Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rebreathers and breathplay

An Ocean Reef FFM is awesome for breathplay

Rebreather bag dangers: A reader asked: Are rebreather bags for bondage dangerous? Used incorrectly almost anything can be dangerous so the short answer is yes. A rebreather bag certainly can be dangerous if not used correctly. Rebreather bag accidents that cause injury or death are, unfortunately, common among new members of the fetish community who haven’t had rebreather training or enough experience with using rebreather bags during breath play to recognize the dangers Used in bondage situations the safety of a RB depends entirely on the experience and goals of the Dom or Top in charge. The least bit of inattention on the part of the Dom (or Domme) and it is easy to end up with a brain damaged Bottom who then needs care for the rest of his or her life or another maintenance option.

FFMs as breathplay rebreathers: A trend that’s catching on with up-market bondage divers out here is using a full face mask as a rebreather. If the Bottom is breathing Nitrox II (36% oxygen) or something blended higher to first oxygenate his or her blood. That way the person denied air can last far longer and those of us who have tried it think the orgasms after Nitrox oxygenation are more intense. Oxygenation was first started here by the Gay diving community, but has spread to the general bondage community and is now particularly favored by straight women since Doms want to give their women an exceptionally erotic near death experience and we believe sex with an expert lover during an asphyxia encounter using a FFM is about as close to that as a girl can get. I love the way the mask seals even tighter after every exhalation when my air is shut off. And, if I’m having rubbery sex - being dive-fucked where I can feel my partner thrusting into my latex gas guard - while my lunge are burning from lack of air and I’m gasping in orgasm 30 feet or more below the surface of the pool I think that’s about as good as breathplay gets

Hoods: There are a number of different types and materials used for hoods. Neoprene of various thicknesses, latex and silicone to name three common materials, and diving, fetish and BDSM hoods to name three common types. Fetish and BDSM hoods can be solid over the ears, but with hoods used while diving there needs to be circulation of ambient water around the wearer’s ears to allow pressure equalization. BDSM hoods often are made of leather with zippers to close the eye, nose and mouth openings and some are arranged to fit gags of various sorts, ring, ball, penis etc, in the wearer’s mouth while wearing the hood. Latex is a favorite material for fetish hoods because of it’s thin (or thick) and shiny surface. Neoprene is often used for diving because of its insulation and buoyancy properties. I like wearing a hood while diving as it keeps my long hair from tangling in the valves, hoses and straps of my equipment. And, a hood offers some protection if a diver is hit in the head by her partner’s tank; something that can happen if s/he is suddenly goosed and reacts forcefully. I also wear a hood along with gloves and booties with a light rubber encasement suit while on clean-up operations to prevent leaving my DNA at the scene.

Adolph’s hyperbaric chamber: My German collector / Rubber Dom friend just took possession of a large hyperbaric chamber facility attached to the building where his 200 ft deep training well is located. He says it is to be used if someone gets decompression sickness while diving the well and I’m sure it will be used for that, but I really think he got it for experimenting with crushing women in drysuits that have integral hard helmets. The kind that locks into a padded neck ring attached to the suit. He and I have discussed his interest in seeing how much pressure it would take to crush a diver’s body to the consistency of strawberry jam and squeeze her pulped tissues into her helmet. There are enough stray beautiful women in town that he would probably be able to get as many girls as he needs for experiments. What I’ve wondered about is whether her breaking bones (ribs immediately come to mind) would pierce the woman’s suit and ruin the experiment. If he decides to go through with the ‘Strawberry Jam’ project, as I’ve come to think of it, he may have to order drysuits of thicker material to prevent accidental punctures as the girl is crushed. He’d have to work w/o his Well Attendants, but he does that from time to time anyway when he needs secrecy and there is no trainee in the well to be carefully monitored.


  1. As you know from the rock quarry. It does not take much to turn someone into jelly . I think this man get somekind one sexual get off from crushing woman . It spells danger. I hope not for you . Be carfull around this one could be another Detier.

  2. OMG Paul, you remembered! That was such a long time ago! That woman was a government scientist wearing an experimental government suit and she was Bi-Polar and had stopped taking her meds. Accidentally finding her squeezed into the glass dome of her helmet at the bottom of that quarry several hundred feet below the surface was one of my first encounters with a corpse, or what was left, while diving. I think the Government hushed the incident up because they were glad to get the suit back and shouldn’t have had a mentally unstable scientist on that project and certainly not diving a classified prototype suit


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