Monday, February 22, 2010

Drysuit neck seals

Heavy rubber drysuit showing the neck seal

Drysuit neck seals and buoyancy: Most women rubber fetish divers who wear drysuits don’t use a buoyancy control device (BCD). That means that: 1) They have to be experienced enough with the drysuit they are diving that they can control their buoyancy with it. 2) That w/o a BCD by decreasing the air in their drysuit they can show off their figures and experience arousal from the suits squeeze compressing their bodies and 3) They are at risk of having an uncontrolled descent if their neck seal fails. An uncontrolled descent can often be fatal to a diver even in a shallow pool if she is diving solo and has no way to get off the bottom. I always carry a small lift-bag in a pouch on the waist strap of my tank harness in case I find myself in that situation.

It’s a bit other-worldly to be attacked while diving, especially while wearing a drysuit because unlike wearing a wetsuit when her drysuit is being used for buoyancy control a diver is a much larger and far more vulnerable target. In most dive films or TV programs showing underwater fights a diver almost always has her air hose cut. I’ve been attacked so often that I have my air hoses armored now which in the case of my twin-hose Mistral the titanium mesh armored hoses actually helps give the hoses neutral buoyancy rather than the air filled hoses tugging at my mouthpiece and causing me to exert effort to keep my head level rather than my chin being pulled toward the surface from the lift of the air in the hoses.

All three times I’ve been attacked my attacker went for my air hose. In a wetsuit that’s a good strategy, but if I’m attacking a diver in a drysuit I like to go for the neck seal. It’s a large soft target and if you can slit an opponent’s neck seal at the very least you have flooded his or her suit and weighted her down. If s/he is wearing a BCD and can still control her buoyancy my next slash is the air bladder of her BCD. If she isn’t wearing a BCD then slashing an opponent’s neck seal probably caused her to lose buoyancy – even if she drops her weights - and begin an uncontrolled descent. An uncontrolled descent in open water is almost always fatal. If I can I like to pull my opponents fins off as well, which limits her ability (regardless of her strength) to fin her way to the surface while trapped in a flooded drysuit. If my opponent reaches the bottom alive it’s just a matter of time until s/he runs out of air. If it’s a woman and I can reach her body I like to check her vagina to see what upper reproductive tract protection she was using. Before disposing of the body I’ll harvest any of her equipment that I want. I don’t think I’m particularly vindictive, but if my attacker has really upset me or I need something for DNA verification I’ll harvest her ovaries or his testicles. Disposal is a lot easier in open water because if you slit the belly so it won’t bloat and float as it rots a diver can disappear w/o a trace.

Cycle status: I’m CD11 today and fertile with the transparent silicone rubber membrane of an Oves sucking on my cervix collecting my fertile cervical fluid. I feel so safe and confident when wearing an Oves. The week I’m fertile I’m always more eager for sex with a man and for some reason I seem to be more easily aroused when it’s raining as it is this morning. It’s raining here in town but it is snowing in the hills to the west of us and to the south in Henderson.

Ben Wa balls and IUDs: A reader asks if its safe to use Ben Wa balls with an IUD. If the IUD is a GyneFix frameless IUD implant the answer is yes it is quite safe. However, if the IUD is one with a frame, such as a ParaGard or a Mirena which have strings that protrude from the cervix and the Ben Wa balls are connected together as they commonly are it is possible that the strings of the IUD could tangle in the material connecting the balls and pull the IUD out of the wearer’s uterus. Ben Wa balls that are not connected so there is no possibility of the IUD strings tangling with them can be used safely while wearing a framed IUD.

IUDs and dive-sex: While I’m discussing IUDs, I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating for my women readers. We had a woman auditioning for a seat in our escort training class who had her ParaGard pulled out when the strings stuck to the dome of her gas guard. Gas guards are mandatory for dive-sex to minimize the possibility of a gas embolism so we advise all women with framed IUDs who want to train for or have dive-sex to switch to a frameless GyneFix implant or have the strings cut off her framed IUD so it won’t interfere with her gas guard. Ideally a framed IUD should be replaced by a GyneFix if possible because the uterine cramps caused by an intense orgasm of the sort usually experienced during dive-sex will often bend the frame of a ParaGard or Mirena causing it to either embed in the uterine wall or be expelled. No woman is accepted for our escort training classes if she has a framed IUD inserted.

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