shut off and turning it back on themselves so they are confident that they can do it on shallow water test dives we have the girls dive in a 20 ft deep training pool wearing gas guards and dive-gel for actual penetrative sex while their air is shut off. Traditionally a female trainer goes into the pool and down on training dives to demonstrate and to provide correction to the couple.

The male option: With lesbian asphyxia training we also offer an option for unprotected penetration by a male trainer. That option is very popular, which I found surprising but my psychiatrist says it is a chance for them to experience an orgasm with a man in a controlled environment w/o risking a heterosexual social encounter among the general population and any responsibilities that might involve. It’s a way to safely experiment with heterosexuality; like having a female trainer masturbate a Het-chick in asphyxia training (an option we also offer) so the student can experience a Bi-encounter. Interestingly, there is a rather high rate of unintended pregnancies of lesbians who chose unprotected penetration by a male trainer. The women are aware of that when they select the option and chose it anyway since it gives them a guilt free encounter with a man. However, there is another reason for its popularity. A Butch often encourages her Femme to choose it because the risk of pregnancy is so high – about 23% even when they are using a gas guard – it reinforces the stereotype of men causing women nothing but trouble, a mindset that Dykes and Butches want to encourage among their Femmes because it is the Femmes who men are constantly chasing and who therefore are at greatest risk of at least turning Bi thus significantly lessening the emotional hold of her ‘Husband’.

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