Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intimate pharmaceuticals and devices

Adderall 20mg

Pharmaceuticals in a sexually active woman’s daily life:
You would be surprised what a major role Big Pharma plays in an Escort or St Lucy’s student’s life. There are birth control devices: IUDs (GyneFix, ParaGard, or Mirena); the single rod implant' Implanon; Arcing, coil or flat spring rim diaphragms and the FemCap as well as the Today sponge and condoms both male and the female FC2.

For contraceptive accidents or unplanned/unprotected encounters there are emergency contraceptive pills; Plan B one step, a 1.5 mg levonorgestrel tablet that is effective for up to three days after a suspected birth control failure and ella, a 30 mg Ulipristal acetate tablet which is effective for up to five days after a suspected birth control failure. And there is a girl’s best friend, Mifeprex, if EC fails.

Then there are the intimate lubricants and spermicides: Labia Labs professional products line O9 spermicide made with DiveGel and Octoxynol-9 ‘Semécide+’ contains a biocide that reduces the chances of contracting HIV as well as the standalone lube DiveGel and the spermicide Semécide.

And to be at the top of your game mentally there is the neuroenhancer, Adderall which Anya, Cyndi and I use before we go on cleanup projects or when we will be around Adolph where we need to be as alert as possible and the amphetamine Sudafed to open our sinuses before we go diving where clear nasal passages to maximize oxygen capacity become critical.

Even though some shortages of popular social meds are beginning to occur (see the article below) our clinic, which supplies our escorts and St Lucy’s students pharmaceutical needs, has access to large amounts of all the meds our patient population could possibly need. So a gorgeous escort or an adventuresome young St Lucy’s woman patient of our clinic can be assured of having the devices or meds she needs when she needs them.

Last Call for Adderall: Where'd all the 'neuroenhancers' go?
By Gregory B. Hladky
12:52 p.m. EDT, October 31, 2011

“There are a bunch of Connecticut college students who are likely getting a little jittery right now, and it’s not from taking too many drugs. Their problem is a shortage of one of their favorite “neuroenhancers,” commonly known as Adderall.

Adderall is a drug made up of “mixed amphetamine salts” that’s commonly prescribed for people suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, also known as attention-deficit disorder or ADD) to help them concentrate better.

The months-long shortage of the drug is obviously a pain in the ass for lots of people, adults as well as children, who need Adderall to deal with their medical condition.

But Adderall has become an illegal FAVORITE OF college students looking for more effective ways to pull off all-nighter marathon study and writing sessions or to be able to both party and make classes the next day. The fact it’s a federally controlled drug hasn’t reduced its underground popularity one bit. By some estimates, Adderall use on college campuses is at the 20 percent level or higher.

Reports of Adderall supply problems have been making headlines across the nation for some time now and Connecticut hasn’t been immune.

“It’s probably been going on for a couple of months,” says Rick Carbray, a licensed pharmacist with the Apex Pharmacy in Hamden. He says the shortages in Connecticut at the moment involve “instant relief” Adderall tablets in various dosage categories.

“There’s no problem with Adderall extended relief,” he adds, but that’s no comfort for patients looking for the instant relief tablets.

Marghie Giuliano, executive vice president of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association, says reports from the group’s members across the state indicate that “supply has been sporadic.”

The Federal Drug Administration website lists a number of different reasons for the Adderall difficulties, depending on which manufacturer is involved.

The listed causes include chemical “supply issues,” “inadequate finished product supply to support current demand,” “increase in demand,” and “manufacturing delays.”

The FDA normally limits the amount of ingredients available to companies producing amphetamine-based drugs, but federal officials say those companies can apply to have those limits raised.

There were reports earlier this year of shortages of the extended-relief form of Adderall made by Shire, and that the company boosted prices for that drug by 20 percent or more. A spokesman for Shire says there’s no current shortage of Adderall Extended Relief.

Carbray says the problems at the moment seem to involve shortages of 5 milligram and 20 milligram tablets of the instant-relief variety. The result is that pharmacists are having to mix and match different dosage combinations to get patients the right amounts for their prescriptions, according to Carbray.

He says it stands to reason that, if legitimate users are having trouble getting Adderall, illegal users like college students will be having even more difficulty. That’s because virtually all illegal Adderall usage involves someone getting the drug from a person who has a prescription.

One California study found that full-time college students in the 18-22 age group were twice as likely to have used Adderall as non-students. A recent report in a University of Virginia newspaper quoted one illegal Adderall dealer as saying sales of the drug spike just before mid-terms and finals.

While students who use Adderall as a “neuroenhancer” claim it helps them stay awake and focused for long periods of time, use of the drug comes with some ugly risks. Side effects from overdoses can include confusion, uncontrollable shaking, depression, irregular heartbeats, hallucinations, upset stomach and loss of appetite, even vomiting and diarrhea.”

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  1. seems to coincide with with exam time meh? being midterms around october 15th, timely article. also i would recommend vyvanse or dysoxin if you are really hardcore and need a quick bump, vyvanse being long lasting, although they are all terrible esp at high doses, i would recommend 5 or 10 of desoxyn and 60 of vyvanse or a 5 and 30 combo for an average user are good doses


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